A $100 Prepping Plan

The recent outbreak of weather (and seismic) events, forest fires, and so on, has us thinking about the best use of money.

If you have prepped as long as we have, the cases of ammo, buckets of food, barrels of water, and all the rest is really overkill.

But if you’re one of those people who didn’t get with the program in the “first round of prepping” the subject is likely about to emerge from the “mass adoption” gulch and very much into the mainstream.

Problem is:  How do you scale into it?

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20 thoughts on “A $100 Prepping Plan”

  1. I completely agree on the earthquake theory. It fits nicely with a concept I read about the original one continent that now is several based on the mass and surface area of the globe increasing from Sun’s energy input. Like a ball inflating, the increasing mass stretches the skin (tectonic plates) causing the plates to move and rub together.

    It’s so simple and logical it seems it has to be correct.

  2. Watching the comments section on this site, in the last two years the level of stress and struggle continues to slowly rise. An important question about prepping is whether you really want to live in a world where you subsist on real prepping level food, forever. (Not food that necessarily tastes good, but keeps you alive.) Because in every one of these disasters, the standard of living declines, and like for the half of the population that never returned to New Orleans, it never really comes back. Most people have this idea of a temporary inconvenience, but it never seems to work out that way.

    As I have said many times, it’s not necessary for Americans to expatriate to get that second world experience, just sit tight and it will show up around you. If you lift that thin veneer of prosperity covering your world, you will find that second/third world reality staring back at you, or if you care, you will see it erupting openly in the 47 plus American cities that have homeless living in tents and cardboard shacks. The USA now has People working full time that simply cannot afford a roof over their head.

    • What you are stating is not new; many of Katrina evacuees came to Texas, for example, and have made it their home. I expect a lot of people to leave the coasts after these hurricanes. Surely, you have read those prescient people who have predicted these times and one of those predictions is a great migration wave from the South, and where are you? Do you really think that preppers don’t realize the worst case scenario, and do you really think that the USA will be alone in its experiences, whether negative or positive? Your sage glumness or is it gloating, is very nice and acts as a stinging nettle to the legs, but really, this site, is not average, and thus, as much as you are prickly, it is always important to try to convey tips and assists to those of us who chose to stay in the USA. You have made your choice and we have made ours, either way, we all have to rebuild in one way or another.

      • Hi, -O- no…unless you count 2 greedy solicitors, that was an experience watching them prey on us.

        I’ve been digging in the past, looking for archaeological, family, and historical treasures.

        The books!!!

        From, “What the Neighbors Saw! Written by W. Scott Fristerson.

        This is something to warm your heart:

        “What a tremendous difference it makes to the success of married life if the wife understands that her husband is not altogether immune from the weaknesses of moodiness and often her responsive silence or gently sympathy touches a chord in his heart and sometimes causes the commencement of a cheerful discussion. In Alice’s tongue there was the law of gentleness and kindness. She was a woman who radiated happiness, and influenced all who came in contact with her. Men rarely try to make homes by themselves. Though a woman may need love less, she needs companionship more as the grey hairs come, and she holds in very affectionate regard the man who can interest, inspire, and cheer her with intelligent conversation.”

    • exactly.. the vast majority of us are one paycheck away from total disaster.. you loose one paycheck and it takes forever to recoup that loss.. if you loose two your in a death spiral..
      Thats what happened during Katrina. I was just visiting with a gentleman at lunch that lost everything.. he had a professional position very important and made a lot of money in his day.. Katrina hit and he lost everything. the insurance companies gave them penny on the dollar and they never recovered from it..
      His response to me was you don’t have any idea what these people are going to go through..
      My niece.. she thought that her insurance company and FEMA would be there for her when they lost everything. the insurance company found some reason why they couldn’t or wouldn’t pay and fema.. well they gave them a twenty bucks and a heart felt good luck.

      • You just brought up a great point.

        Is there any advantage to having a paid off house or a property with equity? Paid off anything?

        Two people – Jim and Raashid.

        Jim’s houses is paid off while Raashid refinances his house every two years gutting any equity.

        A natural disaster drops in. Home owner’s insurance is overwhelmed and both Jim and Raashid depend on FEMA.

        Jim is out everything. Jim gets a $1,200 check from FEMA. And weeks of Internet taunting for accepting bailout funds.

        Raashid walks away from his house. Raashid is not going to deal with the mess. No loss/no gain.

