Sunday Woo-Woo: Dreamwork Payday

Short story time.  Fiction?  You decide…

By now, most of our readers know I am a huge fan dream research and I’ve been doing copious amounts of personal “dreamwork.” My book on topic (“Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream”) has managed to become one of the least-read books on Kindle. Yet I persist in the work.  An addiction?

Several reasons, truth be told. Every time I “visit” the Dream Realms I notice different apparent compass headings. Most of the time, they are orthogonal (right angles or perpendicular) to waking-state compass directions. In one night’s dream, recently, the landscape was oriented South where in the waking state, the same cast of characters encountered (when still alive) would be East.

Oh yeah…another detail:  No barriers between living people and those who have passed on over there.

Another frequent “pay-off” for bringing dream content into this world – and taking pieces of this world over to the Other side – seems to be occasional lessons and insights into the “mechanics of Life.”

Take last night…when I encountered…

The Doctor-Patient File

Like many of my dream adventures, this one was exceptional in all regards.

I’d spent a restful night, barely moving the sheets, in the “waking world.” But in the dream realms? It was an exceptionally busy night.

My wife Elaine figured prominently both in this dream and back “here” –  so on both sides of waking.  Soulmates will do this, I’ve learned.

As I “wakened [there, into the dream world], I became aware of being in a “doctor’s office.” It was in a medical center we had previously visited.  I’d written that up in my book several years ago.  It was a visit for Elaine… but in this visit, it was for me.

When the dream ended, I awaken back here in the “normal waking world” to a several pages of notes in hand that I began to read with great interest… because it brought my memories rushing back.

“Patient Regression Notes”

To: Alex Ulysses Medical File

Source: Dr. Marlowe X. James, MD, PhD, MPA, analyst

Date: 517/351533

Time: 438592

Third visit. Patient arrived with mate, Elaine Bjornsen. Complaints were again centered around disturbing sleep-time visions. Claims of visiting another “world.”

Began a standard regression attempting to source trauma and began asking detailed questions about these sleep-state visions.

Regression began at 438599 and patient gave unusual answers:

Q: Describe the world in your visions:

A: “I see inhabitants who call themselves “People” and they seem to come in many colors of skin, speaking many voices, with a wide range of beliefs, odd forms of “exchange” and near as I can tell, no particular globally-shared goals. These “people” (as they call themselves) live in constant fear of something called “death.”

Q: What is this thing they call “death?”

A: “These people believe there is an end to their world. When their physical bodies will cease to exist. It haunts them and makes them act in unpredictable – sometimes crazy – ways.”

Q: What else about these “people?”

A: “They are also driven by “sexual drives.” Though somehow they are confused now; they were once attracted to “opposites” but as they have evolved, they are attracted to any other of their type that offers….hard to explain it…

Q: How does this world work? Its purpose? Function?

A: “I can’t seem to make one out. Some of them are driven by “money.” But, their “money” which once had a stated rate of exchange is not floating so its value is unpredictable – just like the people. The inhabitants get up every day and engage is activities that are only indirectly related to the gathering of this thing called “Money.”

“Not everyone, though, is engaged in money? Yes…I see there are other people who just want to live a quiet life and share among themselves. But there are few of these.”

“Others, who are drawn into what they call “politics” are driven to power and dominance over others. Those who can’t do this is real life are so driven that they have taken to electronic machines in order to “pretend” to be “leaders” when they are not…”

Q: Do these “people” as you call them have normal powers?

A: “No. They do have a lot of interest in socializing, and they engage in work-groups. But they seem unable to agree globally on much of anything. I’ve counted at least seven major “areas of interest” where regions are somewhat aligned on a purpose, but not at any overall level.

“But no powers…not really. I mean they can’t fly, or anything. And they may never quiet their minds enough for telepathy to take hold…so no ‘powers’ yet.”

Q: Do you see a future for this world in your visions?

