The Dollar Will Judge Us – JOLTS Due

With the holiday almost here, I will be busier than a short-order cook with crap today. Tuesday is garbage day, there’s a new tractor battery to change, and we seem to be in a “calm before the storm.

You know, there’s a time – before a squall hits – when you want to close all the port holes to keep rain   out from below decks. Plus you’re trying to judge how much sail (and what point of sail to be on) when the first little williwaws show up before going big. You’ll be in the thick of things, soon enough.

That’s kinda why we are not too whipped up about the Monday Supreme Court decision.  There will be time for analysis after the fact.

For now, the basics haven’t changed: we are as serious as ever about prepping and disappointed too. That more people haven’t used their noggins to try and estimate the long-term “scatter” plot that results from any of what’s pending.

Screwy Sonia? Spawning headlines like “The President Is Now a King”: The Most Blistering Lines From Dissents in the Trump Immunity Case is worthy of at least censure by the Court for legal malpractice.  That is NOT what the court did – ask most competent lawyers.

I’m lucky enough to know several.

JOLTS Coming

Hit the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( around mid-morning for the Job Openings, Layoffs, Terminations, and Separations report.  Because with weak futures today going into the open, looks to us like this is being played as a “sell the rumor” – buy the news – kind of setup.  But we will keep that in mind when we get tempted to short the hell out of this overpriced pig of a market.

We can hardly wait to see how the market will react when the judge in the Trump case perp walks 45 out of court next week.  Will that spark a rally or crap-storm?  Step right up. betting window is over this way.

Money Matters

I learned long ago that if you’re feeling “tossed on stormy seas” that one way to get a bead on things is to look at the strength or weakness of the dollar. An early check this t6day showed Gold was down a bit. Silver was about a wash and Dr. Copper was firming.  What you’d expect a lot of ahead of America going (or being dragged into) war.

We should get a sense today how France’s snap elections went. With any luck, warmonger Macron will be out. Still, the warmongers are all over the place.

IF America was in (or on the very precipice) of economic chaos, we would expect there to be a run UP, not down or weakness, in Gold. This would come IF the US dollar was weakening. It would take more dollars (in freefall) than stronger dollars to buy an ounce.

Bitcoin hasn’t gone through the roof, either. It’s languishing in the low sixties.

Seems to us that the Rest of World has – at least for a few moments in here – decided that even with our quirky presidential mess, America has a way of sorting things out and turning disaster in the rough into a “lay up” shot.

It just may not feel that way, yet.  Maybe by Thanksgiving it will be clear.

Still, ‘loose lips sink ships” and we are disappointed by the democrat loyalists on the Supreme Court in general and justice Sonia’s remarks in particular. Her reference to “King above the law” played well to the dog-whistle crowd.  But more grounded legal minds aren’t concerned: Justice Sotomayor predicting the worst in Trump immunity dissent is ‘incredibly far-fetched’: Lexie Rigden.

Justice Thomas, on the other hand, we think was precisely right in calling out the present “King in the Oval” – Slow Joe Biden.  Justice Thomas questions legality of Jack Smith’s appointment. Because Jack Smith’s appointment was not based in Law.

We think, at least for now, that a muddle forward path it coming – into next week.

That’s when the next BHR (Big, historical rhyme) will be decided.  I have little doubt that the sequence ahead will be awful and will involve nuclear weapons use (thanks to Biden and the War Party for a nod to Victoria Nuland when she was at State lining up the present trajectory.

While there is speculation as to what will happen Judge Merchan Will Hit Trump With A Multiyear Sentence On July 11th Our read is that Trump may be the first present electred from inside a jail cell.  For, as Wikipedia reports:

Hitler was found guilty of treason and sentenced to five years in Landsberg Prison, where he dictated Mein Kampf to fellow prisoners Emil Maurice and Rudolf Hess. On 20 December 1924, having served only nine months, Hitler was released.

