Yardage: Remembrance Gardens and Woo-Woo

A while back, one of our in-laws (on Elaine’s side of the family) passed after a bout with cancer.  Her passing was a tremendous loss to all of us.

Then, a few weeks back, her surviving husband dropped by for a visit and a quick round of “back country golf.”  He, and his late wife were not only great golfers out on the course, but they were great conversationalists and company on a round.  There’s nothing like a round of golf with people who you like talking and listening to,

While we were on the second hole here at the Cottonmouth Creek Back Country Course, a 140-yard shot that played well sets up a lay-up to the third hole, it occurred to me that with so much land available, why don’t we plant as BIG “Remembrance Garden?”

I mentioned before that we had been planning to put in tons of sunflower seeds (about 30,000 seeds on hand) so why not do something really special?

When we got back to the “club house” I proposed that we take the tractor out, clear off a decent-sized space and plant her first initial as a remembrance?

Didn’t take but a few minutes.  On the front of our tractor bucket I’ve got “brush forks” which, when dug down an inch or so into the ground, make very nice planting furrows.

With the land whacked-down to the nubbins, and the initial laid out (100-feet by 60)  and furrows ready, we each took sunflower seeds and dropped three of them every 10-inches, or so.  True, that’s a lot closer than “normal” because they could get quite large, but my thinking was that we wanted to give ’em the best possible chance of coming up.

With the seeds dropped, we then shuffled up and down the rows, covering the seeds with half an inch of soil.  Then back to the clubhouse for a cold one.

It’s not exactly a “Remembrance Garden” but close enough for home use.

I suppose if one were to go “all-in, over the top” such a garden would be more thoughtfully laid out and planted.

In a small, home remembrance garden, you might not lay our a 100-foot long initial that would be easy to photograph with a drone.  Instead, you might pick a 3-foot square and populate it with the right plants.

Right plants?

Well, if someone was a “tree” –  strongly carrying a family forward, then the tree might symbolize that strength.  A cynical sense of humor might be captured with three or four sweet onions to parallel the acrid yet sweet attitude  behind the humor.  A gift to a loved one of a wedding ring?  Well, a few karats, if you’re tracking.

I’ve done a lot of reading into spiritual matters and there’s a kind of assumption made in many religions that  when it comes to reincarnation, we “work our way up the chairs” (to use the Masonic template) wherein we begin as a rock, then as single cell life, than as plants, then trees, then stupid animals to the more evolved (???) cats and dogs.  The capper being incarnation into a button-on-phone addicted upright ape that can read…

But, what IF there’s no “Masonic order” to it.  What if reincarnation is really more like playing “Music Chairs?”  When the “music stops” the soul heads for the next [whatever] and that’s it?

Not claiming that the soul of a dearly departed would alight in one of the sunflowers that we put in, but the thought (and remembrance) of those still living might ease the burdens of living afterwards, a bit.

So it seemed a nice thing to do.  (I’ll let you know if/how the seeds come up as the summer gets closer…)

Oneironaut’s Journal: Levitation

As you know, I am a Oneironaut:  One given to incredibly detailed lucid dreams and blessed with recall when I come back to the waking-state from my somnambulistic adventuring.  It’s like going to an IMAX-like world most nights.

Which sets the stage for one of those “instructional dreams” that come along every so often.

In this one, I was learning about “levitation.”  As it turned out, the process was not terribly difficult to learn, but it required a certain kind of rock.  The rock just has to be nearby.

The rock I was shown was cube-shaped and about 12-inches on a side.  While it was not magnetic per se, it nevertheless emitted a feeling when a palm was held a few feet from one surface of the cube.  This surface was ever-so-slightly concave.

It was like holding my hand up in  our recording studio in front of the subs during a strong bass passage.  (Like the “wind mixing” in the bass and lines in the suite from National Treasure, the movie. At +100 dBm, your hair moves…)

Not sure where the “voice” was coming from in this instructional dream, but there was what I can only explain as being an “information download” about how “levitation” worked in spiritual Realms.

According to the “core dump” levitation of one’s astral body can be enhanced by the placement of a “personal mineral” on the right place of one’s physical body.

This gets pretty interesting, as I’m only sparingly using my Light Crown simply because I am right at the upper limit of energy channeling.

