ShopTalk Sunday: Woo-Woo Event? Fire Tank Arrives

Since this is a holiday weekend (no work Monday for many) I didn’t get serious in the shop real early Saturday.  Too damn cold.  It was 26 F and will be in the high 70’s today.  You know the saying: “Pappy didn’t raise no fool.”

Besides, I’m grappling with a case of woo-woo. Hell of a tale.

Saturday morning over breakfast, Elaine tells me “I found something odd this morning when I went out to feed and water the crows.  I think you ought to have a look at it…”

Yeah, sure.  But, like an obedient puppy, a few hours later she showed me.  I’ll give you the running narrative (roughly paraphrased) so you can follow along.

“I went outside this morning to fill up the water jugs as part of the morning crow feeding routine.  And as I reach down to pick up one of the jugs, I lifted it up and it was broken…right around the bottom…look….”

There was also a hole in the side of the jug, but oddly, no sign of the missing piece of glass from there.  Hmm…

“So, then what happened?”

“Well, I lifted it up and looked at the bottom…here, I’ll show you:”

What’s really strange is that I then went to pick up the second jug and it had exactly the same thing – bottom was out of it.  But not only was the jug broken, the piece that should have been in the bottom was nowhere to be found.  It gives me goosebumps…”

“Wait.  Let me look exactly where it was sitting…”

“Well, no glass at all there.  What do you think happened?”

“I’ve been thinking about it all morning, and nothing makes sense,” Elaine explained.

I came out here, like I always do, and there’s no way the raccoons or possums could knock out the bottom of wine jugs.”

I sort of shrugged; not sure what to think.  “No, and animals don’t knock the bottom off of jugs and then run off with broken glass…”

That’s why I have goosebumps.  Makes my scalp tingle.  You know, what could knock the bottom out of two wine jugs which didn’t have any wine in them – I’ve been using them for hauling water out to the tub out front for a couple of months, now…”

We kicked it around for a while and still haven’t found either the glass or any clues as to what would do thing kind of thing.

Well, except I was doing some experiments with sound-stacking this week.  OOPS!

If you missed the woo-woo on that, click over to the Thursday column Mexico Invades U.S. – CPI Data – Woo-Woo “Day of 12”.  Scroll down to the woo work report there.

The last time Elaine watered the crows was Wednesday morning.  The water doesn’t get used very fast and the deer are mainly drinking out of the creek which is flowing good in a few places.

Not going off half-cocked here and claiming this is a major woo-woo event, BUT the bottom of one jug is plum missing and I’ve never heard of animals doing this kind of thing.

I don’t reckon it’s a human because they aren’t so neat and who is going to poke around a ranch uninvited in the middle of Texas at night?  That’s just asking to be Castle Doctrine 9 mm and 7.62 test cases, which the perp wouldn’t see for the face full of bear spray, anyway…

Elaine assures me both jugs were empty, so it wasn’t a big ice expansion that broke them.

And even if it was, I MIGHT buy that explanation, except, as Colombo would have said:  “Sir, sir, ders juss one ting dat bothers me.  The bottom of the jug, sir.  Where’s the bottom of the jug?”  [Spoken in a poor imitation of Peter Falk’s perfect character delivery…]

My head hurts on this one. No, Sam, the Siamese doesn’t do Memorex…let alone pick up after himself…

Since you might have the day off, go ahead and set up 300 wine jugs around your house, have windows and doors open, and here’s the sound frequencies to start with (Second and third harmonics are shown in case the feds want to talk about setting off earthquakes…):


Fire Drill?

My firefighter/EMT/construction site safety whiz son made an important observation before heading out on his latest adventure.

You know dad, even if I got from here, up to the fire station, and drove the wildland tanker down here as fast as I could, there’d still be 10-minutes involved and the house or shop could be fully involved in that time…  Think we should look at a make-shift firefighting rig here…”

Believe me, there’s a lot stacking up on the side of fire prevention lately.  My consigliere has been ragging about how all the tall pines (antenna supports) within 150 feet of the house need to be taken down, too.

Sometimes, when Universe speaks (as it does  – always through other people’s voices) you need to listen. I did a little local horse trading (the Texas way!) and came up with a fresh-water safe IBC tote!

Let us know how many more you need, George,” said my neighbor S. who uses similar clamp on bucket forks on his tractor as we use for moving such things around.

No worries on the hazards – this is a one-time use for food grade organic hydrogen peroxide in food processing, so no tank worries!

I have never owned an IBC Tote before, but they are really neat.  Big filler and a standard barrel bong insert on the top.  And an inexpensive valve at the low point.

