Trend Channel Trading

Another look over my shoulder as we use “alternative means” in our quest to beat markets.”  And as you can tell from the title, this experiment is in progress until Monday.

See, when markets are making big, powerful moves, you don’t want to get in the way of them.

And since the Fed has made it clear that they are still planning to raise rates…well, the inference is it’s not the time to be bullish.

We have talked a lot the past couple of weeks about time management and of workstations and workflow.

Using these easily extensible concepts to build a trading scheme isn’t that hard…

Along with charts, it’s a two cupper.

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35 thoughts on “Trend Channel Trading”

  1. “These were well-described in the 1997 book by Leslie and Andrew Cockburn, One Point Safe. To this day, it is still one of the scariest books I’ve ever read because the nukes are still out there.”

    It to has been on my scariest book list to.. along with the creature from jekyll island, double cross, adolphs second secret book.. etc..

    • Ceres Colony Cavalier – Tony Rodriquez

      Farsight group did session on this guy and his tales very recently.
      At least one yo eyes could be opened reading this yarn…

  2. “A Few Other Headlines
    The grid can fail any time – we don’t need EMP for it. One has only to hark back to the NE Power Outages years ago (2003).”

    Or the last couple of days.. it was sure an eye opener.. lucky for me.. a great deal of the towns population works for the power company.. so our town was goal one.. fix home first..
    solar power.. enough to power the whole house.. but grid down it to shuts down.. luckily I have a generator.. that will power what essentials we have.. but what if the power to the gas pumps.. fail.. isn’t natural gas pushed by co2 pumps…

    what if the pump fails.. or there isn’t any power to push the natural gas..

    we are so dependent on every thing we take for granted.. everything.. a loss of that magnitude would destroy so much..

    • Pictures from Ukraine should be a warning, and no mushrooms there yet. IMHO, power is essential for your computer and modem/router, presuming that your provider has backup and access to the net. It’s trivial to get that level of backup. From there, low tech wins – wood heats best without power, stored diesel is good if you can use it. I wonder how well red diesel will work in modern electronic diesels(all of mine are mechanical)? Can you easily hack your modern diesel to avoid DEF?
      Stored gasoline needs regular rotation. That’s a drag. A freezer or fridge that’s broken will still keep the mice out of your non-perishable stuff. Staying below the radar when SHTF is simply an unknown risk for all of us. Regarding your consigliere(that word is still not part of my regular vocabulary), crossing many states in a crisis, including rivers, could be more than challenging. Even when driving into NYC following 911, I had to pass five roadblocks with police and National Guard. I’d rather be where I need to be before a crisis!

      I consider natural gas to be a utility that can stop without notice. I value it for what it can do, but it’s got too many points of failure for my taste. And the idea of sequestering CO2 underground is anti-life! It’s not just carbon. It’s carbon AND oxygen! Carbon sequestration is best done by trees and other plants.

      • “Can you easily hack your modern diesel to avoid DEF?”

        I would assume someone could write a “doomsday code” hack for ECM flash programmers. AFAIK it hasn’t yet been done.


        DEF = 65% distilled water, and 35% distilled urine.

        If it becomes impossible to find DEF, then just piss on it…

    • And this weekend, Texans are being told to raise the thermostat to 78 to reduce the load on our overloaded grid. SIX power stations are down (for whatever reason) and they’re trying to prevent brownouts. At a major chain hotel this morning in Texarkana, the lights went out for a couple of minutes. Strange part was, they didn’t just click off like normal, they went gradually from full bright to dark. Kinda like using a rheostat. Then came back up the same way after folks started making for the exits.

      • I actually have enough solar to provide all of our needs.. I produce thirty two to thirty eight kw per day.. the issue for us is battery backup.. mines all grid tie so when the power goes down so does the solar.. I was going to put up an extra two kw of solar and a backup powerwall battery auto switch.. thirty kw of power wall battery .. the cost was seven grand something change.. was ready to place the order and then we had an unexpected income loss.. huge income loss.. there are still aspects of the changes that won’t happen for two weeks.. cut a few hundred down our of budget last month..

