ShopTalk Sunday: Day of Invention

A garden note to begin with.

I have been happy with those “poo pots” for starting plants in.  However, one oddity this week.  Went up to the garden to water only to discover that an animal had dug out a couple of them and had taken a bite out of the container.

I suspect a rodent family member (squirrel?) as the smell of compressed cow poo might appeal to them.  Could have been a skunk, possum, or who knows.

So if you use these pots, be sure and bury them so nothing of pot material is above ground.

Since I reset a few and then added  a heavy spritz of crushed (bulk) red chili peppers around the plants, no more issues.

3D Printing

Plans for a “Dream to Done” 3D shop project have been pushed back a week – which I’ll explain in a sec.

But here’s my review of “Bed Weld” from Amazon if you’re thinking about using what’s essentially a thermal parting compound to make FDM plastic printing a joy:

“Since I do a fair bit of 3D printing covered on both my urbansurvival and ultra-make websites, here are two hacks we love!
When I am doing a SUPER high quality print, I find the applicator on the top of the BedWeld leaves too rough a finish when dried – even on a heated glass bed.
So the answer (YMMV) is to apply a bit less than normal of the BedWeld (I apply normal amount but leave a 20 mm border around edges of the bed of a CR3 or 20-30 MM uncovered on a CR-10).
Hack Specifics: Before the BedWeld dries, like right away – I pour on a teaspoon (or a tad more) of 70% isopropyl alcohol.
Next take a cheap fingernail file and quickly use the wide part of the brush to mix the alcohol with the Bed Weld.
Technically this slightly thins the BedWeld so that it will “settle” more evenly. You push the excess out to the edges as desired, covering the whole bed. It’s like adding a bit of thinner to varnish for the DDG final ultra- glossy finish. Takes out the applicator marks (which I think of as brush strokes, if you follow).
Using this, you get a super-smooth first layer and it will be easy to remove the print and the bottom layer will look perfect (if you have your filament temps dialed perfectly – a long discussion but keep a notebook with filament brands and temps).
The second hack is when you are in a hurry to get onto the next print, a spritz of electronic circuit cooler spray can (especially if you’re running modest rafting) will cause the new print to pop off super-easily from the ultra-smooth Bed Weld prepped bed.
Using this method, I recoat a bit more often (every or every-other print). But the first layer? OMG yeah!
And sure, don’t be an idiot: Those drying alky fumes are flammable. A little common sense, please.
But after running several bed types, the flatness of the thick boro-glass PLUS Bed Weld plus some drops of isopropyl to remove “applicator tracks” and another minute or two drying time, gives me really incredibly good results.
The longer you heat the bed (Bed Weld likes 60C even for PLA, more 75C on ABS) the more even adhesion.

Great product: 3D Printer Adhesive Glue Bed Weld Original, Strong Grip Reduces Warping for ABS, ASA, PLA, and PETG Filament on Heated Build Plates.  Toss in a jug of isopropyl but remember it’s flammable when using this hack.

Invention Day

We will need to pass on our usual “hands-on project” orientation this morning.  For the simple reason I got sidetracked Saturday.

Sure enough, there was a fine project.  Zero-clearance table saw insert process map and build. Would have made a great article. Maybe next week.

But the facts of life don’t always  allow free-running goal achievement.

Elaine’s laptop decided to bite the dust.  No big deal – it’s 10 years old and maybe more like 12 or 14.  The usual efforts (new battery, fresh CMOS battery, memory resets, swapped memory cards…there’s more) didn’t budge it.

About here, I decided to replace it with my own laptop.  I do virtually all meaningful work on an aging desktop but it handles the load just fine.

Setting up my laptop for her was a bit of a learning curve.  Basics are no problem.  Unfortunately, though, with her laptop down, I had no way to recover her email password from our Internet provider.  The one we call (with no love in our voices) Century Late.  (She can’t remember, neither can I…)

Seems they (CenLate) have changed their tech help line number – so it’s not what’s on their web site.  And unlike a fast-mover in tech space (AWS fer instance) the *alleged* telephone company can’t get a password reset by email to save their souls.  So not until Monday.

I knew four years ago that it would come to this.  That was when my last “customer disappointment” appeared.  “Sorry Mr. Ure, we can’t get the system to accept your “secret question” or “secret answers.”

They’re still a CenturyLate.

Invention Day

Doing computer work didn’t slow me to a halt.  There was still some material moved around with the tractor.  But with a coupled of inches of rain just fallen here, the ground is soft.  Driving tractors on rain soaked earth is not something good for driver, tractor, or the soil itself.  Compaction of high clay soils is avoided.

