1929 Remake Marches On

Wow!  What a computational mess!  Apparently the latest updates to the worldwide beta testers of W10 have left us in some kind of purgatory,  so until we figure WTF, we will keep today shortish and to the pointish.

[Hint:  In edge://settings/system turn off running tasks in background, turn off running processes when Edge is closed…and so forth and such on. We want nothing launching in background…sheesh!]

1929 – the March and the Question

First, a look at “the March” which – thanks to more than 500 points up on Friday – is still looking like the dandy ol’ replay of 1929 is tracking:

With a boatload of asterisks:

  • The 1929 collapse is historical data.
  • The modern data is our own (derivative work) called the Aggregate Index which we update daily.
  • Past performance is not an indicator of futures…and any other disclaimers you can think of.

Still:  Point is?  

We gotta wonder how high (if at ALL) the latest stimulus moves will move the market.

Color us skeptical as Sinator Chuck Schemer tossed in a 58-page rider that will, according to reports, “…add billions of dollars for local governments, restaurants and child care grants to states.

We are cautiously awaiting a real vote – House has to concur and then Biden signs – but have the BBQ warmed up and ready:  Plenty of pork for everyone in this fine piece of tax-yokel jerk-around.

ANYONE remember Cyprus, except us?

And who ever heard of a $1.9-trillion stimmy that doesn’t move markets?  Unless things are far more dour than even the manic depressive short trader-ego worries about…

Otherwise Quiet

While there are some minor press items about, on the (real reason to get up out of bed…MONEY side of things) markets have just another day of trying to play “Game the Gamers.”

We’ve like to see an early morning low, then in with enough hysteria to jam the market up more.  Then maybe a high around the close tomorrow since a sell-off on Consumer Inflation Wednesday could be interesting.

Mainly, though, we’re watching with a detachment reserved for train wreck and accident gawking.  God-awful interesting but not personally meaningful.

Slop Bucket

No better bucket-name comes to mind for this morning’s brain-numbing collection of BS passed off as “news.”

We are “royally screwed” is maybe the message?  “Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s Oprah interview led Prince William to approve bullying investigation: expert.”

A Real financial story lurks in ZeroHedge’sNasdaq Futures Tumbles As Value Surge Makes Europe A Sea Of Green.”  The story the dim’s won’t mention:  Late last week, we dumped tariffs on Euro goods.  So, now THEY are back in line replacing goods which could have/should have been made here.  Hell of it is, the working stiffs (17 remain, lol, everyone else is working directly or otherwise for the govt.) don’t see how the democrats run as the worker’s champion and then bend ’em over for the really Big Money.  Slow is as Slo leads, huh?

Freedom – for the jabbed few – is being sold, as we read “Singapore Airlines To Pilot Digital Covid Travel Pass.”  Wasn’t going there, but still…

Racial divisions are good for ad revenues in the media.  So every whit and nuance of the George Floyd police trial will likely be wildly reported and then commented, reposted, and bring your own matches.  Here’s the setup:  “George Floyd death: How will jurors be selected in Derek Chauvin trial?

DemWit: Cuomo says “there is no way I resign” amid harassment allegations.”  Yah…we get it:  Evidence?  Run the Clinton defense?

With the Equal Rights Amendment in question, Fortune has a good read on how “‘We are backsliding.’ There are now fewer women in rising management roles than there were in 2019.”

By the way, Fortune, like us, also worries what it might mean when the dims hand out nearly $2-trillion and markets don’t seem to care…

Around the Ranch

Physical therapy seems to be working its magic.  Elaine’s new hip is getting worked out as she wanders from one end of the house to the other.  Zeus the Cat still doesn’t understand what a walker is and why he shouldn’t be in its path.  Is he thinking insurance money?  Or, is he just dumb?

Projects around the old joint in the woods moved along:  The linear amplifier for the ham radio is back up.  New power outlet in the shop (which feeds the dehumidifier in the gym/guest room got done.