A: “It seems bleak at best. There is a building sense of inevitable collapse. Females are becoming afraid to bear children. They’re not sure there will be food, water, or even air to breathe.”

Q: Does this place have a name the inhabitants call it?

A:  “Yes – they call it Earth.”

Q: How do represent that in their own symbology?  Do they have written forms?

A. “It looks like… let me draw it for you…

Q:   I see… Do you remember anything else?

A:  “Yes, their directions are different than here. They have a tactile thing called “weather” and it sometimes causes water to fall from the sky.”

I woke the patient from regression with a “permission to remember everything and not to have any fear of this imaginary world.” Regression ended at 438611.

Treatment Plan

Once awakened, I continued to interview the patient about his “visions.”

Q: You said these “people” had no powers? You mean they can’t fly and they don’t operate telepathically when they wish?

A. “Yeah, I know… sounds crazy doesn’t it? A world where people can’t create, communicate, and relocate at will…. But honestly, I didn’t see any of this basic life skills at all!”

Q: What of this “death” you called it?

A: “Weird as all diggum. These beings were convinced that they would all end. They didn’t understand as we do here on Realm that life is forever because energy can not be destroyed, only changed in form…

Q: You also talked about people having “colors.” Tell me what you remember seeing?

A: “Yeah…I know – weird, huh? Everyone seemed to have a color and regardless of what it was, they were all exceptionally proud of it. So proud that people were edging toward fighting over their colors. I know…that’s preposterous, isn’t it?”

Q:  And this water falling “from the sky?”

A: “Sure, I know that’s crazy, too. Why would water do that?”


End of session – I spoke to Alex’s mate, Elaine Bjornsen, who reported Alex is working well, getting lots of rest, and other than fantastic dream reports from this OtherSpace when he dreams, in all other ways he’s as normal as everyone else.

I reassured the Alex that here in Realm, there is no such thing as water falling from skies. No inhabitants have any color whatsoever because, after all, we are as everyone know, immortal energetic beings.  This phantom “Death”?  To immortals, it’s absurd.  And certainly, we all master flying, telethought, and telelocation as soon as we begin to become conscious.

Patient expressed concern over future possible encounters and more such visions during coming resting states.

I fclosed, giving him a copy of these session notes so that he could hold them as evidence when he was about to take deep rest that were was no such place as this

…as he called it.

Additional Comments:

This is one of the most complex illusions I have seen in my practice: Waking into a place called “earth” and having water fall from the sky. Fearing “death” and arguing over “colors” – I will prepare an ourline of patient claims for our next collaborative learning conference.  Perhaps other have seen this phenomenon?

Time: 438721

By: ~ Dr. Marlowe X. James, MD, PhD, MPA, analyst

I recalled vividly that Dr. Marlow handed me his notes as Elaine and I turned to the door/  We were planning to head back to our condo at Lieneuw

That was the last thing I remembered until….

…gently rolling to Earth-side, waking-up, and noticing the notes resting in my hand while in bed.

I’m now haunted by a singular question: On which side of dreams do we really awaken on?

Write when you get rich,

Alex Uly

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22 thoughts on “Sunday Woo-Woo: Dreamwork Payday”

  1. “has managed to become one of the least-read books on Kindle”

    I am sorry but the least read book on ebook was the diary that I found years ago.. with pictures.. of the farmer that was asked to go to russia and teach the farmers there how we grew crops in the usa.. LOL.. and how he got out when the Bolsheviki army took over the country. It is my prized possession and I will donate it to a museum

    • The book you describe sounds interesting. What is the name of it, or the name of the farmer?

      • Fred Hiatt
        It is.. a whole different perspective on the takeover of russia and the downfall of Nikolai II Alexandrovich Romanov.
        For the longest time I thought the woman claiming to Anastasia was true.while on their way.out of the country they were approached at a dance and asked to let a young female member of the royal family. Go with them posing as a nurse..

