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Ground stop on the nation’s air traffic this week triggered some mighty odd memories this week.  From a previous incarnation when – at age 19 – I was one of the Cold War’s remote site “whiz kids” with an “O-something” equivalency. Operations matter. SitReps (situation reports) also matter.  However transient their data.

Ah, the Cold War.  Lived in  a BOQ and to drink a good scotch, it took only a checkmark on the “honor bar” tab in the O club to pour some very good 12-year-old.

“Operation Snowtime” happened back then, though the name was common and I won’t tell you which one.

But there is a pressure – and it marks you for life if you’ve ever been affiliated with DoD ops.  BS leaves and it’s almost too real.

The penalties for non-performance were financial and severe.  A five-minute comms outage (after a 5-minute grace period)  could quickly turn into a six-figure issue…

This is not to claim specific knowledge of anything since 1969, or so.  But the pressure and the impacts (not to mention the risks)..those were real.  It was childhood’s end. Bell’s palsy from stress, too.

Which is, perhaps, why ever since, I have looked at the world differently than most.  More as a chess player than citizen, though I’ve only played one Grand Master.

My consigliere plays SitRep daily, too.  His motivation (aside from tax attorney/CPA) is a family steeped in years of government service to country at Foggy Bottom.

Since this is a 3-day weekend for markets, we’ll take a little different tack in this weekend’s report.  Rather than a “bullet point” approach, I’ll frame you up a whole worldview so as to see where the “data bubble” of events is drifting.  Then leave it for you to imagine what can be done to change a damn thing by what Darby O’Gill called the Little People.

Yes, the ChartPack is a part of it, too.  Bean up.  It’s time.

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60 thoughts on “SitRep Jitters”

  1. (To loosely translate:)
    We contend not against people, but against dark Powers and Principalities.

    It all appears quite insuperable. Just Too Much. Too wonderfully complex, too comprehensively complete — covering all the moving parts and their permutations.

    It’s a “Snug Puzzle.” Only a question of in what order the dominoes topple.

    I have always thought the “Wheels Could Come Off The World” completely in a about a week — or maybe a bit less.

    I may be that that impression is about to be Tested. Sure feels that way.

    Good Luck!
    7.299 by day: 3.999 by night.
    We may BE the remnant…

    (My chips are on Israel “going first.”)

    11.175 and 13.927 — unimportant “services” of no strategic or tactical significance; but everything else is highly encrypted, so they’re about all that’s visible. The talent of reading between the lines, and reasonably inferring gives one some tiny indication of Tempo.

    Don’t ever forget. “AF is Midway,” was a vitally important clue, and was also apparently unimportant. Carelessness, convenience, and stupidity are always at work

  2. Comrade Georgei,

    Mushrooms schushrooms. Natasha says Ure all wet regards Nukes. Very old, ancient dirty tech.
    Your intelligence (not IQ)is lacking, and if not tightened up you could be in for a shellacking(read zapping). Why even ole Nosty Prognosty warns about “carbuncles”. Iran and Ruskies have been all over Keshe physics for years – think torsion weapons. Remember USS ??? going dead in water – many such incidences during nato exercises. have not seen a wink of that tech so far in the cia police action that is cocraine.

    * “Nukes are for show, “Energetics for Dough”

    ? how do you protect/defend Personnel against “sparkilies”& energetics ? really “cool” sunglasses might help some, maybe tinfoil hats help some..either I dont know shit (most likely), or someone needs to review the most recent annual UAP report from office of national intelligence.

    “Natasha we must stop the dragons/kingu and the flying silver disks”

  3. Nukes.

    We’re being softened by terminology. We now hear ‘mini-nuke’ and ‘low-yield nuke’. 1940’s Japan was hit with a mini compared to today’s powerful bombs.

    A ‘mini shotgun blast’ is a 2 1/2″ shell Vs 3/1/2″.
    A ‘low-yield’ .357 is using .38 caliber.
    9mm shotshell Vs polymer tips.

    • I’m wondering if this is why Andy has been told to get out of Dodge…
      Are we going to have another 911 event?

      • That crossed my mind, too JC. But Andy would have mentioned it – and he’s a psychically sensitive person and nothing on his radar he has mentioned.
        The key thing (and maybe for more than Andy) is that we are coming up on some interesting times and there is a spiritual war going on lightness vs darkness. So may be in that part of the quadchart, too.

