Trump’s Markets: The Glitch is Sliding Now

From Reuters: “Apple bombshell sends investors to safe havens; ‘flash crash’ jolts currencies.”

I mentioned to you back in December that I had a “bad feeling” about what lay ahead around the second week of January.  And, judging by the futures (as 6:30 AM Central) showing the Dow set to slide more than 300 points at the open, it could be coming to pass…we’ll just see how things unfold.  Closer to the open down just 250.

Notwithstanding my fears about the next couple of weeks, we are getting another federal report card tomorrow on how the jobs market is rolling.  This morning, we have two “preview” reports from the private sector:  First is the ADP Employment report and then there’s the Challenger Job Cuts report.  Taken as a whole, they give a sense of where we are on the economic side…

ADP first:

ROSELAND, N.J. – January 3, 2019 – Private sector employment increased by 271,000 jobs from November to December according to the December ADP National Employment Report®. The report, which is derived from ADP’s actual payroll data, measures the change in total nonfarm private employment each month on a seasonally-adjusted basis.

Then we have the Challenge Job Cuts:

“CHICAGO, January 3, 2019 – While December was quieter than the previous three months, as employers at U.S.-based companies announced plans to cut 43,884 workers from their payrolls during the month, the year-to-date total is nearly 29 percent higher than last year and the highest total since 2015, according to a report released Thursday by global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

In 2018, 538,659 job cuts were announced, 28.6 percent higher than the 418,770 announced in 2017. This is the highest annual total since 598,510 cuts were recorded in 2015, and the second-highest total since 2011, when 606,082 cuts were announced.

During the final quarter of the year, employers announced 172,601 job cuts, 42.8 percent higher than the 120,879 recorded in the third quarter and 77.4 percent higher than the 97,292 announced in the same quarter last year. This is the highest quarterly total since the first quarter of 2016, when 180,920 cuts were announced

Now the important stuff:  Look at the Year-On-Year data:

And, as much as we liked the Trump bull market, our data suggests it “left the building” in mid October 2018.  Unless a political miracle happens, we are currently expecting one of those lefty-leaning democrats of the FDR type to pop up for 2020 and war then by (my consigliere’s target date) 2024.

Already, our military affairs expect (“warhammer”) notes the recent Chinese chest-beating over Taiwan is not unlike the demonizing Hitler engaged in prior to marching into the Sudetenland.   (Yes, of course history rhymes!)

We think that the truly far-sighted families will be looking at things like upper level average wind patterns and what upwind from where they live now while there’s plenty of time to move to potential areas of lesser impact.

If the jobs picture isn’t all that bad – and still actually very good from an historical perspective, what is it that has markets so damn riled-up?

I mean besides Apple issuing a rare drop in forward sales guidance?

Washington:  The Idiots Are Back

As Grabien News is explaining, here comes the “Green New Deal” to seize all kinds of government power.  “‘Ocasio-Cortez sees this plan is being a vehicle through which social equality might finally realized, as it will use reparations to right historical injustices’

Ever notice no one points out there are lazy people and there are hard workers and that’s often confused with discrimination?

As we have feared, the radical leftists are proposing that to fix past ills, they (and they judge who they are) have some self-proclaimed right to steal; from others.   Not that I’ve seen under the Constitution…

The Ure view is ridiculously simple:  Reverse discrimination is as evil as forward discrimination. Both fly in the face of America’s long tradition of working toward a truly egalitarian society.

“Social Justice” is a freeloader’s claim on the hard work of others.  Nothing more and nothing less.  It’s thievery dressed up in politically-correct clothing and sold to dim-witted phone-addicts brought-up on a diet of left-leaning curriculum for 50 years.  Sheesh…  Reap and Sow 101, kiddies.

Justice is supposed to be “blind” – meaning exactly equal to all.  Gender justice and other mental constructs of the academia? You can’t be serious…

Zeus the Cat is parading around the office this morning campaigning for  Cat Justice, too… I explained to him that “fat cats don’t mouse…”  Hunger is closely related to drive and powers work.  But he doesn’t seem to track.  Meanwhile, Aging people face discrimination, too, but where are the socialists on this?…Good grief…when is National Pickle week?  (near the end of May BTW).

