Coping: Automatic Writing II & “The Franchise”

Last Friday I told you about my fascinating experiment with “automatic writing” and offered a few comments on it.

As you might recall, the “main character” in that even referred to an entity called “Hundspine” (or “Hudspine”) and I found it curious that the name of the entity speaking was carefully avoided.

So then comes a note from Chris Tyreman, who you’ll recall is the head of The Chronicle Project up in Canada.  It’s a group of young Jewish scholars who are busily reconstructing the contents of Old Testament.  Turns out, they discovered something called “Self-Defining Hebrew” (or SDH).

The guts of the idea is that each of the letters in Hebrew translates to a motion, position, or posture of a human. Which is like finding an “error correction system” in a language; a way to keep straight on the original meanings.

And of course, what they’ve been finding is that much mistranslation is present in the modern Bible, as well as the story of Creation which, in the SDH translation of Bible sounds more like angels & archangels do a “terraforming planet” project for Creator/Source who’s in charge of things.

And this ties in to my automatic writing experience, how?  Read the note from Chris…

Hello G

Everything has a name. In ancient Hebrew (using the SDH restorations) the word forname is image which means to locate.

“To project to raise up (think of sticking your arms out and then putting them over your head)

The reason There is no name given by the thing speaking with you, is because a name gives location. Location can then be “located” and they will not give their location because they can then be commanded and controlled, hence the B.S. About names.

The name given (to you in the session) is Hudspine, ruler of the Earth.

The actual name it says is in another language. Again he won’t give the real name.

imageTry ancient Hebrew: Using the sounds closest to the spelling It becomes “Hadashapan”

Using SDH it can be broken down multiple ways and each way will point to the main concept.


To most people, this would be nonsense, but not if you know who this applies to.

In Genesis restored using SDH page 26 on our website

“Ch 2 v1 And the overseer of the creation was to be opening all which represented the field, those that Creator of the Originators made to establish (the earth).”

This is the Nakhash, the overseer of Earth’s terra forming that legally stole control of the planet from Creator. The bible has him as a snake talking to Eve. 

He was the one in control of the production of all life developed and spread out over our planet.

Now look at the words again:
The (one) therefore to grow, to look to
The (one) to put across, to expel, to follow (following his treason, Creator expelled him from his ranks))
Therefore to flow out, to decide, define (who that is)

Freaking out yet?”

The thinking point (off automatic writing for a moment) is the implications of the Nakhash stealing control of this region of space-time from the Creator using law.  Is this telling us that at some grand/divine cosmic level lawyers are forever trying to screw one another out of things – even whole worlds?  Doesn’t say much for Law, does it?  Back to point…

I haven’t had the urge to do any more on this “contact writing” – besides, there are a number of problems with continuing.

First, dabbling in any of the “magickal” arts is frowned upon for a couple of reasons.  First is the possibility of doing unintended damage to the “higher self.”  In other words,; while messing about with such stuff may not produce negative effects on the physical body, there may be impacts on the higher body (spirit/soul levels) that may not be apparent until long after the fact.

(I define “magic” as stage tricks and illusions, differentiated from “magick” which is working with the spiritual quicksilver.)

A second reason is that those who profit by mistranslation (and going into the “fear sell” (hell, fire, brimstone, etc. if you don’t offer enough in the collection plate) aren’t very tolerant of newcomers who might impact franchise revenue.  It’s also useful to remember than just 400-years ago, we were burning people at the stake who got in the way of “The Franchise.”

But mostly, I just don’t have time for such sidelights and indulgences.  A email from reader Tom is on point:


Interesting bit that automatic writing experience. My dad used to do it too. In fact he self published a small book dealing with his experiences in the occult.

But back to yours’, sounds like you may have gotten hold of an acolyte of the old De’el his-self, or whatever self- absorbed entity passes for that outside of standard religion. The references to the religions gave it away, unless you planted that li’l bit to get a rise out of someone. Anyway, keep it up, you get more interesting every day. I’d like to see what this bored fellow has to say in the future. I guess on the other side, any day above ground ISN’T necessarily a good one, lol.

My eldest daughter also sent me a note about “dangers of going to the Bardo” if I didn’t know exactly what I am doing.  (I seldom do.)

While mainly a Sanskrit and Buddhist notion (Bardo=intermediate state after death) it has been adopted by other religions, as well.  Roughly, the Bardo would be an approximation of Purgatory in the Catholic view of things.

