Storm Tactics – A Critique

Some things we got right – a few things wrong.

What ate the key lessons from the second major storm series to hit Texas this year?  Some Surprising learnings.

First though, a look at some headlines – yeah, about Texas – and then into the ChartPack before we “Go outside and “play in the snow…”

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George Ure
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64 thoughts on “Storm Tactics – A Critique”

  1. I am in South Dakota and we have been asked to slow energy use, 2 parts of the state are doing rolling blackouts. Turns out we are part of the SW Power Pool. Who knew? I have always heard that Texas was its own power beast, mentioned as a good thing as it could take care of itself when others were having trouble, maybe in the EMP sense. When we loose power here it is usually from lines being down in a storm which we have not had. Always new ways to get an education on how the world is put together. And please don’t let Elaine stay still too long. She needs to move, at least in some conservative way.

  2. LOL my kids.. they make me laugh.. they were all worried about propane and gas etc.. I said how much trash is there.. silly ones.. the trash is carbon.. carbon is fuel.. plastic.. reprocess plastic its cheap and simple to do you then can get the fuel to run the car and the gas to run the stove… etc.. just like chicken droppings. turning into methane.. you reprocess the plastic back to oil.. and the biproduct is natural gas.. OH MY ever seen an oil well where they are burning off the gas.. hmm I wonder why.. simple easy and cheap.. but we don’t do simple easy .. its all about control and a business model.. if everyone realized they through out tomorrows gas for their cars they wouldn’t buy gas..
    I think that is maybe why they won’t let them sell the reprocessing home units in the USA… LOL.. easy to build though there really isn’t anything special about the process except if you decide to distill it into other products.. then you need the special crap..

    • I’ve been trying to get info on this plastic recycling tech. There’s a technique called Thermal Depolymerization, but the details are scarce. I’m not sure what these household units available overseas are, and I’d love to see one, along with an explanation of the internals and any catalysts or special methods. What kind of temperatures and pressures. What is the output and is it configurable? Have you actually done this? Thanks.

      • “There’s a technique called Thermal Depolymerization”

        As far as I know.. the only one in the United States is at the University of
        Washington state.. It is a fairly large expensive unit.. the small home units are about the size of a quick pot pressure cooker… the science behind it is pretty simple.. heat the plastic collect the oil and gas…. you can set up a simple one pretty easy for a quick science experiment to show your kids..or to play with yourself…. if you have a pressure cooker.. take off the port for the weight and put in a brass fitting to attach a copper pipe to.. this copper pipe goes into another container in a cold bath ( distilling cooling unit copper coil with water recycling or just a bucket with water in it to condense the oil gas) the intake goes to the bottom.. You can put water in the bottom below that so when the gas goes into the bubbler fashion it cools the fumes… then an output on top of the container this goes to a small pressure container.. an inner tube works just fine for an example.. with a tee nozzle on it.. when the tire inflates to about five pounds then you can switch the burner over to the gas in the inner tube… to produce a self sustaining system..the gas depending on what container you use this system would also work good with oil sands…. if you use a sun tea jug then hook the tap to a tube that goes above the water.. if you use a cooling jacket then just drain the fuel out of it.. pretty easy stuff..
        another one to try.. if the double bubbler.. back in 78 a texan drove a car across the USA on ten gallons of gas.. how did he do it.. he had jacket hooked on going through the exhaust into the gas tank where a bubbler fashion then burned the combination of exhaust and gas fumes.. simple design.. you can see this work by taking two bottles.. put a line to the bottom of one.. then an output line to the other jug.. that goes into it and down to the bottom.. then an output line going to a Bunsen burner or a camp stove… fill the first one half full of you can use fuel or alcohol etc.. and the second one half full of water coke pepsi water whatever you want.. then the input you use a small air pump with approximately ten pounds of pressure.. but not needed.. flashback check valves so you don’t get any flash back.. start the air pump.. it bubbles up the fuel.. then into the water to cool the fumes.( minor ultrasonics are beneficial but not needed for a science experiment). then out to the stove or whatever.. Ford Motor company had a system on this on some of the cars..
        Nazi germany used a mixture of alcohol water and hydrogen to fuel their planes and can still buy alcohol water injection systems they put them on race cars..all of these systems were built in the USA and there are patents on all of it…. but that is all ancient history.. hydrogen.. where people are making the mistake is they are making hydroxi very dangerous.. use some ultrasonics and frequency adjustment in a dry Hoffman cell and water splits quite simply.
        magnetic motors.. another simple design that people can’t wrap around the simplicity of it all.. I actually just got a letter from some guy that owns a tooling company that has been playing with it and can’t quite understand what he is doing wrong and someone told him he should ask this crazy old man.. I am still debating whether or not to give him my input on what I think he has done wrong…He needs to take a look at the humingbird motor.. congress chased the creator of the hummingbird motor out of the USA when he went to give away his units LOL they were building systems in austrailia for sale until they got shut down as well… you can make one simple enough to test and play with.. but you cannot market or sell one.. a gent I knew.. was playing with hydrogen and had it real close to having a marketable unit.. when two not very nice gents paid him a visit and destroyed his lab and took everything he had and suggested he never play with it or plan on selling one again.. HE quit where he was and stopped playing with it instantly….. the same thing with the plastic unit.. you can’t buy one in the USA.. for years you couldn’t buy or get a small per panel inverter to.. they weren’t allowed..
        Methane gas.. another simple thing to jump into and you can get a bio digester 2 fairly cheap.. two days and your enjoying gas..
        anyway there are so many ways to make energy.. it takes money and time to design a system for yourself.. solar is generally acceptable now.. and it is efficient.. you can boost the output.. I have done it using intensification .. which is why I suggest on my solar tower idea of putting an inverse trap between cells… and the tower designed as a thermal chimney to cool the panels.. but I am just a crazy old man with more ideas than money to play with..
        I had thought about roof vent wind turbines.. and thought about making one.. small five hundred watt generator.. put three or four of those on your roof.. and you have a pretty nice system.. but it would need to be assisted.. anyway.. build your plastic reclamation unit and enjoy.. it is a lot of fun.. just don’t do like I did and use your wifes canner.. LOL LOL.. I had to buy a different one and make up an excuse as to why hers wasn’t around anymore..

