EU Shoots Archduke Android in WWWeb

We think Google should kill all Android phones in Europe and tell the EU to piss off.  Details follow…

If you are a shareholder in Google, how does it feel to have the Hoodlums of Brussel’s (the “sprouts” of socialism) declare themselves to be your new more than equal partners?

That’s what most commentary on the hornswoggling of Google by the EU is missing.

You see, it’s not the “headline” $5-billion fine on  Google (who’s “socialist sin” is bundling Google Play and search with their Android product for phones) within 90-days (a silly enough excuse to fine GOOG).

No, the desperation of the bankrupt Ure-a-Pee’in Union goes much deeper in that they want a “fine” of 5% of Google/Alphabet WORLDWIDE REVENUE starting in 90-days.

Think of this as the Ukraine Power Grab taken to the Mobile Market.

We have told you repeatedly “The business model of the EU is to toss another country on the fire when they run out of money.”  Which is what drove them to near-war over Ukraine.

Now, since Donald Trump has essentially told the EU “Sorry kids, we aren’t defending you unless you put up first” (which they can’t being socialists without borders, and after they admitted hordes with their social cost burdens) the EU is desperately looking for someone to shake-down.

They already got Microsoft – so the next deep pocket is Google.

Not that GOOG can’t afford the one-time $5-billion.  But, if we’re reading their financials and what the EU Mafiosi are after, they want to seize virtually ALL of Google’s free cash going forward if they don’t acquiesce to the “fine” shakedown in 90-days.

This is not a “fine.”  This is the EU declaring Global Economic Warfare.  Google is just Archduke Android.

The EU has a problem:  They’re a bunch of socialists – who seized power in Europe the same way the Lefties want to seize power here.  They installed themselves as an unelected overburden on all the governments of Europe.  People forget the burning of Paris and Muslim riots of 2014 (video here) that apologists for open borders never want to address.  Socialists have shitty memories.  Ask ’em about Venezuela.  Worker paradise…if you have dementia.

Meantime, socialist stooge Theresa May is trying to weasel-out of the British citizenry’s reading the socialist agenda voting two full years ago to blow out of the EU before they screw up England, too.

May’s a treasonous backstabber of the will of the public as we see it.

All of which leaves Europe with no new revenue stream to “throw in the hopper” as the bills for border idiocy and made-up funny-money are coming due.

Ergo, they had to find something wrong with Google and try to take them over.  Since the EU can’t tax people for being smart (and Google is…very, very smart), what they made-up was a “fine” –  but the real tipping of their global economic warfare hand was going after 5 percent of Alphabet worldwide revenue.

Let’s pretend for a moment that the EU made some good software.  They can’t – socialists don’t code well.  Look at their websites, lol.  But let’s pretend.

So, the US wakes up one morning and figures a European company (Volkswagen?) “soft money target.”  We find an excuse (emissions jiggering?)  fine VW on a one-time basis, but then demand 5 percent on the worldwide revenues if they don’t meet some made-up standard.

How would that play?

If Donald Trump did something like that – against a European company – Dennis Squirmer would toss in impeachment paperwork in the hopper.

Process is SO inconvenient, though.  The EU is unimpeachable.  Like an uncurbable  cancer.  You will never see EU socialists going into remission.

But they need money.  Lots.  Soon.  They can’t move east of Germany – because of the oil pipeline deal Angela’s got her hooks in.  Anything east of Ukraine will sent up the warheads…Winter’s coming and they don’t want to buy US oil because that would help the US…so what’s left?

The EU is now on the “highwayman” business model.  “Pay us a fine, now and forever, or we won’t let you pass….”

I would encourage Google management to consult with FBI hostage negotiators.  Android in Europe has been taken.  We figure Google should refuse to pay.  Ask Netanyahu or anyone in Israel how well paying-off terrorists works…they won’t do it.  should Google learn?

Look how stupid the Obama payoff to Iran was…are you kidding me?  Hostage takers of countries and technology are no different than the Sicilian mobsters taking corporate execs.  Just at one level up.

The EU has put it’s new Business Model on display, here.  Global revenue “fines” on a company doing business in Europe…who’d be stupid enough to sell there?

If I ran Google, I’d buy all the short options I could and then I would announce publicly:  We are blocking the EU and all European countries from all web services including search until they take off their masks and get off the highwayman model.

PREDICTION:  I think the EU will try the same scam on Apple and other high tech firms.  Socialists live on Other People’s Money.  Watch closely!

Google can leave the EU and turn off all Androids – and unlike Theresa May – they sure as hell aren’t going to need two years to get their shit together.  All ready to go in 2 weeks, I figure – and taking down all Android phones Europe would not be scorched earth.

Note to European readers:  If your Android phone fails, mail it to Brussels – that’s where the fraud comes from.  If would be payment due from that miserable collection of greedy socialist pricks.

Only question is – should “negotiating the fine” fail (which I think it very well could):  Does Google have the balls?

We sure hope so.  The EU is runaway government – more dangerous (and socialist) than NK, Russia, and China combined.