A “padded toilet” seat adventure landed in the trash… too much “ARMSTRONG” applied.  Didn’t like it anyway.

Lots of parts have showed up so it will be an intense projects week ahead.  Weather’s great, too.  BBQ baby back ribs Sunday (in honor of Schemer’s giveaways)  and more sun coming this week.  Couple of more weeks and we should get a bead on how many trees we lost due to the near zero-temps in the Bliz.

Speaking of which, Linda of Houston spied a piece of fat-cat banksters hauling in the long-green at the expense of consumers.  Wallet vultures that ought to be on the endangered species list.  With “friends” like these, who needs North Korea?

Sizing Up Food

Buddy in the meat dept. of one local food emporium was asked Saturday where is all the good meat? Terrible time to be part carnivore.

“I can get you those prime rib roasts you like, but case price only:  $4,000…”  He was going to do a kind of “mock prime” by cutting me a 7-inch thick rib steak, but even that blew up.  No rib steaks came in.

The good news is that tenderloins ARE still coming in, so we won’t starve.  But the hairs on the back of the neck have gone up.  Something about the lack of fresh bean sprouts and the like.

As a result, the focus this week between various projects writing-wise will include getting plants ready.  Of all the nightmares, the notion  of a plantdemic keeps me energized in the garden.

Call it the “spidey-sense” going off.

Tough decision at the breakfast table:  An “all American” (potatoes, sausage, eggs, roll, yogurt, banana, orange) or a piping hot plate of clam linguini.  Light on the lemon in the clam sauce…

Trying to make up for my apple and cherry turnover festival this weekend.

Write when you get rich,


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48 thoughts on “1929 Remake Marches On”

      • yeah i flush everything from veges and gurus quick . millisecond . had the jab yeT? sounds like it

  1. Do you have enough grazing space for a wandering steer?

    Float valve w/auto shutoff for the water dish. The barn can be an 8′-0″diameter precast concrete sewer pipe.

    Eat the “lawn mower” at the end of the season.

    I live in a subdivision and can’t have much. A front door every 65′.

    • George
      You already have had goats.
      You don’t need a herd, 2 will do the whole yard nicely, which I don’t need to tell you.
      Big AL

    • I can’t get a locker appointment until late 2022 for my own beef.
      Just an fyi. Zdave

      • “I can’t get a locker appointment until late 2022 for my own beef.”

        I know others that have the same problems getting a date at the lockers. Luckily We have been using the same locker for years and years.. so fortunately we have a standing yearly date set..
        Way way way back during the Reagan recession the cousins father in law had a processing shack and cooler.. so just after the first of october we would all get together and package meat.
        Today the son in law and I still get together and make sausage and bologna and ring bologna. That use tobe labor day while watching the telethon..
        The secret to excellent Jersey is spice it up your way then mix a half cup of brown sugar per pound. Mix it cap it the let it sit inthe fridge for a few hours. Then case it and dry it.. or better yet cold smoke it after drying. The local football team would devour ten plus pounds a day of jerky and snack sticks..

  2. “We are cautiously awaiting a real vote”

    If there ever were “a real vote by thinking beings” none of it would pass. Perhaps, going back to Adam Smith in THE WEALTH OF NATIONS would be the better answer, but that would put politicians out of business and that is impossible ;-(.

  3. Heads Up G ,

    Research regards predicted solar output in coming years – should be enhanced with annual snowpack data. If U delve into historic snowpack levels here in N.A., U might arrive a entirely different conclusion regards the coming baideng Minimum. Sprinkle a little extra volcanic dust into the mix and voila – U gotz code blue ballz..freezing Ure ballz off! and U know how much warmer life is in general as we age..haha
    Deep State puppet has such low nrg, he is dimming perceived solar output .. “the iceage is here, the sun is zooming in,meltdown expected, the wheat growing thin-the Clash.

