Quakes: Earth and Markets

We always pay close attention when BIG (>7.0) earthquakes take place.

The latest down off New Zealand today:

  • Event type:                       Earthquake
  • Region:                           Kermadec Islands, New Zealand
  • Geographic coordinates:           29.747S, 177.224W
  • Magnitude:                        7.8 REVISED 8.1
  • Depth:                            10 km
  • Universal Time (UTC):              4 Mar 2021  19:28:30
  • Time near the Epicenter:           5 Mar 2021  08:28:30
  • Local standard time in your area:  4 Mar 2021  19:28:30

The earlier “attention-getter” was:

  • Event type:                       Earthquake
  • Region:                           Kermadec Islands, New Zealand
  • Geographic coordinates:           29.613S, 177.843W
  • Magnitude:                        7.4
  • Depth:                            55 km
  • Universal Time (UTC):              4 Mar 2021  17:41:26
  • Time near the Epicenter:           5 Mar 2021  06:41:26
  • Local standard time in your area:  4 Mar 2021  17:41:26

Not “right on top” of one-another.  But, if I lived in a place near a low lying Pacific coastline, not a bad afternoon project to recheck water and other preps.

To be sure, a long ways from the location of Krakatoa (1883) in Indonesia.  On the other hand, there is a lot to worry about in the region.

As cited by Latter, J.H.; Lloyd, E.F.; Smith, I.E.M.; Nathan, S. 1992 Volcanic hazards in the Kermadec Islands, and at submarine volcanoes between southern Tonga and New Zealand. [Palmerston North, NZ]: Ministry of Civil Defence. Volcanic hazards information series 4. 45 p. ) in Kermadec Islands Geology, we found this of interest:

“All these volcanoes lie along the zone of collision of two of the major structural plates of which the Earth’s crust is composed, the Pacific plate to the east, and the Australian plate to the west (see Inside Front Cover). The line of collision is marked by the succession of deep ocean trenches which characterise this part of the south-west pacific, the Tonga Trench in the north, the Kermadec Trench in the centre, and the Hikurangi Trench in the south, off the coast of the North Island of New Zealand (Figure 1). Along this line, the Pacific plate is being forced beneath the overriding Australian plate as a result of the relentless pressure of convergence of these two huge regions of the Earth’s surface. The rate at which this process is taking place is relatively high, about 7cm per year on average (although it is not yet known whether the process is continuous, or whether it proceeds as a series of sudden jumps, perhaps associated with large earthquakes).”

Related?  We don’t know but activity in Tonga has been  noticeable this week including a

  • Magnitude 4.2 earthquake
  • Affected countries: Fiji and Tonga
  • 186 miles from Nuku’alofa, Tonga · Mar 2, 2:47 AM

.  (My buddy, (the Major) sends his regards to the King.)

With this, we are watching to see if the “third time” will bring an 8+ or larger and then comes the matter of explosive eruptions in the subduction zone there.

Earthquakes II?

A little too much Fed-talk (with J. Powell admitting that demasking might bring a sudden shot of inflation) has hammered markets unexpectedly.  Down 700 briefly.  With 20 minutes to the close, the Dow was still down more than 300 with a -350 (or lower) possible by the close.

We did show you the 1929 comparison this morning, right?

More in the AM (but not on FM),


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  1. Mr G,

    Did you get Ure quantum funds yet ? U know from the new Quantum Financial System;
    2/23 QFS switch turned On
    2/24 @ 4:30 AM – QFS funds released, FED System shut down/SWIFT shut down
    USD crashed, Gold Asset Backed Treasury Note has been activated.

    NESARA – 3/14 the real one.

    Fkrs want dates – 3/28 No Later – the Military IS in Control.

    As my fav jarheads luv to grunt..OORAH !

  2. Another great wanking story by American guru parasites . Just like there Covid , market bullsheet

  3. Its not any thing we loose sleep over down in New Zealand George. Pretty common place. Re Volcanoes, I am destined soon to be at the center of that Volcano chain, the Central Plateau region.
    Im looking for some cold and snow. And of course thermal hot pools.

  4. Daily I check the USGS global earthquakes map centered on the Pacific. Anything big around the ring of fire will affect Hawaii out here smack in the middle. We had a tsunami watch for several hours on this one before they determined there was no tsunami threat to Hawaii. But they still close beach parks and advise mariners of unusual currents and tidal shifts around arrival time. It just means the tsunami is still there, just very small to stir up the local currents.

  5. Mass evacuations on the north coastline of New Zealand this morning as to the tsunami threat but stand down has now been advised. Thankfully the big 8 wasn’t any closer. The Earth is shaking good at the moment.

  6. Insert inflation in mouth and out comes depression from rear mouth . George and the greeeedddd crew . Storytelling for the rich and famous . Give me a chaser of treasury sheetcoin too brother . Just wash out the toxic lies

  7. and has every vegetable forgotten the relationship between bond yields and treasuries prices ? staggering the usage of psyops on vegetables and sheep

  8. Earthquakes and the Pope vising ancient Mesopotamia.

    “They”are opening a Stargate.

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