“A Fool’s Errand”

Calling market tops is dicey at best. But we have been calling the July 31st top as “it” for over a month now.  But that’s only a small part of the forecaster’s dilemma. The attending problem is “Where to from here?”

Today, a deep-dive into waveforms, history, momentum dynamics, and even some high-leverage gambling notes.

A few headlines first – which is the kind of thing that adds meaning and context to not sleeping in on a Saturday morning…

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George Ure
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59 thoughts on ““A Fool’s Errand””

  1. Dam the torpedos, full pain ahead !

    Pain trade is UP Kemmosabe.
    You know, like BeautyMagpieBridge-Up to Heaven point.
    Yeah yeah never mind,
    .. bout that Mandela effect you mention this AM.
    Timeline fuckery issues popping up in increasing frequency lately. Is there a reason for this increased frequency ?

    For instance take Moonraker -007′ 1979 classic featuring the lovely and very talented Dr Holly Goodhead..Hello Doctor! https://youtu.be/FFGAP7FxZKQ?si=6WdpxwdCiihHj7H3
    * side note – is rupert murdoch modern equivalent Ernst Stavro Blofeld?
    No, the noodle baker is Dolly, not Holly – Jaws girlfriend, played by Blanche Ravalec.
    I can see Dolly in my minds eye – WEARING Braces – as she smiles at/with Jaws, walks off in closing scenes of flick.

    Dolly no longer wears braces in any pictures/photos/film from 1979. Go ahead Geniuses – splain that scheisse.

    Then again – in spirit of full transparency, I also do not remember Rolling Stones 2000 Light Years from Home ever being on Their Satanic Majesties Request album. Since was only 5 yrs old when album 1st came out. I must be losing it, so far away..


    currently “chunking” for big huge bottom feeders(felled knives), who are just about to make a break for the “surface”..have 2 in play with Nat Gas being current “kahunatrade”.
    Heres wishing coot dont eat the reef on this ride, as I can just see the lip starting to curl over..https://youtu.be/CpxJsy8nfjA?si=g-LNESeU5a4HLkgN – its sphincter tightening time, no wannna drown in this mkt..Capital Preservation is Key yesterday,TODAY and tomorrow.

    • Yes I remember that Dolly had braces in the Moonraker movie.

      I also remember in 1991 going out with friends, seeing and complementing a biker on his Harley Davidson where upon I was informed that it was a “Harley Davison”. There was no second letter D in the name. At some point after 2000 the second letter D came back.

      I have to disagree with you on the question of who James Bond works for. He is employed by people who attended an annual conference held in an alpine resort town where they get their instructions from a guy with a Central European accent who dresses and looks like Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

      There is a SPECTRE overshadowing M.

    • re: “Fool’s Errand”
      feat: Buddug


      One of my siblings explained over breakfast a short while ago of a witching hour event last night. A violent woman was making bodies fly every which way during a nightmare. Then the television came on of its own accord causing a return to waking reality.

      • Rach 3 ! Faust and Mephistopheles led by a Wood Sprite up Austrian mountain. At the top of which a Witches Party is going down. The piece describes Mephistopheles conversations with sprite and Faust as they navigate up the dark mountain trails. One of the toughest technical pieces of piano there is..The attached is the most amazing rendition of I ever heard..truly sublime.
        Enjoy – this is amazeballz talent;

    • ROFL! Personally, I liked Mt.Dew ‘Voltage’…which was what really started the Maui wildfire. Twisted minds never end.

    • “Should we expect an EMP or something like that?”

      I’ll never forget, when asked, Forstchen stated (para):

      “I place the odds of the U.S. being attacked with a HEMP at about 1:6, but the odds of an EMP from another Carrington Event are greater than 1:1, and we’re overdue, right now. It IS going to happen…”

      I’m thinking it was about 2004 when he said that, so read into it what you will…

  2. ” giving Egyptian businessman highly sensitive U.S. information’ | Daily Mail Online
    We already knew democrats included some crooks, but this just underscores we don’t know the level of depth and depravity in politics for money.”

    You have to admit It suspiciously looks like business as usual in DC no morals and no ethics ..none of that it was me that chopped down the cherry tree honesty that is for sure.. LOL LOL.. dual standards of the don’t touch or question crowd..





    Now.. notice the monkey works show yesterday.. hmm weather modification.. and where are they modifying the weather so that severe storms will hit..If you notice on the maps it all seems to be that weather modification is happening in the congressmen’s states that are questioning and investigating in congress the actions and ethics of the administration and his family.. countermeasures..

