Coping: Mercury Retrograde is No Joke!

This has not been a peachy week for the Ure household. Not!  I have been going through one of the worst Mercury Retrogrades ever.  I could almost feel this one coming two weeks back, thinking through things. A word about Mercury in Retrograde:  Like other planets, the apparent motion of Mercury is usually “normal” but a few … Read More

Coping: Halloween – The Scientific Take on It

It happens tonight, so be ready for it. Here in the Outback of East Texas we have never had even a single trick-or-treater come by and that’s just fine with us. There are some special aspects of the day that we should review, a day that might have been proclaimed by the corn syrup refining industry … Read More

Coping: Hacking Space-Time, and the Ark

Our work this fall is different than the Light Crown we were working on last year.  This year the focus has been on Dimensions Next Door and it’s nearly done. I’ve been trying to solve question of what exactly Bruce Gernon, the pilot who flew through a space-time anomaly in 1970 (see his book with Rob MacGregor The Fog: … Read More

Coping: Real Progress @ Old Man Labs

What if you could get online, buy some 2″ elastic strap and some 1″ Velcro strips from Amazon, add to that a few dollars worth of electronic parts and jam your IQ up 10-20%. Would you do it? That was the goal of our modest Light Crown Project described for our readers last year (with parts … Read More

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