World on a Short Social Fuse

Aye, roger that.  To the idea that the 71.916 year war/social cycle could actually be an 80-year cycle.

So run this past your first cup this morning:

U.S. declared itself in 1776.  But a closer date would be 1780.  By then, it was becoming clear that we were on the hard path to independence.

Now add 80-years.  Which gets us to the U.S. Civil War (which wasn’t).  Major social upheaval was underway.  People vs. people and bad ideas like slavery were done away with.  To some extent, though, it was really a war over substitution.  The human capital (slaves) were replaced with mechanical capital.

80-years on?  We arrive at World War II – 1940.  Again, another techno revolution.  Electricity and mass manufacturing had arrived and begun to fundamentally change how America evolved.  Hitler was burning some of his human capital which in America we mobilized and “saved the world.”   Though, as more than one history book has alleged, the U.S. was guilty of goading Japan into the war…

Now roll in another 80 years.  Brings us to 2020 and when – by all manner of calculations – we will be deep in the kimchee again.,

Again, as in wars past, we will be in a “substitution” war.  Computers and networks  will have changed how business operates.  Further, there will be several “next technologies” along.  A.I. for example.  Custom mass manufacturing – almost like the 3-D printers will become the latter-day Holodeck from Star Trek.

As I’ve told you, my consigliere and talk frequently about the competing models.  His work (from 1979 on) was centered on the 72-year periodicity.  And in a note from a jetliner somewhere over the Midwest, he noted a very interesting remark by Strauss and Howe in The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy – What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny which will resolved.  Specifically:

“Before Appomattox, the “United States” has been a plural noun; afterward, it became singular.”

Strauss and Howe’s work involves the Saeculum.  It makes totally-left-brain people a bit nuts because, like so many statistical problems,, it more a distribution than some absolute number.

A saeculum is a length of time roughly equal to the potential lifetime of a person or, equivalently, of the complete renewal of a human population. The term was first used by the Etruscans.

Where the saeculum falls, and when global change occurs, is becoming more clear by the day.

We’re anticipating that the turn now upon us will be another one of those substitution moves.  We’ve gone from human capital to machine capital, to production’/distribution capital, and now we’re in information capital.

We can’t be sure how it will all work out.  But it’s the shift that does the damage; when people realize en masse that “change” is here.

With change comes displacement.  The 2008 Obama campaign slogan “Change!” offers the aware person guidance on how saecula evolve.  That change was the Housing Crisis.

Jordan Peterson’s book “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.”  One of his better ideas is that before people can make things better, they must stop making things worse.

Where you will fit ,into the upcoming change will, therefore, to some degree be bounded by how well you’ve done “stopping making things worse.”

The pre-shift “change”  is already underway on social media.  But the realization that it’s not all the me,. me, me movement, but that everyone has a view, is slow to get hold.  Which is why we’re expecting lots of internet regulation shortly.  Whether it’s a federal bureaucracy, or whether it’s outright licensure, government cannot persist in a national where runaway factionalism and competing errant behaviors run amuck.

Not to ramble on, but in addition to the U.S. 80-year cycle, we look at the global 72-year trend and compare life expectancy.  The present U.S. life expectancy (saeculum) is 78.9 years.  The global number is 71.5-years.

So, when I tell you what’s likely ahead, and preparing for it the best you can, we’re expecting the US to be a late entrant into the global festivities because our clock runs slightly longer.

Not sure if that’s anywhere near comforting, but that’s the data.  And people get all twisted up by the data because – as Peterson notes – humans are pretty much emotionally-driven rather than logic-applying.

Were it not so.

What’s “In Theater?”

Oh…money, war, and social movements.  Same as any other point in history.

On the money side, we have some fresh data just out on Producer Prices:

“The Producer Price Index for final demand rose 0.6 percent in March, seasonally adjusted, the
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices edged up 0.1 percent in February and decreased 0.1 percent in January. (See table A.)

On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index increased 2.2 percent for the 12 months ended in March, the largest 12-month rise since a 2.5-percent advance in December 2018.

In March, over 60 percent of the increase in the index for final demand can be traced to a 1.0-percent advance in prices for final demand goods. The index for final demand services moved up 0.3 percent.

The index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services was unchanged in March following a 0.1-percent advance in February. For the 12 months ended in March, prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 2.0 percent.