  3. “Seems at the firehouse he ran, pappy and Joe Califano had a contest to see who could count the number of shoot-em-up deaths in the Elliott Ness (Robert Stack) The Untouchables series.”

    during An hour of children’s Saturday morning programming includes 20 to 26 violent acts.


    we took the adult presence out of the home to work..leaving children to being fully subjected to desensitizing violent acts and criminal acts on network television.. the glorification over sociopath actions

      • Now, that was funny. Sure, in a room full of ex rock n roll news directors – easy with enough gallows humor sprinkled in. But your delivery was perfectly pitched to the room.
        Well played, sir!

        • Never watched “The Untouchables.”

          Saw every episode of “The Rifleman.” I even owned a “The Rifleman” Mattel rifle — had a lever on the bottom of the cocking lever that could pivot out and contact the trigger, thus firing the gun every time the lever was “cocked.”

      • If that rifle was real the barrel would have been so worn out half way through the series the slugs would roll out the end of the barrel. And, even as a kid it became painfully obvious only the bad guys got hit from a wildly gyrating muzzle. No horses nor hardly any bystanders developed holes during all the shooting.

        Yes, we all gathered ’round the boob tube for our nearly daily dose of shoot ’em ups from “Daniel Boon” to “Combat!” and “Rat Patrol” to “Adam 12”. Ammo blanks were in huge demand in Hollywood even to this day and accuracy in equipment that went “BANG!” was only given lip service. Did you ever get a close look at Fess Parker’s rifle in his Davy Crockett role? It was a converted trapdoor Springfield made up to look like a flintlock. I’d never noticed it until I saw an article on it a few years ago.

        But, given the time period from WWII on through the Cold War the concept of “desensitization” of kids to violence with the Entertainment Industry was part of an effort to maintain a fighting force in America. It’s how we started and may very well be how we either go out or, once again, maintain our country.

        Application of violence in entertainment has always been in association with righteous anger aimed at the preservation of the greater good but, all too often, at the expense of considered debate before the shootout. Got to keep it inside the allotted time space for the show. I wish the Internet had been around when Martin, Bobby and John were assassinated. That generation would have gone batshit crazy on TPTB as information was leaked out as they did in “The Battle of Athens” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tcv0wmpjJM – when war seasoned veterans and regular citizens had to take matters into their own hands. The government had reason to fear the citizens back then. Not so much any more. Guns and ammo are a huge thing in America but being serious about the craft rarely goes beyond mindlessly blowing $$$ out the end of a barrel.

        • “Combat!” and “Rat Patrol”

          I have the complete box sets. They go well with “The Avengers,” “Benny Hill,” “Laugh-In,” and “It Takes a Thief…” “Combat” and “Thief” were harder’n heck to find used & reasonable. Sgt. Saunders was one of my faves — I loved the 5000-round mag he carried in his Thompson. He always shot two bursts of five, followed by a burst of 13 (ticka ticka tac – ticka ticka tac – ticka ticka ticka ticka ticka ticka tac…)

      • yes and combat. branded.. paladin… etc.. Now I can tell you .. we were not allowed to watch those shows.. even though they were good against evil..

        The difference is .. there was an adult presence in the home… and you didn’t have shows where they pulled the entrails out of a person and danced with them in graphic realism.. the closest we got to sex on the cinema is the munsters sharing a bed..
        Back then.. Mom and dad were home.. you were sent out to play and there was someone to answer the questions you had on what was right or wrong.. television shows.. portrayed good against evil.. today you have people glorifying evil acts of violence in full cinema realism..

        • Combat?

          There was a kid in my class named Frederick, in the morning before class started, he would recount the Combat episode from the prior evening complete with sound effects, machine gun fire, grenade explosions, etc.