    • The available generator power vs actual load for Texas doesn’t look that tight this afternoon:

      It supposed to get considerably hotter tomorrow through the end of the week.

      Mid nineties in early to mid May is a bit unseasonably warm. Most of the large generating units which are down were scheduled for the mild May weather. Hopefully, if there are brown-outs, they actually rotate the areas affected, instead of just selecting preferred victims and leaving the power out for days.

  3. “Hillary Henchman Trial ahead: Ex-New York Times reporter asked that his testimony be protected in next week’s Sussmann trial. Sadly, we already see how the “fix is in” on this as Judge rules Fusion GPS emails turned over in Durham probe cannot be viewed by jurors as trial looms. Don’t be shocked here: The judge handing down the “jurors can’t inspect the evidence” decision is an Obama appointee. Well, sure, then…of course…what were we thinking?”

    SILLY BOY….. I don’t think it matters WHO nominated that judge… just like the scurry to cover over family business models of the big man…
    any judge around will know of the past and the consequences that were associated to the actions and investigations on them..
    with knowing that.. what would you do.. if you know the whole justice system is rigged.. the dual standards of law..

  4. So.., we have roughly 90 days before the recession goes full-blown.
    During this window we have a limited nuclear exchange., which will exacerbate the recession into a deep, protracted depression. Collapsing the stock market, housing, big tech, and just about every pension plan out there., including Social Security.
    This has the potential for millions of Americans to die from starvation and big-city collapse of their society/finances, forcing armed scavenging hunts during the drought and famine. Millions in ‘Mad Max’ costumes.
    Somewhere in all of this China makes it move on Taiwan – driving the entire world into a deep depression and the dominoes topple world-wide.
    We have a respite., a false peace, for a couple of years, but suffering badly in the worst depression ever, and just before the next presidential election., the final boot drops and the skies are crowded with missiles., and the whole mess turns into a mega-dumpster-fire.
    Is that what I am reading?
    Is that about right ?

      • .., and somewhere in the mix we can throw in Iran – Israel along with North – South Korea. Possibly even Pakistan – India.

    • “Nuclear exchange” not necessary. All you named will come to pass. The flying microsuns will simply be icing on a cake already baked…

    • “Is that about right ?”
      (I can’t even think of a ‘gallows humor’ comeback, it is so bad!)

  5. “The masses are always wrong – Wisdom is doing everything the crowd does not do. All you do is reverse the totality of their learning and you have the heaven they’re looking for.”
    Charles Bukowski
    George – sounds like the pundits of doom are giving a “buy” signal.

  6. My buy signal is a million miles away . But I will buy gold and gold stocks at any deep . Fark the economic talk , there has to be an ultimate test of wealth . As the closet gold bull fed boss Greenspan said . It can’t be seashells and oxen . Or crypto crap today

    • Good points, but one thing rarely talked about is exactly how to SELL PM’s or similar for the best price, either in today’s controlled markets or after a SHTF event. Yes, they’re a great store of value for generations, but if they can’t be sold for the best price into the currently acceptable currency, they have highly diminished utility in the present. There’s a time to buy and a time to sell, and those times are different for everyone.

      This is worthy of a column all its own!

      • Very nice, Mike, what I did was give a lot of them away to family and friends so they could keep their eye on the pie in the sky.

        If I took up jewelry making, I’d keep more around.

        Silver for decontaminating water, and a bit of gold to play with.

        Pretty soon: got milk? Got chickens? Got gold? Got beef? Got seeds?

        To go along with: got baby formula? Got TP? Got wipes? Got coooold beer????

  7. A big thank you to the gentleman that posted a review of the Echo eFORCE 18 in. 56V Cordless Battery Chainsaw early last month. I’ve been delaying some of the clean up from the February 2021 Snowmageddon because I couldn’t decide which cordless chainsaw to choose from. Keeping a gas chainsaw running is not my forte.

    Battery charge time is 2.5 hours, and a single charge allowed me to work four hours yesterday evening on turning downed oaks and hickory into woodstove sized chunks. A few more sessions and I’ll be ready for the next Snowmageddon.

  8. d’Lynn

    Be careful of anyone who gives you exact dates or times. It’s a fool’s game. As it says in the Bible “No man knows the day or the hour.”

