Rent Your Life is Nearly Here: Fed Week Coming

Friday by the Numbers: 

BTC $37,526 at click-time.  Dow futures +84, S&P +8.  Lumber contract was down to $1,122 and that possible Elliott wave 3 down I keep mentioning becomes more evident.  I expect lumber to drop through the $1,000 handle within a month. With no big economic news, though.  Same-old.

Lying, cheating Fed hides M1, M2, M3 with temporal deceit cuz it’s such a joke.  So sure, blow out early and hit the BBQ and brewskis today…

My UPS package delivery driver’s convinced Climate Change has arrived in Texas.  “I’ve noticed people switching from shots to beers...” as temps rose into the sticky-humid 90’s Thursday.

In fact, might as well say “Screw it” and take Monday off, too.  Couple of minor bond auctions Monday, is all.  Tuesday, the FOMC meeting begins and Wednesday will be the pee-dinger to be around sure and tune-in on.

Our consigliere’s dragging his trailer out to the woods of Ohio.  We’re arguing over whether to trim then mow, or visa-versa.  Buddy the Major is off to the wilds of Blewett Pass in Washington State.  Setting up for ham radio Field Day 2021 which is two weeks out.  Details are over here.  For more, read the Rules in the Guide over here.  Yes, this mention should qualify for the 100 point “media bonus” lol.

America Keeps on Truckin’

But the supply chain is shaky:  Ships Skip Singapore as China Congestion Snarls Supply Chain.  If it ain’t ships, it’s chips:  Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon shed fuel-saving tech amid chip shortage.

My buddy Oilman2 doesn’t sound like a candidate to buy the up-scale Electric Ford pickup truck.  Because, as he notes, $90,000 with only 300 miles of range and then an 8-hour recharge doesn’t exactly fit his lifestyle.  That’s before the required quick-charger to hit the 8-hour mark.

Key Thing: is life-styles are changing on us.  If we lived in the city, Elaine and I might not own a car in today’s “modern world.”  Amazon Fresh, Uber and Lyft, plus in key cities Amazon’s 2-hour delivery really do move toward a “car optional” future.  Especially if you live in a “lightly-mugged” city where you can walk four blocks to the store without being hospitalized.

Inflation is moving up, too.  Suppose – as seems likely based on the acceleration in CPI reported Thursday – that the annual inflation rate jumps to 10% this year.  (Thursday’s report annualized to just under 7.5%).

Given that $90,000 vehicles are being “pioneered” by outfits like Tesla and Ford, group ownership is a rising possibility.  Not the time we’d run out and buy an auto tune-up shop.  Even tires are being spec’ed by factories, so even that bastion of small business is under attack.

Thing is:  “Group Ownership” is another way of saying socialist collectivism.  That’s just ONE example of “Stalin the future of Freedom.”

Note to OM2:  Check out Nissan Dealer Offers 99-Cent Lease on Leaf EV If You Buy a Titan.  Keep the Titan for man-work and give OM2 Lite/Jr. (or Mrs. Oil)  the EV for commuting to work.  Just thinking out loud.

Bye-Bye Property Rights

Half-Past CHAZ?  Those Marxist-socialists in Seattle seem bound and determined to kill property ownership rights in the former “jet city.”  Seattle council votes to ban some school-year and post-pandemic evictions, guarantee lease renewals,, says the Times. Don’t look now, but we gotta call BS when government over-reach modifies contractual agreements without compensation.  Clowns.  Is this a cheap, full-employment for lawyers gambit?

Maybe the Elliott Bay Marxists are just angry about how in NYC New Buildings Lure Tenants With Free Rent which showed up in the New York Times.

Rent Your Life: VaxLaws

If you had told me five-years ago that “You’ll have to let the government test untrialed, unproven vaccines that might not even work OR you can’t go to school…”  I’d have said you were nuts.

Today, you’d be the poster-child for the “new normal.”  All University of Richmond students required to get COVID vaccine, university says. They are not alone.  Idiocy spreads faster than disease these days thanks to media hype.

Even in the haughty South Bay, tech moguls who read The Merc are seeing stories like “Can my employer require me to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Ask the lawyer.”  (Spoiler: Yes, but with caveats, which is several semesters in law school.)

Point is?  Just like your home and property can be “taxed out from under you” or unconstitutionally seized via corrupted “eminent domain” laws, your rights to control and exercise total ownership your own BODY are being hemmed-in on the way to seizure.

To be sure, there’s been little push-back on the “Papiere, bitte” scam of population control under the guise of “public safety.”

