5th Wave Woes: America’s Worst Nightmare?

Our column this morning is spectacularly short.  Because this old Ure fellow is moving fence lines around up at the garden.  This involves real (gulp! work.

City-dwellers who have never driven 6-foot steel Tee-Post into hard soil have no idea what adventure they have missed.

Only three ways to drive posts:  Hardest is to use a fence post digging tool and dig a hole.  They don’t set up well for 6-months.

Easiest is to use the tractor bucket and just slam them in.  But, since the bucket won’t go up to 6-feet with enough height left to effectively drive ’em in, we end up slamming them in with a fence ram.

Fence Ramming

Picture a 3-4 inch diameter piece of steel pipe; foot and a half long.  On the sides of it are two pipe handles.  One end is blocked with a very strong set of steel plugs.  The open end of this 18-inch long contraption goes on top of the Tee-post.  Some old geezer then pushes up the ram and “encourages it” to fall on the post.  Like a pile-driver.  Eventually, 20-60 slams later, the Tee-post is set and the fencing and metal clips are applied.

The project this morning involves setting 8 posts.  A small project, but still one best tackled when it’s 55-degrees, not 85.  Ergo, the short column.

Don’t you love it?  Farmer-knowledge without the farmer’s pains, blisters, sweat, and dirt.  Virtual –  Marvelous..  Tthe Internet allows you to pretend and “try on” what farmer stuff is all about.

“Which Has What to Do With Markets?”

Financial markets used to be about “growing things.” Companies.  Market shares. The theory was that growth would result in vibrant companies which would share their higher values via higher share prices and dividends.

That model has collapsed.  There’s no more growth.

We’re into the “making-up” of reasons for the market to go higher.  Printing up  un-founded money.  Giving the hedge funds free dough so they can jack-up the illusion.  Car rentals, hotels, amusement parsk (like Vegas), airlines… Maybe 25% of American business is toast.  The service industry is in free-fall and we’re on the doorstep of Depression 2.0.

That’s Why Our Fence Focus

With the fence moved, our food-growing will be streamlined.  Less for the wildlife to snag.  Because in Depressions, people go hungry.  Real hungry.

Since we like to be ahead-of-the-curve, even if the word famine doesn’t get here for a while, we’d like to troubleshoot any of our failures while there’s still beer and chips to buy.

Ignoring the fact the U.N. is a tool of globalists, you did notice “The world faces ‘mega-famines’ that could ‘impact us on biblical proportions’ due to coronavirus, UN warns”?

Amazingly, Americans would rather hear about some two-bit Hollywood star or starlet whoring-around with plenty of steamy and lurid details than figure out what actually matters.  Like starting container gardening.  Astoundingly dumb nation.  To see it in media, we don’t even know what sex we are! GMAFB.

If you’re not happy with keyword “famine” results from your news search tools, because they return stories like “A choice between death by COVID-19 or famine.” here’s an option.  Do a search on “food shortage” instead!

The Paleo-Keto Woes

Search “food shortage” and you’ll find stories about the “Coming Protein Shortage” we have been warning Peoplenomics readers about for a decade.

Check the New York Post’s outlook if Paleo and Keto is your thing: “Coronavirus meat shortages could potentially last through summer .

Vermont Public Radio asked an eminently reasonable question a couple of days back “In A Food Shortage, Could Vermont Farms Feed The Whole State?

As should be obvious, there were many reasons we fled the higher-paying, lower exercise corporate life 17-years ago.  Now, here come the headlines we been warning of.

Amazing us almost daily is how few people are willing to suffer through a bit lower bandwidth in return for cleaner air.  Plus nothing beats fresh from the garden food.

City people have more faith that religionists.  They HAVE FAITH that past American genius will keep the power on and the internet up.  People are literally betting their lives on Reliability.  Whew!

It’s all in how you want to play the odds, isn’t it?

We like “sure things.”  Owning land outright and producing an ag product is NOT the path to riches.  But, it’s a dependable path to the dinner table.  Now to the point:

America’s Nightmare To Come…

Story in the NY Times this morning on MSN “‘Scary to Go to Work’: White House Races to Contain Virus in Its Ranks ” doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Neither do the reports that VP Mike “Pence Self-Isolating After Aide Tests Positive for Coronavirus “ though this one is closer to the nightmare.