      • OH mike insulate the Pressure cooker…. with high heat you want to have it keep the heat in…

      • LOOB, thanks for all the good ideas! You have plenty of them, and there are some I’ve never heard of, though I do try to stay aware of novel tech. Usually they get reported after removing some critical element so as to not get replicated easily.

        I’ve copied these posts off so I won’t lose them and will see what’s possible in my “spare” time. Most don’t seem to cost much in money, but the time factor is the limiting one. Conventional wood is keeping me toasty for now, but adding a clean burning feedstock would certainly reduce the amount of wood running through the stove. Having cheap/free fuels for the more tolerant engines here would be really helpful too.

  3. Sorry to hear that things are so dicey down in your area! I do hope Elaine is as comfortable as possible. Batteries are always a challenge to keep in decent shape once you have more than a few, and diesels want to be warm too.

    I didn’t realize that you’re water situation was so challenged too. The weather here should peek above freezing in a couple of days, so hopefully it’s getting better in Texas too. I still think using PEX in the future is helpful against freezeups, and doesn’t require glue and primer – just fittings, crimp rings, tubing, and the right tools. None of them will go bad if you just keep them out of the sun.

    The woodstove is keeping this place toasty, but I’ll have to go out and deal with the snow today. For all its annoying regulations, NM has kept the lights on. We sometimes lose it in thunderstorms, but rarely otherwise. Everything is icy, but nowhere near as cold as last weekend.

    Stay safe and warm. If the situation requires it, you and your beloved can just nest with some spirits under a few blankets and quilts. Winter is temporary.

    • “From whom does ERCOT get its walking orders?

      Never mind. It gets them from SERC, which gets them from NERC, which gets them from FERC (not kidding!)”

  4. Dear Mr Ure,

    It has come our attention that you be besmirching our reputation regards power distribution- ERCOT.

    We would remind you of pre-set distribution agreements, put in place with the Bitcoin Mining Co-op/Austin,TX in 6/15/20

    Please be advised that we really do care about our rural customers, of which you are one.
    We also care about money, and making more money for ourselves and friends.