How you planning to fill it?” my neighbor wondered.

“I’m thinking about alongside the shop building.  Guuter it up. That’d give me harvest area of 40 feet by about 22, so call it 880 square feet.  I figure we’ll get about 48-inches of rain this year, anyway.  So, make that about 3,500 square feet of capture which translates to, um…232 cubic inches to a gallon, so 1,728 cubic inches in a cubic foot…um…7.45 gallons in a cubic foot so, er….25,900 gallons a year refills 275 how often?  Something like 90 times over?”

Of course, this is not something that will be simple to move around.  128 pounds of tote with 275 of water will weigh just over one ton; call it 2,330 pounds.

The Fire Plan

Yeah, we have lots of extinguishers – 5 LB dry-chems and the like.  But this will up our firefighting game to a whole new level.

But the balance of system won’t be cheap.

Part of me wants to spring for a nice Davey Firefighter 5 High-Pressure Twin-Impeller Fire Pump w/GX200 6.5hp Electric Start Engine.  For $2,100 and change.

Hose isn’t too bad – if you keep a canvas cover over it, decommissioned used 1-1/2 inch line in 100 foot lengths isn’t bad.  Like any big ranch investment, buy firefighting gear while California is dog-paddling.

Balance of system – a 100 watt starting solar panel, battery, and MPTP controller isn’t too big a cost.  Square tubing to weld up a big-ass rack for a big hose reel?  Different story.

Dixon Valve makes a hose reel that will hold a hundred feet (+) of fire hose and then some – depending on whether you go with pre-connect or not.  But that’s where you start to run into real dough.  A pre-connect is really what we’d be after since this would all be set up for a one-person operation.  Run out the hose, hit a remote start and here comes water.

If you had to run back to the pump and spin up a hose fitting and start the pump and run back to the nozzle which would be out there a way, that’s wasted time.  But only $200 and change for a reel, though.

For now, this is in the same bin with uncountable projects around here:  Acquisition of parts.  George2 can deal with the specifics when he gets back in state this spring sometime.

Or we could just put on scuba rigs or Airpacks, flood the office with halon-5 and wait around to see what’s leftover after the fact?  Naw…not as much fun as more power equipment to maintain…

Write when you get rich,

Mexico Invades U.S. – CPI Data – Woo-Woo “Day of 12”

For those who argued our long-stated position – that the U.S. was in a LIC (Low-Intensity-Conflict) with Mexico – and losing since the early 2000s, the proof is here, whether you like it or not.

Mexican President Celebrates ’40 Million’ Mexicans in the U.S.

Of course, most people don’t want to deal with this Reality.  It’s far easier to advocate for Sanctuary status, leave borders leaking, attack Title 42, and deny the massive increases in fentanyl and black tar heroin deaths claiming they have nothing to do with the D.C. Soros-backed anti-America political agenda.

And in fairness, we do have an increasingly lazy, under-motivated, drug-abusing culture because we lost all our heroes and no longer share worthy national goals.

However! Europe tried the same approach (importing a fresh underclass from north African and Middle Eastern nations).  Look what it’s gotten them: Synthetic growth with social degradation. Hell of a wily choice by them Brussels sprouts, yeah?

At some point, might be nice for Remnant America to WTFU and admit it:

Mexico won and Slow Joe and the commies are still selling us out.

Deal with? Open borders, addled figurehead in the Oval, and no audit of Ukraine bucks for openers.

It’s all going wrong and more so by the day.

Here you go:  The True Dope and Drooler are talking plans to invade Haiti to fix that immigration problem. Which sounds suspiciously racist to us.  Maybe if Haitians had more children, fentanyl and black tar and could walk in?  Help a brother out?  Jobediah!

CPI Data

The “money number” is the “all costs less food and energy” is the one that drives Federal Reserve policy. 

Here’s the headline number for the stupid people: (CPI-U) declined 0.1 percent in December:  .

And here’s the CPI – f/e for the smart ones: The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.3 percent in December .

That’s up from 0.2 up the previous month, so we would expect the market to decline.

And here’s the drill-down for all the bent-overees:

The Fed decision next week will likely be a rate hike, but with a global recession pending over the balance of the year, the market slide will resume as the wars ratchet up this spring.  Which gets us to?

Wars, Cyber, and Stimulus

FAA Outage? We think (suspect) it was a Russian pre-war probe. Should be pretty obvious for two reasons.  First, Canada suffers same mysterious air system outage as US, delaying more flights. And second, our readers who watch ADSB trackers (websites that report on aircraft locations using automatic dependent surveillance broadcasts – which include flight location and altitude) report seeing record numbers of military refuelers up during the outages.