Here’s Ure’s prediction:  With the democrats back in control of the House, you can expect large tax increases next year to further dig into your meager disposable income.  I’ll remind you in a year, or so…

Oh, and the “Our way or the highway” (and hand over your wallet) people are bent on attacking conservatives in most unsavory ways are we read in “Michael Savage, facing death threats, heads to secret location.

Same Bolsheviks, but new & improved with cell phones to map the Molotov’s and social media to inflame… I did mention social media is a weapon of mass destruction, right?

More gently revealed for the sensitive sheep among us in Socialism Rising: Dems take House pushing massive government expansion, as party lurches left.

Other Smatterings of Reality

Who’s got a ticket to ride? GM’s U.S. new vehicle sales fall 2.7 percent in fourth quarter.

Been thinking about the border and the flow about illegal aliens: Do we want South America-style politics coming here?  Go read “Mexican mayor gunned down during his first day in office.”  It’s not an impertinent question…just one the open-border agenda people don’t want to talk about.

And the US has lost the moon, now.  China Moon mission lands Chang’e-4 spacecraft on far side.  The moon’s 14-million square miles dwarf’s China’s earthly land mass of  3.7 million square miles. just so’s you know…

OK, after the jobs data, futures showed the Dow down around 270 at the open so I’m off to chase chickens and pigs around the plate…moron the ‘morrow..

48 thoughts on “Trump’s Markets: The Glitch is Sliding Now”

  1. I heard someone say, “Fox is fake news & the enemy”, which shows you the state of our thinking. Why would someone say this? As Fox says, we report the news, & you make up your mind. The current liberal view of the value of the news does not support this type of reporting. The liberal view of The value of news is “We report The news & tell you what to think because you are all morons & sheep to be used for our financial benefit.”

    And the sheep are lining up in droves for their daily mental feeding as the crazies take over Congress today. Should make the USA look like an even bigger freak show.

    • ECS: But Fox has admited that they are not ‘news’ but instead are ‘entertainment’. This is from 2017:

      “Fox News will begin airing a disclaimer later this month, declaring that its programming is “for entertainment purposes only,” according to sources close to the cable channel.

      The disclaimer, which will start airing on the network by mid-April 2017, will appear during program openings in small text at the bottom of the screen at the same time as the show’s title.”

      I don’t recall that the other news stations like ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC have placed such a disclaimer before their news hours.

      • I couldn’t find any evidence that Fox has added an “entertainment” disclosure. I did find this neat little article from the Huffington Post: Fox News To Add ‘For Entertainment Purposes Only’ Disclaimer

        However, that is just SPIN. It’s fake news essentially. Fox has not added an “For Entertainment Purposes Only” disclaimer in their programming. The fact that anyone would think they would do that is ridiculous because Fox does have great news shows.

        Now, let’s move on to some programs that could be called entertainment. I’m looking at Fox and Friends, Tucker, Sean and Laura. Those programs are actually classified as “opinion” programming by Fox News. But there has never been an “entertainment” disclosure.

        So to conclude: no, they have not added a disclaimer about being an entertainment channel but they have admitted that some of its programming is meant to be opinion, not hard news.

        So you (Pepper D) & Mark (with his deep throat contacts, fake tapes, & mensa friends) have been deflocked once again. I hope you two can get a refund on any educational expenses you incurred.

    • ECS,
      That someone is me. As an ex journalism major (years ago) at one of our nation’s finest J-Schools…I can confidently say that Fox is not real news and just about everyone knows it. Even my stalwart, right leaning, brother in law, who is also a defense attorney for the rich and powerful mega-corps, thinks Fox borders on comedy, based on it’s inexplicable all things Trump agenda. He voted for Trump, but has since seen the light. By the way…he is also a member of the Mensa society, so no dummy this guy.

      One of my best golfing buddies, who is much younger than me… is ex military…Marines…and he violently gags at Fox. He too voted for Trump but now sides with the very people that guided him on tours of Iraq and Afghanistan…The Generals…just about every military General is disgusted with Trump.