For that matter, even the report that the “US death toll could be double official figure, expert warns as thousands avoid seeking medical help over coronavirus fears...” doesn’t surprise us.  We ran out initial forecasts back in February estimating how many could die. It’s been slower in spreading than expected. Due to social distancing.  But, in the end, we’re all dead anyway.

“Succession” Scares Me to Death

We go to bed every night praying Donald Trump doesn’t get a temperature.  With Pence going into self-imposed isolation, the specter of succession looms should things go horribly wrong.

Here’s a snip from Wikipedia that lays out the process:

“The line of succession follows the order of: vice president (Pence), speaker of the House of Representatives (OMG…Nancy Pelosi!), president pro tempore of the Senate (Chuck Grassley), and then the eligible heads of federal executive departments who form the president’s Cabinet. The Presidential Succession Act refers specifically to officers beyond the vice president acting as president rather than becoming president when filling a vacancy. The Cabinet currently has 15 members, of which the secretary of state is first in line( Mike Pompeo); the other Cabinet secretaries follow in the order of when their departments (or the department of which their department is the successor) were created. Those heads of department who are constitutionally ineligible to be elected to the presidency are disqualified from assuming the powers and duties of the president through succession, and skipped to the next in line. Since 1789, the vice president has succeeded to the presidency intra-term on nine occasions: eight times due to the incumbent’s death, and once due to resignation. No one lower in the line of succession has been called upon to act as president.”

Pelosi’s In Line

As of this millisecond, it’s only a long-shot that Pelosi  could be elevated.  But imagine if you will, living in a country with left-wing, communist-friendly Pelosi anywhere near the Oval.  And schemering Shifty?  He, too, would likely be elevated.

They’ve all been gunning for Trump for 3-years and obstructing America every chance they’ve made.  Left-wing digital revolutionaries. It’s not a “squad”  – it’s a revolutionary mob.  All done with lies and misdirection, it was nothing more than Molotov’s for the TDS crowd.

That’s what I go to sleep worried about.  It’s what I pray we never see in the news flow.

If you thought Wave 1 down was bad for the market – the wave where stocks dropped 33.18% was bad, Elliott wave analysis suggests we will have a hard time stopping at 50% down from the February highs.  How does Dow 16,000 sound?

That’s not “financial advice,” however.

Think of it as more a spiritual request.  “Pray for America.” 

Because we’re going to need it.  Especially if you-know-who gets a temperature….

I can’t fix (or change) the coup leader’s plot plot to seize Washington.  But I can repurpose that energy into my food plot at home.

With Dow futures down 221, we’re not the only ones connecting dots and worrying what will save this once-great Nation.

Write when you get rich,


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75 thoughts on “5th Wave Woes: America’s Worst Nightmare?”

  1. Drive the front of the tractor up on some ramps to lift the bucket high enough. Solution?

  2. With Dow futures down 221……why that’s nothing that a few laid off folks can’t erase……

  3. remember your physics – the heavier the mass you lift the fewer slams it takes to drive the post. Mine in twice the weight and feels like it every time I lift it. Saving grace is it only takes 5-6 in our clayey dirt.

    ure too far away to loan it to u – so I guess you’ll have to dream about it or find a way to add some weight.


    • Elaine sez I’m an expert in adding weight.
      Just reassured it 24″ not 18 (memory, lol) and it weighs 19 pounds… So much for writing from memory

  4. Poor Trump. “They” took away his right hand man.

    IMHO Trump will be fine for awhile. Trump has to sign the first universal basic income bill into law. After that, he may bail during the election and give it to Biden.

      • Part of the UrbanSurvival idea kit is not to live on the high end – where you’d be tapped to PAYT for a UBI. Instead, be down on the receiving end. Then, living the debt free life…it’s all good.
        Provided you don’t pay what is it Mark? $70,000 a year taxes on a $2-million home out there now?

        • Skip the answer – I got curious – Ca has lower pro tax than Texas! $14,950 in Los Gatos.
          $2-million home near Oilman2’s place is $36,500/year.
          Franklin Co Ohio – mi consigliere’s area, same home is $41,280 in taxes.

      • Yeah, that’s the dirty little secret in Texas; no income tax, so send those property taxes SKY HIGH!!! AND no relief in sight! None! Nada! No matter what they say, or what they do, they will keep ramping em up….slow em down a bit, sorta, kinda, maybe, here and there, but onwards and upwards is the MANTRA!!!!

