Workstations for All!

The companion to the mini ebook “A Life of Gods” on time and task management is unveiled this morning.  This one deals with workstations and workflows.  My thinking is that once something shows up as a task, we need the “power tools” to dispatch it to the “done list.”

A good bit of theory is involved in this.  Work is almost ghostlike in that it seems to be everywhere (and nowhere for the lazy).  Worth spending some coffee and brain cells on.

Because other than some pretty damn interesting market charts, the actual – non-distraction – news flow is hardly overwhelming.

Well, except the Take Taiwan window is opening now, notes my consigliere.

So, brace for that over the next week, or three, to reappear in the sold-out Mainstream Media to add to your mental disorientation.

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46 thoughts on “Workstations for All!”

  1. As you work on your workstations remember Psalm 82:6. Might help living the Life you mentioned.

    Delusional Media ? Hmmm … just a bad picture show …

    Charts ? Where’s Ross Perot when you need him?

  2. “ram jets and pulse jets ”

    I recall some people complaining about the wait for Starlink dishes, which they still are waiting/complaining.

    This guy thinks Elon is working on a new method of propulsion.

    Are Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites really what he says they are?

    “The Starlink satellites have a flat panel design with a single solar panel and have a mass of approximately 260 kg. The satellites are stacked for launch without the need for a dispenser. They use krypton-powered Hall-thrusters as the propulsion system for orbit adjustment and deorbit. ”

    – 6 Apr 2022

    “So the Starlink satellites have an electromagnetic engine. All they need is a battery, solar panels and noble gas: krypton gas. And probably the battery and solar panels are superfluous, but that is to keep the mass stupid for the possibility of tapping energy from the atmosphere (but that aside). Krypton occurs in very small quantities in the atmospheric dome, but because gases (like liquids) separate into layers due to their density and mass, there is one specific layer at one specific altitude that contains only krypton.

    There you go! So there we have the free propulsion system of the Starlink “satellites”. An electromagnetic ring that provides ion exchange (like a cathode and an anode do with water) and freely available fuel at a specific height in the atmosphere: the krypton-Hall engine. See the official description here.”

  3. George, you may get your Black Monday on 16 May 2022.

    Terra-USD Luna 1-USD, once representing one of the top ten cryptos
    in total valuation may represent the coal mine canary in global asset debt macroeconomic system. Luna is having a one-day spectacular crash devaluation of 95%, which is more than 99% below its peak valuation.

    Next week represents the 82nd week of a 33/82 week :: x/2.5x first and second fractal series from the March 2020 lows and month 115 of a 46/115 month :: x/2.5x first and second fractal series from the global market average monthly low in 2009.

    Qualitatively, equity and CRB asset growth has continued to its maximum 2020 weekly and maximum 2009 monthly second fractal valuation growth time lengths (2.5x), currently operating under the constricting umbrella of political and central banks’ necessary reactive measures to control inflation at the consumer level with interest rates on US 10 year and 30 year bonds racheted up by the Federal Reserve far faster and far above the 0.5% prime rate increase in March 2022.

    The CRB is following the global equities’ same 33/82 weekly fractal series from the 2020 low. The 82 total week second fractal is composed of two subseries. The second subseries is composed of 14/35/35/18 of 21 days ;; x/2.5x/2.5x/1.5x ending on 16 May 2022.

    The terminal daily pattern for global equities appears to be 7/18/17/8 of 11 days ending on 16 May 2022. BAC follows the global pattern.

    • Taking things to a larger scale, we have a full blood moon lunar eclipse on Sunday midnight. Also, did anybody mention we’re in Mercury retrograde, 05/10 – 06/03?

      I like the concept of fractals but would like to see your calculations converted to possible cause and effect events. Right now, I only see swirling water. Thanks.

      • Valid question. Joe M.

        Does the swirling water conform to observable simple mathematical patterns?

        Are the onservable empirical patterns repetitively influenced by known cycles of easy money access, resultant over-valuation of assets , and thereafter, interest rates increases or new rules to manage the associated inflation?

        Your question is a good one.

      • (and The Economic Fractalist macroeconomic website was moved from #19 to #13 of the top 25 US macroeconomic blog websites … over the last year … and with no postings for a year …)

        Some people are seeing the fractal groupings and simple math …

        #13. The Economic Fractalist

        The Economic Fractalist Non-Stochastic Saturation Macroeconomics. Welcome to the small alcove for the advancement of cause and effect saturation macroeconomics. This site pursues the hypothesis that the nature of market valuations and economic cycles is both causal and quantitatively decipherable.
        Blogger: Gary Lammert

      • May I offer a non-journeyman thought of a possible Ureian School anti-podian observation to Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis’ 1835 travail or work, “On the equations of relative motion of a system of bodies” that may render assistance to relieve blockage in understanding?

