Coping: Two Days in The Realms (Part 2)

Reader Note:  For any of this morning’s column to make “sense” please read Monday’s column here.

You are having a hard time comprehending, aren’t you?

I admitted, I was.

(Continues below)


It’s really quite simple:  You just need to understand that we are all Energetic Beings and that we don’t live in any ONE nominal-share reality, as you’ve long been taught. We are Light Beings. We’re all over Creation.  Realms, you call them.”

Oh boy, gone off the deep end on this one, have we?

“What about Jung?  What about Freud, what about all of the famous psychologists who have studied the human mind?” I was pressing the tutor in my dream for more information; lots more.

Not only was I experiencing an incredibly vivid dream Sunday night, but it was long.  Lasting two full days on the dream-side and then some.  On the waking-state side, it was a bit less than 2-hours

You are living in the woods with purpose.  Images are simplified so you can translate them.  As Light Beings, we all float around the Universe and have been since Creation.  We land in bodies and it’s there we grow.

To use an analogy, consider spiders weaving webs from low-lying trees.  This illustrates part of it:  Light Beings need chemical bodies to live in. Electro-chemical bodies of humans are like “webs” – they “catch” Light Beings.

“I’m sorry, can you run that by again?  I’m not sure what you’re saying…”

You have written in your book about Reality Stacking and how Reality (writ large) is similar to complex radio modulations run on ordinary power lines.  You mentioned this in your Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) recently.  You use it in the new book referring to the stacking in the OSI data model, too.

Light Beings are “captured” into chemical bodies – by choice:  First because the chemical body provides us with the electro-chemical “branch” we need. It nourishes us.  Secondly, we “land” in a body in order to enjoy the physical world adventures of your waking-states.  You call this “nominal shared reality.” 

Once a Light Being “lands,” they can choose their “level of play” to express in gamer terms.  You can play just the nominal shared reality game, or you can play the mixed version, as you’ve chosen.  Either way, it’s learning time.

It’s much larger and grander than THAT, of course, but the framework concepts are there; almost complete.  Remember the other night, how you and Elaine were sitting on the screen-porch having a drink?  There were cardinals coming and roosting in the ficus bushes on either side…”

“It’s our quitting time ritual…but, I’m not clear how that explains Reality.”

Birds seek a place to “land and carry on.” So too, Light Beings are driven to roost in “electrical hosts. Without a host, we have no tactile senses.  As you know, those can be quite nice!”

“I’ve written in the past about how consciousness moves around in the body in cases of extreme pain.  Is that how it works?”

Yes, to an extent.  But there is a deeper level. 

Do you ever wonder where humans get their drive to “build the future?”  What our electro-chemical host bodies are doing is trying to build a “mirror world” of what Energetic life is like, here in The Realms.

There is a continuum:  When you are tightly “locked” into nominal shared reality, there is nothing Else. The Reductionists, the engineers. Locked humans keep the nominal shared reality tied together and working.  It’s like a crowd with mass hypnosis.

Occasionally, something happens, and a person will experience their consciousness “moving around” – usually to the site of serious pain. 

It’s why some religions practice self-flagellation, by the way.  Although it sounds barbaric to someone “locked” in your NSR, the idea of self-flagellation is to “kick the consciousness out of its usual parking place.”  Going to the site of pain in a body may seem an ungraceful way to do it, but not everyone can move mind around body..  Back to that self-permission problem you’ll write of.

After these two levels – brain-locked and body-locked –  are the astral levels. First as dream adventures – as you’re having now.  Then in the waking-state.

In these, Light Beings can leave the body and travel to any WHERE and any TIME.  For now, you are traveling in your dream state because it’s easiest for you to recall.”

“When can I do the waking-state Out of Body Experience (OBE)?  I think that would be way cool!”

Can’t say.  It’s little different than the dream-state.  For now, the dream-state as where you go to practice.

The US government has worked on some of this, already.  What was written as the Montauk Experiment has a grain of truth behind it.  What you didn’t explore deeply-enough in Dimensions Next Door, was that the complex waveforms on carriers is where consciousness lives.  But, you can’t measure it DIRECTLY so indirect tools, like electrical stimulators are used.  You saw the accidental release of the Mind Control documents last week?  Tip of the iceberg.  There’s much more to come.”

The discussion was over.  I was told, but without a word being spoken.  I was still in The Realms.  So, I headed to the airport.

The airport in The Realms seemed a fun hing to do.

As you might remember from earlier dreams I’ve reported on, Elaine and I have a very nice condo or apartment in an area called something like Lieneuw (le’ new?) and it’s in an area east of a large city like Seattle.  Lieneuw in somewhat alpine – on the order of Issaquah, if you know the area.