      • Density? More properties means lesser taxes. Services might be more expensive in Texas as well (distances…)

      • Joe M: No. More properties do NOT mean less taxes…quite the contrary…it means MORE taxes…1 house, high taxes, 2 houses on 1 lot, double the taxes; add a granny flat, higher worth, more density, more taxes….no getting round it, they got it in for everyone (except the Ag people, George).

        That’s another little dirty secret; density does not reduce property taxes, and does NOT add affordability. (Okay, 2 more dirty little secrets.)

      • Did you get my e-mail the other day, George, about Nashville’s mayor proposing a 32% property tax increase?

  5. George,

    I usually set my steel “T” posts with the front loader on my backhoe. Lightly set them with the “manual” post driver, then use the front loader to push into the ground. There are even manufacturers that make a pivoting attachment for the bucket that holds the post. Attachment fastens to either the top or bottom lip of the bucket. Also, the bucket is great for pulling posts. Weld a chain hook to the top of the bucket, take a length of chain that will hook into the hook and throw a clove hitch around the post. Raise the front loader and out comes the post.

    Guess I am getting lazy in my old age, or maybe I just don’t like the impact of a post driver on my arthritic hands.

  6. G – dont fall for the Bull Crap – its all fake.

    VP Pence is NOT isolating – Ure fear mongering again.

    Next U will be posting a picture of Ure riding tractor wearing a Mask – be afraid!

    PANIC is the operative word of the day due to OBAMAGATE breaking out/into into our collective conscious.

    Not to mention the WHO getting thrown out of Tanzania after they got CAUGHT FAKING RESULTS of COVERT19 Tests.

    Tanzanian President J. Magufuli did NOT TRUST WHO – and slipped Goat, Papaya and Pheasant samples in for Covert19 testing – they all came back POSITIVE for the Covert19


    OneBigAssMistakeAmerica…for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for barry.

    • Agreed Eastcoast Deplorable. People just don’t seem to understand the ridiculous nature of this entire plandemic. Does a quick question to the masses here on the forum. How did so many ‘celebrities’ pop positive for the so called virus so early in the so called epidemic (like Tom Hanks). Let’s entertain two possibilities:

      1) They already had exposure to various corona viruses
      2) They attended a big celebrity party in Whuhan in say November or December of 2019 and they all ‘contracted’ the so called virus

      These are some good indicators that people are not properly understanding what a positive test means. In my book, tons of people will pop positive when tested for a simple reason: lot of people get exposed to a host of Corona type viruses every day, and ‘ the testing’ is not necessarily specific to one Corona Virus.

      Btw, if I popped positive, would I worry? Nope. I would go about my business knowing I do have control over my health, not the MSM!


        Can you get sick from this virus? You sure can, but I would AVOID the Ventilator. Do NOT suffer at home for TEN days; first sign of difficulty breathing, get thee to the ER.



        All caps for emphasis, not yelling. (Old Secretary, Class of ’79).

    • “riding tractor wearing a Mask”

      I would ED.. I wear a dust mask all the time.. I have allergies and buy those damned things by the case because dust and pollin get me coughing hacking and sneezing.. horrible.. .. ( not now.. the cost went from twenty two cents and free shipping to almost ten dollars a piece for the same mask)

      • I’ve used respiratory PPE on tractors for decades and no one ever noticed. If you aren’t using PPE when mowing, then you don’t really understand the long term health risks. Now when people see me wearing agricultural PPE, they go nuts.
        An elder acquaintance wrote to me that they had had someone go off on them in`a parking lot because they had on respiratory PPE. Imagine that- someone threatening a smallish gray-haired grand in a parking lot because they have on a mask. That was in Texas, by the way. I’ve caught some dirty looks in public places, but no one has tried me yet.
        I like Pence, but the public stance he took on PPE was nonsensical. I have come to suspect that a lot of the shortages in PPE have come from hoarding by large buyers like Uncle Sugar. I continue to wonder about the quality of advice Pence and Trump have been getting.

    • “dont fall for the Bull Crap – its all fake.”

      I know people that are working with patients with it.. I have a friend fighting for his life because he visited his mother dying from it…. he even had on the face shield.. the works..
      so .. I personally don’t think it is fake.