One other example of the EU Highwayman Business Model: EU regulators charge Qualcomm with additional violation in pricing case.  And these a-holes talk about free trade?  Nitrous!

And there’s more to come as EU readies new trade retaliation list before Trump visit.

Socialists and tigers have on thing in common.  They don’t change their stripes.

They also eat humans.

In Other News

Futures are down 90 on the Dow.  Stock futures drop on disappointing earnings, trade tensions.

The Trump-bashing over Helsinki continues with people scrambling for the most ridiculous coverage of it.  No news there.

And yet, despite all the lefty hype and BS U.S. weekly jobless claims drop to more than 48-1/2-year low.  Facts are a bitch, huh?

Which is why President Trump Says He Believes U.S. Intelligence – Then Bashes a List of Former Officials.

Also pay attention to White House’s Navarro: Trump’s tariffs not as disruptive as headlines suggest.  But again, facts don’t rivet eyes to phone and streams, do they?

Moron the ‘morrow, as it were….

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24 thoughts on “EU Shoots Archduke Android in WWWeb”

  1. You didn’t even touch on GDPR which is just another highwayman scam based loosely on the idea that if your software company has one identifying bit of information on someone in EU who want’s “privacy” then your company gets to pay 4% of annual revenue. Let’s say you accidentally kept someone’s account info (behind your firewalls) on a dusty old server. It’s an easy decision. When your global revenue is only 3% from EU, why pay 4%. Pull out.

  2. Say you are charting 3x ETF’S for trading. Do you want to chart the market or the ETF for the buy or sell Signals. My opinion is to chart the ETF. BY trading, I do not mean day trading, but trend trading of the up & down short term trends… ie, so your last TQQQ buy trade would have been 7/2/18.

  3. Why not Let the EU countries, sell themselves. So maybe Greece & Italy are bought by Germany & become a German State & keep their names but are governed by Germany. This may help prevent World Wars. Sort of what like the Roman Empire & Alexander the Great did but with dollars instead of swords.

    • World of ESL countries – why I’d blame all that on Canada and partie Quebecois!!!

  4. Yes Mr Trump you got it right the eu is our enemy Thanks for this report of real news Mr Ure

  5. Hi,

    Social media companies should leave Europe. The problem is that these big businesses don’t want to sacrifice their power.

    Many social media platforms depend on data mining and cannot be profitable without it. In other words social media platforms will have to shut down after burning through their money or be liquidated by the bankruptcy courts.

    However, if social media platforms abandoned Europe entirely, the government would set up its own platform; which would be exempt from the laws, because they would want the power for themselves. Knowledge is still power in the Information Age, as it was in the Industrial Age. The more things change the more they stay the same.

    • You know, one of these mornings I will put out the “Time Circular Business Model” report from Peoplenomics.

      It explains the bait and switch marketing that built social media. It was a sham and a hoax. In the PN Master Index see:
      December 18, 2013: As we look ahead, we’re troubled by the increasing number of “time-circular” business plans emergent in social media.

  6. It is the fine of 5% of WORLD WIDE GROSS REVENUES of the entire parent holding company (Alphabet) and all of it’s subsidiaries after 90 days that is most worrisome.

    This is a 5% Value Added Tax on every dollar of revenue that Google turns over EVERYWHERE in the world, not just the EU … which will go to the EU’s coffers.

    Sell Cloud Services in Japan? EU gets 5% of the revenue!!

    Sell Data Traffic on Google’s undersea fiber optic cables that go from the US to Asia? EU gets 5% of the revenue!!

    Shoot, sell Cloud Services in the US? EU gets 5% of the revenue!!

    The fine is NOT on the Alphabet’s “NET” Income … it is a fine on it’s GROSS REVENUE!!

    EU is effectively trying to impose a 5% Value Added Tax on all of the parent company, Alphabet’s, revenues from everywhere in the world, not just European revenue, with all that money going straight to Europe (NOT to where the revenue was generated).

    In other words the EU wants 50% or so of Google’s entire worldwide yearly profits as an ongoing “penalty”, in addition to the taxes they already collect on Google’s sales in Europe.

    The problem for Google to comply with the order within 90 days is the fact that Google can only “release” a software update. It can’t force the phone manufacturer’s to customize it for all the models of phones that they sell so it can actually be downloaded and installed on the 150 – 250 MILLION individual Android phones that are floating around Europe.

    With Android Phones individual handset makers modify the basic Android so that it works on their phones in the way THEY, the phone handset maker, wants it to work. As a result from the time Google releases an update to Android until it gets installed on your phone generally varies from 4 months to 18 months (for my phone, a relatively new MOTO which runs pretty much “pure” Android, the lag from a Google update release until it shows up on my phone is from 6 to 14 months), AND sometimes the phone handset maker will NEVER make available the Android Update for many (most actually) of their phones that are in service.

    (EACH phone model tends to be unique in how the Android software is customized so for an update to Android each phone’s updated software has to go through the phone manufacturer’s software shop and THEIR testing to make sure any change will NOT cause the phone to crash or do other strange things.