If Trump is brought to prison next week, that would set the clock and the inauguration would be January 20th, 2024. That might be a six-month stint and wow – can you picture the “hair on fire” of liberals who would want to keep an elected president locked up?

Next week we will (likely) see Donald Trump sent to prison – at least for a while – and that (comparing notes with G.A. Stewart) would be one of the last Quatrains to be “filled” before NATOs war with Russia.

The democrats won’t see the play (into the rhyme book of history) but you remember Adolph Hitler was also sent to jail by a fearful court>

But enough from me.  I still expect (partly based on gold pricing) that there will still be orderly markets after the holiday.  But, you put Trump in Jail, which lines up war with Russia and then have a potential “terror” (or false flag) at the Paris Games…and we find out what those two “Blows of Steel” are that now seem to line up, as Stu told me Tuesday more like a 1-2 punch in boxing, not so much as “discrete temporally separated events” that’s when it will all look very different than now.

While we await the next lookahead on The Age of Desolation site, our filling of the personal supply chain and (ammo cans) will continue.

We can only remind readers that one reason NOT to play huge downside potentials just ahead is that it takes usually three days for a trade settlement and you’ll want to plan a day or two for moving money.

About here, it’s worth some deep contemplation on the only personal decision most of us will be able to make:  “How much of my “money” is real (in terms of storage goods in hand) versus how much is notional (“gone in a flash of EMP”) as a NATO-Russia war seems increasingly likely.

Well, that and the larger War for Oil which has changed into our biggest story from overnights.  That’s where over the weekend Arab League removes Hezbollah from list of terrorist groups – Mehr News Agency.  But now, that’s being super soft-pedaled by headlines like Arab League denies softening stance on Hezbollah terror label,

The NATO War with Russia

When a (nominally) capitalist country runs out of promises of a better lifestyle, there are only two ways to bump up production and save prosperity, claims my newest book. One way is the product of the Report from Iron Mountain which said perpetual war would be a good one.

So we’d draw your attention to:

Also demanding attention: Biden (and his minions) meanwhile, are still seen attacking Open Skies doctrine in an effort to egg Vlad Putin into nuclear first use. Major confrontation preparations: Russian submarines in the Irish Sea – Tu-142 swept 10,000 km from Bay of Biscay to North Atlantic;. the Brits will no doubt be held to account (by the Russians) as the British Army takes the lead in Nato’s new Allied Reaction Force,

The only other way to stimulate the economy is by making cheap-shit products that don’t last vcry long. Hence the title of my book “The 100-Year Toaster,”

While companies are coming and going from the business landscape on this change.  We’d offer Boeing as a posterchild.  The B-52 first flew in 1955.  And they are still flying today.  Hell of an accomplishment.

But to underscore the problem of product engineering, would you want to place any bets on whether a single Boeing MAX will still have an airworthiness certificate in 40-years, let alone 74 years?

One can argue that making super quality doesn’t work in the long haul.  Not when modern travelers have been heard to call air travel “Boeing Roulette” now.


Think of it as “noun. a surging rise and fall; ebullient motion, as of water.” or boiling-like but without the heat.”

Here come the pretenders to the throne: Biden Can Longer Win Michigan According To Gretchen Whitmer.

Does anyone but Hollywood give a crap what Hollywood thinks about politics? Report: ‘Rob Reiner was Screaming,’ ‘Jane Fonda Had Tears in Her Eyes’ at Biden-Trump Debate Watch Party. Overwrought bullshit, don’tcha think?

So, someone besides us understands “go woke, go broke”? Cancel Culture Fail: J.K. Rowling Included In Creative Team Selection For New “Harry Potter” Show Despite Leftist Outrage. Good!

At the Ranch: ‘Cane Coming?

So far, no, but have a look at the hurricane track this morning from the NHC:

On the other hand, we have a whole week of rain coming – and it says in the outlook (when I added ’em up) that we could have 3-inches of rain.

Which would put our total for the year to date at close to 50-inches (semi-officially in Tyler, Texas) and here at the ranch closer to 55-inches.