      Just thankful that we haven’t caught it..

  7. A couple of hours on a fence post driver is as bad as shoveling snow for a heart attack. 3 point post hole auger on the tractor is a fine investment and can be repurposed for other jobs around the farm requiring a hole in the ground.

    73. Stay safe

  8. Try a manual post driver, home made back when my dad-in-law was danged good at his welding trade, made of 2-1/2″ pipe weighing in at somewhere close to 30 lbs. – most of it at the capped end. Doesn’t take much to put a 6-1/2′ T-post in the ground a couple of feet but lifting it off every one you drive in gets less fun as you go along – especially if you’re a little on the short side.

    Our soil ranges from deep soil requiring 8 foot T-posts driven in by a front end loader bucket until only half of it is showing to rocky, and sometimes solid rock, requiring pneumatic rock drills of varying diameter to get a 2′ hole bored into them. The drill and bit assembly weighs in at around 50 lbs, possibly more, (haven’t actually weighed it but I measure things in terms of feed sacks) along with the hose you have to drag from hole to hole. In the deep soil area braced corner posts and H-braces require being dug out with the backhoe and setting the pipe in with concrete and large rocks to anchor them. Ought to last a couple of generations unless the tax man takes it all from us.

    I seriously wonder about previous generations putting post and pipe (thank God for the oil field industry’s scrap) into the solid rock locations we have existing pipe in with none of our modern “conveniences”. In the big draws that see considerable water flow in wet times there are 8″ pipe sunk into bedrock that had to have required a drilling truck to set but NEVER underestimate the determination of earlier generations! Now, with a front-end loader/backhoe and the compressor/pneumatic drill setup I can put fences up by myself. No unemployment insurance, overtime or other problems of personnel management required by people who say “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. This also means I can choose my work days so the triple-digit days see a distinct slow-down in work progress. Luckily most of the posts and pipe that have been there for nearly 60 years are usable still so we just strip the old raggedy fence wire off and put up new. Saves a lot of time an expense.

    Don’t forget to plug the top of your pipe with cement to save it from rusting out at the bottom too soon. Other than that have fun with it. It’s immensely satisfying to see a good, straight, bull-tight fence all done when you’re finished.

    • Well, just set my 7 tee posts and now comes the fun parts – getting the old ones out and moving the fence. Where’s I put my fencing pliers?

      • Removing old T-posts with almost any tractor with hydraulics is rather simple with just a chain! Getting them out without bending can be trickier. Both driving and extracting seem to work much easier if the ground around the post is liberally watered and allowed to soak in.

        If you’re going to use the bucket to drive the posts, make sure the bucket is fully loaded with dirt!

      • Oh yeah, in the deep soil areas in the wet times you just mash the posts, and often the pipe, into the ground. Just make sure it’s deep enough because that loamy soil shifts over time on even the slightest downward slope (if you have 20 years to observe it). In rocky soil the steel “grows” to the rocks and sticks. We’ve literally pulled an old 2″ pipe in two trying to get it out of the ground with a neighbor’s blade on his ‘dozer. Just moved over and put the new pipe in next to it.

        But, yes, getting old T-posts out is a lot easier with a chain on the front end loader. Hydraulics are a dream come true for the rancher. Absent that, however, a good, heavy 6 or 7 foot bar with a chain to connect it to the post low to the ground will usually lift the post out. At worst a liberal watering of the dirt around the post will turn the job from impossible to easy after it soaks in.

    • “previous generations putting post and pipe (thank God for the oil field industry’s scrap) into the solid rock locations”

      OTFLMAO Bill.. this reminded me of when I worked for the county… LOL LOL LOL LOL the road work boys.. loved to smack this one guys mailbox and send it flying into his yard.. they would take bets on how far they could send it… the one that made it fly the furthest got a drink.. I told them they were mean azzholes to be doing that. . and they deserved to be flogged..
      the guy of course would complain to the county boards they of course would defend the road workers and said that he needed to make it more visible…. one day he got so fed up.. he sunk a piece of that thick hard scrap pipe.. deep into the ground.. painted it up like a candy cane…
      Put a huge ball on top of it and streamers….
      the road workers of course just figured he put in a standard post.. smacked that dam thing with the blade.. and bent the blade and front end of the truck.. ( the worker got fired..) every time I would drive by that piece of pipe with his mailbox on it.. I would reminisce on the idiots hitting his mailbox.. what is funny is I was telling someone about that incident and couldn’t find his post.. come to find out .. he has sold out and someone new bought his place and they had that thing removed.. I can’t wait till they do road work in front of my house.. LOL I put a foundation under the road so that big concrete trucks could drive up without the edge of the road collapsing under their weight LOL… I will put burmuda shorts on and drink lemonaide the day they do the road .. they will have to have a nice blade to get that pig up LOL…