Elaine was away, having a different dream, tonight, so there I was at the condo/apartment with the dog.

The dog is a recent addition to my adventures in The Realms.  A big German Shepard type, he was perfectly obedient and was there to “protect me.”  From what, I wasn’t sure.

With most of a day before Elaine’s return, I piled the dog into vehicle and went to the airport.  The vehicle is like an open-rail dune buggy.

Situated  with takeoffs to the northeast out over a large lake, the airport was an inviting place.  But, there were certain very specific rules about the airspace that had to be observed when flyting in The Realms.

Because the Realms mirror and at a very subtle level, and co-exist with nominal shared reality, all pilots are trained to fly very low and stay out of the way of waking-state commercial aircraft operations at higher altitudes.

It was a sort of “knowing” that it was OK to fly at altitudes up to 50-feets, or so.  The part that was most interesting, though, was recalling my “lecture” from earlier in the dream – the part about humans creating a “mirror world” of high Realms – that this was where the present craze of building drones and UAV’s was coming from at an energetic level.

The plane was waiting:  Bright red, single engine biplane, it featured 500 horsepower and was very similar, but a lot spiffier than an old N3N Torpedo bomber from WW II that I’d once flown in the NSR.

Piling the dog in the back seat, we took off toward the east to the mountains, careful to hold our altitude at 27-feet.  Low and slow – 30-35 miles per hour.  Gentle, almost soft turbulence; just a light tough to correct.

The plane was a great performer.

In fact, as we approached the first real “mountain” I noticed that the plane could fly straight up vertically and climb nicely by rolling in some throttle.

Good thing, too, since the mountains were more like mesas.  High – on the order of several thousand feet – they were flat-topped.

It was fun to fly up the side vertically, and as we reached the top, we did the most amazing barrel roll out of the climb into level flight.  I immediately sat the plane down on top of the mesa near an open area where other planes and pilots were congregated.

I poured out a bowl of dog food – flying had made the dog ravenous.  Then some chit-chat with local pilots ensued.

The main topic how close we could fly to the approach for the big city airport over on the waking-side.

There, planes in the nominal world were landing, and even though down low, we wanted to cross the approaches sometimes and a long discussion about crossing traffic and separation took place.

The gist of it was that craft from The Realms had to maintain wide separations (a mile or more) from commercial NSR traffic or bad things would result.  How bad?  That wasn’t clear, except that such crossings may have contributed to airplane crashes in the nominal world, at some point.

This all had something to do with energy density.  Although The Realms are not visible, there was apparently some sort of interaction that could be dangerous.  It was to be strictly avoided.

The dog and I got back in the red biplane and headed vertically down the side of this mesa-like mountain, feeling weightless as we nosed-over and then feeling almost pass-out G-forces at the bottom as I pulled out at 30-feet.

From here the dream faded, but there was a knowing that I would head “home” and see Elaine and talk about our adventures.

The next day, we got up and went off to ‘school.’  There were all kinds of classes going on, teaching any subject a person could possibly want. Music, art, languages, math.  We knew some people would “take these back over” to the waking state, but a great deal would lost, too.

Feeling hungry, we headed toward “the school’s” cafeteria.  It was more on the order of a Denny’s:  Sit-down tables and busy as the Dickens.  Good food, too.

About then, what looked like a gangster figure showed up at our table and became verbally abusive with us.  Threatening out lives for daring to be there. Berating us for this, and twice as bad for that.

As the threats escalated toward a crescendo, another gangster strolled up  to the table – this one looking very much like Jim Carey’s figure in The Mask.  Bright suit, broad-brim hat…the whole deal.

He apologized for the behavior of the other “gangster” and said he hadn’t realized who we were.  There was an apology from him, but not the still-smoldering screamer.

At this, the view changed slightly and we discovered to our amusement the first gangster – the one making all the threats toward us – was a midget.  No taller than 2-feet high.  Ornery looking, mean, and with a very expensive suit on, there had been no way to estimate his size.  He was laughably tiny.

We laughed, some more and asked about that.

People on your side (which I took to mean the NSR/other side/ waking-state ) don’t realize this, but demons are nothing more than egoic expressions of Beings who have become lost in the operation of The Realms.

Take this demon bothering you, for example.  At first, you no doubt thought he was HUGE.  But here in The Realms, he’s such a minor player so as to be of no concern.  Appearances matter here! But even more important is attitude.”

That was reassuring.  The Jim Carey-looking large gangster – who must have topped 7-feet – continued his explanation:

Remember when you and Elaine were dating, and you agreed it would be a good idea to take the Gregorc Style Delimiter, so you could see how closely your thinking-styles would mesh?  Do you remember the results?”