        Perhaps as the amount and pressure of money increases, controlling money turnover allows a just-right flow in the economic spheres.

    • TEF: Give this video a listen.

      I view this as the next cleansing cycle before the next run up and dump. Like Jesse Livermoore: It doesn’t matter if you are long or short, as long as you are on the winning side of the trade ;-)

      No less manipulated than bullion. Another asset to hold while the bank can still cap and subsidize the price in fiat chits.

  4. Hi, George,

    Wonderful read today regarding workstations. I just wanted to mention the advantage of having a library of many reference books that you can draw information from, along with a dictionary and a thesaurus. These are all most helpful. Also, many internet sites contain relevant information that can help. However, there is no substitute for relating your personal experience. Thanks.

    • I generally agree with the idea of a library, and many people like physical books. I’m having to take a hard line with them, disposing of anything I can find or convert to pdf form. They simply occupy too much space and if I allowed it, the entire house would be full. They also weigh a great deal. Keeping a couple of reference and important other paper books makes sense, but it’s so much faster to find something on my own systems than to even look it up in a book.

      Regardless, download everything!

      • “Regardless, download everything!”


        “They simply occupy too much space”

        I agree with this, also, however, the printed page has two advantages over the electronic page:

        1) If electronics go away, it can still be read
        2) It can not be edited on the fly

        I just bought 150,000 sheets of 24 pound, 8.5×14 paper and a bunch of heavy posterboard. If the SHTF I do NOT want my *.MIL texts dying on a hard drive…

  5. The human mind is the pinnacle of “workstations”., nothing can be conceived, nor achieved without it. Build your own personal ‘workstation’ first.

  6. “My thinking is that once something shows up as a task, we need the “power tools” to dispatch it to the “done list.”

    You sound like Tim Allen… “MORE POWER!”

    “…children. With a power tool budget”. Yep!

    I don’t need more power. I never thought I would say it, but… I need more space! I find myself envious of all that Texas space for workstations. I guess it just keeps me from becoming as big a tool slut as George.

    • A choice property if remote enough would be a secure large hangar sized building with a room set aside for a studio apartment. That would provide space for tools, materials, and work areas. Only one “bedroom”, so it would tend to minimize property taxes.

      • Locally, if there is HVAC or a bathroom anywhere in the structure, the entire structure is taxed at full residential rate. It is better to fully detach the residential space, and be extremely careful about improvements in the big square footage. And yes, the tax bastards can invade your privacy and get away with it.

      • n_____, I’m partially aware of the weird ways that property is assessed. It would probably still assess for less than a three bedroom house – depending on state and location, of course. Unfortunately, taxes are often assessed on number of rooms that are “bedrooms or could be used as bedrooms”.

        It would still be cool to have 5K+ square feet of conditioned, secure, hobby/research space.

    • Trust me; the more space you have, the more junk you’ll acquire to fill it. I think that’s buried somewhere in Murphy’s Law.

  7. Robert Kientz is also wigging out over the latest CPI print. The government has ACTUALLY LIED to us – and itself – about the numbers!

    Glenn Beck reported this morning that Iraq is actually playing with the idea of a “One Second After” scenario on our power grid. 3 nukes at the proper altitude will wipe our grid out from coast to coast. Of course, as it said eventually in Forstchen’s book, the culprits had, and hopefully WILL have, their homeland glassed over by our subs and surviving military infrastructure but, nevertheless, we’ll experience a 90% death rate over the first year according to Beck due to a dead power grid that will take at least a generation to replace. Guess the Dims’, RINOs’ and Soros’ vision as posted on the Georgia Guidestones would come true after all. These are the people the God of the OT said to wipe out to the very last one. Is there any reason to guess why?

      • Of course Iran is working on it.

        As I said on here years ago, we won’t know Iran has nukes until they drop them on us. Iran has had a viable space program since 1996 and has been launching its own satellites for 25 years.

        Know how long it takes to repurpose an orbital satellite launch vehicle into an ICBM nuclear delivery vehicle?

        I don’t, but I’ll bet “not long,” and I’ll also bet there are at least three of George’s readers who do know…

    • “I’m a rodeo clown . . . (and) if you take what I say as gospel, you’re an idiot.” – Glenn Beck 2009

      • Another George reaching deeeeeeeep into the past to make himself relevant today. Glenn beats Bongino by a country mile and they both will tell you what the MSM will never even hint at unless they’re calling it a conspiracy theory.

