The Economics of Solomon

Fabulously wealthy, mentioned by three major religions..and a figure who may provide insight into modern economica  It’s his way of “thinking about thinking” that we not only find intriguing, but plain old useful.

Not hard to do, either.

Before we do that, it’s the Day of Three Number Sets.  First is CPI just out.  Second is the Wuhan box scores and update projections.  Last, but not least is our look-ahead on markets. When, oh, yeah, may be done with their dead cat bounce from Tuesday’s “running of the shorts.”

Gripping play-by-play of all starting with the CPI tee shot.

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34 thoughts on “The Economics of Solomon”

  1. Covid-19 as a Business Model :

    Social Security Program and Medicare Programs are bankrupting the Country – Fact.

    Solution – Design and Release a “deadly designer corona virus” that is only fatal to the Elderly Population and Those with Compromised Immune Systems..

    Wonder why the Feds wouldn’t allow Washington Lab to test their samples for Too Wong Flu back in early January? Was this thing “released” at Ft Detrick in waste water treatment plant prior to permanent cold shut down on August 5th?

    Know what was it the Hookah Smoking Catapillar said..?

    * Lesser Keys of Solomon – real deal – caution advised..

    • On Ground Zero radio last night there was a report of the formation of a team of governmental groups from around the world in October 2019. Their purpose was to explore options for dealing with a world wide pandemic. They created a war game type of scenario that mirrors what is going on with COVID-19. They called the virus CAPS201. A suggested solution to dealing with pandemics was to establish a one world government. We have seen this type of activity before. A drill is performed to simulate some type of problem only to have that problem show up in real life during or shortly after the drill. All of this is very SUSPICIOUS !! You get rid of the old dudes like me who will pick up a gun and defend the Constitution and bull s— the young ones who don’t have a clue as to what is coming. If COVID-19 goes exponential as it appears it will do then we could see the end of a free America before next year.

      Pray for divine intervention!

      • @Rocket Mike

        Before Divine Intervention…we need to see the’ Q’ team intervention…as has been prophesied for 3+ years…the criminals and evil doers are KNOWN and are still allowed to ‘prosper’ and inflict their NWO views upon this country and the world….iF that is not addressed soon…then…the Divine Justice will happen in our life time….and I am 75….ps… have you a’ short list’ of ‘receivers’ ready for activation of judgement……….Oo-Rah

    • No its not Medicare or Social Security that’s bankrupting the country but the MIC with their trillion dollar budgets, and the to big to fail which required trillions here and abroad then add in the endless wars which have cause another few trillion, the derivitive scam with their many trillions and then you get the perfect storm.!!!

    • “Social Security Program and Medicare Programs are bankrupting the Country – Fact.”

      Hmmm…not necessarily.. it has been attacked so many times..I think putting it in the hands of congress really is the reason that it is hurting.. using the funds to bail out banks in the eighties rather than let the correction happen then sure didn’t help..
      Not to mention using funds that were meant for the laborers in the country paying in to it as their retirement fund has been and still is being used to pay the way for illegal immagrants welfare..

      if the funds would have been left alone I think they would be still intact and solvent without worry..instead by giving the funds to congress to use at their disgretion just hurt the whole program..
      with the funds I had paid in not the companies contribution but just what I contributed…. if I had had a chance to choose what they should have been paid into.. or given a choice on where.. what I paid in would have amounted to several million dollars if just put into savings bonds alone and left to double every seven years.. to think that someone that is getting the funds for retirement is a leach on society isn’t true at all.. they put those funds in not by choice but because it was forced on them.. the average employer only has retirement funds for the upper administration staff the worker is given the sales pitch about social security as your retirement fun..
      the fact that we have people that are not able to manage their own money.
      . much less ours be the ones in control isn’t the elderly employees fault.. you sure don’t see them with their money in the fund.. they keep theres where it isn’t touchable..

