Coping: Mechanic’s Tools for the Mind

Got a fine note from warhammer Thursday morning. He’d asked me whether I knew of IONS – the Institute of Noetic Sciences – and I had to confess – was a member for a good while including while Dean Radin was there.

Radin, for those not keeping up with the class, was the author of:

  • Entangled Minds (on how quantum entanglement works with people’s brains)
  • Supernormal (Science, Yoga, and the evidence for extraordinary psychic abilities)
  • And of course, The Noetic Universe.

Ol’ warhammer suggested I might get a kick out of the IONS online activities section.

I admit, I found it fascinating – so much so that I sent it to daughter Allison who has at least a portion of the blessing/curse called “second sight” that I’ve had a few run-ins with, too.

The first assessment I did was the “Garden of Dreams” – a kind of personality assessment. Here’s how mine came out:

Not sure how I can translate this into something fungible, but since there are other tools on the Noetic Sciences site under “online activities” a tip of the hat to warhammer for reminding me of IONS.

By the way, he also passed along this lil gem:

“If you ever wondered what keeps Navy admirals up at night, here’s a list of the top 5 from the Navy Times:” LINK.

Have fun with it!

A Word About Synchronicities

One of the reasons warhammer’s email about IONS was so interesting is that the “tool kit” arrived shortly after I had been talking with the daughter about this “second sight” thing that runs in some families.

This is the kind of “near synchronicity” that happens all the time with me.

If you haven’t seen a real synchronicity up close and personal, here’s a video of Dean Radin’s account of a personal encounter with it that he had…

And this, of course, gets us on to yet-another area of research – namely using Yoga to materialize our intentions.

I’ll let you work out the details of that one.

Dogwood Days

That time of the year again – 79th Annual Palestine, Texas Dogwood Trails Celebration is only a couple of weeks off:

  • March 24th-26th
  • March 31st- April 2nd
  • April 7th-9th

Here’s the problem: I don’t know how many of the Dogwoods will actually still be in bloom when the out of towners show up.

What I can say with some certainty is that ours are already in bloom, like this little feller:

Hmmm. See that piece of dead-fall on the left side of it? Yet another thing to do…

So much for another week… Come on back Monday and we’ll see what kind of trouble we can get into.

Pollen Nation

By the way, with all the “pretty trees” crap we get unbelievable amounts of tree pollen.  Which bothers my hands due to eczema and which is so thick you can write on it when it falls on Ure vehicles.

Worse?  You know those rigi8d gass-permeable contacts (RGP) I have to wear nowadays? 

Yeah, juss ‘magine how much fun pollen is with those… Now you know why I get a bit grouchy now and then.

A Word from Dreamland

Not that I have prescient dreams often, but one early this morning seemed like it would be worth mentioning.

There was a quake in the area (this is in a dream mind you) somewhere ‘west of Seattle’ in the afternoon.

Enough to be seriously felt, but not enough to cause consequential damage.  By the ‘time’ in the dream it was afternoon, say 2-5:30 PM kind of thing and a partly sunny day.

Thinking a 4.8 to 5.7 range, but thought I’d mention it, though now that I have it will prolly never happen, lol.

Family Matters

George II speaking at the Tacoma Ham Club this week on extreme ham radio.

You mean all hams don’t have radio contacts from snow caves or while dangling from a parachute at 15,000 feet?


Write when you get rich (Or, if you figure out who was signaling whom by turning off the Statue of Liberty Lights this week. That one worries me.)

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  1. Never ignore your prescient dreams !! From what I read, pressure is building in that region. Maybe around your eclipse timing.

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