        • George,

          What I find disturbing is what I wrote in 2019 about one possible interpretation being the death of Pope Benedict XVI in conjunction with a comet and war.

          And we have all those ingredients today including the approaching Greek and Turkish war; and next would be the “April-March default in the metals market.”

          In the books, I believed that to be the paper metals market… leading to some mid-May event in Los Angeles, either earthquake or Chinese/North Korean nuke.

          What I find striking is that Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) will be closest to Earth on February 2nd. We seem to be in that window where something big is brewing.

          At this point, I wonder if Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) will surprise us with something unexpected.

          In all of my books “that Comet” was supposed to be a couple chapters away. Regardless, your column today defines where we are at the moment.

        • Plasma Physicist James McCanney showed how comets electrically attract interplanetary carbon and hydrogen plasma when ‘space’ was thought to be electrically neutral. If Earth enters the plasma tail of that comet, be ready for fire and brimstone coming from the sky. The ancient texts of the Kolbrin document this happening before when ‘the destroyer’ comes in the heavens.

    • From G’s linked cnbc article:

      “A default forced by extreme MAGA Republicans could plunge the country into a deep recession and lead to even higher costs for America’s working families on everything from mortgages and car loans to credit card interest rates,” the leaders said in their statement.

      Duh Homer I thought the MAGAers were the good guys and all Dems were the bad guys, ya know like Wyatt Earp was all over the Clantons…

  4. Did you ever watch a duck gliding smoothly across a calm lake and not see that it was peddling like hell under the water? Occasionally the duck would make a sharp turn or suddenly jump into the air and fly away. Regardless, you were only aware of what was happening above the water and that was the basis for your happy mood.

    Then one day you were taken below the water and could see the duck peddling like hell and you got an awakening. Life was calm above the water but not below. You decided to go back above the water where it was calm and serene and ignore what was happening below.

    The next day you decided to go back below the water and see why the duck was peddling so fast. Off in the distance you see a school of piranha fish with their teeth honed for attack. Even further away, you see a large alligator cruising toward toward the duck. You decide to go back above the water where it is calm and serene.

    Most people today live their life above the water. They know the duck is swimming faster and zig zagging more and that something is definitely wrong but they carry on with their life like the lake will remain calm. They even ignore the gathering dark clouds above the calm lake and break out the canoe and paddles.

    A few of us have looked under the water and see what is coming. We come to this site daily and do a deep dive. It harder and harder to have a conversation with the many that continue their lives on the calm lake.

    • AMEN…….. wait make that a really really big ….. AMEN

      “Most people today live their life above the water. They know the duck is swimming faster and zig zagging more and that something is definitely wrong but they carry on with their life like the lake will remain calm. They even ignore the gathering dark clouds above the calm lake and break out the canoe and paddles.”

      I had a friend.. that always felt as if everyone had it so much better than himself.. I tried to tell him..NO.. their lives are no better than yours or mine.. the difference is the public mask they wear.. calm on the surface and running in six different directions below the surface..
      Once a person see’s it though.. they realize that and it becomes obvious..
      there was a tornado flying overhead.. I was working maintenance at a facility..I walked out the door to get a glimpse.. it was a nasty twister flying my way it was massive.. the door had locked behind me.. so I walked calmly around the building all the while thinking what could possibly happen..
      the one song I totally believe says it all.. give me your eyes.. the chance to show .. god bless everyone on this journey we call life..

      for a moment.. can you imagine where this world would be.. if everyone decided to follow the path of christ.. two messages.. love the lord and love your fellow man.. what a world we would have.. or live the DAO.. or by the other philosophers .. Plato, Confucius,Dong Zhongshu,Gaozi,Mencius,Wang Fu, ghandi , Immanuel Kant,Aristotle,

      “If barbarism persists, then philosophy must protest. If the sword is relentless, then civilization must denounce it.

      – Victor Hugo,”

      this is a good book.. can get it in download from the college in Alberta.. great book worth the read..

  5. If Taiwan sees that China will succeed in it’s invasion and take control of the Island., will the Taiwan government [ or a pissed-off general ] blow the existing chip plants? Denying China, it’s prize? The repercussions for such an act ?
    With all eyes on China invading Taiwan., would that be the signal for NorK to move on the South? We can not supply and defend both Taiwan and South Korea. ., and the loss of both of those countries virtually shuts-down the high-end chip manufacturing.