      • So, tell us the next line of his monologue.

        (You can’t, because the neocommunist website from which you filched this, doesn’t have it.)

    • The Mormon STRAT-INTEL people are throwing this around, and report Iran is attempting to build satellite-deployed EMP bombs, specifically to target the U.S.

      I’ve no idea where they get their stuff or how valid the info, but this crossed my E-Mail this morning…

      • The idea’s been out there for a while since Forschen’s books came out in the early 2000s and the basic premise much earlier than that. Doesn’t make sense since the result in the book would, most likely, be the same in the real World … but given this treasonous administration Biden may not give the order, OR the military would take it upon themselves to carry it out and claim an inability to communicate with the Executive Branch. I’m sure they have a procedure for that scenario, too.

  8. Comrades,

    While an American in Texas honed inscription upon two score and ten pages of digital papyrus in achieving the productive life, the head of the Church of England entered another chapter into the “life of the gods”.

    Yesterday, paying punters lined up to view the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London may have experienced disappointment. Perhaps some are seeking a ticket refund or the solace of their consigliere. Alas, the Imperial State Crown whose Saint Edward the Confessor’s Sapphire dates from 1042 was not in its usual position of crowning glory.

    Instead, couriered by its own limousine under the watchful eye of the Crown Jeweler, carried through the Sovereign’s Entrance, it was placed upon a cushion atop the Throne Chair workstation for the 2022 State Opening of Parliament. There, a visibly moved Prince Charles seated beside in the consort’s chair displayed dampened eyes, and protocol forbade his touching the crown. Surely it was a discombobulating sight the likes of which have not been seen in public since the Royal Annoyance following the ghostly headless display of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress. The immediate physical presence of Her Majesty was absent from the workflow for the first time since 1963. Nonetheless, attired in his army uniform, the Prince soldiered on with the task at hand.

    Diligent readers of ‘Urban, and PN wiring diagrams, may have observed the Crown did not have visible power plug-ins. It’s wifi capabilities remain an unsolved puzzle like a King Arthur’s Excalibur project. Common folk are left trying to squeeze water out of a stone. Not to be forgotten, the Cap of Maintenance and the Sword of State were each also conveyed by separate limousine to the Palace of Westminster. Apparently sun and solar have overrun royal systems in certain American lexicons to power the force.

    “The Sun” reported that the PM Boris government state speech promising 35 pieces of legislation had fully 7 of them addressing extrication from still ongoing EU regulation and oversights of UK domestic life… Admirers of common sense will welcome proposed government measures to outlaw citizens from gluing themselves to roads, and make it an offense for “eco-goons” to attach themselves to vehicles of public transportation.

    God save the Queen.

  9. “Energy prices were down in the report.”

    No, gasoline prices really were down in most of April about 50¢/gal from their Feb+Mar highs. They have rebounded about 60¢ since the 4th week in April, though, to now be at all-time highs.

    …Still standing by my prediction of $7/gal gas by August (and that’s based solely upon the Biden Administration’s goosing of the money supply last year.

    It’s starting to really piss me off that the commies and leftists all poke fun at [MAGA]

    “Make America Great Again,”

    whilst supporting the narrative of [MASA]

    “Make America Suck Again”

    and it pisses me off even more that they’re succeeding.

  10. “Remember ram jets and pulse jets – the buzz bombs? Newly rediscovered seems A Chinese team has tested an engine for hypersonic flight – powered by explosions.”

    Saw one of these over in the Dayton area a couple years back. It looked kinda like a Gulfstream @ ~3000ft and made one hell of a racket. I’m guessing the Chicoms aren’t the only ones studying pulse tech…

  11. “The papering over the deflationary collapse cost almost $10-trillion but it’s still cheaper than a global depression with mass starvation.”


    The WEF crowd has their ideological head so far up Keynes’ arse they’re going to give us both a collapse and a global depression with mass-starvation. They are not going to care, because it won’t affect them — and they’re going to blame it all on Putin because he dared try and put the ruble back on the gold standard…

  12. Waiting for consumer prices to turn deflationary is to miss the earliest signs of a depression. Consumer prices may not turn down until events are spiraling, if at all. 1929 through the mid thirties was a consumer deflationary depression, but there are other more severe possibilities, like a Weimar hyperinflation layered over credit market dysfunction and near universal default.
    Right now, copper has peaked, and is trending down hard. Rumors of credit market dysfunction are popping up more frequently.
    As sporadic failures of market segment efficiency occurs due to credit dysfunction, competition for resources will cause those consumer items nearest and dearest to consumer’s hearts to spike upwards. Only after enough people are rendered destitute to some degree will you see consumer prices erode. And if production leads employment down the tubes, rising prices will continue even as the relief lines swell. The Great Depression is a cautionary tale, but not necessarily a worst case narrative.
    I won’t bore you with suggestions on personal finance salvation; I think we are moving into the long dry slide phase, and either you have paid attention to the sound economic advice at this forum , or you will pay that piper guy in the end, and I do mean in the end .

