Financial Media Hiding US Trade Disaster?

I have been on a number of major financial news sites this morning and have yet to see anyone making a big deal about just out trade disaster data today.

We had this on the line well ahead of the open for our subscribers but check this out:

“Advance International Trade in Goods
The international trade deficit was $96.3 billion in September, up $8.1 billion from $88.2 billion in August. Exports of
goods for September were $142.2 billion, $7.0 billion less than August exports. Imports of goods for September
were $238.4 billion, $1.1 billion more than August imports…”

And it’s really worse…because who knows how the accounting is rigged for the slower-than-last-year’s cargo handling at Los Angeles and Long Beach.  This is what happens when outfits like the Circle B don’t push out as many airplanes…we’re sliding into Third World numbers faster than admitted.

Back to point, are we crazy – thinking our debt to other nation’s matters – or is the financial press complicit in passing out financial quackery?

Maybe when all the rich guys unload on the public we will get some long-overdue downside.  Oh, treasury yields are down, too.  To 1.562 which is down more than 3-1/2 percent for the day.  So far, only MarketWatch seems honest enough to report U.S. trade deficit in goods soars 9.2% in September to record high of $96.3 billion.

Am I in a different reality, or something?

Inquiring minds, yada yada

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39 thoughts on “Financial Media Hiding US Trade Disaster?”

  1. Why of course U are in an alt reality, Gman.

    Next up – the realization that there will never be a billionaires tax on un-realized capital gains – THEY ARE COMING FOR URE RETIREMENT SAVINGS .

    just sit back wit a couple six packs of Shiner Bock, bowl popcorn and watch da weasles work their “magic”.

    On that proverbial desert island – what are we going to be jonesing for.. Cash? Booze? Companionship? Drugs? Food, clean Water, and Warmth?

    – magnetics say Winter is hear.. thought I smelt burning coffee, but alas it it was just my hare…

    • many are confused but we are not among them. we are uncommon people among the common. the whole point of the blockade and that is what it is, is to be a blockade. how many US navy ships you think can sneak past that group out there? when US Navy movements are classified.. not so much when you have a thousand thousand eyes out sitting out there on the water. maritime law is still a real thing.

      so lets take a step back and review. because its too damn cold out to be running around outside burning down small business’s and getting free tv’s at a Black Lives Matter Rally like last year.

      Covid 19 infection point China.
      shut down the world economy,
      US economy shuts down to “Shelter in place”
      Give everyone free rent and more money than they make at their jobs on unemployment
      Distraction: we get a bunch of side tracked social justice ralleys in the US to keep everyone entertained, and let everyone blow off some steam.
      everyone rants on fakebook.
      Put moble tri-pod cameras that run of solar power in every grocery store parking lot in the US. so you AI Can track everyone who goes in and what car they are driving and match their description to whatever they purchased.
      Pass multiple, Multi- trillion dollar deficit spending bonanza’s by the Government under a state of national emergency over a pandemic and use most of the money to push the green agenda.
      Get all the states and local municipalities hooked on free money from Capitol hill
      Shipping container prices and sky rocket out of China
      Have the Fed purchase stocks and take over as the primary holder of ETF’s , retirement funds, and all primary big buisness’s and prop the Stock market, while holding interests rates down as low as one can go to build a massive housing bubble again.
      Rig the election, make everyone question the process..
      Don’t build a wall on the boarder but build a wall around the US Capitol
      label everyone who opposes the new President and Liberal Agenda a domestic terrorist and put them on a watch list. Build a Database of everyone who supports the former president through Google, Twitter, Facebook and Bing as dissidents.
      Chip shortage closes down a bunch of Auto plants, and other huge manufacturing jobs.
      Push the Vaccine by a company who holds the largest US fine in Criminal History.
      Stop entry of all imports into the Country.
      Raise taxes on everything from the gas pump to door knobs
      Create Runaway inflation.
      Raise Gas prices to all time highs by shutting down US production of Oil
      Threaten to cut off the State and municiple money supply. On the Back side, the Fed who is now the primary share holder of Dow 30 and S&P 500 companies, threaten to sell of the stock on the back side, to
      Force the Remaining Big Manufacturing companies to push the jab on their people. Half their workforce bails because they refuse it. Wont get unemployment for leaving their jobs. Crippling the rest of the big manufacturing companies production like Boeing.
      Cut everyone off the free rent tit as they are running out of unemployment benifits

      id say their plan is working very well.

