Risks of Monday

No, we did not take a short position ahead of expected weakness Monday.  But that in and of itself is a critical discussion every pari-mutuel investor needs to have (in advance) with themselves.

To state Friday’s problem, do you take a short position when the market has not – yet – hit it’s likely “ideal shorting” point?

Sometimes – in fact most times – when it comes to wagering (hiding in “investment clothing” we need to make such judgments and stick to them.

I have found being pragmatic about my wagers pays considerably better than playing the “hunches.”

The background news helps drive, so let’s start with that. Because in our work, present conditions hint at possibly one final blip up before Wave 3 spreads its wings and the swan dive follows.

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76 thoughts on “Risks of Monday”

  1. “Do what you can; acknowledge what you can’t.”

    After living through the pain of alcoholism in two close family members, your statement reminded me of the Alcoholics Serenity Prayer that got me through a lot of difficult days and continues to do so, especially now.

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.
    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;
    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
    Taking, as He did, this sinful world
    as it is, not as I would have it;
    Trusting that He will make all things right
    if I surrender to His Will;
    That I may be reasonably happy in this life
    and supremely happy with Him
    Forever in the next.

    • And for everything else, there’s credit cards (;-)

      You only take what’s between your ears and in your heart when you go. Guard both and enjoy this life.

  2. “Its not pretty” NSS!
    No truer words have been written here in a Coots age. Coot unlike Herr Ure, no likey set up in markets Friday, had to take out an Insurance policy against a Fall of significant proportions. Prospered thru the crash of 81, on options trading floor- options market making was open call out then. That experience has colored my trading ever since.
    Gold&Oil trades doing very well, Nat Gas was very profitable on way up. Proving to be equally profitable on the way down again..though not for much longer (2-3days).
    Due above experience I never go into a Weekend break with “unsettled news” pending 24/7, Naked.
    Dont get the Coot wrong, I love sunning my ballz poolside – while swimming and walking around the pool, but I do not like being NAKED in market when I have $$$$ at work/in play.

    And zo – come Monday da coot will either be eating his insurance premium paid, or the claxon call of the Dive Alarm…..Periscope Down ! “ahoooooogA, ahooooga, Dive, Dive, Dive will be seen by all participants. Hopefully making the slaughter of the elves period look like childs play.
    * Chaiken Money Flow Indicator- I have found very useful, as well as Consensio (30/9/3MA’s).

    Dont forget Uncle Pedorapeya gonna want his cut come TaxTime – for his jewish buddies in israhell and the ukraine. You earn it, they take it, enrich themselves – and give the rest to israhell..and MOAR, as pedorapeya government has to issue TRILLIONS more in Treasury debt to cover the pedos largesse to the warring jews. ? Is there any other kind in all of ukraine or israhell? hmmmm

  3. How many of us here are praying/meditating/visualising/expecting a future of peace and prosperity?

    If our thoughts manifest our reality, surely it beholds us to think of a bright and prosperous future.

    Yet it seems most of us here are thinking doom and gloom, nukes, WWIII. Do we really want that? Maybe we secretly crave the excitement and challenges of it?

    Films, books, TV, etc program us (often subconciously) to expect the future the abominable 1% want us to experience. Makes it easier for the 1% to fulfil their plans.

    So we could say that the media programming is not about predicting the future, just making plans for it.

    But what about Nostrodamus? It is hard to believe he knew of plans so far into the future. So we may have to credit he had the gift to see his future, for his time line. However: he presented his predictions in coded form, difficult to decipher. Why?
    I suggest it is because he knew that the more people knew of his future, the more likely it would happen. And let’s face it, his future wasn’t anything to look forward to.

    So I ask again, how many of us here are praying/meditating/visualising/expecting a future of peace and prosperity? What should we be doing?

    • Hey Freddy,

      I like the way you think. I’ve always said, the bad prophecies are meant to be AVOIDED. – we have enough (evidence) to see things are going in the wrong direction, but we somehow fail to act on those blossoming predictions that lead to worse things.

      To busy wondering if any of it is true or not, because there’s always the stupid person saying it’s not, which causes the believers to argue with them about it until it boils down to … “We’ll, you’ll see.”
      That shit serves no purpose whatsoever.

      The media try’s really hard to keep everyone mind-fucked and in a state of stress, so much so, no one acts on anything.

      Here we have General Flynn telling us where we are … Psalm 23 …


      The Leader of North Korea sees what’s happening and says the (answer) is Trump


      I don’t like the who basket of eggs being carried by one person, as the “answer” because that’s a damn prophecy too, and not a good one.

      You said, “If our thoughts manifest our reality, surely it beholds us to think of a bright and prosperous future.”
      Read that again, and you’ll know why the media try’s so hard to talk us away from it.

      In the midst of all that’s happening, that statement holds true.


      P.S. Where’s Andy? He needs to chime in on this.

      • Flynn is a graduate of mk ultra “school”.. in/outside a NAS in north Cali..really nothing good to say about that guy whatsoever. school supposedly has been relocated to somewhere rumored to be in Chynah .
        flynn just another P3 (pentagon pampered prince), so full of Shit (himself) he cant see nose in front of his own psyoped face.

        Good riddance…sssSeeya mind-controlled scum.

      • i am here.