      • LOL! Same thing happened around here a generation ago. Some kid loved pushing the mailboxes over on the old road my step-dad lived on. They finally sunk a railroad tie in the ground no telling how deep. Pretty soon they noticed the tie was leaning a little bit but still standing with a little dent from a truck bumper in it. Kids don’t TEND to be so destructive today, even though the boredom is still there, but the “Olden Days” are sorely missed around here.

  9. George, why do Trump and Pence actually have to get a temperature? All it takes is a report in the New York Times from an “unnamed source within the administration” that they both tested positive, are sick, and are covering it up. Schiff then goes on all the networks, telling everyone the “report is credible based on the information he has seen.” Congress declares the President and Vice President unfit under the 25th Amendment and Pelosi will assume the Presidency “until further notice.”

    • “Congress declares the President and Vice President unfit under the 25th Amendment”

      Um, no.

      This is a Cabinet decision, not a congressoid call, and unless da Prez dies, the VP has to sign off on invoking the 25th. If the VP becomes da Prez, HE, not CONgress, gets to name his Vice President. This is why Jerry Ford became Nixon’s VP , not Tip O’Neill or John McFall, and how Nelson Rocky-feller became Ford’s VP. “Succession” is only set in-stone in an hereditary monarchy.

      The only path for demented Nancy to become President, involves both Trump and Pence dying before a new VP can be named.

      Separation of Powers – The Legislative is not superior to the Executive, nor has it Executive power. There is a sliver of “wiggle room” in the 25th Amendment which might allow noddering Nancy to carve out a path to the WH, but with a General and Presidential Election less than 6 months off, I can think of no way to move the process quickly enough for Vlad the Destr – er, I mean Pelosi to become CiC.

  10. make 10 copies of Pelosi’s photo,,or any of the treasonous traitors,, place on ground where you want the posts
    Armstrong(friends and neighbors) will show up to drive the posts through them photos, might need more T-posts,,bigger garden
    my peppers and tomatoes froze sat night,I am little north of ya,,2nd planting coming up this week

  11. “City-dwellers who have never driven 6-foot steel Tee-Post into hard soil have no idea what adventure they have missed.”

    OTFLMAO… god that is so true.. when I built the house.. I had hired a contractor and he ran with the deposit.. leaving me with a hammer.. my ten thousand dollar hammer.. LOL.. anyway I ran short on money and all I have in the yard is CLAY and fifty eight dump truck loads of gravel.. LOL.. it is harder than rock( the reason I have raised be gardens ) .. one day a guy came out and asked if he could put a yard sign in the yard.. sure go ahead.. I had more fun just watching that guy try to figure out how to put the dumb sign in was hilarious.. I sat quietly drinking my coffee and enjoyed every fun filled moment he had.. LOL..

  12. Well, I know a few things about fencing. My biological father built houses for 30 years. I actually built their cedar fence on their 2 acres, which has stood for over a decade. Ifn I might make a suggestion to ya George about them Tposts. duct tape a chunk 2×4 under the Ure sole of ure boots. Then you can jump up on the blades on the bottom of the Tposts, at 225lbs I can usually drop it a foot in 3 jumps to get the top of the blades level with the dirt. Do the first one and the last one. Run a string line between, standard is every 6 feet drop a post.

    I used to set posts on Thursday after being a pipe layer, come back Saturday and nail on board and do gates on sundays. Cedar fencing with the “jaws of death” as my dad called them. The clam shovel. I could set 15-20 post in about 5 hours. I set the corner posts first, then string like, tape mark, then dig all the whole, set the treated 4×4 with a hose, I dump it in while the hose sprays. Less wheel barrel work the better. I probably done 250 fences and decks. It’s a young man job and I ain’t that young anymore. Lol.