      Have you ever watched Fox and Friends? If I was casting for a SNL skit about a parody of Morning shows…these guys would be picked. Hannity is an uneducated, tub thumping carnival barker…with zero moral fiber. Tucker Carlson has admittedly stated that his conservative news stance is just a schtick. In Forbes, he stated the following:

      “Carlson says he’s not trying to convert his critics, and he’s perfectly OK with people taking issue with what he says. “I’m liberal, actually,” he says, reciting a list of his bedrock beliefs: “I believe in free speech. I’m suspicious of secrecy. I think that due process is vital; you know, I don’t think that everyone accused is guilty. I think I have much more in common with 1970s-era liberals than most people at The Washington Post.”

      Carlson goes on to say…”Carlson says that in writing his book, he returned again and again to the same question: “What happened that the country got so mad they elected Trump? How did we get here?” Content countries, he writes, don’t elect people like Donald Trump.
      But the media veers away from the why in a rush to cover the larger-than-life character that is Trump. “I honestly feel that most days I’m the only person in America that doesn’t think Trump is as interesting as Trump thinks he is.”

      Fox is nothing but an opportunistic media company that promotes fear, and dangles unanswered conspiracy theories in front of their reality show junky viewers, to make their audiences come back for more. They are following the fake Apprentice show format and applying it to news.

      I have said this before…but when every single news outlet out of hundreds worldwide… but one…is critical of our President…doesn’t That raise a red flag about the validity and integrity (lack Of) of Fox?

      • You know full well Mark that the ‘liberal’ he is attesting to is not the ‘current liberal.’ The reason that hundreds of worldwide news outlets hate Trump and repeat this daily is due to the ownership of those media outlets, something you always seem to forget to mention. Propaganda, just like Warhammer stated earlier. It’s called brainwashing, and day after day, we notice that it has worked perfectly on you. To support WAPO, NYT, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc., is to live in the land of the brain washing. I don’t watch Fox, nor any of them as it is plain as day that none of them have any responsibilities to the truth (even if some give more truth than others), but to continue to go after Fox is discordant. The real purpose of this bullying of Trump Supporters is to convince 60 plus million Americans that they are nuts. Thankfully, the resistance is strong.

      • No general or admiral worth his/her weight in salt actively supports ANY politician. When they do, they’ve signaled that they’ve become part and parcel with the ‘swamp.’ I served under Carter, Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, Clinton and Dubya Bush. The true general/admiral commanding my units remained apolitical amidst the tides of political change, serving the nation, not a political party.

      • Why,
        It’s not about the 61 million who voted for Trump or the 64 million that voted for the Wicked Witch…what matters is the 100 million who did at vote at all in 2016. They came out of the woodwork this past mid term and see what happened?

        Today’s American has choices and when you add up all the available news outlets and see what their stance is, Fox’s audience is actually quite pathetic. Personally, I just listen to business news like CNBC, Bloomberg and Cheddar. I keep myself informed and on the pulse of business trends that way and even they are starting to critical of Trump. Right now they are saying…ok, 2018 was the year of the corporate tax cut….Now that it’s over, what’s next? They are critical of trade, Syria and fearful of the lack of planning in an extremely disfunctional White House. The markets are responding…down over 600 as of this minute.

        And Carlson’s liberal comment was just made recently, so he was very aware of the liberalism he is referring to.

      • Like I said in the past it’s going to take awhile for Mark and all his holly friends family members and the people who trained him to think like he thinks it’s going to take awhile but eventually he’ll come around I’ll give you this

      • Then as an ex journalism major I assume you realize that there is a difference between reporting news and the evening opinion shows. Hannity is not “news,” he never has been, no more than Maddow is news; he is opinion. Fox and Friends isn’t “news” either, it’s entertainment. Fox’s opinion shows are obnoxious and screechy, just like most other news network’s opinion shows are, because hyped up screeching keeps (certain) viewers tuned in.

        From the little I watch any of them, I don’t see where Fox’s straight news is significantly better or worse than anyone else for reporting facts. Yeah, they absolutely have a slant, they cover the issues they want to cover, but so do newspapers like the NYT and WaPo, and CNN during their daytime “straight news” hours. I’ve seen straight opinion and speculation pieces passed off as “news” in the WaPo and NYT, at least Fox News relegates the serious junk to the evening opinion shows. I mostly stick to business news when I watch anything, most of the news sources are are garbage.

      • True news is the facts, all the facts, and nothing but the facts, including references to the source(s). It can be delivered deadpan or written, but should be entirely devoid of emotional content. Emotions are not news, they are distortions of the news.