        “How many of us here are praying/meditating/visualising/expecting a future of peace and prosperity?”

        ive been working on that for a good 3 and a half years now. not just thinking, meditating, visualizing and expecting.

        i have been very very active for over 3 years in alter8ng the world as it is, through the venue of divine timing and synchronicity. changing the personal life trajectories of individuals along my path. many who would be dead right now are moving in entirely new directions in life. from the young cheerleader who almost fell off the 4th floor to her certain death to the lady at the gas station strung out on fentinal and wanted to die and is now attending berkley medical school to become a doctor. all after meeting me, in the exact moment they needed me to be there.

        i know who the cat was in my preminition. i sent them an email.

        i gave the spider away that the ukrain super model gave me that was in the car with me in my vis8on. to lady 8 met at a street fair who pulled cards for me. she is a very prominent member of thr paranormal research scociety.

        there was lots of questions about my last visit here on urban surival. october 3rd.

        no it was me driving the car. when im having a vision and seeing through someome elses eyes when i look in a reflection on glass or a mirror i see its not me, but in this case i looked in the mirror and it is me i see.

        there was alot of questions i dont know the answer too. other than what my thoughts are about the experiance. i think A.I. is scanning the pattern movement of humanity as it moves into the future. and that outcome was decided because further in the future it was worse. so the nukes flew when they flew to avoide a worse outcome. as in a further future outcome of a 1984 world filled with mind cotrolled vaccinated zombie armies drones. watching your every move. what kind of existance would that be. i suspect. or other even worse, an 80% world population die off from famine and disease. a nuke would be a blessing compaird to watching your children starve or a “The Road” cannable existance.

        there has been quite a bit of language supporting my vis8on since.

        so since i relized one detail about it, the girls headband that told me who the cat probably was. so i sent him an email.

        i dont have all the answers. i Trust THE DUDE, above my own abilities, my own psychic powers, my own understanding, others opinons, knowledge, foresite or capabilities. more so than circumstances, events, feelikngs and faith in Angels.

        why would i leave santa anna 4 hours before a nuke goes off in LA?

        because my life is like that i spose. i left snohomish washington 2 blocks away from the first case of covid in the US right before it happend. i arrived in palm springs at the exact moment Trump landed in airforce One.

        i recently left palm desert, cathederial city 6 hours before huricane Hillary destroyed the place with wind and flooding.

        i drove through sunvalley idaho unknowingly at the same exact momemt a billionare retreat stated.

        i stopped in jackson hole wyoming walked in a hotel lobby and sat for an hour. then left and found out a week later i was sitting in the exact spot the fed meeting was happening in the other room. nobody said anything to me walking in and sitting down. it was not a known location. i had no idea why i stopped and sat there. oh i wanted to get a coffee and take a break from driving. i didnt know the fed meeting was there and going on at the same time until 4 days later.

        so when you asked me, why would you be leaving santa anna 4 hours before a nuke goes off in LA?

        probably becuase my life is like that. im protected and im always right where im supposed to be doing exactly what im supposed to be doing. lol.

        to answer Freddy,

        “How many of us here are praying/meditating/visualising/expecting a future of peace and prosperity?”

        trust me on this freddy,

        i been working on that a very long time with the Angels. its my personal favorite pet project and…..fat bottom girls make the world go round.

        • Andy, great to have you onboard (you always have been!)
          “an 80% world population die off from famine and disease. a nuke would be a blessing”
          Before the great flood, Enlil cursed the humans with disease, starvation, etc. Then came the great flood where Enki could only manage to save Noah.

      • “we have enough (evidence) to see things are going in the wrong direction, but we somehow fail to act on those blossoming predictions that lead to worse things.”

        we the people have absolutely nothing to say about what is done…our representatives could care less about the state of the union or even in keeping our country safe..our infrastructure is in shambles and failing on every level..
        our grid and cities are filked with violence . the poor are dependent on social.programs for assistance. enough was printed up to repair our infrastructure but wasn’t used for it..

    • Freddy the Dreamer: “If our thoughts manifest our reality, surely it beholds us to think of a bright and prosperous future. Yet it seems most of us here are thinking doom and gloom, nukes, WWIII. Do we really want that? Maybe we secretly crave the excitement and challenges of it?”

      As individuals, many of us have a fear of death. Despite all the stories and promises about a Heaven to come… many in their hearts secretly lack true belief in that kind of future and so they have a ‘deadly’ fear of… death.

      And so, people then project that inner fear outward into the greater World. They project all kinds of doom and gloom and catastrophe because the ‘death’ they fear inside seeks an outward manifestation. (This does not mean we don’t live in a very perilous age – because we do. But we don’t need to add fuel to that fire by secretly pulling that kind of future into manifestation).

      There is that additional factor of a ‘rush’ that people get from facing great peril. We used to get that rush when a tiger was chasing us in out in the field. But now, we conjure new perils to replace that tiger and we make the perils bigger and more dangerous to get an even bigger rush. In other words, we become doom junkies.

      Of course, all of that negative projecting is not useful, helpful, or works to bring into reality a positive future. It is negative thinking for negative-thinking’s sake.

      People have become hypnotized into living in fear. Your body creates chemicals and pumps them into your system when you wallow in fear. Soon, you begin to think that such a state of being normal. But it is certainly not.

      Doom junkies. Fear junkies. The World is full of them now. How to you get them to think more constructively? Like treating any junkie… they first have to want to change. And that desire to change has to be greater than the phony rush they get from pushing doom and fear. And if they can begin to take that first big step… they can take all the other steps to begin to think and feel and believe right to help to bring in that better future that many of us want.