  4. Hopium and up-talk abounds., but that is not what the numbers are saying.
    The Dow is around 450 points below it’s 85 DMA
    The S&P500 is 99 points below its 85 DMA
    NASDAQ is 456 points below its 85 DMA
    Russell 2000 is 110 points below its 85 DMA
    Bitcoin is close to 1,800 below its 85 DMA
    My ‘Aggregate Index’ is 870 points below its 85 DMA
    The Market overall has been sliding down steadily since Sept 1st.., The S&P500 has lost 4 percent since the 17th.., the math says that if the market is to have a small bounce and recover some of its recent losses [ Bear Trap?] it has to do it very soon [ within days]
    Regarding Jas “picks”. I have ten of the same picks.., though I rarely make option bets on individual stocks – this appears to be a very good time to do so – my main focus is 6 Indexes on the Long-Put buy list.., three accounts. Just waiting to see the small bounce. I mentioned a couple of weeks back that: “I have a plan”. – this was it. Good feeling that Jas has/is seeing the same thing. – Now.., am I right ?
    My Trade Station is a quad processor, liquid cooled., with 128 MB and three, hot swapable one terra’s.., running two 21 inch monitors and a 12 inch vertical “news reader” that constantly scrolls the news – market and international. It was custom built as a gaming computer, but the buyer never showed up to collect it [ in fact – he simply disappeared, no one knows what happened to him.]- so I got it for pennies on the dollar [ cost more to insure it and ship then the buying price.] and with a little help, converted it to a trade-station. – it has never been used to search the net, check email, go-shopping.., nothing like that.., dedicated solely for the market and trading. – Love it. – It has paid for itself many., many times over. [ along with my trusty T.I. Scientific.]

  5. where to from here? damn spot on Question,,,
    HELL, when ya have God Damn Satanists running the world.
    Any Questions?

    the corporation doing business as “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” IS PART OF THE GLOBAL SATANIC CORPORATION they are all interconnected,,
    the Whore of Babylon.
    We the people voted for a US Constitutional President, but the deep state stole the election for satan warshippers
    tick tock,,, what goes up, must come down, spinning wheels go round and round
    Trump’s executive orders are still in play,,, on election theft and on human trafficking,,,
    we are in a “pause” till the hammer is applied. If Trump and the military had exposed the theft and denied the crooked and MSM declared election in2020,,, the 2nd civil war would have been started. But they paused that, and let the thieves take the stollen goods and run out the door.
    Now the idiots are starting to realize, that last election ain’t such a good thing,,, the majority of Ure readers already know, but some sleepy heads still sleep walkin. I think one is part of the CRIME, he knows.
    Biden and those with their collective hands up his azz, are in favor of a WW3,,,
    we will be brought to the brink, the edge, the precipice, and our eyes will be held open and given the command,,, look ya dumb asses, see the evil?
    Humans do not see 360 degrees,,, we see a hemisphere, mentally. It is only half of the available view point, we are hemi-blind, can’t see the other half. Talk about a black hole, we can’t see,,, pass the event horizon.
    Flat Earthers,,,
    this is one hell of a movie,, they live

    • I’ve always had the feeling that “Balance” between Good and Evil needs to be achieved in the World for things to move smoothly. But when one side or the other becomes too powerful balance is only achieved again through violence at the extremes. One doesn’t exist without the other for contrast and each side has the seeds of the other in it to initiate a return to Balance.

      My favorite movie that played this out was one with Stallone in it named “Demolition Man”.
      It was prophetic on so many levels. The movie is the message.

    • Mr. Trump was a political virgin.

      One of Trump’s signature moves is to surround himself with people who know the stuff that he doesn’t, then demand more from them than they knew they were capable of producing. Because of his lack of knowledge, he surrounded himself with people who knew how to play in the sewer — not how to drain it.

      I believe that deficiency has been addressed.

      Laws have been created and misapplied, in an attempt to take Trump out of the Presidential race.

      The reason for this is the people who wish us to become the Communist States of America saw how much Trump damaged their plans and helped the People, despite having a staff made up of sewer rats, and the Mainstream Media, and the majority of Congressional Democrats and Republicans against him.

      It galls me, when people who wish us harm, fear someone or something, and it is not obvious that the thing the bad people fear, is the thing that we need to happen. I realize some are too stupid to recognize they’re being hurt, but still…

      After the government throws you out of your house and installs an illegal alien family in your place is the wrong time to recognize you’re being injured.

      First they came for the…

      (Go read Martin Niemöller if’fn you don’t remember the rest…)

  6. had a very interesting conversation with someone who left big pharma after running analysis on covid 19 when it started. they worked for big pharma for 17 years.

