Soon Don Gone? Trump Kampf Ahead?

History doesn’t precisely rhyme.  But it gets pretty damn interesting when you take in the whole sweep of it.

This morning, in the wake of Justice Department Charges Trump in Documents Case, along with the revelation that 12m Americans believe violence is justified to restore Trump to power, it’s time to look at “how we’re in rhyme time” re-mixed.

First, however, the implications of the indictment:  One of which is that other republicans are already tooling up how to use the indictment to promote their candidacies:  for an example, read DeSantis Slams DOJ, Says It’s ‘Weaponizing’ Law Enforcement Against Trump.

Hypocrisy, Anyone?

We have to credit the U.K. Daily Mail for observing “A tale of two presidents: Biden classified documents probe is nowhere near completion – and president hasn’t even been INTERVIEWED, sources claim, as Trump is hit with historic federal indictment.”

This was underscored earlier this week when the FBI Director (Wray) ignored a House subpoena, then relented.  Seems to us that no matter what is in the FBI notes on alleged Biden “pay for play” when he was Veep, nothing will matter.

Just like the fires in Canada, a mental smokescreen seems to be in play at many levels.

Now, Let’s Talk History

OK, but I’m going to run through this as bullet points.  Otherwise, I’ll go off writing a book-length report and that’s the kind of stuff we save for the Peoplenomics subscribers. Like with the “when does prepping become war planning” discussion Wednesday.

A Side Order of Woo-Woo

One of our “sources” told me a story years back.  He had been to Germany, and while there, visited the beer hall where the early Nazis gathered. This was 25-years ago, or so.

The source, and a traveling companion, slipped upstairs to a kind of conference room where private meetings had been held by Hitler’s early party leadership.  He reported feeling an overwhelmingly strange psychic experience; a dark and all-pervading sense of gloom and a messianic vibe in the place.  Which took them several hours to shake, after the fact.

Fast forward two decades, prior to Trump’s election, the source attended (this republican source) one of the Trump rallies.  Where he strongly felt the same messianic vibe.  As he explained it, there was some – a technique? Manner? Channeling? – he couldn’t quite nail it – but there was at least a rhyme down at some oratory level with the same overtones to it.

Back to the Present

The role of the U.S. is not the same in today’s world, as it was pre-War Germany’s.  But, we can line up the present day and notice some troubling rhymes.

  • In both periods, we see powerful exploitation of government rules and laws.
  • In the earlier events, Hitler went to jail before becoming chancellor.  In the present case, Trump is increasingly likely to “do time” after his presidency.  In fact, more than 100-years’ worth, as some hysterically anti-Trump media are gloating.
  • Jail was where Hitler wrote two formative books, “Mein Kampf” (‘my struggle”) while his second book was much less widely read:

“The Zweites Buch, published in English as Hitler’s Secret Book and later as Hitler’s Second Book, is an unedited transcript of Adolf Hitler’s thoughts on foreign policy written in 1928; it was written after Mein Kampf and was not published in his lifetime.” ~Wikipedia

We know Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch trial lasted 24-days.  We would not be surprised to see a Trump trial last about as long.  As for how long Trump could actually spend in jail?

“Hitler was found guilty of treason and sentenced to five years in Landsberg Prison, where he dictated Mein Kampf to fellow prisoners Emil Maurice and Rudolf Hess. On 20 December 1924, having served only nine months, Hitler was released.” ~Wikipedia

Might Trump be jailed 9-months before the 2024 election?

The parallels are, at least to us, quite intriguing. Both were able to channel a kind of resonant messianic oratory.  Both have a strong interest in writing their views (Mein Kampf vs. Art of the Deal).

Hitler was a long form orator.  And Trump speeches have been getting longer.  A Sky News piece from 2020 noted:

“Brian Ott, a Texas Tech University professor of communications, says the average length of the US president‘s campaign speeches has increased from 59 minutes in 2016 to 80.7 minutes in 2020.”

Hitler’s 1939 Reichstag speech was 2-1/2 hours long.  And here’s a book synopsis of “My New Order” – Hitler’s book:

“My New Order has attracted the attention of the press with the rise of Donald Trump as candidate for President of the United States because his first wife Ivana Trump revealed that Donald Trump reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed. It can be seen that there are clear similarities between the speeches of Trump and the speeches of Hitler. Here are examples: They repeat themselves constantly, saying the same things over and over again. They never admit they have made a mistake nor do they ever take anything back. To any criticism, they respond by insults and name calling. They use a low form of language, with simple sentences even a person with the lowest level of education or with no education at all can understand. Another contrast is the sheer volume of words. Hitler gave a thousand speeches and spoke millions of words. Hitler communicated almost entirely through his speeches. Hitler’s speeches were long, usually one and a half to two hours long. Trump made one of the longest speeches ever to accept the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States. His speech lasted one hour fifteen minutes. Trump communicates almost entirely through his speeches and through his tweets.”

Yet there are stark contrasts, as well.  Donald Trump is about the polar opposite of Hitler, citing runaway government bureaucracy – not a racial group – as the source of our problems.  Bad policies.    Both, however, articulated a plan for the future that was controversial.

We do not propose any similarities when comes to motivation in other areas. But we expect Trump will – when jailed – since we figure “the fix is in” at this point- he will likely return to his considerable writing talent.

And whatever comes from that presumed future effort, could be a history maker.

Like that other guy’s book was.

Financially Useful

We notice Bitcoin stuck in the mid $26,000s again.  But never to worry, hype is at the ready. Bitcoin price can gain 60% if ‘textbook’ chart pattern confirms — Trader (

Binance, on the other hand, is facing a tough slog forward as Banks cut fiat on-ramps for Binance US, dollar deposits suspended (  In response, Binance.US halts USD services, urges users to withdraw fiats – Investomania.

Can someone get real?  There is no way for most people to live in a fiat-free world – and as we have told you (a million times over, or so) “Government hates competition.”  Because Government is a Business Model.