Surprisingly, Pennsylvanians may not be crazy, after all. Reporter Update: State Senate Passes Bill To Ban Vaccine Passports was reported by KDKA and picked up by Yahoo.

Texas beat them to it this week when governor Greg Abbott inked a state ban on vaxports.

Now Texas is leveling-up to fight the spreading insanity:  Greg Abbott: Texas will build its own border barriers.  We’d like to be the first couple in Texas to volunteer to pay an additional 1/2% in sales tax to fund it, if asked.  Unlike the “free handout crowd” we’re cognizant that there’s no free lunch.  Freedom always costs something.

Soft-headed Libtard Dept.

Some of my best friends are “democrats” but they are not libtards.  The difference being an honest democrat can still  “run the numbers.”  The libtards can’t.  They also can’t handle simple logic.

Today’s centerpiece? Rashida Tlaib: “Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Exist for Muslim Women in Congress” over on the National Review website.

How impaired is that?  The very fact that her Twit account still has 1.5-million stupes (and her account hasn’t been blocked) suggests HER freedom of speech is actually GREATER than a sitting President’s was.

We gotta call ’em like commonsense dictates: this is firebomb rhetoric to keep the ‘tards and rabble stirred-up.  It’s all a monetization and bad for you.  Two-bit revolutionaries are dangerous.  But even worse? Low IQ voters.  Long as I’m fired up, now…

Political Dirtbags

Jeez…where to begin?  OK, NY Post it is:  Mainstream media ignores lewd Hunter Biden N-word texts to his lawyer. Can’t say for sure, but the “re-education camps” are for republican’s only now, aren’t they?

Screaming across the aisle:Hunting Leaks, Trump Officials Seized Records of Democrats”  Which we figure’s a little disingenuous (if not outright inaccurate reporting)  since “Trump officials” were actually ‘Department of Justice’ lawyers looking for illegal leaks.  But, let’s not let facts get in the way of fanning the dying embers of the TDS monetization, shall we?

Monetizing Climate

Kah-Ching!  Scoring democrats is pretty easy out on the screen porch in Texas. Given a choice, who would you prefer to have a burger and beer with:  Jimmy Carter or Al Gore?

OK, trick question:  Jimmy Carter left the presidency and devoted his life to working for peopleHabitat for Humanity.  Gore?  “Gore pressed Biden to stick with climate plans as liberals fear White House is softening its agenda.”

Wonder why they’d “soften?”  If you’re under 50, you likely don’t remember when the whole “climate thing” was in the media birth canal how New York’s Wall (and Battery) streets would be “under water by 2020.”  The climate crowd has been so wrong for so long it boggles the mind that business models scamming it persist.

When “warming” didn’t show up, they did a complicit media sleight-of-hand and plugged in “Change” in place of warming.  Anything to keep the histrionics wound-up.  Money from the sheep!  That’s ewe.

What’s worse, when climate change reveals itself to be merely the weather, when it rains or storms, that’s taken by the drooler & dribbler class as “proof” of climate change.

Yes: there is climate change.  Run-off from the North American  ice sheet dug the ditch for Grand Coulee Dam.  No argument.  Will it extinguish all Life on earth first?

The climate goons really ought to be applauding CV19.  Because if/when the killer variant (bioweap2) comes along – or if mRNA does create zombies five years out – it reduces pollution.  And THAT? Saves the planet!

See how there is balance in all things?

Besides, if climate were really in danger of going hot, a dozen H-bombs over the oceans and we can play “dial a nuclear winter.”  How stupid do people have to be?  Wait.  They elected the Biden – Harris ticket.  I withdraw the question.

CV-19 Heart Issues

On the agenda for CDC’s meeting a week from today:  11:30 AM Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccines: Update on COVID-19 vaccine safety, including myocarditis after mRNA vaccines.  “Takes a pricking and might stop ticking?”   (With apologies to John Cameron Swayze.)

From the “Old Reporters Notebook” here, a word about headlines and thre word “Emergency.”  Some media (clickwars for ad revs) are using the term “Emergency Meeting” to describe next week’s CDC discussion.

Medicine – at the bureaucrat level – knows nothing about Emergencies.  Ask a cop what’s an emergency (“active shooter situation reported“) or a fireman (“fully involved apartment building, third alarm“) or a pilot (“aircraft taxied onto the runway, going around“) or EMT (“I can’t get a pulse…clear!“)  and you’ll sense what “In the event of an actual Emergency” is all about.

