Why Rally?

As we go over the ChartPack today, ahead of the Fed, one question hovers: Why rally? I mean, WW III threatens and the U.S. has this Budget Problem.  Plus, the present administration is less than, um, awe inspiring in its performance.

So why rally then?

Some thoughts over our Saturday morning review of the week’s “deal point” events.

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59 thoughts on “Why Rally?”

  1. good morning sir. just about to get busy. I’m wearing that black bow tye today that floated accross the parking lot a year ago and landed on my right shoe. knew it would come in handy. THE DUDE provides.

    working security for the Alll Star Varsity Cheer National Championships today. all formal and shit. should be good time. hundreds of screaming and bouncing young lady’s and their Moms. haha.

    16 and a half hour days.

    hustle and grind.

    i clean up pretty good. except even in a double XL Ralp Loren Polo Button up my neck is too thick to button the top button. hahahaha. and my arms about rip the sleeves. oh well. is what it is. I’m here. should be a High Energy event. all hopped up on the bean.

    hope you have wonderful day Mister.

    que ~ all right now ~



    • best in that show Yellowstone is when the Governor lady says to Mr Dutton at the rodeo, “you arr always 3 steps ahead of us all” and He says, “That is because I spend alot of time sitting and thinking. alot of time thinking and sitting” .

      funny. I do that alot too. I always am early, so I can sit and think. every where I go. even the grocery store. I sit for a Lil bit and think, before I go in.

      an old dude taught me that. :)

      • I’m always in the right place at the right time N___.

        I just snatched up a 9 year old doing kartwheels on the 4th floor balcony before she went over. i got alot of hugs after that.

        “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” Hiro

        springs to the mind.

        the team of all girls with autism is by far my favorite. cuteness overload. for sure.

        the college level girls start in the afternoon.

      • do not do kartwheels on the 4th floor balcony N___.

        come around the corner after using the bathroom. grab this litter 9 year old whi forgot and almost went over. had I not been there exactly when I needed to be there.

        this is my life. you don’t have to understand Mister. anymore than I do. you don’t have to know where I will be next. anymore than I have to know. all I need to know is, I’m right where I’m supposed to be. all the time. even when I think I’m not. I’m always in the right place at the right time. because I am the right place at the right time.

        apparently some of the coaches think I’m on the desert menu after the competition. hahaha.

        have a wonderful week. I’m going to be super busy for a while.

    • “working security for the All Star Varsity Cheer National Championships today.”

      You’re in Bellevue, now?

      Bring your first-aid kit…

      • yeah Ray.

        I have been surrounded by more females in the last 2 days than most men meet in their life times. 300 teams competing this weekend. pretty fun gig. these girls are definitely athletes.

        there is certainly a magic to it. and there is quite a few Emerging sports medicine. people here.

        • and don’t bother keeping track of where I’m at or will be next. I can hardly keep track of it myself.

          I have alot of people say that. I thought you were Here. I say, oh yeah. that was so 3 days ago. hahah.

          I’m in transit alot lately. I did find something to keep me in one spot. hopefully.

        • BTDT. I had a kid in cheer and another in dance — in school, not “club” like those around you. “Club” or “elite” cheer is like the child beauty pageant circuit. It costs a lot of money, and there are a lot of parents who push their kids beyond all reason, as they live vicariously through their kids’ accomplishments.

          My “first aid kit” comment is because those kids get pushed so far, that there’s a lot of kids who get hurt, and it’s usually girls, because they’re light enough to be tossed 20ft into the air.

        • “and don’t bother keeping track of where I’m at or will be next.”


          Not a stalker, of you or anyone. I looked up the cheer board at Varsity because I thought it strange that there’d be a cheer competition in Alaska. My comment was of surprise, that you were back in CONUS because I assumed the MiB would’ve hustled you off to someplace safe, like Hudson’s Bay…

      • and I did meet a lady today with 2 world rings. and she told me there is 4 world teams competing today.

        all things being relative.

  2. hahahhahahahahahha the door right infront of where they had me park is Door Number 4.



    THE DUDE has jokes.


    • Re: El Dorado feat: Wyatt’s my line?