Final demand:  Final demand goods: The index for final demand goods moved up 1.0 percent in March, the largest
advance since a 1.0-percent rise in May 2015. In March, over 80 percent of the broad-based increase can be traced to prices for final demand energy, which jumped 5.6 percent. The index for final demand goods less foods and energy rose 0.2 percent. Prices for final demand foods advanced 0.3 percent.

After the number, looked like the Dow would keep edging up toward target levels. +24 at click-time.

Stay tuned:  Will this set up the “Sell in May and go away…” this year?

Battle Zone Reports

Pakistan army takes journalists on tour of Indian air attack site.  While, unfortunately, Pakistan is on the road to conflict in part because monetizing war is big business.  See “What does Pakistan need to close its air defense gaps?” for details.

North of there, Kid Korea and the simmering nuke piles isn’t solved.  President Trump Faces Tough Decision on North Korea at White House Today, says Time.

Next, Social Movements

The Second War with Mexico is still on, near as we can figure.  See today’s Wall St, Journal for “The Court-Ordered Caravan Deluge: The anti-Trump ‘resistance’ includes judges making the border mess worse.”  Which we’ve been telling you for how long?

And hats off to Bob Iger of Disney who is quoted in Variety this morning as saying that  “Hate and anger” (on social media) is dragging the world toward the abyss again.”

This gets me to the bottom line of this morning. Rational, logical behavior is on the way out. Obsolete globally, near as we can figure it.  And irrational emotionalism is ascending.

The Digital Uprising will no doubt be slowed with the arrest overnight of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange.  And in our count of social movement’s role in opinion-making, Pamela Anderson blasts Britain, US after Julian Assange arrest: ‘How could you U.K.?’ fits somewhere.  We’re just not sure where.

Meantime, it’s no surprise (because leaks weaken America) that Russia urges UK to observe Assange’s rights.  Uh-huh….

Another UrbanSurvival Score!

I told you long ago that we would not be putting a lot of time or energy into social media.  The reason was simple:  We didn’t trust social media tycoons not to hold our audience hostage – which is exactly what they’ve done.  We just called the “clicks on the wall” well in advance.

It’s therefore with some pride in sound judgment that we notice “Lush Cosmetics UK Will No Longer Use Social Media — Here’s Why.”  Key quote?

We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to appear in your newsfeed. So we’ve decided it’s time to bid farewell to some of our social channels and open up the conversation between you and us instead”

They obviously don’t want to become “digital hostages” and we totally “get it.”  Saw it coming, told you it was coming, and guess what’s here?

Which is exactly why UrbanSurvival discussion forums are locally hosted and you’re not ad-slammed or tracked (except by Google Ads).  Even then, we still have our content visible even with ad blockers on.

Don’t know as you’ve noticed, but here at the end of Babel II, people have gone daft.

The best – and perhaps only – antidote for global insanity is to ask yourself at every turn:  “Is what I am doing, absolutely rational?  Would a totally logical person, one who is not emotionally-invested in my life and causes, but running their own,, make the same decisions I am?”

Totally logical behavior; and data stripped of emotions, is how we try to operate around here.  We look at the world, trying to set emotions aside and analyze what’s left in the way of facts.

The process in  painful.  Whether you’re looking at social media, potential for global war, impact of the tax cuts, or prospects of having a happy family.  It’s always the data matters.

And then comes change, once again.  72-year cycle or 80?  Ask me in three years because by then, the data will have firmed-up.

Everyone’s a Criminal Now

In a world where, lemme see:  race, gender, preference, national origin, weather, personal data, and everything else that’s not nailed down is being monetized because we are all crazed by the brass ring of “growth”  even going through a traffic light wrong has been automated and monetized.

Forget the small constitutional detail of not being able to confront your accuser in Court, this is process crime run wild.

Curiously, A small town in California is ahead of Texas in dialing back “automatic crime and punishment” as “Menlo Park Puts The Brakes On Red Light Traffic Camera Program.”

Here in Texas, a bill to ban red light cameras is likely to die this session. Whoever the registered owner is remains on the hook for such convictions without an accuser which is totally fox-trot uniformed.

As Expected…

Snow, ice making Midwest travel dangerous.  As we told you it would.

Think I will chill today.  Moron the morrow.