    T-post job means Ure running filter fabric fencing good for irrigation and wind barriers. Always put dirt on the flap. It you are running pick lines.

    • Dump in the concrete while you are hosing it, that saves ya from having to mix the concrete in the wheel barrel. When building a 6 foot fence, use 8 foot treated 4×4. 2 foot hole, 80 lb bag of mix each post. Dig it 2 foot 6. 4 inches of mix on bottom, the top the hole with dirt and make sure you tamp it with your feet so while holding a level to it. All the left over dirt goes against the post to hold it until the concrete drys. they make a auger attachment for ure tractor. I tried those mechanical post whole diggers, they can snap a wrist easily unless you use the tripod one on wheels. My folks wanted 6 ×6 posts. I set 287 of them in 2 days on their property with my boy and 2 of his friends who thought it was fun. I paid them $100 a day each which is alot of money for a 14 year old. Harness that Testosterone and put it to work. Hell yeah I made money. Hahahah if I had to hear their griping? Im making money. Lol

      I never heard a peep. I built their fence to out live them. Lol

      ***** serious question

      Do you think we have another finacial Bubble left George? What is the total wave count on all the stock market. 1894 being the first bubble. 1929 being the second count, 1987 the third, 2000 the 4th, 2008 the fifth, 2020 the first wave down.

      I’m trying to grasp the totality of larger wave counts on the market. Bigger picture. Like WWIII would be the 3rd wave count of war on the bigger picture. Viet nam and I & A a smaller scale count.

      I find it damn interesting that the Nikie 225 and Russel 200 and FTSE all are identical in the the 6 month charts. I mean they exactly the same.

      • I’m trying to grasp the entire thing (broad perspective) and cylical mathmatical count of the market.

        We know time is cylical but we count the market waves in linier progression. The faster point from A to B is through. by folding A to touch B and then travel through. I dont know if any of that makes sense. I cant put some thoughts into words, errr uhhh I’m not good at it

        Eliot wave counts are like looking at ripped on a pond from the side. When we think about Tsunamis we see them from a frontal view. As all the water (market liquidity) sucks out to sea and dry land lays before us then on the horizon we se the wave come at us not just looking at it from side.

        Hope that makes sense. It’s a serious question I dont have the answer too. Lol

      • Sorry for the 4th post. Am I wrong? When we flip the switch and go from low range to the next 9 gears in high range (inflation because Eatons run on air pressure compression in the tranny)

        That would take us to a new altitude after everyone gets off a jubilee vacation. (Shelter in place)

        It occurred to me in meditation, that may be the play. The other side of the coin. Since it is 2020, and we 9 years from the 100 year cycle of 1929. Could we be a bit too far ahead of the game. Are we at the entry of the roaring 20’s again or the end???

        I must look at every fesiable angle to know what I dont know. The mass shooting cycle has stopped, does that mean there will be a Tsunami them as well??? Seems so because there is dry land before us on that as well.

        Hmmmm. Interesting ponder.

        90 sober today. lol


  13. “Americans would rather hear about some two-bit Hollywood star or starlet whoring-around with plenty of steamy and lurid details than figure out what actually matters. Like starting container gardening. Astoundingly dumb nation.”


    I got just shy four hundred miles an hour so far.. shooting for four hundred.. its really sad that spanking the monkey is way more intelectual than the vast majority of what is in the news..

  14. Holy cr*p, George! How much did it cost you to ship the Santan panels? The cheapest shipping to our house is $117! And was it a typo that the Santan Solar T series 250w panels were 41 pounds?? The panels on our wells must be some rinky-dink panels to weigh just a fraction of that.

    • They had $40 -265 WATT USED PANELS. Shipping was like $210. So $610 all in for about 2.2 kw of panels.
      They are much bigger and heavier than what we have no. These are 39 inches wide – much heavier panels. Going to have to think more on mounting them. One rack of em is almost 33-feet wide.

      • I wonder how much of that weight is silver? Either that or what makes them so heavy? The frames?