Hard to take the CV-19 people seriously when “We’ll get to it next week...” is played as an “emergency.”  Just saying to half-grown reporters ” Don’t bullshit a bullshitter.”

Slow Road to Joe

We’re pretty sure that over the weekend, Joe Biden will find some way to throw-in with the G7 Eurocrats and sell America (further) down the road. 

Vaxports are one possibility, more under-vetted immigrants is another.  Close as we can figure it, Biden’s crew has moved to lying about lying about lying on border stats.  Easy to talk shit and hypotheticals, of course, when you live in a white house 1,811 miles from McAllen, Texas. From the San Ysidro crossing in SoCal, it’s 2,682  miles to Joe’s place or the Pelosi House.

Trade deals that screw ‘Merican companies?  Sure, that’s a strong possibility, too.  Going full neocon in Ukraine and eastern Europe’s gotta be on the watch list, as well.

For now, thankfully, the most exciting media copy coming from the Road Slow is Swiss Detail Extra Security Measures for Biden-Putin Summit .

NoDoze me.

War Watch

Friday optimism is just running rampant, ain’t it?  Here’s how we’re betting the Global Thermonuclear War Trifecta today:

In the Ukraine standoff: Putin Warns Ukraine on NATO Ambitions After Biden-Zelenskiy Call.

Bibi is bye-bye Sunday.  While Israeli parliament to vote Sunday on new governing coalition that would oust Netanyahu, we might see a last-ditch move to strike Iran on some pretext, or other.

Iranian Warship in the Atlantic which leads to speculation “Iranian Warship Could Be Bringing Millions of Gallons of Fuel to Venezuela.”

Taiwan is also simmering, but to clarify my consigliere’s view:  Now looks like the Mainland won’t try to grab Taiwan until after the China winter games early 2022, so we can relax a bit.  Still, though China tests ‘carrier killer’ after threatening US over Taiwan contacts. China’s also gotten pissy with Japan for calling the ROC a “country.”  Whah, whah, whah…whiners.

Well, there Ure has it.

A fine way to wrap up the week, getting my Friday column done super early so I can get chores around here done.

Charts  on Peoplenomics tomorrow and may have a first pass through “Packing to Die: The Suitcase Between Your Ears”  ready for PN next Wednesday.

BBQ’ing a roast this afternoon. Bronc Mower riding between  now and then. After which comes the Big Decision of the Week:  PBR or Rolling Rock?

We count our blessings every day in our 70’s.  Why even CV-19 is a blessing:  The no-contact thermometer allows us to serve exactly 31.2 degree beer.

Write when you get rich,

47 thoughts on “Rent Your Life is Nearly Here: Fed Week Coming”

  1. Yeah all have a good one eh . Bit like 2000 remember Marvin !!! You remember him George !!! I do . Let’s see if anyone can remember Marvin . Just before the crash . Come on have a go . Knock me all you it’s different this time gurus . Try chicken poops’

  2. “Inflation is moving up, too. ”

    that was one of the major news stories last night ….
    was how prices in food and fuel are on the increase..
    I didn’t hear if they put the anti DJT spin on it.. Farmers are now seriously worried about crops.. with the heat and no rain.. I am curious if they will have a really good one or have to mark it all off as a loss..

  3. ” Seattle council votes to ban some school-year and post-pandemic evictions, guarantee lease renewals,, says the Times.”

    WELL…… that is one way to fix the thirty percent on the eviction list… I think they will Need to dump a few more bucks in the pockets to for those living on credit cards…

  4. Yo G- Neg,

    Dont think it is a might , as opposed to a when – for Goodness knows that crazy mofo (childhood in Pennsyltucky) is a certified .
    My gut is and has alwayz been saying.. “Mahdi Gras’ should be starting soonly.

    Nor will ChiComs be doing anything soonly regards war with neighboring island – although there are those in CCP military leadership – that are said to be hard for Yui Xin…U can see why here ..
    Hey dont knock it to U try it, Kemmosabe – after all U know what Agamemnon did regards that legendary hottie Helen of Troy..
    Summer Hotties – cant live with em, cant live without em.. ..Can U kick it this Summer ?

  5. “Dont’ Bullshit a Bullshitter.” or even better, “Don’t piss down my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

    PBR if your watching rodeo., Otherwise go with the Rolling Rock.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. The Globalists and Liberals on the East and West Coasts cannot have Texas talking about Texit. They are having a hard enough time keeping their Trilateral, one world government vaccines and global warming plans on track. Their financial Ponzi schemes and house of cards will soon fall and take the markets with them.

