Small Business Start-Up Kit

Universe has just “knocked twice.”  When two people – one in the middle of the country and one on the west coast – ask you for a little business development and start-up guidance, it should be taken as a “sign from Universe” that it’s time to write a column to help people along moving toward new dreams.

We’ll go through the process of taking an “idea for a business” through fruition and look at how the web has changed the process of growing a business.

But first, some news headlines and a look at the markets which like the subject of Easter, may may have started to ascend into heaven to sit at right hand of the Almighty P&L..

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19 thoughts on “Small Business Start-Up Kit”

  1. Probably about time for that China trade deal to push it further ….or mark the top. That’s accounted for what about 2,000 points about 100 to 150 every time they goose the algo’s with the promise of a trade deal.

  2. If anyone has a trade skill they want to monetize as a side hustle…forget going to Home Depot and other analog ways. There are apps for that. I exclusively use Thumbtack and TaskRabbit for everything. If I have a house I am selling and need a painter, plumber or electrician…I go to these apps..they give you several choices and people bid for your job.

    I use it for house cleaning, landscaping and other tasks as well. Download them and see for yourself. Even little start up moving companies have their own app. It’s called It’s the Uber of moving. If I need a sellers furniture moved into my storage unit to make room for staging, I can call them and get same day moving at a pretty darn good cost.

    There are a thousand or so apps for side hustles. Most were developed here, because tradesmen especially need that extra money to afford to live here in the Bay Area..many now are making enough to call it their full time job.

    • Knowing these markets is key to allowing yourself to focus on your core business! Without that, mass quantities of time are wasted doing what can be outsourced. There’s always a cost plus though, so the core business model had better have sufficient profit built in.

  3. Trump will cave in on the trade deals while the media will sell it as a great win win for the orange clown,meanwhile with gas at $4.60 a gallon in Cali. and project to rise to as high as $6.00 a gallon and the rest of the country will follow suit, because of his stupidity on the Iranian agreement one can only wonder what will happen to the economy built on lies debts and deceptions.!!!

    • “Trump will cave in on the trade deals”

      There is nothing to cave!! It was all b/s in the first place. People buy the best offer, and that’s it. Trump can stand on his head and wiggle his toes, and he will achieve NOTHING with regard to trade, because it is you and I, and what we buy that determin trade, IMHO.

      • “Trump will cave in on the trade deals”

        Bruno.. what constitutes caving and successful negotiations.

        When you negotiate a trade you always ask for more than your willing to accept.

  4. Great article today George! I found it really relevant! One detail – I didn’t understand the term “gut it out”. My bad I suppose, but I can only guess at what you might mean.

    I like the sequence and the emphasis on “core business”. It certainly gives an idea as to how to address writing an outline of any particular business plan. It’s important to know what outsourcing is possible and where to find markets for such things.

    Planning is much cheaper before anything really starts!

      • Thanks George. I totally agree. That actually made the difference between bk and success a decade ago.

  5. Prechter at Elliott Wave has now given up on a meltdown in 2019 and says the only wave counts that make any sense will be a grand top in 2020 or even 2021 followed by a century SOL. I would be curious to see what Landry is seeing.

    • Oracles come in a lot of flavors. Rule one, don’t commit money based solely on the advice of an oracle. Sometimes the bad oracle is the best kind. Which is more useful, a mainstream talking head whose advise is consistently right 52.5% of the time, or the flake whose advice is dead wrong 80% of the time in a particular area, regardless of which way real-life events are going? Contrarian indicators are as good as any other kind. Oracles whose advice is always the same regardless of what is going on in the real world aren’t really oracles; they are usually professional soreheads or pitchmen. Caveat emptor applies. G____ has a lot of hands-on experience in dealing with the different flavors of oracles. Maybe G____ needs to post an introduction to sorting out online prophets and oracles.

      • Yeah, well this oracle claims how do i say it. “Cosmic consciousness” and an in with ETI (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence).

