Here Comes Internet Licensing – Slowly


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While most of the mainstream media is wrapped around the axle of a story we called correctly from the beginning, there’s a much more sinister reality coming into focus that no one is sounding the alarm on.

Internet licensing is in the wings.

To be sure, it won’t come quickly.  For one thing, big Social Media Outfits will resist changes to their business models which have allowed for such easy manipulation of the public.  For another, “news organizations” have been made the fools-they-are.

A couple of numbers from the headlines make the case.533,074 articles were penned on the “Russiagate” fiction.  What’s more, television networks aired 2,284 minutes (a bit over 38-hours) of running decidedly anti-Trump “news” of the Mueller probe.

Even worse is the looming fight over release of the whole report.

Again, to keep things in perspective, let’s imagine that YOU were accused of a terrible crime.  Let’s make it something really bad…how about child pornography?

So the local D.A. gets hold of the rumor (started by someone at your job who hates you) and convenes a Grand Jury.  Which meets for a year, led by a Special Prosecutor who is looking into these supposedly terrible things you did.

Then comes the wrap-up.  There is no indictment and no charges. 

So the question to ask is:  Should all the investigation details involving YOU be released to all the people who hate you…because you know damn-well they will cherry-pick EVERYTHING and make you out like a child porn purveyor, even though you are not?

Democrats are arguing for exactly this kind of release.  And, to quote a pretty level-headed old-school reporter, “ know damn-well they will cherry-pick EVERYTHING and make you out like…” a criminal, which Trump is NOT, or charges would have been filed.

Democrats – even without release – are still painting Trump in contrasting colors.  On the one hand calling him an “idiot” yet at the same time at the head of some unproven conspiracy to still the election from the yet-to-be-charged other perp in the 2016 contest.  You know…the one that was exonerated by the “pet FBI” agents who were so certain of her innocence that she was never put under Oath and properly grilled or grand-juried.  Gotta love split-level justice, huh?

Meantime, in another stunning example of “getting it right” – remember when I told you that just because a person may have skills in one profession – like acting – that doesn’t mean they know jack-shit about politics?  Well, here’s a list on Breitbart of 50-Hollywood types who seal our case.  And, who we will decline seeing movies with them in, or records with them on.  We vote with our wallets and encourage you to do the same.

All of that said…

Trump is NOT the Big Story

Yes, that’s right.  It’s just a distraction.

The Big Story is the clown-posse idjits of the European Union who are in the midst of a further attempt at stealing the Internet.  You need to closely study “Article 13: EU’s controversial copyright law due for final vote — The vote could change the way memes spread and gifs are shared in Europe. Tech companies and citizens alike are not impressed.”

More to the point, CNBC reports here on the thousands who are protesting because of fears this (draconian, stupid) law will lead to censorship of the Internet.

Yes, the same EU clowns who are kowtowing too the Brussels-pricks and are responsible for all those irritating “read our cookie policy” pop-ups.

ICYDK: Firms that don’t comply, and misuse “personal data” of European persons, are being hit with 4% of worldwide revenue “fines.”  (We’re a little pissy about such grandiose regulatory thievery, since we are an American company and not subject to the laws of the EU which – are NOT global…a point Google and others are trying to make.  That said, if you are in the EU, go away!  Better…flee while you can!  Come to Texas where there’s a smidgen of freedom (and clearheaded thinking) left…)

I don’t use pejoratives like “double-dealing pricks” as a label often, but why is there no GDPR notice on the EU Government’s website? See for Ureself.  You don’t think they track stuff?  ROFLOL…hate crimes against capitalism, is it?

Whew.  Now the other shoe:  The bad news is, Internet “censorship” is already here.  It’s here in two forms.

One form is what we have referred to as “Digital Mob Rule” (DMR).  Here’s how this little gem works:  Get in liberal newspapers, get on social media, and build a myth about all the good you do and monetize the bejezus out your scam.  Theoretically, of course.

We want to ensure our hyper-vigilant readers understand we’re NOT saying this is how the South Poverty Law Center operated.  Although, after reading this account in the MacDailyNewsApple-backed Southern Poverty Law Center wracked in turmoil, called a ‘con’ for ‘bilking gullible liberals…” we can appreciate the opportunity for confusion.

Apple, by the way, is now trying to “own news” in the same way they dominated music by dropping users into their online ecosystemiNews anyone? Also: Apple is making movies, TV shows and a credit card.