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33 thoughts on “World on a Short Social Fuse”

  1. G – todays post is spot on; cycles inside of cycles.
    Blockchains are in all of our futures, as an example of CHANGE already here – the technology is enabling individuals to TAKE CONTROL of their PERSONAL information …HealthCare.
    Individuals will be able to “shop” their “info” to highest bidder and or lowest cost provider. Medical Services will bid for your info so as to better compete in offering treatment.
    Same with Pharmacies – they will bid for your info so they can better compete in offering lowest cost drug treatment.All of this will be taking place via smartphone/tablet/laptop in a Digital Wallet .like Pillar.
    Farm to Grocery Store food safety tracking via a Blockchain is already happening – Albertsons just announced they are on-board with the IBM food safety program.

    Too bad Assange, no more late night visits with YOUNG girls. – niqueing out the backdoor under cover of darkness. Nother MOSSAD Op comes to its inevitable ugly ending..

    • Suppose you have links documenting that Assange is slipping out to meet up with young girls at night,as far as Trump and the border he has the tools to work with ,given to him by the Constitution no judges involved but the bottom line is that all that cheap labor is at the bottom of the to-do list and will remain there for the next two years.As the man said ” no one ever went broke betting on the intelligence of the American people”.!!

  2. A recent study from a man named David Becker, pegged the world’s average IQ at 82. I am not encouraged by that finding. sjkb

    • Ha ha ha ha ha! That is hilarious. I took one if dem IQ tests and scored 149. Lol so im above average. :)

      • Uhem 159. Lol those test are dumb though. Just a bunch of pattern recognition and replication of pattern response. Not a true Intelligence test.

        A true intelligence test is like this: you just went through a deep water mud hole and stalled your truck out. You are 6 miles deep in the mountains. Truck wont start. No cell service.

        After some trouble shooting you find out your distributor is pretty much fked and not sparking. Wyd? Walk 6 -10 miles out to make a call to AAA? To come up and tow you out? If a tow truck could even get out there. Lol

        Or do some real problem solving and think outside the box.

        What i did is,

        I made a fresh set of points with my leatherman out of pop can tabs and put them in. Pulled all my plugs and used the back of a match book to clean the base of them. Whalah, fired right back up back on the road. Lol.

    • I honestly don’t get the big deal over the giving someone an elevated status because of an IQ test…. it doesn’t make you any more special than someone that doesn’t have a numerical figure..All it means is you can spot a pattern or see the relevance to a given subject.. pick the abstract that is the most logical to fill in the box.. What is important is to be able to take advantages of the opportunities that pass you by as you grow..I just had that talk last Sunday with my grandson that just graduated as an engineer….the earlier you start the better off you are..
      Every person no matter what their station in life.. is a genius in what they do and no matter what your level of education you will never be able to do their job as good as they can..they have the real world literacy.. Take a Georgetown Doctor.. and a paramedic.. the Doctor has his education to back up on.. but he works in the clinic.. he has all the book knoweledge.. but in the event of an accident.. you want the Paramedic that works it daily and will give you a greater chance of surviving the event… take most geniuses.. they just have a curious mind.. Many die poor and their value isn’t noticed for decades.. or centuries to pass by.. I sometimes get curious.. like who was it that discovered that fermented Urine turned your clothes whiter.. or that gargling with urine would brighten your smile by whitening your teeth.. the best one I get curious about is the one that first licked that toads azz to discover that it had euphoric properties.. or that the secretions of a rodents azz glands gave great flavor to ice cream.. LOL LOL now those guys had to be winners.. LOL LOL LOL…

      • Yeah well i just was a total retard!!!!!! I went to this little store, got something to drink and a pack of smokes. My hands were full and so i set my wallet on the top of my car, jumped in and drove off. Got about 20 minutes down the road and realized what i did and stoped the car. Looked, wallet gone. I looked all over the car and yep, no wallet. So i drove back and looked all over the place and yep its gone. Thank God i put my DL in my pocket. Just cancel my debit card and all that. Asked the lady at the store if she had one turned in. She said no. So i gave her my info. Lost about $300. Ugh.

        Had too much on my brain and yep! Im a dummy.

        There was some kids in the parking lot. Im sure one of them grabbed it or i dont know what happend to it. I walked a way down the road and nope. Its gone. Derp!

        So much for being brilliant. LOL!

