Woo-Woo: Palindrome Sunday

You know what a Palindrome is, right?

It’s a number, word, or phrase that is spelled the same when reversed.

A number example would be 838.

A few word examples would be Abba, racecar, and tat.

A phrase example is “no x in Nixon.”

Now that we’re “pal ‘n” here the overnight from Ure fave  oneironaut.

It was a restless night.  The “dream space” was “cloggy” and not much was coming through, save a kind of jumbled view of two ships colliding in front of a green-backgrounded city of some kind.

So I woke up.  “Alexa, time?”   “The time is 1:01 AM.”

Back to sleep, only to wake up a while later.  “Alexa, time?”  “ The time is 2:02 AM.”

Sheesh.  The night was going slower than mud.  Back to the pillow.

Until waiting up, again. , “Alexa, time?”  “ The time is 3:03 AM.”

Oh, my, this was a bit odd – hitting three in a row.  Wondering if I could make it four, it was head into the pillow again.

I awoke next to an strange noise, part electronic, part animal.  And a few second later, Elaine, still asleep said “E.B…E.B…”

“Alexa, time?”  “The time is 3:45…”

“Elaine, why are you saying E.B.?  What were you dreaming…try to remember…”

Uh…Elaine Bates…you were asking me my initials…”

“No, I was asleep.  Did you hear that strange noise?”

Probably the cat…maybe a stifled sneeze…”

“I’ve been waking up about every hour since 1:01, 2:02, 3:”03, and now 3-4-5…palindrome times except the last.  I’m going back to sleep,, then…”

But not for her.  She laid bed thinking about that.


“Alexa…time?”  “The time is 4:14 AM.”

“What dear?”

“I’ve been waking up about every hour, too.”

“Yeah, very strange night in Dream Realms…”

I got up at 4:34 after we chatted for a while.

And posted this note a 5:35…  Happy palindrome Sunday.

PS: Write when you wake up,


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6 thoughts on “Woo-Woo: Palindrome Sunday”

  1. “At the center of your being
    you have the answer;
    you know who you are
    and you know what you want.”
    – Lao Tzu

    Your normally free-wheeling subconsciousness seems to be obsessively locked-in to your conscious temporal framework for some tbd reason. Suggest you turn Alexa off if the trend continues. Deep sleep is your ally.

    • “turn Alexa off”

      As usual well said WH….

      Luckily I wont need Alexa or siri…

      I have a wife.. when I have a question I say..as an example… honey how many idiots are there in politics… and she says .. all of them and who really does as anyone care..

  2. Welcome to my world, George. Except you didn’t mention the trip to the bathroom each time because I can’t bring myself to cut down or cut out completely drinking tea or what have you before going to bed. A few nights like that in a row will put your mind in a semi-permanent pea-soup fog until I take a half a melatonin to keep my head stuck to the pillow most of the night.

  3. Phew.. I actually slept good.i read the holiday classic.. the life of the late john elwes esquire..an oldie but goodie..with a great moral revelation after reflection.
    It’s so true to.. having known a few .. I once bought underware and socks for a guy thinking he was a pauper lol only to realize he was one of the wealthier people in our area..


    .with the cough I’ve had I was considering spending a months income and going to the clinic on monday.. thankfully I woke up feeling great .

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