The second way internet licensure is happening may be seen in China where, depending on how much “social credit” you have, you get to either a) ride the bus or b) get thrown under it.

Seriously, read what happens when “democratic data access” becomes a control point in the South China Morning Post’sLife as one of China’s 13 million ‘deadbeats’ means slow trains, special ring tones...”

China already has 13-million people on their “digital shit list” (DSL?).

Not that America is perfect by any means: We still have that No-Fly list and says Wikipedia:

“The No Fly List is different from the Terrorist Watch List, a much longer list of people said to be suspected of some involvement with terrorism. As of June 2016, the Terrorist Watch List is estimated to contain over 2,484,442 records, consisting of 1,877,133 individual identities..”

Since the USA is about 4.182 times smaller than China, our US “terror watch shit list” (TWSL?) would be comparable to 8-million (not 13-m) in China on a proportionate basis.  Good luck trying to get off either list, though.

Doesn’t all this make you feel warm & fuzzy, or what?

If you aren’t feeling the digital love yet, load up some of the 6 to 10 terabytes of data in the wild now, as revealed in “Massive Citrix Data Breach Thought to be the Work of Iranian Hackers.”

See what an industrial global scam the old Commode-64 has become?

Also Worth Knowing  (AWK)

AirAsia ‘Get off in Thailand’ ads draw outrage for appearing to promote sex tourism: report.

Airbus wins China order for 300 jets as Xi visits France.

US-Mexico border wall: Pentagon authorizes $1bn transfer.

And when it rains….The Flood-Hit Midwest Is Bracing for Even More Rain.

A few minutes of thumb-twiddling while we await the Housing report…back with that in a sec.

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17 thoughts on “Here Comes Internet Licensing – Slowly”

  1. “ICYDK: ”

    That one stumped me for a while. But, being a former Krypto-Guy, the glimmer of dim understanding finally crept in to my not-yet-fully-caffeinated brayne.

    I like the little early morning exercises in “what-the-HELL-is-he-talking-about NOW!?”

    They excite me, challenge me, and entertain me.

    Good one…

    (…and, no, I won’t blow the thrill as a spoiler for others’ curiousity.)

  2. About the Hollywierd bunch, this definition says it all:

    In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

  3. I have often wondered why anyone would pay attention to what an actor says as they are only gifted parrots.

    • You mean like Ronald Reagan? Why does it matter what they do for a living? Did you know that most good actors are highly educated? Parrots…I think not…

      Bradley Cooper, educated at Georgetown and masters at Pace.
      X-Files favorite…David Duchovney, educated at Princeton masters at Yale.
      Sigourney Weaver…undergrad at Stanford/ masters at Yale..
      Meryl Streep undergrad at Vasser, masters at Yale.
      Mayim Bialik Of Big Bang Theory has a Ph.D in Neuroscience at UCLA. Hill Harper of CSI:NY has three Ivy League degrees…with Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude honors From Brown and Harvard respectively.
      Even Ken Jeong Of Hangover fame, is a medical doctor from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
      James Franco went to UCLA, Columbia University, and working on a PHD from Yale.
      Conan O’Brien went to Harvard…
      Ashley Judd…Kentucky undergrad, Harvard masters and working on a Ph.D from Berkeley.
      Jodie Foster…Yale.
      Kate Beckinsale…Oxford..
      Edward Norton…Yale..also speaks fluent Japanese.
      John Krasinski…of The Office…undergrad at Brown with honors…
      John Legend…Penn…
      Emma Watson…Undergrad at Brown, visiting fellow at Oxford.
      Angela Bassett masters from Yale.

      There are dozens more like them. Now armed with that type of education, don’t you think they may have an opinion or two? Don’t judge…it’s OK for two junior college drop-outs like Hannity and Rush to have opinions and not actors? Give me a break.

      • Trump has an economics degree from Wharton.
        Give Michael Savage a try, then. He had two Master’s and a PhD.

  4. Oohh noooo – G,

    Whats the libatard left to do now? SPLC exposed for Hate Pays.Don’t believe it – how many anti Trump books has SF real estate troll purchased these past 2 years, how many hours in front of “boobtube” watching “Political” talk = T.D.S. (Trump Derangement Syndrome) . Hate is strong, powerful word, but a it pays!
    Off to conjure up ways of profiting from Libatard Hate/Trump Derangement Syndrome…

    Market wants to go new A.T.H. – here’s hoping no one slides a turd into proverbial punch bowl. Yes I still think we be in a Bull Trap, but I have been wrong..lots before.