  2. right now we are heading to cold as F winter. and they are cutting off anyone who wants to work source of employment unless you get the jab. for every single worker in the us, employees alot of other workers, from the guy handing your bag of GMO Glazed chicken out the window at the drive threw to your local chiropractors receptionist to 911 operators daycare lady.

    i spose what is next is, is force everyone to take a draw out of their 401k, pay the 50% penalty tax for early withdrawl while colapse the stock market under the guise of another “Housing bubble” burst. so the bankers can sell high and you on the street sell at the low, “Because these things take time” to cash you out on your 401k, and now you own a house that is 300k upside down, cant get a job without the jab and you just got 50% of your retirment withdawl at half of what it was worth about 3 months ago, and the politicians cash in on your taxes…

    but me, im on the fast track to success.. because while i am aware of their play book. i working my own play book.

    because no matter what happens in this world. there is always opportunities to work their play book to your advantage if you are aware of it.

    • Exactly, why worry about what you can’t control. Analyze it, & profit from it. This is the new merica; the old rules no longer apply.

      • ya. you know how many pizza’s they can cook at Lumen field on game day for 68,000? well over 11,000 an hour. and that is just pizza’s. doesnt count hotdogs, T-mobil park, the new climate pledge arena and Huskies Stadium. I mean we have events every day here. I look at my stash of MRE’s and think, ok I think Im good. Then I took this job. LOL I seen where they store the food prep stuff. Its at least 5 times bigger than any Costco I ever seen just at Lumen Field. There is tunnels under that place that go every where. I have been there 20-30 times and every time I get lost in those tunnels. Most times, i get lost 3 or 4 times. I never ask anyone for directions. I figure it out on my own without a compas or map. I dont have a map. I dont want one. I want to know where the ins and outs are and where i am by using my intuition and ability to sense where I am going.

        Because if shit gets really bad? You aint got no time to pull out a map. LOL Just like all the old rail tracks they never use. Got them stored in my brain. I can walk the rail tracks to Denver and never see a train if i have to. and nobody going to be on those rail tracks that they don’t use anymore. except me and a few deer.

        you have contingency plans in place. I mean who knows. The whole thing could turn around and it could be apple pie for everyone. aint that right Chachi? AAAAAAAA……

        Cue: ~ Happy Days ~

    • I think Kahlil Gibran said it best C.B.

      “The Lust for Comfort murders the passions of the soul.”

      Not only did they silence a sitting president. They require you in most states now days to wear a muscle uhem mask when out in public. So everyone who sees you wearing that? Knows your not to be trusted. No matter who you are. You could get them sick and they could die.

      I mean divide and conquer is the oldest tactic in the world. You know why? Because it works.

      If any of you are interested? Im looking to hire some leads in my army as I take over not only Alcohol Enforcement but security at the Zoo. I’m always looking for good people to promote in my little army of staff. I don’t run any adds. Except on my personal Facebook time to time. It’s all done by word of mouth. Started out with 25 or so people and now i have over 500 in less than two months now. All loyal as F, respected and respectful security staff working for me. All are on point.

      That is a long way from sitting in my car on south hill in Spokane Washington thinking about things over a smoke and a cup of coffee.

      See ya all around.

      • Uhem muzzel. Lol

        Now let’s say shit hits the fan in a big way in Seattle. Let say for shuts and giggles the entire economy collapses and we are looking at a situation similar to Hurricane Katrina without the water.

        Where did everyone go to get their food, shelter, fresh water and resources? The Super Dome.
        By then, I could be up to 1500 people all trained, ready to stand watch, deploy on point. 24/7 for resource management and protection. All ran by me, they trusted and respected man that everyone wants to work for. Lol.

