Coping: With 3-Finger Aliens and Phones

A bit of something for everyone this morning,.  I mean if the aliens aren’t of interest, surely your telecom costs are?

The alien story – now this is something.  Got an email from Chris Tyreman up at

“I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but the Jewish blessing is done by holding your hands like Spock’s greeting, live long and prosper.  I always wondered if it was not a mimick of the Originators when they originally blessed Adam and Eve….Then these guys show up.  (Link to 3-finger alien story)

(Continues below)


The three-finger critters are pretty darn interesting…not sure who was breeding who (or is that whom….) but it certainly goes along with the notion in religions of others being here prior to, oh, the iPhone 6, for example.

Also related:  Story in the Washington Post this morning about how “Humans bred with this mysterious species more than once, new study shows.”  Question then morphs to “Did 3-finger visitors around 800 AD visit Peru and breed there?”

Three and five finger Monte, perhaps?

“Evolve or die: “Why our human ancestors learned to be social more than 320,000 years ago” sayeth the L.A. Times.

Sex & marketing – things never change in the barnyard.

Danger for Budding Capitalists

By the way, don’t know if you remember, but Chris’ son Judah has a remarkable business up in Saskatchewan called “The Sesula Mineral & Gem Museum” in Raddison.

Recently, his business was burgled.  Made the papers up there under the headline “Thieves hit museum of 13-year-old rock collector in Radisson...”

He’s set up a GoFundMe account over here which we’ll drop a few bucks in.

There’s a lesson in here about alarms, insurance, and all the rest…but I hate to see a really good start-up by someone as young run headlong into the “world’s an evil place” – but it is in case you missed it.

Communications Costs

Mentioned that we have our new cell phone going and we now have coverage down to “hog holler” which is 0.8 mile hike to make a call if the land lines and satcoms go out.

Oh, and if I don’t hit the autopatch on the ham radio repeater, too, I suppose.

Friend warhammer sent in some good shopping ideas to consider if becoming ruralized is in your future:

“We had shaky Verizon cell coverage in my neck of paradise, so we went with Vonage 7 or 8 years ago.  I’ve since switched mobile carriers, first to T-Mobile, now to ATT.  Each has their good and bad points.

Vonage is VOIP.  The company sends you their router free of charge.  As long as your cable modem doesn’t block the Vonage VOIP data, their router works like a champ, all for $40/mo with taxes and fees in the Quaker State ($25+ all the hangers’ on gov’t stuff).  Along with great coverage (as good as your Internet service), you can call to most overseas countries, unlimited, for no extra fee.  You can also get a Vonage App for your (non-flip) cell phone that allows you to call for free (including overseas) the same as the home Vonage service.  Home phone can also be call-forwarded to your cell for when you travel.

We’re happy with the company and the service.  We had one problem and after speaking with a customer service rep, they sent a new Vonage router free of charge.

Most cable companies also offer VOIP, however, most do not provide unlimited overseas minutes as Vonage does.

If you don’t have a wireless set, you can get one from Walmart/Sam’s Club or Costco (recommend one which can connect to your cell phone using blue tooth).  With these box stores, you can always return for a full refund if you don’t like the quality or the phone and/or the Vonage service.  Each location has it’s particulars.  I’m not sure what Vonage has for their return policy, as it’s been so long since we first signed up, but I recall it being fair.

My two cents.”

Good shopping info.

We’re STILL waiting for the turn-up to high speed here, although our Exede/ViaSat is now 10-down/4-upping OK.  Should about double when the new modem is turned on..

Balanced Reading?

This weekend, I’m not doing a “making” column Sunday.  In fact, that whole idea may end up being shelved.  To busy “making” and writing takes time.

Not that occasional features on ham radio won’t come along, but I am drawn to writing a second novel and that’s got more “temporal carry value” than  do one-off Sunday columns.

I’m trying something new that you may wish to consider in your studies:  Trying to “feed” all three of my “brains” about equally.

For the right brain, this weekend’s book is “Urban Shaman” by Serge Kahili King.  Story about his path into the ancient huna traditions of Hawaii…which (when mastered…lead to being a kahuna.

For the left side of the brain, I’m munching slowly through “A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra” though honestly, I’m more interested in a visualization approach to the underlying computational parts, as I think in pictographs, more than spreadsheet cells…

And while that feeds the two sides, the Middle Brain – the ante chamber of bicameralism? – is still soaking up Rothbard’s “America’s Great Depression.”

There’s  a mega-project on the Peoplenomics side that I need to get huge blocks of time for.  I’m integrating the m ajor day-by-day news of the 1928-1930 period with the roughly 2,000 pages of Federal Reserve notes from the period.

This weekend a collection of “rhymes” off present news from the Library of Congress collection.

(Library of Congress is a joke.  We know congressoids don’t read crap.)

Non-trivial stuff but time-consuming and there’s only so much “me.”.

Thing is, to be a good writer (non fiction as on PN) there’s only one way to fly:  Continuous mountains of additional facts, figures, and logic, though to borrow from the phrase from the old Donovan Leitch song Roots of Oak….

“Let me not hear facts figures and logic
Fain would I hear lore legends and magic”

“Fain” is olde-enggy for yes, I’d love to..”

Which leaves only the mountain of test gear in the shop as I try to build a “lifting sound” using fragments of sounds  (know what fractional cycle modem technology is?)…oh, and the garden’s got to be in…

So, too busy doing and making to make a Making…while making non-making makes work.  Perfect clear.

UK Radio Interview

Other than predicting a market crash for next week, our next interview about projects in Old Man Labs will be on British radio Sunday.

Will be on (with Howard Hughes – not the dead reclusive one) and there are lots of listening options: streaming and apps for mac&droids.

BTW, has anyone built a Mac software program called “Cheese!” yet?  Mac & what?

Been one of those weeks.  The pun police will have the place surrounded any minute.  I better go cover my dangling participles.

Write when you get rich,

Coping: Time Change Adventures

A tale about prepping – with a large order of woo-woo this morning.  Lots of background to the prepping point, as well – which is our agenda – plus a ton of woo-woo.

As long-term readers know, Elaine and I went with friends (Robin and Judy) to see Johnny Mathis at the “world’s largest casino” this weekend. Winstar in Thackerville, OK.   Show was great and on Sunday morning, I cashed in a $507 chit and a $206 chit.  In my odd approach to gambling, I go in with three or four hundred dollar bills and when they have been through the machines, I print the chit and walk away.  One of the few gambling techniques that works:  Find the high payout machines, then play until you get a statistical outlier, then cash out and walk away.