    Therefore- if you got no political juice ($$$) U will be getting very little electrical juice.

    In fact with BTC hitting $52,000 this AM, we will be diverting more power to the miners – so all you all living out in the rural boondocks – can get BENT.


  5. Dear George and Elain,
    As an RN who has gone through replacement surgery and a care taker of many other folks who have also had joint replacements I can assure you that the key to healing and recovery is MOTION. It hursts like hell but frquent use of the afflicted joint is the key to keeping scar tissue at bay, reducing stiffness, and promote a sense of wellbeing. I would duck under the covers whenever my husband would begin a “therapy” session but I love him to death for being persistent. One thing I used was a rocking chair. It promotes gentle passive motion in between the walking and standing. George, the last thing in the world any spouse wants is to hurt our beloved, but in this case insisting on her movement is imperative. Also, inbetween the motion the application of ice on the site it very helpful. Don’t give up Elaine. Many of us out here are pulling for you!

    • Yes… MOVE! Even after my colon resection surgery my surgeon was pestering me the next day to get out of bed and walk, and move around as much as tolerable and then some more. Push the limits a little bit every day and you will reap the rewards in recovery.

  6. “Inflation”

    Biden is proposing a $15,000 first-time home buyer tax credit in the 1.9T spending bill. The way it’s adding up is the “credit” could be available in form of down payment. (LOL).

    The inflation is when the 1.9T bill is signed and funded. After we’ll notice a suspicious “general rise in prices” of all houses by 15K. Some people will be happy and cheer.

    Why they are doing it can be debated.

    • A couple I know just bought their first house a few days ago. It’s probably a good deal after we get the systems working(fixer upper). I wonder if the “credit” will be available on their tax return next year.

      Inflation is too many dollars(or other currency) chasing too few goods. We’re certainly working on it. Inflation is good in the sense that it encourages utilization of “dark pools” of cash and increases the velocity of money. It’s not so great in that it encourages revolution and war.

  7. So sorry for what you and your fellow Texans are going through George. It is awful to say the least.

    Is it possible that Barack OBiden and his green energy wrecking crew will ever realize?

    The wind doesn’t always blow
    The sun doesn’t always shine
    Oil, natural gas and coal always burn

    • Green energy has zero to do with it. It’s only 7% of Texas power. The rest is natural gas, coal and nuclear. The thing is. The wind farms would be operable if they hadn’t bought the cheaper materials. Canadians have wind farms and so do the Dutch, Norwegians, Swedes where it is 100x colder more often than Texas. Texas had it right with wind energy and other sustainable energy offerings but screwed it up by not winterizing anything. Even California’s wind farms situated in the desert and mountain passes are winterized and we rarely get anywhere close to freezing in the winter.

      The reason Texas doesn’t have power was explained yesterday in my posts. Too many dumb asses on this web site. Time to move on.

      • Mark,

        I agree. To put a number on it, the asses on this site are 100x dumber than your ass. Myself included. Moving on is probably best.

      • This dumb ass thinks there should a slowdown on the adoption of renewables in favor of more natural gas buildout. Renewables weren’t the root cause of this problem but they are still an intermittent power source, which means they can’t ramp up operations at will. Natural gas and coal can.

      • So Markie, you must believe you are soooo wise about what’s wrong in Texas looking down from your CA lofty holy throne?

      • Sir Marky, Please enlighten my dumb ass, as I never have worked on the wind turbines. Which components did Texas cheapen up on compared to the wind turbines on the high plains of Colorado or northern Europe. Could the problem be icing of the blade during a snow storm? The blades, like an airplane wing don’t like ice and the turbine could have the added problem of ice affecting balance. An out of balance rotational force will break something
        Really, I would like to know. You see, I know I have ignorance, but like to learn. Please be precise, is it the lubrication fluids or electronic controls. What components are made of what cheapen materials and what are the better materials

        AND, if a storm hit the bay area like Texas just got,,,, you would have lost power also. Your Tesla power wall would be like a water tower, shut off the elec supply for the water pumps and the tower will run out of stuff and need a electron pump/water pump to fill it back up.
        Austin never expected a storm like this either
        All this discussion about green energy is really mute when one considers the major causes for loss of power to the customer is ,,,,wait for it

        down power lines/transformers/switch yards,,, seen more than one outage due to a wild turkey in a switch yard

      • “Could the problem be icing of the blade during a snow storm?”