    700 gigatons over Avg breaking the recent ATH’s of the 80’s ??? Big ass snow storm slamming into the Sierra Nevadas’ this week..

    Might be time to start thinking about heading north-or way south, and dropping down into the abzu, for a lil R&R .

    or better yet can alwayz go back to school – wonder which two of the students in this documentary best represent barkies kin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKcWu0tsiZM

    • I haven’t looked at the overall California Snow Pack data for about a month but for now at least Lake Oroville is STILL way below it’s average level for this time of year, 90 feet below it’s level from last year in fact.

      The last time I looked at the Sierra Snow Pack report it was only at about 60% of average for that time of year.

      Rain and Snow is NEEDED in California as they transition out of winter in order to fill their reservoirs and add to the snow pack. I doubt that what they are going to get over the next 6 weeks will change that by much.

      The entire Colorado River basin is similarly in a water shortfall position from their average. Lake Mead and Lake Powell continue their slow drawdown. Because of how water from the Colorado River is distributed (NOT equitably) higher priority users will be OK but lower priority users will probably face some severe restrictions.

      The Western Drought looks like it continues to march forward after the brief respite in 2019.

  4. Good news on Elaine, had me worried there.

    Billions for restaurants and child care? Seems entirely appropriate to compensate business owners who have had to close through no fault of their own. And child care has got to help some more people get back to work. Seems like the government helping regular folks for a change.

  5. A mental exercise:

    Imagine a purpose for a 75 year old man(or older) who is no longer primed for instant bedroom action(like in your 20’s) and is involuntarily single with sufficient money. Sufficient money is defined as having the next dollar, or million, not really affecting your life.

    It isn’t me yet, but I can certainly see it down the road – perhaps delayed until the 80’s, 90’s or magically even longer. Imagine that all family and friends have been helped out to reasonable(and beyond) levels. Other than just surviving, what’s the purpose of continuing to do, make, acquire, and engage? It’s an honest question without a good answer for me yet. Imagining realistic and worthy goals into my 80’s and beyond is difficult.

    Yes, a full spiritual life is important and handled already, but it’s not the only purpose of being incarnated. Presumably, that will continue in the next dimension.

    If you’re not needed by anyone here, is there really a purpose?

    • Yes, Mike, there is a purpose to life.

      Teach. Serve. Mentor. Serve. Tutor. Serve. Get a small RV, and see the country, and you will find places to serve. Advertise. Serve. Have Fun. Serve.

      Mike, the secret to life is it is all SERVICE. So, you have already lived a life of service, but you need to change it up, change of scenery, or reaching out in a town close to you or far away.

      There are so many ways to serve that lead to so many wonderful experiences including meeting wonderful people such as yourself.

      At each stage of our lives: “You Have Only Just Begun.”

      Get out of that rut and get back out there!!! The World Needs You!!!

      Hugs from Austin, Texas.

      • Put another way..Cultivating Virtue
        ——the Foundation

        Light – Didnt even know he knew how to chase after it so very well as to have it “handled”.

        Seeing as how supposedly single – can’t fathom how to successfully execute “raising the Kundilini”/ performing the ultimate”sexmagic’, without a extremely Knowledgeable & Willing partner…

      • Great answer, Austin! I am fortunate to have my mate of almost 52 years, and caring for each other gives us meaning. But we also serve others. I put in time for a kid’s sailing group and take water samples that tangentially, eventually might affect pollution in a lagoon. Until covid hit, my mate was tutoring an immigrant in English. In a small way, this work helps us feel good about the calories and oxygen we consume.

        Our travels have taken us to 70+ countries on 7 continents, and now that we’re double dosed the imagination is running wild. We’re past accumulating money and possessions; we’re cautious about the money but selling off or giving away a lot of things that only complicate our lives. The real wealth is the ability to see new things and experience new people. Both of us are slowed by arthritis, but we’re planning a summer trip to Central America and a fall trip to the Falklands and South Georgia. One of the great pleasures is to randomly project of our travel pictures on our TV. The money we spend on travel means that others eat, i.e. it too can be seen as serving.