      • It’s his diary.. evacuation I am well known to just buy random books. Back in the early eighties I was at a rummage sale where there was a large box of books and a notebook..I got the whole box for a couple dollars and I set it aside and forgot about it. Years later I rediscovered the box and thought dam that notebook would work great for my truck log.. opened it up to discover this wonderful story from a first hand look..
        I have an acquaintance that writes scripts (some shows you’ve probably seen) . I thought dam this would make a real good movie.. he told me that the industry in Hollywood was so bad that it would cost a fortune to even undertake it and it would probably be has all the aspects of a great movie..drama romance etc.
        A good insight to russian life..
        I sent it to several places tried my damndest to find the family descendants of the old farmer..
        The YMCA went asking for volunteers to teach the russian farmers how to get more productive. War poverty starvation had destroyed their economy..


        That gives a basic history of the ymca portion..he took pictures of the people. I have wanted to visit there ever since.. to go where he had been. Meet the people rich in heritage ..I had asked people with embassy duty to take picture then th old them to forget paranoid as the world is i was afraid the assumption would be that there was some sort of espionage rather than some old man that has never taken a vacation that would love to see the culture and the wonderful gothic done on their ethnic cuisine..
        So I will continue to see the wonders of the world through the eyes of national geographic magazine..and books..
        Another goal was to get a stick off a tree from every country along with a photo of the people getting it next to the tree.. I make pens and pencils and thought a.pen or pencil from trees that people.seen would be great..

      • I said fred.. It wasn’t fred it was L.R. Hiatt his diary about how he was evacuated from siberia..

    • Looking: a little more help, please. I am good at book searches as I used to work in a library, but I can find nothing like what you describe. Lester Richard Hiatt (1931–14 February 2008), aka “Les Hiatt”, was a scholar of Australian Aboriginal societies, and seems to be born too late to have been in Russia during Bolshevik army power. Any more hints?

  2. Trump’s EO will certainly slow residential evictions from properties bought with govt insurance backing. This will tend to protect those with the least resources. Whether or not the EO will stem the onslaught of business evictions, or residential evictions on property bought with commercial paper or unconventional financing remains to be seen.

    • @n_____

      I guess that means …you are OK with paying OTHER peoples bills…why not auto loans , electric….and FOOD while we are at it……as many KNOW he Government does NOT HAVE ANY MONEY….they must TAX to get it..or just ‘print’ it…which STICKS the TAX payer with the BILL…later….class warfare taken to a different level..

      makes one not want to pay aby bills..especially TAXES….

      • Nope. You may want to find something to bite down on (tongue depressors and bullets are traditional), ’cause I can tell you are about to experience some genuine discomfort in the next four months.

        We will all be subsidizing insane sh_t in order to hold the lid on long enough for the national elections to happen, like it or not. After that, all bets are off. If you are in debt, I would suggest you have your cash plan b ready to go on 10 seconds notice. If you aren’t in debt, then grab your ankles and bite hard, because no amount of jaw-boning is going to stop the bipartisan looting that is coming. The haves, the have-nots, and everything in between are coming for your stuff. The state-sanctioned wolves are already at my back gate.

        A long time ago a very wise man who long suffered from severe chronic pain counseled me that if you wake up hurting, then you are still alive. That will be a lesson for this season as well.

  3. Regardless of the stats, I’m glad to have Psychocartography in my Kindle library! I admit to taking to this direction slowly in my life since I don’t have a life partner yet and am rather overcommitted to that cause. I consider it to be the most important aspect of life itself. Running a lifestyle alone is incredibly busy with less than ideal results!

    My own dream life is very limited, with occasional memories of dream subjects such as airplanes or sex. That’s about it. Nothing detailed or visionary at all. Obviously, some nutrients can help, but they can easily be overdone in my case. Very wet or humid weather seems to increase the amount of recalled dreaming, FWIW.

  4. Your patient-doctor discussion notes immediately made me think of the fictional worlds of A Wrinkle in Time story, somewhat in the fear, fighting, and death. As for your least read book, Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream, it also reminds me of another book (fictional, of course) that was highly sought after, yet none but the original remained; The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (Good Omens). When she wrote it, no one read it or wanted it either… Till it was noticed she was right.

