A Curious Letter to Judah Tyreman

A trip into deeper entanglement woo-woo.  On tap because we need a diversion from all the bad (and terrible) virus news. Yeah,-sure, we have plenty of that. too.

First, however, our usual montage of some news headlines and virus outlooks, along with a basic “sanity check” in the ChartPack.

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George Ure
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41 thoughts on “A Curious Letter to Judah Tyreman”

  1. Speaking of more complex forms of communication, I have a project that is related to Ham Radio, and could use some help setting it up if anyone is interested.

    I’d like to be able to send a not-yet-Ham-Certified (LoL – or aware) person a handheld radio such as this one:


    or one similar to it. My goal is to be able to communicate via text messages when the internet and especially cellular network is down.

    In other words, I’d like to pre-position (now) a Ham Radio or communication method that would allow someone with zero Ham Radio expertise to turn on and be able to transmit a text message – particularly while driving across the country on the Interstate Highway system.

    The need is based upon a handful of family (adult kids), friends, and a business partner that are spread out on the far corners of the USA. This would give them an additional communication method when the cell network and internet are taken offline, which seems to happen on a regular basis now.

    A couple of years ago I saw a demo at a Ham Fest with a DSTAR radio, so it stuck in my head that it was a benchmark solution. I’ve seen other demos with apps on smartphones, and things like that.

    My goal is to have a pre-positioned device that I can program and send, or have drop shipped if the features are built-in to the radio.

    Anybody have any suggestions? A working solution would be most appreciated!

    • Regrettably, D-Star ain’t gonna get chu there. Here’s the thing: D-Star and some of the fancy “hot spot” technologies work fine but they have one critical drawback. That is, they require a working internet to get past the normal line-of sight (and repeater) distances. So, unless your family is within a repeater footprint, or you want to to find a repeater with legacy tone control, most have converted to IRLP (internet radio linking project/protocol.)

      Sometimes, it’s easier to write a check. When not PPE3’ing or beating on heart attack victims, son g2 uses (going from memory here) a GlobalStar sat phone. See https://www.bluecosmo.com/globalstar-gsp1700-satellite-phone.html and they are about $500 bucks. But the air time will really bust your balls. Which is why on satcoms when he’s out backing in the cascades we try to do 2-min max calls. It does data up to 9600 (text files are ok) which is better than Iridium 2400 speed, at https://www.bluecosmo.com/globalstar-gsp1700-satellite-phone.html you will find airtime for $49 a month and up.
      There is an Advantage 40 plan at https://www.globalstar.com/en-us/products/service-plans which is $40-bucks a month for 40-minutes a month. At $200 a month plans, you’re down to 40-cents a minute, or so.
      Easier than ham radio (and some pose factor, too…juss sayin…)

      • “to get past the normal line-of sight (and repeater) distances.”

        I love this post.. it brings back a story about the facility I worked at.. they had a set of radio’s that couldn’t go through walls.. one of the maintenance men was extremely lazy.. when I say lazy I mean a sloth moved faster.. and got more done.. but when he would leave for lunch he always would say.. if you need me.. just use the radio.. LOL LOL which didn’t go through the walls.. ( mostly metal) much less across the parking lot.. UNLESS.. you were on the roof and next to the cupola.. then you could use that radio and get he could hear it..all the way to his house.. I would wait till I knew he was just about home.. then run out crawl up on the roof and call him just to ask him something stupid.. LOL he was always trying to figure out how the hell I could call him with that damned radio..
        the other thing was a mouse.. while working the floor there was a mouse.. I told him.. you know there is a mouse down in room x.. he said.. we don’t have mice.. and that was it.. then walking the isles of a department store I jumped because of a rat.. then realized it was a realistic looking rat for a halloween decoration.. LOL I bought it.. this guy had the habit of grabbing the clip board and punching out his bellie and gauking down the hall when he first came to work.. I took that rat glued it to a small board and put a fishing line on it.. he came in grabbed that damned clip board and punched out his bellie and I pulled that rat across the isle.. .. OH the results.. they caught that mouse LOL….
        the year I worked my debt to a hospital off.. one of the positions was in housekeeping.. having ran cleaning crews before.. when the woman in houskeeping said to me.. we wash windows every week.. I had to do a double take.. the best you can do if you don’t hire it from the outside is once a year or twice a year if you have a big crew.. so I put my face print on windows.. LOL LOL LOL that was when I was in my thirties.. you know the vast majority of those prints are still there.. LOL LOL LOL LOL when they cut departments where they cut is floor staff and housekeeping.. maintenance.. the security guard and I watched a piece of popcorn roll across the floor for five years .. I know that joker picked it up.. I told him to leave it alone.. I know he did..
        then you wonder why the hospitals are having so much problems.. many went to carpet.. looks good and they don’t have to spend money on floor care let the carpets absorb it LOL…

    • …Spoken as one who has a couple racks of Icom HTs in my cage: Don’t do it. They don’t do what you want.