In any of these cases, the notion seems to be that there’s a [painful] waiting room for the impure after death, where they have to hang out while their misdeeds and just get sorted out.

But, since it shows up in Sanskrit, then later Buddhist, and then in Catholicism, in marketing terms, it looks like a “sticky feature set” that played well and may have been incorporated in several of The Franchise’s operations.

Yet another book I need to write, one of these days:  Religion as a Marketing Exercise.  Maybe it’s out there already.  And in any event, I can already hear the stake holders (so to speak) “flicking their Bics” and looking for a few gallons of gasoline.

I’ll just still with markets and more to what I know.

Until my new scrying ball, gets here, of course.  Still after stock tips and PowerBall numbers but without a nasty time out as payment-in-kind in the Big Sleep.

Another Happy Ham

Letters we like to receive:

Just wanted to say thanks for the ham radio article about the BaoFeng UV-5R   on amazon. I bought it around Christmas and got my technician ticket about a month ago. My dad did the same after having a novice ticket years ago. The wife is thinking about getting hers as well. It’s a great add to the prepper (and fun!!!) toolkit

73 from alabama

Few hobbies offer as much “brain candy” as ham radio.  There’s the art, science, do-it-yourselfer, not to mention the news junkie/first hand accounts angle to it.

Want to come out and work on my tower for me?  Big fall project for me is putting in a new rotator, new crank-up motor and cables.  But that’s so far down the road I can’t see straight.

Diamonds Are for Mining

Panama’s getting downright spunky.  Brother in law is over his recent health issues that he’s not planning a mining expedition over to Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkysaw.

As soon as we get a break in the rain, of course.  No telling when that might be, maybe next weekend.  Diamond mining is best after rain, we hear.

We Got How Close to “The End?”

Here’s a rather uncomfortable report about how close the world came to ending in flaming nuclear fireballs.

This is one that doesn’t show up elsewhere on the net, at least, insofar as I have seen.

It came as a reader note from a Peoplenomics reader who read, and appreciated, the comments from our longtime contributor warhammer, who as you know is a real-deal former military war-gamer.

This other fellow (who we will just call powerhammer) worked on the Minute Man III systems and he’s got a little sharing to do that oughta clear out the cobwebs if you think through what he’s saying…


Re the military question, I was on MMIII crew and the current crop of leadership doesn’t have the same understanding as was present in SAC.  The gap came after the Berlin Wall came down and we unilaterally disarmed, mentally. 

The SAC mentality disappeared almost overnight and we carried forward on practiced momentum for a while, now we’ve lost that and it has caught up with us.  There are not people in place who have the same experience and foresight that LeMay and others had, they are weeded out – too strong in personality and belief. 

Pretty much thin vanilla soup now.  Even in terms of hardware we have lost out edge,  I had the contracts for the [redacted] and [redacted] of the Peacekeeper missile and those are all gone, given away by our ‘leadership’ .  T

hey as a group are not leading forward to a clearer destination but selling us down the road for their benefit.  At some point people will discover that sycophants and military leadership are not the same and when the time comes the former will not be equal to the job.  They are a weak link and historically always have been.  So hope that there is true leadership available who can help recover when the time comes. Note that I did not say ‘left’ but available.  You do not want to be led by sycophants from the rear.

Here’s a hoot – I work for the VA now [redacted].  They are struggling to gain control of the contracting system and many with past DOD experience are in there pushing hard to get the reforms made.  There has been a lot of resistance but there is progress and it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.  This current problem has a lot of people running fast to fix access.

You have probably mentioned it before but “Command and Control” is a good backgrounder on the nuclear weapons program.  The majority of events he chronicles happened while I was on crew.  He doesn’t cover everything, especially for the MMIII crews but you were  5 seconds away from last key turn at one point

Have a good memorial day

Oh….5 seconds???!!! 

Holy smokes (or unholy, as the case may be).  Well, that’s certainly a firecracker to know about, isn’t it?  World’s been “5-seconds to “over.”

That’s apparently from the book Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety ($21, Amazon, due out in paperback in August).

On that chipper note, off to a full schedule of fun, frolic, and adventure.  Or, a bit more honestly, time to work my butt off and try to scrape a living off this here rock.

Write when you break-even,