      • Use a tilt rack.. we made one for a couple hundred the thing is awesome.. I’ll take a picture and send it to you.. basically two posts…two beams

  15. Place your bets, place your bets…
    In this corner are the “black hats”. What a cast of characters: PTB, WHO, CDC, big pharma, Tony “no more handshakes” Fauci, Deborah “nothing from the CDC I can trust” Birx, Bill “I wanna vax and tag the world” Gates, Neil ” I can hype the infection numbers for medical quarantine” Ferguson and the MSM “programming for fear and profit”.
    In the opposite corner we have the “white hats”. Players for this team: POTUS, Q Anon movement, veterans, truth seekers and libertarians. Careful betting on this group they maybe controlled opposition and have yet to deliver on any promise.
    I believe in the law of unintented consequences and IMHO the PTB have screwed the pooch. They overplayed their hand and have gone all in. They continue to double down, because if this fails, they know they are bufued.
    Me, I am betting on there being a “joker in the deck”…..and just remember one thing “this is all just an illusion”.

  16. Holy Guacamole GMan! BITCOIN Halving Today..Let That Bronco Buck..

    – Thats right ,the Supply of New BITCOINS gets Cut in HALF. Historic precedent suggests a Bull Run in the price of BTC’s soonly.

    Last time we had a Halving, (2016/every 4 years) , those badboys ran up to $20K per…Thats like Jed Clampet shooting at some game and striking Texas Tea-BlackGold, Oil that is..

    Today for $10k bucks U can Buy:

    Silver – 640.61 ounces @$15.61

    Gold – 5.89 ounces @$1697.00

    Oil – 409 barrels WTI @$24.44

    SPY – 34 Shares ETF @291.84

    Bitcoin – 1.12 Coins @$8877.00

    TBN = BBBBBBuyBitcoin – in an upside down, inverted, everything is fake World – Bitcoin is an Island of financial and mathematical SANITY.

    Not Financial advice – TBN is a “wild assed gambler”

    Absolutely – Positively – BUBKIS BITCOIN 4 U!

    • So sorry, The Realm only accepts Semper Augustus today.

    • Hey Helmut,
      When the scheisse hits the fan, the trade; if there is any, will be between the small folks and not online or brick and mortar. Electronic money, or anything else that’s worthless, won’t be accepted by the people that have anything to trade. People want tangible goods, or a fair item of worth. Hence, gold and silver. Bitcoin is another victim of a paper fiat monitary system the is valued in fiat. Like the Dow, it’s on the rise. It could and probably will be taken down with the rest of the failed currencies. I wish you the best and hope it survives but it’s a gamble. You will need a portal to access your money. I only need a pocket. Blessings

  17. Comrades,

    Apparently there’s one less covid-19 stressor these days in your state of Georgia. New drivers in the state have not been required to take a state road test since April 23rd in order to obtain a licence. Just place a mark in the box where it says you practice drove the car with mommy or daddy, and it’s all good.


    • “New drivers in the state have not been required to take a state road test since April 23rd in order to obtain a licence. ”
      Jester that brings Up a funny story..
      One of my hats was driving an 18 wheeler for the county..
      I had never driven a big tight before.. the plan was I would take the job the guy taking over the department would teach me how to drive the dumb truck I’d read the book.. and I’d have a couple of months to learn how to manage the rig.
      WELL.. it didnt go down that way… I took the job.. the guy in charge said well i have three months of plus time you have till tomorrow to get your cdl and duals to hazmat etc..i got in the rig..couldn’t shift it..everywhere was first gear.. backing up.. dam the trailers were everywhere.. how in the heck am i going to parallel park a forty foot trailer or back it around the obstacles if i cant even shift it into second gear.. i didnt even have the book for the test.
      I was terrified.. the test is suppose to be hard.. the obstacles a nightmare…i couldn’t even get the book.. govt office and they.get off at 330 but home by 2.. I was screwed.. the next morning .. my friend drove us in.. ( driving any distance at 4 miles an hour makes any short journey a days journey,) we get there.. I grab the book.. start reading like hell before my number is called to take the test.. I’m shaking..they call me I walk in sit down and say a prayer.. take the test.. then out to the rig.. the guy jumps in.. here we go..dam if i didn’t drive that dam thing like i had been driving it for a hundred years.. parallel park .. back up no issues… through traffic ..open road .. i was shocked..i get back to the license office .. i aced the written test. I get my cdl duals hazmat.. my boss was shocked…. i jokingly said.. of course did you have any doubts.. we go out to the truck..well take us home.. i jump in the drivers seat….. i cant get it into second gear lol lol lol
      It took me three months to get the driving figured out.. lol

  18. Regarding putting in fence posts: In Hawaii, a lot of ppl use jack hammers to make post holes because of the lava.

    The jack hammered holes are huge and using a jack hammer is really strenuous.

