Coping: Woo-Woo Project Progress Report

As you may have figured, there are always lots of projects underway around here.  This morning we will go over some of our most favored ones to give you a sense of what keeps us busy when markets aren’t closed.

Not that there is a lot of spare time:  I just checked and I’m presently writing somewhere north of 25,000 words a week.  A hell of a lot of output, if I do say so myself.

On the input side, with my birthday this month I decided to order one of the (now on sale) All-New Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free, 10.1″ 1080p Full HD Display, 64 GB, Black – with Special Offers.  Although I gave a negative review to some home voice-controlled switches because they required Android to set up, I got thinking maybe I should give them another try.  Not wanting to screw up the BigBox PC, this is an Android platform that I’m  hoping will one day hold the expected Skype on Kindle – as an outgrowth of closer business ties between the two Seattle area firms.

(Continues below)


Light Crown Project

I noticed something really odd this week:  I had been using my second prototype Light Crown to ratchet-up my thinking.  I did notice that one of the LLLT *(low level laser light therapy) arrays (the blue one) had very low output.

But thinking nothing of it a couple of hours later, I went to and did the “word memory” test.  Blew it away.  I mean smacked it.  One run was 139 and on another I deliberately made mistakes at 89…only to notice that it is the 94th percentile of smart people.

Oddly, though, I only did so-so on the number recall test…that in itself is unusual for me.


Wednesday morning I got to tinkering with Light Crow prototype 2 (LCPp2) and I noted the right temple area array (blue) was very weak.  Almost invisible.  Hadn’t been before.

The left temple array (green) was perking right along.

My bottom line?

I am intuiting  (*don’t have data to go beyond that notion threshold) that one can bend one’s IQ a bit via the asymmetrical application of LLLLT to major cranial nerve bundles.  Holy smokes!

One thing leads to another:  The next series of proto’s will have small slide switches.  a) Full array, b) left array right-brain, and c) right-array left-brain.

This goes way, way, past the initial project expectations outlined in both Peoplenomics and in my book Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time which is both Kindlized and paperback on Amazon.

While we have been aware that LLLLT can improve athletic performance in the vicinity of 5-7% (which is huge…picture being able to press another 10 lbs!) I hadn’t worked on the difference in metal acuity that seems to result.

I’m not a dummy (it’s arguable, but school records from my childhood pegged me in the upper 130’s…which shows you what they knew), but imagine what a 7% increase not only in IQ but personal energy levels is like:

Wow!  Working on wave forms to further optimize…

Meantime, I was “on the crown” from 10:30 to 11 AM Wednesday.  By the time we were coming back from town  (2 PM) my energy levels were so high even Zeus the Cat didn’t know who I was.

After working from 4:30 AM, then on the website and “in the lab” until 11, then accompanying Elaine to the doctor (nothing serious) and driving home, here’s how the brain was still functioning at essentially 69 years old.

We had the conversation a Monday or two back about learning to disassociate the “physical aspect of tired” from the mental/spiritual aspects.  My two takeaways from the day were a) my ranking in verbal memory (after an all-day flood of words) was still acceptable (not as good as my first thing in the morning 140 range, but still).  Second take away is with my average reaction time I should still be, uh, not in danger of losing my mind (yet).

Take a look at the table HERE and you will see that single tasks (congruend) in my range are higher than what I’m booking.  While you’re at it, the whole discussion in the paper “Age Differences in Reaction time and Attention in a National Telephone Sample of Adults: Education, Sex, and Task Complexity Matter” (Tun and Lachman, 2003) because it nibbles around the edges of a concept we really like:  namely that if you work in areas that keep your physical reaction speeds high and your mental word acuity rolling, you may be able to beat back age a good bit.

Even Wednesday, the receptionist at the dermatologists office and I were talking about age.  She couldn’t believe I was 69 in a couple of weeks and Elaine was already out of that ballpark.

“You guys look like you’re in your mid to upper 40’s…”

Granted, she was low 20’s so she doesn’t have a highly evolved sense of “what old looks like yet” but still… Do you see why I love red laser light therapy, vitamins, and the light crown, or what?  Hoo-rah.

Since it was a dermatologist, I offered to make the check out to “Itchy and Scratchy

She got that one.

Hacking Space-Time

That project is coming along fine, too.  Working past where I stopped in the book (hard part about writing non-fiction is knowing when enough is enough…).