        Wonder how big that contract is and pays? Being of service to the good people of King County and all.

        Just bought a really nice HK .45 with shoulder holster yesterday. Still physically strong as F. And it’s only one tank of Gas in my car to get me to state line Idaho. I know the tracks there if the highway is too crowded.

        I’m just going to stay put after a long think about moving. You remember about 3 years ago when they shut off the emergency broad cast system around here and emergency services lines and all cell phone towers from 7pm to 5am? I sure do. It was Halloween night. 3 years ago.

        I’m going to stay put and i See what happens. I can roll out any time. Plus this is a super super fun gig.

        Besides. I’m always right where I’m supposed to be when I am supposed to be there.

      • OK. Let’s review your plan B:

        -First, are you sure you have enough gasoline to roll to your civilization exit point if all the gas stations are non-operational and you forgot to top off (like maybe 15 gallons or so in 5 gallon cans)?
        -Next, have you got your INCH (I’m Never Coming Home) bag(s) packed with clothing, water filter and gathering vessels, sharps, fire-making hardware, backpacking socks and liners, a sleeping bag & pad, some kind of shelter, and hiking boots good enough to walk rails on? Do you have food and food gathering equipment and supplies? Can you fit it all in your car? How long to load?
        -Last, do you have alternate transport you can use if the roads are blocked, like some form of cycle with either a cycle trailer or panniers?

        Once, I attempted to do a hurricane evacuation in a Toyota Corolla. I had planned ahead, and knew exactly what I wanted to take. I had sufficient time to pack it all compactly several days in advance. The evening I decided to evacuate, I managed to get about 3/4 of that essential stuff into the vehicle, and there just wasn’t room for the rest. Fortunately, my apartment was still there when I returned. Neighbors weren’t so lucky. A hurricane spawned tornado pretty much leveled a section of the complex.

        Now, I store my “camping” gear in a small trailer. I can top it off with a few supplies and water, hook up, and I roll in 15 minutes or less. But I don’t really have any scenario in mind that I would do that for. Bug-out from my current location is way down the list of responses to threats. And yet, I keep the option open, because circumstances can change very, very rapidly.

        Your plan B is a minimalist motorized bug-out to a wilderness survival location. Putting together the equipment you need for that takes time and planning. Best to think it through and pack your bag now, while you have the luxury of some time.

        And regarding the Super Dome and Katrina, that was where people who were down on their luck went. No one goes somewhere like that when they have a plan B.

      • Dont forget what i have said many times n___. most are not aware enough to stalk up on food for more than 2 weeks.

        and dont forget,
        I extremely intuitive. I also get totems from Angels that indicate things in the future. I also read the grid around me really well. seeing things that are hidden by most. Even when I am late all day, Time and Time again, end up right where I am supposed to be when I am supposed to be there with exactly what I need to have with me. If I dont have it? I dont need it. If I have it, it is useful for something. Example: I was speed walking to the Monday Night Football game and i saw a zip tie on the sidewalk. I stopped and picked it up. Then kept going. I was having a conversation with someone at the game down below and a latch for hot dog buggy lid had broke. I pulled that zip tie that I found on the sidewalk out of my pocket and handed it to them. Use this. The guy looked at me like a pug dog and says, you just happen to have a zip tie in your pocket. I laughed and said yes. I gotta get hope that works. As i was walking it way, he said works like a champ! Thanks Mcgiver! LOL and…… last but not least. THE DUDE is with me, where I go. I am guided by a higher purpose.

        and I would never tell everyone my plans on the internet or otherwise.. I would never give you all the thoughts i have or nor do i say everything I see.

        what i shared is food for thought.

        My bags are always packed. I gave everything i owned away to someone less fortunate 3 years ago. I am not bound by things or places. this is the longest I have stayed in one spot in 2 years now. Most people are. I can go wherever i want, whenever I want, and not tell anyone.