        I am a very astute, “sensitive” and i have unique eyes. If i shift them in a certain way (hard to describe) i can seen things within the spaces of peoples words. There is a similar “code” between the spaces of a few other’s i have read. Mostly “Elite” types or those claiming thus.

        Most 99.99% of the world only gives attention to the words as information and patterns of recognition. Assembly points of cognitive value and enlargly ignore the spaces inbetween the words as having any value. Cause thats how we were trained.

        By consciousnly ignoring the spacing around the words and letters the information is transfered to the subconscious.

        There is many reasons for this. #1. Subliminal programing. #2 controlling the timing and tempo of the reader giving greater impact to the words that are double spaced around, by slowing the tempo of thought. #3. Gives the semblance of funtional biology, emulating breathing in and out, and a more natural
        accepted as “truth” or “living” word #4. Its a form of hypnosis. #5. It also is a way to convey a hidden message for only those with eyes to see. #6. it also produces a subconscious “leak” so that without knowing the person conveying their words leaks personal information about them. Sometimes in blatent graffic pictographs and glyphs. #7. It also can channel images into your mind that later for recall. So it may seem like a form of “synchronicity” or intuition, and can produce “dreams” with those images. so that the person thinks they are on a Divine path or the wrong path and change course. When they were on the right path to begin with. #8. Influence by “other” entities can also cause a person to present hidden (through spacing) data in a way so that it is influential to others without the person or the others being aware.

        Also, on top of all this, there is this: every octave has a corisponding color. And within the words of someone, they can create images within them, geometric images in the mind without a person knowing, or by doing so intently.

        There is as much information found in the spacing acound the words.

        To untrained eye, nothing is even noticed. Just a regular dialog is happening.

        Please note: i do NOT do this on Urban Survival. Many of you do without realizing it in the form of “sub consiouness leaks” . I guard my mind and convey things in the ordinary way. Like i said hundreds of times, i dont say everything i see. And i mostly ignore much of what i see as none of my buisness.

        Im sure you have seen me go off on a few commenters about a few things. George has.

        Think of it like this example:
        A while ago they used to sell these Pictures at the mall. At first glance it was just a bunch of dolphins printed over and over or Giraffes or sail boats. Nothing other than that at first value. Yet it if you looked at it in a certain way, the Dolphin image would present a sail boat in 3D inside. The Giraffe image would have a Lion in the 3D in the Center and the Sail Boat would have the Image of a City in the back ground.

        Much is the same within peoples words.

        This oracle is doing exactly that. There is pictographs or glyps, code written both vertically and diagonally, and controling timing and tempo of the reader along with images produced through the avenue of octave cohesion.

        All the while conveying at face value “everything is Zen”. This “oracle” is indeed very very very intelligent. However, i have yet to make a full assessment of Her/His presentation. Normally i can spot a female or male writer without them ever telling me so right out the gate. And this Oracle is doing very well ad keeping that hidden.

        Anway, i will report back. Lol

      • It also is very important to rememeber that it is very improper and not ethical to take advantage of others subconscious leaks. Especially when nobody here is “God”. Including myself. This is a large reason i dont do personal readings. It is also why i dont say everything i see. The subconscious is a tricky thing. I always review my own words many times to see what is to unfold in my personal future and to see what is hidden within them. I do my best to guard my mind from others, who may be capable of reading into me the same way as well.

        I cant be the only one who recognizes and has the ability and capacity to view such things. I am not so arrogant.

        Active Meditation has produced much of what i am telling you. I have spent the greater part of over 25 years actively meditating. holding that line between dreaming and awake. So much so, that i do it quite a bit through out the day, without even realizing im doing it.

        Plus, for over 25 years, i have litterally asked for a few things. #1. Eyes to see. #2. Ears to hear. #3 a heart of discernment. #4. A mind of comprehension. #5. The willingness to do the next right thing. Every day. Over and over i asked for those things.

        Fyi: The subconscious knows much of the future of a person that the conscience isnt aware of. Hopes, desires, actions, dilemma and choices.