China jawboning Taiwan issues: China warns Europe against official ties with Taiwan ahead of minister’s visit | Reuters

Flow to Go

The Budget Deal (which essentially threw out the US debt limit for the next two years) is perhaps not the “done deal” we were told earlier.  Republicans buckle down for what could be marathon blockade | The State. We live, sadly, in a world where “if something can go wrong, someone will find a way to monetize it…

Is A.I. smarter than lawyers?  Here’s a data point: Lawyers say ChatGPT tricked them into citing fake cases | Fortune  Along the same lines, Can you spot AI? Scientists say humans can still detect robot writing – for now – Study Finds.  Unless you’re a lawyer, perhaps.

Jack Daniels has experienced its share of marketing challenges lately.  But here’s a win: Supreme Court news: Jack Daniel’s wins trademark battle over ‘Bad Spaniels’ parody dog toy.

And here comes a new way to get even more of the “news that doesn’t really matter” into your life: Google News Showcase Lands in US, Lowering Some Paywalls in the Process | PCMag

ATR: “Load ’em Up”

We’ve had just enough rainfall here in East Texas to keep the yard growing like crazy.  So as soon as this morning’s column is published, 2-hours of super-intense lawn care will follow. I don’t work over 75F if I can help it.

Temps are definitely on the rise, though. We’re looking at upper 90’s late this week.  Maybe start an office pool on when the first 100F day will show up.

Write when you get rich,

87 thoughts on “Soon Don Gone? Trump Kampf Ahead?”

  1. Some are suggesting that the 60,000lbs of Amonium Nitrate that was stolen from a train is what is being used to start and fuel the Canadian fires ……….

    • No need for 60,000 lbs of ammonium nitrate. Unfortunately a single box of matches would be enough to cause all this damage. While deliberate human setting is good fodder for the conspiracy folks, most fires in the boreal forest of northern Canada are started by lightning. They start hundreds of miles from where any human being has ever stepped foot.

      A small percentage can be started by sparks from railroad cars or accidentally from flicked cigarette butts or unextinguished camp fires (currently banned in most of Canada).

      There is certainly the possibility that a few of them are deliberately set by depraved minded humans. The only justice for them would be if they were trapped in the fire they set.

      • …AND virtually everything that’s burning is mixed conifers. Do any of you have the slightest idea what happens when something hot and burny gets close to a carpet of hundreds of square miles of brown pine needles? It takes off like quickmatch. One lightning strike could start hundreds of fires, none of which would be visible until they topped the canopy, and which could do so nearly simultaneously, in dozens or hundreds of places, miles apart. If’fn folks are going to try and stitch together a conspiracy theory, they’d better know their stuff…

      • “No need for 60,000 lbs of ammonium nitrate. ”

        I take my guys that live in our spare rooms to a meeting once a week.. anyway we are on our way home and the one says.. look there is still snow on the ground.. and the other guy was talking about the ammonium nitrate that is missing.. and what was being said on the news on the radio..
        I said to the one.. that isn’t snow over there that is what they are talking about on the news that has been stolen.. they are just getting it ready to load into trucks but that is ammonium nitrate.. and I wished I had a pound of it.. .. ( for the garden though.. not for anything that could hurt anyone ) I will run over and have them mix me up some garden fertilizer though at the fertilizer plant.. I want a good mix that won’t burn the plants … and they do this for a living..
        my question is.. are they going to outlaw PEEING… LOL LOL LOL.. that is how the ancients collected it.. saved the pee LOL LOL..Now think about this.. making your own ammonium nitrates.. and hydrogen gas LOL LOL see.. it works.. make an electrolyzer collect the hydrogen off of it on one side let the nitrogen escape off of the positive side.. and reduce the Urea down into a workable solution to collect and make your ammonium nitrates.. you can fry and egg with the gas off of the one side.. LOL LOL LOL urea also electrolyzes at a lower temp and voltage LOL LOL LOL LOL .. dam what are you cooking my eggs with .. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL… add an ultrasonic cavitation module LOL LOL LOL LOL the best of both worlds LOL LOL LOL…
        what are you doing to my gas tank.. well honey I just drank a bunch of beer time to fill er up put a tiger in your tank or a python LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.. Oh my.. that is funny..

    • There was absolutely no need to transport 30 tons of AN to Canada – such a job could have been done so many easier(and safer for the perpetrators). Dry lightning could have started a few fires at nearly the same time, but hundreds stretches credibility. I’m of the opinion that it was deliberate, using much easier techniques. One suggestion was that drones could have been sent on preplanned trajectories to ignite at the same time. We don’t know, but there are entirely too many adverse events happening in North America. This one conveniently blanketed the northeast USA with a rather deadly smoke/smog. What’s the likelihood of that confluence of events, since a strong north wind over NYC is not the most common event this time of year.

      IF I was a conspiracist, I’d be inclined to believe that this is the softening up of the USA, and possibly Canada.

    • They are idiots.

      {elemental metal} + nitrate are oxidizers, not combustibles or explosives.

      The reason ANFO is a thing is not because it’s explosive, but because ammonium nitrate + fuel oil is explosive, AND CHEAP, and any farmer can build an ANFO bomb to remove that pesky stump, without slogging through 10 months of government red tape, to buy a couple sticks of dynamite and a cap.

      Sodium nitrate + fuel oil is more-explosive than NH?NO? + fuel oil.
      Potassium nitrate + fuel oil is more-explosive than NaNO? + fuel oil.

      This is because NaNO? is a better oxidizer than NH?NO? and KNO? is a better oxidizer than NaNO? BTW, metallic chlorates are even better oxidizers than metallic nitrates. ALL of them are hygroscopic though, therefore they have to be kept dry and sealed or they lose their mojo. (in addition to making my own gunpowder when I was a young child, I may {or may not} have made some of my own rocket engines and Roman candles, too…)

      If somebody is trying to ignite dried pine needles, they don’t need an oxidizer — all they need is a heat source. They sure as hell don’t need to steal a sealed gondola full of ammonium nitrate and transport it 5000 miles to start a forest fire during forest fire season. Should it turn out that the NH?NO? WAS actually stolen, I suspect it will be used for something far more nefarious than a forest fire.