    They said i knew from looking at the data right after the pandemic started this is an enginered bio weapon. like there is absolutely no way this was a natural occuring disease.

    the entire design of covid 19 was to put a “brain fog” on people cognitive abilities and decision processes. that is its primary function.

    they said when i looked at the data and i sat back in my office i said to myself this is engined to use an analogy, its like taking vasoline and rubbing all over someones glasess. its designed to do that to a person cognitive decision making. its like their decision make is like have vasoline in your glasess. that is the primary purpose of Covid 19s design. its a designer enginered bio weapon.

    i said you are talking about covid 19? not the vax. they said yeah im talking about covid 19. they said the entire purpouse of the Mrna vax is to distort and eventually stop amino acid sythasis within the body.

    when that happens what happens. they long term studies show that peoples bodies become brittle. over a long period of time the bones become like glass. she not only that the bones will stop producing white blood cells. that is the biggest problem
    skin and hair fall out. imune system break down. lathargic and extreme fatgue.

    they said, fuck after 17 years in the field of science, i sat back in my chair. i looked at the news and i said they are lying to the entire world. whoever orcastrated this has gotten all the worlds goverments and media outlets on board.

    looked on line. found a place off grid somewhere warm. bought it, sent my letter of resignation, went home, packed up the family and moved 4 states away within a month. i do uber eats for extra money. i never renewed my license. i didnt say anything to anyone. because whoever released a designer bioweapon on the entire planet and got all the worlds religions, governments, media all on board. i thought it best to just leave and prepare and make my presence as anonomous as possible. drive a non flashy car, etc etc. blend in.

    they said because at some point. and they said its not if. its a matter of when. all those people who got the vax, their bodys will stop amino acid sythesis. when that moment comes. it will be in waves. and it will not be good.

    they asked if i was vaxxed. i said no i was told i cant get covid from the CDC in a phone call outside the hospital in palm desert and the VA in Seattle told me i couldnt get it.

    they said, i wont even allow a vaccinated person in my house.

    hmmm interesting 3am conversation.

    • The husband of one of my old bosses was a Big Pharma salesman. He does his best to refute the information I send him and says he’s so old he doesn’t care any more. I ask him “what about your kids and grandkids?” but he’s never answered that one. Between he and his wife they have a very good retirement and they aren’t about to mess things up that way. I’m going to feel sorry for him on the “Other Side”.

    • Will this show up as low alkaline phosphatase on blood work? I notice that the body end recommendation has been raised.
      Will there be a nutritional work around?

      • The spelling checkster changed “bottom line” to “body line”.
        It never fails, if I comment on something ahead of the curve, the spelling checker tries to mangle it.

    • That’s an interesting conversation you had. My husband used to work in a powerplant as an operator. While all medical fields were strong-arming all their workers, the powerplant ptb strongly encouraged, but wouldn’t mandate it. Too many of their workers were smart, independent types who refused. Fire them, and that plant would have experienced a hard shutdown as they all walked. Hard to reboot a 50+ year old coal fired plant, you know? Anyhow, after it was all said and done, everyone knew who the drones were because they bragged about that shot and pissed on everyone else because they didn’t get that modified RNA shot. I hear alot about their buyer’s remorse now via grapevine. Fwiw, none in our home fell for that koolaid, but two got hit hard by the illness. Both have underlying conditions.

      • “fwiw.” see my last comment. lol got that this morning before reading your comment. ding! ~ right on schedule ~

        people say all the time, why would they kill all the people who are on their side with the Vax?

        let’s ask a former Prominent Pastor,

        “the kool-aid only works if everyone drinks it. ” Pastor Jim Jones.

        I’m not sure about all that. I mostly listened. I know from experience, I’m wired differently. maybe from having so many NDE’s. when covid happened something activated in me and I became physically alot lot lot stronger and had way more than normal energy.

        that has happened before. when there is a threat of death or danger, I increase in physical strength, mental acuity and psychic ability exponentially. it’s a personal phenomenon for me.

        I’m sure there is others out of the 8 Billion + people on the planet that experience that too. the odds say, Yes.

        to answer N____ I did read something somewhere there was a nutritional supplement you could take to remove the brain fog. not sure where i read that.

        okay, I must be on my way. after living and working in the dark soil of the night, surrounded by Master Number 11, as a natural 22, moving spirit and light within a living expression of a Merkaba, spending much time awaken in the Yin, I now return to living in the Yang.

        The Grand Rising, The Limitless Lode and sunshine time. ;)

  7. Good afternoon Ure-folk:

    Markets reeled from good news, which is now bad news (until it isn’t). OK, it wasn’t all good, but many items flow below the surface and aren’t seen in the cacophony (emphasis: phony) which is the Matrix Media Scrum.