      • Every time I tell someone that we’ve gone without house insurance since we moved into our house nearly 35 years ago looks at me like I’m crazy. So many are insurance poor and get hardly anything in return for major damage. I’ve seen too many in my life fall into the “one paycheck away” financial death pit – especially family members – and simply don’t understand why living within one’s means is on a par with voting for Trump to a Antifa person. We find so many “reasons” to justify living on a razor’s edge between stability and self-destruction.

        If … IF … we could all say “Hell NO” to the insurance industry for a year, two or three would they have the resources to withstand the blow and reform themselves? The money we could save would make a big impact in our savings rate, maybe, or simply fuel a self-interested spending spree elsewhere. The monkey mind will not be denied. Or would the government step in and make us buy insurance as with Obummer Care. We may be finding this out whether we do so voluntarily or otherwise soon as the economy goes farther South.

      • That’s what I figured would happen to a lot of people.

        I’m uncomfortable sitting here in Atlanta waiting for the remnants of Irma. I don’t expect much problem from the storm, unless it kicks up tornadoes, but it is so unseasonably cool I think that is a low probability.

        I’m uncomfortable because Atlanta kindly rolled out the red carpet for evacuating Floridians, and I wonder how well Atlantans are going to take it when the Floridians overstay their welcome because they have nowhere to go.

        I wonder if Jeff Bezos is looking at this situation and thinking “hmmm… lots of desperate, educated, cheap labor for my new headquarters. That might balance out the crappy metro transit system. And they do have the land.”

    • I drove by people holding signs asking for food last week standing on the street corner and I counted 8 places with help wanted signs out on that block alone. One was daily work with daily pay. I pointed to the sign and yelled hey!!! Look right there!!!!! and a man holding a sign that said “please help, God bless you”. Gave me the bird.

      We haven’t had any major hurricanes In the last 8 years.

      Ok, I’m going to go get busy on the remodel. Feeling much much much better after 12 hours of sleep. Have a good day.

  3. I am looking at SPXL (3x S&P 500 Bull) for a trade on Monday. The S&P 500 Index closed a hair above its 9 day moving average and above the mid point of its Bollinger Bands. Same for SPXL. TQQQ & the NASDAQ look weak for Monday. Both closed below their 9 day moving average. All depends on the Monday open, otherwise will stay in cash until things settle down. Still seems to be a mildly bullish market.

  4. Any way to get word to the Embassy of the Holy See-Apostolic Nunciature, Manila to prep ear plugs? With the PI president’s son under scrutiny simply because of hearsay from a small player in a drug shipment uncovered by the Chinese, one wonders if it’s not an overabundance of caution to review the psyops playlist on Youtube of the first Operation Nifty Package.

    • Go watch that movie “Focus” with Will Smith. Pay special attention to the “football game” scenario. This doesn’t work on me, because I’m not conditioned to subconscious programming but it is very effective on some.

  5. So if energy from the sun, helps to power the weather…. It kind of makes sense that Irma picked up strength and is now weakening…. as Irma was gaining strength and is now fading.

  6. Most of the “homeless” in Portland, Oregon are junkies, at least the ones you see camping around town. How’d that guy get the nice mountain bike and trailer rig?

    • They’re everywhere. Last 2 weeks we found 3 used syringes in public places on our block and I live in a residential area off of a main drag. People elected Wheeler thinking he’d do something about it and all he did was placate because they marched in front of his home and damaged his car. The antifa have as much clout as the biking advocates in this town. Saw where 7 antifas were arrested on Sunday. Let’s see how long before charges are dropped or reduced and they’re released?

  7. Thought I would point out that it’s even better if you can dual use “prepping” equipment. I am in Florida for Irma. I like to do some home brewing, and since (sadly) I have nothing fermenting right now, I have have 20+ gallons of filtered water in my buckets. Probably won’t need them as it turns out, but I also wasn’t standing in line for water at the store all week.

  8. Sir,

    Chinese open internet thinkers are banding together in an effort to free us from global metadata oligarchs. Exudos has begun; the serfs are chafing at the chains.


    Speaking of which, Apple has reversed course and so far allowed the Bank of China to place a blockchain payment app on iTunes. Perhaps if the mandarin version is well received, an english version will follow for the Babel of indentured masses?

  9. Oh the irony. First time at this site. I see $100 prepping plan – so I click the link and all I get is this stupid blog text asking for more money by telling me to subscribe. Shame on you.

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