        You know that’s an interesting thought Darrell… I’ve had small wind for years . But have never had an ice problem . Or sd suicidal birds..

    • “The sun doesn’t always shine”

      What was funny is a gent stopped by to see my solar system years ago during a rain storm..
      At the time the system was still generating almost 2kw per hour..
      Even panels that are shaded by trees are producing power just through the light that’s there.

  8. Yo George, sorry I got the locality wrong that storm. I think the Zero report has had 17 hits already. I gotta sort it all out. I need tune the noggin on locality. Everything is happening that was on the report so far just got the wrong locations. I don’t if it was me who got wrong locations or because I gave ya a free copy
    you got the storm instead of the east coast, or something else. Hmmmmm.

    I’m currently compiling a new report.. but first I need to address the old “Prophacy” as Ray deemed it, and over lapping issue zero, and add the overlapping layout of the next addition, #1.

    Some localities are correct. And I been waiting until some stuff has taken place before eye did an assement of it all and see how the wording of the “Prophacy” and issue #0, complies in the hopper aka my brain and master mind group.

    Each should overlay and compile or build upon each other. Like in the “Prophacy” I had stated that Texas would suceed from the Union, Trump showed up to the Alamo, and now ya have giant storm of winter stuff, turning Texas into a relative “3 world country” all on its own. And see how that sorta reminds me in the unfolding abstract potential of “suceeding” from the Union.

    I am a man, and I struggle most with my cyphering the localities a and decerment of what it all represents. Because unfolding abstract potential is all super fast moving hirogliphs and those hirogliphs are all puns or metaphors.

    I’m using astrology or tea leaves or casting bones or runes any of those mechanisms. I just propell my mind in meditation using the the level faster than the speed of light to look back on events as they unfolded and it’s like trying to sift broth with a noodle strainer. To be honest.


    Don’t worry, I know when you die old dude. You and E still have time left on the books to live for a while. I know when alot of people die. I don’t tell anyone tho. Most don’t want to know and well it ain’t my place.

    Have a good day. I got shit to do. I’m back to writing….. So we will see. Try all that compiled and composed next day or so. And get the new report out next couple weeks.

    And no

    • My prediction, population of the USA in 2025, 100 million. I think Andy can see this too.

      Multiple causes, of which I can name at least 10.

      • “Cause” not important.

        What’s important is we are going to commit social suicide and nothing short of the Second Coming will stop what’s about to happen.

      • Hey Bruno, I give ya seven words to support your theory that United States is f*cked and we are all doomed!

        House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters

        That bitch ain’t qualified to run a fully automated jersey toll booth. Let’s put her in charge. FMTT!

  9. And some locations I did get right. So, its a ponder… I do best when I’m a relationship.. and I’m single again. I don’t know why that is. I’m just better tuned when I’m on the regular with woman next to me in bed every night.. Lol

      • Ya, patience. I aint very good at that. Somethings I’m really good at. Especially getting panties off a nun. But I’m not good at patience. When I want something, if I really want it I persue it to the gates of insanity to get it. Lol I’m tenacious as F.

        Hmmmmmmm. Stay warm. I shall wait a bit longer to give my assessment. Go be of service as best I can until then. Most of the time, if I’m out busy about Gods work, and not medeling with my own life stuff. God handles all that stuff. Everything works out peachy.

        But that doesn’t keep me from medeling.. ha ha ha. I’m not running the show. God is. I’m just doing my wee little part.

        You are the 4 person who told me to be patient today. Ugh. So usually that means The Creative Mind of Infinite Intelligence is telling me to be patient. Lol

        Stay warm old dude. Stay warm.

    • Andy, I would rather like to know who is this “dude” you call “God?” Do you indeed speak with him, and how could a low-brow like me gets to know this fabulous “dude” in my spirit?

      Btw. Expecting a new snowstorm tomorrow in NYC. The cirrus clouds tell me so ;-).