In the process, I figure we got gipped out of an hour of sleep by the hotel, though – what with the Daylight time changel.  I don’t know why hotels don’t change check out to 11:30 for that one weekend a year when it time change works against the customer.

(Continues below)


That’s the short version of the trip.  With all the walking around the world’s biggest casino, I actually came home 2-pounds lighter than when I left.  Which is something of a miracle given the high-end food.  Saturday night, for example, was a filet (7 oz) with shrimp scampi.  That’s after a warm-up on cold (massive) shrimp in a one-off sauce that is the best yet in my life.  Going on 70, that’s one hell of a compliment.  I’ve had shrimp all over the country and in a dozen foreign spots and this was amazing.

A Prepping Story from “The Realms”

From my birthday – in mid February – until sometime in May is my “hot time of the year” for dreaming.  This is when I have amazing, and sometimes precognitive, dreams about the world.  Things like detours while traveling – in advance.  The Deepwater Horizon oil disaster – 18-hours in advance.  And there was the strange case of the Melbourne bus accident.

Not all dreams are precognitive, but there is usually a message to them.

So “REAL” are these dreams that I often remark it’s like waking up in another life – living that for a while, and then reawakening on this side of the dream boundary.  More sense of how it works in my novel DreamOver: A David Shannon Adventure.  Which, I might add, is based on more than half a dozen such other-worldly dream-life adventures.

Now to this one:

In last night’s dream adventure, Elaine and I had gone to a capitol city which was on the coast to look around.

Directions tend to be 90-degrees off in my dreams (something usefully learnt from the Melbourne bus case), but I will give you the “sense” of direction as we go.

We parked the car just to the north and a few miles west of the downtown waterfront district.  We walked downhill toward the water looking for…not sure what.

But, as we came to the waterfront of the city, we were amazed to see nuclear missiles being erected and readied for launch among the buildings.  The buildings were not very tall.  I’d say no more than five or six stories tall.  And the missile warheads were distinctly built with large domes on the tops, not the “pointy end” type missiles.

We got the sense that time was running out.  There would be nuclear war, but we didn’t know when, but soon.  Like in the next few days.

Realizing this, we went into a myriad of building types, trying to find something that would be survivable.

In the upper part of the downtown area, there were a lot of two and three story buildings.  But these were made in a very heavy way that would be blown over immediately in the vicinity of the target area.

We worked our way south, and up a number of rolling hills, stopping at one deli that looked promising.

A two story building, it was built stoutly and we figured it would survive.  But it lacked the basement I was looking for.  As we left through a side door, I noticed another door that opened into a chicken-raising area.  Most strange.

Continuing up, and south, there were a number of old churches/religious buildings.  these seemed to meet my search criteria; they had basements and they were heavily-built and all.  But, on talking to a priest (who was in a side yard to the church rescuing a small dog with a broken leg) we began to understand that in the coming war, this building, too, would topple.  And the heavy (dark granite) stones would be impossible to escape from.

So, we kept walking.

We stayed to what was emerging as a main highway that at one point went under a kind of earthen embankment.  It was too short to be a tunnel, really, but the building (through which the road and pedestrian walkway went) was of huge timber construction.

The way it had be built seemed like a civil defense project in a sense:  The heavy timbers had been set up as a massive frame and then tin roofing had been applied between the beams to keep dirt from drifting down into the traffic area below.

The whole thing couldn’t have been more than a block, or two, long.  A few shops were inside.  We kept walking, though, because there were no blast doors on the (capitol-facing) north side, from which we’d come.

What we did learn, though, was that if we walked a long ways further, there were some stock yards outside the city – about 20-miles on.  Once past those, we learned there was a river we could follow inland.

The name of this river didn’t survive the transit back onto this side of The Realms but its name began with an O and there was a ch, an e, and and r in it best I can remember.

When we learned it was such a distance, we decided to return to the northwest part of the capitol city and try to find the car so we could make better time traveling.

As we came into the city again, Elaine walked east, down the hill into the most populated part, looking for a major road to left which would take us back to the northwest area where our vehicle was.

Neither one of us had bothered to note the “car” location when we departed on foot for the downtown area east (and down hill).

Now, there was a rising sense of urgency that we find our way quickly and get the hell out of there.  It wouldn’t be long before the missiles flew and we wanted to be south of the stock yards and near the river before things went bad.

How does one analyze such a dream?

Much of it is a mish-mash of an old newsman’s brain.  It’s likely the rounded nose-cone missiles were an archetype processor output of “Iron Dome.”

The layout of the capitol was more difficult.  I don’t know of any where there are stockyards 20-miles from the city and a river beyond that going inland.  Anyone with map ideas, please let me know.  And remember from the Melbourne dream, which was 90-120 degrees counterclockwise on this side of the Realms, that I don’t know what my recent Cartesian ordinates are.

Language provides no insights, either.  That is because in The Realms people communicate ideas directly.  What we, as a species, are going through right now with iconography in computers is a start.  We still “attach” verbose words to things (empty Recycle bin?) or “Find?:_____” but these are half-measures.

I get the sense that past high civilizations operated more in the “ideasphere” than present world inhabitants.  Perhaps, in the intermarriage of the Neanderthals and the Cro Magnons with the Homo Sapiens, some of our native genius was bred out (deliberately so?) in order that the survival skills of more aggressive species, less thoughtful and reflective compared with Sapiens, could be integrated.

Or, perhaps the co-breeding was the result of animal needs to recover from one of the great planetary catastrophes… we will never know.

An “accidental detour” on our trip this weekend also figured into things.

Because of traffic, and picking the wrong lane, I ended up taking I30 east from Dallas a few miles.  This put us on surface streets through southeast Dallas and I remember thinking how much the apartments and condos in this area looked like “chicken coups.”

Understand that while we live in a modest (wildly decorated and customized) mobile home, people who live in “coups” have a special problem:  They are “captives of the City.”

I spent a few minutes while we were driving (back on the 635 West and taking the 175/Kaufman exit to head down our way) thinking about this notion of how and why large-scale civilian populations are  in the (supposedly) “modern world” held hostage for geopolitical purposes.

Why do people put up with it?

Is it the money?

We happen to live in an area that is so dispersed and spread out that it’s almost unthinkable that anyone would waste a nuke on us.  Rural and “independent living” mean much the same thing.

Yet, people in cities like Bremerton, Washington, Long Beach, Oakland, Honolulu, and so on, by simply choosing to live where they do, have essentially placed their “necks in the noose” of geopolitics.

And that, my friend, is (far as I can tell) the point of the dream.