The obviousness of this (we figure Russian or Chinese, or both) probe is being glossed over by the Deceiver in Chief to avoid national panic over being boxed in due to decades of political deceit.  UPDATE 2-U.S. investigating FAA outage, cause not clear -Biden.

Sadly, very little seems to be clear to Biden, anymore.  But while a simple “A-25 Time?” bumper sticker might make sense, the poison pill Veep keeps us from getting too worked-up.  Things could actually be worse and we need Biden to get the country safely to 2024 and his replacement.

Covid Blowback

Here in the middle of the world first ultra slow-motion World War, we are still seeing the effects of the Bioweapon release, likely late 2019.  See, the U.S. government panicked and was led into the Big Pharma schtick to use mRNA vaccines.  And Employers trotted along like good little sheep because no one really knew at the time WTF was really going on.

Now we do.

Former ESPN employees suing company over COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

Unlike “cleaner” bioweapons, this one is the gift that keeps on giving.  And the Fauci crews that funded gain of function are still not up on war crimes charges for reasons that escape clear thinkers.

Until America wakes up and starts “getting its shit together” we’ll continue to be an elderly couple discretely living in the woods with a personal armory, KI pills, and a nervous eye on the Doomsday Clock, thanks.  Last year it was 100-seconds to midnight.  The announcement of this year will come on the 24th but we can’t see how things have improved:  We have cyber probes and quickly expanding wars on three fronts in Europe (Ukraine, Serbia/Kosovo, and Greece/Turkey) and with the NorK’s lighting up more tests…nope, gotta be around 90-seconds to midnight as we figure it.

One deficiency (glaring now) in Nevil Shute’s classic novel “On the Beach about post nuclear war was I can’t remember any references in the book to toilet paper.  Hmm… Can’t overlook that, can we?

Pretend the 1929 market crash is still unfolding, right?  And we’re in the lead-in to WW II and we’re cranking up Arms deals all over because nothing in the Pacific can be resupplied once the modeled war with China over Taiwan breaks out.  Which is why we’re seeing stories like U.S. to boost military capabilities in Japan and step up cooperation amid China worries.

But no Ukraine Audit coverage.  Yet.

The News Compactor

Turning it on, brothers and sisters:

So, this is how you take out a president without resorting to violence, huh?  US President Joe Biden’s legal team reportedly finds second batch of classified documents. Show him the door in ’24.  Go Joe.  Soon.  Please.

Show Trials are still going on:  At trial, U.S. prosecutors to accuse Proud Boys of sedition in Jan. 6 Capitol assault.  Watch the leftward media run J6 and Orange bashing through 2024 election day.  Bet me?

We don’t watch MSNBC, for a reason:  Byron Donalds reacts to race-tinged clash with Joy Reid: ‘Important for all’ to hear conservative ideas.  Donalds seems like a fine fellow to us. And shame on the alleged network for drifting into race instead of covering the news straight.  We do acknowledge that race is an industry nowadays since there’s more monetization than worthwhile content, anymore.  Networks gotta fill-up the time-between-ads with something, I guess.  A focus on excellence or people doing good would be a lot harder than dividing by gender and race though, so it is what it is.

Is Latin or Hispan a country?  Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders bans term ‘Latinx’ on her first day in office. Why, how dare equality be applied in language, huh?  Would that make me a Eurex or Caucic?  I don’t seem to see those on the forms anywhere…

Monetizing Disaster?  A familiar topic around here, but here you go: Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ breaks sales record. Bank ’em, Harry.

Are Video Games dying?  I mean, as times get hard, are people going to actually have to turn off the clickertainment center and focus on real shit for a change?  Ubisoft unveils big profit warning and cancels more games as Xmas sales slump.

Cryptomania: Another one bites the dust:  Bulgaria launches probe of crypto lender Nexo, raids sites | Reuters. Yet, ViseGrips to the forearm: BTC was trading $18,200 at click time.  Massive pump and dump on the sheep coming?

Yeah, sure, uh-huh, you betcha department: Sam Bankman-Fried denies stealing FTX user crypto in new Substack post (

Around the Ranch: The Woo of 12

My consigliere and I (and a handful of colleagues – like this guy) have a very different view of the future.  Very-much data driven.

We have an abiding interest in the Future.  And there are lots of ways to get there.  Some, like Clif’s work in predictive linguistics, worked well for a while.  But, once government put its thumb on social, here came drift.  Others, like my own forays into word frequency analysis are throttled by domestic news control operations and wire service consensus.