  2. Yep sure is fun I was reading a couple of days ago where the central bank is going to buy up selected stocks across the board,just when you think the corruption in the financial system can’t get any worse, they jump up and prove your a liar,I wonder how many trillion this will cost the taxpayer.!!!

    • Wouldn’t it be a coincidence if after the Central Bank bought selected stocks…those stocks went up in value? Cart pulling the horse. Rigged!

  3. When I took up chess — and to this day, I’m a very crappy player — in High School, about 347 years ago, I learned a very powerful principle: “What comes next?”

    …and when you think you know what probably comes next, then ask, “What comes after that?”

    …and what comes after that?

    …and continue the chain until the crystal ball grows dim and cloudy.

    Most of us can answer, “What comes next?” semi-obviously, in most cases. Where it gets hard is as the levels extend forward to — wherever we’re going.

    So it is with This Virus Thing.

    You have the flexibility to anticipate and take action at this point. As things unfold, some actions may become impossible that are currently easy.

    Products are still available, and travel is not restricted. Now.

    You might not always be as free to act as you are today.

    Time is the ONLY truly precious commodity.

  4. Sensei: Thou hast spake as follows:

    “Is this report based on KNOWLEDGE or is it BELIEF?”

    As I doff my sandals, I would humbly add, “GOSSIP.”

    This would cover the “other news organs are reporting–” –whatever.

    Gossip is thoughtless, pass along unexamined, “material.”

    • It’s a dandy point Sir Wm…one worthy of half a bowl and three beers to reflect on fully.
      That said – and with power equipment work ahead, losing out on chemical reflectivity – again! – we note that Gossip is really based on (as I proposed) BELIEF. That is to say, while you’re right in that “Other news organizations are reporting: does technically fall into the GOSSIP pile, even the corporate-owned present-day media slime (*with apologies for the slur of slime!) do not just “idly” repeat that which they have heard – at least generally so. Instead, there is an onboard BELIEF aspect that drives them to BELIEVE that non-knowledge (speculative and based only on Beliefs) is to their (small, malfunctioning) minds “knowledge.”
      When confronted on the key point of supposed knowledge, they will under great duress admit to the error of their ways. Similarly, a Gossip will deny until the stars fall any error on their part – again they will cite errant belief.

      A belief – lacking introspection and continu7ous re-inspection as to accuracy – becomes a cornerstone of an ideology even though it may be factually in error or framed in a misleading manner. Example here might be climate.

      While there is no doubt that climate changes over time (knowledge) there is the misleading cornerstone of liberal ideology that purports superiority over anyone who does not kowtow to the globalist-liberal “climate tax” agenda.

      Having spent weeks in the coulees of the Columbia River fishing various lakes, there is no doubt that sea level is rising and will, eventually recede as it has before as )wait for it) climate changes. Where climate hits the skids is in its flawed (non-knowledge-based belief) that a solution can be “purchased” via social manipulations. Once that corner is turned, climate becomes an ideology and flees the realm of science.

      A final point is the deep study of scaling. That is, the “forest for the trees” level of linguistics. Gossip tends to apply most to low-volume, over the back fence kinds of exchanges, and thus, global gossip is what we call now “global soci8al media” with the same tenets of distrust laid out in this morning’s report.

      Your Observation is no doubt partially correct – in that gossip-like content flows wild these days. But, since underlying is a “managed set of beliefs – which support an agenda and thus are an ideology as a result, I find the greater insight from focus on “beliefs” and who is attempting to foist those on me.

      With a flourish of the hat in return, good sir:

  5. I’ve got a “belief”. The US Federal Gov not only did nothing to stop SARS-2-COV but assisted its spreading.

    Hey CDC, by now we should have millions of test kits! Only people who test positive are counted and how many have been tested up to now? In South Korea, more than 66,650 people were tested within a week of its first case of community transmission. How long ago was that? It’s ridiculous.

    Why only until recently there has been no airport screening let alone stopping the flights from infected countries. How about the advice don’t wear masks, go about your daily business and wash your hands. They got one right.