“I sure do!  We were both shocked at how BALANCED we were.  Both of use were just about perfectly balanced between abstract and concrete thinking, as well as random versus sequential.”

Exactly.  That’s why the two of you get along both in The Realms and back in the NSR:  You are balanced and aligned with one-another.  You are friends.

Now, take this little gangster, for example:  He is  UNBALANCED.  The way he expresses that is by going to extremes attempting to intimidate other Light Beings. That only works if you show fear.”

“You mean to say that all Light Beings are not perfect?”

Of course not!  Over time, they work their way back toward balance, but it can take many lifetimes – and visits to the nominal shared reality – for them to learn the lessons of balance and then partner with an equally balanced partner.  In fact, it can take many centuries for it to work-out.”

We continued with lunch (the food was great) and the giant gangster offered us his “protection.”

I will make sure the pipsqueak doesn’t bother you again.”

As we left the school’s restaurant area and went outside, the “pipsqueak” was back…standing (all two-feet tall of him) in our vehicle.  It was the open-frame dune-buggy.

As promised, though, just as the mini-gangster was about to light into us with another round of verbal abuse, the giant came out.  With a snap of his fingers, the mini-gangster disappeared.  No smoke, no “poof!” – he was just gone.

I told you, you are under Protection,” the giant explained.  With a salute up to the level of his huge hat brim, we were down the road

In The Realms Light Beings have imperfections, just as they do here in Nominal Shared Reality (the NSR).

Elaine was going to a healthcare facility because she was having trouble “seeing.”  The issue wasn’t  one of “literally” seeing – which she does fine.  Instead, it was a kind of “spiritual vision cataract.”  If that makes sense.

We’d been through a few offices for tests at this medical facility and finally we were handed a report.

Across the top were five boxes.  I don’t remember all of them, but one said “1.4 AW” and under it was the word “depth.”  To the right of that was another box, this one showing “2.4 AW” and the legend under said “Width.”

Having been through too many eye operations in the nominal world, I was intrigued by how this worked.  A passing “doctor” took a moment to explain:

Astral healthcare is…DIFFERENT.  When you have an “illness” or are having trouble with something, like your wife’s having issues with her “astral vision” which we can fix, of course, it’s just a matter of finding the issue to fix…so diagnosis is the key aspect of Light Being medicine.  The “fixes” are easy…it’s the diagnosis.  But, in her case, that’s clear to us, so she will be back to full astral vision in no time.”

“What does 1.4 and 2.4 AW mean?”

“Oh…depth and width.  The 1.4 is how dense her impairment is.  Think of it as looking through an astral fog.  If it was a 5, she wouldn’t be able to see anything.  If she was a 0, then she would have PERFECT astral clarity and if it was a 0 on WIDTH, it would mean a perfect FIELD of astral vision. Zero impairments is what we’re after.  Got it?”

“Got’cha.  What does the AW stand for?”

You really don’t KNOW much, yet, do you?  We are LIGHT BEINGS. AW is short for Ångström Wavelength.  Behind each of the depth and width numbers there is a rainbow of light quanta.  Colors in certain proportions is what we use for diagnostics.  As we learn medicine in The Realms, this understanding is part of our training.”

An explanatory note to the reader may be of use: Here’s the basis of the AW, explained in Wikipedia:

“Anders Jonas Ångström was a pioneer in the field of spectroscopy, and he is also well known for his studies of astrophysics, heat transfer, terrestrial magnetism, and the aurora borealis. In 1852, Ångström formulated in Optiska undersökningar, in English translation Optical Researches, a law of absorption, later modified somewhat and known as Kirchhoff’s law of thermal radiation.

In 1868, Ångström created a chart of the spectrum of sunlight, in which he expressed the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum in multiples of one ten-millionth of a millimetre (or 10?7 mm.). Because the human eye is sensitive to wavelengths from about 4000 to 7000 Å (visible light), that choice of unit supported sufficiently accurate measurements of visible wavelengths without resorting to fractional numbers. Ångström’s chart and table of wavelengths in the solar spectrum became widely used in solar physics, which adopted the unit and named it after him. It subsequently spread to the rest of astronomical spectroscopy, atomic spectroscopy, and subsequently to other sciences that deal with atomic-scale structures.”

I hadn’t notice before, but by now, Elaine had gone ahead to another office on that floor of the building for her astral vision “treatment.”

I had a good idea of where she was, so I took a different route.  Don’t ask me how I knew.

Going down a wide, tall hallway, I noticed a doctor who was crouched on an overhead wooden beam with that looked like a gun pointed at his head.

