The Scariest Holiday – EVER

Christmas is coming, Thanksgiving, too.  And it’s the time of the year when people’s thinking just naturally begins to run to “holidays.”

This is one of those semi-close-hold Peoplenomics reports we do from time-to-time.  Of the sort where our sources are impeccable, the underlying data beyond reproach, and the conclusions are inescapable.

Yet I’m asking you not to post this on the net in deference to our source.  This is an amazing tale that speaks absolute volumes about the future.

Yet it is one of the most difficult to comprehend fully because of its sheer magnitude.

With no more delay, let me tell you about “The Scariest Holiday – Ever.”

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11 thoughts on “The Scariest Holiday – EVER”

  1. “The Clinton’s War on Women” … surprised and disappointed me with the endorsement of this obvious printed turd. Roger Stone is a political hack of the first order known for dirty tricks and smear campaigns. Only a Clinton book written by Sean Hannity would have less credence.

    • The cry of “Foul!” is most often raised by people who don’t look at the rest of Stone’s work. I don’t, for example, remember great outrage at his upcoming book due out in a couple of months: Jeb and the Bush Crime Family. Nor, was there much disputed about Stone’s The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ.
      So, before taking up the first stone to throw, try reading one of his books first. They deal with a side of Americana we don’t like to acknowledge…

      • FYI – I have read two of Stone’s books and I found both of them be nothing more than political opportunism.

        • Aw, come on – you gotta do better than a nonsensical label like
          “political opportunism” – because anyone who writes a book about politics is writing politically opportunistically.
          Here, start with my collection of Hillary opportunistic crap.
          Stone is no different than Hil in this regard, except maybe a better writer.

    • Hitlery and bilk are two of the biggest con-men and women in the history of our lovely country

  2. … lost me somewhere on that scary story….isn’t Halloween A Celtic/Druidic celebration from some where back in the mists of time? l know that Samhain is a huge event for my Pagan friends….something about harvest time??? but meteors? those dots don’t connect for me.

    • Looks like a good one – though the Clube book is very highly thought of in scientific circles…

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