      It might be prudent to keep our eyes (and ears) open, to see if a tank truck full of diesel goes missing…

      • I’m surprised we haven’t seen a bunch of explosives made out of old lithium batteries. Numerous fires from lithium powered machines tell that story.

        Drop a small piece of that metal in a container of water and stand ‘way, ‘way back to see the fireworks. I guess it’s more difficult to control the exposure to water to get the desired results at the desired time.

  2. A personal woo note…

    I had previously mentioned here over a year ago about a family baby grand piano I was given/inherited. Piano in question being a high end “golden stringed” piano with an electric AMPICO player – I had to get it restored..dont ask $.

    The restored Schomacker baby grand (built 1914-1915 according serial number) was delivered to daughters house yesterday..OMG !

    Difficult to describe the sound/resonance of this beauty – simply blown away.
    But what really smacked me hard was the crystal clear realization of fact that I was in the middle of a “rhyme in time”.

    As I stood there holding my 9 month old grand-daughter, time froze for a sec , listening to one of piano tech/movers play Baba O’Rielly –

    I just signed up for Piano lessons, gonna learn how to tickle the ivorys ala my favorite player of all time Oscar Peterson..

    ..1914 the year USA entered WW1


    When is the next BTC halving ?

      • wow.. I had never read that before.. it is interesting also shows just how far they would be willing to go to keep control.

    • I have a Steinway upright I would dearly love to have restored, too. It would have to get shipped to East Texas (kind of like East Germany) and then back again. This poor thing has had only enough competent players on it to count on one hand since my grandparents bought it for my mother back in the early 50s. They all hoped SOMEbody would learn to play in my generation but moving as much as we did meant a lot of things never came to fruition. Watching people play a piano, the truly gifted ones, it’s evident that a part of your brain is in use when using both hands and a foot that normally isn’t. Given the fact that I’m totally incapable of carrying on a steady beat with my hands makes me wonder if learning will ever be a possibility but I’m certainly willing to aggravate a teacher if they’ll accept a steady bribe.

      • Wow, a kindred soul! I suggest that you preserve your piano as best you can, for now, and get a Clavinova or other higher end electric piano. Don’t worry about rhythm for now(I have none either) – just learn to play what you can and use the instrument as an emotion amplifier. If anyone else in your house can’t stand the sound, plug in a pair of earphones and have at it!

        I have an older grand piano that I’d love to restore, but it likely won’t happen in my lifetime. There are no piano tuners/rebuilders that I know of anywhere nearby. I’ve got a friend 30 miles away with a similar situation. DIY may be the best course.

      • “I have a Steinway upright I would dearly love to have restored, too.”

        Ditto — What we used to call an “upright grand” because it shares the frame and sounding board with the baby grand — it’s a full foot taller than a spinet. I actually talked to Steinway about getting it restored, and whether they would save the ivory or replace it. The value of the piano, restored, is nearly $100 grand. The cost to restore it to the point it would be worth that, however, was over $38000, not counting the piano case or shipping. BTW, the last time I priced a Steinway before this it was a 9′ concert grand, and it was ~$26000. That was not many years ago. It was about 3 years ago that I asked about the upright. These things got really expensive, really quickly, and I suspect they’re much more so in today’s world…

        • The general quote I got on mine a couple of years ago is around $6K and that didn’t include freight back and forth. There is another company up around Dallas, I think it’s, that seems to have a good reputation reconditioning Steinways but the only “O-fishul” Steinway dealer/service point in Texas, IIRC, is in Austin. They used to have one in San Antonio but that was closed 5 or 6 years ago.

          For the first maybe 50 years of its stay with us the house was cooled with a swamp cooler but Mom put in Central Heat and Air in the 90s which dried things out considerably since then. The seat’s plywood is flaking pretty badly probably due to this. Splinter danger.

      • I have a gifted friend who loves pipe organs and is an accomplished classical music pianist. He has a video of him playing a large pipe organ… somewhere… and the foot pedals were two complete keyboards on two levels… plus the several keyboards available for hands. All four limbs were playing… each a separate keyboard. What the hell kind of brain is ‘quadridextrous’?

        • I’ve an aunt who did this, and taught others how to “play the Mighty Wurlitzer.” She had a “circuit” of colleges and churches she’d travel, to places that still had those wall-sized pipe organs. She never told me how she learned. She started out, playing accompaniments for silent movies. I never saw her on a massive Wurlitzer, but she would play for the grandkids and cousins on her home organ, and was simply amazing. She passed many years ago and is another one of those incredible people who took her knowledge with her, because by the time she reached her later years, nobody cared…

    • BCN that would be , 110 years from now, nope I’m sorry viewing from the rhyme time. Welcome to Aquarius.

      Got Blockchain?

  3. This morning, in the wake of Justice Department Charges Trump in Documents Case, along with the revelation that 12m :Americans believe violence is justified to restore Trump tThis morning, in the wake of Justice Department Charges Trump in Documents Case, along with the revelation that 12m Americans believe violence is justified to restore Trump ”

    Now thats really interesting and i am curious.. are these violent seeking people a few of those refugees that were brought over..or.. is this some sort of psyop to push the situation..
    Remember in a nstional state of emergency the rules change under cog..
    if billions of dollars of damage can be gotten by some radical groups being funded to cause havoc and terrorize, loot maime and destroy.. i am curious could this be a similar situation..

    • I think, rather, 12 million people will be willing to steadfastly stay in the lines to vote until the deed is actually done. They won’t be run off or deterred any other way. That’s “violence” in the language of the Left.

      After that then we can go out and pick off an armed Antifa activists or two. Just vote before you become a “criminal”.

      • this totally reeks of a psyop..similar to the BLM and Antifa terrorist actions that i believe was set up to destroy and target the poorer neighborhood..
        after seeing the capital surveillance videos of the capital police showing accesses and which ones were locked that was put on television by fox news…
        Do you really believe that 12 million Americans would want to see a repeat of Jan 6..