Interestingly, while the Light Crown seems to provide for  “channeling” of almost unlimited pure energy both physically and mentally, the presence of the right mineral and it’s placement, seem to be what gives the astral self tools to move about.  Oh, and levitate..

I was skeptical but details continued topour in: Since I was not-yet able to freely travel the astral realms while in the waking-state, I was being given some help to tune-in to that skill set,

The instructions were totally clear: I was to wear a roughly 1-inch cube of magnetite in a small leather pouch, on my belt on the right side of my body, just above the right hip bone.  Halfway between belly button and spine.

Now, is this nuts, of what?

So I asked wife Elaine: “If you got “instructions” to wear a certain stone on your belt on the right side of your body in order to move around better in astral realms, would you do it? Or, is this a $20-time wasting  delusional episode?”

She thought about it for a few minutes.  “Sure, I would try it..$20-dolllars isn’t much money to waste if it doesn’t do anything…”

So I checked out what was on eBay, and while I ordered a “cheapy” I’ve got on my list this week to call Chris Tyreman’s kid’s Sesula Mineral and Gem Museum and Book Shop up in Saskatchewan..

They have all kinds of stones and expertise in gems so jot down (639) 317-5669 in case you have an odd dream one of these days and some message is downloaded out of the blue instructing you to “Wear this [gem or mineral] in this position on your body…”

Yes, I know about Reiki stones and sure, the stone coming to me will be “purified with salt” as will the pouch.

But it’s clear my oneironaut adventures have just gotten
“kicked up a notch” in high strangeness with instructions on how to get properly stoned start showing up…

Write when you get rich,


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10 thoughts on “Yardage: Remembrance Gardens and Woo-Woo”

  1. As a mediator and energy practitioner, I love this blog and would love to have some experience with that light crown.

  2. I love it..

    I have carried my Reiki stone a long time..

    For me its rose quartz..

    All of the kids pick up their pretty rocks to.. We will shape them then tumble them.. Or they just put them in their memory box.

  3. I use to have a simple black rock..oval about two inches long inch and a half in the middle.. It was my reading rock..not even thinking about what I would do. As a kid I would catch myself running my thumb in the center.. I did that so much I swear I rubbed the center of that rock smooth as silk..

  4. Recommend excellent reincarnation movie, “Cloud Atlas”. Only covers human incarnations.

    A site to check on stones is Mystech. They sell “charged” bracelets and natural stone ones (I don’t get any commission from this.) Here’s another “energy” product site https://www.flfe.net/

    can’t vouch for efficacy, but info is intriguing

  5. George it is good that you have a strong subconscious that becomes so active when you sleep.
    I would not put any object that had a magnetic field near my body when I slept. If I were to place a stone on my body while sleeping, I would put it on one of the chalka spots. I believe one is by the belly button.
    Steinbrecher stated use “active imagination” to focus the subconscious. Remote viewers say you focus on the target image as you allow the subconscious to come forth. You might be able to target your dreams.
    Mark “RD”

    • for years.. I couldn’t wear a battery operated watch.. and I couldn’t use a camera that used electronics.even today if I am going to change a circuit board I will ground myself..
      they would shut down every time.. and the circuits blown in them.. I had a fuji camera that I truly wanted to buy so bad.. went through three of them in less than two days then they wouldn’t replace it.the first one didn’t even get out of the store picked it up to take a test shot and it shut down. sad to it was a sweet camera..I wanted it after the Budweiser Clydesdale’s stepped on my other camera while trying to film them during a parade.

  6. There are several outfits which sell native prairie flower seed by the pound ($50 – 75 per lb) via the web. Try putting out a pound of mixed native flower seed along the front fence row with a hand seeder. It will give you an excuse not to weed-eat the fence row.

  7. George

    “A while back, one of our in-laws (on Elaine’s side of the family) passed after a bout with cancer. Her passing was a tremendous loss to all of us.”

    I am sad to report that Dr. Robin Falkov long time life partner of Richard C. Hoagland past away three day ago of cancer.

    She was a special person who was involved in alternative health issues and had managed to stave off the cancer for more than ten years.

    Back in the late 1990’s she became the personal health adviser to Hoagland when he experienced a heart attack. The hospital doctors said there was no reason for him to experience any heart issues as he was in very good health. Dr. Falkov’s help got him thru his recovery and probably saved his life. She has been a guest on Coast To Coast radio many times.

    Rest In Peace Lady Falkov!

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