    • I remember in 1966 after Marine Corp bootcamp at Paris Island, they gave you your IQ from all the tests they gave you & your assignment. The ones with the IQ’s in the 80’s were then told they were morons & would be nothing more than a Grunt in a foxhole & would most likely be dead in a year because they are too stupid to survive. So much for compassion.

  3. This post could be the result of a triple shot at the local coffee shop this morning, but knowing that Barr and Mueller are best friends and have been so for 30 years, could they be setting up Trump to mettle and obstruct? They know he is guilty of a lot of things that aren’t prosecutable as President…but obstruction is.

    Funny how that “resume “ paper that Barr wrote a while ago that got him appointed in the first place was conveniently made known to Trump. Did Trump take the bait and set himself up?

    Who knows? But, I can’t get out of my head that Barr and Mueller have been talking all along. When you know someone that long and when the wives, who are friends as well get together, beans get spilled and after a few cocktails, emotions make conversations flow a bit more loosely.

    Either that, or I have been watching too many reruns of Homeland. But, it seems something doesn’t click with Barr right now. He fails the actor test. He doesn’t seem that committed to his support of Trump as everyone is setting him up to be. Remember, he was AG under Bush…Lot of questionable, espionage like activity under that administration too. .

    I know I opened myself up to criticism on this comment….but I have thick skin… I am expecting a bunch of blowback.

    • They are all friends up there that’s why Clinton and the Clinton foundation was never investigated,after all Trump in one of his campaign speech’s stated that ole Bill and Hilary were very good friends and have been for years,you have to remember the group that Trump runs with is like the upper brass in the military you cover my arse and I’ll cover yours,and the rest is only frosting on the cake.!!!

  4. I would suggest that the 72 and/or 80 year cycle has more to do with the adult influence of grandma and granddad than longevity. The great-grands simply don’t have as much influence with the kids as the grands. Modern head shrinks view parenthood and adulthood as different phases of life. Kids are excused of conduct because they are kids; parents are excused of conduct toward kids ’cause they are parents. Old folks don’t have an excuse, because they are supposed to be adults, at least until they clock out of adulthood in childhood II. This would explain why the 72 or 80 year cycle was still 72 or 80 years back when average longevity was a lot lower. There were still enough grands hanging around to keep the lid on.
    National or cultural character might also influence the length of the cycle, with nations or cultures which revere the grands tending toward a longer cycle. Either that, or the percentage of self-righteous boneheads in the general population might have some influence as well. If it sounds like I might be equating unchecked statistically significant bullheaded bad behavior with the onset of conflicts, then you are still with me.

  5. Back in 1928, nearly 90 years ago, Edward Bernays made the following observation in his seminal work, ‘Propaganda:’

    “Universal literacy was supposed to educate the common man to control his environment. Once he could read and write he would have a mind fit to rule. So ran the democratic doctrine. But instead of a mind, universal literacy has given him rubber stamps, rubber stamps inked with advertising slogans, with editorials, with published scientific data, with the trivialities of the tabloids and the platitudes of history, but quite innocent of original thought. Each man’s rubber stamps are the duplicates of millions of others, so that when those millions are exposed to the same stimuli, all receive identical imprints. It may seem an exaggeration to say that the American public gets most of its ideas in this wholesale fashion. The mechanism by which ideas are disseminated on a large scale is propaganda, in the broad sense of an organized effort to spread a particular belief or doctrine.”
    ? Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

    the purveyors of social media completely understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, fully realizing it is “now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.” (Bernays) Where might they be leading us? To what end?

    • The bankers know that the best slave is the debt slave whose ego won’t allow that individual to see that the mortgaged property he is squatting on really belongs to the bank.
      The military analysts know that the best killing field is the one that the adversary volunteers to die on while blinded by patriotic fervor, hence the creation of the fire-base concept.
      The politicos know that the best and most loyal subject, and the one least likely to balk against totalitarian rule, is the subject who believes he is free, and his political discourse is unrestricted, all the while under their obfuscated control.
      The providers of the social media know that in the global internet age, the bankers, the military and the politicos must come to them to maintain the illusions which they use to control their marks and prey.
      Social media is a fire-base for the mind, with which the elites extend and consolidate their control of the masses and their wealth, and cull the patriots who oppose them.
      Give credit to G____ for his good judgement in maintaining editorial control of his board, and giving voice to a wide swath of opinions, without allowing the elites to overwhelm and seize control.