    To teach us Texans a lesson, the Globalists are flooding even more immigrants into Texas through the Rio Grande. They are handing out freebies to them: healthcare, food stamps, Aid to Dependent Children, Welfare, Housing, Medical and Maternity care, Prepaid Debit cards, Airline and Bus tickets, etc.

    And with the handouts of free money and free food stamps, and free healthcare to all the illegals coming into our country now in return for their votes, they will be telling all their relatives and friends to come on up and get a Biden T Shirt on the way and be sure and vote Democrat to get more free handouts.

    Combine that with the voting machines in Texas and other states that can be manipulated via embedded software algorithms and modems built in, and they can turn Texas Blue very soon.

    And these illegals will buy smoky carbon monoxide generating cars to get around in and not have insurance when they have wrecks. A fact. It happened to me!

    And they will create even greater backlogs in hospital emergency rooms where they can go to get free healthcare and where they go when these breeders drop out more “citizens” because they were born here.

    Free Healthcare to Illegals whose costs are being passed onto the real U.S citizens via increased healthcare and drug costs and healthcare premiums.

    Time for Texas to fight back. We have a history of a love for Freedom. Remember the Alamo, remember the revenge for the Alamo at San Jacinto when Texans were greatly outnumbered but they kicked Santa Ana’s ass and his Mexican army all the way back to Mexico. It is still in the DNA of Texans, both born here and those that got here as soon as they could.

    Texas needs to create The Illegals Tax, a Tax of 10% on every barrel of oil, MCF of natural gas, gallon of Av Gas, gallon of gasoline, KW of wind or solar “green” energy that leaves the state. This new source of tax money will be used to finish the border fence that Trump started and Biden stopped. Completing the Fence was finally announced yesterday by our Gov.

    Let’s build a real border fence like the Israelis have, where no one can get through. And while you are at it Gov, build tank traps because the Chinese will some day try coming in from the South. The Chinese Commies are already buying Texas ranches because ranchers are fed up with fighting the elements and all the illegals coming through. And no one in the Democratic Party seems to care.

    zOther than building a border fence, the new “illegals” tax money can also be used to buy one-way bus tickets for every illegal that crosses the border, and is caught, to send them to the hometown of each Liberal Senator and Representative in Congress that supports illegal immigration, or to any other Libtard Sanctuary city that the illegal chooses to go to.

    According to the Fed DHS status indicators, over 342,000 criminal aliens have been booked into local Texas jails between June 1, 2011 and May 31, 2021, of which over 233,000 were classified as illegal aliens by DHS. Over 180,000 illegals were caught in May 2021 alone. How many got away?

    Between June 1, 2011 and May 31, 2021, these 233,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 380,000 criminal offenses which included arrests for 706 homicide charges; 44,532 assault charges; 7,180 burglary charges; 47,077 drug charges; 645 kidnapping charges; 19,045 theft charges; 29,825 obstructing police charges; 2,099 robbery charges; 4,699 sexual assault charges; 5,843 sexual offense charges; and 4,035 weapon charges.

    Get them the hell out of Texas. We can’t fix the world and all the inhabitants thereof that want a piece of the American dream/now the Texas dream. They can do it the legal way. Get in line and apply with applications that are screened!

    The coastal libs are trying to bring Texas to its knees and change Texas into a Blue State to support their Liberal Socialistic Commie agendas. It is time for Texas to stand up to the senile old groper President and his poor excuse for a VP that couldn’t even do a good showing on her recent trip handing money away to Central America.

    Enough of the pathological liars in the Demoncratic party and their communist/socialist propaganda press and Social Media Networks.

    Enough of their liberal Kumbaya lies about racism! We have had a partially black President, a partially black female Vice President. The damned race card isn’t playing anymore!

    This isn’t about race, it’s about a flat-out Commie Coup, and the Liberal Commies will play that race card, and any other divisive card that can separate the country. The old axiom: Divide and Conquer.

    Right on Charles Barkley re LeBron and all the troublemakers that keep playing race and Black Lives Matter cards. Like other lives don’t matter? They are creating Class Division, plain and simple, but there are too many stupid people to understand what is really happening. It is known as fomenting Communist revolution which is the ultimate goal.