    • “If Taiwan sees that China will succeed in it’s invasion and take control of the Island.,”

      Hmm.. they would have to be the stupidest people on the planet to not see it.. china is fifty miles from the island.. china has an army big enough they could walk across the island in what.. a day or two..
      the death destruction the misery the loss of infrastructure.. and the horror of war..destruction of industry
      It is also obvious that the USA may say yea you betcha we will be there with bells on.. but in reality we are bogged down in what a couple hundred countries and now pushing hard for the industries that they have in Ukraine.. bankrupting the country as we push this war..
      IF.. I was taiwan’s leader.. I would show respect to Xi and the chinese and make an agreement similar to that of Hong Kong.. no one dies.. everyone is life moving at the same pace.. the One China…
      the whole issue is which one gets all the banana’s.. its always about the business model..

      • Loob,
        That “may” be what behind the scenes most of those on Taiwan WANT … but the US Neocons would have no problem sacrificing 10 million lives and the infrastructure on Taiwan if they could weaken, NOT destroy, just a little bit of China’s rising military power … maybe even give them the excuse to take it nuclear! (which is probably coming anyway)

        I remain of the opinion I have now expressed several times that China will most likely move on Taiwan in May, during the twice a year weather window.

        Taiwan … 100 miles from China. 6,450 miles from the US mainland.
        (730 miles to Guam, US Territory)
        (390 miles from Okinawa, part of Japan – would need to get concurrence of Japan to use as a military base for supporting Taiwan and if used would bring China into direct conflict with Japan)

        • Sadly I agree..
          “but the US Neocons would have no problem sacrificing 10 million lives and the infrastructure on Taiwan ”
          But .. I am not sure if it is just the US Neocons.. our politicians are being influenced by those outside the USA to do their bidding buying the votes needed to keep their decrepit business models moving.. someone asked me the other day.. where some of them lived.. I said just circle the countries that are not in the middle of it all.. they don’t want all the misery at home.. better to have it at someone elses home putting their lives on the line..
          like the drug cartels how much did they spend on lobbyists last year.. I had read once the amount they were paying to keep congress in their court.. it was an amazing amount paid to legislators.. why legalize when they can buy a vote to keep their business model in tact.. it was the same during the prohibition .. legalizing cannabis would pull the rug out from under the illegal business model..In ukraine.. we are depleting our reserves, bankrupting the american economy just to keep their questionable corruption business models in place..
          I hate to see a few people manipulate people to die, have their homes destroyed, businesses destroyed and their infrastructure all destroyed.. them having nightmares for decades on the horror’s of war and the destruction of their financial systems all just for the greed of a few people..
          You would think that ten million people would have some say so in whether or not they are to die just for Big buck Billy’s pocket book, and pay for it with their hard earned money their lives and their lands thier businesses..

        • the FLIP concept to sonsider.. to that is .. what IF… china .. realizes that they are being positioned and manipulated to attack the PAWN.. Just so the Neocons can weaken their military…
          Instead of going after the PAWN.. go after the manipulators of the whole scenario instead taking on and diverting the operation in an area they don’t want to have. With the manipulators busy in different parts of the planet they would be weakened to defend their own lands… would leave the people in Taiwan the opportunity to decide for themselves and if china’s military power is to be weakened.. it would be weakened in the main battle with those manipulating the scenario.. that is why no one goes after Kim in NK.. he comes right our and says that is what he would do…… NOW.. thinking about that.. there are a few pagan holidays coming up.. will they all gather at those big celebrations.. Now consider.. I don’t think Xi is stupid.. or Putin.. they are very smart cagy men.. and since there was supposedly a great deal of money being paid to a certain family.. that has them letting illegals pass our borders from countries that said that would be exactly how they would enter the US to fight us from within.. and over five years ago adopted the shipping container remote battles units.. we sold out our ports and destroyed our own industrial complex for a few silver coins.. could this be just what they were preparing for..
          our industry depends on china.. and russia.. we won’t know until it happens but.. it is interesting.. I know if a bully was trying to get me to attack another country to weaken me.. what I would do..

