Reader Note (CenturyLink adventures, redux):  Here we are – again – SIX DAYS IN – without our full complement of Internet tools including the Nostracodeus server being down.  That’s the one dedicated to running Grady’s “news site-sniffing, word frequency shift-analyzing” code that guides some of our “futuring discussions.”  Out Saturday, Ticketed Sunday, techs locally on it since Tuesday, the local lead finally convinced someone up CenturyLink’s food-chain to open an internal ticket.  But, we’re not holding our breath, just yet.  We jovially labeled them CenturyLate.  Today, scratch the jovial ‘tude.  Ure’s gettting pissed.

While we’re still not able to run even “the company” speed test, we have to look at the recent end of “net neutrality” hatchet (one of the fewe things Obama got right) and wonder if perhaps there could be a “war of the telecoms” in the works over “new home-automationists”  (Amazon (Alexa) and Google (assistant).

Our calls to CenturyLink’s media/PR folks haven’t been returned yet.  Since we’re a piss-ant operation, not holding our breath on that side, either.  But, we’d love to be surprised by what’s become endangered “Excellence” that Peters and Waterman wrote of so eloquently…

We hold to the quaint/childish view that “In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies” should be required living of everyone in the American workforce, not just upper division business geeks like….oh, that feller in the mirror.,…

Are Stocks Telling the Future?

The strange – synchronistic – way my life has worked – when something goes bad, there’s usually a reason for it.  At some Grand Master Design level, unseen by mortals….

Take my present issue with CenturyLink, for example.  Beyond the personal inconvenience of getting up extra-early (so we have time to make something work) I got to wondering Thursday if there was something I was missing.

Sure enough, there was.

I got to looking at CenturyLink’s (NYSE: CTL) stock price and, sure-enough, it’s in decline.  While the rest of the market is soaring loftily to new all-time highs.

The problem – and this picks up on what I was writing about yesterday about a huge, steal inflation going on – that other telecoms were experiencing the same sector rotation.

If you look at Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR) you’ll see that the company has gone from a “last bubble (housing) high” of over $200 per share down to $6.60 Thursday.

What’s going on?

Again, in keeping with the slow-speed hyperinflation theory, it may go something like this:

  • When interest rates are coming down, companies (like telecoms) are a great sector (all else being equal) because even “po folk” will keep their internet and their cell phones going.  No phone means no hook-ups, right?
  • When interest rates begin to go up, however, telecoms don’t have any easy-way to jack-up their revenue-streams to remain competitive with other outfits that can  raise prices “on-demand.”  Instead, they have to go through onerous rate-adjustment hearings with various government agenci8es….and that can be painful.
  • As a result, we figure the market is telling us (when we look at Elliott wave counts and price-trend channels) that telecoms may have more downside ahead.
  • This also (if you listen to the wind, just so) may be telling us the Federal Reserve really could raise rates at their next meeting.- and that begins next Tuesday with a rate announcement Wednesday.

Normally, we eye such meetings with the “buy the rumor, sell the news” glasses on.  We’ll have more on this for our subscribers tomorrow, but for now, the main idea is we wouldn’t be surprised by a modest pullback after the Fed raises (if they do, that is) next week.

One other “co-incident indicator” to be looking at: The 10-year Treasury Note: When you look at the chart on Yahoo Finance (here) you can make out a case for a quarter point increase….That could raise the 10-year to up around 3.15 to 3.25% while – at the same time – putting the ol’ foot in the butt of telecoms.

Related from ReutersFed’s Powell between a rock and hard place: Ignore the yield curve or tight job market?.”  Around the corner and up your rates…

Personal Woo-Woo

In addition to my Internet failing (ViaSat backup works, but only between heavy rain showers and we have 3-1/2 inches due in the coming week) another odd bit of personal woo-woo popped in Thursday.

As you may know (don’t know if I mentioned it) but I stopped taking the generic of Singulair for my asthma about a month ago.  I’d just gotten the scrip refilled and decided that I would experiment for a month and see if my “dry eye” problems improved.  (They did.)

Thursday the phone rings and it’s Walgreens advising me of a recall of 10 MG monteleukast (the generic for Singular).  Which sent me scampering for the recall note from the Fooled and Drugged people…

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers and health care professionals about a voluntary recall of one lot of Montelukast Sodium Tablets – lot number MON17384, expiration 12/31/2019 – by Camber Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Piscataway, N.J. Sealed bottles labeled as montelukast sodium tablets, 10 milligram, 30-count bottle from Camber were found to instead contain 90 tablets of Losartan Potassium Tablets, 50 mg.

This tablet mix-up may pose a safety risk as taking losartan tablets when not prescribed has the potential to cause renal dysfunction, elevated potassium levels and low blood pressure.”

My, wasn’t that a lucky time to quit my Siungulair clone, huh?