A few more plants went into the garden.  A 3D print was finished on the smaller printer.  Peoplenomics rolled out on time thanks to a 4:30 AM wakeup call.

By the time I decided to jot down this note, it was 4 PM Saturday.

I was stewing over my lack of accomplishment for the day and decided the best course to rectify things would be  taking a day of from writing and devote the whole day today planning, action, and invention.  Starting at 6 AM.

A Bias to Action is one of the most valuable things a person can have, next to an innate curiosity and the skill to learn any new subject in short-order.

But before Action you need a Vision and Plan.  And, as  natural companion, lots of “invention.”  Like the old engineering flow chart says:  “Insert Magic Here.”

Vision’s simple enough:  You close your eyes and “put yourself in the future” with whatever the project is that holds your attention.  See it all done PERFECTLY.  Every detail is savored, improved, delighted-in.  Then, when you open your eyes, the planning falls into place.  You simply arrange waking world to the vision.

Since you’ve already “seen” what the perfect finished outcome is, what’s left is often less than gathering tools and materials and getting after it.  Next is how to shortcut the work and now you’re a productive monster.

Where “Invention” comes into play is when you’re not crystal on what the “perfect vision is.”  The “insert magic” part.


I’ve written a lot about this on the Peoplenomics site over the years.  Check the Archives.  TRIZ, says Wikipedia…

“…is “a problem-solving, analysis and forecasting tool derived from the study of patterns of invention in the global patent literature”.[1] It was developed by the Soviet inventor and science-fiction author Genrich Altshuller (1926-1998) and his colleagues, beginning in 1946. In English the name is typically rendered as “the theory of inventive problem solving“,[2][3] and occasionally goes by the English acronym TIPS.”

Ah – nearly another Asimov type?

There are only 37 processes to invention:  make something faster, slower, larger, smaller, do it before, or after, make it heavier, re-dimension it…. Well, you know the list.  (Or, really should!)

How to learn the art:  And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared: TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.  Some paperbacks do have $40 bucks worth of content to  them.

When the Outcomes Change

As I think I’d mentioned, son George II was planning to come down here and sample life outside the PNW for a while. Write a book, reroof the shop….(which would have paid well).

But, his priorities have changed (at least likely so, more on this coming). He’s eyeing a potential offer of a full time Covid-Warrior job with a local health department.  He’d done an amazing job on Covid incident response teams and sometimes cream rises to the top.

Thing is: He thinks his cred and rep are there (near Wenatchee, WA), not here.

Since we won’t have his additional labor handy, projects backing up  here have to be reconsidered, re-planned, directions adjusted.  In fact, the whole future of “Uretopia” may have to be re-imagined.


Today is a real “pseudo-day off” while I tend to many of the checklist items not completed Saturday due to Chance blowing things up.

We’ll be back tomorrow morning, regardless of Murphy’s Law (and anything that can go wrong) after the “What is not yet” (future) has been set back in its proper place.

In flying a marginal IFR approach, today is what can be thought of as a “go-round.”  When touchdown comes off the table, power is added and we rethink where the safest landing is and how to improve on the next pass.

In life – as in flying – the safest course is often to ensure you can see the successful vision with crystal clarity.  Takes thinking and a change of plans when clouds are moving around.

Which they will.  Both of a five-mile final, or in life generally.

Write when you get rich, (and tell Murphy I’m pissed!)

15 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Day of Invention”

  1. Wenatchee ? I live in Chelan. Haven’t heard of any Covid projects starting up. What Health Service might that be ??

    • Chelan Doug county – he’s at the FD 3 site in Leavenworth doing fire and in Appleville (Wenatchee) doing cv stuff. Interesting kid (going on 41, but until you get social sec. ure still a kid, lol)

  2. aka the Qtard, like Ricky Gervais, at the golden awards show, I don’t care what others say, I don’t care anymore. Remember, he was talking directly to the satanic pedophile/pedovores in the room,, wake up sheeple, They Live

    Dept of Defense Law of War manual
    section XI is military occupation, also is the name of that Chyna guy

    Q posts, ,for your refence to explore

    then there is this nerdy guy, who cross references the Q posts (by post number) with like numbered parts from the DoD manual section XI. It is a little over an hour long. Some of the stuff he covers from the manual reminds me of Dianne Feinstein’s nervous Questions during the Kavanaugh hearings, about the military’s authority over citizens
    I usually read the links from the anti-Trump folks, so I can better see their points of view. How else can I learn. So I challenge you’ll to explore.