        • “but the US Neocons would have no problem sacrificing 10 million lives and the infrastructure on Taiwan if they could weaken, NOT destroy, just a little bit of China’s rising military power”

          But the rest of the US Leftists would have no problem sacrificing 100 million lives and the infrastructure on Taiwan if they could partner with China’s rising political power…

  6. The catastrophic collapse of the Three Gorges Dam would forever change China and would remove it from the chessboard of world powers. The massive destruction of its agricultural regions, airports, shipping ports, rail lines and highways would be unrecoverable. 100 million dead is the low number of casualties. I have seen 300 million mentioned a couple of times.
    I strongly believe that if the Three Gorges Dam is breached / destroyed China will launch against the U.S. in a massive nuclear attack. The U.S. is now “unrecoverable”.

  7. Break through weapons “may” be sitting in the closet in some dark corner waiting until the middle of the night to be brought out.

    Personally I am of the opinion that the US has developed a machine that corresponds to the crazy stuff reported about many UFO’s. If so the question then becomes have also developed new weaponry to go along with that advanced machine? AND if we have them … where do we keep them?

    The Russians have long been interested in the UFO dynamic and have reportedly (but not verifiably) retrieved some damaged or wrecked crafts. “IF” those reports are accurate, and there is reason to believe that they have recovered “something” but what it is is unknown, have they been able to develop new UFO type machines or new types of weaponry from their research work on those items?

    The Chinese are known for pushing the edge of new types of weapons development but there is no indication so far that they may have the benefit of having recovered anything … or been able to steal the information that the US and Russia may have on new types of weaponry if they exist.

    I guess we will never know about any stuff that is hidden in the closet until someone feels there is a reason to take it out of the closet, at which time we may learn about it just as it is about to eliminate our personal basket of bones and flesh from existence. Until then the terror weapons of reality ARE the high powered atomic weapons coupled to good delivery systems. PLENTY of those around, that is for sure.

    OH … and I am of the personal opinion that right now the Russian /Ukraine War is in the equivalent of the FALSE WAR that existed between Germany and France /etc from Sept 1939 to May 1940. Remember when that War went HOT on May 10, 1940 it only took until May 17th until the British were scrambling trying to evacuate Dunkirk … ie: a little over two weeks.

    When the current War breaks out into a major conflict two weeks seems about right to me as to the length of time until somebody claims or believes that they have WON!! but in that two week period many many millions of people, mostly civilians, will likely die. Our current military leaders on both sides look back on Dresden, Tokyo, Yokohama, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and see that MASS DESTRUCTION WORKS when it comes to modern warfare!! thus that is the direction they WILL GO!

  8. “The Chinese are known for pushing the edge of new types of weapons development but there is no indication so far that they may have the benefit of having recovered anything … or been able to steal the information that the US and Russia may have on new types of weaponry if they exist.”

    If we have recovered alien craft and/or developed new weapons based on the technology, the Clintons, Obama or the Bidens have already sold it to the Chinese, Norks or anyone else with the money to spend for such things.

    • it’s fun to play make believe. how about a real game based on truth and facts?

      let’s add one more to your list, trump, and play multiple choice. out of the clintons, obama, bidens and trumps which one:
      *has actual chinese bank accounts in china?
      *owns intellectual property in china?
      *pays more taxes in china than the US with those taxes actually going to support the chicomm government?
      *pursued business in china?
      *sold lots of properties to the chinese?
      *actually earns income in china?

      if you guessed trump you’d be right. next up, do you want to play who actually has convictions for fraud?

      • You miss a key point about Trump and bank accounts in China.

        He was honest enough to report them. Oh, and he has business interests there.

        The others? Liars and crooks on close inspection.

      • And what has any of that to do with providing the Chinese with the technology which lifted the PLA from a backward 1950s-era military to a modern top shelf military, between the time Mr. Clinton took office and the time he left office?

        Instead of demonstrating your TDS by badmouthing Trump for being honest, perhaps you should grow up a little and find out why “olfart” made the comment he made…

  9. One of my sisters has passed on . Was on top of cancer for years then had multiple shots of rat juice . Passed within 6 months from first juice . First cat now sister .


    I think I’ve given this recipe before..