The good news, such as it is?  This is likely to give me a “once in a lifetime chance” to strip down to cutoffs and a fishing shirt and build that long-delayed deck add-on in the rain.

Sure, anyone can build a deck under ideal “working conditions” – no humidity, 60F and good lighting – but where’s the challenge in that?

Elaine’s volunteered to take pictures, which should be laughable if it happens.  But why not? The rest of the world had demonstrated it has gone absolutely bonkers.

Near as I can figure, building a deck in pouring down rain would be comparatively sane, compared to at least half of the people in headlines this morning…

Write when you get rich,

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54 thoughts on “The Dollar Will Judge Us – JOLTS Due”

  1. build in the rain? use pneumatic tools over elec powered one,,, shocking, I know
    puts a whole new meaning to zippity,, do dat hurt?
    When I had my garage built, the electrician left one outlet NOT gfci protected,,, for my freezer

  2. So George, let me get this right.
    You are lovingly comparing Trump to Hitler through the prospect of their time in jail.
    The historic analogy would be ghastly.
    Yes the current government is a sort of a failing Weimar analogy. But then, to wish on America the Nazi response with the genocide and the atrocities, which could arise from Trump triumphat, is beyond horrible.
    Or are you merely assuming that a nuclear confrontation and the following generations of chaos will save us?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • What’s a dictator going to do – force bailout pensions again or revert back to Jim Crow days and then what?

      Without pension bailouts FL reverts back to swamp-life. The people who don’t go to stores don’t see the mixing but I mentioned folks who don’t look/sound alike intermingling. Are the intermingled going to shoot their parents/grandparents or will the parents/grandparents shoot their children/grandchildren? Anything is possible but what’s likely?

      Very few people have the gumption for the required wet work and the rest of society isn’t going to go along. J6’ers vetted that angle. Jim is in the durst bin of history.

  3. (“That’s kinda why we are not too whipped up about the Monday Supreme Court decision. “)

    now that has me curious.. with the president coming out with…the no one is above the law comment by the big guy..actually opens the gate for crimes done..

    since this whole mess of selling out the USA and the people is hinting of High Crimes… will the blade of Damocles swing back to the brand.. I believe that any one of us would be imprisoned for life if we did the same things they have done with a dual justice system..
    the sword of Damocles

    the Biden’s are the symbol of white privilege and dual justice system..

    there’s still questionable issues on illegal activities that go back on politicians decades back.
    all of which was looked over because of their position in politics..

    • How many times did slidin biden get busted plagiarizing Kennedys’ speeches during his 1st run for oval office ?

      How many times was he heard to have uttered the N word in public?

      Make a Sacrifice or 2-3 and wrap/cover “it” in Gold…betcha cant guess what happened to lil bushies Sister..

    • the president’s son was just convicted. neither biden nor hunter attacked the system, the judge, the jury, the prosecutors and the DOJ. dual justice?

      • poor Hunter,,, kind of hard to argue with his own laptop

        but @truth you fail to examine the abuse by merchan as to his jury instructions ,,, bias when you refuse to look
        Merchan’s jury instructions on 3 different underlying charges
        Here are the jury instructions on 3 different underlying charges according to Judge Merchan:

        “Charge 1: Violation of Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA)

        It is unlawful for an individual to willfully make a contribution to any candidate running for office, including the presidency, exceeding certain limits which in the relevant years was $2,700.
        The jury must find that Trump willfully made a contribution to a candidate running for office in excess of the limits set by FECA.
        Charge 2: Falsifying Business Records

        It is unlawful for a person to willfully produce a tax statement or document that’s false.
        The jury must find that Trump willfully produced a false tax statement or document to conceal a crime.
        Charge 3: Unlawful Means to Interfere in the Election

        The jury must find that Trump used some unlawful means to interfere in the election, but they do not need to agree on which means it was.
        The jury must agree that Trump falsified business records to conceal a crime, but they do not need to agree on what the crime was.
        Note that the jury does not need to agree on the specific underlying crime, but they must agree that Trump used some unlawful means to interfere in the election.”