    What should be obvious to anyone with “eyes to see and ears to hear,” society is breaking down and breaking down fast. So its kind of like when the leaves start to fall from the trees in the fall, even the squirrels know that winter is coming, and it’s time to store food.

    From a Canadian perspective, I can tell you that no one can tell you the first day that snow will fall but it will fall and it will get cold and you will need to be protected from the cold just as you will need to be protected from what is coming with societal breakdown taking place now.

    My hospital visit 3 weeks ago has changed my outlook. I know what is coming but I am treasuring each day as if it is my last. Working hard on the life lessons book for my grandkids that they may never get to read if the worst happens. But it is giving me great satisfaction.

    This is a great forum with our leader George and I am glad you are here. There are some very street smart folks that post. I learn from them all.

    Stay strong d’Lynn.

    • “I am treasuring each day as if it is my last. Working hard on the life lessons book for my grandkids”

      AMEN @Bic….it dawned on me when my health took a dump.. EVERYTHING..I thought was important really didn’t have any measure at all.. what did was family, friends and faith…let those you care about know just exactly how much you appreciate stocks bonds gold silver or color book coins.. the crap you have is nothing that matters..
      Similar to getting really sick and realizing the importance of those close to you..The last couple of days of no power was an eye opener..we take so much for granted in our lives.. the endless power the modern .. all of it in a real SHTF situation would be gone..
      As prepped as I am for the unknown I know just how difficult life could be … and unable to make the small changes that would be needed with the finances I have ..

      • when everything goes belly up, you won’t need finances. everyone will be walking and scavenging. some will turn to gangs but most will turn to tribes as people are inherently good.

      • @Joe

        “as people are inherently good.”

        “Good,” as we perceive it, is a social construct of a moral society based in Christian ethics and mores.

        “Morals” are fluid, and often as dependent on necessity as they are, teaching.

        Before the White Man came and brought his Christian moral code to this land, the “good” Indian was the best killer, best fighter, and best thief, because in being so, he was the best provider and protector for his family, wives, and slaves. This “moral code” was not unique to the American Indian. It was shared by indigenous/semi-indigenous peoples in Africa, Australia, and all the Americas, because it is the moral code of survival in a world without rules.

        Should we devolve completely, the primordial traits of the “good” Indian will, of necessity, become ours, or we (meaning all of Western society) will perish.

        Got ammo…?

  9. Ever since I was young, I have had this ‘feeling’ that I would live to see the end of the world as we know it. Later in adult life when I became aware of the market and investing, and learning about the 1929 crash, I knew that sooner or later it would happen again. Then I became interested in longwave economics, where I found Ure writings. After some painful financial lessons, my focus has been to achieve a survival platform at retirement. Did the best I could… even if it means clinging to the side of the world’s most active volcano! (grin)

    • We each largely get to choose our risks. I’m sure you understand yours. Today I need to reframe part of a roof, so it’s ladder time again.

      Stay agile!

  10. Comrades,

    Trending channel in Turin on Saturday was the Eurovision 2022 song contest final which saw TikTok star Sam Ryder place second for the non-Euro UK with “Spaceman”.

    The contest winner was Kalush Orchestra from Kalush in non-Euro Ukraine with “Stefania”. Kalush is the hometown of the WW2 nazi Stepan Bandera. Actually Kalush Orchestra placed second in the domestic Ukraine qualifier for the Euros. The first place finisher was withdrawn from eligibility after being convicted of travel made to the Crimea in 2015 that was not by way of Ukraine territory.

    Kalush Orchestra’s recording label shared by Justin Bieber and Kanye West is DefJam subsidiary of UMG. UMG’s second largest shareholder is a Democrat New York billionaire by way of a London hedge fund. UMG’s largest shareholder is a Chinese consumer internet conglomerate whose controlling shareholder by way of Amsterdam is a formerly pro-apartheid South African headquartered multinational.

    President Zelensky announced that per Eurovision winner tradition, the Ukraine will be hosting Eurovision 2023. All the world is a stage when a war is going on?

    It’s a wrap, folks.

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