    Container shipping rates sinking further into the red

    There have been recent hiccups in cardboard box flow, trucking (ya Yellow?) and other bidness which seem notable from a Corp. setup. It’s about demand. That, the ability for ‘Mericans to continue binging? Over.

    Now what? The SPX flubbed through a significant horizontal support at 4,325, a hi set in the first attempt to rally off the “top” (sez me, and Yorge) on 08/16/22. New support? A frequent touch zone at and just below 4,195 (02/22/23). Please stand by.

    Those watching for a coalmine canary should remain focused on the TNX which broke a significant resistance level at 4.333% of 10/20/2022 to print above a 4.36 gap open into stratosphere 4.9 and 4.8 to close the week. Nominal rate aside, Treasuries shouldn’t endure swings of this nature.

    Something’s broken. When CNBC does a live spot with a Bond Trader in the pits, well that doesn’t happen. It should but it doesn’t. The Bond market is vastly bigger than the stock market. Bonds Rule. It’s all about math so … logical (where equities are not).

    ATL: took a lake bath with bio shampoo and then fed the local econ at two local shops. More frozen Tiger Shrimp (which should be called prawns as opposed to shrimp) and some small time bakery goods. Life is good.

    Have a fine weekend all,


    Far, far below the deepest delving of the Dwarves, the world is gnawed by nameless things. Even Sauron knows them not. They are older than he. Now I have walked there, but I will bring no report to darken the light of day.

    Gandalf – The Two Towers

  8. I was looking through ads for older vehicles. Absence makes the head grow soft, I suspect. The best ones looked to be run-of-the-mill sedans garage kept that have made one run every two weeks to the grocery store for 35+ years. Diesels are slim pickings.
    I think that it will be far cheaper to hang Arthur Bradley’s surge protection widgets on the primary vehicle and hope it works. Still, if I run across the right farm pick-up, I might be persuaded.
    I had a diesel VW and was moving toward adding bulk storage when the enviro-nazis derailed me. Adapt and move on. Flushing $50K on a restored vehicle for a nebulous and potentially unsurviveable scenario isn’t a good use of capital. $500 sounds better.

    • You have to look long and hard through many car ad websites to find anything today, for sure.

      I’ve developed a profound sense of value for our old ’86 F350 dump truck. Simplicity personified and I was surprised the electronics package was still so cheap in LMC Trucks’ catalog so I bought spares to keep in a metal trash can with cardboard lining along with a few other things.

      We spent $6K rebuilding the front end on our ’05 F350 diesel Super Duty and replacing the water pump this year. At 230K miles it’s still got life in it. As long as the engine doesn’t have a major break down, and I’ve given it a chance or two in order to do so, it ought to last a few more years. By then there won’t be anything to replace it anyway – and maybe no fuel for it to burn. But the 3/4 and 1 ton diesel trucks are still built heavier and will take more punishment than any half ton out there that simply have an upgraded sedan frame. We replaced the injectors in the 6.0L engine it has back immediately before our Big Freeze a few years ago. Would you believe it started with just a few cranks – AT 6 (SIX, the whole number between 5 and 7) DEGREES FAHRENHEIT with no block heater warming it? Even with all the huge bucks we’ve spent on this truck I fell in love with it all over again that Winter.

      But if you’re interested we do have the old ’93 F350 stuck away in the barn. It needs a new battery and the colored vacuum lines on the top of the engine were broken by some critter lying on them and I can’t find any replacements for it. Gas, 351W motor. The key ignition circuit was compromised somewhere along the line but I bypassed it with a Micky Mouse nose type of button you can push to start once you turn the key to Run.

      • My only diesel mechanic experience is with an old tractor. I wrecked one of the fuel injection lines trying to bleed the injectors on one very frustrating afternoon. When I went to get a replacement assembly, about 12″ of tubing with a few oddball fittings was priced over $800. After I stopped hyperventilating, the clerk suggested that I go to the auto parts store, get some x” fuel line and itty-bitty clamps, and improvise. Worked like a charm.

        I probably need to start out a relic acquisition project with a runner. My skills are limited, I don’t have any way to tow a pick-up, and cross-country towing for hire is really expensive.