    • There’s not much to add here. I have many good friends who are immigrants – LEGAL immigrants, and largely top tier intellectually. They follow the letter of the law in a way that many Americans could learn from. I don’t know if I know any illegal aliens – though I do know of one who hit my daughters car and totalled it, while being both uninsured and drunk. She’s fine, thank God. I’m sure there might be a good reason to be an illegal alien, though I’m not aware of any other than possibly some fraction of the minors that were brought here illegally. I have a fence around my property and so do most people that don’t want trespassing. There’s was never an excuse(other than money) to leave the southern border open the way ours is. I wish NM would take the same initiative that Texas is doing. We used to be a red state but have turned blue in the cities. Unfortunately, voting is per person rather than per acre. At least Texas is only a few hours drive and I’m a (relatively) like minded soul.

      Every country in the world(other than us) wants only the best and the brightest as immigrants, and they need to have a good work ethic. We distinguish ourselves by limiting only that cohort.

      • I know quite a few legal immigrants .. and a few illegal…
        I have no issues if they Come to America Legally.. they want to Raise their family.. follow our laws but Pay our taxes .. pay a non resident tax and no benefits until you get your citizenship the good samaritan laws were originally meant for citizens going through hard time..Today many companies see the good samaritan policies as benefits.. call social security the retirement fund..and even brag about you could receive food stamps on the wages they pay.. those programs were meant for those in dire need not as a part of the wage system so that those at the top tier of the company can get higher bonuses and more profits… I have always said.. if there is greater than ten percent of a companies employees that are dependent on social programs for the destitute then those companies should pay a higher tax if they show a profit big enough to offer bonuses to the executives.. since they depend on the community to pay to support their employees ..
        Illegals.. should not be here.. but if they are and get a job.. they to should pay our taxes.. follow our laws and receive no benefits until they get their citizenship..
        the ones I knew and know don’t have to pay taxes.. they deduct it from their wages.. but at the end of the year they get it all back and if they qualify for the EIC tax credit they get that to.. the stimulus etc..

    • Don’t forget WTHS that they’re also flying the illegals from Central America into the heartland over and above what’s flowing over our state’s Southern border. Daily and multiple flights per day are coming out of El Paso and other border towns with good airports going into Tennessee, Idaho and elsewhere. Illegals were witnessed carrying big envelopes of cash and documents in the Brownsville airport headed inland until people began putting it out on social media – so they started flying them out on early morning Red Eyes.

      Again I ask – how do the flight crews do this knowingly without revolting altogether? Do they look for bug-eyed radical DIM-ocrats to fly the planes?? If someone, some group, high up in the government doesn’t start calling this Treason at the top of their lungs soon our country WILL be in such a disarray kinetic revolution will be all the only choice we have left. At the very least the Texas legislature disallowed the Chinese building a major wind farm on the huge ranch that Chi-Com general bought with unlimited Chinese funds.

      • “they’re also flying the illegals from Central America into the heartland over and above what’s flowing over our state’s Southern border. ”

        And the larger companies are advertising for employees from these countries offering to pay their way here.. those companies luring people to enter illegally should be fined.. if caught with illegals the companies and the executives should pay hefty fines the same way a bar is fined if they sell to minors.. if they continue then seize their assets.. both business and private.. that CV would be a deterrent to hire illegals.. the same way it’s a deterrent for a cashier to sell liquor to minors..

  7. Seems we are to continue to panic about viruses and get a shot that doesn’t work … but not to worry about inflation because it’s “temporary” and will magically go away, when you die or in how many decades?

    See people angrily commenting against what’s happening but no one defends these changes … and there are people (alive) who voted for all this. Where are they? Just a war of words on their iPhone fighting with who ever wrote the WOKE article.

    I read that Apple Pie is Racist. No sh*t. Well, if Apples are racist, we all need to turn in our iPhones. That’s kinda funny but if we did turn in our iPhones, the war of words would most likely move from the virtual platform to solid ground on the streets, with pitchforks, shovels and worse. TPTB were sly by giving us an inanimate object to vent to. Saves them from getting house calls.

    Use to be we were afraid of tornadoes and “get out of the water” when we see lightening. Now people are afraid when it gets hot or cold outside … while the utilities that keep us comfortable are being manipulated and taken away.

    I see trees growing, plants flowering and whole gang of honey bees converging on our lavender plants. But I hear liberals screaming, it can’t be !! We gotta save the planet !! – not prepping to save them selves from the real threat. Whatever.

    Life is too short for all this crap. It was too short even before this crap, if I remember correctly.