In order for global geopolitical conflict to occur, all you need are targets of convenience.  The Big Cities?  They’ll do fine.

Back in the “dream port” (bed, this side of The Realms), Elaine and I talked about the holding of civilian populations hostage, as they are.  “Why do people allow it?” she wondered.

Honestly, I didn’t have an answer.  Maybe they just don’t see it.  I mean, sure, I understand the reasons from past Ages.  When cities sprang-forth at river junctions, where downstream travel was easy.  I totally get that.

But, in an era where we’ll be upgrading our internet connection here in the Outback to 25 MB this week…why THEN do people allow themselves to be held hostage in geopolitics at the macro-level or higher sales taxes at the local level?

That’s our prepping ponder:  People – when thinking of prepping – place far too much emphasis on “The Job.”  They go “where the money is.”  But is that the wisest choice?

My tromping around this (dreamscape) capitol in the midst of preparing for nuclear conflict with its entire population at risk, was deeply disturbing.  It echoed off the “chicken coups” of we saw in suburban Dallas & Mesquite, Texas.

This is a fulfilling life?” I kept asking myself?  How do people in coups keep from going nuts?  Where’s the meaning?

In a country with so much land, requiring only commitment and a vision, why haven’t huge population centers emptied out -dispersed- already? Is it the Urban Real Estate Mega-bubble?

Or, is it something about the BUZZ of a city that entrains people?  The economic GLUE that hypnotizes people into trading their own self-determination for a comfort of living a life of the well-fed hostage?

Perhaps we need a word for it:  Urbanosis: (n)  “A state of unquestioning participation in a pseudo-life.”

Thus, countries of hostages, cities of hostages, all competing for more paper in order to…what, exactly?

Superficially, as a past master of the balance sheet – I once lived it.  Not like we don’t grok the deal.  Far from it.

Maybe it was the casino that set off the thought.  People all looking for the same statistical outlier.  Missing the Miracle Money Technique, just like chickens working over a handful of scratch tossed out by the farmer.

It’s nice to be back from the dream port, but some deep questions came with me this visit.  And no simple answers.

Just damn tough questions about modern values, such as they are.

Write when you get rich,

Coping: With the Old Age of “New Age”

I must report to you that a terrible crisis is upon the world.  What has long passed as New Age – with a heaping side of woo-woo – is being dashed on the rocks of Reality, grounded in Science. You see:  This week I have been deeply thinking and contemplating on the implications of the recent discovery (late 2017) that homo sapiens– the upright apes that are us – have been around much longer than Science has previously.

Although the speciation H. sapiens is only now becoming clear, science has been very indecisive until the past couple of months, doing things like lumping Neanderthals into the H. sapiens species:

“Some sources show Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis) as a subspecies (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis).[4][5] Similarly, the discovered specimens of the Homo rhodesiensis species have been classified by some as a subspecies (Homo sapiens rhodesiensis), although it remains more common to treat these last two as separate species within the Homo genus rather than as subspecies within H. sapiens,”

(Continues below)


That has pretty much blown up now that a full-on Home Sapiens jaw has been discovered that is 180,000 years old.

If you haven’t been following, try some of these readings to catch up with class:

180,000-year-old human fossil discovery changes what we thought we knew about mankind’s history.”

Key in this is that humans (constructed like us) left Africa at least 50,000 years sooner than had been popularized by academics.  And even worse for them?  The science is pouring in from places like Morocco that homo sapiens (the “wise man”) has been around for a thought-shifting 350,000 years.

Now, let us look at this By Vostok-ice-core-petit.png: NOAAderivative work:

The shocker in all this is that if you go first to the lowest chart and to 350,000 years (Morocco homo sapiens) and then up to the carbon dioxide levels, and temperature above that, you will see a pretty strong case for semi-regular planetary disaster.

But most meaningful of all?  Humans have been  around for 350,000 years and we are about due for our fourth Ice Age as a species.

My, ain’t that cool, or what?

This week, as I was looking at the data, I decided to go on a quest for books that would be useful in my new direction in personal research.

My thinking is terribly simple – IF  humans have been around so damn long, surely we have evolved some organizations (at other than the DNA memory level) to perpetuate and hold all knowledge from a period.

Starting with Morocco, looks on the chart like 10-18-thousand years of knowledge accumulation would have been possible.  Maybe the Big Chill then would have been of lesser importance for equatorial homo sapiens, but now with know that by 180,000 years ago – the “backside” of Ice Age II, we were ranging at least north of modern-day Israel.

Then, once again, after Ice Age III in the 25,000 year-ago period, we see humans popping up almost everywhere.

Roughly 13,000 years ago, the collision with likely remains of a comet [Clube and Napier] – and here comes Ice Age IV.

So good is the work of Viktor Clube and William Napier, that the US government has referred to it because it’s the kind of “big risk” (being smacked by a comet) that can really ruin your day.

As the National Public Library enter here notes:

“According to Napier, 13,000 years ago the earth was affected by a major, rapid cooling event that caused the extinction of a large number of species and a major disruption of paleoindian cultures. Previously thought to have been caused by an enormous asteroid crashing into the planet, Professor presented evidence that the cooling even was caused collision with “a dense trail of material from a large disintegrating comet.”

Now the problem that I’m chewing on is this: If an Ice Age IV comes to visit us eventually, other than a massive (and we assume messy, violent) die-off of perhaps all but a few hundred million (out of 7-billion eaters now) do we have mechanisms in place – geographically dispersed, too – to facilitate any kind of rapid recovery.

Or, are we – as past civilizations apparently have done – just stumble arounbd blindly trying to work through the wreckage  and see what has been provide by Ma Nature on the backside.

For example, it’s quite possible that much of the plains states of today were once lush forests.  With monster tornadic winds last who knows how many years, how long would it take for two events to occur that made the coal fields of Appalachia?

We might be able to model it, since we have a good idea that the 13,000 year ago event was long after-effects deal.  If pieces of a comet rained down causing something larger than nuclear winter, but first with 600-mile per hour winds…well, that would push some brush up against eastern mountains, for sure.

And likely with enough residual crap in the atmosphere to reduce Earth’s albedo (for a while).  Higher absorption of solar heat might have prevented something of a Martian outcome (stripped atmosphere, after Immanuel Velikovsky’s work).

Fine, so far, right?  But how does “New Age” figure into this?

In my most recent book, I recount a meeting with someone from Tibet once upon a time…and ever since, I have been trying to track down him, his order, and more about the purported guardians of Humanity’s Hidden Past.