        Actionable news is useful. The rest is background.

        There are no accurate news sources in the media today. The best we can hope for is to interpolate between the various viewpoints presented after stripping out the emotions.

  2. Age discrimination. I get it is supposed to be laws, and companies must follow even to the detriment of their business. But I always fall down on the side of the business owner should be allowed to hire, fire, promote however they wish. Owners that make poor decisions will suffer, those that get the best person for the job will have a greater chance of success. Older people (I am on the back side of 50), are less open to changes, more restrictive on what they are willing to do and generally not as current on generational trends. I work to keep my skills current and value to employer high, but I also know I am no longer willing to kill myself to get a job done, like some younger folks still are. There are still huge wealth transfers from young to old, so it is not complete abandonment from society. At least until most of those ponzie schemes also collapse these transfers continue. SS alone requires transfer of 15% of persons value to company to be transferred to elderly, not including many other age based subsidies at state and local levels. I still cannot find federal power in the constitution for that theft.

  3. Current state of our Democracy. ” If you are elected and not one of us, you will be destroyed. So much for “Anyone can become President.”

  4. I wonder at times about who is pulling the strings on Ocasio=Cortez. She seems like more than a One Trick Pony Act.

    • I suspect Soros. Ideologically he’s a fascist, but based on his grooming of Obama, I’d guess he’s okay with anyone on the far left, probably figuring on a replay of the 1946-49 NAZI vs ANTIFA circus (with a different result) once the capitalist Republic is done away with. ‘Course, her family is Westchester County comfortable, so she could come by it honestly, as a spoiled rich kid with too much idle time, like Marx did.

      In either case, the kid has definite star power and no concept of individual freedom or the way our government was designed to work, which means she’s going to be a thorn in the side of free people and capitalism for many years to come…

  5. “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.“ ~ Edward L. Bernays, “Propaganda,”

    • Warhammer: Here it is described very well:

      Everyone can name something that the we have been manipulated ‘into and out of’ for many reasons nonethewhich such as money, profit, wars, culture modification/manipulation, beliefs, etc., macro and micro. We are managed cattle at best allowed to breed with stipulations, allowed to migrate, with laws for some and encouraged, lawless for others and incentivized, eliminated as useless eaters when it suits em, experimented upon, lied to, set against each other, you name it, all micro managed. In the midst of all this hurly burly, mankind surprises itself with its resilience.

  6. “Ever notice no one points out there are lazy people and there are hard workers and that’s often confused with discrimination?”

    And “lazy people” vote, and that’s a conundrum, IMHO!

  7. Interesting I have never had any use for the so called (in name only) conservatives,now ever since Reagan got in office we have had the greatest transfer of wealth from the working class to the 1%,Buffet called it class warfare and that’s just what it was, as the Fed pumped and dumped into the 1% bailing out this one and that one,or starting another war for the MIC, piling ever more debt on top of debt and then wondering why we are in the depression stage….

    • Mr. Buffet is an awesome guy to.. Reminds me of dad. I would love to run to Omaha and have a lunch with him just to hear him talk gibberish the weather the news or just family anything he wanted to talk about. It would be as close to being with my late father that I could ever hope to get..nice guy you’d never know he is one of the wealthiest.. Just real people. Simple great sense of humor a man to be respected.

  8. Challenging Astrology month for USA. Two Eclipses: Solar Eclipse on January 5 and January 20.
    First one is directly opposite USA natal Sun from its birthday on July 4 1776. This first eclipse and Saturn and Pluto are opposite that USA Sun. I predicted many months ago that 2018 would be beginning of Stock Market major slide- true signs of decline in winter of 2018, then in Autumn 2018 and then winter 2019. This is mostly about major transformation of USA and world economies- bringing more socialism governing our country and world. This current Eclipse Season, as I call it, will make it obvious the direction we are moving in- Most likely major Bear movement downward. But there is the possibility of turning upward toward Bull- though only very slight chance. Main thing about Eclipse Season is that fence sitting will be gone, and old “normal” we will not be able to return to. War clouds and impeachment pushes will also be stoked during these next couple of months.

  9. George,

    You sit on your hands while $2 Trillion was looted from the economy for rich people and their buybacks, and work yourself into a tizzy about Millions lost via “lazy people [given cover by claims of] discrimination”? Again, sure, there are some people that game the system, but it’s nickles and dimes and should be rooted out in ways other than by making grandma sleep under a bridge or kids going hungry.