      I can’t imagine “reaching out and touching someone” a thousand miles or more away, with anything which does not operate at 10 meters or lower (in frequency.) There is NO GUARANTEE in a SHTF situation, a repeater (or string of several hundred of them) will EVER work for your purpose, or any other purpose.

      Comms needs to be direct.

      Whether you could run 10m, or 80m, or anything in-between and TX/RX data, I don’t know, but I’ll bet our host does…

      SATphones are large, clunky, and not especially user-friendly. I haven’t played with mine to see how well it runs data, ’cause frankly, I’m not ready to p!ss money away to self-teach SAT/CELL navigation until I have to, on a phone nearly the size of a Vietnam-era walkie talkie. What the SAT phone gives you is connectivity where no other communication is possible. After a killshot EMP, cellphones won’t work. I assume most of the satellites won’t work either, hence my lack of motivation to learn my phone’s function.

      George, would you consider sometime writing an elementary primer on how to send and receive data over Amateur Radio?

      RBI: There, I asked.

      • Ray – thank you! I have another project on my wish list based on a demo I saw, where a guy was downloading weather imagery off a satellite via Ham Radio. Granted it was dial up speed, but the data was coming directly from on high. If I knew the gear and it was reasonable, I’d try to do that.

        Do you like the Icom HT’s? I was thinking of putting up a DSTAR repeater on a 40′ tower on my property, to have another level of connectivity for my local area. I have the gear and the approval, I just lost my Elmer that was helping me. But if I can finish the project, I’d like to pick up some of those Icom ID-31A units and use them.

        I think I have a ID-5100A sitting in storage somewhere. It is supposed to go in my vehicle. Again, just waiting on someone with the expertise to assist.

        Thank you for asking George for a primer. Considering our current situation, that would be an excellent idea!

  2. RE: lunar calendar

    Theosophy has some ties to Tibetan Buddhism and both of them observe full moon practices. There just may be something to the lunar relationship with us Earth beings.

    • Okie.. just ask any one in public service if there is a relationship between the lunar cycles and human actions..
      I use to self schedule and always went by the lunar cycles..

      • I Daytraded S&P 500 Futures for about 15 years, simply based upon Lunar Tidal Forces. Worked quite well! For me personally, it was 4-5 orders of magnitude more profitable than using Elliot Wave – or any other technical indicator. Everything else is a lag system, whereas astrophysics was by far (for me) the best predictive system.

        One of the PhD types that taught me his Chaos Trading System could also predict earthquakes with surprising accuracy. Also well in advance. Too much heat from gub’ment agencies for doing that, so it went away.

    • I read 90% of the Library at Theosphy.org and 80% of the Hidden library that you have to know the pass keys to get into plus get permission from the weird dude with the toga on to access. The pass keys are only gained two ways. Handed down from a “master to an adept” or found within the books in the library. They are hidden within the books. Once you gain access to the hidden library there is written manuscripts and scrolls, Doccuments of old sanskrit tablets etc. Etc. Some manuscripts from the 11-1200 in magic and other things even older artifacts from 1200 -2500 BC. Most of it is hard to read, has missing pieces out of it etc.

      The magic stuff is really really old English where you have two letter “U” make the symbol for “W”. You have to understand that the original English alphabet had 30 letters, one of which is a Vowel that was removed.

      The Lunar calendar has only lost 17 seconds of accuracy in over 20,000 years. Originally it had 13 signs. The Gregorian Calendar doesnt have a year zero, not only that. Every 4 years it has a bonus day “leap year”.

      Subtracting one day (One day every 4 years for leap year)
      Or 504 days over 2020 years. And subtracting one year because there is no year 0-1. Even a baby has to be 6 months old before it’s a year.

      Would make today November 22, 2017 in reality.

      That is how I know Jesus was a Taurus and not born on 12/25. Lol the Magi followed the stars and the Lunar Calendar. Lol the julian and Gregorian calander didnt exist when he was born. The lunar calander did.

      • I found the keys. They were not handed to me. Not very many ever find them. The toga dude was trippin. Guess it’s been a while since anyone found them in the scared texts and books. Lol. I didnt know about the hidden library until I found the last key. And no I wont give them too anyone. Lol

  3. Professor –

    Great reading and worthy(fun) investigation/adventure with FTL Comms and Gem Stones/Crystals.