        • Jan6 was a demonstration which at its worst point in stupidity was escalated by personnel of our own government, to the level of a minor riot. I don’t know anything about “12 million people” yet, but that sounds like an actual armed insurrection or revolt (actually it sounds like a play for Nielsen points or a desperate ploy for relevance). Jan6 was neither armed, nor an insurrection. If it were, instead of nasty Nancy mugging for her daughter’s camera while the proceedings were going on, she would have been the first to collect a .9mm slug between the eyes.

          I believe the total destruction of the United States is at the top of some unimaginably powerful person’s wish list, and inciting a revolt (or setting the media up so they lay the propaganda trail for one) is just another prong in his attack on the U.S.

        • “Do you really believe that 12 million Americans would want to see a repeat of Jan 6..”

          Of course not, but you can betcherass if history rhymed, the folks in the crowd would be in violation of D.C.’s weapons policy.

          Where this would get sticky is when 120 million do…

        • Well, they said that the gathering for Trump on that day, Jan. 6th, amounted to a million people. Pretty fantastic number even for a D.C. demonstration and they came from all over.

          If we see blatant cheating like we did two years ago then 12 million may be a conservative estimate especially depending on anything else this administration may dig up to force down our throats between now and then. The more repulsive the more they like it. See my link to the video of “undocumented children” coming in and being raised for the sexual pleasure of all the pervs we have over here. It’s unbelievable such a huge market exists! It’s estimated that these kids live – AT MOST – six years before they’re RAPED and abused to death and then discarded like trash. Will the MSM ever throw a spotlight on that to WAKE UP the normies? I’d put up with the inflow of fentanyl if we could only line the perpetrators of this crime, alone, and hit them all with flamethrowers and let ’em burn!

          It’s a dynamic situation that can’t be estimated with current events as they are. What of the millions of military aged men that have poured across our border? When will they get the signal to raise havoc? What other rights will the DIMs decide need to be done away with? LOOB – this country is about to be turned inside out!

      • The voter police tried to challenge my residence recently (been here full time for more than a decade, and telecommute from home currently), but sent me my registration card after I politely went down the list with them. Still haven’t heard a formal response back.
        Until you have dealt with pathological lying vigilantes engaging in ethnic and political hate cleansing to steal property, you don’t understand how the system works. The police and courts protect officious gang stalking by partisans and other sponsors, to protect their income stream. Victims have no rights. Lawyers are either part of the problem, or are too afraid to help.
        I will be voting a split party ballot for the indefinite future, but I will be voting.

        • I may switch back to being a “Republican” for the ’24 election cycle. I have maintained that no one party has all the best candidates and best ideas, and have always voted accordingly, but my gosh, when people like Tulsi Gabbard and Leo Terrell flat leave the Democratic Party, it’s becoming entirely too clear that one party may have all the worst candidates and worst ideas.

          I honestly believe that all the Dems have left is RFK, and they’re so whack I suspect their Establishment will give him the “Bernie treatment” and shitcan both his campaign and his existence, if it looks like he’ll become a viable challenger to Bribem…

        • I am with you Ray.. no one party has the best candidates.. doing good or having morals and ethics does not follow a political party.. those are cultural values the principles of harmony, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, honesty, encompases many platforms.. not one ethnic group,income group, size shape or religious beliefs or political affiliation.. those are morals and guidelines of who we are as a person..

  4. Gaming of the day-to-day operation of government by partisan operators has taken us hack to the days before Civil Service. Why have civil service if it only services the partisan elites, not the public?

    • Dude, it’s been that way for at least the last 90 years. The only thing that changes is the rank of the favoritism.

  5. When the $ goes everyone’s financial plan goes. The world is gonna be mad at the $ issuer.

    Who was the world mad @ back during 1939? Depending on how it’s framed you could say 1939 was last stand of the Blue Eyes.

    Not to forget during 1939 all European capitals were natives who hatched the light-skin gene 40,000 years previous, some say 7,000. Today the mix is starkly different.

    Looks like revenge time. The family of Charles the III plays the Romanov family role.

    That makes Rishi Sunak Lenin.

  6. I AM still waiting for the briben family business of ‘influence selling’ get their IRS tax audit, you know, like the one Trump received, you know, how they all screech, “no one is above the law”
    We all know,,, but who will execute the law, when the said government in power refuses to do so?
    Military is the only way, but by letting Trump get elected, have the orders been given? There must be orders from a sitting president for it NOT to be a coup.
    COG,,, is there a belligerent force occupying the White House?

    were the orders to monitor and act upon foreign interference given?
    How about the assets of those involved in “human trafficking”.
    The movie is not over,,, what a wicked web they weave, there is a reason we call them “BLOOD SUCKERS” Adreno + Chrome= Bill Gates, named his platforms after the drug derived from TORTURED childrens’ blood,
    Crimes against children will unify the people.
    Moses knew and was pissed when he broke the tablets, so the story was told.
    Dark to Light, this shit is being exposed for all to see.
    Carry on, enjoy the day

    • “Dark to Light, this shit is being exposed for all to see.”

      a new popular dead horse campaign issue. nothing will come of this..the people know what low life’s are..they just don’t believe anything will ever come of it.. the to powerful to prosecute..
      the countries prisons are full of evidence of the dual standards of law. we see how it’s forcefully covered over the millions spent to change the narrative and redurect.redirect..
      it’s a waste of time..funny how it didn’t get addressed until campaign season..

    • What, what, what ?

      Devil went down to ukraine, he was looking for a soul to steal
      He was in bind in Russia, cause he was way behind and was willing to make a deal.
      When he came across a ugly little homo, sawing on a dollar bill coke straw, and snorting it hot.
      And the devil jumped on a bradley fighting vehicle and said, “queerbait, let me tell you what.
      I guess you didnt know it but Im a homosexual coke whore, too.
      and if you care to make a dare, Ill make a with bet you.
      Now you smoke a pretty good skin flute, boy, but give the devil his due.
      Ill bet my coke straw made of Gold against Ure soul, cause I think I’m gayer than you..