In Peoplenomics Wednesday I laid out the most recent progress there.  But the bottom line is I am sneaking up on a waveform that may be able to more predictably produce the desired  effects.

Once that gets nailed down, well look out!  For now, the asymmetric speaker is in the same category as the flux capacitor…but this one may have an engineering solution.

Valentines Woo-Woo

While taking a “required food break” Wednesday, Elaine and I were appalled to hear of something called National Cheater’s Day.

A local radio station made note of it as February 13 so cheaters could spend the real Valentines Day with their “loved ones and family.”

We were aghast.

Since we are both monogamous people – we have a view of “cheats” as basically dishonest uses of other people.  If someone is dumb enough to be in a relationship with a known cheater, that’s pretty sick, but codependency is pretty awful stuff.

Still, a grim reminder of how far social mores have fallen and how although the media denies we’re replaying the Fall of Rome, this story screamed to us “The hell we’re not!

Chronicle Project Progress

Several items to go over here, but for those not familiar, first a description of the project.

There’s a small group of Jewish people who live in Saskatchewan and they collected lots and lots of  the earliest documents from biblical times they could.  Then, they went through the texts and discovered what they believe to be an error-checking protocol that is built into the language to keep it from being misinterpreted over time.

The group then went through much of the Bible, starting with the old testament and oh, boy, is human history different than the mainstream thinks!

For one:  We (humans) seem to have been planted here by a race (or races) of physical and spiritual entities who go around the Universe “creating” suitable planets under the direction of one called “Creator”.

Whatever this group (of races/beings) are, they have internal issues and a different take on how they should follow what is laid out by Creator..

So, after “planting Earth” the Earth was legally stolen by the second in command known as the Nakhash.  Creator could no longer interfere in Earth affairs, so he left “watchers” behind to document events – as Chris  (who heads the project) explained to me long ago – there is language in the restored Hebrew (using the self-defining Hebrew [SDH]) that makes the original garden which had the tree of the knowledge of that which satisfies and causes fear,  to sound like a protected area patrolled by we-don’t-know what, but think automated defense systems to protect the info in the tree from falling into the wrong hands, now that Earth is no longer under Creator’s control…

I’ve been after Chis to keep me posted on how all these research is evolving and was pleased to get a longish email from him this week.  He (and the team) is

pretty excited to learn how spot-on the Book of Daniel was from a prophetic standpoint.  And since Daniel has all been fulfilled with the destruction of Israel back in 70 and 132 CE, they are moving on to Joel which seems to c different take on how they should follow what is laid out by Creator.

So, after “planting Earth” there were “watchers” left behind to look after us and – as Chris Tyreman who heads the project explained to me long ago – there is language in the retranslated (using self-defining Hebrew [SDH]) that makes Eden sound like a protected area patrolled by we-don’t-know what, but think laser swords…

The “watchers” left behind don’t follow the rules of Creator but among these highly evolved beings there is total adherence to law.  And, for now, the watchers and their offspring are in charge of Earth (which yes, that’s the Darkness).  What’s more, there’s intricate law going back to how Pontius Pilot had to declare Jesus to be “King of the Jews” to re-establish the Creator followers toe-hold on Earth.

Which is why, there is now a great drawing in to Israel underway.  Because only those who follow Jesus (as the legal leader of Creator’s team) and demonstrate that by following lunar Sabbath will get to live and fight the Final Battle.

Those who follow Darkness, on the other hand, get reborn into this world (again) and that’s why/how all the reincarnation stuff got promoted.

Tyreman and colleague Brad Vornholt have explained the whole process in The Destruction of Sabbath: Tracking the History of Deception, but the gist of it is we (humans) were “planted” with the idea of keeping a lunar calendar life and the way the ones who corrupted humans (intermarriage Nephalem etc) keep control is by keeping everyone reincarnating, rather than keeping the lunar which is how you get to jump off the big cosmic gerbil wheel.

We Pick it Up From There, Now…

I’ve been after Chis to keep me posted on how all these research is evolving and was pleased to get a longish email from him this week.  He (and the team) is pretty excited to learn how spot-on the Book of Daniel was from a prophetic standpoint.  And since Daniel as all been fulfilled, they are moving on to Joel which seems to cover the modern era.

So top off the bean and ponder some of this:

“Good Morning George,

Here is the latest restoration of the prophecy starting in the book of Daniel 9:24.