  5. Put Trump in any office environment, anywhere in America. Would he survive as a regular employee trying to work his way to the top? He really never experienced that like 99% of us. He was given that job by his dad. Sure his dad made him do grunt work early on…but it’s different when you know the job is already yours.

    Trump IS THE STORY…because of the his entitled behavior. I have had the displeasure of working with Trump types throughout the years.

    Boastful, crude, entitled, misogynistic types that bullied their way through the ranks. One such guy ended up taking over a major division I was up for. His uncle, who belonged to the same blue blood club as our Chairman helped him get the job.

    While we had suspicions that this would be the case…we developed a exit plan…When it did happen…me and 12 of our senior ad agency execs left along with some of our clients…6 months later, the company the Trump like jerk took over was liquidated…Unfortunately, my pregnant wife at the time still worked at one of the divisions. Times were tough for a few months, but we more than survived. That was 30 years ago.

    But this was how you beat jerks like this. You challenged them…or you made them pay in other ways. We all left and helped another company become the largest ad agency in our market. The Trump like guy? He was tried on fraud charges, convicted and spent 12 months in a country club jail. He moved to Switzerland after that, never to be heard from again. I still have a Waterford crystal Christmas ornament that he made people accept from him on a throne like structure at his first Christmas party with him in charge. My wife was still working there and described the party as one of the most most disgustingly narcissistic, egotistical events she had ever attended. Very Trump like in retrospect. We kept the ornament as a harsh reminder of how never to act.

    So, when after all of the Mueller findings, you still hear people call Trump an idiot…it’s because he is…nothing has changed…why would it?

    And, it’s not just the Democrats calling him that. His entire cabinet that he appointed and have since been fired or quit called him an idiot. His own party thinks he is an idiot…and of course people like me, who have worked for people like him will always tell it like it is…

    There are zero excuses for a person to act like him. But that’s how entitled people with nothing to lose act. His world was table set for him. Had he had to actually really fight for his success…he would have never made it out of the 1st bankruptcy. Daddy took care of the first 3 FYI.

    I wish I had the chance to work in the same company as him on the same level playing field. He wouldn’t have lasted a week.

    • Ad agency? I thought you were into Bay Area real estate.
      By the way, Trump is demonstrably a real estate genius: he’s lived the last two and half years rent free in your head. ;-)

      • If you read my posts, I was in the Ad Agency business for 23 years before I gitbubti reak estate. George knows my entire history.

      • Well, by my count, there were 15 posts before this one, and five of them are yours. And it’s a slow day. And you don’t tend toward witty one liners or quick insights. You write paragraphs. Lots of them. A lot to keep up with.

    • As undercover boss has shown over and over.. The CEO”s rarely can cut the grade in the lowest positions in their own companies..there was another show to that put executives millionaires and multi millionaires on the streets to make it 30 days finding a job working and getting housing etc. All without the power influence and position and finances they have.. Only two made it the show lasted six shows..a naked and afraid of CEO..if anything was discovered the past couple if weeks was what a JOKE getting a college diploma is.. Want one buy one.. They are for sale for the right price.. All to guarantee their kids get the right job offers.. Lol.. I worked building high end cabinetry.. It was funny. The CEO decided to build a cabinet it was so bad we rebuilt it.his talents are in other areas. My guess is no one in Congress would last a day flipping burgers..for one thing they would have to work..
      So far this circus has only allowed real criminal activity to walk away.. A miss direction destroyed any progress that could be accomplished. Now back to today’s book.. gardiner

    • Mark, so the nasty boil on your back has finally gotten big enough to be speared by Trump Derangement Syndrome. It was obvious to all something odious has been festering for a long time in you. Take 3 bitter pills, humility, remorse, and repentance and lay on a nail mattress that should cure what ails ya.

  6. Obama’s former Chief of Staff got this one right….Proof that Dems aren’t as bad as Fox likes to say they are.

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel took issue with Jussie Smollett telling reporters earlier that he was innocent, while “still running down the Chicago Police Department.”

    “How dare him? How dare him?” Rahm said.

    “This is a person now who has been let off scot-free with no sense of accountability of the moral and ethical wrong of his actions,” Emanuel said.

    He admonished Smollett for “using hate crime laws that are on the books to protect people who are minorities from violence” only to “turn around and use those laws to advance your career and financial reward.”

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