    • “See people angrily commenting against what’s happening but no one defends these changes”

      My wife.. before we got married.. she had lived in a place .. when she got ready to move she called and had all the utilities changed to the new place.. no issues.. years went by.. we got married and one day in 1974 she gets a summons to court for unpaid utility bill.. she goes to court.. it is about the unpaid gas bill at the place she moved out of in 1980.. she tells the judge.. I moved out of there in 1980 the judge says.. can you prove that.. yup.. she had the papers.. so a new court date was set.. she goes back for the new court date.. the judge asked to see the papers.. she shows them to the judge.. the judge says.. this is obviously not your bill.. and dismisses her.. four months go by .. then someone comes in and garnishes her wage.. what in the world for.. we go down to the court house and ask about it.. OH.. you didn’t show up for your last court date.. what last court date.. they show the certified mail.. they had gotten back not accepted.. when the judge dismissed the wife.. the collection company went and sent a notice to the people that had made up the bill.. because the wife was the only one with a job.. they penned her name in at the bottom and sent it to box 6 at another community that the wife had never lived at in her life.. I of course say.. she has never lived there.. the answer we got was.. that was the only address they knew for her.. and it is her responsibility to pick up her mail.. OK.. but it isn’t even an address that she has ever ever had.. doesn’t matter.. so we petitioned the court.. went there and the judge says haven’t I seen this case before… I am going for the plaintiff does anyone else have anything to say about this.. I like an idiot raised my hand.. I do.. who are you.. I am the ladies husband.. she has never lived at the address that the collection company sent the bill to and those people pretended to be her.. isn’t that fraud.. the judge sayd keep your mouth shut one more word from you and I am going to have you charged with contempt of court.. matter is closed.. we went to the gas company and they had two cords worth of letters all the same thing..
      anyway.. we paid the bill I petitioned the PUC to get the law changed so that someone has to show id.. they told me.. won’t ever happen.. if you have millions of dollars you can get something done.. but if you don’t they don’t want to send the man out to look at an id..
      we did call the other utilities to.. the people that lived there had done the exact same thing on all of the utility bills..
      Politicians.. are paid so nicely.. that they could care less about what happens to the other people.. take one of our legislators.. he has a private plane.. and a private staff for the flight.. all paid for by the lobbyists.. now I am not to sure what a pilot gets or the cost of the plane and the fuel.. but it isn’t just a little bit.. I have a family member has one small plane.. and the cost is a fair amount and it is a cheap plane not some jet.. with luxury accommodations..

  8. So I did a little research and now I’m terrified. Apparently they’ve been putting supermagnetic nanoparticles of iron in common foods for at least 13 years according to this video.

    A company called Flinn Scientific is at the forefront of this terrible discovery, but apparently people just don’t know or care. They published that video in 2009 and the news was promptly squashed, probably by Obama and CNN. Luckily this video evidence survives.

    Bottom line, don’t eat any breakfast cereal, it’s filled with iron (Fe) and as soon as it’s magnetized you turn into a zombie, probably with 5G energy.

    This must be what they are putting in the vaccines, or close to it. Do you want to end up like the cereal in the blender? With lumps of Iron floating around in your body?

    • We do need iron in our diet, BUT it should be organic in it’s molecular makeup and not inorganic. This applies to all the minerals we need as animals(human).

      My health issues forced me to learn to eat healthy or die. That was 7 years ago. Eat well to be well. I read the ingredient labels on all the labeled food I buy, ignorant people just ASSuME that all food on the store shelfs is OK to eat. I used to, but learned that liars/deceivers are everywhere in corporate AMERICA. The vast majority of Americans depend on corporations for their food supply, like a herd of cattle in a feed yard, death awaits them at their corporate owners will. A good reason to be Amish, so to speak.
      “natural flavoring” is an ingredient on many food labels, they are hiding what it is, don’t eat that shit. bull shit is natural flavoring and I don’t eat it either! If they have to hide what it is, they can keep it. Like Pelosi says “we can’t tell YOU what is in the bill, until we pass it” Bull Shit

      • “Like Pelosi says “we can’t tell YOU what is in the bill, until we pass it”

        Lol that’s true with ALL the bills…


      • Bill Bill Bill, will you calm down for a minute and put a refrigerator magnet on your face? Or a playing card. Lots of things stick to your “injection site”. LOL. It’s a parlor trick! Where have you been all your life?

  9. No Pi e ?

    What, what, what – a weekend bbq roast and Ure shop “workz” without pi ?!
    C’mon man.

    How in the hell can U do bbq or work w/time machine without Pi ?