        this part here is novel and made up, as not part of the US judicial standards !!!
        ‘Note that the jury does not need to agree on the specific underlying crime,’

    • re: tales to wag the lions
      feat: “Strength through Joy”


      As “Urbansurvival” notes a possible Waterloo at the French polls should Napoleon Macron be voted off the island, “Deutsche Welle” purrs contentedly. Day 2 of the EU Hungarian European Council presidency sees Mr. Orban in Kyiv with Mr. Zelensky regarding roads to peace, not pieces, talks. This as arch-enemies Germany and Poland hold their first inter-governmental talks in six years.

      Meanwhile the normally peaceful environs of Erfurt-Weimar airport founded by the Luftwaffe in 1935 were shattered by the arrival of a half dozen private jets. Two “Daily Mail” correspondents covered the 5 hour “Glambusters” operation that originated in the United Kingdom. WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends) disembarked and were ferried by luxury Mercedes transports for deployment to nearby Blankenheim. It’s hilltop castle dating to 1115 was converted to a youth hostel in 1936.

      Today WAG units dispersed for embedding with their designated members of the Three Lions football team. The team is residing near Blankenheim in preparation its big quarter-final game next Saturday in Euro24 between England’s Three Lions and Switzerland.

      Apparently yesterday saw a star of “Yesterday” (2019) transit Erfurt-Weimar for a song medley delivery to stoke the players. Let’s join DJ George ready to rock & roll out from Ed Sheeran’s setlist that featured his first breakout hit single –
      “The A Team”.

      • Folks,

        His Majesty and the Queen Consort helicoptered into Edinburgh. The Sovereign Garden Party was celebrated at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Images portrayed a crowd of 8,000 mostly White well-wishers. Official guard duties were shared by the Scots’ Balaklava Regiment named for the 1854 Crimean battle victory of The Thin Red Line over superior-numbered Russian forces. American-schooled pupils are perhaps more familiar with the regiment’s heroic defeat against Andrew Jackson in 1815 at the Battle of New Orleans.

        The King met the owner of as well as therapy sheep dog Kratu (one of the seven sages of the Hindu god Brahma). Kratu it seems is from Cluj-Napoca (Treasure) now in Romania, but formerly the capital of Transylvania. Msm quoted the King noting that he “has a number of homes in Transylvania and visits the area regularly. …”

        Afterwards the King and Queen along with the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh retired to the royal tea tent for refreshment.

  4. “Team Trump” have filed a motion for a review of his conviction in the Hush Money trial., based on the Supreme Courts partial immunity decision.
    If memory serves – wasn’t the ‘hush money’ incident “before” he became President? How can a partial, Presidential immunity hold any weight for a conviction review for something that happened ‘before’ he became President?
    .., or – Have I missed something here ?

  5. The U.S. government will pay the vaccine maker Moderna $176 million to develop an mRNA pandemic flu vaccine that could be used to treat bird flu in people as cases in dairy cows continue to mount across the country, federal officials announced Tuesday.
    The H5N1 virus [ Bird flu] was detected earlier this year [ March] in dairy cows and has spread to more than 135 herds in 12 states and infected three people to date, all with mild cases.
    The FDA has reported, at least twice, that chances of a pandemic are extremely low due to the fact that pasteurization kills the bird Flu virus.

    • Turn all that milk into cocoa and double shots of rum in, it, arghhh
      Kill the Tweeties and bottoms up -does medium well kill the bug?

      • Aww.. instead why not a peanut flip cocktail…

        2 oz scotch
        1 oz cream
        0.75 oz simple syrup
        1 tbsp peanut butter
        1 egg
        Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker.
        Seal tightly and shake without ice for about five seconds to whip and emulsify the egg.
        Strain into a glass and enjoy this unique and protein-rich cocktail.

