14-Million What?

A thousand pardons on this auspicious day for this interruption….  But we have just come across this very interesting Federal requisition request.  They’re looking for Potassium Iodide, the kind of stuff to have on hand in the event of a nuclear incident of some kind.  Or, in event of “dirty” terrorism.  They (HHS) specifically are looking for 700,000 packages of 20 doses per packed.

Yes, 14-million doses, worth.

For me, the key thing was the date:  On or before February 1, 2014.

Is there something we should worry about in January that the Department of Health and Human Services isn’t talking about?  Or, is this good government at work – following the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared?”

Why is it I worry that  we’ll find out in 2014…

The most intelligent bet for now is that in the next 90 days the runaway in TEPCO Building 3 Fukushima will go China Syndrome.  When it does, there will be downwind US impacts.  It won’t be pretty and HHS is getting ready.  That’s my bet.  The  market is up 50+ so there can’t be any problems in the world, right?  Right?

The wild card is how long a burn-through would last (with a massive steam plume) and, when it does go through, how long will ground water feed the plume that fuels the steam that goes down wind that carries that rads that poison the people that grow the food, that feed the people, who make the goods, that wage the wars, that…….oh,shit, let’s hope not

Happy New Year (???)