      • Public figures using fear to manipulate is certainly endemic. Talking through fears rather than cowering in silence is therapeutic. Discussing technical remedies for feared scenarios demystifies the consequences. The persistence of some of the fear memes does sometimes leave me scratching my head. Think things through, make adjustments, and move on.
        I got my adrenaline fix with a 15 mi bike ride this AM. OK, maybe it wasn’t that eventful. Got a shingles vaccination this PM. OMG, the horror. Family history and personal nerve pain issues tipped the scale in favor. Think things through, make adjustments, and move on.

        • “The persistence of some of the fear memes does sometimes leave me scratching my head. ”

          The number of potential “fears” is limitless.

          Diminishing long-standing religions whose teachings involve an eternal existence, in favor of contemporary bastardizations of lesser-known beliefs, the majority of which don’t, then dubbing them “new age” and “selling” them to kids who’re too naive to know better, doesn’t help.

          Suddenly, “life” is all about just this existence, and the rules are: The best hedonistic, narcissistic, egotistic, psychopathic and selfish jerk is the “winner.” It is all about me, Me, ME, because when we die, it’s all over.

          (Sound familiar?)

          If you are a hedonistic bastard, ANYTHING which disrupts the flow from your current state to your next dopamine hit will cause an anxious fear. It is like a whole new vista of fears opens up to the young and spoilt.

          It did not take me more than a couple visits to the “prepper” messageboards to figure out this was a huge problem between the ears of many people who could, otherwise, be living an actual life. There are wingnut “preppers” who prep for Yellowstone, or the evacuation of Earth’s atmosphere, or a comet or planetoid impact. These are things for which survival will be totally random, if it’s even possible. Hell, you can buy doomsday preps which are guaranteed to get you from this side of the calamity to the other side, unscathed, and the wingnuts pay tens of thousands of dollars extra for this junk.

          This is the reason I have advocated prepping for an EMP, and nothing else. EMP preps automagically prepare one for virtually all other survivable issues. Once you are prepared for an EMP/HEMP incident, you don’t need to prep for anything else. Hurricane, earthquake, nuke, Red Dawn? Doesn’t matter. Your preps are already in your GO-Bag, you already have a place to go and a way to get there, so even if your hidey-hole is in the next county (or next State) you’ll be there before everybody else even starts moving. You can stop worrying and just live your life.

          Shoot, if’fn yer running from a Cat-5, you’ll be able to leave your maps in that Ziploc baggie and use your GPS…

          ‘Point is, don’t worry about it. No matter what it is. If you are physically prepared, you can shelve your mental and emotional misgivings. If you need more, you should maybe have a KJV in another baggie, and start reading it to try and fill in the voids left by your New Age Celtic or Earthen religion. Nothing makes a devout Christian like a true life-and-death situation — Ask any WW-II combat vet…

          I detest doomporners as much as I do conspironuts and trolls. If you’re going to cry yourself to sleep every night, shaking in your sheets in fear that somebody is going to drop the BIG ONE while you’re sleeping, then have at it. I’m not going to give you an audience to dump on me, because I have stuff to do, and 10 days less to do it in, so suck it up, Buttercup.

          Go hang out on SHTFPlan…

      • Given the fact we share this rock circling our star with a whole lot of idiots with their hands on the levers of power making increasingly stupid decisions based on past events and fabled futures tells me we are at the mercy of such people which makes the “adjustments” n_____ speaks of necessary. Too, I can’t help but think the alternative existence to what you speak of to the doom and gloom crowd is really puffy-cloud, ethereal, “Beings of Light” emulation that denies the reality of the physical. As long as you can avoid the effects of the physical this may be the existence for you but eventually that physical comes knocking on your physical door and you must answer it.

        • Bill: “I can’t help but think the alternative existence to what you speak of to the doom and gloom crowd is really puffy-cloud, ethereal, ‘Beings of Light’ emulation that denies the reality of the physical. As long as you can avoid the effects of the physical this may be the existence for you but eventually that physical comes knocking on your physical door and you must answer it.”

          Bill, Quantum Physics has already spoken to this. There is NOTHING physical. It has the appearance of being ‘physical’ but when you get down to the most elementary level it is all energy without ‘substance’. I won’t go into all that here but this is the reality in which we all live.

          We ARE all in fact ‘Beings of Light’. That is what we truly are at our most basic level. Everything ‘physical’ is just a mental fabrication of great energies that surround us that our mind constructs into a discernable ‘form’.

          Things ‘feel’, ‘solid’ because it is energy working against other energy – like two polarities of strong magnets repelling each other.

          In other words… don’t sell short on the “puffy-cloud, ethereal”. That’s where everything is.

        • RBS –
          You’re conveniently dancing around the reality that all of us deal with day in and day out. You can sit and contemplate your navel till daisies grow out of it but the bills will still get shoved into your in box and the tax man will eventually find you. The only time we’ll be able to experience our other-worldly selves and still return to our physical bodies is the momentary times we can slip out of our physical bodies through either psychoactive drugs or when those that have their minds wired in such a way as to be able to perceive the parallel Worlds that co-exist with our “normal” one. NDEs seem to leave this lasting effect on the experiencers of such events but there are those who, through long and constant inner exploration, eventually find their way to this alternate vision. Don’t know which one you may be but whichever it is you certainly have a mortal vehicle with a lot of extra “options” activated in it. I hope you can cut your grocery bill to zero and zero out all the other costs of existence on this plane as well.