“What are you doing up there?  Do you need a hand?” I asked, being very concerned. “Mind if I take a picture of you?”

I’d noticed I was holding a special kind of camera in my left hand.  It was the size of a typical SLR camera, but with a bit more heft and a “special lens” apparatus on it.

NO!  Don’t EVER try to take my picture, whatever you do!” he said.

“Why not?”

“You have the idea of stacked Realities right, and you’re right-on with the roosting of Light Beings on an electro-chemical host, but if you try to “capture us”  it kills us!”

Who’d have thought?

It’s an instrumentation problem,” said the doctor, jumping down from his ledge, the gun now put back his holster. Odd for a “doctor” to wear.  Once down, his explanation resumed:

Light Beings need TIME to transition between The Realms when our host body dies.  This is why in most religions, there is a “cooling-off period.”  This give the Light Being (you call them souls) to leave the host body.  48-hours is a minimum, but 72-hours is better.  During this time, the Light Being can take a leisurely look around and put some thought into where to go next.  Departure versus a sudden Eviction.  Light Beings leave the host when all the electro-chemical reactions in the host body have stopped.  But, it takes longer than brain-death on an EEG.”

As I wandered off to see how Elaine’s astral treatment went, I gently drifted back across the soft divide – the veils – between consciousness on this side and the Land of Nod.  I felt as if I’d gorged on new-found knowledge of how The Realms operate.

The experience would be written up and be included as a chapter in the new book, but it was a lot more.  It was a kind of soft introduction astral venturing from the dream-state.  It also instilled a deeper appreciation that for a multi-dimensional relationship to “work,” couples need to focus on “balance-matching.”

In order to have a partner in your astral adventures in The Realms as the Light Beings you are, thought-forms and other evolutionary aspects should be close so the partnership can operate in the same planes.  Not just sex, or emptions, or thinking styles, but all three.

My notes on this amazingly-long dream committed to media, I printed off a copy and asked Elaine to review it.

“I like science fiction,” she said.

“Is it?”

Meanwhile, Back at the Bathroom

You may remember the water leak of last week?

Ready for the new flooring to go in today:

Certainly looks better – and with six 2-by-6’s in place, and cross bracing, this may be the strongest part of the house, yet.  Tornado-level construction.

About the only problem is Zeus the cat.  When the floor was opened up for a couple of days, he made the underside of the house his new “adventure area.” Since I layered in the plywood, he’s taken to going in and staring at the plywood – like he wants me to open it up for him..

No way.

Oh…reason the floor didn’t go in Monday?  Floor installer had a water flooding issue at his house…  Something going around?

Write when you get rich,

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      • “When my time comes, I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather… not screaming in terror like his passengers!”

        Forget where I heard that one.

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    Miracle money technique.
    Positive thinking
    astro projection

    if you dream it you can build it.. science fiction has proven that the wildest thoughts are possible. dick tracey and the wrist television.. flying to the moon..

    I totally get it….

    • I have always said.. there are no secrets.. to keep a secret you have to be the only one..
      I have always believed that everything.. everything is released to the public. A government organization has how many committees think tanks studies and numerous other departments by releasing it is sort of like hiding something. hide it in plain sight. then once the story is out spend millions of dollars to discredit the story. that way there is a level of doubt and plausible deniability.. the story is out they have a great excuse if it ever gets to that point.. well you knew we told everyone I can’t help it you didn’t believe it.

    • Talk about Synchronicity 2! I was listening to an interview with Grant Cameron recently! BTW if you’re interested in UFO/UAP’s make sure to check out Linda Moulton Howe has a weekly show on Thursdays at 5 P PDT; Rich Dolan is on Mondays at 5 PM PDT.

  3. It is interesting that you bring up the soul “capture”. See your friends page over at the chronicle project for that.
    Scroll 2 verse 4 – “…And so Creator of the Originators fashioned the Adam, by joining elements derived of the ground. And so (the body) captured a life force therefore to continue to locate memories. And so the Adam existed to have life therefore flow out of him…”, might want to ask Chris about “the signal” as well.