      • Well Mr. Choices. All ya gotta be is willing to be willing. I talk to him all the time. He doesn’t say much in the form of “words”. But The Dude, says bunches in situations, events, compounding synchronicity and serendipity and miracles and wierd little trinkets. Lol.

        I find the most peculiar things all the time. Example: I praying on south hill in Spokane last July. It was 80 degree morning and I was overlooking the valley. The breeze was blowing and a little tiny sticker of a yellow smiley face with heart eyes flew in the window and landed on my lap. Nobody was around. I looked. So I stuck it next to my speedometer on my car. Said thank you. 20 minutes a super super fine just gorgeous blonde itallian woman with a perfect body goes jogging by. I waved and smiled. She smiled and waved.

        Then I went and got my stuff and drove to California. About a month and a half later I left California and went back to spokane. I still had the sticker on my dash. I sat in my car and I prayed about going to Alaska to see my mom after her stroke and take care of her. I dodnt know if I was going to be there the whole winter or a few weeks. So I decided to go. My needed me and I needed to be a good Son and take care of her. I left my car in Spokane and went to Alaska and came back about month and a half later. I went back up to south hill to do my morning meditation, prayer, read my books and subliminal reprogramming of my subconscious mind rituals. I looked at the sticker the wind blew through the car and it flew off out the window. Again nobody around. Then about 20 minutes later that same girl, golden skin, absolutely stunning in her leggings and white sports bra with the pink pumas on it. Ran by. I waved and smiled she smiled and waved. A month later I saw her at a friend’s group thing and a couple weeks after that? I was at her house naked with her in her bed. She is the one I call “sweet honey girl”. We had really really really good 5 months together. I fell in love with her.

        Now we ain’t talking, I had to let her go. I moved back to seattle to be close to my kids and that is what I felt I needed to do. She was gonna move to, but she ain’t ready and well, I got a schedule to keep. We all do. Doesn’t mean she won’t be back in my life in the future. Alot of life is a “catch and release” program. Ya can’t take it with ya. You savor the moments ya get. First time I fell in love and wasn’t shit house in 4 years. I always fall in love when im hammered. Almost married a stripper once in a 24 hour Chappel after a 4 day bender. Hahahah

        Im sure she will be back. I appreciate all the time we already shared.

        See God talks all the time. All the time. In stuff like that. Little tiny sticker of a smiley with heart eyes floats into my car and lands on my lap. Nobody around. Then I see her. Never seen her before. Then 2 months later the sticker floats out the window, nobody around. Then she comes running up the hill wearing the same exact outfit she had on 2 months prior. I run off to Alaska to help my momma. Then I come back and 2 months later. Im at her house naked with her in her bed.

        THE DUDE aka God. Is always talking. Most people just don’t listen. Found a fortune on the ground from a fortune cookie the other day and it said, “Pristine Beaches and Palm Trees becken you to come visit.” Found a little blond Russian doll (like them Russian dolls that ya open and smaller ones in, this is the smallest one that doesn’t open up. ) in the bathroom of gas station on the sink, and I found few other items recently. Its always some sorta metaphors. Lol

        All ya gotta do is be willing to be willing and say show me you. That is all did. And we have the most amazing relationship and dialog that is always present. The Infinite Creator loves to play with his children. He does me.

        Hope that makes sense.

      • I will tell ya what Mr Choices. I have experienced and participated in more miracles that I can remember. The little yellow smiley face with heart eyes is just one of them. This happens in my life on the daily. Lol

        Most people live there entire lives by a time stamp on a punch card, the dollar amount on a bank statement and the TV Guide. I stopped doing that shit a long long time ago. Lol

        Prayer and meditation is my favorite part of the day and im always excited to see what God has in the day for suprizes. Im clairvoyant as F. And yet, no matter how clairvoyant I am. The Creative Force of the Spirit of the Universe never fails to suprise me. Sometimes I see it coming. And sometimes I’m jaw open awee struck saying WOW! DUDE!

        THE DUDE, He knows the shit I dont. Facts yo!

        Cue: ~ 10 seconds to Love. ~
        Motley Crue.
        (I met Nikki Sixx a couple times. Really cool cat. )

        Clique 116!


      • It did indeed snow — and I’ve learned to understand Andy ;-) during the process. Thank you and I won’t inquire further about this issue called “GOD.”