      Mrs. Nuckles – by way of Alabama and Little Rock, Ar. – president of Memphis-based SkyCop Audio and Video Surveillance Inc., advised the “Memphis Business Journal” that her favorite movie is “Tombstone”. Judicious placement of a SkyCop unit immediately above the scene of the shout that rang out in Memphis this past January 7th may have allowed oversight of the unfolding tragedy that night. An overhead fixed image is a lead in to the BBC report which portrays the unseemly sight of four black jacketed figures hovered over an object on the ground. Forensics perhaps will offer details on the unlit claro Mercedes Benz Sprinter Cab Chassis parked too close to the stop sign at the intersection adjacent to the scene of the dueling figures.


  3. The police again. Hahahaha….

    How much do we want to pay to keep them? Back in November Detroit police sunk 38 slugs into a 22 y/o mentally ill kid within like 3 seconds. Now a lawyer representing the kid’s family wants $50,000,000. ($50,000,000 looks small went written out.)

    They’ll get the $50,000,000 too because everyone knew the kid was mental but there was no resources to fix him over the 22 years. He was left to the ‘Hood. Bad mojo all around.

    I think we’ll see a lot of mental illness once the 1st major Western city gets leveled. There will be a mental down shift. Credit card payments just won’t be important. Road rage too.

    • the sad part of the Hood.. kids are left without adult supervision or presence to allow the gang members and network television to raise them.. leave a child to raise himself.. it becomes the book the lord of the flies..
      Now imagine how it has transformed since the terrorist activities of BLM and Antifa has done its damage..

      • Unfortunately it was their “adult supervision” that left them to fend for themselves, ill-equipped to survive. The hood rats will convince them the cops are all out to kill them, and the cycle repeats and deepens.

        • I know..that’s the horribly sad part..is its almost an impossibility for any of them to escape their social class and lifestyle.. once there it takes an act of God to escape its clutches..

    • You never hear about the white people that get killed by the police. Seems like they just deserved to be killed because they broke the again , unlike the dark ones who were going to be doctors .

  4. Do you posters have a cache of the recommended radiation drugs? I’ve got some of the PEZ (iodine) but that’s it.

    stockpile will include the following medicines:

    Stable iodine, administered to prevent or reduce the exposure of the thyroid to radioactive iodine;

    Chelating sand decorporating agents (Prussian blue, applied to remove radioactive caesium from the body and calcium- / zinc-DTPA used to treat internal contamination with transuranium radionuclides);

    Cytokines used for mitigation of damage to the bone marrow, in case of acute radiation syndrome (ARS); and

    Other medicines used to treat vomiting, diarrhoea and infections.


    • would it make any difference?
      those drugs are not meant for a long term exposure..
      with a ten thousand year half life.. you wouldn’t have enough room to store it all..
      the only winning move is to not play the game..
      and depending on the amount.. if a bomb is blown up in new mexico.. the affects a few thousand miles away would still be exposed but at a lesser dosage and it would take more years to prove deadly with different diseases and physical elements..

      • oh its the same with chemical exposures as well.. biological is a little different.. that gets into your system and it spreads faster.. a look at the syphilis experiment done on a community in Arkansas on the poorer people and ethnic groups will give you a good idea of how that spread..

    • C60 comrade.

      ..beware Prussian Blue, as in just as dangerous as shit you be trying to neutralize. See Russian oligarch who committed suicide after his personal bodyguard took the shit in hope of framing ole Pooterz. Lost his bodyguard (ex kgb-SVR guy) and BFF to Prussian Blue..geniuses.

      Ruskies leading tech in neutralizing, cleaning up that dirty scheisse. See 9/11 and all the illnesses – we didnt even acknowledge radiation poisoning..yeah yeah asbestos -ahahahahahahahah …geniuses.

      Speaking of Geniuses – why nobody remembers 30 Million Russians dying during nazi assault on Mother Russia? Why nobody remember what sending German Tanks(w/depleted uranium ammo) to Russia in support 4 nazi’s/MEGA cabal – is exact historic rhyme to WWII ?

      Why nobody remember “the empire” has been trying DESTROY both GERMANS AND RUSSIANS for like ever ?

      Seriously stooopid MFers=WEFers. See Memphis – PoPo work for the the Elites..Do Not Forget – when time comes, Sheriffs they aint.