      “Fire on burisma gas holdings, run boy run, devils in the house of the ukrainian sun, chicken in the bread pan picking out dough, granny does Ure dog bite? no child no…

      • LOL!

        If you record it well and post it on Bitchute, you might get some views. I doubt Youtube would allow it, but why not try? Make them do the work!

        Personally, I don’t care what adult people do in bed consensually as long as they wash their hands and shower after they’re done. The pride nonsense is polarizing me though.

  7. Didn’t trade yesterday [ I can’t place a trade and walk away.]- I had an early morning meeting with my small group of preppers to see if we need anyone else in the trade-agreements and to up date each other on what we may need and can offer. I rode the Harley out and met-up at my favorite coffee shop. Hidden, quiet, out of the way, virtually no one knows about it and run by a Mom-&-Pop older Hispanic couple – and they have they absolute best huevos rancheros breakfast I have ever had. Are they here legally? Probably not. Is the place even licensed? Probably not. Do I care.., nope. They are good people and the Hispanic crowd that visits them in the morning [ 6 to 9 am only ] are hard working folks that just want to be left alone – like the rest of us.
    My reloading buddy and I were talking and both came to the same conclusion at nearly the same instant. If it is the only choice we have, we will vote for Trump. A split second later I heard myself say: “I’ll bet you twenty that we don’t get that that choice.” I have no idea where that thought came from, but I stuck by it.
    Later that day I heard the news that Trump had been indicted by the DoJ. My friend called and asked how I knew? I didn’t “know”., but something had to be done to stop him from being re-elected. 18 months behind bars, during the election, would do the trick nicely – wouldn’t it ?
    – I also predict that if Trump is convicted and sentenced to prison, that you will see the most violent Presidential Election in the history of this country. It’ll turn Third World and the governments sophomoric counter moves will do nothing but fuel the violence. Oh., they’ll arrest Bubba., and those three guys over there that keep riding around in that pickup trying to look all bad-ass., but you will find that counter-insurgency in an urban environment is a total bitch., even ‘with’ jack-boot martial law.
    – –
    – The S&P500 broke through 4,300, which is a sign of a major, new Bull Market.
    – Boy, there is a lot of hate, grief and angst in the news thing morning.
    – Germany, the largest economy in E.U. is officially in a recession, yet they are still funding the Ukraine? Insanity.
    – I think I need to spike my coffee………

      • I tend to agree.., but until something better pops up, there is not a lot a clear-cut choice out there right now. We’ll see…..,

        • Let’s not forget RFK Jr. He’s from the other party, but he makes more sense than any of the others. There’s a place for polarity(Male/Female), but the political divide has gotten so great that neither party really represents a free, self-reliant America.

    • Spiking the coffee and then sipping it while sitting on the very peaceful creek deck watching the sun rise does wonders for your daily outlook!

      In the evening having a cool brew also helps the attitude.

      Peace Brother

    • Desantis vs Kennedy? I can be persuaded to vote for one of them, and I can be persuaded to not vote for the other. Either way, the winner will inherit a bipartisan debt implosion. Hmmm…so which neo-Hoover will I pick?
      I have seen people grabbing up fresh road-kill coons off the road in recent years, but I haven’t seen anything but the vultures touch an armadillo (Hoover hog), yet. Things can get a lot worse.
      Otherwise, I am starting to think about contingencies for more severe potentials, early. I need to be more light, fast and agile. Moral, legal and philosophical issues aside, E&E has the odds over direct confrontation. While it has been a number of years since I have walked out the door of a business to find a badged vigilante doing a Mister Magoo stare at me, rubbing the handle on his pistol, quietly avoiding a confrontation always worked for me. Not sure yet how to work that angle against a general indiscriminate uprising, but moral outrage never stopped a bullet.

      • We can get hung up on definitions. DeSantis is funding pools of .gov money for 1st time home buyers who should save up their own money for a down payment if they want a house so bad.

        DeSantis is a budding label that would sign-off on such a program. It’s the first free of many, I’m sure. Free always starts the same way.

        “New Florida legislation adds $300 million for first-time home buyers. PENSACOLA, Fla. — Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed off on new legislation that gives more than $300 million to first time home buyer programs in Florida. That money is going towards two programs — SHIP and Hometown Heroes.”

        – Apr 10, 2023

      • I remember eating armadillo out of curiosity when I was a kid. Don’t remember who cooked it but there is a warning to take out the glands on the back of the skinned carcass as these are the ones that take care of the venom from the scorpions and other critters they eat. I do remember the meat being very mild in flavor but probably would be better done on a grill than in a stove. That was a long time ago, though, and those gathered at the table then still show no signs of leprosy.

  8. Our forecast out her is triple digits for the foreseeable future starting today. Tomorrow we work goats so we try and get that done before it really gets hot in the afternoon.

    As it happened last year the big tomato plant we had (Beefeater, I think) just languished until the Fall, even though it was living under a big Red Bud tree, when the endless days of over 100 finally came to a stop – THEN it went bonkers growing ‘maters. I’m going to have to see about some kind of shading for the garden before it all gets burned to a crisp this year. No matter how much we water the plants they all look wilted and beat up by the end of the day.

    • Just got a gully washer in town. The ranch is about 10 miles West of us and that could be another planet as far as Texas’ weather goes. Found about a half inch of rain in all the gauges this afternoon from a couple of nights ago. Everything is pretty and green for now. Wish I had about a dozen little steers to put out there until this Fall but it all can go up in a puff of smoke in a month’s time. Come on El Niño!

  9. Re: Purple Reign
    feat. the artist formerly known as Prince


    Stay tuned for updates through the day as the First Couple make their way to the newly-named Fort Liberty.

    With visiting British PM Rishi Sunak (tr. altar seer) at hand yesterday, “ABC News” shared the President’s concerns on lgbt matters vis-a-vis the children. Angst was in the room as a Washington code purple air quality alert brought a halt to last night’s planned pride festival on the South Lawn. The shindig was to have been overseen by dj Queen HD with the self-identified queer, bisexual Betty Who headlining.