        My workmate in the kid’s sailing program finally retired at the age of 91 because of a health problem. most of us are in our 60s to 80s. We can’t lift as much as we formerly could and three hours behind a walk behind mower means an afternoon nap, but if there’s a lesson in that place it’s that old is not useless. Maybe less useful, but not useless.

        Having abandoned organized religion as a young man, I concur with what Freud (allegedly) said about the purpose of life: “to love and to work.”

      • Thanks for the POV, and the insight. I’m not adapted to the idea that I’ll never be the sex object of choice to anyone I desire, no matter how hard I work or how long I live. Andy just accepts it as his grace, which seems true in his case. I do agree with service, though it needs to be in moderation, like everything else. Service to self, nature, family, and others.

        I’m burned out from the last few months of service to family, near and far. It’s not as though I regret it – far from that! We had a few crises and a confluence of events and it was necessary. It’s just that I’m burned out and have had no time to recover or even to attend to my own necessities, such as keeping my house warm, secure, and intact. There’s a roof to be repaired and lots more. I do want to have time to be away from here, but only to meet particular people and even that is challenged by the covid social separation paradigm. For those with a wife or significant other, service begins at home and is hopefully gladly engaged in. George displays this in spades, and I’ll add still more hopes and prayers for Elaine’s graceful and complete recovery! For those without such a person in their lives, there’s no immediate joy from service – it’s simply a duty, though family does have its own rewards. Some people engage with their church, and that’s wonderful if they feel the connection. Others find groups that matter to them – often to do with kids, arts, or whatever. I’ve not found that sort of group yet that actually matters. I do help groups that matter to those that matter to me, but any reward is only knowing that I helped those I actually care for – family in particular, or perhaps a potential girlfriend. Understanding this is an ongoing process, though instinctively I know that I’m functioning at a very low level simply because I’m unattached. I watch my daughter and her husband flow and play together as a well oiled machine as they seek their desires. It’s not a proper condition for me to remain alone, though it may be for others.

    • “If you’re not needed by anyone here, is there really a purpose?”
      Yes! Self-Improvement. As George says… the stuff between your ears that you may be able to take to the next go-around.

    • You likely won’t remember your “lifetime’s purpose” until your soul has crossed to the other side. You may have yet to meet a special person whose existence in this world is to cross paths with YOU! In case that happens, get your doc to write an extra generous script for sildenafil 20 MG.

      To Elaine: Glad to hear you’re pulling through the PT; watch out for flying cats!

      Did any of you see this? Mask effectiveness 1.3% according to the CDC!


      • Sildenafil 20 mg isn’t yet needed with the right person, but I’m thinking ahead to the next decade or so. Besides, it can give you a monumental headache. Winter does a number on health by limiting useful work because of snow and mud. Exercise is possible, but quite unpleasant without much of a result. Now it’s time to get up on roofs and out in the field again. All of that can maintain body condition and muscle tone, but doesn’t do anything for socializing or becoming the object of desire. That seems to be a consequence of fame, public displays of wealth, and acting skills. Some of us have the gift of attraction, and others are still trying to figure it out. I still feel like I’m spinning my wheels trying to get traction just like I was back in my 20’s. I’m sure others must feel this way. While lots of good things happened along the way, an enormous amount of time was permanently lost.

  6. Not saying you are wrong George but you might consider throwing out the ‘29 stock chart and replacing it with an overlay of the Venezuelan stock market. In my opinion, stocks are going up, up, and away and so will the cost of bread, butter, and milk. The Fed will not allow a Depression unless they run out of trees and/or 1’s and O’s. Fixed income folks are screwed. Real skills and real assets may be the only salvation.