    Obviously Ure ancient ancestors in Egypt knew the secret (s).
    Were U not paying attention in Ure physics & history classes ?
    Must have been Ure after lunch classes, when the seed popping activities caught up to the brain functioning activities..

    So in case U forgot – the Pyramids are 8 sided construction, All based on Pi ..why?

    It is ALL about Waves & Frequencies .

    Recall all those hollowed spheres of varying sizes found all over the world are about ?
    Dampening or Amplifying frequencies/earthquake waves –
    Strategically buried in “polygonal wall” pattern between city and fault lines. See terra preta – found ALL over the world, now.. & U thought it was only found in amz basin..
    – Engineered earth & polygonal wall of piezieo electrically chargeable spheres. Same piezo electric chargeable building blocks used in buildings in city center construction, provided earthquake safe refuge in between the large bldgs. This is prolly what was really on with the original easter island inhabitants as well…”calling Doctor Emmet Brown”

  10. “Texas will build its own border barriers. ”

    When the X-ians came to North America they massacred. “Burn the boats, we win or die together.”

    Looking though history the massacre works like nothing else…. There is one tool more powerful than the massacre. Mass Media.

    Before the Chinese invented audio/video equipment average folk didn’t understand the massacre. After they started shipping AV equipment, people decided they didn’t want to see how the sausage is made.

  11. As to Ford electric 150 truck and mileage. Heard a commentator say that the actual 300 mile battery is 420 miles. EPA required the truck to do it mileage with a 1000 pound load. Mileage and weather have a huge affect on electric batteries mileage.

  12. so none of yous remember . marvin the monkey . green as grass . set up for the greatest kill of all time . insert everything in . everything

  13. Geez George, I finally get back to your site, and the first thing I see with you is: “Thing is: “Group Ownership” is another way of saying socialist collectivism. That’s just ONE example of “Stalin the future of Freedom.”” With that kind of thinking, you must hate stock ownership and Wall St. Then you run this nonsense about Snowflakes not understanding math, conveniently forgetting all that ntl debt the R’s ran up during Trump, how the R’s triggered the Great Recession with their extreme deregulation ideology, and the $8tn the R’s lied us into putting on the ntl debt for Iraq. Best, Mike.

  14. got another yada yada in . good stuff . nowhere to oblivion with all the lies . go and give yourself a real good ram with all that flating mick moriarty stories . whip em up into a frenzy .

  15. dollar bending . adjustment over . sheetcon coming !!!!!!!!!!! vroom vroom . here we go . a little bit for slaves here and there. i wonder what don ure is gunna make of this great week of nothing . maybe yella dog stories !!!

  16. So, when the libtards get their way and all the cars are electric, what happens in Dallas when there’s a four hour traffic jam in 90-100 degree weather, and all of the batteries on the vehicles die? How do service vehicles supply power to all of those stranded cars?

  17. Anyone still want the vaxx??? I am absolutely shocked that people would even consider getting a vaxx these days. It’s genocide. Now granted, people still have not caught on to a really, really evil agenda here, but just because some company or university tells you that you have to play Russian Roulette with 5 rounds in the chamber of a six shooter does NOT mean you have to play. Please wake up people!

  18. Sorry G… Mrs. Oilman2 drives 85 miles to get to her work, or 170 miles per day assuming no stops. In reality, she would be bumming my FJ to do anything but get to work due to charging time. And, as we found out with our Prius – the batteries are NOT everlasting and they cost more than an engine transplant in an ICE ride.

    Nissan Leaf – 3 yrs/36K warranty, 150 mile range (it’s 90 miles TO my farm and nearly max Leaf range for the Mrs. to do her commute) – the battery pack replacement will be on ME, because it is excluded in extended warranties they offer for this vehicle.

    Truth is, I have better things to pour my time and money into than a vehicle that is inherently compromised by the entry price and limited use – which is why my 2007 FJ will likely hit 400K miles before the end of the year. We tow trailers, haul big loads and actually do things other than drive to a restaurant or the mall. TBH, you can’t even use the new F-150 to tow a boat far enough to get out of town or to the coast.