        I can without giving prior notice, change my name, social security number, passport, location, bank information and phone number in less than 2 minutes, get in my car and drive away. be a hundreds of miles away, or get on a plane and be thousands of miles away, long before anyone ever realizes i am gone. All my guns are not registered to me, they were bought from someone else not a store or gifted to me by someone else. I can even change my appearance, style and how I dress in about 30 minutes. Lol and nobody, not even AI or facial recognition would know it is me. I can put on 30lbs or drop 30 lbs in about 2 weeks. I have 6 mailboxes in 3 different states where I can get mail. Pre-paid till the end of 2022 at UPS stores. paid cash.. no record of my name on them except that I can receive mail there. I know people all over the world… all over the united states in almost every state that would love to have me stay with them. I saved their lives, or played some part in a miracle they experienced. I can end up off grid in a hippy commune in the shasta mountaints, or arizona, or living off grid 25 miles out of small town in Alaska, or Wyoming, or Kansas, or Texas. or stay at a flat on 5th ave in Manhatten, i am super good friends with now number 2 Highest producing female wall street series 7 holder, or i could be in mexico city at the oldest hacienda that has been there since cortez conqured the aztecs, or and I could go to a flatt in London and say with my friend the Lithuanian princess who asks me several times a year to fly over and hang out. willing to pay for my plane ticket. or end up in Jerusalem, Egypt or japan. or i could go work on a cruis ship and first or third port we hit, i can walk off the boat and not return because i have the intuition to do so, or because THE DUDE says, this way.

        i am by all measures a free man. i don’t ever suspect that I will need all that. however, it is there if i do. and still… i don’t say everything that is available to me. i dont tell everyone my plans, i don’t share all my thoughts. and i am always thinking about things. i have experianced living on the streets and speak their language, i have spent time with the super wealthy and speak their language, i have spent time with the upper middle class and speak their language, I speak ray really well, Mark like a champ, George really well, Crash really well, i can speak and think just like them, because although it may seem that im not paying attention. I am always listening. i can be all things to all people… and yet, i am the same wherever I go brother. authentic and genuine, kind and generous, respected and respectful, no nonsense or bullshit kinda guy, trusted, true and just… andy

        so dont worry about me. I will be alright. this is all food for thought and not all about me. LOL I do appreciate you sharing with everyone else your expereriance tho.

        You have to be prepared brother to give it all up in an instant and walk away without notice. i mean all of it. because if your not that ready n____ you will have a hard time ever leaving this world. that is fact.

      • G____:
        My first job in grade school era long ago involved running many tons of gravel in a wheelbarrow, so I do have some level of hands-on professional expertise in this area. Let’s over-analyze this:
        – A wheelbarrow isn’t going to fit in the back of a two-door sports car.
        Take the wheel off the Packwheel, and it will go in a small car.
        -The small diameters on wheelbarrows don’t do well over uneven terrain or obstructions. The 29″ Packwheels (or equivalent) are better for off-road.
        -The Packwheel weighs 12 lbs unloaded. Wheelbarrows weigh many times that. The weight comes into play pushing it 20 miles in a day over rough terrain. Going off-road on foot requires lightweight equipment. Calorie expenditure vs miles of progress is an issue, even for big strong fellows.
        -Wheelbarrows are hard to balance with odd-sized bags and parcels. The single wheel with low-hanging panniers will balance better and reduce lifting requirements.
        -Forward thrust over smooth hard ground is about the same.
        -Practical capacities are the same; you aren’t going off-road with much more than 100 lbs of load, for any distance.

        Personally, I have no intent of trying a wilderness bug-out. My frame is too beat up for that. The wheeled carriers of all types are banned from Federal trail systems. I do have a small rigid bike trailer which doubles as a handcart, and I have a broken wheelbarrow with parts to repair. So, will I buy a Packwheel? Probably not, unless something changes, but they do have their uses.

      • Or maybe put extra gasoline in the back of the 4WD pick-up, drive up to the door of your destination, and forget about walking the rails. Now there’s a plan B.