    Whatever happens now, it’s too late. The disease has been spreading for months. We’re citizens, we pay taxes so where the appropriate Federal Gov reponse? Isn’t the 2020 Fed budget around 5 trillion dollars? Sadly, people are scared and seem to be accepting this situation.

    I think what’s going to happen is that the Fed Gov will eventually respond and over-react. Like with draconian measures. Police state style. Loss of civil rights and freedom. More than after 9/11. Actually, it’s allready happening all over the world. Not fun being in Italy right now…

    • Lou; very wise. Obviously, the CDC is corrupt, and they are not going to move swiftly into our long goodnight. I just get this feeling that this test run is pedal to the metal!!! Slip Sliding away, the nearer our destination, the more we keep slip sliding away. To Fear or not to Fear, that is the question. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Ask Not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Three score and ten, was young enough to live longer, now they have a virus that attacks this age group. Respect your elders. You can’t take it with you. What evil lurks in the hearts of men. No greater thing, than to lay down your life for a friend. Verily, I say to you, better that a millstone be hung around your neck, than to hurt one of these little ones. “But it really doesn’t matter with me now, because I’ve been to the mountaintop … I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land.” In a prophetic finale to his speech, King revealed that he was not afraid to die: “Like anybody, I would like to live a long life—longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will…. And so I’m happy tonight; I’m not worried about anything; I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

  6. I would define “gossip” as propagating a thought, conclusion, or observation in such a manner as to be malicious, without necessarily, overtly showing malice.

    Whether gossip is true or false, fact or pure fiction, or even whether or not it’s theoretically possible, is totally irrelevant. The function of gossip is the maliciousness, not the accuracy (or inaccuracy) of whatever’s said, written, or published.

  7. After further analysis of the Coronavirus panic, with Trump realizing it is the flu being blown up by the Democrats to be a full Pandemic, with the sole goal of destroying our economy & the stock market to get a Democrat elected President & getting rid of Trump. It’s sick (a pun).

    • NC, it’s people like you that are spreading the CoronaVirus. You ARE the problem!

      Take this stuff seriously. We do here in the Bay Area. Concerts cancelled, schools are going online and remote. The best offensive weapon against the spread of this virus is a good defense. This IS NOT a purposeful blow up by the Democrats. That’s the most abhorrent thing I have ever heard. But , since you voted for Trump, I have to assume you are as or more stupid than he is too.

      This virus is real. Hell the NCAA said today that the Final Four will be played in an empty arena. And all Trump wants to do is give people a payroll tax cut so he looks good. What the hell is that going to do when people are scared to go to a mall and spend that extra money or invest it in a volatile stock market?

      Instead, let’s take that money and invest in prevention, virus killing wipes and sanitizer, masks and the stuff they are doing in South Korea to contain it. Hell let’s get those testing kits out. Put money into research to fast track a vaccine. You know why Trump won’t do that? He doesn’t think it will help his numbers. In fact, it was reported today that Mnuchin and him had this very conversation. Mnuchin does not want a payroll tax. He, like the rest of the smart people in this world think the best way to stimulate the economy is to contain the virus and assure people that we can win this pandemic. Take care of that and confidence is restored.

      I am living this. My daughters best friend’s aunt is quarantined because she was exposed to one of the identified infected Northern California people. That’s too close to home for me. The coasts are scared. We have three international airports in the San Francisco Bay Area alone that used to have multiple flights per day from China. Our Governor stopped that, but how many were already infected that stayed. We know the answer to that in Washington state.

      As I have said before, the worst thing that can happen is for a*#holes like you to be complacent and blow this off as some type of Democrat conspiracy.

      • I just watched Trumps address to the nation. Probably the most grown up thing he has done in office to date. This is the kind of response we have been looking for. Finally!