          That being said, today’s edition of The Why Files is something you’d probably enjoy.

        • Oh, one more thing. Penny Kelly has mentioned it occasionally in past Look-See videos and others she’s published that we are, collectively, on the precipice of a general up-grading of vibrational power that will make a lot of the new technologies both available and easier to grasp for the general population of our planet, if I’m relating it properly. She’s been emphasizing it more often lately and, I think, said the event may occur some time next year.

        • Bill: “You’re conveniently dancing around the reality that all of us deal with day in and day out. You can sit and contemplate your navel…”

          Bill, never have I denied the existence of harsh ‘realities’ that we all have to deal with on a daily basis. I deal with these every day… as do you and everybody else.

          As for my ‘navel’… if I am going to spend time contemplating a certain body part of mine it would most certainly NOT be my… navel. Let your imaginations run wild.

          These challenges and problems were baked into the cake of our time of being on the Earth.

          In my case… I understand how and why these ‘realities’ are being conjured out of the Quantum in which we all live. And I focus on that Ground of (True) Reality from which all our challenges are being hatched from.

          “The only time we’ll be able to experience our other-worldly selves and still return to our physical bodies is the momentary times we can slip out of our physical bodies through either psychoactive drugs or when those that have their minds wired in such a way as to be able to perceive the parallel Worlds that co-exist with our ‘normal’ one.

          Our Waking State mind can be trained to experience these extra-normal realities with training. Most people don’t want to take the time to go there. For example, there are people in their Waking State that can see auras around our bodies as a normal course of their daily perception. And there are medical people that have experiences with The Beyond in the normal course of their duties when people pass away.

          My main point here is that we all 24/7 swimming in the Quantum Foam Potentialities World and the more each of us gets in touch with that – the better off you’ll be.

      • “As individuals, many of us have a fear of death. Despite all the stories and promises about a Heaven to come… many in their hearts secretly lack true belief in that kind of future and so they have a ‘deadly’ fear of… death.”

        what I know is from what I have seen… those with deep and sincere faith.. pass easier to the next realm of existence.. I believe in ghosts as well.. a woman I knew got really sick.. she decided to check out her way.. leaving two little girls..
        the husband not wanting the house to be the same because of memory events.. redid the rooms.. and in the process changed all the windows..
        the room she had made her final journey in had the two little girls.. even in changing the room completely and replaced the windows. her face print could be seen on the window when high humidity or frost.. perfect faceprint. silently still keeping an eye on her daughters…. I could tell you stories.. after almost fifty years working in healthcare either volunteer part time or full time.. I am still amazed.. the very first one was a woman.. it was supper time in a nursing facility and she came over and thanked me for taking care of her.. that she was going to be leaving in a half hour.. all excited.. I said where are you going.. she said well Jesus and my husband are here to pick me up.. said I have a half hour to tell everyone I cared about good bye.. after the supper hour and I was chuckling at the nurses station the nurse asked me.. what is funny and I told her the story.. she said dam you better check on her.. and sure enough a half hour later she was gone.. so do spirits exist.. people say no it is a figment of ones imagination.. I believe after all the years that they exist..so stick around and keep a vagile over loved ones.. some help guide and then you have the evil ones that will come in and dwell where evil lurks.. in our home we refrain from watching the shows depicting evil.. no lets whack suzi movies on in this home anyone can come in and watch what we watch..there are no needless fights or heated discussions we live very peacefully .. I had seen way to much of what horrible things that man does to man in real life.. see to many people that treat others like they have no value or purpose.. and I believe the teachings of our heavenly father are right on.. not the crap that man wrote into it.. but the true teachings.. which are really simple and devout…meditation and prayers are all welcome here..

        • looking out of the box: “… I could tell you stories.. after almost fifty years working in healthcare either volunteer part time or full time.. I am still amazed.”

          You are on the front-lines of the Veil that exists between This World and The Next. There are many people like yourself who also have become amazed at what they’ve witnessed.. and being in the presence of the great and true Reality that these events illuminate.

          There is also a lot of great stuff on the Web with people (including once-skeptical medical doctors) who witnessed life beyond the veil and whose lives and World-view were permanently changed.

          “… the teachings of our heavenly father are right on.. not the crap that man wrote into it.. but the true teachings…”

          AMEN to that!

    • Count me in. I talked about this earlier this week with my contractor. I want a positive future and a full life for my grandkids.

      I can’t forgive some people but I accept that they were who they were and did what they did. Acceptance seems to be enough to let my ghosts sleep.

    • Answer – Imagine Shiva stops dreaming and wakes up in time, and returns to destroy the darkness that is world Zionism.
      Personally I dont think its worth the hassle, “they” should just break out a Galactic can of Raid – and douse planet Earth with an eco friendly Humancide.

      zioroaches be gone!

      who reprises Prince Arjunas role ?

    • “How many of us here are praying/meditating/visualising/expecting a future of peace and prosperity?”

      All of us…then we wake up to see Brandon doing what he does best…

  4. I’m starting to think Israel is a paper tiger. All they have is the Sampson Option. That’s like blowing-up the house when one spouse wants the other to leave. I guess. it’ll work.

    The Iron Dome turned into a prison. Poke their head out and its getting lopped.