    Lol, you might be onto some good insight there in those dreams, G.

  5. In 82 yrs. there has been only one worthwhile dream.The dream was about my taking care of a tiny baby all night long. Guess it was the body trying to say: “Wake up brain, there is something important going on.” When I woke, I realized I was six weeks pregnant after years of trying.

    But my awake realm is totally and incredibly a very different lifestyle. Makes for an interesting life even if rather weird. I am a psychic: info either floats into my thoughts or I am told by a spirit. No longer believe in death because of the number of deceased people that have contacted me. For instance, my deceased husband complained that they were messing with his grave. Upon visiting the cemetery I find his flowers and headstone had been moved and a trench was dug between his grave and the next. A sprinkling system was being installed.

    I believe these gifts have been given to me so I can help people; thus, I have saved other lives. I have so many stories. Wish I could write as fast as George.

  6. Well I didn’t buy the Kindle version. I got the paper hardcopy of ‘Psychocartography’. Is that even LESS popular?

  7. Dreams! Great topic! H. G. Wells epic novel, “The Time Machine,” describes the protagonist feeling as if he was in a vivid dream as the centuries passed before him. Wells’ story could have been based upon his own fearful dreams regarding the potential fate of humanity. But can one actually time travel in their dreams?

    “Buddhism . . . considers our dream state even more important than our waking state because we are not bound by physical reality while we are dreaming, yet we are still conscious on some level. Buddhists have been teaching students how to become more aware while dreaming for centuries and claim that the dreamer can eventually begin to travel through space and time.”

    Put another way, experienced time is but one manifestation of our conscious reality, with the brain editing our perceptions toward a certain outcome while we are awake. When we dream, the material cage of our day-to-day reality is opened and our consciousness is free to roam a quantum reality where all outcomes exist at once. Dreams help us change our temporal travel plans and move in new, often unexpected directions upon waking based upon the insights gained while dreaming. The path traveled through time is our choice.

    • Thanks for that link, Warhammer. That’s a very interesting site. Last time I had a whopper of a lucid dream I was running and actually fell out of bed over on this side. My knee just healed up from where I scuffed it.

  8. “I’m now haunted by a singular question: On which side of dreams do we really awaken on?”
    We simply move from one dream state into another during our days into our nights. Both states (waking state and dream state) are dreams. Waking Life as we know it is a shared dream state we collectively dream and “participate” in creating. As for awakening, what does “awakening” even mean when everything is a dream? Why would we even need to awaken at all? We do need to awaken from our foolish petty natures, but as for awakening from the dream? We don’t know if this is even possible or desirable. What we know for sure is we all need to make our Dream(s) the best experience we can make it.
    Quantum physics has pretty much proven that “nothing is real”. That is, all of our known world is simply appearances and interpretations we lay upon energy fields. Sub-atomic particles are not “things” but “fields” (of energy). We are swimming in fields of energy that we place meanings upon. And that’s pretty damn exciting, dream or no dream.

  9. On dreams, had one last night and was at work and was walking through the building where hundreds of people were in lines wearing face masks. I assume they were getting covid tests . Went out into the parking lot and there were hundreds of people standing around looking up at the sky. I turned to the sky and looked up and saw multiple incoming meteors all on fire. Looked to the people in the parking lot and they all started taking off their masks as in ,well were not gonna be needing these any more. I starting running to my car and then I woke up. Hope it was just the eight beers last night and not something psychic..

  10. dreams ? no way .. this is a slow nightmare .. another night, another week dead ahead of the descruction of civilization .. lies lies more lies .. perpetual lies ..

  11. Fascinating, George. Were the notes handwritten?

    Are you familiar with David Wilcock? Your dream aligned with material he presented in his most recent class with Dannion Brinkley. Regarding next phase for humanity.

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