  8. Yep yep and yep I agree with you but it will result in a new economy, one you’ve never seen before, it’ll be like a Laboratory test with highs and lows until some ice is put on to stabilize it, for the reality of different times that tests the Constitution and Power into two distinct units, when what is needed is an expert magic Arts a wizard if you would a magician someone who distract your attention over here while they do this over here that must be Trump he’s good at it, what will you do when your post office is shut down in your city, what language would you use to describe your feelings, what position would you be in, can you protect yourself and your family, will you be able to enter or leave the affected area, will you all of a sudden get sick a not have a place to go, because it’s open doors closed, will you have to use an artificial language in order to survive, will you be standing at the lichgate wondering just how sensitive the area you are in is

  9. Well….. they used the …P… word…
    The facility the wife works at went into full lockdown..
    Now we will see the increase from people as they start to panic. When the lack of supplies of general merchandise because the factories in china are shut down I think that’s when it will escalate from there.
    I let them know how to make their own hand sanitizer… good lord just dont mention vodka will kill germs or we will be having liquor store runs to lol..

    • Fyi: we have entered or passed through the “phase lock-in” with german bank/derivatives unwinding.

      ~Keck ~


      Keck was a time (mark)er. “Tippimg point.”

      Since Bothe George and Mark, saw it in the WooWoo, as mentioned both in the article and in the comments on 08/15/19.

  10. George, unless I’m missing something, the middle yellow box on your first chart is way too high in the vertical dimension! Probably a click error.

    I’d like to share a thought – like “hedonic” adjustments but more honest: The majority of those dying from the coronovirus are older than we are – I read something like an average age of 80 in Italy. If that’s true, and they’re already compromised via comorbid conditions, then many of them would likely have died soon from other triggers like flu if the SARS2-COV didn’t get there first. Early death is always unfortunate, but some adjustment might be needed other than absolute death counts to reflect the real impact on society. Just my opinion.

    Yesterday my state admitted to having 3 known cases of this virus. All are elders and all have recently traveled to known foci of infection. All are currently self-quarantining and apparently OK. I do worry about my kids traveling all over due to their own ambitions and career objectives, but that’s their choice.

    Domestic travel restrictions concern me even though I rarely travel these days.. So far we are relatively unrestricted, but that could change overnight. My spidey sense seems to be picking up a far more authoritarian tone from many officials, and unfortunately scared people seem to respond to that.

  11. NBA suspends season until further notice after player tests positive for the coronavirus

    NCAA hoops tournaments will be played without fans

    The Big 12, Big Ten, ACC, Pac-12, SEC, American Athletic Conference, Southland and Conference USA basketball tournaments will proceed without fans beginning with Thursday’s games, following the lead of the NCAA tournament in barring anybody but family and essential personnel.

    Ivy League cancels tournaments; Big West, MAC to bar fans from tourney games

    Dat’s a bunch o’ billions of advertising dollars…

  12. Ya ~SEE~ I’m not the only one on here to trips into the unfolding potential and looks back a on-site.

    When I woke up this morning I heard “keck – Tipping point” and as I was not physically awake and wondering why I the hell I was up at 3am stumbling into get coffee going. I thought.

    Phasers locked on stun. Then I remembered Mak and Geroge talking about Keck, so I looked up the article and the word Keck, big nurse protest at Keck university!

    Good job boys! Thanks for filling in the gaps for me. I appreciate everyone on this “site”. And sometimes the most seemingly most trivial things… are the most important detail later on.

    Time markers are no differnt than a mile post sign on the side of the road, tipping points are like a road sign that let’s you know their is a turn coming up or beware of road conditions. Etc. Etc.

  13. Dow futures 1200 drop at the open. I got a part time gig, being a government senus supervisor. Hahahah.

    Who would have thunk. Andy, the government senus supervisor. Hahahaha

    Pays pretty good. Lmao!

    I dont know If I will take it though. Hahahha.

  14. According to CNN. We have entered “Bear market” territory. bwhahahhahahha! I spit my coffee out on that one.

    Are f-ing kidding me????? Dow is down almost 8000 points and we are officially in a “bear market?”