      How do you stop an event scheduled to occur on numerilogical “9 day” ?

      assassinate main protagonist? or cleanse(think autoclave) the Earth of its darkest schmear. My Vote is on CLEANSING Operation.

      Got Belogards, Kinzals and Sarmats, geniuses?
      We been thinking and planning nuke survival for like years – know where Ure local fallout shelter is located ? bwahahahahahahah

      • Hmm marijuana, sunflowers, marigolds….it turn’s out that marijuana is the best phytoremediation plant in the case of contamination by nuclear radiation. And that’s not all, marijuana has many advantages compared to so-called “traditional repair” technologies:
        it essentially has thousands of uses and is in my opinion one of the miracle plants..
        cactus absorbs EMF ..

      • The food grade activated carbon will clean a lot of nasties out of contaminated food; however, I am little concerned about it removing vitamins as well. Maybe think about stocking sublingual vitamins as well. The sublingual vitamins also help for gut issues, which goes along with rad exposure and sketchy sanitation.

    • https://www.dickblick.com/items/gamblin-artists-grade-pigment-prussian-blue-4-oz-bottle-/

      pentetate zinc trisodium

      **Off Market Drug**
      This medication is no longer available in the United States. Information provided here is for reference purposes only.

      Trade Name(s)

      zinc-DTPA was pulled so it could be “investigated” by the pharmcos, for potential use as a chelating agent for treatment of radiation poisoning. Since it is used both here and abroad as a “chelating agent for treatment of radiation poisoning” I suspect the reason it was pulled was to give Pfizer or Lilly a chance to remarket it for a 10,000% profit.

      It’s available overseas, without a prescription…

      Sodium alginate is synthesized by the human body, out of sodium bicarbonate. Got baking soda?

      Human G-CSF kit

      I suggest the addition of methylene blue (if you’re going to make your urine blue, might as well go all the way). It does good things for irradiated blood, and is also the traditional cure for poisoning by cyanide or carbon monoxide. It is also an antioxidant/antibiotic in the same vein as colloidal silver, and is being investigated as a treatment for Alzheimer’s and memory loss.

      My links are to representative chemicals, and should not be construed as recommendations for any product.

  5. As I sit in Colorado Springs, smack dab in the bullseye, I ponder what our “choices” on our self protection might really mean. I have come to the conclusion the nothing I do or say is important enough to really matter. Our choices as a society have placed us right smack dab into the beginning of Revelatons pridictions. As the Father said “I show you the end from the beginning so that when you see these things happen , you will know I AM”. All the prepping, planning and prayer has found us sitting at the very edge of eternity, and still the heather rages. So even though I have anti radiation meds, stockpiles of groceries, and weaponery to hold off a small army, I will continue to fall on my knees and ask our gracious Lord for His protection and guidance, so I may be in service to whomever He brings my way. Peace and love to you George and Elaine. Be peaceful and filled with joy, which is our originaly planned for estate.

    • “Our choices as a society have placed us right smack dab into the beginning of Revelatons predictions.”

      Kathleen. I was going to give a personal update on my COVID recovery this week. Paxlovid, doubling up on Vitamin D, K and Zinc plus hydrate, hydrate, hydrate got me through. But after turning on the news for the first time in a few days, I wonder “got me through for what?”

      You live in the bullseye. Maybe that’s the lucky place. The rest of us scramble for radiation medication and enough food for 6 months. For what? What kind of life would any of us live and for how long after the flash or flashes? At 81, I would just as soon give my place to someone younger and ride the last train out of town. Prayer is the only answer now for us sub-servient mortals to the elite

      Your post touched me. Blessings to you and your family. My dream for today is to be hanging out with Andy at the National Varsity Cheer Championships.