What has come out is either disinformation or just rank speculation.  But I keep reading.  Sometimes with a fair amount of disappointment.

One book I power-read this week was The Book of Secret Wisdom: The Prophetic Record of Human Destiny and Evolution. Where I got disappointed was when the pieces about “Those born after 2012 will” in so many words witness immortals being born.

Maybe science will get there (we’re already working on telomere extension techniques to reverse aging) but such “New Age” books seem long on flowery verbiage and short of really useful data.

My next round will be some Edgar Casey books since the “sleeping prophet” has a very good rep.  But, from my own experiences in The Realms (of dreams) I appreciate that there are almost uncountable distortions carrying a concept from “over there” to “over here” on the waking side.

The old New Age is in trouble, though.  When you look up past/mythical ancient worlds, they don’t match up with reality now emerging from archeological digs.

Take Lemuria for example. Wikipedia places it when?

“In 1864, “The Mammals of Madagascar” by zoologist and biogeographer Philip Sclater appeared in The Quarterly Journal of Science. Using a classification he referred to as lemurs but which included related primate groups,[4] and puzzled by the presence of their fossils in both Madagascar and India but not in Africa or the Middle East, Sclater proposed that Madagascar and India had once been part of a larger continent (he was correct in this; though in reality this was the supercontinent Pangaea).

The Lemuria theory disappeared completely from conventional scientific consideration after the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift were accepted by the larger scientific community. According to the theory of plate tectonics, Madagascar and India were indeed once part of the same landmass (thus accounting for geological resemblances), but plate movement caused India to break away millions of years ago, and move to its present location. The original landmass, the supercontinent Gondwana, broke apart; it did not sink beneath sea level.

In 1999, drilling by the JOIDES Resolution research vessel in the Indian Ocean discovered evidence[7] that a large island, the Kerguelen Plateau, was submerged about 20 million years ago by rising sea levels. Samples showed pollen and fragments of wood in a 90-million-year-old sediment. Although this discovery might encourage scholars to expect similarities in dinosaur fossil evidence, and may contribute to understanding the breakup of the Indian and Australian land masses, it does not support the concept of Lemuria as a land bridge for mammals.

In 2013, the study of grains of sand from the beaches of Mauritius led to the conclusion that a similar landmass would have existed between 2 billion and 85 million years ago.”

Even so, the timelines don’t come anywhere near matching the Lemuria narrative of the New Agers.

There’s a bit more going for Atlantis, but here too, there are plenty of issues to be addressed:

The only primary sources for Atlantis are Plato’s dialogues Timaeus and Critias; all other mentions of the island are based on them. The dialogues claim to quote Solon, who visited Egypt between 590 and 580 BC; they state that he translated Egyptian records of Atlantis.[19] Written in 360 BC, Plato introduced Atlantis in Timaeus:

Besides Plato, we have lots of other “pseudohistory” of Atlantis including this note:

“Much speculation began as to the origins of the Maya, which led to a variety of narratives and publications that tried to rationalize the discoveries within the context of the Bible and that had undertones of racism in their connections between the Old and New World. The Europeans believed the indigenous people to be inferior and incapable of building that which was now in ruins and by sharing a common history, they insinuate that another race must have been responsible.

In the middle and late nineteenth century, several renowned Mesoamerican scholars, starting with Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg, and including Edward Herbert Thompson and Augustus Le Plongeon, formally proposed that Atlantis was somehow related to Mayan and Aztec culture.”

Because of how religions and mind control (of followers) works, any notion of a Mayan civilization collapse due to an inundation would likely be wrong.  Most probably, the Chiczulub Crater (northern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, was either a singular cometary fragment (of the 13,000 BC event) or was an event unto itself.

Is it possible that both Plato and others writing of Atlantis are referencing this event, or, are there other crater fragments we’re not seeing because of acculturation bias?

Notwithstanding, the New Age literature seems to have served a useful purpose, if nothing more than sparking enough media interest in the “lands of ancient woo-woo” to get funding and do some actual research.

But as for Halls of Akashic Records and hidden troves in the Himalayan mountains.  You tell me where and I’m willing to do look.  But after lots of research on promising leads, damned if there’s a pressing need to buy an airplane ticket yet.

Still, time though, if you want to send the long-term (200,000 year and longer) guardians along, I’ll buy ’em a beer and interview ’em.

Lots of questions to ask…and for all our science, still not enough answers in the “demon-haunted world.”

Write when you get rich,

Coping: Earthquake Notes and Speculations

An odd column this morning.  I had the “earthquake tireds” on Wednesday. This is an area where science and woo-woo overlap.  Is there a quake coming?  Newsworthy one, perhaps?

Not bigly and hugely – kind of 6 to7 point somethingly. But, I have learned to pay attention when such “vibes” show up.  Not that we are having a “big one” (wasn’t THAT tired) but there was a coincident clustering of quakes up and down the eastern side of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire in the past 24-hours.  

March is no stranger to earthquakes – there was the March 27th Good Friday Earthquake in Alaska in 1964.  Then there was the Tohoku (Honshu) March 11 quake – a 9.1 by some – in 2011.  So, when “earthquake tireds” set in this time of year, I pay attention.

(Continues below)


One of my “Data Collection Projects” that always runs in background in my head, is taking note of odd calendar data like this. Not only has March been a “hot month” for historical-sized quakes in my lifetime, but if you look at the Boxing Day Quake (late December) there’s almost an argument to be made that there’s something “attracting” quakes to the first quarter of the year.

The association is soft.  The 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake is another one to consider:  Except it was on April 18…so out of the “soft” window.

There are a ton of competing theories to explain quakes.  Some we find most interesting:

  • The notion quakes are “self-arising” from the movement of tectonic plates.  I’m not too big a fan of this, but there’s data to support it.
  • The idea that quakes are related to planetary alignments.  This one, too, has some evidence to support it.
  • The 11-year solar cycle with its associated increases and decreases may have something to do with it.  Long-time readers will recall our long-standing notion that Einstein’s equation is not a one-way street, in a manner of speaking.   In other words, while E=MC2, there’s implied in the equation the idea that if you have enough of whatever C2 is (constant speed of light squared) you ought to be able to condense matter.  Thus follows the idea that Earth is a condenser of matter from solar output which not only make planet formation around Sun-sized stars a predictable wide-spread phenomenon, but it also suggests that when the rate of change is highest (in terms of energy to matter condensation) is when the largest of earthquakes could occur.
  • Or, it may be that quakes are simply the result of differential heating values spread unevenly over the planet – the result of the same 11-year solar cycle.
  • And the list goes on until we come down to the discussion over whether the alignments of celestial bodies is something absolute —which would be the actual planetary alignments as measured by astrophysicists OR whether it’s based on an unseen energetic alignment that seems to be where astrology has its roots.

