Site “Trump Policy”

  1.  Bashing President Trump is a new industry.  We don’t allow it here.  The MainStreamMedia (MSM) has been pissed since the 2018 election cycle because Trump went “Consumer Direct” via his free-wheeling Tweets.  If you don’t like Trump, vote next time.
  2. Not only is the MSM pissed, but so is the Deep State.  We refer to that level of federal employee who has enjoyed “Gatekeeper” status in the past.  By controlling corporate news department “access” they were able to wield immense power.  Going, going….
  3. Social Media is a serious threat to American Democracy.  There are serious anti-American forces that don’t believe in the Constitution and are sworn to the cause of ending the Electoral College.  Thus, the importance to them of regurgitating the “Trump didn’t win the popular vote” spew about 2018.  It’s all an effort to end our Representative Democratic Republic.  No threat, not even the Nazis, were such a vile threat.  Today’s enemies are aided and abetted by co-opted and questionable members in Congress.  Oh, and repost, retweet software should be banned.  It’s more dangerous to our freedom than any rifle or handgun in the longer-view of history.
  4. Congress has abandoned fidelty to the Nation.  They have abandoned their rightful role as controlling the money, responsibly budgeting, securing our borders and ensuring genuine equality. Instead, they have endorsed anti-human  practices such as  “reverse discrimination” and simply allowing a Bankster Class to make up “money.”  We also support legislation which would require either the FERC or FTC to hold all officeholders of national office accountable for complying with “Truth in Advertising Laws.”

For example: Congress has promised to “end poverty” since the Johnsonian Great Society scam which busted up families and reinforced federal expansionism.  55-years – more than half a freakin century later, no progress.  WTF?  And secure the borders while they’re at it, please!!!!  Otherwise, can (or recall) their sorry asses and get representatives in place who are responsive to voters.  See the upcoming Peoplenomics report on “Responsive, Adaptive Online Governance.”  If your bank can  be “online” and responsive, why not government?

We want responsible, metrics-accountable government.  We had it in the past and there’s been no vote by We The People on its revocation.

Our Simple Pro-America (“Trump”) Policy

This site is exclusively a personal opinion-writing expression of George Ure, a 70+ year old, long-time journalist and corporate media expert.  He “calls ’em like he sees ’em.”

He has tired of the virulent anti-Trump, anti-Constitution agenda and has set forth the following rules (as a  website “Trump Policy”)  which will be interpretted and acted upon at his sole discretion without recourse:

  1.  Anyone May Post a Comment.  We believe that an informed discussion of civic issues is central to an informed electorate.  Distortion, deliberate misstatements, slander, and poor research are not.  You will read things on this site you likely won’t agree with.
  2. Ure requires comment posts be responsive to the headline.  If a story is about US involvement somewhere in the world, introducing president Trump (or the derelicts in Congress) is not acceptable except insofar as they are directly responsible. Meaning: Comments must be response to the topic and not go off the rails.
  3. No ad hoiminem attacks on other Posters.  We have a diverse readership and value our cultural differences.  It’s one of the things that makes America great.  No matter how angry you get with a person, you will have to be respectful in your posts or your comments risk being trashed.  Repeated infractions may lead to banning.
  4. If Subscriber Content, ONLY Subscribers may Comment.  We have a premium content site,  It’s $40-bucks a year and includes a lot of work not seen here on the “free side.”  If you are not a subscriber and offer a comment on a Peoplenomics article without first reading it in its entirety, your comment (as a non-subscriber) may be trashed.
  5. Umpire’s calls are final.  If, in Ure’s (admittedly cranky and caustic) view, something’s out of bounds, and he trashes it, too bad.  (The Toughski-Schitsky Policy.)
  6. This is a monetized website.  I don’t need to operate this website, but I think there’s a ton of value here.  Critical thinking you won’t find anywhere else. Tons more on the subscriber side.   We have only two advertisers on the free site:  Amazon and Google. If you are a subsciber, I may soon be mirroring Urban content on the COMMERCIAL-FREE subscriber side, in addition to thousands of past in-depth articles available through the Peoplenomics Master Index page.
  7. If you’re not clear (though we can’t understand how you could possibily misconstrue any of this) ask!


Thank you…