  3. Phew.. just picked up my cow. at the packers. It never fills the freezer.. this year it not only filled it I had to bring some to the fridge.. totally love it.. price of processing is up about a hundred dollars from last year.. but that is ok.. the price per pound total is still under three bucks per pound total for the cow.. I will have to buy some ribs though.. and I still have to pick up sixty pounds of chicken but then we are set for the year in meat.. that doesn’t take into account the freeze dried beef.. for beef stew and hamburger for meals or the chicken for soups etc…

    • Excellent idea. Did this myself but… had to have the biggest barbeque ever when the freezer air circulating fan quit working with no warning over a weekend we were out of town. Didn’t have a interior thermometer for the freezer so by the time we came home and caught it, the food in the top half was thawed and ready to barbeque.
      In the bottom of the freezer-some was still hard froze and some was savable but the coils inside were a solid block of ice. Had to toss out a lot anyhow. Very sad. The cheap little two-wire fan motor was a 20 minute change out and cost $57.00 to replace. Crucial cheap fan motor caused a bad loss in our supplies. Luck was with me getting a new motor. The appliance parts company was surprised he still had one in stock for my freezer. China again.
      I think a better way is to store more non-perishable in cans and on shelves and less in electricity dependent freezers. That cheap little fan motor actually ended up costing me around $300 in money losses. Not counting replacement cost.
      If the freezer is your major storage of protein, one of those evap fans might be a worthy purchase for your future. I’m looking for tech levels like were common in the 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s that have NO chips, blue teeth or chip controls. I can’t remember a single chip failure in all the old simple crap we used to have. Ask later if this was a good plan if any of your stuff still works.

      • that is a potential problem LOL… luckily I would be canning away.. or freeze drying LOL
        especially if you have that much meat in one spot..


    You know.. Jimmy had the thought of just having an equal tax.. that would include everyone.. and I agree a flat ten percent tax across the board.. with the annual deduction of poverty level.. is still what I like.
    He thought he had the support of congress.. but when it came down to the wire.. they tossed the middle class under the bus and gave a tax break to the wealthy.. I believe that is exactly what would happen this time to.. I then wonder .. if Hunter is correct and the report that he supposedly reported that they had stashed a sizeable amount of money in swiss bank accounts.. then would those funds be taxed as well.. OH wait.. supposedly like that huge diamond gift.. it wasn’t reported so it doesn’t exist..never happened the russians did it…. then what about the supposedly thirty seven trillion that has been stashed away from being taxable.. that includes so many people and companies that moved their head quarters out of the country to avoid taxes… how would you compensate for that.. I don’t think it can be done and the ones they would go after would be the twenty nine percent of the wealthiest honest enough to report their earnings.. Just like the middle class in the late seventies and early eighties with the trickle down tax cuts…. they tossed the middle class to pay for it all..

  5. Not really a lot of info on this around here, but barges on the Ohio have a problem and thank God some alert people speak up when something doesn’t look right.

    These barges go past where I live. I can walk to the river. Lots of chemical and power plants here and there.

    So, this is the second time in 2 weeks. – gotta wonder what’s going one in the rest of the country. Hmmm

    • Not cool — A barge and a tug? Odd…? Do you live close enough to Parkersburg that you could “hear” scuttlebutt from the local LEOs? I’d like to know how powerful the devices were (are they just gonna blow the door off the ship’s head (bathroom), or can they destroy an entire port, or the petrol dump at Ashland…?)

      • Hey Ray

        Here’s the latest on the barges. In this, they now mention 3 attempts. That’s really disturbing. Not only the petrol dump in Ashland came to mind but the nuclear power plants have been my biggest worry. Do I live close enough to hear the scuttlebutt? Yes sir, I’m in Marietta, just across the River from Parkersburg. – was shocked the guy arrested lives in Marietta.

        Crazy times, Ray.

      • ‘Been to Marietta several times — Lovely town. I’ve never crossed the Ohio at that point though except passing through on 77. Perp probably fell off the bluffs & hit his head…

  6. This evil . Daughter in Uk . Friend had kill shot . Died in sleep heart failure . Ver fit young .i am really sick of this . 6 years of depression and nobody tells the truth. Whatever George whatever everybody.

      I just caught that.. most married men would drop to their knees and praise god if that happens LOL LOL LOL LOL

  7. Ok.. what the network news reminds me of is a string news story..
    One makes a sentence.. then the one next continues it till the story is created..