    Been; hunting, tracking, digging, searching,buying ,trading, bartering gem stones (precious/semi precious) gem rough for years, since a young kid.
    Still find ole retired gemologist and geologists with collections of long lost quality stones and rough.

    I “specialize” in extremely rare – one off – extremely hard to find/acquire “stones” .

    Greenland and parts Africa where I find the best material comes from for my uses.

    – The qualities I am currently pursuing in gemstones is Tenebrescence and Magnetism.

    Tugtupite is my fav – pale -pink, charged in light – deep red.

    Nummite – real Greenland sourced is my go to gem material for magnetism – Black with tiny bright specks silver and or gold, hard – takes a high polish.

    Think U may find a copy of old ARE Press publication Gems & Stones(48 page pamphlet) helpful/useful in Ure research .
    Edgar Cayce provided some very interesting “readings” with regard to Humans interacting with stones & gems..

    “this is a comparison-dont confuse it and say that it is electricity. It [the relationship] is electrical, of course, in its vibration; but as the stone in its vibration is then in sympathy with a body that is also sympathetic-or may be said to be sensitive – it [the stone] assists in ‘stepping up’ the sensitiveness of the body, just as would electrical vibration in an alternating force be stepped up by the addition…forces of electrical vibration being thrown off from other channels, in making it more powerful, see?”

    “[Be stepped up] Towards what? Towards an effectiveness in its sensitivness (that is, the body’s) as to what it may be seeking.

    “Hence as given of old: use such ability to become [grow towards] more of all those influences called in the present (‘psychic’, clairaudient’) —or any of those vibrations that build up or ‘step up’ a body.[Such vibrations are] Also effective, of course, in bringing to the body the ability to become more effective in giving out of itself , for activity in any of these directions.” #440-18 (P-4), M. 24

    “A-2. As these are only lights, only signs in thine experience; they are only as a candle so that one stumbles not in the dark. But worship not the light of the candle; rather [worship] that which it may guide thee in thy service.
    So whether [thou art guided] by the vibrations of Numbers, or Metals, or Stones: These are merely to become the necessary influences to make thee in attunement and one with the Creative Forces. Just as the pitch of a song of praise is not the song, nor the message therein, but is a helpmeet for those who would find strength in the service of the Lord; so use them to attune SELF. How, ye ask? As ye apply, ye are given the next step.”

    When asked how stones to carry on person regards their meditation and messages received..

    “A-3 [carry on person] If necessary. And how may ye know? These do not give the message! They only attune self so that the Christ Consciousness may give the message! Listen to no message of stone, of a number, or even a star; for they are but servants of the Lord and Master of all—even as thou!…”

    Too much fun – really “dig” the path Ure on.

  4. I heard something a few days ago you might find interesting. An acquaintance in the great plains area said that with all the other mess going on, there has been a credit freeze, with banks not willing to make loans. They said this is affecting farmers, who need to get loans right now to start planting, and if credit doesn’t loosen up soon, the farmers won’t be able to afford to plant, and it will affect the country’s food situation later this year.

    You are often discussing national food security, have you heard anything about this?

    • Most farm loans are provided thru the USDA – and lending banks – there’s all kinds of cash available – a bank would probably not provide a commercial loan but most farms loans are USDA – Farm Service Loans.

      • That may be a valid point, I’m not sure if I’m forgetting something or they left out some important details. They spoke as if they’d heard this from a good first hand source, and the person that told me is pretty knowledgeable.

    • This is called credit deflation. If you need the loan to stay in business, then you’re screwed. If you need a bridge loan to stop a default, even if you have the money in process, you won’t get it.
      I learned about this from my family members who lived through the great depression, not from talking heads. If you are not on a cash basis now, you will be before this is over.
      Famine is closely associated with depressions and credit deflation.

    • “in the great plains area said that with all the other mess going on, there has been a credit freeze, with banks not willing to make loans. ”

      I heard the exact same thing from the ones with their plows in the ground.. they were concerned at how they were going to plant…the other issue was the increase in parts for spring maintenance.. seems those parts are not being produced at the moment and are in short supply..
      I am not sure but think USDA loans are like school loans.. The banks still issue the funds at least all the banks around us are the ones that write the loans for the farmers.. .I sold a house once to someone with a USDA loan.. but when closing time came.. they couldn’t write the check..seems that congress had to ok the funds to the bank.. and we all know how great our congress is..