      • I’m so glad to see you post. I was getting worried…

        The cheer competition is “All Stars” which we used to call “club cheer.” It can be spectacular, but I’m not a fan because sexy, seductive moves are allowed, even by the elementary-age kids, and they do stuff so extreme that when there’s a screw-up or missed spot, kids get badly hurt. I had a cheer kid and a dance kid. I was happy with school cheer competitions, where that other stuff was banned…

      • the thing is..prepping…a person cannot prep enough for all the variables that exist. now I do have dosimeters for the house hold and a Geiger counter.. I actually got those not for radiation but to check the shielding from my fuse box..a six month food supply looks daunting..I tell everyone to get one can.. if you use seven cans a week of a particular product buy seven..any household on an average will throw out six month food a year..I freeze dry ..or freeze.. can and retort can..
        buy what you eat..learn how to make what you use..
        you never prep to survive you prep in case you are one of those that does survive.. and with my preps..I add instructions on their use..that way if I am not one that survives those that do and find them will have available the knowledge and tools to carry on.
        if your one that does survive the unthinkable..then you push to help those around you..teach them ..
        AL Capone was a criminal but also one of the most loved men in the neighborhood..he had his men drop relief boxes of food clothing etc. to families..my father said that’s where they got their shoes when they were little..he had soup kitchens and made sure that kids got a glass of milk every day..put dates on the milk so they didn’t have spoiled milk..
        he played on the corruption of those but had a good side..in a shtf scenario it rakes the multitude to pull together ..community..
        in the event of a situation like we had where we went a year without an income..then you have the food to survive and not go hungry..
        those that don’t have a pantry soon panic and then you have chaos with everyone trying to get the things they need..
        a solar backup system or a backup generator and a gravity fed heater helps you to stay warm and keep the vital components still operational..
        with the vast majority planning on everything we take for granted still being available you need the components to keep it operational.

    • Whether it is in the Bible or not we were all born for such a time as this. We will all play our parts whether notable or not and we will go on when we are done with our mortal bodies. There’s so much we’ve had hidden from us by those across the ages in regard to our transitions from this side to the other and back again … and again … and again. We’re here to learn both individually and collectively so perhaps we’ll get it right sometime down the road.

      • Speaking of the Bible, it says things will happen in God’s timing, not man’s. The fact that so many of us have actually bought into all the current doomsday stuff and made it the main thing we think about or talk about is sad. Sure, prepare. We should always be prepared. But move on and live your lives.
        This is all someone else’s self-fulfilling prophecy, and, quite frankly, it’s probably not being done in God’s timing.
        We need to prep, but NOT buy into someone else’s (wef, un, soros, obama, etc) fantasy of the steps to making us slaves.
        I recall how Reagan changed things in America…it wasn’t necessarily with executive orders or laws or even economic policy…it was by telling people things would get back on track, but he needed our help to get things moving again. He was a great All Star cheer leader for America. This is what we need to be for our own minds and for those around us.

        The mindset that we have to obey this self-fulfilling prophecy is ridiculous. It’s also why I haven’t been on here much…it’s too depressing to live in someone else’s wishes for my reality.

        Live your life!

  6. Just a carryover from yesterday for those who don’t go back a couple of days to reread the comments (well worth doing!!)

    For 2021 … “China accounted for 97 per cent of the world’s (solar) wafer production, according to (a 2022) International Energy Agency report …”

    Voila … WAR with China = NO MORE SOLAR installations in the US or Europe!! (for a number of years)

    China is the world’s TECHNOLOGY LEADER when it comes to making solar wafers, their technology is proprietary and WE, and Europe, can’t at the present make solar wafers even in small amounts not even considering the energy efficiency that China’s silicon solar wafers can produce.


    In the event of a nuclear exchange the power issues go deeper:
    The issue of OUR nuclear power plant MELTDOWNS in the event of a War is a biggie that everyone sweeps under the rug, including the NRC which has put it’s head in the sand for 60 years now (something that the DoD also TOTALLY ignores in it’s War Gaming that I have seen).

    The grid goes down … a few days later the nuclear power plants run out of diesel fuel for running it’s cooling pumps = VOILA nuclear meltdown!! OH … lets make that 80 nuclear power plants melting down across the country at the same time (assuming that 20% to 30% are off line at any point in time).

    WHICH creates drinking water nuclear pollution EVERYWHERE.
    *Great Lakes become a clone of the water just off Fukushima, un- drinkable
    *ALL rivers that have a nuclear power plant next to them have nuclear pollution (so can no longer be used for any human consumption)

    MOST or ALL refineries destroyed so NO MORE liquid fuels available for any purpose, including planting or harvesting crops (massive food shortages guaranteed in other words)

    The Neocons /Neolibs are so focused on taking down Russia and splitting it apart into several different small countries that they are ignoring that what they may be doing is creating the total collapse of the United States, and if that happens OUR country will probably split into several different smaller regional countries, NOT Russia

      • ‘Aye, Cap’n. Just got a ‘parking lot deal’ on a used gem for my offline shed, solar hot water controller.