    Obviously this is a tactic to get back at the High Tech manufacturing and software Giants who are based mostly in the US and China, since Europe has lost the race to keep up with the fast moving world of High Tech. Europe moves at the rates of a slug when it comes to High Tech, whereas the US and it’s Asian Competitors move at the speed of a Porsche.

    To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher: Socialism is GREAT … until you run out of OTHER people’s money. The EU is desperate for money, and this is just another way to try to get the rest of the world to pay for their social welfare programs.

    • Could the EU start a EU Bitcoin to replace or subsidize the EURO. The EU could print electronic bitcoins without having to back them & increase money supply without having to squeeze Google, Microsoft, etc. for cash.

      • “…. increase money supply without having to squeeze Google”
        That is what the EU central bank is for.

  7. Comrades, I’m hopeless at 3-D crosswords. Is “civil war” an oxymoron? I was rather taken aback by a FB colored French friend posting over the weekend the apparent falsehood of Syrian and Iraqi refugees carrying out the New Year’s Cologne, Germany, rapes a couple of years back. According to the post, residents of Algerian and Moroccan ethnicity were the perpetuators at fault.

    Frankly, one must be galled that The Commission has not demanded legislators assign Prince Albert’s eldest Eur-Afro son as the rightful heir to the Monaqesque throne. Perhaps Her Majesty can dispatch The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Brussels as moral suasion during the installation of Mrs. May’s star on the Ewe Walk of Fame? Simple Simon can be tasked with bringing the Royal Chef’s secret cowpie recipe to the fair? Good sheeple moove with the times.

  8. Never thought I’d see the day when you (of all people) would be taking up Google’s side. I guess you’ve not had the negative encounters with them that many of us have. They should be busted up into a 1,000 pieces, IMO.

  9. I love the cell phone. Not many moons ago a family had one phone in the house! Fast forward today.. Family of 5 with new phones @1000.00 ea. 5 lines @ 40 per month! So $5000.00 out of pocket or 30.00 per mo.X5. 150.00 per mo phone, 200.00 per mo service(watch all the movies you want but try to make an actual phone call)equals 350.00 per month on a 24 month contract $8,400.00 over 2 years which at the end you will have a phone at least 2 or 3 generations old now needing new updated phones. Still won’t make phone calls every time. Plus you have been tracked, recorded, and who knows what else. Isn’t capitalism grand! America what a country! Where unlimited really doesn’t mean unlimited, Really! Just wish I had thought of it. Better than hitting the lottery.

  10. I don’t think that I’m smart enough to give GU business advice, but since everything is a business model, GU might benefit to discard the so-called “aggregates” in favor of a trade able average that normal traders might use. I, for instance, use TNA and/or TZA and the discrepancies to the “aggregates” are enormous. ;-(

    Perhaps increase in subscribers by considering this?

  11. Even with this down day, it looks like the trend is still up at the close. This has been an exciting rally since 4/3/18 & am looking forward to see how it pans out.

    • I don’t fight the Golem was up $320 for the day. More to follow this morning. Good Golem, nice golem…attaboy…

  12. The EU is a somewhat haphazard collection of countries. Their only real claims to fame are free passage between countries and the somewhat dubious Euro. I fail to see how they have jurisdiction over Google, much less Alphabet. If I was CEO, I’d just withdraw all nexi of business from within the Eurozone and refuse to do any further business there. Let them deal with their citizens.

    If an Android phone or tablet can be shutdown by Google, there’s something very wrong. The product was sold as a working product without any time limitation. The buyer has a right to use the thing until he damages it or has a hardware failure. Google has a right to abandon the market but not to interfere with a product already bought. Every such product needs a gmail address to function. That’s wrong. It implies Google watching and always on. There must be a way to hack the allegedly open source Android and make it independent of Google.

  13. The EU = “a runaway government”….

    I wonder what we should call the US federal Government..

    Hammonds get violently harassed by multiple Government Agencies, both federal and State. Run-off of their land and end up convicted of crime (s) – the land they are forced off of, was part of Uranium 1 Deal with dreaded Russians, as was the $400 Million contribution to clinton Fdn.

    TRUMP in part of his M.A.G.A. has Pardoned the Hammonds..remember 16 Level Chess play..

    PUTIN has publicly divulged that illegal $$$ were used for the $400 million contribution.. to clinton Fdn…16 levels

    Peter Strozk plays in the game now too, 16 levels, and comes back from lunch break while testifying on the hill, and positions a Diet Coke bottle with a name on it facing camera. As you watch this video, notice how Strozk repositions bottle out of the screen frame and BBC camera-man slowly re-centers bottle in frame, not Strozk centered but the bottle.
    This is clear as day Psi-Op, the name on the diet coke bottle..KATE….name of Governor of Oregon during Hammond scam ??? Kate Brown..hmmm

    The WAR against the DEEP STATE is real and it is hot. Did Secret Service agent really die from a stroke in Scotland while protecting POTUS…or did the Para glider actually hit agent instead of TRUMP? POTUS was rushed into pro shop during incident. How hard is it to find a glider??took Scotland yard several hours supposedly, hmmm……….

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