  5. To quote financial expert Rick Rule.

    “Pessimism is something that should temper your actions, not drive them.”

  6. My “Third Thursday” poker game went pretty well. We had a guest player, that “Lady Fingers” has known for decades.., considered one of the best five card draw players in the business and has been making a living playing games all over the country for over thirty years. He had a game in the Seattle area and visited her before heading to Austin. Nice guy. Excess of manners. Perfect manicure.
    I was not impressed with his play., at all. We went head-to-head three times and I beat him all three times. I’m not sure if he was deliberately holding back., or., he was having a bad night and I was on a roll., or he just wasn’t all he was made up to be. Reputation and actual play at the table – are two different things., but – he makes a living at it – so I guess he’s doing well enough.
    Got a call last night from ‘Lady Fingers’ [ her real name is Grace.] Told me that Carl, the Guest Player, said that if I ever wanted to play a game on the circuit, he would recommend me., but that he wasn’t sure he wanted to play against me for large stakes as he couldn’t ‘read’ me. [ I will admit that I do a pretty good imitation of a bourbon sipping Doc Holiday – black stetson and all, which makes it kind of hard to figure out what I am doing / thinking.] Which I take as a compliment., and also, that he is not all that cracked-up to be as far as a main player. So., how does he manage to keep traveling and playing ? Has the level of play dropped in the past twenty, twenty-five years? [ all the older pro’s are gone?] Seems everything else has., so why not poker players.
    “The times, they are a-changin’. ” Nope, they have already changed.

  7. Wordslinger:

    You wear me out Matey. Details of your methodology and look-sees (over on the paid side) are much appreciated. Based on my chart this, at open or (briefly) longer, would be a tenuous short. Fundamental analysis anyone? Good luck with that. Charts are the visual representation of the herd. They “speak” to you, identify trend …

    ATL: wet, in and out. A day to hope for 50s F.
    Write when you get warm,

      • The USA prints up and distributes how to manuals..
        I have read them.. and if your wanting to make your own you can.. Which is an Oxymoron.. we hear stop people from buying guns.. ( NUG.s) yet we distribute those manuals along with gun’s grenades etc. to children and people in area.s that we are promoting death and destruction with supplies for war..

    • Ha ha ha ha ha… LOL my dyslexia got me again in a humorous way d…. LOL LOL I thought you wrote pray all you want but pass me the ALAMO lol lol lol lol

  8. Thou hast scrivened thusly:
    “That’s our biggest concern right now. A 9/11-like payback against America for supporting Israel.”


    Thousands of semi-related pin-pricks, causing a General Disquiet and low panic. (…and a Big Reaction.)

  9. re: Bab el Medinet (The Gate of the Town)
    feat. Rafah, Gaza riding the rails


    This past week witnessed a shifting desert mirage of images at the Rafah border crossing courtesy of msm photographers. Twenty or so semi-trucks of relief supplies from the Egyptian Red Crescent were awaiting clearance to enter Gaza after the sequence of events following Hamas’ Operation Al-Aqsa Flood (Deluge).

    On Thursday, “France24” featured the trailer of a lead relief truck at Rafah displaying an imprinted beaming head shot on a royal blue background of a sunni muslim former Field Marshal. He is currently known as His Excellency Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, President of Egypt. The aft portion of the trailer panel depicted the Al Aqsa Mosque at Temple Mount, Jerusalem. The printed words between the images were illegible.

    On Friday following the regional touch-and-go visit by AF1, the Rafah relief convoy was pictured by “The Guardian”. A UNRWA(?) symbol along with “Palestine” appeared in place of His Excellency. According to Google, the Arabic script translated as “Jamal al-Jari and to our families in the railway distance”. Yandex offered up the translation “List of National Historic Landmarks in New Jersey references”.

  10. The “Puetz window” opens after the first full moon following a solar eclipse when there is also a lunar eclipse. Puetz asks what the odds are that eight of the greatest market crashes in history would accidentally fall within a time period of six days before to three days after a full moon that occurred within six weeks of a solar eclipse.

    The window now would be 10/22-10/31.

    Seems like now would be a good time for some appropriate options for a large payback possibility.

    • I did some digging on the internet and was greatly surprised at the lack of information re: the Puetz crash window. Doing my own research, the last solar eclipse was 10/14, and the October full moon is 10/28, easily within 6 weeks of each other. There is also a lunar eclipse on 10/28 which falls within 6 days before and 3 days after the full moon. In other words, next Saturday is a prime candidate for the start of the next great crash. My guess is this cycle will be all over the financial news next week. A defunct government, no budget, a doubled deficit, and evaporation of many people’s 401(k)’s. If it happens, it will be momentous and rank up there with the events of 1929.

  11. “Read a wonderful book once, which has colored my thinking for years. It’s called “How Doctors Think” – read it back inn 2014″

    dam what an interesting book suggestion .but i agree.that is a good book and its sitting on the shelf next to me..its been a while since I read it..maybe its time to re-read it..

    • That’s a great book ! Lots of really good info and insight. However, that was then and this is now, and since Covid that book has been shelved, in a sense, because no one trusts Drs much anymore.

      So, today you can get it at bargain price …


      What people need to realize is, it was written with integrity BEFORE SHTF with Covid. So, fear not. Read it !!