See, the future (as Michael Crichton explained gently in Timeline) comes bubbling towards present as a very soft foam.

I liken this problem to one of radio receiver design.  Where we’re all trying to pick up those extraordinarily weak signals about the future.  Which Clif’s work did in an innovative way – first reading forums and then using social.  But now – with the Musk disclosures about anti-free speech, well, fishing conditions change.

Back to the analogy:  This “receiver design” and “fishing” is likely why the government has such massive data operations in places like Provo and why foreign nationals are hired to listen-in on American phone conversations.  Domestic calls route overseas, are snooped, and then come back.  Few are the wiser, except some of us.

Is the government trying to “drive a particular future”?  Let us wonder.  War avoidance and equality plus lower costs and more innovation and time off would sure be swell.  But, in the hands of idiots, equality becomes equity – a whole different issue, and innovation becomes dark projects, and they in turn get used to accrete even more power to those already demonstrably unworthy of holding it.

So that’s the big picture.  There are a bunch of “old men of the web” who understand this “small signals from future” problem and we’re all working on different “fishing lures.”

Now, let me explain how this relates to the number 12 – because this popped up in reader Andy’s remarks yesterday (1:11 on 1/11) which we simply added as 1+11 which turned a personal key in a lock for me.  Seat belt tight?

12 in Religions

It was while watching the Dr. Louis Turi video on Youtube:

I’ll save you an hour here and explain that the key insight from Turi was the importance of the number 12 in so many psychospiritual aspects of life.

For example:

  • 12 is the number of months in the year.
  • 12 is the number of disciples of Jesus
  • 12 is the number of Zodiac houses
  • 12 in Islam is important as “And [recall] when Moses prayed for water for his people, so We said, “Strike with your staff the stone.” And there gushed forth from it twelve springs, and every people knew its watering place. “Eat and drink from the provision of Allah , and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption.”
    Bakara 60 (2/60)
  • In Judaism 12. Ritual items frequently came in twelves to represent the role of each tribe. The high priest’s breastplate (hoshen) had twelve precious stones embedded within them, representing the 12 tribes.
  • For Hindus There are twelve Jyotirlinga(Self-formed Lingas) of Lord Shiva in Hindu temples across India according to the Shaiva tradition. The Sun god Surya has 12 names. The Monkey god Hanuman has 12 names
  • For Tibetan Buddhists it’s the number of psychic powers of the Buddha.

The list goes on and on.  But it can be summarized as the number twelve carries religious, mythological and magical symbolism, generally representing perfection, entirety, or cosmic order in traditions since antiquity.

“OK, So?”

Well, obviously, you missed reading my book Dimensions Next Door where some of the real woo-woo was explored in numerical detail.

One of the most interesting reports in that book dealt with Tibetan levitation, right?  Documented in a Swedish book by an explorer in the 1930’s massive 10-ton and larger stones were floated in the air up massive mountains to build a new temple.

There were an arrangement of drums and trumpets used – arranged in a semicircle like so:

Now, the really fun part is go ahead and count up the instruments.  The drums in particular.  4 S (small) and 2 M (medium) drums on each side.  With 3 trumpets each side for a total of 6 (half of?).

All of which has changed my research path on the opening of portals, inducing time domain changes and the like.

What IF instead of a few (2-4) frequencies to open portals, you actually need more tones or sounds?  Like, oh, 12!

Well, you know me.  Off to the sound lab.  Starting with the base Earth resonance, 7.83 HZ, I quickly layered up what harmonics of 7.83 might sound like.  Interesting sound:

This was set to my personal Fletcher-Munson curve, and you can adjust when mastering your own temporal pick set based on your system playback parms and spectral roll-off.

And one more aspect to consider:  Many in quantum physics and higher math are attracted to the idea that there are 11 dimensions.

Suppose each of these has a “key” frequency?  And then further imagine that these form a special kind of harmonic relationship.  Of the sort that can induce joy or sadness in music, for example.

What are these key frequencies?  And, if we can sort them out and deliver each via a couple of 7.0 surround systems, each with independently placed acoustical radiators, might we be able to get into the portal opening business which would also unlock space-time for us?

Like I said, an odd thing to have come wondering by.  But, this being the 12th of the month and one day after 1/11, might be worth mentioning.

I should also mention that in addition to the 12 disciples there was another “seat at the table”.  That makes for 13 chairs, and you do know what the day and date is tomorrow, right?

Here’s a hint: frisky dicker phobia?

Now, do numbers rule the stars or stars rule the numbers?

Write when you get rich,