  6. “Next week we will (likely) see Donald Trump sent to prison – at least for a while – and that (comparing notes with G.A. Stewart) would be one of the last Quatrains to be “filled” before NATOs war with Russia.”
    So, you too, my friend, are a sucker for predictions? Haven’t you learned x (excellent in retrospect !! ;-)) from the usefulness of Elliot Waves? ;-)
    And. btw. what happened to Hitler 100 years ago was in Bavaria, and at that time, that made a big difference to the other parts of Germany. People born after 1945 are indoctrinated with a false picture of the last 100 years of European history.
    And that’s a fact!

    • did they take his protection detail away.. they are trying to put him in the worst place..I think with as much money and effort that has been done the last 9 years that I doubt they will allow him to proceed..

    • sentencing postponed til September – also the defense asked the court to not include Official Acts which was denied so now the Official Acts part prolly has to be struct based on the supreme Court – so prolly a mistrial……

    • No Choices! Its Quantum observation. All that stuff will collapse the Q Field before it materializes now.

      Got Blockchain?

  7. Building in the rain? YGBFKM! You’ll get wet and melt!

    If Elaine is volunteering to take pictures, perhaps she could take selfies and post them. After all, she is photogenic.

    Going out in the rain is not to be done voluntarily. I got caught in two separate flash floods over the last week and neither was forecast. Driving in rural country through unpredictable instant rivers at night is generally not done by choice. Rain is dangerous! I moved here to avoid rain but the weather changed. This is the first year I encountered anything of that magnitude.

    • Damn whimp! Hell, after living a decade on a sailboat – sailing int he rain every time I wnt out, seems like, I love to fight the elements…arghhh!

      Avast, lubber. get ‘er done and weather’s ner foul…except fer the lay-zee

      • We had a saying on my old job as an outside communications tech.
        “If a single drop of rain falls upon a repairman, it is surely an act of God.
        If the second drop falls upon him, it’s his own damn fault.”
        Of course, we worked in cities rather than boats…

      • I’ve spent a bit of time on the water and the ocean. Not as much as you, and nothing with sails. I personally despise getting wet unless I’m swimming, and I really don’t like rain. Being retired, I can’t see why anyone would choose it voluntarily. Others feel differently, some even like to dance in it. I’ve had to tarp high roofs in thunderstorms and did what was needed, but never as a voluntary choice. The alternative was just not acceptable. If you get into weather, you just have to deal with it, but no need to choose it.

        Then again, I knew a builder who had no qualms about sloshing around in deep mud and pouring rain. To each his own, I suppose.

        • Temperature here is 90 and about humidity 66 percent. I sweat easily.
          Therefore, the old “Sailing is like…” story can be applied on the farm.
          Don’t remember it?
          “Sailing is like standing in the shower and tearing up $100 bills.”
          I feel somehow connected more to my past working in the rain, even in a swamp.

  8. “Near as I can figure, building a deck in pouring down rain would be comparatively sane…”

    Building a deck? Or building an Ark? Be sure to use hurricane clips. Beryl looks like it could turn north into your new deck.

  9. In very small print at the bottom of a recent poll, below even the names and contributors to the article that reported: since the debate, 78% of voters have already determined who they will vote for., there was this:
    “As a representative online sampling, this poll does not report a probability of confidence.”
    – Does that translate to: We made all this shit up and it doesn’t really matter?

    • ” Does that translate to: We made all this shit up and it doesn’t really matter?”


      As I explained to my children, a decade before the eldest became eligible to vote: “Typically, in nationwide averages, 37% of voters vote Democrat and 34% vote Republican.

      “The remaining 29% of voters determine the winner in every local, State, and Federal election…”

      It is significant, if 7% of independent voters have committed to a candidate already, but I really don’t believe any will have done so.