    • ‘Heard so, as well. Apparently BoA is the only major bank that’s been able to sort through the government paperwork so far, to issue the loans. I had my truck in the shop yesterday for binding brakes (common with Fords) and the owner was doing the paper chase for a SB loan. He told me there were three sets of paperwork involved — had two submitted, for the third, neither he, nor his accountant, nor the bank could sort the mess Pelosi injected (he said the “rules” had changed 6 times since he began the process, a day earlier.) There’s nothing like adding a layer of bureaucracy to an already bureaucratic mess, to really screw things up…

  5. I would like to introduce the general concept of the ‘meme’ counter ‘meme’ going on in the internet. To give a good example of this, let’s go back to the closest analog of today’s times, perhaps the days and weeks just after the 911 event. The country was shell shocked and people were ‘outraged’ that something like that could have happened. The meme was fear and panic with a strong hint of revenge. As the weeks went by, the meme started started to recede a bit. Outrange started to give way to more thoughtful analysis. The counter meme started to develop. The new meme was something akin to “something does not feel right here.’ Maybe the official narrative was incorrect or MORE. The counter meme grew over the months and years.

    So, we have the strong meme (even bigger than 911 as lives are much more impacted on a day to day basis) today: we are ‘shocked’ that such a pandemic could happen to us. The first meme states that we will have millions of cases and perhaps hundreds of thousands of deaths just in the US! This meme has dominated the internet for 2 months now. So, I have noticed the start of the counter meme, which goes something like – whoa, before we permanently destroy our economy, let’s get some perspective here, etc, etc. People (including myself) are by nature defaulting to their own instincts and direct observations. Rather than believing every metric given on ‘TV’ and internet.

    To wrap this post up, I ask that everyone watch for the counter meme making a major breakout! People will start asking questions based on their own experiences (not what Fauchi is saying on ‘TV’). Observations like: Why am I and my vast circle of connections healthy. Why do I see trillions of dollars flowing out of the treasury to Wall Street and special interests. Why am I under house arrest when I don’t know a soul who has died of so called ‘Covid-19.’ Folks, the counter meme is going to be equal and opposite the initial MSM meme of gloom and doom. It will be a war of memes for the ages!!

    • If you are in a rural county or state, you will feel this way. If you live in New York, Boston, New Orleans and South Florida it’s an entirely different story. I know plenty of people affected. Not in my area, since the Bay Area started early and flattened the curve a few weeks ago…but I have friends in New York and Louisiana that are scared to death.

      • @mark

        Affected how, with the virus or just scared to die…Might those that are ‘scared to death’…brush up on the Bible….and /or The Humane Being…as in you are only born to die….being ‘scared to die’…because some psycho politician or paid for by the government doctor tells you a LIE…..then there really is NO CURE for you…BUT wait maybe the same mentioned ‘experts’ will soon tell you they have found a mandatory vaccine to relieve your earthly concerns…yup that’s it..But you have to …shelter-in-place’…till we tell you it is safe to come out…(1) TRUST US we are from the government..and by the way …(2) Your check is in the mail..(3) I can not repeat……..FEAR is a death unto itself….imo

      • I live in FL. My brother lives in Coral Gables (Miami). My humint from the Miami area in the nice areas are that people are going about their business. No real panic (remember, these people like my brother are wealthy and not the sheep). I live out side of Tampa = very nice community. No panic here. Just a sense of inconvenience. We are smart. We figured out that this is just another smash and grab operation, not a genuine health crisis that will kill millions. If you want to bunker with the poor and be frightened, be my guest. I will be out on the golf course with people laughing at the sheep. Btw, I am extraordinarily healthy, and will always be so. Why? Because I don’t let others tell me my state of mind. That’s for me to determine.

      • “Affected how, with the virus or just scared to die…”

        Does it matter….Whether or not this is a smash and grab.. or psyop.. or its a real pandemic or meant as the great culling to reduce the populations of worthless eaters…. ( my guess its a little of each.. Seriously if this is a man made virus .. then why would you create such a monster..) The damage is being done.. the fact that toilet paper is now worth almost as much as gold or silver.. is an obvious sign.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBjelRDKHUk
        I am not sure how the change in the velocity of cash has affected those in the upper classes.. but the slow down in the velocity of cash has affected everyone at the bottom. the price increases of basic items.. is amazing in just one month..
        the Job losses.. are horrendous..
        consider it.. IF.. you wanted the ultimate MORE.. and the bottom didn’t have any more to give.. you had taken it all away from them.. who would you go after…….
        In the seventies.. the millionaire tax releif act of seventy eight.. targeted the middle class and sent interest rates to double digit.. the last spending act.. WHO.. did that target..
        so It could be a little bit of all three..or just one nasty virus that jumped species..