  3. Let me ask you something George. Let’s say you wrote a report that is 100% accurate. 100% while writing it you discovered things very very very few people in the planet know. Details about things hidden in plane site. Nobody knows. Almost having an other world experience through the process into intricate workings of things you never considered, in unimaginable detail, have visions of your life after you post it for sale. Like seeing the winning lotto numbers on all the lotterys at once. In fact posting this said report would draw so much attention to you that it would be all over the world as if you 7 lotteries all in the same day.

    Then it hits you. If you publish this report, its gonna piss some people off. Some super elite that have more wealth and power than you have ever even thought existed, who would drop a billion on a card game in some private back room place and could make people disappear so fast nobody would even remember they existed in the first place. And they told you. Give those reports and I will editi them, so the one ya sell to everyone is about 70% accurate. If ya dont. Your whole family will be “handled” and trust me son, there is alot of things in this world that are worse than dying. We could kid nap you and one of your kids and nobody would ever find you and you can watch your child through a two way mirror get tortured every day…. sorta vision…as I stood above this realm and looked around at the result of if I had written a report that was 100% accurate and was like hitting 7 jackpot lottos on the same day…

    Now I havent slept in 37 hours. I been hard at it. In a meditative state for hmmmm 22 hours of that.

    Would you sell it anyway?! Bet your skill against their power and wealth, bet your childs life on your relationship with the Dude. Mind you eventually everyone would die and eventually the person who hurt me would feel it all… but would you publish it anyway, knowing there was a great possibility at getting that noticed?

    I mean I met alot of people in this life. I was talking to Jake Anderson, Skipper of the Saga on The Show Deadliest Catch friday night. Talked to him for a while at a gas station. He actually approached me. I didn’t recognize him at first.

    Ya see when people around me find out I can see the worlds future?????? They all leave and look at me wierd, like I’m a freak. Like I’m some kinda demi God or even worse. Especially when I back it up with links and facts. Only a very few stay friends with me. Like my ability to see the future makes them less than and I kinda get shamed for it from my tribe of peers. And I already spend alot of time alone. Lol

    Would ya bet your kids, bet your life and every one around you looking at you like ya have the fuckin plague, and everyone in the world would know you wrote the next 8 months of future to a T. 100% and run the risk of getting attention from some elite power and wealthy ain’t even the word for it, attention for messing up their plans??? Get labotimized or worse. Willing to bet your relationship with God and your skills against their wealth and power? While alienating yourself from everyone on the planet as some sorta freak????
    I want an honest answer. The report is 70% done. The rest is in my head. Should I make mistakes on purpose? I can finish it in about 2 hours. But I will tell ya what!

    Is it good to do so. Is the risk worth taking??? Or is it better to make mistakes on purpose so nobody finds out how accurate you really are…because I just keep getting better and better at this. or just walk the F away and go get a day job and be a normal human with the herd?
    What say you???

    Lay that royal flush on the deck or fold and walk away? Because after you swoop all them chips up? You might not make it to the door. Even if they are legit cards.

    Sure is a pickle. Quite the ponder.

  4. Me thinks the price is too costly. As you know, I dont like alot of attention. I dont want crowns, titles, fame, prestige or anyone of them browny buttons. All that shit does it put a big fat letter Pride on ya. And a pedestal for the whole world to see and you to fall from grace on. I got THE TOUCH, no doubt about that. Nobody would argue that. Big difference being touched and THE TOUCH.

    And a big fat fckin target on my back.

    I been in this pickle before. Real world honest to God True life shit. With some really bad people and I made a few moves they hadn’t considered and the whole game got dropped. But it involved burlap sacks and shovels and chainsaws in the mountains if i messed up. Best case scenario life in prison.

    And I walked away victorious because they decided to rethink their position and I didnt return to the situation. Too risky.

    I know men like that. They dont want to be good. They want to be bad. That is their job in this world. Being bad.

    However is it enough to dethrone those who have been on the seat for maybe Aeons? Worth the Risk? I mean everyone gotta die. Still is my skill enough to go toe to toe with them? And risk innocent lives as chips on the table? What if they are holding back and playing possum?

    I’d rather be well to do and mostly unknown, than be famous anyway.

    Does that make me a sell out? Or smart? The only way to win that game is not to sit down and play it. and they are always itching to play it. They been at it a very long time.

    Way above the red shield gang type fellas. The True Power Elite.

