Some “Good News:” About Doomporn

imageIt is an odd topic to be on this morning, after being a guest on a highly regarded national radio show (Coast2Coast with George Noory) last night. 

Especially on a morning when speculation over whether the NK nuke test fired the Hydrogen “bigger bomb” material.

While the show always has an interesting assortment of people on, few bring their comments from previous years with them.  I happen to be an exception, I suppose.

But my optimism about 2016 could quickly fade late this year, or early in 2017.  So this morning a kind of summary of where we are in the rhymes of history and how you may wish to prepare for what comes next.

The two questions in the headlines today involve nukes and jobs…we’ll start with the North Korean nuke test…

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11 thoughts on “Some “Good News:” About Doomporn”

  1. Info from David Wilcock on Jan 4 is that negotiations for the major global financial turnover are proceeding apace. He predicts the collapse will be this year. He says it will be temporary but rough. It will be followed by the new system ASAP, but be prepared to hang in there through the difficulties. The worst part is the most fanatical faction of the cabal will never surrender, so there will be some violence.

    As always, use your own discernment.

  2. My mind on gun control and people being killed if had not brought them into this country then would not had killed. Seems the mouth forgot. His tears are a Joke he does not care about American life’s. He puts our troops in harms way Everyday must be fired upon first the creep

  3. For a non sports fan,you hit it out of the park last night,George.My prediction for future elections:They’ll be calling her Hillary Hoover by 2018.Then,Palin takes over in 2021 with FDR type majorities and packs the Supreme Court to keep the USA safe from future Obamas.Aquarian Governors of large states get elected President 12 years after first having been defeated for national office as evidenced by FDR in 1920,Reagan in 1968.

  4. George, I’m optimistic about 2016 too. It definitely will not be as miserable as 2017 for Americans.

    That’s how it looks from Ecuador.

  5. I think this entry should be a strong contender for the writing competition you mentioned. I would strongly suggest several rounds of proofreading before submission though. Do you want the judges looking at what you wrote or at the mistakes that break the flow?

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