The photo I have sent you is a screen capture from our new program, which allows you to see the Hebrew, the English and the modern English.

The book of Daniel, according to experts, was written in about 200 BCE (and they do have old copies).

One of the reasons for this dating, is that the book is too accurate, and so it must be a history disguised as a prophecy.  After all, there is no such thing as foretelling the future according to this type of scholar.

All that having been said, the angel/man who spoke to Daniel told him that the visions would be sealed up until the end of days.  Why? Not because they required a special code, but because they required a match to a modern event in order to understand the numbers, and most likely because they new that the modern translations would serve to amplify the confusion over what it says.

The Christians have hooked this section to the anti Christ, but it turns out this is not the case.  The events as you will read, concern the destruction of Israel between 70 CE and 162 CE.

That having been said, here is the amazing part.  As you will read, Daniel has an incredibly accurate account of this event down to exact numbers.  As this event did not occur until 70 CE, the “experts” can no longer claim that this is a fake.

To help the reader, you will find the English on the Left hand side, where we have added the parts of history and the inferred information into the brackets, to allow the reader to see the event.

Your readers should also be apprised that this restoration has been done using the SDH rules for ancient Hebrew, and not the modern rules, which only served to have kept this information hidden.

As to our Daniel content reconstructed?  Here is more info, some historical additions and some links.

v24 Seventy (CE), seventy (thousand men) therefore shall break up your (nation), they shall mount your people and mount your revered city. For all (Israel) shall begin to revolt (against Rome).  And toward to seal off (the revolt), (Rome shall) entrap (Jerusalem) being to continue, and toward to cover (her) with burden.  And toward the (city), shall bring an observance (of Roman) law to mount those and toward to seal off (the) vision (of restoring Israel).  And that which (you) bring (as gifts) and (that) for anointing the revere (of) reveres (holy of holies)

v25 And proceed to know and proceed to inform, that a come forth, from (Jerusalem) is decreed toward the elders and toward the daughters (who are mothers)(of) Jerusalem, even unto the high priest.  Therefore this shall unfold, seventy (CE), seven (months of warfare) and seventy (thousand men).  Sixty and (two) years, (132 CE) (The Israelites) shall proceed to return and therefore plan to build street(s) and set up defenses, and amid distress the times shall pass.

v26  And after this occurs, the seventies, sixty and (two) years, (so Rome) shall restrain the high priest.  And (he shall) prepare toward his and the city, and toward the to revere (the temple), so to breakdown to continue.

(Hadrian prohibited the Torah law and the Hebrew calendar, and executed Judaic scholars. The sacred scroll was ceremonially burned on the Temple Mount. At the former Temple sanctuary, he installed two statues, one of Jupiter, another of himself.)

 (The) people therefore shall overturn the (Romans who) go into (Jerusalem) and it shall be reaching amid to spill out and until it reaches (the) battle therefore specified (by Caesar) to continue, (which shall) lay bare being to continue (Jerusalem).

v27 And the sovereign (Vespasian) shall continue to generate many to invade as one.

(He assembled a 12 legion Roman force from across the Empire to deal with Israel)

And (only) half the (soldiers) shall invade to slaughter (whole) households.

(According to Cassius Dio, 580,000 Jews perished in the war and many more died of hunger and disease, while those who survived were sold into slavery. Roman casualties were also considered heavy)

And that which goes before (the army) and (is) raised over it, (are) detestable wings (the Roman Eagle), that (which) lays bare, and unto (you), (it shall bring) an end.  And therefore (he shall) order (the army) to perpetuate upon your, to lay bare (your city).

 (In an attempt to erase any memory of Judea or Ancient Israel, Emperor Hadrian wiped the name off the maps and replaced it with Syria Palaestina).

Further recommended reading on the history of the event.

Long term, it means that the foretellings by the prophets in the Tanakh (Old Testament) are not fakes, but hold vital information.  We are working on the book of Joel as we speak, which contains what is to occur in our future.

As the Angel/man Gabriel said, the book would be opened in the end of days.  As we have opened the book, I think the information regarding our time becomes ultra relevant.

Chris,  The Chronicle Project”

In all, it’s a fascinating account:  Planted planet, legal battle over humans, reincarnation or warrior at the End…stuff of movie material and far beyond.

While the team works on Joel next, I’m pressing them on Leviticus because that’s where the prohibition on men “making idols after themselves” is prohibited in current translation.

