Rafah and Ready – Future Sniping

With a lack of positive news – the apparent breakdown of Gaza peace talks and all (Israel Shutters Al Jazeera Bureau,  while the Israeli military tells 100,000 people to leave eastern Rafah) – we are braced for a world where news events will drive the markets. As we go over the “planned and scheduled) for … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Building an Electronics Bench (2)

Part 2 of an ultra-slow-motion series, the first part of which was presented last July in “The Electronics Workbench.”  All three tube-type oscilloscopes are gone. So’s a signal tracer, two full-sized vacuum tube voltmeters (VTVM’s). And an early Heathkit Signal generator. Poof. In a cloud of fury powered by Mrs. Olson. It’s time to resume … Read More

Pre-Apocalypse Countdown

It’s axiomatic that the “markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.”  But in our ChartPack section there are more than passing storm clouds to be considered on America’s horizon. Not the leastd of which is the country’s internal condition where the word “declining” would have to be taken as charitable. With a … Read More

Fool’s Folly? Friday Financial Feeding Frenzy!

Hand me the Financial Truth Detector kit, would you? OK, turning it on… Yikes!  Bitcoin is down at $59,000 and change, so if this is an upside market breakout (rather than crass manipulation) it’s one of the strangest ever. Jobs – Dig Deep Second item in “the kit” is the total number of people working … Read More

Coin Toss Future – Cult Kids – Spring Storms

Markets are set to rally today after a manic upside pop on the Fed “Do-Nothing” meeting results Wednesday that slammed (scammed?) the Dow up 450-points for a few minutes before falling back to Earth. Today, with the Challenger Job Cuts report looming, the market was pricing to retest those levels again today – with a … Read More

Fed Holds

Like we told you, no change. “In support of its goals, the Committee decided to maintain the target range for the federal funds rate at 5-1/4 to 5-1/2 percent. In considering any adjustments to the target range for the federal funds rate, the Committee will carefully assess incoming data, the evolving outlook, and the balance … Read More

Hedging Future Tech Shock

While our predicted Wave 3 down seems to continue organizing, we will address the elephant in the room for young people. Because conditions soon to appear will drive not only newly graduated from high school and colleges to question where the “best bet on Future” is, but as the economy unravels (from here) and in … Read More

DDT: Data Dense Tuesday – 3 in 1 Meter Search

This morning, we’re trying something new: Instead of two reports on Housing Data Day, we are just going to insert a line, like this: Housing Zoom-Zoom Just out 9from Case-Shiller/S&P/CoreLogic: YEAR-OVER-YEAR The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 6.4% annual gain in February, up … Read More

Sliding Into: Wars, Fed, Jobs, Summer. PS-500 Quest

Behold! A quiet Springly Morn. As long as you don’t dwell too much on what’s to come, not a bad day to get out of bed.  Unfortunately, there’s all kinds of crap going on. The week will go to hell presently. Top of the List: War Northern Front: Slipping into More and Bigger – as … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Aging in Shop – Cleaning Before Work

There was no picture taken of my shop “before.”  It would be too embarrassing to reveal. However, as I worked on my personal energy block (“Come on, fool, why not not you done this shit yet?”) it occurred to me that I had never been in quite this position before. See, humans are limited apes.  Sit … Read More

Bracing for Fed Week

The odds of the Fed actually changing rates next week are low.   But that doesn’t mean the markets won’t be doing some hedging just in case. While doing so, we have our eyes on a bank going banko and wonder how next weekend employment reports will sail, as well. Mainly, we’re hoping for a quiet … Read More

Wall Street Goes “Lemony” – Delusions of Income

You may not be familiar with Daniel Handler’s series of children’s books, but the Lemony Snicket series, if in title and nothing else, does have a certain foreboding to it in finance.  Let me explain with a starting Wiki: “Lemony Snicket is the pen name of American author Daniel Handler (born February 28, 1970). Handler has published various children’s books under … Read More

Bang the Trend and Move On: GDP, Jobs, Fed Looms

While the usual, run-of-the-mill, headlines offer little grist or solace, the financial calendar is filling up quickly.  War among the poseurs. Before jumping into the GDP numbers, a quick follow-up for our Peoplenomics subscribers.  As we were projecting in the ChartPack Wednesday, the Wave ((4)) rally may be over as the futures today hold up … Read More

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