Working in The Realms

There is something special about this time of the year, alright.  But has little to do with wrappings and trees.

I refer to the project each of us own, that is, to work on our “inner realms” while we work out way through life on this plane.

This morning, a short but quite remarkable sequence about ‘dream work’ because sometimes, there are things more important than money.  After headlines and charts, of course.

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9 thoughts on “Working in The Realms”

  1. Seems to be the warnings that bitcoin and similar take 1000x the electrical energy per transaction vs credit card seems relevant to me. But no one seems to be listening to facts that show these systems as designed are neither secure, private or viable. Not to mention that the inventors way back were the NSA.

    • The concern should be bitcoin, oil, Gold and even credit cards are just a proxy for the only system of exchange that matters – energy.

      To compare bitcoin’s energy to settle a transaction may be a fair issue. But to toss in ‘security, privacy and viability’ in a discussion of bitcoin VS credit cards – NEITHER of those solutions to the exchange of value addresses ALL of those concerns.

      As for “inventors way back were the NSA.” – Really? What did they “invent”? Math? A string of opcodes used by a processor?

      • Are you saying that all of our computer security codes are not using the Prime numbers for the crypto basics for all military and banking operations

  2. “Lying Anti-Trump Media
    Of course we don’t have to say it: Try this instead… Media warn about a tax apocalypse and other outlandish journalistic offenses.”

    what scares me about the tax relief bill.. is that we already know that the historical odds are that Congress didn’t write the Tax cut bill. Chances are more that some group outside of congress did and they discussed the cliffs notes of the bill behind closed doors. ( lets face it in my opinion if it is six hundred pages or longer and written in a language that will take a team of Harvard lawyers to decipher.My thoughts are that they didn’t do it especially with the limited hours that congress even graces their offices with a visit) The other thing is Congress Historically has opted out of reading what they vote on. the read the bill act.. how many voted for that again..hmm.. probably the same amount of congressmen that voted that they shouldn’t get a wage increase LOL LOL LOL

  3. If I understand it correctly, blockchain is security software that is harder to hack which would be a benefit to online worldwide currency transactions for oil & banks, etc. Blockchain companies appear to be popping up like the small biotech companies offering up another penny stock bonanza scam. I think I will stick with the big caps & keep myself from being scammed. I will wait for a FANG type blockchain stock to emerge. Maybe PayPal.

    What if the bitcoin blockchain was hacked & all the bitcoins stolen. It would be an electron bank heist leaving all the bitcoin holders broke since there is no FDIC for Bitcoin.

    • The blockchain is a ledger of things and to show each ledger entry is “correct” it has a cryptographic signature.

      To break the value of the blockchain there has to be a quorum of control and somehow no one looking at the ledger would have to raise a concern over the differences.

      The “hacking” concern of bitcoin is the theoretical application of a large Qbit processor. Such a thing may be like fusion as a source of electrical power on Earth for man – always about to be solved and just not solved. If the long Qbit problem is solved bitcoin is the least of the concerns – most known cryptographic solutions are useless.

      As an investment the word “blockchain” is the issue. It is a magical word. It is treated as CMOS would have been years ago in a TTL world with the hopes it becomes as important as CMOS is now, 30+ years later. VS as unimportant as ECL is now.

  4. “Dag Gummit, dammed horseless carriages, noisy,smelly scaring the horses.”
    Someone who lived 30 years before the internet came to dominate everything will naturally possess a radically different perspective of the world and where its headed, than someone who never knew life without it. This IS precisactly why a younger person will inherently understand the VALUE and UTILITY proposition of something like Bitcoin/Cyrptos far more easily than someone much older. Its blistering adoption rate is a reflection of a global consciousness developing amongst the younger generation.
    Its a reflection of a burning desire for a more dynamic, trustless and De-Centralized world, and it will be up to “them” to ensure that it happens. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidaze !

  5. Trump will have a Merry Christmas since he signed & gave himself & family a HUGE tax break & estate tax break to leave them more $ in the end than the Clinton’s will leave Chelsea. What is Trumps next scam. He can’t use the bankruptcy scam he used in business.

    In Feb, the middle class will see more in their paychecks from the tax scamcut. Then they will have it taken back with a smaller tax refund or owing additional taxes. Does the IRS accept bitcoin as legal tender for payment of taxes.

    It is nice to see Corporate America giving Holiday $1,000 bonuses to thousands of employees. HEY, who is paying for that…oh, the Federal Gov’t, of course, thanks to Trump. I wonder if any McDonald’s rank & file employees will see an extra grand for Christmas. No they won’t; that is not the group Trump wants to help.

  6. Dear Mr. Ure,

    I’m adding “Gaming the Vote: Why Elections Aren’t Fair” to my reading list. It was authored by William Poundstone about 10 years ago. My interest was sparked when a read the book’s publicly available excerpt link. The second situation it examines pertains to the State of Louisiana and how a Party yielded power in the near-term in order to achieve greater gain in the long run. Plug the same mindset into the present day federal scenario – and that Mr. Trump’s largest donor last election is a self-described Democrat at heart according to Wikipedia – well, it certainly could prompt food for thought. The House always wins, right?

    I wish you and your family a most enjoyable and rejuvenating Christmas break!

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