        The soul resides within the body, the spirit resides outside the Body and leads the soul and its body to where it goes. I have seen this through active meditating, while in public places.

        Anyway, i have a date with my more than likely future next wife to the beach today. We shall see. :)

        Its time again, for me to settle down and be with just one.

        A prenup before I do, will definitely be in order. Lol

      • “””If i shift them in a certain way (hard to describe) i can seen things within the spaces of peoples words. There is a similar “code” between the spaces of a few other’s i have read. Mostly “Elite” types “”

        If I tried that with the elite types or MSM I would be afraid all I’d see is this smelly brown stuff oozing over the networks engulfing the good citizens of our planet..

    • Oh looking, i havent read a MSM site in probably a good 4 or 5 years. I rarely watch TV. Approximately an hour a week on rare occasions and mostly movies. Sometimes go months without watching it. I think go to the theater 4 or 5 times a year. Everything i need to know, is presented right in front of me, most all the time. If i pay, attention. sometimes i dont, pay attention. Just because.

      Off to get a cut and a beard trim. Have a great day!

  6. …shhh…the gallery pauses as a dimpled, round ball marches across a green lawn, and then…

    Hello, United States? This is Jester phoning one in-

    Wow, spent too much time on the holodeck with the 3D chess pieces. Bishop started speaking android and all hell broke loose as the Alien Queen tried to breach the neutral zone and set pods in the Western Borg; then I woke up.

    So yes, maybe not all the quatrains are written for the waves lapping up against the sands of time?

    You’ve heard the one about the Land of the Great Wall being the first to ground Max. Are you seeing the Serpent poised to take a bite out of the apple? The Flower’s splendid achievement advertising has shifted from soft nuance to shilling a less expensive product. Perhaps the wharehouse robot can guarantee assembly line to buyer untouched by human hand? It may be worth considering that while the apple constitutes the largest employee group in the People’s Republic, the overall concern is owned in The Republic across the dire straits. As the history books previously record, rubber plants have hit the road before.

    Bungelosstrasse! Quick, jump down the rabbit hole before they’re ten feet tall! ‘Appiness is a warm gun said not Bungalow Bill who was a wealthy man by the way.

    As always, thank you for the uplyfting words, u be r man for these interesting times!

    • ROTFLMFAO! Dear Gesture, Show me the ‘money’. Money for nothing and chicks for free? Tell the sultans of Swede, If Eye be The Man of The Hive, tell the Queen to present herself and like pronto.

      Im pretty good at battleship. B22. Among other things. Is that a hint Hit? Only one letter seperates them. And is present.

      I do not concern myself with trivial things such as paranoia.

      Other than that, i miss things all the time. Id like them returned.

      Through the flashing lights that hypnotize, blinded by manifest destiny. Only The Supreme Creator holds the key. Eyed like to see more of the above, below.

      Rabits and their karious clocks. Curiously curious, curiouser. You know the used to make glue from Horses? How tragic is that!

      All things adhesive.

      illo tempore.

      Definitely a thinking mind, can relate.

      Oh dont go. We’ve only just begun. And that my friend, is something i can bank on.

  7. Agree and applaud all as spot-on.

    Two additions:

    1) Do what you love.
    Find a way. No matter what it is SOMEbody (else) is making a
    living at it. You can, too. You’re gonna over-work anyway, it
    comes with the territory, so at least over-work at things you like.

    2) Every day, in every way, look — plan & scheme — to the happy
    day when you can SELL IT and do something else. Be in a
    position — ALWAYS — where you can accept a check, and drop
    the front door keys into the hands of the new owner. ALWAYS
    plan for Cash Out & Go Away Day. This is why that except for
    the very, very beginning, don’t base your business at home or
    in your garage. Move out and into commercial space as soon
    as revenues permit. You can’t sell your garage operation. You
    can sell a Going Concern in rented or owned business space.
    Your New Owner could be somebody you hired as a worker.
    Who knows better about the potential for the business?

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