Oddly Timed, Alien Warning

You know something is hot – and bothering the you – when my children call and ask “Dad…WTF?”  The day I’m being interviewed about my book on hacking space-time?  Very odd timing, indeed…  “Did you hear about the alien warning?”  

Involved is a viral voicemail (onYouTube for the moment here) but there is a likelihood that because the “alien warning” is so viral, things are being deleted off the net quickly now.  It’s written up a number of places (try here) and it’s an interesting (if not a little War of the World’s sounding)  for your Sunday entertainment and research time.  With Bitcoin down to $7470, we’re not surprised other “Extraordinarily Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” are now beginning to appear…  Wanna trade a financial fiction for something in sci-fi?

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George Ure
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6 thoughts on “Oddly Timed, Alien Warning”

  1. It is obviously a hoax. some friend of his knew just what would trip him off the deep end just to see how far it would go, and is obviously getting a pretty good laugh at this.. LOL ..
    If he was really concerned he can get the origination of the message being sent.
    LOL LOL LOL Supposedly Protocol doesn’t allow for secure messages to be left on an answering machine.

    • The picture is of London — the home of Dr. Who. If aliens are going to attack, of course it’s the center of the Doctor’s world!

      • LOL LOL LOL LOL years ago during my jokester days I worked with a barney fife type. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GElOxZYL4c0 anyway the major volunteered for a boy scout type group.. great group but he went to serious and we had work to do.(the group would get together once a month and they would build model airplanes and teach the kids skills…) anyway it was april fools day.. and I was tired doing all the work while they had the OFFICIAL RADIO they had to man in case an emergency should arise.. LOL LOL LOL so I told one of my other coworkers.. you want to have some fun.. got on the horn and talked to a friend at the base and had them call the damned radio.. gave them the old person in distress code and the co ordinances that the major should go for his position.. LOL LOL gray lady down proceed to .. we used the standard alpha bravo crap LOL LOL LOL you should have seen it it was so damned funny.. I almost had to tackle them before they got out of the building and turned it into a national emergency LOL LOL LOL .. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL needless to say.. they put that toy away and went to work after that.. it was hilarious.. unfortunately.. the person playing this hoax didn’t tackle them before they got it spread all over Hades LOL

      • golf echo tango tango Oscar whiskey Oscar Romeo kilo

        LOL LOL LOL .. you should have seen it….

  2. The picture is of London — the home of Dr. Who. If aliens are going to attack, of course it’s the center of the Doctor’s world!

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