    I think I’m gonna have to think about this a while. Better to have THE SKILL and help people and not draw too much attention to myself. Save it for a rainy day, I don’t really feel like being hung on a cross like Jesus did. And all the prophets before him. Does that make me a pussss? Nope. Makes me smart.

    Live to fight another day. My job on this planet isnt to be neighbors with the Kardashians. my job is to help those THE DUDE brings into my path. Like Jake the Captain of the Saga on Deadliest Catch. who’s theme song is wanted dead or alive. Which has been playing in the background the entire time I been working on the report.

    Hmmmmmm may not be back for a while. Time to go just be human. Have a think. I’m interested in Ure Opinion tho….. WWGD? What would George do? If he had the perfect 100% report written on the next 9 months of future? Go for it? Run into battle guns blazing. Or walk away? Or make errors on purpose. As to not get too much attention from the unsavory kind. The kind who write on a person’s name on a cocktail napkin who the next president is, on some yacht in the Mediterranean before he ever announced publicly he is running.

    There is men of this caliber in this world George. I assure you. Just like if you weren’t in the club of HA, and went around blabbing their plans? They wouldnt be too happy about that. Who wants 30 big mean guys in leather showing up unanounced at 3am on a Tuesday to have a talk? Not me. Im stuff but I ain’t stupid.

    And these guys are way higher up the food chain.

    I know of people who have talked too much on shows like Art Bell who disappeared over night. Left no trace. And other shows. I mean look at Epestine and the never ending list of those who talked a bit too much.

    Even if I got it all through meditation and other means. And not from reading secret papers in person. Sometimes I’m a complete idiot. And sometimes I’m too smart for my own good. I’d like to be Just Andy. Lol regular fella with a honey in cow girl boots and a fishing pole.

    Ya feel me bro?

  5. I quit. Take care. I won’t even be back to look at Ure reply. I’m just gonna go be a regular fella and blend in with the rest of the herd. I got 68 years left on this planet. I spent enough of it on the internet.
    Doesnt matter anyway. Lots of big changes coming for everyone. best to keep a low profile and foot print anyways. Super grateful for everyone and everything. I’m gonna go have a regular life.

    Oh dont you worry. I will still be honing my skills and just doing the same stuff you read in all my stories. What else would I do. Its what I do because of who I am. You will know them by their works. Just like you know me by mine.

    ~THE DUDE Abides ~ and I will be out there working the field of people with HIM.

    All the best to you and yours.

    • And now you know why Nostradamus wrote in riddles. I understand your pain and fears. It’s a shame… you will be missed. Perhaps you could write your visions of the future anonymously, and drop them under a pseudonym someplace like GLP, with no clue who they come from. Your accuracy would be something for someone else to discover in the future. You would need to completely disassociate yourself from the writings, to protect yourself. Whatever your path, Godspeed, spirit-walker!

      • Or drop them here.
        (I worry what it means when a lot of people in that 35-55 age group – which includes Andy and my son – begin to flip-flop on goals, priorities and such. Not sure what it means but more in the column this morning…

  6. Frost is in the forecast for Tuesday night. I have two plantings of vegetable seed in the ground , but nothing will germinate until it warms more. Last year we had a cool spring followed by a parched summer. If I were depending on those vegetables to stay alive, I would be looking to develop another source of water, or build a greenhouse, or both. Still, in the current operating environment, correctly evaluating priorities and trends may be the difference between making it, or not. This year’s nonchalant indifference may be next year’s forever lost opportunity.

  7. I will give you 3 events before I go for free.

    #1.There is a very high potential of people becoming physcally blind in the next 6-9 months from taking the Vaccine. Spacifically BioNTech, Pfizer vaccine.

    #2. There is a very very high potential that the event on the back of the folded $10dollar bill will happen may 17th this year. I honestly think the building Hotel 66 in Ft Lauderdale. Its either this year or 2025. I can’t quite cipher the hidden dot matrix lingo on the back. The first time I discovered it I ran dates though 100’s of different fonts. I discovered a script better the letter that uses the outline of Master engraver set of Music Notes and Accounts. Old school Master Engraver set. Translate the notes and counts into letters and numbers. At first I thought it was braille. In between the letters and in their shape outline. Not the $20, the $10. The one you fold it it and it looks like a nuke went off above it with pink like “radio active numbers floating” the master engraver music notes template, came back 51721 the firs time I translated it it said 51725. So I double checked twice and it came back 05-17-21

    #3. There is high potential that we are looking at a V invasion in the near future maybe as soon as july 4th. Like the old mini series about the Aliens showing up. I shit you not. I have so much data on that. I didnt want to write it because it is super far fetched. I can tell you they are very big compared to us. Like 10-12 feet tall. I had several visions of them in meditation at the White House standing with humans and the humans looked like little children. So much supporting data from Argatha and below depths coming to the surface due enlargely to magnetosphere issues affecting their world but they will be ushered in as from outer space. This is part of the reason for the release of the Vaccine and the Covid 19 and the Wearing of masks.