    • Re: “The Pink Panther”
      feat. Inspector Clousseau


      Today the BBC has minted a report that the former advisor to the on-the-lam $4 billion OneCoin Cryptoqueen alleged fraudster has disappeared from French digital house arrest. Apparently France had approved his extradition to America two days ago. One might surmise that Bulgaria’s grafting expertise makes neighbor Ukraine’s akin to pauper-on-the-block.

      I’ve added “The Missing CryptoQueen” by Jamie Bartlett to my reading list.

  10. 29 to 32 million Americans are, as of this morning, first time felons. All at the same time, and all for the same crime. 10 years or $10,000 in fines, or both. You went to bed last night, everything was fine, bit this morning you discover that you are now a federal felon and they can come a-knocking at any time. Since this is roughly six times the current prison population [ all adults under guarded supervision.] I am not too sure just where they are all going to house and supervise all of these bad people.., but that a government logistical problem, not mine. [Talk about clog-up the court system – wow! ]
    What did all these law abiding citizens do that suddenly made them federal felons? They failed to abide by a new AFT regulation, one that requires them to register with the federal government a type of rifle. An AR pistol to be exact.
    If you add up all the sales of this handy little beast you will find that this is the largest non-compliance to a law in the history of the country and that your next door neighbor could now be.., an armed federal felon.
    – What am I talking about? If you haven’t seen one, or just not sure., below is a link to Springfield Armory and a photo of their highly popular AR Saint / AR15 Pistol. [ Wish they made one in 7.62 ! ]

    • I’ve always been a bit confused by short barreled rifle vs long barreled pistol – especially if they share the same receiver. Those regulations are always a bit confusing. Is the brace or stock the only difference? It seems that anyone with a bit of time could make their own “brace” from nearly anything.

      • There are some differences.., but the brace., that has been a point of contention for years as the AFT has changed their description of what constitutes “a brace”., I think, three times now.

      • The pistol braces are, IMHO, totally stupid toys brought to real life from some video game like “Call Of Doody” (sic) or other digital flights of fancy. THAT being said arbitrary rules like the one coming out of a bureaucracy like the ATF is a bad precedent that has bad implications going forward. I hate any type of waste of food or other needed supplies and ammo is going to be a needed supply. AR ammunition is made for accuracy and blowing tons of .223, .30 caliber and others out the barrel of a hugely expensive vibrator is not preparing the U.S. population for anything in the sense that our 2nd Amendment was designed for.

        • I am with you.. I hate to see waste.. the rule of thumb in the home is.. eat it if you want it.. nothing is just mine or just yours.. unless your already eating it.. the leave it alone.. but don’t just take a cup of milk take one sip out of it and then throw the rest out.. leftovers go to heat and eats or camp meals.. ( I either freeze them or freeze dry them depending on what it will be fore.. I personally have two )
          as for guns.. I don’t hunt but know a ton of people with guns and seconds away.. have sixteen cameras on the property and a monitored security system.. I totally love that to.. if there is a fire.. I don’t even have to be awake.. they will come running.. the boss left some food on the stove.. they got called the fire department came shut the food off and cleared the house from smoke before we even got home.. someone waited for us to tell us that the pan was ruined LOL..I am a fan of pepper balls..
          and taisers..
          you would have to decide which one is best for you.. I do have the flashlight in each glove compartment.. and taisers that are similar to the ones the police carry..
          I am thinking of getting one of these.. cheap enough..

        • I’m certainly putting the freeze dryer in my favorites. I’d have to figure out where to put it in the house. Looks like it’s the size of a large front loading washing machine.

          Not sure how the other thing works. Is it pneumatic? I’d kind of need to stay with something I can reach out to at least 500 yards and have a decent chance of “touching” at 1000.

        • they are the same size as a mini dorm fridge.. I have two and trust me I have accumulated so much crap.. mostly tools.. some tricks on it.. as soon as it is freeze dried.. I alter the cycles on it.. add more dry cycles if the item is a seeded like strawberries.. normally I do a twelve sixteen setting twelve of freezing.. sixteen of drying.. the other trick is.. as soon as you take it out.. it starts to absorb moisture from the air.. so I will put it my corsairi food dehydrator..

          do like ten hours at 131 this takes care of the absorbed moisture but gives it a little more so you can get it bagged in humid air..
          which reminds me I need to get another gallon of vacuum pump oil.. change the oil after every use.. If you do hamburger.. get the leaner hamburger.. then pre cook it.. spice it etc. but after you brown the burger.. pour boiling water through it to rinse any greese off of it.. then dry it and bag it.. if your going to make pre made meals then I take a half cup in a vaccuum sealed bag and put it in your hamburger helper.. when you go to use it cook it all at the same time I add ahalf cup to a cup more water for the burger.. if your going to use the burger the next day.. take a pice of good china butter dish or whipped cream container and put the hamburger in it fill it up with water then set it in the fridge overnight.. I do with with potatoes.. french fries or hashbrowns.. the next day they are ready to be cooked or fried.. to rehydrate something like Pizza or lasagna.. the trick to that is vapor.. I have a double boiler pan.. that can hole a whole lasagna or pasta etc.. lay it on that and slow steam it .. it takes a bit but you get it back to exactly how it went in.. the same with vegitables etc..

        • I was looking at the ad for the freeze dryer but didn’t see a power requirement. What are the amps on this? About the same as a regular small fridge? I’m on the verge of getting things put together for a generator hookup on the outside of the house and probably have enough reserve to add that to a circuit.

        • “I’m certainly putting the freeze dryer in my favorites. I’d have to figure out where to put it in the house. Looks like it’s the size of a large front loading washing machine.”

          It is not.

          It’s not even the size of a small washing machine…

          First of all, Harvest Right is the only game in town. Don’t even bother with the others. They’re either cheap knock-offs or just dehydrators with a lying label. The first time LOOB posted the link, I started researching. There are about 3-4 legitimate manufacturers of freeze dryers. Only Harvest Right does home units and the prices for the other manufacturers smallest dryers start at around $10k (understand my pricing info is several years stale…)

          Second of all, when I bought mine, I opted for Harvest Right’s “medium” which seemed to be the sweet spot, both for price and capacity.