        • Dunno. Try telling the U-Haul people you want to take a trailer back to CA. They may give it to you for free. But by the time you get our old ’93 back into shape you’ll be an expert in many ways! Oh- it also needs a new actuator on the front passenger window. Driver’s side has already been replaced. Also you need to reach outside the driver’s door to open it a la Mr. Haney’s truck on “Green Acres”. You’ll have a heckuva tool set by the time you’re finished.

  9. you all know I am A Man God. of faith. i look at the world differently than most people do.

    the world stage is so fucking bizzar right now. when i go out side and sit under the maple tree and have a ponder, eveything is so beautiful, presently. peacefuk and sererine. it is well within my soul.

    when i get on line. and i look at the world its so off base from reality. when i was talking to this person about the news and all that. they said its all giant distraction. they dont care whatever it takes to keep them all the population misdirected until the vaccinated destroys them, then it will be too late.

    the ukrain etc etc. possibily of nuke war. they said do you really think they will have a nuclear war when 75% of the worlds populations vaccinated with a vaccine that will eventually destoy their bodies natural ability for amino acid sythesis, and completely shut down its ability to produce white blood cells. what would be the point of nuking the planet? the planets already nuked. everyone who took the vaccine is the walking dead. its not if. it just a matter of when.

    its all bull shit. they can start a ralley to tell people the sky is green and blast it all over the media. its all distraction.

    i said i think it was economic cover up. because the worlds economys were set to collapse but they shut them all down. they has to be bigger than that. they said you see this crap about george soros this crap about bill gates. etc etc. they said, you really think even all of those rich sick bastards have that kind of power to do what was done. you think its about money? those guys already have more money than they will ever spend in 100 life times.

    there has to be a bigger powerful group or person at the top that had to get every world govenment and even thr vatican and the muslim leader, jewish rabis etc etc and every news outlet on the planet on the same page. big pharma doesnt hold that much power. but someone or a group does. every nation on the planet all got on board to kill off their people. who has that much power? and why did they do it. who has the power to get the cremlin, the vatican, austrailia, the US government, china and all religions to agree on one thing. let alone shut their ecomomys down, mask everyone, and pimp out a rna mutater as a vaccine. its never ever happend. for money? more control? kill off your pwn people for money. power and control. has to be a different reason. the vatican pimped the vaccine. they have to know when all those people die, that means less money coming in. less devoties to their religon. it doesnt make sense.

    then they said i dont know. maybe trumps a good guy. mayrb elon is a good guy.

    but doesnt it seem like the entire population is being herded to them as saviors. even all my liberal friends who are tired of high grocery and gas prices and moving to trump, and elon etc etc.

    they said what if, those guys are the real bad guys? and the other guys who are idiots have to play their part so everyone runs to the bad guys. that is gaslighting 101.

    i said, i get it. they dont care how rediculous the news is anymore. its like they know there will be no repercussions for the blatent shit on the news. the glaring miss use of power.

    i havent listend to clifs interview today.

    perhaps the point the RV cant see past, is the shock of it all.

    maybe the date that clif has pegged as ejecta has to do with all that.

    i dont know. i will give it a listen. that is part of the reason ive held off on making a new website and doing a podcast again. to much attention. best to keep a low profile in life. be good and do good and live a quiet and private life.

    i know people who post all day on tictok and facebook pics of gucci, coach and exotic cars, and big fancy watches, and big houses etc. etc.

    i like that stuff too. but even if i had all that stuff. i wouldnt be blasting it all over social media etc. etc.

    when everyone is hungry and have no money and have no work. who do you think they will think of first to ask for help or go and take it.

    anyways, its beautiful, sunny and peaceful today outside. all well, here, now.

    and im not worried at all about me, nor my life.

    i am certainly not interested in a tictok life.

  10. U.S. lawmakers claim that China is violating the sanctions on electronic chips. And they are demanding action.
    – Seriously ? China does not have to abide by “our” sanctions.., did they really think they would simply go over and cry in the corner?
    – Good lord. What a bunch of idiots.

  11. The Pope says that Europe does not have a migrant emergency and challenges all countries to “open their ports”. – This is what happens when you just don’t look around. Italy is literally swamped.
    Russia just shut off the spicket. Total ban on gas and diesel exports. That’s gonna hurt a few countries,
    U.S. households have poured $1.5 trillion dollars into U.S. Treasuries since this time last years. One of the largest influxes to Treasuries by individual households.

    • The Pope is a Marxist communist.

      I’m not name-calling. He really is.

      It jerks my chain that the 1200-1500 million “good little Catholics” in the world today follow this sick fuck like they’re lost puppies.

