ShopTalk Sunday: Wood Sailboat Model Build (1)

Ever get tempted to buy one of those inexpensive Chinese model sailing ships on eBay?  Great value – way cool. The one on the right there is a good value if you want an introductory project to real model-making skills. $11.33 each plus $3.36 for a SpeedPAK from China.  The seller is out of Shanghai.  … Read More

Sunday ShopTalk: Anti-Aging Autos, Side of Woo-Woo

Since I’m updating my book “How to Live on $10,000 a Year – Or Less…” over on the Peoplenomics side of the house (free there, update will be $4-bucks here when done), this whole matter of America’s Assinine Auto Addiction (quadruple A) was my focus Saturday. Cars as Investments Pappy always taught that cars were … Read More

Prepping: Fix-It Shop Basics (Part I)

OK, suppose the worst happens:  the lights go out – the Internet has been attacked – but where you live, dedicated worker are getting the power on a couple of hours per day. You have been able to scrape-by – supplementing some wholly inadequate stored foods with a few fresh veggies from your quickly-planted garden. … Read More

Prepping: Buy Flash, Ubiquity, or Quality?

For your Reading File: Before we jump in to this morning’s notes on superior prepping and living the ideal “strategic life” there are two books you ought to have on your reading list because they are great values. One is Gaye Levy’s “Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage: A Practical Guide to Storing Food For the … Read More

Prepping: The Trunk Check

Warren Bouffant and his little Brit-speaking gecko insure our vehicles,  So, every six-months we get new insurance cards in the mail and that’s a dandy way to trigger a ton of prepping checks. Even in huge outback of East Texas, it’s a short walk from the glove box to the trunk for an inspection. What … Read More

Prepping: A Hybrid eBike Concept

I am not one to go about trying to find new (and creative) ways to break the law…We assiduously uphold the law, even when it’s self-serving and occasionally outright freedom-restricting. That said, we see how laws are sometimes made for more than keeping the public peace and order.  And, in the case of States regulating … Read More

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