A New Approach to Futuring

Computational Futuring for breakfast today. 

A few headlines to get the coffee rolling this morning, then our first day of Winter issue gets into a novel way of futuring that will likely be incorporated in our further software adventures into futuring called Nostracodeus II.

S-curves are really interesting critter because they help visually sense what is going on in conventional numbers often presented in histogram form.

Plus in the charts, any big tax selling may be holding off until next week…which leaves us wondering when’s the best time to do tax selling…

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George Ure
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8 thoughts on “A New Approach to Futuring”

  1. George, consider adding a Z-axis to the S-Curve theory in the form of similar theme, but different subject stories (i.e. Venezuela + India + China + Italy economic collapse). The 3-space then provides mass which along with time rate of change in 2-space allows application of work, momentum, energy equations to be applied to downstream S-curves for propagation prediction (acceleration or dampening the subsequent curves. Does the front end have legs to run.

  2. “Big question is, did they have anything to do with the killing of the Russian ambassador?”

    That thought is Similar to that pizza conspiracy theory.. how could the people that think they have absolute power over everyone even consider doing something as dangerous as that.. Its bad enough that the economy is in such a mess that the new administration is going to have their hands full with that much less cause a horrible war for the new administration to worry about on top of it.

  3. Can you give a status of Nostracodeus effort? I use to follow it, what I could!, and I know the site went away. Is there a pay site/app/other low key access to the information?

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