      One of the reasons for Martin Luther’s original schism with the HRC is the rank & file were raised from birth to follow the Pope, instead of following God, and Luther believed that this was what neither Christ, nor his disciples wanted the message of Christianity to be.

      I’m a Quaker, and freely admit that five of the seven major, international Quaker organizations are communist. All one has to do is “see,” and seeing beats the hell out of blindly following. The Dude put this stuff between our ears so we could exercise intelligence, observation, and reason, tempered by a faith in God, not blind obedience to a man, irrespective his accoutrements or attire.

      Blind obedience is how people like Hitler come to power. This Pope is not a Lenin incarnate, but now that Marxist ideological precedents have been set within the Papacy and accepted by the ignorant masses, the next one might [be]…

    • BTW, Vatican City is its own country. It is “sovereign territory” within the City of Rome. Were I the leader of any nation, but especially Italy, I would tell the Pope: “You first…”

  12. As a sidebar – kind of interesting…,
    Taiwan explosion: Golf ball factory blast kills firefighter, leaving 10 missing and 81 injured
    The cause of the blast is still unknown.
    A golf ball factory explodes?

    • “A golf ball factory explodes?”

      Get Smart -Explosive Golf Ball

      Deadly explosive in the form of a golf ball.

      Used by KAOS golf pro Chuck Cramer in an attempt to eliminate Max and 99 at the Pomona National Golf Club.

      The device is intended to detonate on impact when Max tees off. However, after missing his swing, Max astutely notices that “something” is wrong with the ball and disposes of it in a nearby water hazard where it explodes harmlessly.


      • Naaahhh…

        Titelist just wanted to get an extra 20 yards on its drive average, and compressed the centers too much…

  13. I harp on the UAW w/their plight of selling cars using an average 74 month payment scheme…. but

    2008 was the market low for them. It’s been peaches & cream since. The foreign one is even considered a “Detroit Three”. It makes sense that the UAW would get froggy at the next market top which is right now.

    This market top is probably the top, top for U.S. automakers.

    Of the two GM will probably survive until “Cash to EVs” because .gov commanded they get the lithium mine leases. Maybe Subaru or Tata or Great Wall Motors will buy F and we’ll pretend that Detroit still has “three”.

  14. Been released that the U.S. in talks with Vietnam for what will be the largest weapons and fighter jets deal.
    – This will cut Russia out of the picture and really tick-off China.
    – Nothing is written as yet, but the deal includes F16 fighters and a huge array of weapons, vehicles and missiles. With special financing – as Vietnam is usually flat broke.
    – Russia has been the main weapons supplier to Vietnam for years.
    – Just how much this pisses-off China ? .., we will have to wait and see., but they won’t take kindly to this news.

  15. im going to go with its sunny outside, peaceful, serene and my life is good.

    today after that last comment. i went snd meditated about all that stuff and the vaccinated. that is all heavy stuff.

    The Grand Rising.

    and that same voice that whispered in my ear,

    that told me to drive 944 miles through death valley to stand in the center of the universe an old dirt filled well as the Living Water when nobody entered a house of worship, and placed my name above the word for accused in the ancient language.

    the same voice that whispered to me, dont go to work today Andy, call in sick.
    the day that i didnt go to work and that fella who tried to get me fired and ended up getting himself fired.

    that same exact voice whispered to me.

    The Grand Rising.

    i will go with that.

    • woke up this morning and a very gifted, absolutely stunning (like a porciline doll) a breath taking red head sent me this song.

      i closed my eyes, cranked it up…

      and it moved my soul.

      probably the best rendition of this song. i think its actually better than the original. jaz, blues version. that is miss purple crocs singing.

      soooo goood

      que: ~ Moontricks -X- Shred Kelly, for what its worth


      • Yo CosmicChickenBunny,

        I got Ure “Moontricks” right here -https://vidmaxviral.com/video/221071-this-guy-told-ai-to-generate-what-star-wars-would-look-like-if-it-took-place-in-the-1920s-and-the-result-was-amazing


    • y’all have a wonderful week.

      after that song, i grabbed my coffee and stack of books and went to the lake to pray and meditate, as is my custom to do so.

      and again, that Ladys voice that whispers on the wind to me on rare occasion said to me,

      The Grand Rising Andy. The Grand Rising.

      best ger busy being about it.

      until we meet again.

      infnitely NOW!