    However, cleaver ppl, ppl who think out side the box can use what is called a core driller to put in holes. Works great!

    • When she was working construction, Elaine ran a jackhammer for a year, or two. Screwed her wrists up somethingd fierce. The way I figure it, if there are rocks, there are miracle adhesives, nowadays.

    • Yep… “Layered Lava Rock” is the substrate here. Not only fenceposts… My ham friends have 8 ft rock drill bits and a hammer drill just to sink a ground rod for the antennas and radios. The wire fence is slowly deteriorating, and the T-posts are rusty… but solid enough to support a 30 ft. mast for the antennas. I think they were cemented into the lava rock.

  19. George, please take a look at wakecap.

    This technology using IOT is being tested on construction sites. I would expect this kind of thing to grow and expand beyond construction. Everyone will have a little sensor, or app on their phone. Welcome to big brother tracking your every footstep.

    (this is real time contact tracing)

    Initially intended to keep track of workers for safety reasons (telling you to get out from under the crane for instance), you can see how this could morph into alexa type robots in all environments yelling at us to stay apart, or sending the ambulances to our houses to safely take us to safety in a safe place we didn’t know we needed to go to that moment.

  20. You guys are a bunch of pussies, using mechanized equipment to set 8 fence posts? C’mon! I helped my dad build a 3 strand barbed wire fence around 60 acres when I was a kid. We brought with us 3 or 4 reels of barbed, a chain saw, can of extra gas, a post hole digger (manual), a sledge, a couple of regular hammers, a couple of buckets of steeples, and a long solid pipe my dad says was the drive shaft out of a Model T.
    Levity for all (except me) occurred when I stepped in a nest of yellowjackets and they got into my workboots. Dad found out I knew curse words HE didn’t even know!

  21. LOOB and Bill gave me a little blast from the past. When I was a child, one of my brothers purchased a rural house… He couldn’t keep a mailbox. When I asked (I was about 8yo at the time) he explained the “game” some kids played with rural mailboxes. After a full spring and summer of replacing mailbox, mount, post, or a combination of the three, he made a trip to the scrapper. He bought a ten-foot piece of 8″ pipe and a rectangular piece of half-inch steel plate. He welded the plate to the pipe, cut a hole in it, then dug a hole where his mailbox had been. We set that pipe in 1/3yd of concrete, then filled the pipe through the hole he’d made in the plate. This was my first experience with mixing, screeding, and troweling concrete. After we finished the post, we made a sidewalk. He let me mix, and help screed, but not trowel or build forms.

    I don’t know how many kids “shaded” (Ha! Just remembered what the redneck kiddies called the “game!”) that post. I know of two who rode their cars home on wreckers, before they left his mailbox alone. BTW, it’s still there — ‘s got a little lean now, which it didn’t have when I was a teen or 20-something, but it’s still standing…

  22. George get pvc pipe same ID as post.
    Put garden hose on end , turn on water.
    Makes hole for you.
    Just dont get it stuck.

  23. You can do what NM mike says water it down or you put it in the ground for water it down before you remove it ,,
    or either just wait till you have a good rain so cute they go in the ground really easy and they come out of the ground easy. ,, Let mother nature do the hard work for you

  24. Between two nodes use an antinode.


    Dress that pole with some water.

    Circumstance that that pole with some water

    Super hydrate that pole with some water.

    Enter into the ground some water lubricant

    donate all the water you can to help the extraction of that pole or the insertion into a tight hole.

    It’s amazing what a mother nature does

  25. My driver was built for me by a friend who owns a commercial metal shop:

    5″ pipe, half-inch plate welded to the top, 18″ long, 1″ pipe handles, 30 pounds of lead smelted & poured into the top. Weight, about 53 pounds. Suitable for driving fenceposts and well pipe of any type or depth (depending on how many times one wishes to lift 53 pounds over their head…)


    Total cases: 634 (2 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 75
    Honolulu County: 410
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 117†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 11
    Required Hospitalization: 81‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 561§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 11, 2020

    Two new cases in Honolulu.

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