    • well said.. I am not a fan of nuclear power production.. and look at the fault lines around nuclear power plants.. where if they promoted solar to home owners and built solar towers at every substation..the grid is not only stronger and more secure..we design for greed and profit and control..not for security.
      I still won’t buy wild caught salmon because of some of the reports I read on Fukushima..nor will I go to the PNW..

  7. the end is near, sandwich billboard ,,, HUMOR,
    nissan dealer
    I found ‘RICH’,,, smile and prep and chop fire wood

  8. I am expecting a 50 basis point rise announcement from The Fed. That will cause a little consternation and a 300 point drop in the Dow. If they do a 3/4 point rise – well, that will catch everyone by the short hairs and we will see a major drop – across the board. A full day of shock-n-awe. Not a whole lot they can do to surprise me., as they have been so wrong regarding inflation for over a year before they made their move.

  9. “We think it’s important to note, as reported here, that all of the “police” involved were Black. Tyre Nichols video shows what happened in fatal Memphis traffic stop beating.
    Liberals who might liken this to Gestapo practices in pre-WW II Germany may not be entirely wrong.”

    That is so sad.. it was painful to watch and hear the poor boy calling for his mother for help.. I took care of a jewish woman who’s husband was a wealthy lawyer in poland.. supported Adolph and never once thought that they would be the target.. like so many they were not aware of the true goals.. then when their neighborhoods became the targets she and her three children and husband had to run for their lives hiding in culverts anything to escape having to go to the ghetto and prison camps..
    sometimes when I would check on her at night.. ( yup you check on people every couple hours) she would wake up and be terrified that I was a Nazi.. and I would have to call her daughter to have her comfort her to know that I wasn’t going to hurt her that she was ok..
    now that morals and ethics have left the political realm we are seeing this more and more..
    take abu grade.. the treatments of prisoners and degrading of them..
    and the standford study on the effects.. we can easily see how fast society would bo to the dark side.. the lords of the flies bad in a short time..
    adolphs second secret book lays out the plan and framework perfectly..

  10. Mr G,

    f – the market indexes and representative levered ETF’s. Just one headline from Rueters – that the evildoers at google suppressed then washed from existence this past week – https://archive.is/DxeaN UP, ^, 49%, fortynine percent !

    Does it get any easier for the home gamers ? Buy the big boys (LMT,RTX,GD,NOC,BA) earnings are screaming higher, as pedo jo mumbles “MOAR,MOAR” for my “zionazi” masters.
    Who are the only peeps(tribe) in cokraine not being forcibly “gang enlisted” ??? Hard to ignore sick facts on the ground. noodles” and grigory same tribe as cit- lon bankers..cowinky dinks no doubt.

    Says hear for easy winnings bet with da house (ziomasters of the “game”) and load up on witches at black masses..unh I mean defense contractors, you know the guys with “sick” ass profits for schiesse that no worky very well, if at all.

    Farther out on current timeline – ship builders will prolly be in big demand as RUSSIA starts eliminating immediate threats to Motherland..da FLeet..”C ya, wouldnt want to be ya!” Haze gray and under pressure wave” . Wonder can USN Intelligence even spell or understand vaporization? quack,quack,quackqauck?

    Buybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuy WAR – its whats for breakfast, lunch and Dinner.

  11. “Repugnants – the RINO party which regularly forgets the Constitution and due process, has a rerun coming: RNC’s Ronna McDaniel declares ‘this is my last term as chair’ .”

    Glad to see Ronna is going to hang around just long enough to ensure Mr. Biden’s re-election — probably with Newslum as running mate…

  12. The blame game continues …


    I’ve read this story from several outlets. Blaming the shorter hours on either a pharmacist shortage or a pharmacist shortage because of the Covid 19 Pandemic. You can pick either (excuse) for the reduction of business hours. Whatever.

    Believe me, there are still pharmacists. None have disappeared.

    What no one mentions is, the shortage of medicines. – That’s the culprit. And I’m not getting that info from comments on social media, either. I know someone in Healthcare and the shortage of medicines is real.