        The damage is done and the future is going to get interesting from here.. the virus doesn’t care who it infects.. but the velocity of cash has and will affect everyone here..

    • ” Why do I see trillions of dollars flowing out of the treasury to Wall Street and special interests. ”


      If trillions of dollars is being handed over to big money and the offset laborer that is now out of a job is only going to get forty five dollars a week.. while some joker gets a fifty million dollar bonus.. who benefits.. who looses..
      Life changing times.. and if the virus is as deadly as they say.. I know people that got it and are really sick.. I know people working the floors and they are scared.. so it could be either..
      would you think it would give the one percenters the opportunity to take total control over everything .. ( it still wouldn’t be enough though.. there is never enough for greed and want)

  6. Enlightening post on Zerohedge:

    “How do these numbers look in the United States? During March of 2020, there were 4,053 COVID-19 deaths according to Worldometer. That is 1.6 percent of total deaths in March 2019 (total data on March 2020 deaths is still too preliminary to offer a comparison). For context, we could note that total deaths increased by about four thousand from March 2018 to March 2019. So for March, the increase in total deaths is about equal to what we already saw as a pre-COVID increase from March 2018 to March 2019. ”

    On the flip side, with the drastic reduction of traffic I would expect deaths to be sharply lower as well.

  7. George, Majestic 12 and you seem to be in sync today. they hint at communication , long distance outside of linear time


    coincidence? a 30 sec read, unless sit and think about it, and say huh…too much for my limited knowledge base, guess I’ll go plant my blueberry bushes,,,I use wood chip mulch for my garden, do not till in, just make a row with the rake, down to dirt, place seeds, cover back up, looking forward to a great garden this year, and easy weeding
    did not plant a garden last summer, spent my time regrinding a truck load of wood mulch from the city, from tree trimming by the cities power lines, municipal(we the people) owns the electric grid, here,, actually Nebraska is the only state, that is 100% public power,, should be a national model.
    great column today, but that is pretty much normal for your level of Being

  8. So George, you haven’t talked about your ‘cleavage’ plans. I noticed the pix of peletier thermal plates on your first article. Are you planning on thermal cleavage? Will the peletier thermal differential be enough? How about dry ice on the crystal and then hit one end with a propane torch? That ought to produce a clean thermal fracture. Inquiring minds want to know! I already got a bunch of black tourmaline chunks to play with.

    • Or it might be a combination of some heat, some cold and as an over-driven oscillator =-which would break along the resonance….(hinted my source)

      • FYI… I discovered this in my research:

        “Tourmalines were used by chemists in the 19th century to polarize light by shining rays onto a cut and polished surface of the gem.”

        Hmmm… light polarization. It has an interesting and complex crystal structure.

  9. Judging by my very personal experience I think there is plenty of incompetece demomstrated in our system. I.e. Simple things that should work are out of action w/o reasonable explanation, JMHO!

    • Trying to pick up my medicine I was told there is a problem with insurance. WTF — was never a problem for >50 years.

      Perhaps they’ve contracted COVID-20 already ;-((.

    • Trying to pick up my medicine I was told there is a problem with my insurance. WTF — after >50 years w/o problem??

      Perhaps they’re already with COVID-20 and incompetent to handle the new situation?! ;-((.

  10. Is anyone into “DOG” ? Just for kicks, and what would be your parameters, if any! ;-)

  11. HAWAII Stats from Dept of Health:
    Total cases: 435 (25 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 26
    Honolulu County: 328
    Kaua’i County: 18
    Maui County: 54
    Pending: 7
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 2
    equired Hospitalization: 42
    Hawaii deaths: 5*
    Released from Isolation: 113
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 8, 2020

  12. Hi George,
    Isn’t it interesting that the figures for numbers of new cases closely follows the Fibonacci sequence!? If you look at just the first digit, it goes 2,3,5,8,13 and in some cases 21, right down the line.
    OTOH, the numbers of fatalities seem to initially follow geometric increase in the first numbers column, ie., 2,4,8 etc.
    Not sure what, if anything, that means, but I find it very interesting….

  13. George, get a list of the ‘most likely’ gems used on the breastplate, and then examine the cleavage characteristics of each of the gems. Some gems have NO cleavage and so could be eliminated. Suspect groups of gems with similar cleavage characteristics…. or perhaps wildly differing cleavage using ‘one of each’…. which would eliminate similar cleavage stones. Just an idea for sorting out the stones.

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