And that matters why?

Because A.I. and Robotics are idols fashioned after men and Babel?

Why, that’s social media, seems clear-enough to us.

A “projects overview” – and one we would just as soon not be disrupted by things like Earthquake Tireds.  Then again, however, guess no one is asking our approval ahead of time, lol.

Dream of Writing a Novel?

Oh, you do, do you?

Reading this morning’s column is about 2,750 word’s worth.  If you could write something this long six days a week – just the length of this single column – you’d be able to crank out TEN 80,000+ words novels a year.

Toss in the news section – usually another 1,000 words (seldom less) and now you’re writing fourteen novels a year with enough padding for a vacation.

If, that is, you proofread as little as someone I know…

Still, when someone says “I want to be a writer but I don’t have time!” I call bullsnot on ’em.

Unless you’re working 6-days a week, cranking out 4,000 pages a weekend would be nothing.  Two novels per year, at that pace.  Worth it, if you can get something scriptable for television out of it.

But, don’t hold your breath:  No one has asked about film rights to my novel DreamOver: A David Shannon Adventure.  Maybe when I get the second one done…

Sometime, we just write because it’s something we need to do…

Write when you get rich,

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17 thoughts on “Coping: Woo-Woo Project Progress Report”

  1. Ure mind has a certain uniqueness that attracts me..izophrenically. Perhaps the following hypotheses and theories that very possibly arose from the subconscious assimilation of a number of particular facts and the consequent flashing of a “great guess,” or “sacred suspicion of the truth,” into the conscious field of attention, could also be part of the equation?

    Back in the 1970s, psychologist Julian Jaynes was fascinated by the idea of consciousness and how it came to exist, and why human beings seem to have a much more advanced self-awareness than other animals.

    The theory he developed in his 1976 book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, was, to put it mildly, controversial. Jaynes’ Bicameral Mind Theory (as it came to be known) claimed that ancient humans actually weren’t self-aware at all. Instead, man’s brain operated sort of like two separate organs. The left brain was responsible for everyday actions, while the right brain supplied memories and problem-solving derived from experience.

    The only problem with this system is that, unlike modern humans, Jaynes thought there was no direct link between the two hemispheres, and thus no consciousness or reflection was available to our ancestors. Instead, the right half communicated to the left through a now-vestigial portion of the language center in the brain, which expressed as auditory hallucinations.

    Jaynes believed that early humans may have treated these hallucinations as the voices of their ancestors or even the gods. He used two famous ancient books as examples: The Iliad and the Old Testament of the Bible. Both refer frequently to hearing voices (of the Muses and God, respectively) while their follow-ups, The Odyssey (which was probably not actually written by the same person as The Iliad) and the New Testament, reference much fewer instances of this. This led Jaynes to believe that the change in our brains must have occurred very recently in human history, probably a few centuries after we formed complex societies and consciousness became more beneficial.

    Jaynes didn’t just pull this theory out of thin air, either. His specialty as a psychologist was working with schizophrenic patients, and he based Bicameralism on the way that a schizophrenic’s mind works. That aforementioned vestigial language center in the brain appears to be fully-functional in sufferers of schizophrenia. Most interesting of all is that recent advances in neuroimaging seem to support Jaynes’s theory.

    And just another tidbit:
    In the Book of Numbers 17:12-13, where Aaron the High Priest, no pun intended, probably burned marijuana as an incense offering during a time of turmoil. Other passages include Gods instructions to Moses to take for yourself herbs bsamim — herbs of medicinal quality — and instructions in Exodus to take spices of the finest sort, pure myrrh, five hundred shekels, fragrant cinnamon, and keneh bosem, which literally means sweet cane, but possibly refers to cannabis. Keneh bosem is also mentioned in the Song of Songs 4:14, Isaiah 43:24, Jeremiah 6:20 and Ezekiel 27:19. Another pronunciation is the Aramaic kene busma, which, perhaps unsurprisingly, is also the name of a modern reggae musician.