  10. As a one-time employee of the New York State Department of Corrections, I can imagine a back channel communication from its commissioner to judge Merchan pleading, “No prison! Nooooooo. Too complicated. Too risky.” Electronically monitored probation (possibly transferred to Florida) and community service are my bet. Trump could not vote in Florida but could, as a convicted felon on probation, vote in New York. Florida might honor NY rules for Trump. In any case, sentencing is now September 18 in order for the court to determine the effect of SCOTUS pixie dust.

    • “..,sentencing is now September 18.”
      So the request for delay was approved?
      .., damn. I just bought a ton of popcorn and was looking forward to all the chaos and mayhem. Now I have to go and find something else…,

    • Trump’s conviction in New York City looks to have BACKFIRED on the Democrats. Instead of making people flee from Trump to the rest of the world it looked like a totally Political Prosecution to get rid of a Candidate … ie: what happens in tin horn 3rd world countries.

      The International Press from all over the world was characterizing the the Prosecution and Conviction of Trump in NYC as a POLITICAL event, NOT a Legal event … and apparently it was looking the same way to many in the middle who were undecided (ie: creating a potential election disaster for Democrats). Suddenly instead of gathering votes for the Democrats the case looked to be gathering votes for Trump.

      My opinion only … but the NYC Judge, who truly HATES Trump to the core of his soul, is going to try to find some reason to set aside the Jury Verdict and if he does that the pressure will be on the Manhattan Prosecutor to NOT retry the case because of all of the negative fall out.

      Guess we will have to wait and see

    • They want him out of the way permanently.. so far they have used every excuse they can to get him destroyed financially…
      every time that a new issue showed up about the family business a similar or worse diversionary crime was thrown at the ex president..the worse the crime alleged at the brand the worse the crime thrown at the president.
      the documents not seriously a big deal but.. when it came out that they made him take the documents.. having worked the library that is a huge deal..

  11. Dam… all I can think of is creamy pasta..
    linguine … for the pasta..
    1 egg ( beaten)
    1 tsp.of salt ,onion powder
    I oz oil
    1 cup of flour.

    makes a great pasta

    1 package of mushrooms sliced
    1 1/2 cup of cream
    1/2 cup of onions
    1 sprig of rosemary
    1 tbsp.of spaghetti seasoning ( tones..seasoning-blend)
    4 cloves of garlic minced
    1 chicken breast ( fried in butter till browned then cubed )
    salt and pepper to taste
    1/2 cup chicken broth
    1 half stick of butter
    once you have browned the chicken breast..remove it set it the butter it was fried in.
    toss in the other half stick of butter and the mushrooms.. mix in the onions and fry till tender.. mince and chop up the rosemary.. ( green onion tops work great in this)
    add the garlic mix that in along with the spaghetti seasoning add the cream chicken broth and the fried cubed chicken..
    add or subtract spices to your taste…

  12. This why I would not last long as a District Attorney.,or Police Chief.
    The 13 year old was shot and killed by police as they were investigating several recent armed robberies in that neighborhood.., he ran from police as they tried to stop him for questioning.., they saw he had a weapon in his hand., and both officer yelled several times for him to drop the weapon, he didn’t and turned towards the officers raising the weapon. They fired in self defense.
    The city is in deep morning and residences calling for immediate justice from “blood thirsty police officers”. [ that’s a direst quote.]
    After reviewing the body cam footage and officer statements – as the District Attorney I would call a Press Conference regarding this ‘horrific shooting in our City’ and would bring in the local state and national news – then announce that I am charging the parents of the 13 year old with felony child endangerment, with physical harm that directly lead to the death of a minor.
    I have heard not one person ask what a 13 year old was doing out after ten at night wandering the streets in an area where armed robberies are being committed carrying a replica Glock pistol. [ In the police evidence photo’s it a damn good looking replica – even has the Glock logo on the grip.]
    This is all on the parents., no one else. Police response should reflect that, with emphasis on neglectful parenting that leads to reckless and dangerous behavior of their children.
    I know I would be fired by the next morning – but damn.., that would feel good ! ., and possibly get a lot of national air-time., for what I perceive needs to be said – out-loud and in your face.
    It’s time for responsibility to be forced into the glaring light.., not the same old blame-game.