  4. ECS..Boy are you in give you the answers to the conundrum your in you have to do a little ready.
    Berkley, Princton,etc etc etc just about the whole academic world has done a study on social class.. they all have done extensive research on this very subject. why do the wealthiest feel they are above the laws of man. Why do lawmakers skate over the things they do.
    the prisons are full of people from poor families .
    for the most part if you have money or power the law isn’t written for them.They have the power to fight the system.On the same issue those with money and power
    here is just one paper.. enjoy..

    even seeking stiffer sentences for crimes from poor..

    social class.. everyone cannot be rich.. if everyone was given a million dollars then everything would have to reflect the million dollar earnings.
    that is why in theory the Reagan trickle down theory would have worked. In reality though it didn’t trickle down if the older titans of business were still in power then well it might have.
    In the real world those with power and money don’t deal with the same laws that we do. they pretty much can do what they want when they want with whoever they want. In years past the old men of power had a different attitude than those of today. they had one to build our country. most of them came from small poor immigrant families and struggled to the top. they remembered their struggles and made sure those that worked for them benefited when they did. I could give you many instances.. my fathers company as an example the owner had business dealings in many countries thousands of employees and knew me and my siblings by father was a delivery man.the colonel( the only name I knew him by) didn’t hesitate to take his jacket off and help and just picnics were like a family gathering. today many of those in hierarchy don’t have that ability or desire. my fathers employer made sure that everyone that retired from his company while he was at the helm was taken care of till they died. great man great company..
    Today those in power figure they don’t have to play nice or by the rules.
    Money,Power is the ticket to do what you want. why do you think congress does so much for the wealthy but very little for the average.

    • times have changed.. community.. use to be everyone knew their neighbors to. I remember block parties.. tailgate parties.. now very few even know who their neighbors are..

    • I see 3 layers as very nicely hidden by our gangsters in Congress and all the media and 500 sanctuary cities across America. Rich. Citizens. Illegals. Illegals get out of jail free everyday across this great land after many awful atrocities that a citizen wouldn’t. The rich, the citizen in the middle, and the illegal. As far as I am concerned, the first and third are covered and protected, top to bottom and bottom up.

  5. George, I side with Elaine – Sicence Fiction in dream form to be eventually in book form when you complete your new book. But a very interesting concept except for the demon part. Because of the demons, I will need to stay out of the realms.

    I don’t believe a mind like yours is available anywhere else.

    The small gangster may be the result of the recent passing of Mini-Me.

    • I’m not sure it’s all science, and it’s definitely not fiction. Having had some light experience in my realms, though not in a dream state, I can say that George is not alone in having his alternative reality. It’s interesting that for George and others, there’s a return to a specific alternate reality again and again. Definitely not just random dreams. There are real lessons there, even for those not conscious of them.

  6. George, I have a dream idea. Concentrate you dream thoughts on finding a stock that is about to take off in price in the near future, & let us know it’s symbol.

    I am unable to do this since I very rarely dream and never have correct visions. I do have correct intuitive thoughts, but mostly fail to act on them.

    • Forget the stock…how about the winning lottery numbers.. Oh wait..the lottery has a distinct pattern. Dam that means it wouldn’t help me for a few years

  7. I saw a midget demon once on this side. It was an angry, accusatory being strongly tied to my personal issues. As soon as I challenged it, it disappeared and an angel took its place. I had asked to see Heaven. The angel let me see it; all internal illumined geometric shapes but the experience was just as St Paul described, looking through a darkened glass.

    Sayaradarian taught that cremation of a body should wait for three days to allow the soul to completely leave. Otherwise, it can feel the flames. Quick burial is ok.

  8. Tibetan Dzogchen is highly relevant to your construct. They had 1300 years of isolation and total dedication to the exploration of the subject. If you look for it, you will find the Buddha’s teachings were in some cases attended by beings from across the universe traveling by pure mind. A number of treatises and writings by the 19th century lama Dudjom Lingpa have been translated for the first time by Alan Wallace. Each addresses the same Dzogchen understanding in different ways. One called “The Foolish Dharma of an Idiot Clothed in Mud and Feathers” is especially succinct and understandable if you have a mind to focus on it. I started out just wanting to accomplish astral travel willfully and found my way to the Tibetans who have the best understanding of how reality works. There is no “God” on a throne, but there are energetic entities that make it work. Demons and negative entities are your own negative projections. I’ll stop, but the similarities to your experience are many!

  9. So, Spiritual Vision… perhaps our Creative Resolution. We can control reality down to this level.

    At 1.4 A, that puts a large portion of the Periodic Table under your conscious control.

    Always good stuff, George!


    So is everything in your NSR existence (life) planned out in the realms before you come or is it just as random as it seems?

  11. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Your mention a couple of days ago about a tragic, unsettling Peruvian jungle lynching conjures up curious realms.

    The event apparently employed some variety of tea of dmt, a schedule 1 drug. It’s consumption can lead to visions of aliens according to Wikipedia. It also mentioned that following the US supreme court case Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita Beneficente Uniao do Vegetable, the son of a billionaire successfully obtained an exemption for church consumption of the tea elixir on the grounds of religious freedom. Learning of this decision has been an enlightening experience.

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