    • Marvelous dissertation – we are honored.
      Have actually been pondering Jaynes a lot WRT the basis of religions.
      Not sure how that would work, by clearly before the myelin sheath.
      My current “best theory” on this is that prior to solid, good nutrition, it was not likely that humans had evolved enough myelin content in the brain to facilitate direct (e.g. after Jaynmes, bicameral) consciousness.
      Thus it would take some “acellerants” like cananbis etc to “make the two brains one.”
      The critical role of myelin is discussed here

      Myelin is an electrical insulator; however, its function of facilitating conduction in axons has no exact analogy in electrical circuitry. In unmyelinated fibers, impulse conduction is propagated by local circuits of ion current that flow into the active region of the axonal membrane, through the axon and out through adjacent sections of the membrane (Fig. 4-1). These local circuits depolarize the adjacent piece of membrane in a continuous, sequential fashion. In myelinated axons, the excitable axonal membrane is exposed to the extracellular space only at the nodes of Ranvier; this is the location of sodium channels [2]. When the membrane at the node is excited, the local circuit generated cannot flow through the high-resistance sheath and, therefore, flows out through and depolarizes the membrane at the next node, which might be 1 mm or farther away (Fig. 4-1). The low capacitance of the sheath means that little energy is required to depolarize the remaining membrane between the nodes, which results in local circuit spreading at an increased speed. Active excitation of the axonal membrane jumps from node to node; this form of impulse propagation is called saltatory conduction (Latin saltare, “to jump”). Such movement of the wave of depolarization is much more rapid than in unmyelinated fibers. Furthermore, because only the nodes of Ranvier are excited during conduction in myelinated fibers, Na+ flux into the nerve is much less than in unmyelinated fibers, where the entire membrane is involved. An example of the advantage of myelination is obtained by comparison of two different nerve fibers, both of which conduct at 25 m/sec at 20°C. The 500-mm diameter unmyelinated giant axon of the squid requires 5,000 times as much energy and occupies about 1,500 times as much space as the 12-mm diameter myelinated nerve in the frog.

      So the question is: Were humans little more than effective apes who then got serious about fooding and that led to changes in brain chemistry that opened up both spheres – bringing logic (and C%, lol) to the world?

      Your comments and further thoughts would be most welcome. But the grazing apes to people hearing the VoG and then eating well enough with the dietary rules that the myelin formed – well THAT is a damn fine question.

      One remains: Was there someone/thing prompting us>

      • We have people coming forward and if you like I’ll give you some links but in the meantime we have people coming forward telling us how we are presently and have been for a long time being bred we’re hybrids we being bred with other alien beans the one person who has dissected at least 3,000 different beans and took the DNA and tried the label them so we have places on Earth deep underground that are doing genetic splicing engineering with all beings that already exist throughout the Universe including on our Earth they have examples of every animal every creature injected with human DNA and we are self are part of that experiment

      • Reflecting back on the David Hudson ‘white powder gold’ and the meteor strike/iridium dusting theory…

    • I’m not going to read anybody’s whole article because if I do I’ll get distracted so go ahead let me go ahead and make my point I did say that you I did see that you said something about the two halves of the brain so what I’m going to talk about is.

      When we die there are so many people that claim that they can receive messages from people on the other side who are in the light and they want to tell their relatives that they left behind how they’re doing and all this stuff and you have to have a medium to do that okay that’s project 1.

      Project 2 is about the alien interview who declares that we are trillions of years old and that we go through the chakra treatment when we die and it erases all memories and then were reincarnated into another body somewhere in this part of the Galaxy because the chakra system is in this part of the Galaxy but according to alien beings I say hey we remember how old we are and what years old because we’ve never been through the chakra system and we want to help these people in this part of the universe get rid of it because we have lost people part of our military out scoping people that have so scum to the memory wipe out system that’s in this area.

      Project 3
      How do we discern the difference between project 1 and project 2 is it really when people are saying hey your mother Spirits coming through is it because they’re picking up on the individual that’s living they can read your mind or is it that the spirit is there and hasn’t crossed over to the light to be reincarnated or is it a dual ality where it has crossed over but part of the spirit Soul still there and the other part reincarnates these are my questions that I have to discern.

      May all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it

      • How many more projects can we hide to this to discern whether it’s this way that way or this way or this way that’s what we have to get at the basics take all of these things that are coming at us and discern them m-21 nice little cue ball

    • Add another item is so many say hey we only used two to 10% of our brain which is probably right because we have so many people out there now within our reach that are coming forward through all these researchers that are showing people have the ability to do anything including levitate including read minds including reading foreign languages including reading languages that don’t exist on this Earth we have the ability to communicate with each other we have the ability to make plants grow with our thoughts we have the ability to around and the satanic Puppet Masters don’t want you to discover your 90% of the brain that you’re not using because they want you to be a slave on this planet.

