The Ultimate Prepper’s Low Power Stereo FM Radio Station

img564…for the end of the world. 

Sick and tired of the MSM?  Who isn’t! 

Tired of the crumby playlist you’ve head for the zillionth time on your FM station?

Want some information, so MP3’s aren’t ideal?

The radical prepper’s answer (and we have ours on the air) is to build your own radio station!

Yep – very much like a radio selfie, and complying with all the applicable rules, this is something you can set up and have ready for emergencies, plus when you’re down working in the shop, our gardening or doing yard work, you can have your own personal FM station playing exactly what YOU want it to.

Complete with station breaks and jingles, if you’d like.  And what about a network feed, time, temperature and live weather?

Sure.  Piece of cake.

The idea of sharing this with our Peoplenomics readers came when I was working on my website.  “You know?  I think a LOT of people would find this useful,” I thought to myself.  So today, we skip the whole “design a serious music studio” for recording that first Platinum CD you’re working on.  Let’s get right to the “Low Power FM for the End of the World” part…   First some headlines and our Trading Model…

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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Prepper’s Low Power Stereo FM Radio Station”

  1. man i wish you had an edit button oh , the reason that the garden tower is in so high demand is in the next years all food sources in america will be obliterated and this will give a new meaning to growing your own food just like a radiation water filter, willbe and partially underground thermalgreenhouses with inground fish ponds, i know i have more to say but that s enough said

    • we have to start thinking like the rest of the universe,the galaxy, the solar system ,and the inner core of the earth,we and others beings and animals that live on the surface of earth are prisoners and have for trillions of years but you know what you need to do to survive because you been here trillons of times before but the only thing that keeps you from remembering who you are ,are the same things that the cia -opps bar system has crunched down on all who are important , its a painful reckoning but very very very few ever remember their past, only when they have sensation so great that over comes when they die that their physical being will realize who and what they are and were and look up on youtube the 1000’s who have come forward trying to break the spell of complete memory loss at death on earth, that is why some kids can remember past life times and can have so accurate info that it stuns all scientic s

  2. George,

    Your hitch pins are probably having a party with thirty or so of mine. Two things; dip them all in a garish colored paint so that no passer-by “recognises” them as his. 2. Four foot length of nylon bailer twine ties them to the equipment frame.

    Friend of mine has the ideal solution, Every time an old tractor doesn’t get a bid in an auction he then buys it, so that now he has a dedicated tractor for every piece of equipment. That way you can put a single dab of weld onto every pin so that it isn’t going anywhere. A single dab comes off with a tap from a 4 pound club hammer and a cold chisel if needs be. The tractors pay for themselves in hook-up time, particularly as our backs make things less easy with age.

    Best regards,


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