  13. .., and in conclusion – Sotomayor just dropped to bottom rung. I lost a whole lot of respect for her with her very emotional and farfetched remarks. What she blurted out is not what the Supreme Court Ruling means. Very disappointing.

    • those (seal team six assassinate an opponent, bribe to issue a pardon and stage a military coup) were the same exact arguments made in the fed court and appeals court. trump’s lawyer said these were all official acts because they are all article two powers, pardons and military orders. a president cannot be questioned regarding article two powers. all executive branch discussions are also off limits. not far fetched at all.

      from the fed district court arguments in january. “Former President Trump’s legal team suggested Tuesday that even a president directing SEAL Team Six to kill a political opponent would be an action barred from prosecution given a former executive’s broad immunity to criminal prosecution.”

      y’all are root root rooting for a dictatorship.

      • And you’ve shown us the way by rooting for a crooked dick and a war party.
        And think that qualifiies you as our better – of anyone here?


        • (“those (seal team six assassinate an opponent, bribe to issue a pardon and stage a military coup”)

          this is what has me confused about this whole brew ha ha.. the shit show of dementia.. we know what happens to politicians in other countries.. we know what happens to their families..
          with all the Generals and all the analysts. saying there are between a half million and a million elite forces that our administration helped to get into the country..
          why aren’t any of the politicians concerned about the things like that.. or are they just so well insulated that they don’t know it.. I know its a govt.. employees concern to just get as many days off as they can.. but seriously.. I am freaking out and I am not a politician..

      • Trump was president for 4 yrs and did NOT become the dictator the demons are warning US about to happen if he becomes president, again.
        kind of oxymoron’ish ain’t it?

        BUT Obama
        “WASHINGTON – The Obama administration today argued before a federal court that it should have unreviewable authority to kill Americans the executive branch has unilaterally determined to pose a threat. Government lawyers made that claim in response to a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) charging that the administration’s asserted targeted killing authority violates the Constitution and international law. The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia heard arguments from both sides today.”

        NOW for some real’ TRUTH’ as in Truth Social
        The US Constitution is an agreement between the ‘now’ 50 States It outlines the way to remove the president and his power,,, plain and simple for you simon,,, impeach in the House and find him guilty by the senate,,, done and gone from power, if ya can get it done.

        What a great time to be ALIVE, to hear the demons howl as they are losing their control of the narrative, that holds the human attention span
        I smell ‘Panic in DC’
        which way will they turn? against each other!

        now remember @truth, it is your side pushing the seal team 6 argument in court , not the patriots

        • I don’t think he said that. I’m 10 courses from a DBA and I think I can read and he didn’t say Anwar anyone. Got to watch those voices in your head – they don’t come from the speakers here. You make up shit and then assume a reader actually is stupid enough to say it? Help me understand.

          You here to learn, discuss, offer good ideas? Or just to case bait among those who are? You need to read (and HEAR) what smart people say. Again, you’re on the verge of being banned for unbecoming conduct.

          Unbecoming conduct is loosely defined as “Making a false premise and attributing it to someone who didn’t say it. Marxists and woke children use this faux premise tactic all the time. However, when you get old you will (may) learn about “bearing false witness” which is less religiosity than about respect for fellow humans.

          Truth loves Anwar – since he brought him to the party. *Which is odd on its face…

          So be nice or be fucking gone. Your call. This is your second notice.

          Take your anwarisms with you.
          – – –
          I just got in from 3-hours in the hot sun on a tractor getting ready for the hurricane/tropstorm which will cross exactamente over us. Not the time to trifle with me.

        • the obama policy that tobd was arguing against was the obama era drone policy. presumably, if tobd was arguing against the policy tobd doesn’t like that policy. that policy allowed a drone strike in yemen that killed anwar al awlaki. he argued against the policy. therefore, he must not like the fact that the policy was used to kill al awlaki.

          maybe tobd can chime in why he is against a policy that allows for the killing of dangerous actors preaching death to america and americans?

          btw now with the scotus immunity ruling a potus is immune from assassinating american citizens. be careful what you wish for.