          It is 18″w x 28¾”h and 23 3/8″d.

          The 18″ wide is a misnomer, because it requires a couple inches on either side for external fittings. Also, it’s probably about exactly 28″ high, without its feet. I never looked at the bottom, to see if the feet were a necessity. These numbers don’t take the pump into consideration. The pump is 6x12x16 and weighs 33lbs. The included plumbing allows some flexibility in where it’s placed.

          Tractor Supply and Home Depot are Harvest Right dealers, so it may be possible for you to check one out in-person. Also, the price seems to have bumped a couple hundred bucks since I bought mine. If you decide this is a good move, don’t forget to check out the Harvest Right website for pricing. They may be cheaper, and I believe mine shipped free. Also, they periodically hold “enter-to-win” give-aways…

        • “but didn’t see a power requirement. What are the amps on this?”

          They are 110VAC

          The small, medium, large, and extra large draw 9A, 9A, 10A, 13A, respectively; the small, medium, and large draw 15A on startup and the XL draws 17. Large and XL require a NEMA 5-20 wall outlet on a dedicated 20A line.

  11. Here is a statistic that is interesting to watch – when you can find the numbers. It is a pretty good indicator of the Chinese economy. ., and they are not doing very well at all.
    Visits to Beijing’s Yonghe Temple soared 530% in March and early April from a year ago.
    The spike in temple [ for financial guidance.] visits comes as China’s jobless rate for people 16 to 24 years old is at a record high 20.4%.
    And just how much worse would it get if the Chinese leaders decide to make a military move on Taiwan?

  12. They do Homeskillets , well maybe not springfield, but mine is chambered in 7.62. Built on a Anderson Mfg. AM-15platform, forearm pistol grip, topped off with a barska red dot., total length 26 inches. “Pepe” slices and dices better than a kinsu knife.

      • C’mon Man- registered – long guns from git go. Sold as pistols, but my FFL guy was adamant, and changed it.

        Just tell me the rules..Like a Kukri blade..must be “fed” blood meal if unsheathed..

        • Also spelled Khukuri for those not conversant with 7th century Gurkhas’ traditions and lore. Astoundingly good trivia amongst our well-traveled readers…

    • While we are making public confessions, I confess I have always avoided rifle-caliber pistols. There are too many complications and contradictions in the rules for them. The brace deal is just one of them.
      The other issue is that if you know how to operate a long barrel rifle effectively in close quarters, any advantage that the rifle-caliber pistol
      has is dubious. And there are bullpups available.

  13. 12 Counties in Oregon have now voted to succeed from Oregon and join Idaho.
    Don’t remember ever hearing anything like this before. Interesting.

    • You haven’t heard about this? It’s been going on for at least a year or as long as Slo Joe has been in office and the Left went into high gear over there. Has Idaho ever laid out the welcome mat for those counties?

  14. This new melt-up in a new Bull Market won’t last too long [ according to the bond market.] And with Europe now ‘officially’ in a recession, just how long can the U.S. hold-out. China is very weak economically and early indications are they are buying less from the U.S.
    – Melt-ups always end in a Melt-down. ., and The Fed may just supply the incentive for a sale with their interest rate announcement., and it appears the market, though struggling this morning, is trying to position itself for another rate increase.
    – Germany, the largest economy in the E.U. is in a recession., yet they are still funding the Ukraine and have announced that they will continue to raise interest rates to battle “persistent inflation”. Seem they have ways to go before bottoming out.
    I am still not sure how all of this is going to pan out over the next 90 days., or 180 days. Just too damn many variables., and toss in a nuke or two., and it is beyond my skill to work-out a mathematical formula / trip-point.
    ” Stay Frosty !”

  15. Interesting your mention of Emil Maurice. Mr. Maurice led an interesting life for a jewish guy in the 30s-40s. He joined the nazi party prior to Hitler, holding NSDAP member number 39 while Hitler was its 55th. For a time he was Hitler’s chauffeur. He was a member of the elite ‘Stosstruppe’ (bodyguard) or “Staff Guard” and was the first supreme SA Leader before Rohm. Most scholars agree he founded the Allgemeine SS holding SS member number 2 while Himmler, the best known leader or Reichsfuhrer of the SS was member number 168. He was no Jew ‘in-hiding’; everyone knew his religion. The fact is he remained in the party, a member of government as well as a member of the SS (along with his sibling brothers) till the end of the war. He was, in fact, one of Hitler’s oldest friends and they remained friends up until the end of their careers.

    Maurice was imprisoned with Hitler at Landsberg prison after the failed Nazi coup attempt in Munich and helped him write Mein Kampf. His religious background infuriated some of the high ranking Nazis like Himmler who recommended that Maurice be expelled from the SS and stricken from their roles. but Hitler told Himmler that no such thing would be done stating he was a “party comrade” and an “Old Fighter” for the cause. He declared him an “Honorary Aryan”, no one seemed to bother Maurice after that! As a member of the “Old Guard” and one of the earliest members of the party he was awarded what was known as the “Blood Order” pictured below which was, arguably, the most prestigious award ever bestowed on a member of the nazi party.

    From 1940 to 1942, he even served in the Luftwaffe, as an officer, in addition to being a senior officer of the SS throughout the war. Maurice remained a member of the party until the end and was arrested by the Allies in Starnberg on the 25th of may 1945. In 1948 he was interned for two years for “denazification” (reeducation) purposes. After the war he lived quietly in Munich and passed away on the 6th of February 1972.

    Ironically, he was but one of over a half a million Jews served in the Wehrmacht during the war years, along with two General Field Marshalls, two Full Generals (four star generals), eight Lieutenant Generals, five Major Generals and fifteen Generals. Why did Germany (the Third Reich) bestow twenty Jews with their highest military honor – the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross which is equal to the US Medal of Honor? These facts raise questions as to what you’ve been taught that virtually no one cares to consider or remember.

    If you never heard of these facts it’s because it wasn’t part of the historical ‘curriculum’ they taught you in high school about WW2. Ask yourself why? It wasn’t part of the curriculum because it didn’t support the historical ‘narrative’ that they decided they wanted you to believe.