    • Lol I am curious now what the Argentina and Zimbabwe charts looked like before TPTB sunk them into the.pits of hell. Its tough for those at the bottom.. but harder for those on top.. if you dont have anything loosing nothing isn’t that hard.. just the paycheck to paycheck struggles…
      But if you have it all and loose it all.. dam thats gotta suck. You put everything into a number or shining piece of metal.. then tohave to use wheel barrows of paper just to buy a loaf of bread..
      I believe that a harder possible reality to consider..

  7. Technically speaking, the fall in gold prices is a deflation indicator. And yet, consumer prices are rising, and steeply in some areas. Interest rates are rising. Are these leading indicators of a depression economy with credit deflation and consumer hyperinflation?

    • Think “stagflation”.

      Stagnation and deflation of demand, with excess currency seeking a parking place.

      Pushing on a string, so to speak. We’re about to get $1400 in push per person and ten times that amount in toxic pork.

  8. George,
    This comes a little rich. The guy who sat on his hands over the ntl debt financed $2 trillion Trump tax cuts, well over 80% for rich guys and stock buybacks!!, is complaining about too much pork in a $1.9 trillion dollar virus depression relief package? Best, Mike.

    • Blue State Bail Out – Mikey

      Those that can, strong backed, clear eyed – Conservative States R kicking ass.

      Blue commie-Pedophile run states like Cali/NY/PA/IL are failing terribly..Pensions, Business tax receipts, soon income tax receipts, giving millions to Ure favorites – the wetbacks&beaners, it goes on on Mikey, not just White flight – but everyone with a brain, job prospect and ounce of self respect. Besides if memory serves me correctly G was all over the trump Tax cuts, spelling out how and why it would effect us all in the future – see Treasury currently flush from previous admins Cash raise..

  9. “I can get you those prime rib roasts you like, but case price only: $4,000…” He was going to do a kind of “mock prime”

    Phew.. and I paid 2.34 a pound. with processing.. costco has them at 9.00 a pound.
    I am not sure if you bought a steak ager or made one yet.. but a trump roast or an eye roast aged 17 days will be just melt In your mouth to perfection..coat it with your seasinings let it set..then let it come up to room temp. You can flash bake it at 500 degrees for 20 minutes then low and slow. Try to get the fattiest piece..
    When the cow is processed I have the processor save a few small chunks of fat. To feed the birs and to grind up and added to burger and home made sausage.. a thin slab under a lean roast and on top of a lean roast will add flavor..

    • The other tip about costco prime rib.. is have them cut it down. The cost is about 150 for one whe prime. They cut it for free.. then take it home age them then coat it with your spices. Vacuum seal them freeze them. The all you have to do is bring to room temp.. nine side down.

      • I’m actually smoking a roast on the traeger..right now. Potatoes smoked is to die for.. put the probe in . A great bottle of wine..separate the bone from the roast. I have the processor do that. For costco prime I’ll vacuum pack a slab of fat in the bone side.
        Ih costco has them on sale for easter right now and will ship them. They come with ice packs.

  10. George, your breakfast sounds wonderful…. and way more than my digestive tract could handle now days. I’m a minimalist… with lots of fiber. Coffee and oatmeal. Pray you never have the digestive issues I endured.

  11. Mickelbobs restaurant in Ft. Myers, Fl. Best damn ribs you will ever eat. They soak them in ice water for 48 hours before they cook them. “If you have to pick up your knife? Your meal is on us.”

    I dont know if they are still around or not. In my 50 years of moral life, I have never had better ribs.

    • 50 years of “moral” life? I’d buy it but I don’t know if all readers here will.

      • I would. Lying, stealing, violence, and being a politician is far worse than physically appreciating the value of well formed female flesh.

  12. A few years ago the wife brought home from the WalLyworld clone in our little town one of those padded toilet seats one time. I dutifully installed it for her like a good husband should. I failed to notice however that there was a small tear in the seam of the cover material along the back of the seat. Later that afternoon I was having a cup of coffee just outside the door to the washroom with said new seat. Mrs went in and shut the door a couple seconds later there was one of the loudest Bronx cheers you have ever heard. Apparently when sitting down the air inside the padded part of the seat was forced out the small tear which acted exactly as a good old fashioned Whoopie Cusion.