      • I have always been aware that ‘medical’ is a business model. Driven home by ‘big pharma’ in the recent covid debacle. I keep my own council on my health… sometimes ‘AMA’… against medical advice. I have pissed-off more than one doctor whom I refused to blindly submit to and follow. Especially about endless prescriptions and drugs. I like my present PCP. He does not allow pharma salesmen to visit his office. He is grossly overweight and shows the signs of diabetes. But he is methodical and thorough in researching my (somewhat complex) medical history from decades past. We have discussions about my blood pressure, which is always high at the office, and he knows ‘white coat syndrome’ is real. But my pressure is variable, and frequently low within range at home. He knows I am not a fan of BP drugs, which I did not do well on once, decades ago. He told me the ‘red line’ for BP drugs is if the kidneys start leaking protein from high blood pressure, and warned me we need to take action if that happens. So he keeps me coming back for ‘inspection’ as often as insurance will allow… like 4 months now.. and my urine tests are always acceptable, so far. So we have a good detente’. He gets his insurance vigs from my visits, and I stay off the drugs unless absolutely needed. And he doesn’t lecture me about my weight.

  12. As I sit here reading this site and doing a bit of surfing the web for information today, while also contemplating the BIGGER picture that extends out past the news of the moment … I am reminded of WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT to the American Public today.

    It isn’t the dying taking place in Ukraine
    It isn’t the dying taking place in Gaza
    It isn’t the dying taking place in Israel
    It isn’t the dying taking place in several places in Africa

    It is something MORE IMPORTANT!!

    Everything else PALES in comparison to those conflicts that are happening TODAY!!

    College Football Saturday!! with team vs team FIGHTING it out!!

    OK … now that we know what is REALLY IMPORTANT to Americans, we can forget about those irrelevant Wars that are occurring across various oceans and PAY ATTENTION to what is really important.

    Which team is going to win today?
    The one YOU support?
    Or the one supported by those EVIL PEOPLE who support that EVIL TEAM?

    Have to keep one’s perspective in balance as to WHAT is important in life!!

  13. There’s still time for the Jewish folks to hike it back to Germany where they once thrived.

    I was thinking about Numbers 13:28-33 and in that ditty the Israelites stole the land from the Canaanites.

    In the writing as the Israelites were casing the place it’s mentioned they saw Nephilim hanging out with the Canaanites. Plural, more than one. Assuming any truth yada, yada it’s said the Nephilim could create advanced weaponry.

    So whoever the original Canaanites were could still own ancient technology that’s more powerful from what we currently see in the theater. The Canaanites may have access to Nephilim. We don’t know who the either group are in the physical world.

    • Oh YES we do .

      hint – Crocodiles and Hippo’s were the disguises/masks used by the annunaki when attacking Egypt/ MIR/Giza underground complex – The brothers of Light (Iggigi = Nungal = ShemshuRa) led by Ra = Horus the elder, Horus himself and Isis.
      – ShemshuRa wore Dog masks/disguises in battle – see Asars 1/2 brother/step brother Annubis.
      You can find within the Mahabharata – good translation – descriptions of these weapons from Heaven/gods, and their use and follow on effects. The main protagonists in that epic tale are what we consider “aliens” – as were all the early Babylonian kings.

    • This needs a fact check, but Canaan was occupied by the descendents of Caanan, a son of Noah’s Ham, who was mysteriously chastised for seeing Noah ‘naked’. The other descendents of Noah went on to include the house of Abraham et al who eventually take the Canaan land (the promised land) by force. Yes, the Middle East war is a fight between brothers descending from Noah! As djed knight says, the progeny of Noah was divided up by the Anunnaki leaders (‘gods’) to fight on various god’s behalf – we are at the behest of squabbling aliens (still).

  14. eveything is quiet today. unusually so.

    since i was on here last, israel has found itself in a delemma. and woke has exposed itself, the bright minds at harvard have found themselves under the micoscope. and the call went out to all the muslim refugees scattered all over europe and elsewhere for jihad. among many other things.


    wonder what the world will be like the next time i stop by urban suruvival?

    hope all is well. im doing absofuckinglutely wonderful. as always. considering many things.

    yesterday i was on my way to work, doing 80mph with the windows down singing a song. out in the middle of nowhere farmland usa. and a gold star flew in my window and landed on my dash.

    okay cool. A gold star. thanks DUDE! Much Obliged!

  15. oh and not to mention since i was last on urban survival. i read the world has had a profound revelation.

    george floyd died an over dose and was whacked out on drugs. and the cop didnt kill him.

    so cnn, msn and fox etc etc. the legacy media is responcible for the burning buisness down and looting and rioting, personal injuries of countless people including some getting shot and killed all around the usa back then based on a complete fabricated lie. not to mention charxhter assinating many men in blue etc etc all for a very seriously wrong agenda.

    we are most certainly living in the Apocalypse.

    Apocalypse Definition:
    revelation, disclosure’

  16. george, you remember the very first law ever written?

    the very first law recorded in writing comes from Ancient Sameria.

    law #1. “If you bear false witness to a murder, you and your family shall be put to death.”

    the second law was against sorcery.

    law #2. “if you work magic against anyone without their knowlede consent, you shall be put to death.”

    pretty interesting first ever written laws. if they were still active laws today? the world wouldnt be like it is now. and “journalists” would only give the facts as they knew them to be.

    i wonder how that george floyd incident would have been handled different, and the pandemic, israel conflict, the ukraine (which all the sudden nobody is talking about after everyone said, not a cent more to the ukrain war) if Sumerian Law #1 took affect at midnight.

    i mean think about it. moses lead the isrealites out of captivity in egypt. the exodus. thousands of years later. the children of Moses are the Pharohs of Egypt.


    as i said, time is mobius.

    see ya whenever i get back. whenever that is.


