Subscriber Assistance

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In the event you are not able to log on to Peoplenomics, or if you have not updated your credentials, please refer to the following troubleshooting steps.

1.  Make Sure You have the correct Username and Password for your account:

    Go to the following page:

    Scroll down to the "Lost password?" box and enter your email address.

    When your logon information arrives, close your browser session (exit Explorer or Firefox)

    This will clear all session-length cookies.  Restart your browser.

    Now go to the Peoplenomics main page

    Enter your username and password manually.  Copy/Paste adds a trailing space which will foul things up.

    Make sure the boxes are empty before you type in them.  Click the "remember" button if desired.

    Remember: Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive.

Return to main page.


2.  In the event you are not able to see the home page from your browser, you likely have an ISP or Router blocking issue that is beyond our control.  Please contact your ISP or router provider.  An increasing number of ISP's are blocking sites for reasons that are unknown to us....although we have some suspicions...

Return to main page.


3.  To change your password, you may click on and log in to your account.  this will bring you to an account management page where you will find a link to "Change Password/Edit Profile" in the middle of the right-hand column.

Once you have applied a new password (remember it's case-sensitive) exit this screen and your browser session and go to the Peoplenomics home page and log in with your new credentials.

If you typed it in wrong, use the username and password retrieval steps in (1) above.

Return to main page.

4.  IP Blocking   If you try to log on multiple times in quick succession, the system will block further attempts for a few minutes in order to prevent site hacking.  Just wait the instructed length of time (tow minutes most cases) and try again.

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