      So I guess my purpose is to tell you may all beings be lovingly fulfilled but more than that may all beings be released from the bondage that has captured the synapses in your brain.
      The knowledge is released they won’t have the power over you and that seems to be what’s happening or getting ready to happen more and more people have the ability to be enlightened as they have the source call the internet and people are able to communicate completely around the world and throughout the Galaxy you didn’t know that we have people throughout the Galaxy that are using our internet right now they’re delivering messages and in at the same time you have Google who’s trying to restrict that technology and those messages that are coming in from outer space they have the technology to override everything that we do they have the technology to give you the ambition to walk up to any place on this Earth and at the same time no matter how militarily security is they have the ability to enable the surrounding people who are getting ready to question you as you enter the gate they have the ability to overcome those people’s minds that are getting ready to question you this is how great we are if we learn how to release the other 89% of our brain and they do not want you to know that
      May all beings be lovingly fulfilled so bit

  2. Jordan Peterson has said that he believes a committed, monogamous relationship is the best way to go for a man. While promiscuity may be fun in the physical sense, committment to one woman has great benefits which tie into being a better person, which he says is the foundational purpose of life. So good on both of you for helping each other become better versions each other.

  3. My mother had simple schizophrenia and below average IQ. Her father was a school teacher who tutored her in addition to school attendance, but was unable to teach her arithmetic beyond simple addition and subtraction. She once told me that when she was severly stressed, such as at family funerals, she would see faces on the walls.

    Mom and I had a contentious relationship because we had great difficulties with our divergent world views. I was adopted and test out in the top 1% on IQ. Conflict is easy to account for in that situation.

    After age 80, she sank into dementia and, due to lack of cooperation, had to be committed for observation as part of my legal bid for guardianship. The geriatric psychiatrist told me test results showed she had zero abstract reasoning ability. A huge light bulb turned on for me. She was a throwback to Jayne’s old bicameral brain, in essence, a human animal, not a fully functioning homo sapiens sapiens.

    This knowledge helped me forgive her and lifted a life long depression. BTW, Jayne’s book is one of my favorites.

  4. It would seem that there is one “law” that is strictly followed, the law of telling us (the non-elite) what they are going to do to us before they do it. Such as Orwell’s 1984 and references all through out tv and entertainment.

  5. I can tell you are feeling good by the length of your column but here’s something about a man that was 256 years old when he died and some Recollections of someone who was 500 years and what do you think they did that was different from us.

  6. I forget where I saw it, (multiple sources, most likely) but some of the big brains think that better nutrition via hunting contributed greatly to brain developement. Meat would supply concentrated protein and fats, both of which are important to healthy brain developement in modern human children.

  7. Re social media – it also fits in to the Biblical prediction: 2 Timothy 3: 2. “For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud…”. Refers to end. Selfies galore, boasting, trying to “out-do” everybody else, proudness, coveting every product celebrity idols sell = social media. Makes me nauseous. Updates from Chris are interesting. As in news recently, many of the ground-floor founders of social media have now started a well-funded foundation against its evils & addictiveness & horrible effects on children (their words not mine). Markets even more nauseating.

  8. Constructing an ‘asymmetrical speaker’? Only thing that comes to mind is “the sound of one hand clapping”.

    Possibly a dual emitter device where one side ‘relaxes/resets’ silently while the other side emits a pulse?

    And what about the medium of air for propagation? Any asymmetric pulse in the medium of air will become a symmetrical wave as it propagates thru air, will it not?

    I dunno… I have no clue. But there apparently is something important around 110 cycles per second.

    In a sidebar, I have read that 528 Hz is a healthful ‘DNA repair’ frequency. I got an underwater speaker and oscillator under construction for 528 Hz that I intend to put into my bathtub for a whole-body liquid immersion of 528 Hz to see what effect it has. Not that my health is bad, but maybe I can live forever? (LOL)

  9. It’s amazing, George. We’ve both written a novel and I’ll bet that every time you tell someone, the next words are “I’ve got an idea for a novel. I just don’t have time to write it.” Every. Single. Person. I always respond with “just write it. One sentence at a time. One word at a time.” The looks I get are disappointed. They think there’s a magic pen sitting around somewhere and maybe they can buy it and write their story. It’s sad. I’m working on the second book right now. It’s fun work.

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