    I would never in my right mind write that. But I have soooooo much data supporting it. I had to look at it. Something to do with “Vulkree” war with the V race too. The V dudes are like giant lizards but they wear camouflage to look like humans. Just like in V but they are really tall. Twice as big as humans.

    Anyway. I have almost 25 pages. But I’m walking away. Part of the V dudes arrival will stop world war 3 on earth doesn’t mean there wont be a nuke not going off. I just know when they arrive the whole world comes to a screeching halt. No more BLM or antifa stuff everyone is glued to their TV. No more problems with China, Russia. Etc etc.

    Anyway. Take care. I got a figure out my own stuff. Hope I’m wrong. Lol I found some even crazier shit while in meditative trance writing. So I was like, yeah I think I’m just gonna work my way back into the crowd. I don’t need a front row seat for this shit.

  8. Something haarp damaging the magneticsphere. The magnispherre allows us to live on earth but it keeps the Vulkrey dudes from materializing? And the Vulkrey dudes are hunting the V dudes.

    I know everybody that sounds like some serious out there crazy talk. I dont know how to describe it anymore than what I seen and all the supporting data. The V dudes live below the earth’s crust. But they will appear like they came from outer space and that saying in the bible keeps going through my mind. When you see the thing that shouldn’t be standing in the place that it shouldn’t be, you run for the mountains and you dont go back for jack squat.

    There is alot more stuff on the report but I I’m too chicken shit to draw that much attention to me. I’d rather be smart. So, I am activating a new track phone number and going to work like the ants are which is super hard to store up my food for winter. I dont know if any of ya noticed the ants this year. But they are on like crack! I never seen them work this hard. I was up 36 hours straight and I never seen the line of moving food to the hidey hole stop one time out on the front yard. Usually they only are working in the day time. Not all hours none stop.

    If you ain’t paying attention to the ants? Doing what they are doing? You might be shit out if luck come winter. Them ants are making haste like winter is tomorrow. never seen anything like it in all my years. Never seen them go them ants work that hard. Maybe they know something is up? Ya think?

    So we will catch ya later. I quit. I’m moving on to other things. I got my reasons. More than a few. And every one is loosing their fucking minds lately. Everyone in the grocery stores and every where I go are just talking incoherently on some days. Or saying crazy shit in the chatter around me. More so than normal. Something is affecting their minds. Something is eating away at everyone’s sanity. Little bit day by day. I’d rather be In the woods fishing then in the cities when it gets way worse and soon

  9. LOL someone asked me if I still had some of the wine that tastes like rum left… they were thinking of having a bar-b-que…. Had to tell them I had a tad bit left.. I would share a bottle with them.. LOL…. then I made the discovery that my regulator for the black stone griddle was bad or needed to be reset just as I was going to make them…. dam and I was going to make pan cakes on it this morning and then that happens..not thinking I probably opened the valve before I turned on the tank.. happens all the time.. Now that sucks.. If I would have had more time I would have reset the regulator but everyone was clamoring for pancakes..

  10. Wow, “crazy” finds so many ways to express itself that it gets harder to fathom than ever, methinks.
    Is it because many people have it too good in their lives? My wish: You all stay healthy, and most of all, try to stay sane in this crazy world.

  11. George,

    Regarding Elaine’s computer and e-mail challenges, you might consider a switch to Proton e-mail, $5 monthly but privacy and service. I heard about it from Catherine Austine Fitts weekly, there are one or two others she recommends as well. We will be transitioning our own e-mail over there (will take more than a year to do so as I do not want to miss the monthly/annual things going on that link to e-mail, but will be worth it. I do recall I used to have Apple’s old dot mac e mail at $120/year and considering all the spam it filtered out (truly did a perfect job unlike the free/PC/carrier linked e-mails) it was well worth it, more simple layout without the ads etc. So worth the out-of-pocket cost to pay for a service. I have also found that with the carrier-linked ones, they give you an incomplete picture to various devices. For example, once they send it to your desktop and it’s been opened, will not appear on your iPhone. Saves their broadband/data, but can be inconvenient to the non-recipient….

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