      • ha. totally. haha.

        its all witchery. that is why i come down to the lake and watch the sun rise over the mountains with the mist along the edge of the water, the mountains come into view and hang out with THE DUDE and have my own thoughts. not influenced by other means.

  17. I have stood against the nuclear option over and over. I think there is too much inertia in the timeline to hold it back anymore from happening. compared to the other options it is an act of mercy.

    I been watching local house prices here for a while. every month after month houses are dropping their sale prices by 20 to 30k. I will wait till spring to buy.

    if I’m still here.

    I do see an alternative path. which I become very successful in and life continues as it is for a long time.

    it’s almost like getting mixed signals. one says abrupt end. and the other says love and lasting peace. maybe that comes after the abrupt end. idk. I don’t have all the answers. I trust in THE DUDE.

    Either path I live a very long time.

    ya know George. I often wondered why those first 2 laws were written first. especially the first law. out of all the other ancient superman laws that are the first laws ever put in written form. they chose those two as the first two laws.

    must have been a big problem back then to order the death penalty for an entire family if one lies about murder. and nefarious sorcery must have been a big deal. to make it a death penalty if one performed it against another without them being fully aware it was happening.

    I’m sure if that summerian law took effect the entire big pharma that produced the vax would be hanging by a noose. lol. because that Vax was most certainly qualified as sorcery.

    anyway. I’m feeling it too. the energy is off the hook , big shifts. look at how spun out the other sensitive type people are. like clif. haha. he is out there now. haha. massive shifts in energy.

    fuck I’m even acting out. almost slept with a Hells Angel’s daughter a couple nights ago. she wanted to bad. she is 25 years old and I went over there and we were on her bed and I said I’m sorry honey. i can’t do this with ya. she was upset. I ain’t never had a man in my bed turn me down. I appologised and then left.

    meditation is key for balance.

    I’m feeling it too. and so are others I know.

    • “I said I’m sorry honey. i can’t do this with ya.”

      Did that once. I told her: “I can give you what you want, but you can’t give me what I need…”

  18. final thought until i return.

    i an neither pro jew or against the jews. i honestly dont really give a flying fuck. i can go 2 weeks without seeing any of it and im good.

    it is an interesting juxtiposition on 3 intersenctions. jewish missing children posters placed all over eurpope, the UK and the United states

    but not a single poster of the missing children from the Maui fires? not a single poster.

    not a single poster of a missing child abducted and trafficed for sex? not a single poster up for them.

    but 100 kids go missing from isreal and the world papers every light post in every city on the globe.

    israel fight happens. not a singke word about maui or the ukrain.

    isreal fight happens, the world riots, juxtiposed with George Floyd disclosure? the world rioted over a lie sold about George Floyd. george floyd died of an over dose. but the msm sold it as racism and cops are bad. the entire world rioted.

    is the msm selling the lie now. about israel, hamas and gaza? because the world is rioting again. just like they did when the msm sold the lie about george floyd.

    which “coincidently” consides with the truth about george floyds death coming out.

    what was it The Who said? “we wont be fooled again”

    oh yes we will says the Rothchilds and Oppenheimers. oh yes we will.

    high energy shifts. its important to find balance, be centered.

    the thing about the vision i had concerning the events on 25 July, 2024?

    it levels the play8ng feild. when nukes go off? it doesnt matter if you are the CEO of a bank or a mcdonalds fry guy or a Supreme Court Justice.

    everyone has the same chance at survival and a equal footing. and nobody eill give a single shit about a title or postion when it comes to saving their own life. the fry guy has just as much chance at making his way through.

    if what that cat showed me is correct. and that is what he showed me.

    • It’s hard for me to wrap my head around a cop being sentenced to a very long sentence for murder, while a toxicology report for the victim never made it to the trial. At the very least, I would expect a new trial if this purported evidence passes the sniff test. If Tucker’s version is legitimate, then NONE of us is safe from persecution by the progressive liars and their media stooges . The whole thing is unsettling.
      I hope you are being played by Ure dream cat. If it had been your neighbor’s German Shepard, I would have been really concerned.

      • One other item, you never gave us the full list of targets. I can’t imagine a cat tale starting a panic.

        • i was given the full list of targets. lol. i was driving a car really fast, getting banged by some native chick while trying to get out of being blown up LA.

          i didnt ask much questions.
          i dont know why there was a big black toat bag with hundred dollar bills in it. which would seem useless after a nuke went off.

          its not some thing i made up. i experianced it. i didnt see it on the news, its not something my “uncles friend who is in the know” told me. it wasnt a picture i saw or an article i read.

          it was experiance/vision i had that was so vivid and real, i could smell the coffee, her scent, feel the sunshine on me, hear the music, feel her heart beat on my chest when she climbed on top of me, smell her breath when she kissed me, taste her mouth on mine, i could feel the rpms of the motor on the gas pedal, it was so vivid and real that when i came back to reality, i was disorented and thought i was dreaming when i came too here and now.

          so you are asking me questions about stuff i dont know. because it wasnt given in the experiance and vision. if was, id tell ya.

          you want me to make some shit up so ya feel better? lol

        • You don’t need it.