      • Hey Chet, you do know the latin word Mort means Death and gage i latin means pledge right?

        Mortgage in latin means Death pledge. Lol

        If course “n” in Hebrew is “chet”. Lol

      • I just love listening to your mensa fun facts, andy. I am more of a periodic table sort than a Hebrew alphabet enthusiast. For instance, did you know that Li is something that mensas want to insist on when they take the old chassis in for the yearly tune-up? But I bet you knew that already.

      • Nah dog, i ain’t interested in the mensa. IQ doesnt mean sh!t to me, yo! I roll most of thems up and smoke them before they even know they been smoked. Lol i aint in no competition with anyone but me.

        IQ is no match for intuition or foresight. Thats a fact. Still, im always devouring large quantities of information, weighing a thousand veriables and sh!t. And sometimes I just aint got a clue. Ha ha ha!

        Im more interested in the on going dialog with the Universe and The Supreme Creator.

        And Im more interested in the Perpetual Miracle machine, that creates Miracles that creates miracles that ripples into other miracles add on to infinity. Told Chris about it over at National dream center a few years back. He calls me “yoda’ lol. Mentioned it to G the other day in an email.

        Nitro is hella fun!

    • ‘Propaganda:’

      In modern times we have pre-Internet and post-Internet history. At anytime an Internet topic “clean-up” or data purge can happen. After a topic data purge some people could produce “proof” in prints or even a book of the purged data. I don’t think anyone would care as it would be chalked up to “Mandela effect” or fraud and quickly dismissed or deleted.

      Lilith being eliminated form the mainstream bible is a form of propaganda by omission. Since King James had an option, the propaganda has been flowing since at least 1611.

      When do you guys think the propaganda really began? The covering up of the pyramids?

  6. VT traced ASSANGE to intelligence training in Israel, tied to Micheal Oren. Traced him back to TOR Networks, set up for Pedophiles to trade images.This is how his “hacking career” began. Independent 5/7/17,motherboard 11/8/17,the register 2/24/18, gizmodo 4/21/16
    Wikileaks openly works for Rupert (Greenbaum) Murdoch/powerful pro Likudist.
    When VT started questioning his backers, came under massive attack from Counterpunch -website run by peeps recognized as “not what they seemed”..far from it.

    Most wikileaks comes from CIA and Mossad stolen through NSA via partnership with Israel. Assange supporters have been the blind, the ignorant and TRAITORS within Russia and US.
    For those who forget , the organizations that have supported and protected ASSANGE in Britain are ALL controlled … by the Rothchild family.

  7. Hey got that earthquake in japan, i told ya about. Thought it was going to be bigger though like a 7.9. Hmmm.

    Did you see all that dot connecting about President Trump and the time traveling??? And those 2 books written in 1893 and 1900 BARON TRUMP’S
    JOURNEY, and the Sequel titled The Last President written 1900 which is a story about a rich dude from 5th Avenue running for president and nobody thought he would win and after his first term the US would go into a Civil war? His secretary of state is a Mr Pence? You cant make this sh!t up. Lol the first book is about a boy from russia Named Barron Trump who travels into the future named Baron to meet his mentor named Don. ROTFLMFAO. The Don’s son is named Barron Trump. Ha ha ha ha

    I read those books like 10 years ago and totally forgot about them.

    • Andy: May be history repeating itself. I got the 3 book trilogy by Ingersoll Lockwood at Amazon on Kindle for $.99. Good find!

  8. “Now add 80-years”

    Just long enough so those that survived the last event had mostly left and couldn’t guide the next generation to not make the same mistakes they made..

  9. In reference to your “Everyone Is A Criminal Now” it is important to remember that If the goobermint writes enough laws everybody will be a criminal and then can go to jail
    where they will receive free housing, food and medical.WOW what a deal.

  10. Concerning the issue of IQ:

    1 An IQ of 82 is considered the dividing line between average and below average IQs. For a approximately 20% of the people there is little or nothing they can be taught to do.

    1. There have been decades of research on IQ tests. The ones used by professionals are highly reliable. The ones on the internet not so much.

    2. Social scientists have found a high correlation between high intelligence and success in life. Maybe you can creatively repair your car because you have a high IQ. There is a logic problem here.
    If all successful people have high IQs. It is incorrect to reason that a person has a high IQ and is therefore successful.