        • @truth
          your side is a bunch of hypocrites, as you claimed Trump would be a dictator, theoretically ordering kills and judge flo pan brought up the topic of a president ordering kills,,, in a DC court room,,, in reference to Trump’s claims.
          denying him president immunity for what obama did!
          Just pointing out obama did exactly that act of ordering a kill on american citizens. I never got into the why or is it just?,,, now did I.
          Never said I was against it or for it,,, But it is there already!
          The supremes just affirmed that it already exists and the lower courts need to separate out private acts from official acts if they want to continue their case against PRESIDENT Trump
          it is just you @ truth putting forth an argument that I did not make.

          I am so happy happy happy to finally see shit starting to get Right,,, while you have lost your luster with the ,,, oh ya, the shower guy, as he is on his way OUT, even his own party is planning his replacement.
          It is not just joe on his way out, it is what you fear, the whole damn lot of them satanic pedos are on their last leg, is my belief, is my vision,,, started when I was 17 and began to see how corporations and government worked hand in hand to own US with cannabis being made illegal to benefit the corp and hurt/limit the public’s freedom of choice, I AM now 71 and I now see how the Unelected gov controls our lives.
          Long live the Amish.
          It was the FBI that MURDERED the women and children in Waco, under Bill Clinton.
          Q is the 17th letter, like many have said it is a psyop. Psyops like guns, are not good or evil, but the intent of the heart determines good from evil

          Heard the rumor that ole joe had a medical emergency on AF1,
          I figure it DEPENDs on your definition of medical.
          does that qualify as a rim shot?
          here is a link to but a report on the laptop

          have a peek, you review it all here, just figure out how to navigate the site

        • @untruth

          “you feel the world would be a better place with anwar al awlaki preaching violence against americans.”

          WHY would you do this? Along with your piss-poor diction you couch an ad-hom accusation, when a simple, non-attack question would both do, and not get people POd at you.

          {THIS, ladies and germs, is one of the differences between a contributor and a troll. Contributors exchange ideas to foment discourse; trolls use any literary device they can to foment discord. When I was a forum Admin, nothing would get a user banned faster than an ad hominem attack. Making a general discussion personal, and antagonistic, never contributes to anything, except the blood pressure numbers of those readers who haven’t yet learned how to internally-filter (ignore) such blatant examples of immaturity.}

          Of course the world would be a better place with al Awlaki preaching hate against Americans, because if he were, we would still have a meaningful “rule of Law.” The dude was a disgusting POS, but he was also an American Citizen who had not been charged with any crime, in any jurisdiction. He should have been captured, tried, and if convicted, sent away to turn big rocks into little ones. This is the proper course of action.

          Instead, Mr. Obama had him executed. His assassination was cold-blooded, premeditated murder.

          Do you really wish to condone da Prez (or any other governmental official) taking out American Citizens on a whim, without a trial, or even an arrest warrant or probable cause affidavit?

        • @untruth

          “btw now with the scotus immunity ruling a potus is immune from assassinating american citizens. be careful what you wish for.”

          BTW, no, it doesn’t. The Citizen who happens to be President is not immune from breaking established laws. If he shot somebody (even an aide and confidant), say, in a park in D.C., and the crime could be traced back to him, the Secret Service themselves would arrest him on the spot, whether they Fostered any personal opinion regarding the crime, or not.

          Only when legally carrying out the duties of “the President” or of the “Commander in Chief” (of the military), is the President immune from prosecution.

          I suggest, you find a more-reliable source for your opinion. In a case like this, that’d be done by hitting a bunch of Constitutionalist and legal sites, since one of the USSC jurists chose this decision to demonstrate that her political beliefs were stronger than her jurisprudential education and experience, and her assignment, done in-error…

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