    • Thank you Rick for the background information!

      Hitler certainly found a way to reach past the “Thinking Level” of the human mind and to reach into the “Subconscious Level” of the human brain, a place where emotions rule versus logic. The only people in today’s world, until Trump, who were “practicing successfully” (in the US) that type of speaking /writing were (are) fundamentalist religious preachers – etc. from all religious faiths.

      As my old college professor for Political Ideologies put it there is very little to differentiate Religious Dogma from pure Political Dogma as to their structural components. Add in a political speaker that speaks in the same manner as a fundamentalist religious type … and voila, you have a Secular Religion that is very very compelling to large portions of the population.

      THAT political dynamic of course has as a perfect example “Communism”, both the “European Flavor” and the “Semi-Communist” “Chinese Flavor” (which wrt China is mostly traditional Chinese Beliefs – ie: Middle Kingdom concept etc. – with some “Communism” put on top as an overlay). Create a virtual religion out of Political Dogma … and supplant religion in a society’s belief system.

      Fascinating subject for the intellectually curious, with REAL WORLD implications for the rest of us (and I agree with G’s comments about his friend that Trump has somehow latched onto that type of speaking that reaches beyond the thinking level and goes into the subconscious level of the brain)

      Don’t forget … often those Political Ideologies are often in reality just a cover for real Ethnic Hatreds that exist between different ethnic groups and are used as an excuse to justify another round of KILLING of that Ethnic Group that YOUR Ethnic Group LOVES TO HATE /and LOVES TO KILL.

  16. Hey Gman –

    Time to pick up a fallen knife, so turn up Ure economic heat and BOIL @ $2.53 per shs AND/or UNG Oct 10 Calls at $.26

    They be natural gas etf’s – soonly be “laughing all way to bank gas”

    Also liking Silver – with Newmonts Pensquito mine in Mexico going off line yesterday..looks like Nationalization is on the way in the precious metals space.

    rutrow wraggy, Wrombies!

  17. Curious anecdote about the similar vibe between the Trump rally and the old Nazi meeting place: The Nazi Party actually grew out of an occult society in Germany called the ‘Ariosophists,’ who did some dark magical workings after WW I to bring Germany into world power status. (Make American Great Again, anyone??). Some say that helped Hitler gain power. You can read about it here–

    Hopefully, The Donald is not doing the same sort of thing, but it looks like he might be….

  18. “Trump is increasingly likely to “do time” after his presidency. In fact, more than 100-years’ worth, as some hysterically anti-Trump media are gloating.”

    As Whoopi Goldberg pointed out, several weeks ago, there is nothing which prevents a President from conducting the business of The President, from jail, and there is nothing with which Trump could be charged, which would disqualify him from being President.

    I suspect his first act as President would be in the form of a pardon, and his second, a mass-firing of “top level” bureaucrats…

    • I don’t believe that there will be another election.. I am expecting them to go into COG with a national catastrophic situation.. and send everyone home and the USA becoming a police state.. you already see signs of the reasoning.. remember when a demonstration at the capital .. doesn’t matter if it was a psyop or not.. they put up razor wire.. Now the talk is fifteen million willing to do force.. come on .. this reeks of a psyop to claim a national emergency.. we have already seen what terrorist activities can do with the defunding of the police and destruction nation wide by BLM and Antifa.. and not a word about it.. even when we found out that someone was funding this whole thing just to target the nations poorest in the highest crime areas..
      then the fear of war.. within our own country seeing damage and the horrors of it.. no if we have an election I will be surprised.. when I will get terrorized is if the bumbler names the wicked witch of the NE.. no matter how much corruption or suicides they have done.. we seen them fire all the investigators on them.. they told congress to kiss their ass.. they don’t have to .. in the end it is all about the business model.. and they will push this situation to the limit.. Similar to the pedo satanic groups that they were investigating or the server from Hell or the laptop.. it will be a faded memory in just a year or two.. everyone is to busy now trying to survive that they just don’t care anymore.. instead they are buying guns to protect themselves..and their families..

  19. “Is A.I. smarter than lawyers? Here’s a data point: Lawyers say ChatGPT tricked them into citing fake cases ”

    Um, no. LAZINESS tricked them into citing fake cases. In the first instance of this, the lazy-assed shyster let ChatGPT write his entire brief so he could play a round at the 19th hole. The arguments were convoluted, circuitous, and contained many citations of non-existent cases the AI had created to substantiate its arguments. I believe the judge made reference to locking up any attorney and throwing away the key, should AI ever appear again in his courtroom…

  20. “Jack Daniels has experienced its share of marketing challenges lately. But here’s a win: Supreme Court news: Jack Daniel’s wins trademark battle over ‘Bad Spaniels’ parody dog toy.”

    I’ll bet the royalties payout doesn’t cover their losses from going woke and being budlighted…

  21. Question:

    How would the political landscape shake out, if Creepy Joe ditched Kammy and picked up RFK as his running mate…?*

    * I personally believe Kennedy would turn him down, but we’z just hypothecatin’ here…

    • christians in action selecting a Fitzgerald for slo’s running mate in 24′ ?

      Did you just stumble into my magic mushroom patch ? Please dont eat the red and white Amanita’s – they are for dried flower type arrangements..

      Also, request you look for your SOMA elsewhere from now on, as I am only so generous for the true seekers, others just a waste.
      Thank you for Ure cooperation and understanding in this 3rd eye opening experience. 10Q

      Now get in an exchange (no not binance)- and try and luv some crypto! : )

      • Luckily I don’t think they could pump enough vitamins into her for her to go very far in a campaign schedule. Now Billary’s daughter as a possibility … now THAT’s scary!

      • He wouldn’t pick the Hildebeast. Joe’s been around long enough that, even in his walking-comatose state, he still has a sense of self-preservation and knows his time would be up in 2/25…

        My actual question was to ponder whether RFK would make a Biden re-election palatable enough with the voters that they’d re-up the creeper…

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