      Just Andy

  16. I was sorry to read that so many art schools are going down the drain. Makes me wonder about the shape other tech schools are in after so many years of Mike Rowe’s promotion on “Dirty Jobs” and his subsequent shows. Our granddaughter has expressed a desire to go to Texas State Technical College but not sure which subject she’d like to study. I would hope it would be electrical in nature. She’s dropped robotics for band this past year. I try to involve her in every aspect of the trades that apply to the ranch and see seems mildly interested in them. As a budding teen, though, she has other interests popping up all the time that didn’t occur to her prior to this. You never know when something will really catch a kid’s attention and they can take off with it.

    Also it occurred to me that the only thing that seems to be worthy of investment attention here now are the turbo-charged asset boosters such as options and futures. I don’t have time to sit in front of a computer screen all day either so finding long term buy and hold assets are the only thing that has ever interested me. Four footed assets being the top of the pile. At the very least they’re entertaining and you CAN eat them unlike the stuff you buy and bury. I’m pretty sure the demand for that particular asset will never go away and the market will always be local. I may wind up herding a bunch of goats into the tax office to pay the taxes one day but at least they’re fungible. I was surprised to see that there weren’t any more properties for sale due to taxes than usual in this past week’s paper. Given the huge tax increase on land vs. improvements – AND the fact that they say it will be worse next year I was expecting more . Gad.

    • Art school grads flip burgers for a living. I had a nephew who received a diploma in art from (Herndon, Heron, whatever) {Whatever the fancy art college in Indianapolis is} which he attended on a full-ride scholarship. The kid could sketch and draw like you wouldn’t believe. After graduation, he spent his working life driving a Pepsi delivery truck.

      His niece was freakishly good with trauma make-up. She aspired to be backstage at The Walking Dead. After her degree in Theater Arts & Makeup, she’s now selling trinkets in her local mall.

      Skilled, hands-on trades are the ticket. I don’t fear trades colleges failing, because for most schools and in most States, they’re State-supported, if not an actual part of the State college system.

      There are indies, like the Hobart school and Lincoln Tech.

      They are not cheap.

      What I would fear is that the State-supported schools would begin to approach the indie schools’ pricing schedule, and price poorer kids out of the market.

      • When I was laid off of my first tech job in education I wasn’t sure I could find another school that would hire me before the next school year. I did know the basics of HVAC so I got the manual and began studying it. The only part I had problems with was the third level of refrigerants and I can’t remember what that was but the electronics and basic electricity on the test was so easy it was ridiculous. Passed the test easily but never got to use it as another school did hire me. Unfortunately lack of experience in the field made employment a hard sell for the businesses I applied to in town.

        What really blew my mind was the others in the class taking the test, most well out of high school that struggled with the test and I know most didn’t pass it. Don’t know if they’d had any experience in the field or not but mine stretched all the way back to the Navy in the early 80s and I still remembered it from then. If schools would get back to subjects in the Industrial Arts field these guys may have had a better time at it.

        But I share your fear, Ray, of the cost of these schools pricing themselves out of the market as demand increases. Qualified teachers also make choosing a school a bit of a crap shoot, too. All too many times I hear complaints about the local community college, Howard, having some real “weeners” on their staff in the truck driving classes. Just because you’re competent in the job doesn’t always mean you can teach – and vice versa.

        • “When I was laid off of my first tech job in education I wasn’t sure I could find another school that would hire me before the next school year.”

          That was me — not with school though. When I got laid off, I took my last hundred and put myself through welding school (bet’cha can’t do that today!) Gas, stick, MIG, and TIG — got my certs, then scored a job as a butcher/meat cutter in a pork factory, several hundred miles from home. (It paid $6.50/hr, where welding topped up at around 4 bucks, and I could live free, as long as, in the house where I’d be living, I stripped the knob & tube and replaced it with Romex @ code, and stripped the lead plumbing, replacing it with PVC and CPVC.) At that time, I could plumb a house (with plastic) in a few hours and wire one in one (16-18 hour day, a normal workday for me). It durn near killed me, stretching those jobs out over many months… ;-)

          “Just because you’re competent in the job doesn’t always mean you can teach – and vice versa.”

          …Which is why I never went into teaching (except for 1-on-1 tutoring.) I’m a lousy teacher, and I’m impatient and have an exceedingly low tolerance for stupid. I recognized this early-on as a deficiency and refused to subject other people’s lives to my shortcomings.

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