    So.. 11.55 am Nancy Pelosi and Chuch Schumer hurriedly rush down the hallway eager to convince everyone that……..

  8. Found on Clif’s Twitter feed:
    The Taper Tantrum Has Begun: Australia’s 2Y Bond Just Blew Up After The Central Bank Unexpectedly Refused To Buy It

    “No need to fear a taper tantrum, they said. It’s all in the price, they said. Central banks have made it very clear what they are doing and there will be no surprises, they said.”

    “Well, they – as usual – were full of shit, because moments ago this is what happened in Australia where the central bank unexpectedly did not offer to buy the April 2024 yield target bond: the yield on the 2Y bond just exploded, doubling in the matter of minutes from 25bps to 50bps as the central bank’s 0.1% yield curve control was summarily executed in broad daylight.”

    • “the central bank unexpectedly did not offer to buy the April 2024 yield target bond: the yield on the 2Y bond just exploded, doubling in the matter of minutes from 25bps to 50bps”

      Thats what would happen here.. they have ninety days I believe.. Banks don’t carry money.. as a rule.. its paper in the form of loans etc.. any large investor walks in and asks for his money.. they maybe could afford one.. but if two walk in they would have to close..
      I use to have coffee with the kids at a bank in the am.. ( while they were setting up) they started each till with fifteen hundred.. that was it.. that is all they had.. the branch manager asked me not to tell anyone that they didn’t carry money.. it might scare people..

    • As far as the grid pattern of mapped quakes on La Palma goes Ben over at S0’s video yesterday, I think, noted that the dots were aligned with the closest grid patterns and weren’t in their actual locations of occurrence – not that it was any less disconcerting that the quakes did happen. The 2009 game shot, though, was pretty amazing. Another variant of “the movie is the message” I guess you could say.

      • Did not like that game shot at all…
        I suspect the grid is their active sensor grid, but the map is still somewhat troubling.

  9. Report: Democrats Scramble to Invent Fresh Methods of Leveraging the IRS Against Americans

    ‘Gonna put a bullet in you’: Veteran of CNN, ABC, NBC ‘threatens life of Matt Gaetz’

    A former camera operator for CNN and at least two other television networks has been arrested for allegedly threatening the lives of U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and his children.

    The PostMillennial reported the suspect was identified at Eugene Huelsman, 58, who has worked at CNN, ABC and NBC.

    MORE PROOF: Email Confirms Biden Filled Kabul Planes With Unvetted Afghans – Biden Regime Wanted Numbers to Hoodwink Americans

    According to US Marines on the ground in Kabul at the time of departure, via Caz from The Raid Team Co., the military was not even checking the names of Afghans they were loading into planes out of Afghanistan.


    The endless series of COVID shots is now here. How many boosters will you need? It’ll depend on how much longer you’ll be alive. As we said from the beginning, this won’t stop at two or even three shots. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested the “immunocompromised” get a fourth COVID shot.

    • “‘Gonna put a bullet in you’: Veteran of CNN, ABC, NBC ‘threatens life of Matt Gaetz’”

      And I believe that is exactly why they buy the legislators with bribes, vacations,gifts etc..
      the legislators are the ones to be on the firing line if it all turns south. They are the ones disposable bought and sold like cattle..
      You don’t ever hear a leader of a country that these jokers leverage people to destroy, rape maim and steal their resources threaten the ones truly behind it.. not once.. While they sit home in front of their mantles and probably make jokes about how stupid everyone is.. the leaders of the countries that are in turmoil blame the ones that they convinced to do their evil the expense of the people paying the taxes.. heck they are the one percent that don’t pay taxes.. they hide it away..

  10. Google Sister-Company Verily, Which Partnered With Pfizer in 2019, is Carrying Out Pfizer-Funded Study On ‘Long-Term Safety’ of Pfizer CV Shot

    What is wrong with Kamala?

    OAN Exclusive: Fla. CFO Pens Letter To In-N-Out President Inviting Burger Chain To Sunshine State

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