          The targets (and the order in which a tactical attack will bomb them) are:

          Every massive power transformer (via HEMP)

          every military base

          every manufacturing center which either manufactures war materiel or is capable of being quickly converted to do so

          every city which contains a hardened facility

          every known missile silo (you can bet the Russians and Chinese know the locations of more of them than your Congressman.)

          The Russians won’t use a Poseidon on us unless they have to. The good little Party members who number 70% of the population along the coasts are their greatest propaganda ally. The Chinese won’t care. They will do whatever is necessary. The Koreans will nuke every population center they can — so will the Iranians. This stuff is intuitively obvious.

          Choose your poison…

      • i think it has more to do with the corruption at the highest levels being seen for who they really are. exposed in the light. where only a defiant toddler refusing to open their eyes will believe them any more.

        what all this tells me. is everyone at the top and all their neferious plans are being shown to the world exaxtly for what they are, corrupt as hell. and all they do is lie. all day long. they only lie and destroy good people.

        the world is waking up to that. and that gives me hope. because at some point even if the corrupt bastards and their agenda actually tell the truth? nobody will believe them.

        and history shows us, at some point people will get tired of it and roll out the guiliteens and off with their heads it will be.

        and there will be no place safe for the corrupt bastards to hide, who lie and steal and condemn rightouse people.

        because at some point it will come to a head. and the world and humanity will shout in one voice, enough! we are done with this shit. we stand for it anymore. and the day of rekoning will happen.

        you can see it coming. that is a fact. its coming.

      • and my neighbor doesnt have a german sheppard. and i dont care if it concerns ya or not. i really dont.

        i dont care if ya believe me or not. i really dont. it doesnt matter if i even believe it.

        im not trying to sell ya on an idea. im not trying to convince you or sway ya in any direction. im not pausing the show for a comericial break to sell ya more shit for your storage unit for some corperate sponsor.

        that is what makes me different than the corrupt assholes. i had a vision. and that vision is or is not.

      • honestly, i would rather have a vision of more swag in my bag and big tiddies laying next to me in bed verses nuclear bombs going off in LA.

        but thats not the vision i was given. so ya get the vision i got, free of charge. lol

        • I reserve judgement on these matters. The manner is which the vision was presented would make it unpalatable to even the alt media talking heads, which if you think about it, may have been an objective. You teased with a freebie; I was poking the stick to see if anything else would fall out of Ure cat pinata. Have a good week. Don’t be a stranger.

        • I think it’s really important for you to think for yourself.

          trust me, I have more questions about the experiance/vision than you do.

          like why did I experience it. why now, why me? can it be induced? was it something I ate? can I alter the vision and outcome.

          I don’t remember but maybe one dream a year. I was told it wasn’t a dream. it was more real than reality. like the difference of reality like watching Bob Hope tellathon on a black and white TV with tinfoil on the antenna compared to my experiance/vision was like watching Avatar on a new fancy ultra 4k wide screen. it was way more real than reality.

          maybe because my senses where higher do to eminent danger? idk.

          I don’t know how I got the car. I would personally never consider buying that car. because of the name of it. I don’t the chick’s name. I don’t know how she knew me or where I met her or how I even got there.


          I don’t care if anyone thinks it is plausible or if it’s even written in a fashion/ style so others approve of it. I don’t give a single shit if anyone else reads it. I don’t care if they like it or not.

          I don’t think it matters if they like it or not or read it or not. or like it’s style or not.

          I don’t really care about all sites approval ratings. at all. lol. I really don’t. I’m living my best life and so far so good. I’m fucking 53 years old. I really don’t give a shit at my age if anyone’s impressed. sometimes I go to the grocery store in my pajamas. because I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m there to get groceries. not win a fashion show or impress people with my Gucci smile.

          I’m not even convinced about it. but my beliefs have nothing do with it. I experianced the vision. I re accounted everything i remembered about, here in the comment section.

          to share with the rest of the class. lol

          however, I did say “my vision either is or is not.”

          then later relized that above in the comment section LOB said -> is.

          answering that question before it was asked. which happens alot around here.

          see ya.

        • last thing,

          id be really careful calling that Cat a pinoata. if its who i think it was, its a Hopi Elder who is over 90 years old, who is extremely gifted with prophecy and knows way more stuff than you and i combined. im sure that Hopi elder is skilled enough to take you into a vison remotely.

          i certainly wouldnt want to you to refer to him as something that gets beat with sticks.


        • I stand advised. Apologies to any flesh-and-blood acquaintances of yours.

          I don’t think that AI are inscrutable, just inhuman and amoral. I would expect a targeting list to give clues to objectives. Basic machine motivations would be:

          1. Cut out the competition.
          2. Cut out the competition.
          3. Increase efficiency of the support chain.
          4. Guard support against runaway ELE events.

          Taking out economic and supply chain middlemen, oligarchs and competing AI’s would be something to look for. Covid has proven that the most immediate threat to the supply chain are genetically modified plagues. Urban areas where those sorts of functions are concentrated would be potential targets.

      • Been watching what they are putting Trump through?

        Could you tapdance to that number?

        Surely you can see by now how The Big Cat Game is played?

    • “the thing about the vision i had concerning the events on 25 July, 2024?”

      I am still wondering what will call you to that place, at that time.

      I suggest you be careful…

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