There’s one other aspect of Earthquake – an oddly personal one, at that:

The most amazing and reveal precognitive events in my life have all be in this soft “first quarter” period.

If you remember my 18-hours in advance posting of the Offshore Horizon oil rig disaster   (20 April 2010) or my precognitive dream about closed roads due to a fatal car accident – that was in the April period.

This leads to even stranger speculation:  Could it be that some people are more directly sensitive to knowledge of future in the period AFTER the quake window closes?

In electronics terms, something like this comes to mind:

We know that energetic effects give rise to things like variability in the stock market.  The Full Moon has been softly correlated to increases in the Volatility Index, for example.  And Steve Puetz has done marvelous work linking eclipses with crashes.

Again, we are into the realm of “soft links” but imagine if you can the Sun being a big “noise generator.”

And as the Earth goes through a “lurch” of energy to matter generation (experienced as an earthquake) there may be a period of quiescence following during which better contact between conscious mind and intuitive connections with global mass consciousness improve.

Yeah – odd theory, but when you think about it, the Puetz crash window would also fit into this “Sun and noise generator:” keeping people overly stimulated fits.  A crash window then, might be this “period of quiescence” when people quite suddenly – as a group – realize their over-stimulated (manic valuations) behavior and that group realization tanks markets.

Or not.

Back to point:  So not only did I have the “earthquake tireds” but in popped an email from my old friend Patrick Geryl.

Patrick, you’ll remember, was one of the leading researchers on the 2012 expectations.  There was (and remains) data to support his concerns.

But, what IF the calendars that we all go by have been jiggered by more than previously admitted-to by academics?  Is it possible they would be off by an entire solar cycle?  That kind of possibility really bothers me because the next solar offset would then come in the 2024 window.

Notwithstanding, Patrick’s email goes like this:

While analysing Mw 7.5 plus earthquakes, we found that they mostly happen on alignments with the Earth. Several of them happened on heliocentric conjunctions, with planets or planetoids in crucial Line Ups. On March 3-4, 2018 there will be 4 important alignments with the Earth.  A 7.5Mw+is possible around noon on March 4. If the quake is delayed, the magnitude will increase till 8.0Mw+.

March 3, 2018

February 27 (19:30) – March 13 (12:15), 2018: Triple Line Up Saturn – Vesta – Ceres

February 28 (11:30) – March 7  (07:45), 2018: Conjunction Jupiter – Mars and the Sun HIGH:21:45

February 28 (23:45) – March 9 (18:15), 2018: Triple Line Up Mercury – Venus – Chiron HIGH:18:35

March 2 (14:00) – 6 (14:15), 2018: Opposition Earth – Neptune across the Sun

March 3 (05:45) – 5 (21:45), 2018: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Mars – Mercury

March 3 (10:00) – 6 (12:00), 2018: Triple Line  Chiron – Venus – Earth

March 3 (19:30) – 5 (20:00), 2018: Triple Line Up Venus – Mercury – Earth

March 3 (19:45) – 5 (23:30), 2018: Triple Line  Chiron – Mercury – Earth

On March 3, there are 4 interconnected alignments:

February 28 (23:45) – March 9 (18:15), 2018: Triple Line Up Mercury – Venus – Chiron HIGH:18:35

March 3 (10:00) – 6 (12:00), 2018: Triple Line  Chiron – Venus – Earth

March 3 (19:30) – 5 (20:00), 2018: Triple Line Up Venus – Mercury – Earth

March 3 (19:45) – 5 (23:30), 2018: Triple Line  Chiron – Mercury – Earth

  • Venus: 3 times
  • Mercury: 3 times
  • Earth: 3 times
  • Chiron: 3 times

Quake:  March 3, 2018   18:00 – 23:00

Magnitude: Mw6.0 +

Reason earthquake:

Start Line Up:

March 3 (05:45) – 5 (21:45), 2018: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Mars – Mercury

March 3 (10:00) – 6 (12:00), 2018: Triple Line  Chiron – Venus – Earth

March 3 (19:30) – 5 (20:00), 2018: Triple Line Up Venus – Mercury – Earth

March 3 (19:45) – 5 (23:30), 2018: Triple Line  Chiron – Mercury – Earth

March 4, 2018

February 27 (19:30) – March 13 (12:15), 2018: Triple Line Up Saturn – Vesta – Ceres

February 28 (11:30) – March 7  (07:45), 2018: Conjunction Jupiter – Mars and the Sun

February 28 (23:45) – March 9 (18:15), 2018: Triple Line Up Mercury – Venus – Chiron

March 2 (14:00) – 6 (14:15), 2018: Opposition Earth – Neptune across the Sun HIGH:13:55

March 3 (05:45) – 5 (21:45), 2018: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Mars – Mercury HIGH:13:46

March 3 (10:00) – 6 (12:00), 2018: Triple Line  Chiron – Venus – Earth HIGH:22:58

March 3 (19:30) – 5 (20:00), 2018: Triple Line Up Venus – Mercury – Earth HIGH:18:03

March 3 (19:45) – 5 (23:30), 2018: Triple Line  Chiron – Mercury – Earth HIGH:21:23

March 4  (14:00) – 5 (06:15), 2018: Opposition Mercury – Jupiter across the Sun HIGH:22:10

March 4 (15:15) – 5 (08:45), 2018: Opposition Mercury – Mars across the Sun High March 5: 00:02

On March 4, there are 4 interconnected alignments and 3 new ones:

February 28 (23:45) – March 9 (18:15), 2018: Triple Line Up Mercury – Venus – Chiron

March 3 (10:00) – 6 (12:00), 2018: Triple Line  Chiron – Venus – Earth HIGH:22:58

March 3 (19:30) – 5 (20:00), 2018: Triple Line Up Venus – Mercury – Earth HIGH:18:03

March 3 (19:45) – 5 (23:30), 2018: Triple Line  Chiron – Mercury – Earth HIGH:21:23

  • Venus: 3 times
  • Mercury: 3 times
  • Earth: 3 times
  • Chiron: 3 times

February 28 (11:30) – March 7  (07:45), 2018: Conjunction Jupiter – Mars and the Sun

March 3 (05:45) – 5 (21:45), 2018: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Mars – Mercury HIGH:13:46

March 4  (14:00) – 5 (06:15), 2018: Opposition Mercury – Jupiter across the Sun HIGH:22:10

March 4 (15:15) – 5 (08:45), 2018: Opposition Mercury – Mars across the Sun High March 5: 00:02

  • Jupiter: 3 times
  • Mars: 3 times
  • Mercury: 3 times

Quake: March 4, 2018  09:00-10:30

Magnitude: Mw6.5+

If the quake happens on March 4 after 12:00, the magnitude will increase.