    There’s also a shortage of Supplements. So much so, some places are selling them out and discontinuing.

    And remember as things have changed, weather you buy something – anything wholesome from an Aisle in a Grocery Store, a Health Food Store or out in Amish Country, READ THE DAMN LABLE !! – it might not be as “wholesome” as you expect.

    Lots of good businesses were bought by bad companies, who changed the recipe but kept the trusted name. Be careful.

    • “Lots of good businesses were bought by bad companies, who changed the recipe but kept the trusted name. Be careful.”

      And are still being bought — nearly daily.

      I don’t buy supplements from companies that’re new to me until I can trace their ancestry. I stop buying from old or established companies when they change the label, until I can investigate. When I add something I source it to something legit. I don’t buy Chinese, except for prescription meds for which I can not select the source, and herbs native to China…

    • hmm..look where tbe meds are made.. like everything else it comes from somewhere else..

    • I buy supplements from Vitacost, Amazon, Piping Rock, Swanson, NOW, LEF, and a couple others. They are much cheaper than store-bought, for the same item, and I comparison-shop between the onliners. Puritan’s Pride has been around forever. Life Extension is allegedly still developed from the ongoing research Pearson and Shaw began, and is sourced from “best available” herbs, which doesn’t always mean “USA.” I would trust either. My chaga and usnea come from a Canadian mom & pop who physically travel to the UP to pick mushrooms & moss, then bring them back to Canada for processing and distribution. They’re probably no better than the California chaga, but they’re much cheaper, and it’s a mom & pop business…

    • Speaking of reading labels and bad companies, they’re usually good companies newly infected by bad board members put in place by Blackrock, etc, to force these changes.
      One of these recently is Tractor Supply farm stores. It’s been alleged they and Purina have altered the chicken feed to lower egg production.
      Sick evil people is this is true.

      • It’s probably not TSC, per se. Tractor Supply (Rural King, Big “R” etc.) don’t make their own feed. They buy it, almost certainly from Purina.

        Ralston Purina is the largest feed manufacturer in the world. They make Dog Chow of course, but they also make horse chow, chicken chow, cat chow, cow chow, and so on…

        In the pet world, they are known as a “don’t do it.” The annoying thing is over the past 10 years or so, they’ve been buying up other pet food companies and degrading (cheapening) formerly high-end product so they can sell garbage at “high-end prices.” Since 2015 I’ve had to change brands four times, because the Checkerboard Squares have bought a quality feed company and turned its product to junk.

        I’m not going to buy into this rumor without proof.

        I doubt seriously that Ralston Purina has deliberately doctored their chicken feed to lower egg production.

        However, I would have no problem at all, believing they cheapened their chicken chow, and lower egg production is a side effect…

  13. LOOB and others have wondered why I went with a leased solar PV system instead of outright purchase. Today, again, I am glad and reaffirmed in that decision. My Sunrun system was installed five years ago with an LG-Chem battery that was guaranteed for ten years. Recall notices have been out for about a year and a half on the battery now, and Sunrun throttled the battery charging software to reduce fire hazards. So the battery has been crippling along, I got a few bucks discount on my lease payments.

    Several months back the battery fault tripped off line. First call to the service number got me an Indian sounding call center, script reading, telling me my battery was slated for replacement, and we were waiting for the supply chain, So when my bill came I looked closely (because my grid electric bill had increased dramatically) and found that Sunrun was discounting my lease fee 70%, appropriate for the small amount of daytime PV I was getting. So while online I tapped their service email and described my battery problem. They replied (!!) with directions to perform a system reset, and get any fault readouts, and reply to the email. Done, Battery FW Upgrade required.

    So yesterday the local Sunrun “battery guy” shows up to check my system. Very smart fellow, knows his stuff, and I learned a lot from him. He software cut the battery from the system, so the fault would not take down the rest of the PV. Tells me I have the ‘Gen 1’ battery from LG and this was the longest he had seen one last. They had a 90% failure rate at five years! He said Tesla power walls first gen were 80% failures at five years. Tesla discontinues ver. 1 and now has version 2. LG-Chem (mine) has been thru Ver. 2 and now is producing version3.

