Trouble on the Eastern Front

There’s a path opening in our modeling to yet-another event that could become a paving stone on the path to regional nuclear war.

Not happy news to focus on, but a nickel’s worth of analysis is more than justified by evolving events today in Ukraine.

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11 thoughts on “Trouble on the Eastern Front”

  1. Jonny “Wet Start” McCain had a checkered history, at least. Many claim his juvenile habit of extreme wet starting jet engines was the proximal cause of the USS Forrestal disaster that killed at least 130 Americans. I wasn’t there, but his family was high ranking Navy and may well have influenced the investigation. His actions as “Songbird” McCain were perhaps influenced by torture, but wet starting a war machine on a crowded carrier deck is pure stupidity and recklessness.

    In later life, his traitorous and erratic political history is well documented.

    • I believe most of these accusations against McCain were debunked & were just political slurs during election times.

      Similar to Obama’s birth country, but nothing like what President Trump is enduring which included McCain’s participation. I guess PT IS NOT the ONLY vindictive politition.

  2. George,
    I respectfully disagree with your geopolitical assessment of the reason for the killing of the Donetsk’s rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko in the Ukraine. I see this as a Western led response (Deep State/CIA) to the move by Russia in the past week to block an anticipated false-flag, chlorine gas attack by “rebel forces” in Syria’s Idlib province and to support militarily a Syrian government offensive in that province. Russia has moved a significant naval force into the Eastern Med and threatened severe consequences if the false flag were to occur.

    Don’t forget that the 2014 Maidan revolution in Ukraine, which ousted a more pro-Russian government and instituted a US puppet government, was financed by $5 billion of US taxpayers money (thanks Obama and the State Department, vis-a-vis Victoria Nuland).

    I feel that the main target of US Deep State/CIA aggression is still Syria and that the Ukraine assassination of Zakharchenko is to divert Russian military attention away from Syria so the US /Isis/Al-Qaeda can effectively reassert itself there.

    George, I’m concerned that maybe you’ve swallowed the Deep State/CIA bullsh*t that all motivations and actions by Russia (and Putin) are nefarious. I see many of the reactions by Russia as responses to the mad-dog actions of a hegemonic US DeepState/CIA that is trying to maintain their unipolar world empire. I feel that Trump is a mere observer in all of these activities with no real power to affect geopolitical policy in this area.

    • ?????
      I’m curious how much of this is spin from the puppeteers?
      Just like that gas attack in Syria when DJT announced he was pulling troops out of syria.
      Granted DJT, Putin and Ping all love their countries and will go the extra mile for the people they represent I see them as men of honor and dignity.
      DJT might be a lot more flamboyant than Putin And ping but he’s not punch happy with the button. I think he’s one that will take in every option. The other part that many have forgotten is they asked for Putin’s help years ago. In my mind that’s a lot like Hawaii asking for help with the catastrophic events with the volcano..
      My concerns are more towards the Sharks that lurk beneath the surface pulling the strings of our political leaders and the instigators of dramatic world events.
      What really baffles me is from my perspective everyone knows it..yet allows it. Just how much power do they has to be an amazing amount of power and influence..

      • I agree with both of you. Some behind the scenes player is dragging us into deeper war in Syria. Putin is only trying to call bs, no more false flags …my gut feeling says its a player in the middle east who is supposedly our ally and uses usa as a big stick by creating situations that force America into starting battles we want to avoid. Amazing how gas is used against syrian people by supposedly assad after red line drawn. As though assad is so stupid to antagonize a super power deliberately. Its just too staged to be real. I won’t name the string puller foreign agency behind these false flag attacks, but it should be obvious. This same agency trying to keep russia and usa as foes…Trump is stuck…Putin is stuck too, and cia infiltrated usa media will ensure foreign agency counterpart pushing usa into war with russia will eventually happen. The neocons never went away, just became more undercover in their continued globalist push and anerican hegemonic influence. Im fearful for trump and surprised he’s not been shown the door yet. Pence has more biblical view of this situation and the right view should trump not acquiesce on his own…

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  4. It make little difference who’s responsible, it now becomes a matter of convenience to be exploited by anyone with an ulterior motive.

  5. If I am not mistaken about identity, Zakharchenko highest level of education was military boot camp. He was reported to be very paranoid about his position both internally and externally. His assassination undoubtedly will be used by all, involved or not; however, it is doubtful he will be missed by most, both inside and outside his camp.

    In most cases an overly paranoid leader, becomes a liability due to clouded judgement.

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