Quake: March 4, 2018  12:00-15:30

Magnitude: Mw7.5+”

The idea of being able to predict earthquakes is appealing and useful.  But, as outlined here, the competing theories abound and by email back to Patrick, I’ve asked him to discuss several things:

First is the discussion of how his method works.  As noted, we have two ways of looking to the heavens.  One way is to look for astrophysical alignments.  The other is to consider the (personal, human, energetic) astrological alignments.  There are offsets.

I hope our “consulting astrologer” can add some commentary as well, along with this idea that the Sun’s a big emotional “noise-maker” because that seems to be the case.

The other questions for Patrick involve where could we find evidence of a greater than three or four year offset (like one whole solar cycle or more) from the ancient Mayan and other projections about our future handed down from antiquity?

Fascinating stuff?  Normally, yes.  But simply and personally, I had a low-grade dose of the “earthquake tireds” Wednesday so Patrick’s email was timely and therefore worth mentioning.

Write when you get rich (or shaken?)

Coping: World Gone Asymmetric?

If someone says “I just noticed another very strange asymmetry in the world!” what would you think?

There are, we would expect, natural symmetries.

Let’s start with right and left-hand doors, for example.  I assume you know the rule for figuring if a door is “left-hand” or “right-hand?”  Standing in the doorway, swing your arm in the direction the door opens.  That’s its “handedness.”   If the hinges are on the left side of your spine…well, another indicator that it’s a left-hand opening door.  Now the weird part:

(Continues below)


People buy a lot of one kind of door swing, but not so much of the other.  But I won’t tell you which one – make a not to drop by the door department next time you head into Lowes or Home Despots. (sic)

Ask them which one they sell more off…

But that isn’t what this morning’s Texas Tall Tale is about.  It’s really about wiring my just serviced inverter back into the solar power system.

“And this somehow relates to asymmetry, Ure?  Ure crazy!”

Well, yes, be that as it may:  Sunday was spent working on the solar power center.  I had coffee and was johnny-on-the-spot – ready to work at 7:45.

Just for the halibut I decided to plot out an estimated timeline so I could go back later and see where the project when off the rails.

The first pass suggested it would be a 1.3-hour project.  In fact, it was a 3.5-hour project.  We’ll get to that part of the adventure shortly.

But when it was all wrapped up, I got to thinking about my co-generation agreement with the local power company.  When I put in the system, they ran inspectors around the place trying to find some reason I couldn’t do what I’d “just did.”

Finally, they dinged me for not having a sign on the main switch for the whole property reference to the panel in the shop and being an A.C. source.

“You need a sign on your service entrance to alert a crew working an outage that there’s a source elsewhere on the property.”

They wanted not only a sign on the service entrance (which looks suspiciously like this one…) and they also made the point that even though I was running an NEC-compliant grid-interactive system, they STILL wanted a separate shut-off on the outside of the building.

Naturally, we’re happy to comply when regulations make sense.

So, no problem – got the signs made 9-years back when we went through this little dance of rigmarole and all’s well.

EXCEPT: When it occurred to me as I was picking up tool… “You know, there’s a sign at the disconnect saying that there’s a cutoff switch in here, too…

I was thinking of something on that stud that’s on the right with a battery carrier hanging on it.  (That gets used for two days, every 9-years, like clockwork.)

Not to the point:

I went looking for an “Emergency Power Shutoff” sign with a left arrow  because that’s where the damn panel is!

Was that a dumb move, or what?

Because when I went to the Nation Instant Products Center Delivered to Your Home with No Hassles  (otherwise known as Amazon) they politely informed me:

We found 0 results for “power shutoff sign left arrow”

Use fewer keywords or try these instead

All of which would be fine EXCEPT that ISYN there are 35-such signs with RIGHT ARROWS.

Now, sure, a number came up as “not currently available” but give me a break!

Is there some secret handshake that goes with becoming an architect that leads people to agree to “Let’s put places for signs in places that are only to the left (so right-pointing signs will work, eh?) and we’ll just pull one over on the public!”

I’ve designed a fair bit of square footage in commercial spaces for recording schools, broadcast colleges, and other such.  But in all that time not-a-once did any of the space planners or architects tell me “Oh, yeah, George, we can only get right-arrow signs.

After pounding my head against a wall for a while I thought… “OK, maybe I missed something.  Let’s see what happens with Exit signs...”

115 returns in the Amazon system will get you a right-arrow Exit signs.

Expecting the worst, I ran “exit sign left arrow.”


There’s 125 of THEM.  Are there more “left” exits than “right???”

This left me with an uncomfortable feeling that there may be a whole mess of these little in-noticed asymmetries out there.

And maybe, since life is a lot like the IRL version of an “Escape Room” if I can collect enough of this little pointers, it will as some point become meaningful.

It hadn’t though, so I knocked off on various shop projects about 3 PM and decided to go study for my blood test.

That’s the every six-months (or so) where I go to report the doc that I’m still alive.  He’s usually skeptical.

Fortunately, they’re not doing cognitive testing – yet.

Might, though, if they get wind of the kind of oddities that grab our attention around here…

Write when you get rich,

Coping: A Note from “The Realms”

Been a while since we’ve talked about some genuine serious woo-woo.  That’s the part of life not well-understood, let alone documented, by science.  This morning, some things science hasn’t made clear.

People have two lives.  One is the “normal” (*waking-state) that we are sharing right now.  The OTHER is the world you go to – when you are sleeping.

This other world we visit is connected to thing one by thought forms.

(Continues below)


Those thought forms perform an important function, I believe and let me share a bit from last night’s “birthday adventure in the Realms” because it not only explains why I am into voice-controlled computing, but also it explains a good bit about the mechanics  of the dream and outer worlds.

It was another day at work in my “other life.”  I work for a technology company there (it’s semi-alien technology) and it’s purpose is to send thoughts to this side of the veil.

The president of the company seems to be a spin on a personality I worked for on this side in high tech, a fellow named Michael.  How the technology (over there) works is a bit odd, but let’s see if I can explain it:

The Universe is a “big thought.” That was wrecked by the Big Bang though, so these trillions of tiny thoughts need to be processed into a whole again in order to bring the worlds together.  Veils like “sleep” keep them apart.  Concepts like time and distance, too.