    3. From what I have read about of our populace is unable or unwilling to engage in critical thinking.

    4. I have seen it stated that people with high intelligence don’t think the same way those with average or below do.

    5. Todays comments to along way to confirm my assumption that the readers here are “smarter than the average bear.”


    • See this for more insight on IQ and success:

      There are links in the article and following them will lead to the source data. There’s enough there to form an entire Peoplenomics Focus piece!

      It does explain a lot of things, even though it’s absolutely non-PC. Note where migration comes from and goes to – especially re- the Americas and Europe. I don’t see any good coming from this. I want to be compassionate, yet must remain realistic.

  11. Sir,

    German-based and Russian controlled web broadcaster RUPTLY must have had their clocks set to Moscow time in order to have scooped Western media to being on hand to film the unwilling exit of Mr. Assange from his years long sojourn in Ecuador’s London embassy into the hands of London Met Police? Furthermore, it is our understanding from published reports that the UK Court has subsequently today convicted Mr. Assange of skipping UK bail in 2012 to answer to charges in Sweden that were dropped by Sweden in 2017. Roo the day when new charges materialize from Niew Amsterdam? Who will be crowned America’s “man of steel”?

  12. Dude! I have been seeing this symbol for weeks. everywhere i go. I was even at this show watching some bands down in Ballard! As im standing there this sticker floats down on me and lands on my shoulder. Just materialized out of nowhere. Even my friend that was with me was kinda trippin.

    So bizzar. Then when i go take a leak another one is on the wall in the stall in front of me. I didnt know what the hell it was. I thought it was some kinda compass or some sh!t. Been seeing it as much as finding stars. Was starting to drive me nuts. Nobody around me could tell me what it was. I will email ya a picture.

    I just found out what it is!!!! Kinda trippy. The Helm of Awe!

  13. Dude, that symbol comes from ancient Egypt! Also known as the seal of Solomon or solomons key, (which i have seen before) but before that its also called Moses’s seal. Also it is also one of the Hidden names of God. Lol but even back before then, its rumored to be placed on the corner of each stone on the pyramids and on the capstone. It goes way back to the first dynasty in Egypt. Lol also found in some sanskrit tablets in ancient Babylon.

    I dont know what God is trying to tell me though. Pretty trippy. I just keep finding them or seeing them in my travels. LOL! Sometimes i have no idea what the message is and or what and If im supposed to do anything about it.

    Sometimes i have amazing clarity, this however is at the moment a total mystery.

    Anyway, im sure more will he revealed. Lol

  14. Lindsey Graham gun confiscation bill. The gun grabber in chief is warming up. I predicted it and here you go. Not hard to predict, the patterns in this hologram pf life are binary, yin and yang.

  15. Re: rational thought versus emotional

    Steven Covey recommended making decisions with the rational mind and then tempering it with an emotional review. I think that is spot on as long as the rational mind is the final arbiter.

    I also remember a “self help” tape program I had decades ago that said the ideal negotiation is one where the parties create a third option that is amenable to both sides so that both get something out of the conclusion. That always appealed to me. The problem is that too many folks are not really willing to negotiate.

    I’m 73 so my life span fit in nicely between major global conflicts. This means I shall be checking out around the time TSHTF and makes life awful for most folks.

    • I have many personal faults – other than being a terminal workaholic.
      One of my worst is I tend to skip the “emotional review” part and just do what needs doing. Pisses people off but the batting average is better.

      • George – do you even know how to do an emotional review? I don’t. A good friend disowned me for a while because I made some comment about some female politician. Who cares? I don’t have a very thick skin, but really don’t care what others say about any politician, other than for info. Politeness should never interfere with clarity-IMHO!

      • Boy…that sounds familiar..
        Its wonderful to have a good woman to keep a guy grounded..
        We are two very lucky guys..

  16. Thank GOD that the people of Albuquerque(who woulda thought!) had the sense to kill the stupid red light cameras several years ago. Instead of driving for cameras, people could drive defensively – getting out of the way of someone that was about to ram them and generally avoiding impaired drivers. It’s the same thing with school zones everywhere at 15mph – you drive with your eyes glued to the speedometer rather than watching out for kids. Driving with awareness and common sense will avoid many more crashes than robotic adherence to the letter of the law. At least pilots have discretion – if they can justify it to FAA. The red light cameras are rented to cities for free and the tickets are administered by a private group for profit.

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