    Sorry – electric anything is too expensive (I paid $92K for my house FMTT…) and too cumbersome wrt charging and limited range. The battery pack replacement cost is horrendous and can only be done at your local dealer. When I tried to just purchase the battery pack for our old Prius, they would not sell it to me – they would be happy to replace it, but I could not purchase the thing and DIY…

    It’s all good though. I just read the other day that hydrogen is the future for vehicles…


      Check that out O2…
      I have an acquaintance thats a professor at a small college. He put the solar panel kit on the top of his car.he did it just to show the kids.. with the prime it depends on who’s driving.. optimal battery time with ours is at 54 miles per an hour.. I personally get up to 55 miles per charge. The wife gets 33 the kids get 25.. theres an addon battery to .. when they make the change they reprogram the car to take advantage of the additional power..
      I had planned on doing that with the regular Prius.. the prime I’d love can get the batteries cheap enough

    • The 12 volt battery is expensive.. we put a battery maintainer on the 12 volt battery..
      If your willing to remove a battery you can buy them all day for 400 dollars at a junkyard.. a thousand if they remove it and ship it to you.
      I could have had 2 just a few months ago for a hundred a piece..

  19. My next door neighbor, the feuder signed his house for sale Wednesday evening.

    Yesterday around 10:00AM the sign was planted on the lawn. From about noon yesterday traffic is flowing. I think it’ll be signed before the weekend ends.

    I monitor by video camera. One set had a dog so I may need to circle back here for sonic assistance.

  20. George;
    Schools require Covid vaccine.
    university endowments will take a BIG hit.. What is lifetime earnings potential of a 19 or 20 yr old 4 million?,100 million,?and multiply that by 100 or 1000 students.
    Especially in young people who have a 1 chance in 1 or 2 million of having a serious outcome from the actual disease..
    I would not get it for my kids or grandkids.
    With Ivermectin plus Vit D, 1000mg Vit C and Zinc daily for 7 to 14 days. Dose of ivermectin is 12 to 24mg depending on
    weight.. Early12 to 24 mg ,in hospital 350 u/g micrograms to 450u/g micrograms given daily.
    Hydroxychloroquin 600mg po day one then 400mg po daily for 5 to 7 days out of hospital . Plus Vit D 2000 to5 000 I/U or 25 to 50mg, Vit C 1000 to 5000mg po daily, Azithromycin 500mg sometimes daily for 5 to 7 days, and zinc 15 to 30mg po daily.. .. More info available at Front Line Covid 19 Critical Care or FLCCC.

  21. “I’ve noticed people switching from shots to beers…”
    Really? I try to stay away from beer in the Summer. One beer and I might as well start wearing a sweat band. A shot or two of Turkey? Not so much.

    Re: Pickups – The venerable “pickup truck” (a redundant name in Texas, it’s either a “pickup” or a “truck” ) has become a city boy’s toy over the past 20 years or so. Last year, or perhaps the year before, Fox News ran an article on the new Dodge truck that had more doo-dads on it than a new Ca-dillic. Did they show a guy with calloused hands wearing a beat up old straw hat and dirty work clothes that should have gone to Good Will ten years ago driving it? Oh Hell no. Some millennial was driving it through some megalopolis after slogging, SLOGGING mind you, through a long hard day at the office. The demographic was obvious. I’m surprised a chilled martini or a Manhattan didn’t pop out of a compartment in the dash as he was driving. My trashing of the whole article in its comments section got more rave reviews than the article itself as other working people like me applauded my comments.

    Given the price they are asking for these four wheeled toys a high six-figure person is the only one that can afford such things then and now, hence, my purchase of only used vehicles that I can divine as good enough to come work for me. And, believe me, the older used trucks that people can still work on are going to become prime automotive property in very short order. Anything past the late 2000s is so complicated and in need of connection to a mainframe in China or elsewhere in order to diagnose the smallest problem any good professional mechanic today will be cut out of the market very soonly rendering them fairly useless even after trade-in to people that really use them for work. Just another way they’re destroying our country and economy … same thing.

    • “Given the price they are asking for these four wheeled toys a high six-figure person is the only one that can afford such things ”

      Listening to a farmer bitch and moan because he didn’t make much money.. a brand new 60 grand pickup, a new to him used 500 grand combine and he built two homes for two of his kids..
      Sitting there scratching his sack with a few more on the same similar situation.. I just said.. I’ll trade you cars….

  22. Comrades,

    Oh, Normandy! Has the world gone psycho?

    In one of the greatest backhanded compliments since the Queen dispatched the Earl of Wessex – vanquisher of Vikings – to a Nordic royal wedding, the BBC has today pronounced President Biden most certainly of English descent. While Irish eyes may be crying at this pronouncement, it further galls the waters to have his hometown only a siege catapult away from the stomping grounds of the last occupant of the House of Godwin.

    Hey, Joe! Channel it live at the Isle of Wight. Don’t go south; they’re flushing the moat!


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