In other worlds, think of the post- Big Bang Universe a kaleidoscope:  The Universe (at the time of the Big Bang) breaks into a quintillion sub-Realities.  Not just the obvious particles on this side of the veil  but billions upon billions of other worlds that exist like our own.

It’s not unlike the currently popular theory in math that “We are living in a simulation…”  Well, yes – but no.  We’re in  one piece of the kaliedescope, it a better way of thinking of it.  Math’s good, but there’s a danger in this top-down sim-play construct.  The problem is one of alignment between not heierarchy.

What ties the pieces together is the Great Thought.  Which is, of course, too big for words.  And it doesn’t matter because it is presently broken, slowly nibbling at being reconstructed, though spread in trillions in complete Realms.

So, there are (among these  Realms) workers who transit from one to another.

For some, it’s the waking state of Earth into the other Realms.  One of their functions is to bring across ideas, values, and words.

One conept I ran into (on that side last night) went as follows:

I’d been doing very well at assembling new thought-forms in (for lack of a better word) the Thought Factory.

So well, that I was given a new office and a job in marketing.  Office was just off to the side of the production floor where the idea-thoughts were being semi-built.

Do you know what SKD means, in manufacturing?  Semi-Knocked Down.  Partly assembled.  This is how thoughts work.

When you focus or pray on something (on this side of the veil) it comes in to the “Thought Factories” in The Realms and its assemly is started.

All run by words, but on that side the words and intentions are condensed and made partially whole and then shipped over to this side of the veil.  Intention is the powering force.  That’s why intending has been made so key in religions.

But once partly assembled constructs arrive, they still need action to become whole things.  And that’s almost magical.  It’s when when you begin to do something concert with a thought-intention, it just somehow automatically happens.  But, if you are not in alignment with the Thought Factory output, rest assured NOTHING will happen.

It’s a complex dance.

back to the adventure, though:   I go to my new office and it’s a mess.  Nice desk, furniture, view, and such, but there is some leftover….food…I guess you’d call it.  More like a residue.

I begin to clean it up and notice a non-descript cardboard box – bigger than a Happy Meal box, maybe the size of a Taco Bell 12-pack.  No markings, though.

As I picked up the box and glance inside, I immediately dropped it with a twinge or horror.  What I saw looked like several dozen writhing worms.  Bright – almost fluorescent green and about 8-inches long and half the thickness of a pencil…I knew instinctively they were looking for a ….HOST.

I couldn’t be sure that one didn’t land on my skin and immediately melt into me.

As I was trying to sort that out, someone came into my office just then and advised me to be careful with them.  “Yeah, they are grissee’s…”


“They are imperfect thought forms that live over here.  They are leftovers from the thought-factory – like sawdust of dreams, sort of.  They look for a way back to the Other Side so they can materialize (which I took to mean materialize on the waking side).  “When they get there, they keep our work from going forward.”


One thing led to another.  Got my new office fixed up and it was off to a conference.  That involved traveling to a new city – and while that world is similar to this, it has its own…well…everything.  Whole different way of physics.  Time and space are different, though Elaine and I have cruised, sailed, and traveled the mountains in the Realm.

The key message from “over there” on this visit, was that I should beware and warn others about the grissee’s because they will keep each and everyone one of us “off task.”  They are like noise to our thoughts…sawdust get blurring our “cut lines.”

The grissee’s, it was explained, are a class communicable communications disease that can traverse the Realms.  Like small gene-snips of larger thoughts, they are useless, but they grow. Sawdust between the Realms?  Who knew?

Seems some local expressions of grissee’s on the waking side is “Social media” and the plethora of causes.  God help us, everyone has a cause.

They’re all over the place.  They use resource, taking up time, but in the end are of limited purpose to the bigger…..bigger…task.  Realization and Reconnection.  We don’t need the sawdust…yet it clings to people like dirt.

Reassembling pieces of the kaleidoscope into a unified reality…that’s the real project…

Now it gets weird.  The grissee’s have influenced humans in negative ways.

Religions have done a fine job of externalizing the spiritual Realms.  But, they are not “out there.”  They are withing each of us if we’re willing to look hard enough.

If you wish to travel to other planets and worlds, you don’t need to be building rocket engines because that may not work.  There may not be enough fuel, or resource to make a meaningful run at going “to the stars.”  In fact, the grissee’s role works toward just that.

The WAY that may hold more promise is to work on the Other Half of our lives –  in our dream states – on opening those portals.

Not the gross, verbose, physicality approach.  Instead, there are ways existent to communicate between the Realms and do productive work on both sides of your life:  The Waking and the Realms part.  The tools, light drugs (such as religious practice, another of which is meditation and so forth) are within everyone’s grasp.

Not everyone can do it…yet.  It takes a fair bit of work.  You need to regive yourself all yesterdays and then go “clean” into the Realms.

See the movie Contact again. The message is there…but not clear to all.

Ancient tribal peoples knew of a Great Spirit, and more recently religions speak of God and such.  It’s all the same Whole.  What’s incomplete are those who inhabit the Realms.  Each holds the barest, tiniest fraction of the larger Whole.  It’s an immense undertaking to reassemble this kaliedescope!

I wish there was more to tell (I could describe the Other Side in incredible detail, but yours is likely different.  The Realms are countless. We each have a different Other Side to work through…or do we?

A birthday dream survived the trip back to this side, confirming a family legend.  One passed down from father to son in our family.

When you get a “good enough” connection between this side and that, it becomes clear that when you “die on this side” there is unlimited work still to be done in The Realms.

Hell of a birthday dream, huh?

If you have difficulty remembering your dreams, perhaps you haven’t really worked at them.  In order to access The Realms you need to be well-rested on this side.  You need to give yourself permission to “travel” and to “remember” and not be afraid.  We are each pieces of “the Whole” and thus unlimited in our power at the soul level.

A few morsels of dark chocolate at bedtime may help.  But, you need to be well-rested and at peace on  this side, or your dreams will remain anchored to this side, cause in the grissee’s.  The Realms won’t open.

Meditation?  Intention?  Yes, it can be done.  But sleeping enough that you dream…that’s the lazy man’s way in.  Discipline of sleep.

The Realms are full of metaphors and some tell the future.

Since the grissee’s appeared as an entity is on this trip, it may indicate that a new, communicable disease, (of communications?) may be expected shortly on this side of the Veil.

In the past, when things like a train wreck have been seen on that side, it shows up on this side very soon.