    She came out madder than Hell and said “Put the other seat back in there.” Sure thing Honey. Soon as I stop laughing my a$$ off.

  13. Trump took down ISIS … Biden took down Dr Seuss and Mr Potato Head. That says it all.

  14. “We are cautiously awaiting a real vote – House has to concur and then Biden signs – but have the BBQ warmed up and ready: Plenty of pork for everyone in this fine piece of tax-yokel jerk-around.”

    All is not yet Maaloxed. Today’s fool’s blurb regards Joe Man-shun. Senator Manchin is a WVa Democrat in a very Republican State. He is very liberal, but smart enough to know he can’t carry Chucky’s coat-tails and hope to be re-elected. The idiots whose opinions are fed them call him a “moderate,” which he’s not — He’s just savvy… and he has learned from the Republican ladies in Maine and Alaska, that in a tight Senate, he can swing more power than even the House Speaker or Senate Majority Leader, by fence-sitting. So he is, right now, on a number of the Pelosi/Schumer initiatives. I doubt the “Robert Byrd Parkway” is in jeopardy, but some of the “Robert Byrd” parks will likely become “Joe Manchun” parks and da Gov’er’s digs may get renamed “Joe’s Mansion” before the next election cycle.


  15. “George Floyd death: How will jurors be selected in Derek Chauvin trial?”

    The real deal is Minnehaha is trying to bring either a “Murder-2” or “Murder-3” charge to bear, but have been advised by the Bench that neither charge is applicable. The ME (quietly) determined that the drugs in Floyd’s system were fatal, and that Chauvin’s actions only hastened the inevitable. Accordingly, a “Manslaughter” count is the appropriate charge. The DA and AG are scared to death that any charge not involving the M-word will trigger the crazies into making last year’s riots look like Sunday School picnics. The Minnesota pols are scared to death any charge which DOES involve the M-word will result in acquittal or dismissal.

    *** Note to self: Contact Orville Redenbacher’s farm and see if they deliver by the box-car load…

  16. Quick hits:

    9 Signs That Chess Pieces Are Being Moved Into Place For A Major War In The Middle East


    Robo-Waiters Prove To Be A Necessity For Contactless Portland-Area Bistro


    So, does the robo-waiter get sanitized before every table visit? If not, where’s its advantage over a $3/hr (plus tips) waiter or waitress who does…?

    Police Lieutenant Who Shot and Killed Ashli Babbitt – Lead Murder Suspect in Ashli Babbitt Case
    Published February 25, 2021 at 8:17am


    Posted as a backstory for the following:

    FBI Admits No Firearms Were Seized During Capitol ‘Insurrection,’ Only Shot Fired Was Cop Killing Ashli Babbitt


    NYT: Critical Thinking “Isn’t Helping In The Fight Against Misinformation”


    “Critical thinking is now bad, the New York Times announced in a column on Thursday.”

    Posted because I missed it, last week…

    Neocon Robert Kagan: Americans Opposing Forever Wars Is An ‘Example Of Their Intolerance’


    Ditto, posted for those who missed my announcement that Mr. Biden had “unmothballed” Victoria Nuland after Mr. Trump stuck her where she couldn’t hurt anyone — Nuland is Robert Kagan’s wife and one of the most rabid psychopathic, sociopathic warmongers on the planet.

  17. Pièce de résistance…

    Did You Survive The Deadly QAnon Militia Capitol Attack of March 4th???

    I somehow managed to survive the deadly QAnon attack on the Capitol — hitherto forever immortalized as “March 4th” — and I’m looking for fellow survivors to contact me so we can rebuild!

    Everyone I know is dead.