        Blessings, love, and health to all of you!

  10. Wow.. just watched a news broadcast… So is congress getting ready to hand out reparations for the descendants of those that were slaves????
    BEFORE the next stimulus???
    Phew …I think it’s quite possible that we will see million dollar leaves of bread if they do that..

    • “……… is congress getting ready to hand out reparations for the descendants of those that were slaves????”

      Anything to generate more division a.k.a. racism.

    • The view from Ecuador, where I can see a view of the USA totally invisible to those immersed in the culture, is that this government is doing/going to do everything to foment a civil war in the USA. Not quite the time yet, but when all that back rent comes due (40 million Americans) and the food shortages hit and food prices head for the 30% increase predicted for 2021, (if there is food) the government is going to need a diversion.

      Pray they don’t need a big diversion, because if they do they will start a world war. China Joe and company, already under Chinese control, has been doing everything to antagonize Russia. Problem is, Putin has stated that if attacked, Russia will go all in with nukes on day one. Russia has shelters and enough land mass to survive this. But not a large enough army to fight a land war.

      One Russian sub, 200 miles off the east coast can glass an area the size of Texas. Time from launch to target is 15 minutes. The USA has no defense for this.

      • mutually assured destruction – its whats for dinner, every single day of the week. except the pleadians/andromadains and assorted other “council” members will never stand for it…again.

      • “One Russian sub, 200 miles off the east coast can glass an area the size of Texas. Time from launch to target is 15 minutes. The USA has no defense for this.”

        Glad you brought this up — since few people seem to pay attention to it, while they loosely talk about war, JMHO ;-((

      • EE, some of us see. It does no good for us to comment to anyone because we’ve gone from “being ignored” to “being cancelled,” and in both cases, are ignored as eccentric or looney.

        Russia (actually including the core nations of the USSR) have roughly 20% more stocked & fully-provisioned long-term nuke shelters than they have, population.

        China has the same, for roughly 300mln of its people.

        ‘Know how much we have…?

        Enough for about 360,000 mostly politicians and their ass-kissers, plus an unknown number of military, plus the support personnel needed to maintain a bunch of DUMBs, scattered all over CONUS and interconnected via a hypersonic subway system.

    • I’m hearing the same stories from coworkers. And most blame everyone except the one most responsible party – self.

  11. Yeah everybody buy yellow dog that will fix everything. Listening to economics professors on 321 sewer and sheetco. They are hungry to get you on the hook . Buy it rub it and presto all is fixed

  12. Vax facts here in this neck of the woods in Canada is hurry up and wait for vaccine re-supply from foreign realms. Now the province has announced that it is assembling the last current remaining onhand drops of the elixir. They will be administered to residents over the age of 95 years starting next week, but clinics are not ready to take appointments yet. Comrades, bureaucracy is entering a higher state of nirvana.

    By the way, fuel at the pump here jumped up 10% overnight. April Fool’s Day will see a planned increase in federal carbon tax that will have us sitting at a rate equivalent somewhere around $40 per ton of carbon over and above all the other government gasoline taxes. And of course there’s the provincial tax on top of that.

    And while I’m at it…the gasoline pumps here are calibrated to 15 degrees Celsius which is the average annual temperature of virtually nowhere in Canada. So not only is the tax going higher, but when I filled up with 91 octane last weekend at -25 Celsius, I was only getting around 95% of the fuel that I paid 100% for.

    Ok. That’s it. 95 is the number for the day.

  13. Comms are back online at the house. Loss of comms for 2.5 days was totally unexpected. We still have three more nights (counting tonight) of rather frigid weather coming, and several additional days of cool temps, so there is still plenty of chances for more surprises.
    Electricity and water are still on. The woodstove has not been needed as of yet.

    The score card for this Texas infrastructure stress test looks rather dismal. That more severe electric stress test that I think Ray fears most would most certainly be catastrophic. If generation facilities aren’t doing basic freeze protection, then are they likely to have an inkling of EMP mitigation? MbM (Management by Morons). The same goes for communications, energy and sanitation infrastructure.

    I will need to reassess all priorities and planning. I have no one to blame but myself for failures in personal planning, logistics and execution.