    • “Consumer prices may not turn down until events are spiraling, if at all. 1929”

      the noodle has to crumble.. or dry up..
      The economy if looked at from an objective like I have is similar to the big bang theory and the Big Crunch..
      The Big Crunch is a hypothetical scenario for the ultimate fate of the universe, in which the expansion of the universe eventually reverses where the universe recollapses, ultimately causing the cosmic scale factor to reach zero to repeat the cycle all over again, with an event potentially followed by a reformation of the universe starting with another Big Bang all over again..
      OR in FED RES manner .. how much can you print.. as the dollar is expanding it is also weakening.. so prices have to increase.. if the linear distances are not equal.. then an implosion has to happen..
      Take nursing wages as an example.. in 87 an RN made the wopping wage of 4.75 per hour.. line men made8.00 per hour.. truck drivers got a quarter a mile as a wage..
      Today.. nursing wages are in the thirty dollar an hour range.. a greeter that just two years ago made eleven dollars an hour is making eighteen dollars an hour.. back in 87 I made three bucks an hour.. the universe I mean economy is expanding rapidly.. the difference is the stress on the expansion.. it isn’t equal.. back in the day there was a fifteen percent separation in all countries in classes.. today you have the balloon stretched to thin on one point.. if it was a balloon it would be close to breaking.. the dollar like Weimer will be worthless.. even now we can see the strength that the juan and ruble is getting.. its value is increasing quickly against the other world currencies that are not backed by anything tangible..
      To keep the sanctity of the Fed’s place in the economic world they have two choices.. take down the ruble and the juan.. by backing their currency with value.. a pound for a pound.. or go to war and destroy the currency.. to take control and incorporate them into the ponzi system they have set up that everyone lives by…..
      The other and way it was.. was if the boss made more so did the guy at the bottom of the companies list.. by outsourcing industry and tax havens just promoted greed.. giving the puppeteers open waters to corrupt politicians with greed.. sank america.. started during the reagan years.. and if the industrialists had had the same goals of community as they did during Reagans younger years .. well trickle down would have worked.. if we had gone with the Carter plan of equalizing taxes it would have worked better simply by letting a little air out of the balloon.. there would have been a few hard years but with tax haven’s and the lucritive tax laws put in place for those with more to hide it or not pay taxes on it is in my opinion nothing like the economic horrors that what we have coming towards us like a freight train.. To keep the oligarchs Ponzi scheme safe.. they only have two options and it is in my opinon pretty obvious what they have chosen…

  13. There are work stations and then there magnificent work stations. This not the most expansive but surely one of the most expressive and complex (electro-pneumatic elegance). Spent many years on its bench. What a Blessing. (And it’s mighty, though not a fine Wurlitzer – another reality ’tis that.)

    (Anyone remember Bridge to Dreamland in San Francisco. Date yourself and be honest?)

    Take a look and then go play your zither!×1024.jpg

  14. Like I said. If someone with an intent of tripping me and my call of 6 on that number put in the number 9 when it was a 6? With intent of doing so. Hope that is not the case. For them.

    That person who tripped me up, if it was intentional, definitely ain’t entertaining though any passgate im running. Since I just got hired today to run back stage and baracade it for all the big shows I want to do. At my discretion.. only the shows you want to do Andy is what I was told. We appreciate you. Okay. Cool. Thanks!

    I told them today, i will run the The Who show passgate, bracade and backstage for them.

    Since I had that Interesting moment with The Three Owls that morning a while back.

    And that security contractor wants to hire me as the recruiter and put me on their management team.

    Moving on up in the world. That is forsure.

    Interesting move. Going from company named phonetically “Higher quest” to management team of ” Universe Allied” phonetically speaking.

    That other thing is so so good. I didn’t mention. Lol

    Talk about stepping into my power. Good call George. As above so below. As within so without. Fuck around and Find out.


    No more comments from me for a while. I talked to the jedi tonight. The 5th world is emerging now

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