    It’s like getting your news from Jimmy the window licker on the short bus. The schnoze berry’s taste like schnoze berry’s”. Hahahhahahaha!

    As was stated 3 years and 11 months ago, here. This is no suprise. We are right on schedule!

    A refresher for you old people and for the new peeps.

    I dont grab gears anymore so I’m trying to come up with a new catch phrase. I went from “nothing says I Love you like a .45” too “off to grab 18 gears” How about this one:

    “Stop, drop and roll.”


    “Be kind and rewind.”


    “Now is a good time to put on your life preserver.”

    Think Corona virus as the song the band is playing on the uper deck of the Titanic.

    In about 2 months??? Socialism is gonna start looking really good to the masses. I know that sucks George. It’s not like I didnt warn ya all. You have had over 3 years to prepare. I live in California now. I moved because it was the best move for me to be in the best vantage point. Right where I need to be.

    On to catch a fortune!

    Have a good day!

  15. Hey George, I met this dude who is a Farmer couple weeks ago. He owns a 12,000 acre farm!!! That’s a big spread.. I’m gonna head out to see the spread in a couple weeks. Said he could use a guy like me. Help running the place. I still like the idea of Casino Manager on a cruis ship. See the world… But life in a 12,000 acre farm here in eastern California. Well that sounds like a good gig too. Running his and her trucking company. They inherited the place. They grow eveything from cotton, damn near every vegie, avacodos, hundred acres of lemons and couple hundred acres of oranges, hundred acres of grapes, even have 500 head of cattle, 1000 chickens, and I think he said 1000 pigs. Lol

    Really nice guy and his sister is pretty damn cute too. Like I said a while back, “maybe I will just get me a super cute country girl and couple acres and sit around the Bon Fire and think about the Universe.”


    He said his sister thinks I’m cute. Hahahahahahha!

    Well, it’s good to have options.

    Like I said, on to catch a fortune!


    • Andy – smartest thing I did in my life was figure out what the words personal sufficiency mean – try it, you’ll like it. Settle down and admire the universe a bit and all is provided.

      • Yes sir. I might just do that. We’ll see. I’m always weighing a thousand variables and diving into the primordial deep end to see where the best fit for me is.

        I do love having rough hands, dirt on my boots and sweat on my brow. Growing things verses destroying them.

        I guess it’s a good thing I didnt marry miss thing. You know what she said, “I had the munchies really bad and went to taco bell really quick. When I got back you were gone.” Bwhahahahahahhahahahaha!

        I said, you went to taco bell while I’m standing there with the Priest??? And your mad I left when I called ya and texted ya 3 times? When she didnt answer, I drove straight out of town. She just texted me yesterday. Hahahahhahahaha! I said that was a month ago silly! She asked if I still had the Marriage certificate. I told her I wiped my ass with it and left it in the bathroom at Loves truck stop right after I got in to California. I thought it was fitting.


        Have a good day Dude.

      • Very true, though that works much better if you’re part of a couple. Too bad the only really compatible girl I’ve met lives 2k miles away. With luck and grace, we may yet find a way to be together. At least we have phones and email – for now. When things get really bad, I’m wondering about the ability to travel long distances at all. Congrats to Andy on having some good options.

  16. I hold to Steven Covey’s concept of making decisions with logic that is tempered with heart. In fact, as I have gotten much older, I value my intuition as higher than both. I have NEVER gotten the wrong advice from my inner guidance. I search for data, ponder it, come to a conclusion and then check it against the Inner Guidance. I even am getting some precognition downloads.

    I have done the best I can to prepare and have been assured by IG that I will not get the new Bug. I do my best to live in the NOW moment tempered by clear thinking. But if my BS detector goes off, I follow the revealed path. Doing this keeps me calm and centered. If the lemmings out there go off the cliff, I shall just say, “Well … bye.”

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