    The QAnon Shaman managed to break out of jail and together with MAGA milfs destroyed the entire city with a nuke smuggled in by the Russian Imperial Movement.

    Only some members of Congress managed to survive March 4th because they had the incredible foresight to skip work after hearing chatter about the plot…

    …The Jan 6 insurrection where MAGApede domestic terrorists killed thousands of police and national guardsmen with fire extinguishers was bad enough — March 4th was complete devastation…

    …I can’t help but feel this is our divine punishment for laughing at the experts like Chris Wray when they tried to warn us of the Q-Anon MAGA milf terrorist movement that was responsible for all the Black Lives Matter riots last year, the killing of JFK, 9/11, and of course the deadly Capitol insurrection!

    Entire article may be enjoyed here: http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=62080

    • It’s to bad they took that video down so fast.. seeing that small group prepping and placing the theatrical props and going through their scripts was an eye opener for myself at least.
      then the antifa and BLM email asking for people to buy maga hats and wear them backwards.. lol lol .. I’m sure it was all deemed fake so that was why it was all removed so fast.. but it was entertaining non the less…

  18. Yesterday the BBC re-hashed an old story from last September about AI deep fakes. They zeroed in on the Korean tv broadcast personality that was emulated by software with advance warning to program viewers.

    The Korean startup behind it was MoneyBrain. Their website claims they plan to start marketing “globally” this year in Japan, Taiwan and China. A bit of an oddity about the startup is that almost half its capital came from a vc with “Korea” in its name, but bears some signs of being headquartered in China.

    Hopefully Unit 61398 will update the vaccinated Joe avatar that he’s ok to take the mask off.

  19. The servants didn’t show up for chores yesterday so we ended up missing the biggest program States-side since Posh Spice blew into LAX with “Coming to America”. One fears what ended up on the Megxit edit cutting floor as 3 hours 20 minutes of material was chopped down to two hours less advertisements. Savage.

    From the bits and pieces of highlights I’ve seen, Riverdale seems like a nice place to raise a family. Princess Betty or Veronica is on the way. It was an awesome spectacle, and Ms. Winfrey’s glasses frames were a wonderful homage to Her Majesty. Absolutely Regal. Folks will be happy to know they can Google the words to the UK national anthem. It’s a lot easier than The Star Spangled Banner?

    Surprisingly this eminent newsletter overlooked the prepping nuances of Archie’s featured chicken coop. It does egg one on to see how the 1% are braving the struggle.

    Times are less gray now that the Black-white reality tv program model is entering a more bespoke, gradely level experience for advertiser and viewer alike. Perhaps the crude Kardashian Clan is ready to take up an unfilmed residency at the Paris Hilton.

  20. An elder coworker (much older than 65) told me that he had searched all over the immediate metropolitan area in the last week and had had no luck in finding his first dose of Covid vaccine (and this individual is really good at finding things).

    I noticed that the new cases reported locally bottomed out a few days ago, and now are trending higher really fast. I am seeing a lot less masks being worn in public. Its not over until its over, I’ve heard from sources. I slacked off on decontaminating shoe soles over the weekend, and didn’t wear my mask in all public locations. Time to tighten up.

    Which vaccine is your third vaccine, Andy? Does a vaccine that is supposed to be available, but isn’t really, count?

  21. George,
    About your W10 woes,
    I am sure you have a good reason for not using Linux so I won’t ask you for one.

    You have my sympathy for your W10 problems. Libraries and library systems have been using huge computer systems for 50 years. Nothing caused more dread than hearing that there was going to be an equipment upgrade, or an operating system upgrade or a software upgrade. It was also a sad day on campus when it was announced that only Microsoft products would be used from then on. I still miss my WordPerfect.

    “Those were the days my friend…”

  22. Rick Ackerman latest is genius . Hasn’t been bought out by gurus like George , salty moriarty or dalio dagolio

  23. I can’t get a locker appointment until late 2022 for my own beef.
    Just an fyi. Dave

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