    The good news is that he says they got a container of batteries in and he has about 60 of us in the district that need them. He bumped me up in the que and marked mine as “Ready to Replace”

    Now If I had purchased the system, I would be on my own to keep it running and fight legal battles with the battery maker to fulfill warranty, and get it replaced somehow when they have no authorized service dealer here. As it is with the leased system, I am effectively paying for power delivered to me. If they cannot deliver the promised power, I get a substantial discount on my payment. And the service headache is all between Sunrun and LG-Chem.

    Hope I get my battery before the sunshine gets too intense.

    • “Now If I had purchased the system, I would be on my own”

      that’s where I am at now.. I have enough solar..my problem is it’s grid tie.. if the grid goes down everything shuts down.. im trying t o convince the boss on a couple of kw solar and a backup battery system.. and a ground mount.. they don’t lease here
      .I was the first one in the wastelands and what’s available today wasn’t even a wet dream then.. that or a backup house gen natural gas or propane..but making those also requires energy

      • Take a look at SignatureSolar.com.
        They have been very educational, they try all the products they source before selling them and they respond to their customers per our experience. (Other than buying from them I am not affiliated with them whatsoever.)

  14. We’re being warned …

    Turkey alerts citizens to risk of attack in United States, Europe on heels of Western warnings

    Islam … racist … avoid protests ??

    Interestingly odd.

  15. We must continue to NOT allow the media’s self-fulfilling prophecy for the rest of us to control our decision-making. Why be upset and angry all the time at things that are not real, but only wished for by those who wish to control us?

    American Express still isn’t showing a recession in the cards.
    From TheMotleyFool.com:

    “By the looks of American Express’ (AXP 10.54%) fourth-quarter results, you would never know that many people are speculating that the U.S. is on the brink of a recession. The company’s revenue, net of interest expense, soared 17% year over year in Q4, and 25% for the full year of 2022. Even more, American Express said it expects double-digit revenue growth in 2023. The integrated payments and credit card company is firing on all cylinders as it benefits from a resilient customer base.

    But it’s not just the company’s financial performance that seems to be skipping over recession worries. Management doesn’t seem concerned either. “We aren’t seeing recessionary signals,” said American Express CEO Stephen Squeri to Yahoo! Finance anchor and editor-at-large Brian Sozzi following the company’s earnings release.

    Here’s a look at the company’s impressive growth and management’s optimistic expectations in the middle of a challenging macroeconomic environment.

    Strong growth
    For its fourth quarter, American Express saw total network volume increase 12% year over year to about $413 billion. Net income, however, declined for both the fourth quarter and the full year. However, this was largely due to a change in provisions for credit losses. In 2021, American Express benefited from a reserve release of $2.5 billion as the negative impact on the economy the company had provisioned for as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic failed to materialize. This reserve release of $2.5 billion in 2021 compares to a reserve build of $617 million in 2022. Notably, though, this reserve build shouldn’t worry investors. “Credit metrics remained strong throughout the year and below pre-pandemic levels,” American Express said in the company’s fourth-quarter update.

    The company, which is focused largely on more resilient customers than other credit card and payments companies, said its “premium customer base,” “exceptional risk management capabilities,” and “membership model” are all key drivers for the company’s recent momentum.

    American Express added a record 12.5 million new card accounts during 2022. Even more, the company benefited from high engagement and retention from its customer base.

    A robust dividend
    American Express also used its fourth-quarter update to announce a dividend increase. The company is raising its dividend by 15% year over year. The new quarterly dividend gives shareholders a dividend yield of 1.4%.

    Looking ahead
    Looking ahead to the full year of 2023, American Express guided for revenue to increase 15% to 17% and earnings per share to rise between 12% and 16% year over year.

    Overall, management’s commentary in the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call suggests it is confident in both the near- and long-term. Yet management also acknowledges there is uncertainty about the current macroeconomic environment. Squeri explained that the company remains “committed to running the company with a focus on achieving our aspirations of sustainably delivering revenue growth in excess of 10% and mid-teens [earnings per share] growth in 2024 and beyond, as we get to a more steady-state macro environment.”

    While a recession could always rear its head, American Express clearly isn’t seeing any signs of it yet. And if it does surface, the company’s premium customer base should be able to manage it adeptly. While there are certainly risks to owning any stock, American Express’ fourth-quarter results made a good bull case for this one.”

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