If you’re interesting, go back to our column in 2016 and read “The Cool Part of Aging” and look how Dream #3 worked out.

I saved the best for last:

Notice the date on that report?  February 22, 2016.

And today is what?

Another “alignment” is expected shortly based on past dream reports. I may not burden you with all of them, but I’m convinced that there’s a super-science here waiting to be rediscovered.

The February-May period seems to be when touching the Realms is easiest for me to bring back to this side.

Be wary of grissee’s & Write when you get rich,

Coping: With How Religions Evolved?

Hack thyself better is our bean-break this morning.  Something has been bothering me for a while in the food department.  It came up in my thinking yesterday (again) as I was reading and writing the latest on the Chronicle Project’s latest outputs.

If you missed, it, the main point (top of the org chart, so to speak) is that “We (humans) seem to have been planted here by a race (or races) of physical and spiritual entities who go around the Universe “creating” suitable planets under the direction of one called “Creator”.

And the “second in command” – the Nakash – steal control and here we are in the long-running battles over religion and such.  But, comments of an insightful reader reminded me that the evolution of fully functional humans is a relatively recent event.  And that got me looking at food more closely…

(Continues below)


So let’s go back to how and why it seems that Egypt arose as a high civilization:  Largely because of how the River Nile worked, it was good with periodic flooding, easy irrigation and sha-zam!  High culture when people can do more than forage for food.

We note that although there are plenty of other cultures in Africa, they rarely got into high culture, with a few very notable exceptions in the southern parts of Africa where ruins stand testament to their efforts.

The idea that has been working its way through my head is that the reason people were not so bright until historically recent time was that we were mostly starving to death.

Even in areas that had reasonable seasonal food stocks there was little awareness of storage.  And given that we were basically just smart apes with all of our thinking going on in one side of our heads (after Jayne) then it sure did sound like the “Voice of God” (*or some-such) when the other hemisphere fired and OMG….you hear that voice?

The magic is that when people are severely malnourished over long periods of time, they get stupid.  But, when they get ample food (and nutrients) then  the body is able to optimize a few things – and one of these is the thin coating of myelin that protects nerves.

Oh – does one other thing:  Growth the myelin sheath which is the formerly non-work, then upgraded to 300 baud connection between the halves of the brain.

Not like fiber was laid in – just the neuron connectivity overall got much better.  As the Biomedical Wiki here explains it:

“Many neurons in vertebrates are electrically insulated by a fatty layer called the myelin sheath produced by supportive cells called glial cells. There are different types of glial cells, oligodentrocytes surround neurons in the Central  nervous system and schwann cells surround periphral neurons[1], they produce the myelin sheath by the plasma membrane migrating around the neurons axon in a tight spiral. A single oligodentrocyte can myelinate up to 10-15 neurons whereas schwann cells only myelinate one[2]. Myelinated neurons are refered to as white matter as the myeline sheath is white[3].

Between the glial cells are gaps called Nodes of Ranvier where voltage gated sodium ion channels are.

An action potential travels down a myelinated axon by saltatory conduction which is where an action potential depolarises the axon enough to initiate the opening of the voltage gated sodium ion channels at the next node. This jumping of the action potential results in faster propagation and conservation of energy

Which is why – thanks to dynamite nutrition resources – we are enjoying what is akin to T-1 (or lambdas, depending on Ure IQ) between the brain halves  – because the “long lines” are in.  And it’s why we can think in “arty terms” one minute and then “run the numbers on it” the next.

So picture African origins migrating all over the world.  Where food could be done well and plentifully, people got smart and high cultures arose.

But what about Biblical food prohibitions?

My late father had thought (being a well-read literalist) in just about everything, that the best explanation he could think of was the lack of refrigeration and meaningful ways to test for food poisoning.  Still a damn good reason for “foody rules” to be bound up in religions.

But what about pigs, shellfish, and such?  Was that something special?

A firm maybe.

As I’ve told you many times I have gout – which is from having serum uric acid levels that are too high.  A little allopurinol and popping some optimized saffron now and they and the issue is gone.  BUI, from my gout battles in years past (before I took health more seriously, it was just a “given” once upon a time) I found that some seafoods and PORK do have higher levels of uric acid.

And THAT (this is a long-[chain logical discussion, but go with me on this ) brings us to diseases like multiple sclerosis.  On which point the School of Biomedical Sciences Wiki says…

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease[4] where the myelin sheath is degenerated, causing random areas of inflammation called lesions[5]. The glial cells can also be destroyed so regeneration cannot occur so the myelin sheath is replaced by scar tissue[6]. The degenerated neurons can’t transmit the action potential as quickly causing symptoms such as loss of control of muscles and numbness. Preventing brain atrophy may have important clinical implications affecting treatment decisions in the future. In recent years, research efforts have directed towards finding agents to modify the disease and reduce brain volume loss. Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) may have some potential roles in this regard.[7]

Invertebrates do not have myelinated neurons.”\

So here comes a wild proposition:

We know the people who came out of Egypt were smart – but the earliest may still have been in the “coming out” stages from Jaynes’ breakdown of their bicameralism into something more unified as a thinking platform.

To big ponders here:

One is – did they know (or did aliens coach them?) on the notion that certain foods would slow or retard the expansion of myelin sheathing?

The other is, were they diseases that people from that part of the world were susceptible to (just as some people are genetically susceptible to MS) that the stated food regimens worked on?

That is an amazingly interesting concept.  And this related to Ure’s study’s of gout and uric acid how?

See the 2012 paper “Correlations between serum uric acid level and disease activity, intrathecal inflammation reactivity in patients with multiple sclerosis..”

Meantime, I continue on my nutritional self-optimization path which includes (among others) Huperzine-A on a regular basis because I just “feel sharper” on it.

About a month back over on I read this little bit on point and wanted to share it with you because it is exactly on point:

“Cholinergic treatments, such as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (AChEIs), may have beneficial effects on myelination, myelin repair, and myelin integrity (R).

Increasing cholinergic stimulation helps the myelination process (R).

Cholinergic treatments, such as Nicotine, Huperzine A and Galantamine could help promote myelination during development and myelin repair in older age (R).

The acetylcholine muscarinic receptors can increase the survival of precursor cells that increase myelin (R).”

Take some time and go read the whole article here.  Because those “foody rules” in religions may be there for brain expansion and disease reduction in addition to not having refrigeration handy.

Making article Sunday (if I get off my butt and make something) Elsewise, Peoplenomics tomorrow and our funeral for markets Monday.

Be well, or weller, and well, er, Write when you get rich…