    1 teaspoon gelatin (2 packets works to for a firmer loaf)
    1 tablespoon water
    1 lb. cheddar cheese or 1 lb of Colby swiss..
    1/4 teaspoon paprika
    2 tablespoons dry milk powder ( or 1/4 cup of cream)
    1 cup milk
    Prepare gelatin by sprinkling gelatin over water in a small dish. The gelatin will set up in a couple of minutes. Grate 12 ounces Colby cheese. In either a heavy-duty mixer or food processor add the grated Colby cheese, grated Parmesan cheese, paprika, and dry milk powder.

    Heat 1 cup of milk until just below a scald add gelatin to milk and whisk gelatin in until it has dissolved completely. Pour warm milk into either a heavy-duty mixer or food processor. Process cheese until smooth. Line a small loaf pan with plastic wrap. Pour cheese into loaf pan. Cover the top with plastic wrap. Place cheese in the refrigerator and allow to gel. It will take about 3 hours for the cheese to set up.
    This makes 1 one pound loaf of cheese.

    Alternate recipe..

    ¼ ounce packet unflavored gelatin
    6 Tablespoons dry milk powder
    1 cup boiling water
    16 ounces mild cheddar cheese, shredded

    I have not tried it..but believe you can use cheese powder to make a cheese loaf..or alternate cheese like swiss loaf.. etc.

  11. Thanks george . Yes the girl passed on Friday 13th . First person I’ve known passed on Black Friday. That was real bad luck

  12. I find it odd that I cannot walk out of a business without paying for it, because alarms alert security but, shitloads of classified documents can be scooped up and whisked away and no one notices.

    Every espionage movie I’ve ever watched, top secret papers were photographed by spies instead of taking them literally … because SOMEONE WOULD NOTICE AND ALARMS WOULD SOUND. – Now I feel stupid for sitting through those movies and getting all dramatized. Damn, what a letdown.

    No wonder Looters get by with so much looting. Should be a crime from top to bottom, whether looting occurs at Target or a Government building. I’d say, a classified document should hold a higher penalty than a frickin pair of tennis shoes.

    So, who watches over our classified material ?? Nobody !! What’s the meaning of National Security, these days ?? NOTHING !!

    I’ve notice the education system on the Left wants to allow for wrong answers. Incorrectness. – Why? So the higher ups in government will be allowed to be wrong? What a fucking mind game !!

    Some people see the absolute seriousness of how things have and haven’t been handled. And others are still playing Trump vs Biden, because that’s as far as their intellect will take them. While other folks are wondering what all this (might be) distracting us from noticing.

    • I am amazed and appalled at how classified documents are so carelessly treated without repercussion. Back in my army days one of my many ‘additional duties as assigned’ was Top Secret Control Officer. I worked in a vault designated as open storage which back then meant documents classified at SECRET or below could be stored in regular file cabinets and bookcases. We had accountability for everything. The TOP SECRET documents were stored in heavy duty GSA approved file cabinets with combination locks on each drawer. Even had a couple of TOP SECRET documents where the existence of the document was classified SECRET. When a TOP SECRET document was checked out, I made sure that document was returned before I left for the day. How someone can ‘accidentally’ leave classified documents is beyond me.

  13. “Russia has repositioned some naval assets to be available for assignment to either Ukraine hostilities or to stand by for action as Turkey-Greece heats up. Sudden Surge In Russian Navy Ships And Submarines In Black Sea.”

    ISTM Turkey more or less controls access to the Black Sea. Thus a dust-up is going to limit Russian naval assets for Ukraine to those already in the Black Sea, and other Russian warm water assets to their facilities in Syria.

    What I wonder is:

    If (NATO member) Greece and (NATO member) Turkey go at each other, which NATO member nations back each combatant…?

  14. “As we see the Global Chess Game, there is a high probability that the U.S. neocons may attempt to use this border zone as a way to keep China off-balance. In other words, the closer the reality of an invasion of Taiwan gets, the more neocons would likely try to “pass the word” to India”

    The entirety of the Biden Administration are neocons? They must be the same neocons who began the Civil War…?

    Leftists are the “war party” and have been for hundreds of years, everywhere in the world where we have records. Please don’t blame JUST Vichy Nuland and Paul Wolfowitz for something for which Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice are equally culpable…

  15. “the U.S. sees a building threat coming from the Iranians. A read of Iran Cyber Threat Overview and Advisories CISA is sobering.

    A further dot-connector (in the shadow of the NOTAM story) was that Mike Pompeo protection extended due to Iran threats.