    And, oh, by the way, that “bad feeling” you have about the economy collapsing — that’s what you get when you effectively suck $2 trillion out of the economy.

    Well done Conservatives. The D’s gave you a thriving economy, and once again, you ran it into the ground. Best, Mike.

    • @ Mike

      Well done Conservatives. The D’s gave you a thriving economy, and once again, you ran it into the ground.

      As plain as I can be YOU are wrong, The D’s did not give me a damn thing except Corruption and Treason…from the Highest office down to the streets..Antifa..and its supporters are ALL fricke’n D’s…so Have a Happy new Year and please study a bit so that you can get some ‘facts’ straight and eliminate general labels

      A proud Conservative

      Semper Fi

    • “by making grandma sleep under a bridge or kids going hungry.”

      This isn’t personally directed at you.

      Why is it someone elses responsibility to make sure the other grannies have been comfortably bedded down? Your granny is your granny. My granny is my granny. If you don’t like your granny and want to see her sleep on the cold, garage floor, make her sleep on the cold garage floor. If any person would treat there granny in such a way, she was probably a horrible person and deserves the treatment. “Poetic Justice” and all that. Don’t make me or you responsible for the decisions of others to exclude bedding from granny. An alternative to this is to offer euthanasia to the relatives of the unwanted granny.

      This is how Little House on the Prairie operated.

      When LHP grannies became too sick to care for, LHP granny was set out by a tree and wolves ate her completing the circle of life.

      Today when the siblings/uncles/aunts/sons/daughters/grandsons/granddaughters/nieces and nephews get sick of looking at granny, they warehouse granny in a state funded boarding house. Later they sue the boarding house for neglect and negligence because she starved or grew into the sheets. “Poetic Justice” and all that. Yet, overlooking they are the people who left the care of granny up to strangers for a day wage.

      And another thing! It’s the mom and dad’s responsibility to make sure their children are fed. Not mine or yours.

      “One rotten apple (single mom) spoils the barrel (system).” Bring back orphanages and scarlet letters.

      And if someone admittedly does make a reproductive mistake, toss the kid into an orphanage then sterilization for the parents. Everyone deserves one mulligan.

      • It’s hard not to sound like a prick. Below is an example of the negligence I was trying to describe above. It’s in a different lane, but the same highway.

        The gist, after a near drowning accident a woman has been in a vegetative state for 14 years. She’s been warehoused at Hacienda de los Angeles. Her care costs is spread across our insurance premiums/Medicare budget and donations.

        14 years, with no hope of reanimation. What has been paid for?

        On 12/29/18 there was a miracle – she gave birth!

        This never happened to Helen Keller. Back then there were no “insurance” warehouses. Families pulled their own weight and it literally was sink or swim.

        Arizona officials investigate after patient in nursing facility gives birth

    • Sorry mike, the money was made up from the feds, given to the banks, banks put it in the stock market, and now the steal it back out.another ponzi scheme

  10. This is the saddest column yet this year. Yes, of course the stock market needs to revert to the mean and be proportional to productivity. Let’s improve the utility of capital and labor and the prices will hold. Now we have The Idiot Occasional [redacted for decorum – ure] managing to spew the rhetoric of Castro and Chavez in giving treasure from those who earned it to those who rabble roused. Shades of obama with different genitals. There’s a reason for having a lower age limit for president and IMHO it should apply to all members of congress(term limits too). She’s too young and has zero life experience to understand what she’s promoting, and she’s simply a tool for the far left. I want my share of the loot too, though I’m not willing to riot for it, and I don’t even need it. Perhaps I can give it to the truly needy(veterans, infirm, etc.), instead of the loudmouths. The only hope we have is that the Senate won’t concur and that Our President will veto such nonsense.

    Yes, China did the work, took the risks, and managed to land on the darkside of the moon. How could they fail, when their probe is named for their cultural and historic moon goddess:'e

    That, at least, is a tribute to the accomplishments of mankind, and it extends far beyond the country that actually did it! Kudos to China for this. It’s now time for us to do something from at least as great a vision.