    Changes which need immediate action:
    1. Chainsaw maintenance.
    2. Storing and rotating back-up gasoline in gasketed steel enclosure(s).
    3. Boot selection and maintenance.

    I can see that less analysis and more action is going to be needed this year.

    • What I don’t understand is… Why.. with a little cold weather…

      A furnace fan burns on average 600 watts of juice.. an average air conditioning system burns from 6 – 20 kw per hour.. anyone that’s ever visited texas or any other SW states can tell you you will die without an air conditioning system.. it’s hot and its muggy and miserable..
      Obviously theres more juice required in summer than winter..

      • Baseboard electric might heat a house with an expenditure of 20Kw resistive. This would be a constant load if the house was built for a subtropical climate and exposed to zero degrees. At 60 degrees, such an inefficient system could be justified since it’s used rarely. Now multiply that 20Kw x (many houses in the warmer parts of Texas) and the grid is overloaded. Of course, many people are living in much larger houses, most of which are open plan.

      • “Baseboard electric might heat a house with an expenditure of 20Kw resistive.”

        Shoot Mike great answer…. I never once even considered people would still be using those things.. especially with prices the way they are today.. but it does make sense.. if you live in an area where you rarely would use a furnace or space heater that would be a cheap option to put in… good answer..

    • Don’t assign “blame,” assign “fault” — then fix it.

      I suggest Power Research gas and diesel preservatives, and real gasoline.
      Winter diesel is blended WRT the “coldest temperature a region is historically-likely to see” and ours (at least) is gradually blended so November diesel contains less kero and anti-gel than January diesel. The refiners do this because the winter additives sock the hell out of the fuel’s potential energy, and therefore, fuel economy.

      I have two barrels of PRI-D treated -40 winter diesel socked away. It’s about 22% down on energy from summer diesel, but it’ll burn at any time without issue, and it won’t jel.

      For chainsaw maintenance, I will grab an electric “stealth” chainsaw, now that the tech has matured — suggest you do the same. If’fn you’re just cleaning up a blowdown, you don’t need a gas saw. 20mins of cutting will get the power lines clear, and that’s all any of us do when it’s cold, unless we need the wood immediately. We in da frozen Nort’ are not immune to the cold. Neither are we “used to it.” What we are, is “able to manage” it via a thousand little tricks we learn along the way, which can’t be taught or learned in any school.

      For boots, I recommend quality and American, lace-up, velcro, or the lace/zipper hybrid like some fire departments are going to — NEVER a slip-on like modified cowboy boots. (Watch cobblers like LL Bean, Wolverine, Carolina, etc. because they have both an amazing American and a sucky overseas line. Most foreign leather is junk, or synthetic.) Winter boots need to fit tight so snow can’t invade. I’d not get boots rated for lower than -5 degrees. The ones I’m wearing today are rated for -25 and it’s above zero right now, so my feet are going to get really cold if I don’t kick them off soon. Your feet readily sweat. When your feet get moist in insulated boots, they get really, really cold. Despite the semi-permeability of Gore-Tex (et. al.), it will get moist, and insulation works both ways…

      Nylon boots are virtually no-maintenance, but won’t last if you’re doing hard-floor or maintenance work in ’em. Most prefer removable (felt) liners (like Red-Wing uses.) I personally prefer permanent sheepskin or sheep-shearling liners in lightweight boots, because the boots are machine washable. I also wear my work boots when I know I’m going to abuse my footwear.

  14. Everybody loves big salty moriarty . Drinking talking tough wants to destroy USSA and usd . What a guy .

  15. Where is FEMA helping in Texas??

    The libtards would be going CRAZY if Bush or Trump were in office and no FEMA!!!

  16. Hey George,
    I was wondering how long your battery back-ups and generators were going to carry you. We’ve been down, solid, since Sunday. Got power back last night but stayed in town again anyway just to make sure. The little town we’re in has negative pressure on the water pipes still but we’re supposed to have that back today some time. I’ll believe it when we see it. The only thing that has not gone down throughout this whole ordeal has been the gas so I’m thinking something along the lines of a Generac whole house generator. I think they can be swapped from utility line LP gas to Propane but will have to investigate further. I’m NOT going to do THIS again – ERCOT be damned!

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