    Iran may have hunter-killer teams in the field.”

    Between Hamas and Hezbollah, Iran had roughly 17,000 sleepers in CONUS before Trump was elected. Heck, they have training camps in the United States, as does al Qaeda. DHS has had the known operatives, and the comings & goings at the camps under surveillance since 2003, of which I’m aware. The “terrorist” issue with Obama’s and Biden’s open borders is DHS has no idea what kind of personnel and assets have walked into the U.S. because for the most part they have NOT been able to surveil these terrorists, because they haven’t been able to identify the vast majority of them, and they have mostly congregated in the Eastern Dakotas to the central Lower Peninsula, instead of SE Cali-to-SC New Mexico (mostly Aridzona…)

  16. fwiw ….

    For those of you who did not read George’s link to the Israeli website their outgoing defense chief is quoted in that article as saying Iran now has enough enriched uranium (not plutonium … uranium, NK’s bombs are plutonium, Iran’s potential bombs are uranium) to make FOUR (4) bombs.

    My calculations in mid December showed they had enough to make THREE so now 4 weeks later he is a bomb ahead of me.

    Why that is IMPORTANT is because if Iran is going to use any bombs against Israel they need AT LEAST THREE, four of course is better.

    1) The submarine base at Haifa where Israel has it’s submarines that carry it’s nuclear tipped cruise missiles, ie: it’s Second Strike capability

    2) The reactor and nuclear weapons storage area at Dimona in the Negev Desert

    3) The nuclear weapons storage area at whatever air base the Israel uses for housing the aircraft that would actually air deliver any nuclear weapons that Israel might use

    and … it they have a 4th

    4) Tel Aviv, where a very high percentage of all Israelis live

    The first THREE targets just go after Israel’s nuclear weapons … it is the FOURTH that is the population /nation killer.

    Netanyahu imo will NOT wait long before going after Iran’s nuclear material stockpile … which fwiw the Scientists who deal with the issues of nuclear proliferation say could be turned into working weapons in just a week to 10 days (same time frame that Israel’s former intelligence chief was quoted as saying about 3 weeks ago)

    (remember … uranium bombs are EASY to design and get to explode, probably anybody with an engineering master’s degree could easily design a working one. It is the plutonium bombs that are complex and MUCH harder to get to explode which is why NK, which can ONLY make plutonium bombs – no large centrifuge capability, has done test after test in order to get working bombs. Our Hiroshima bomb, Little Boy, a uranium bomb was NEVER pre-tested … they didn’t think they needed to since it was such a simple design)

  17. “there is a political nuclear weapon equivalent in finance. It came up in a CNBC story in late 2021 when this “same old thing” on the debt ceiling happened:

    Going past debt ceiling could delay Social Security, government checks.”

    Senior citizens vote. The Democrats have played the “Social Security card” in every Presidential Election since 1936, in such a way as to scare a significant percentage of seniors into voting their fear instead of their conscience or moral beliefs.

    Does anyone who knows that the government has built city-sized caverns replete with nuclear blast doors, so our precious politicians can be saved for “continuity of government,” really believe that at some time during the past 90 years, the SSA has not acquired a “continuity of benefits” policy?

    Social Security checks get cut before those of any employee of the Federal Government. As a matter of fact they are printed and disbursed (digitally now) before ANYTHING ELSE except interest on the National Debt. As long as the government is solvent, the “Old Folks at Home” get their monthly stipend. Should the government cease to be solvent, it won’t matter…

  18. Must say though for 2 weeks george has been da man ! This week is scary . Risk / reward favours shorting , yes the guts out of everything. Pity Martin Luther king got in the way but it’s hell . The gates are open . Even nana Yellen knows

  19. There’s risk of a U.S. .gov shutdown/debt default, again.

    The rest of NATO will have to put-out for the Ukies if the U.S. goes teats-up, this time.

    • If we’d never given Ukraine 100 billion dollars, we’d not have this debt ceiling crisis at this time. If we definanced the “Inflation Reduction Act”, we’d stay a bit ahead. I’m sure we could do a 50% reduction in the federal budget without loss of anything meaningful to most, though only if done honestly and without reference to political gain.

  20. We could shut down the CIA, BATF, FBI, IRS and Homeland Security and have enough to run on for a couple of years. They seem to be spending more time and money working against us than for us.

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