    I am concerned about the increasing militancy from the mainland. Taiwan cannot be protected when the Chinese make their move. We can only hope it’s a somewhat peaceful takeover. We as a nation, are becoming dangerously senile, both at home and abroad. If we don’t re-invent ourselves as a younger, smarter, more ambitious nation, we will most likely follow the path of Great Britain.

    I’m furious about the social age discrimination, and I don’t believe that there are any laws on that. We’re being slotted into age tranches and I don’t fit in any of them. I think the EEOC rules (legally) prevent hiring discrimination up to age 70, but I don’t think they apply beyond that. Even the supremes(2009) claim that the age laws are not as strong as those against sex or racial discrimination. Funny how title IV of the civil rights act had age, sex, race, and national origin all in the same sentence!

    BTW, many employment ads in China and elsewhere in Asia overtly state that the candidate must be under age 35.

    • “IMHO it should apply to all members of congress(term limits too). ”

      Just like inspecting congress and their actions..they have to agree with it. They decided to police themselves.. Hmm makes sense to me.

  11. I think it is wonderful that the Dems continue to give the Republicans the gift that just keeps giving! Nancy is a moron and has enriched herself on the backs of the American people. She thinks she is the smartest person in the room. When you actually hear her speak for any length of time, her stupidity becomes blatantly obvious. And the leftist/socialist Ortiz is not America or American. She is going to become the face of the Democrat party and that too will be a gift in 2020. The Dems are licking their chops because they actually believe what the democrat media spew. They also believe that the country want open boarders, higher taxes, and a move to socialism. They are going to play their hand and that will lead to reelect Mr. Trump (if he actually runs again) but they are about to become extinct and over play what they think is a “New Washington”. It is the same old swamp and they are going to show the country their agenda is single minded: “We Hate Trump”. That’s going to be the death of them. Nancy may not be able to complete her time as Speaker once her mental state and dementia starts to show its ugly head in a more prominent way!!!!

    • What more could we ask for. Congratulations Wayne for a truthful post. PT may very will say , “one term is enough”, like Jessie “the body” Ventura in Minnesota.

    • Be careful of your rhetoric. I and others said that Trump was too stupid to win anything…and yet here we are…two years into hell. I am not a Pelosi fan by any stretch, but here she is on her second tour of duty as speaker. In other words, it’s business as usual of our country being led by the brainless.

      So, I guess by your account of Pelosi, it’s stupid Don vs stupid Nancy. In that war of stupid politicians. The less stupid will win…and it won’t be Trump.

    • I will grant you Nancy is the gift that keeps on giving, but despite her dementia, which is becoming more-apparent by the week, she is an amazing political creature, and as long as she can table legislation, she will be a formidable political adversary.

      Cortez has captured the under 35 crowd, even more-thoroughly than Bernie did during the ’16 Primary season. She is young, attractive, and mouthy, and has a belief in her convictions that her audience can feel. Despite being in love with her own voice, her handlers are confining her rhetoric principally to social media because typed commentary is much easier to fix than spoken vitriol.

      Conservatives and Constitutionalists continually underestimate the enthusiasm and determination of Leftists, and the effect the Left can have on the general public by owning the means of both propaganda creation and a near-monopoly on its distribution.

      Please don’t!

      Cortez is dangerous. So’s Bob (Beto) O’Rourke and Andrew Gillum. All three are regressive Marxists and have neither concept nor care, how our government is supposed to work.

      All three share another commonality: Cortez won, and O”Rourke and Gillum came really close, by pounding the pavement and gladhanding — going door-to-door in many neighborhoods and just talking. People will vote for a candidate, regardless how frequently they agree or disagree with that candidate’s policy positions, if they meet the candidate face-to-face. It’s kind of a “celebrity adulation” thing, but also, the voting individual will convince him(her)self that the candidate cares about them as individuals, and will remain accessible, if voted into office.

      This is a campaign tactic Constitutionalists had better learn, and quickly…

  12. All news ceased being news the day that CNN went to 24 hour coverage.

    To support the multi-million dollar “on-air talent” together with the required infrastructure for world-wide 24/7 coverage requires boat loads of advertising income. This requires viewers, and this in turn requires that the programs be “entertaining.”

    There is no longer ANY true news.

    The best you can hope for is to obtain some alternative views to create your own balance.