Now I have the question to ask Walgreens:  Do I get my money back?  Around here, when the ham radio and borderland science projects are turned-off, It’s all about the money,right?

“Broken Web” – Wrong?

Next in your reading today, one of the ways for the Internet to implode that I did not include in my 2012 bo9ok (“Broken Web The Coming Collapse of the Internet“) was the notion being floated by former Chief Googster Eric Schmidt that the web will split in two by 2028.  There may be “China web” and “Rest of Web.”

It’s a quaint solution  that – in our view – ignores some of the brutal facts on the economic table.  Like the declining labor participation rate which, in the long-term, will mean fewer workers paying ever-higher taxes.  You see, when rates go up, the US National Debt ($21.2 trillion, plus or minus a small country as of this morning) will have bankrupted America long before then.

Besides, outfits like the Democratic Socialists of America (which we lump under the umbrella shorthand “Webolutionaries” – and that got popped recently by Project Veritas for being part of the Deep State / Shadow Government that’s been blocking Trump everywhere they can… well, social media is the 2019 analog to barricades of the October 1927 Revolution.

If you haven’t seen it (the MainStream Media will lie and coverup this kind of reporting because many are lefties themselves) go see how a GAO Auditor talks about blocking Trump and the elected government of the USA…

Where’s old Joe McCarthy when he’s needed?

The East Coast liberalista press had a fine time running Joe McCarthy out – same as they marginalized the John Birch Society.

Trouble is, while both may have gotten a bit “carried-away” now and then, history says they were right…. Yes, liberalistas did take over the schools and we’ve now neutered a whole generation of kids coming up.

With that?  End of the Warrior Class, so when we need to armor-up for conflict, suddenly gang membership (where testosterone is alive of overdone) becomes a non-issue.  Oh, and the tearing down of America becomes a two-sided again.

Peachy-grand, huh?  Here, have another serving of white-guilt, male-guilt, income-guilt, and whatever-else they’re spewing to gin up a “following.”

Can you imagine what a great country this would be if such people would invent new goods and services instead of going down political and gender divisionism?  OMG, we could have been contenders.  Guess we’re leaving it to China and Russia, though…

Speaking of Google

More of our worst fears – that search could be manipulated as a political weapon in the WSJ’s “Google Workers Discussed Tweaking Search Function to Counter Travel Ban…”

We keep thinking search engines  are like a fire or police department:  Politics should stay out of them.  But, since the web is both monetized and weaponized, again, we have dark fears that the over-medicated country near you won’t have the mental acuity to see the need.

We argue that having any criteria beyond public interest constitutes abridgement of free speech…as long as the government abdicates net responsibility and sells out to big donors.

Tamely Ending Options

We see a tiny bounce (early) in options pricing going into the end of the cycle.  We wouldn’t be surprised by weakness going into the close, however.  Housing Data and the Fed next week – hardly confidence-inspiring stuff.

News flow (if you don’t count dueling no-fly zones around Syria that could light-up over the weekend) is highlighted with the PMI flash (not to be confused with a PMS flash) an hour into the session.

Nut-Job Economics has a prescription for next week, though: Mavala Switzerland Mavala Stop nail biting 0.3 ounces (10 ml). Or, you can use the same $16 bucks to do almost two round-turns daytrading…  (We’d be doing that if we had dependable redundancy….ahem….

Quotable and Quippable

The Great Pivot is starting?  We read in the NY Times today about “Hacked emails. Social media fraud. Suspected spies and outreach to Trump campaign associates. We unraveled the Russian plot to subvert the 2016 election….”

The Times doesn’t explain Uranium One, or the Hillary skating event (or Foundation or….) to our satisfaction.  But, we do  sense an effort to pivot to a “bad Russia” so the impaired left won’t be disappointed by the lack of Mueller results…

Oh, meantime the democrat double-standard excusers have their work cut out as it’s revealed at Anti-Kavanaugh voices Hirono, Feinstein took campaign cash from Dem colleague who admitted hitting his wife.  We have the best politicians money can buy, don’t we?

Let’s put America on eBay and be done with it, shall we?

Life is not enough: Indiana man, 34, who impregnated 10-year-old girl, gets over 100 years in prison.

Why does this ring a bell? Eat, Pray, Cover Up: Bali Plans New Rules for Temple Visitors After a Decline in ‘Tourist Quality’

Shakes or sheiks department: Opposition Is Growing in Denmark Against an ‘Anti-Muslim’ Plan to Make New Citizens Shake Hands.

If you’re having trouble dieting?  Two brothers want to revolutionize the food industry with maggots.  Not for humans but for animals…which could then end up on your….

OK, here comes the rain…there goes the Internet.  More tomorrow (as we had the foresight to do some writing-ahead this week).

Next week:  Fed, Housing, Earthquake says reader Andy, and we figure some kind of sell-off for month-end.

Come back Monday and bring a few million fields with you…Moron the ‘morrow…