    • CNN is on its way to record revenues & profits, thanks to President Trump. Just another way the left uses the Chumps to generate profits.

  13. Take a close look at so called NEWS articles…How many do you see starting or using a QUESTION?…Duh…they are supposed to be telling or giving me NEWS…WhyTF are they presenting it with a QUESTION…are they asking me or giving me some NEWS??????????

    • News is the same stuff it has always been – five W’s and an H
      and HOW

      The rest is opinion and comments best left to sites like this one…

      • As a journalism major from back in the day myself, the 5 W’s and H was journalism. Or as one of my profs used to say, “Anything else is your opinion, and THAT IS NOT WHAT YOUR PAID FOR!”

  14. “Social Justice” is a freeloader’s claim”

    They should never have given the social security money to congress to bail out banks in the eighties..
    If the average laborer could designate where his donations are going to.
    Conservitively a blue collar worker starting with his first job having his SS contributions invested in a secure could and would earn millions. Social security is not a give away program the people worked and invested diligently without any say in how congress invested their contributions. industry preached this is your retirement fund.

  15. Although.. When..not if.. When the USA does a total financial reboot ..all govt. Programs will be gone similar to Greece and Argentina.
    What conversion rate they decide on for the dollar is yet to be disclosed.
    The only ones that I think will survive is the one percent.
    The last spending bill it lol

  16. “he is also a member of the Mensa society, so no dummy this guy.”

    I am sorry…. But being able to see logical patterns in abstracts does not make you smarter than lets say the guy flipping burgers at the local fast food restaurant.

    Each person no matter what their station in life is a genius in his or her own right.

    These people that look at every one as a drooling idiot has never understood the concept that its the opportunities one has that crosses their path and the ability to take advantage of those opportunities.

    Some of the wealthiest individuals have very little formal education the only difference was they were able to take advantage of the opportunities offered.

  17. Read Ocasio=Cortez’s Green New Deal that came out today. Found it on Google and on some news article. Really doubt she could of written this manifesto. Probably the scarriest I have read for mankind and particularly the US. She may not be the Queen of the loony toons but they nust be her best buds.

  18. Dear George: Happy 2019! Question: At what level of Price, in the INDU, would you say, by Observation, not by Prediction, that the Major Uptrend, now in place since 2009, would be Broken or Violated? Basic simple Question: The Readers want to hear your Specific Answer! Cheers to you!

  19. “Age discrimination” is a non-starter. Regressives assign value to everything. The voting bloc to which they attach value are the 18-45 year olds. The employment bloc to which they attach value are also the 18-45 year olds. People over 50 are considered “set in their ways,” that is, unmoldable and unadaptable. In a skilled or machine trade, this is probably a good thing. In a computer or tech trade, or a segment of the machine trades where computer-aided manufacturing is prevalent, not so much. The secret to employment past 50 is to remain mentally adroit and be able to prove it, or become self-employed…

    Don’t give up, and don’t feel bad. I have a little friend who graduated at age 25 with a degree in nuclear genetics. She could not get a job. Employers wanted grads who were 22 or younger. After more than two years in retail sales, she landed a job with an agricultural seed company. After two years of gene-splicing seeds, she had sufficient resumé documentation as to her mental flexibility, to finally land in the lab of a PharmCo.

  20. Wow, George, you lit a fire. Comments galore.

    Right now, all seems rather over-blown. A sugar high. Cortez will not prevail. Once the kids realize, which they will, they have to give up liberty for social justice, it’s all over. Of course, like everyone else, just an opinion.

    Only reasons Trump elected: (1) Clinton was his opposition, (2) he worked hard for it, and (3) people who had been forgotten responded.

    Things were going to be a mess anyway. News irrelevant. Yes, Trump did not transform into Reagan, as we may have wished. The next greatest generation has yet to emerge. Looking into the future, we need a fall to rise again.

    I believe DC shows its irrelevancy daily. So, why pay attention to the national news? Pre-Revolutionary War, the locals were always out ahead of the national politicians. You can read about it at the end of Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg on a sign. Local will be cool again. Our attention is best spent working on local problems on our own with no help from the seats of state and federal government.

    Out ahead of us is so much wonder. That some of our industrial icons have been taking a hit is short term. Us old folks will survive. We will be fine. The young will thrive.

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