Reader Advisory: G.A. Stewart’s Site Updated

His latest has just been posted on The Age of Desolation website.

If you have been scratching your head on some of the “conspiracy talk” on the web about the alleged connections between people in/of government and pedophilia, go read Stu’s Thief in the Night post about WW III.

Tons of great insights to be found there.



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12 thoughts on “Reader Advisory: G.A. Stewart’s Site Updated”

  1. G.A. STEWART: In my opinion, not to be taken as advice, if you are not ready now, you are walking on the razor’s edge. Moving to BFE Nowhere is your only real option, and like George, it’s best to do it before the rush; because not only are you and your family going to be heading to those green spots on the map, so will millions of refugees from every major city. Tens of millions of people will all be looking for the very same thing.

    Unfouled, arable land will be at a premium, that is in my books and from the predictions of both Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. The good camping sites will be the scenes of much bloodshed, similar to those days of the gold rush and claim-jumpers.

    • Our county tax authority has been told by Austin to raise our tax values to be more in line with the rest of Texas. The tax authority responded by raising the land values rather than the taxes on the improvements because it’s very difficult to argue the value of land vs. buildings on surrounding properties. The land values set by this comparison is pretty much set. This has resulted in a hoard of tax payers descending on the tax authority each filing their own protest forms. It’s been several months since we filed ours and we’re finally getting our scheduled hearings for the various properties we’re protesting. I hope they’ll be happy to discuss them all in one setting to knock their hearings down a bit.

      All of this, however, is what I’ve been worrying about as we’ve seen tax money recipients grasping for more and more money from tax payers each cycle. The main emphasis seems to be on properties within cities and towns but we know if we don’t keep an eye on these people they’ll be coming for our Ag land, too. They’ve tried more than once in times past to change its status due to adjacent developments and the last time had a definite air of aggression to it. We had to get our attorney involved in order to get something resembling straight answers out of the tax people. My cousin in San Antonio has an attorney on retainer for his properties. If they succeed in making us sell, God forbid, the tax revenue increase will be short lived as people are already finding there’s a lot less water under our feet than the real estate developers say there is and we’ll be having abandoned homes show up all over our county. People are starting to sell off and I can’t tell if there aren’t any buyers available or the interest rates have just slowed things down a lot. I hope the number of angry people showing up outside the tax authority building, though, means people will start changing their voting habits. Once they’ve taxed enough people off their land and start holding enough no-bid tax sales TPTB will then, and only then, realize they went too far and have ruined a lot of lives for their own gain. They have no brakes in their quest for revenue. Then it will be our own little mini-reset or be part of a bigger snowball effect as these people have their butts handed to them.

  2. In the movie “Nefarious” there is a scene where the demon makes a direct correlation between the infant sacrifice to Molech and today’s abortion clinics. The writers wrote and the actor played this out perfectly.

    I highly recommend that movie to everyone. I found it by searching Amazon’s Fire so I rented it. A Catholic exorcist wouldn’t give a review for Russell Crowe’s movie on possession and exorcism because he said it was just sensationalism but he said “Nefarious” was probably the best movie portrayal of such an event he’d seen.

    I can relate to how you feel about your job. I had a similar experience. Ironically, it was also the unnecessary capital costs of replacing a chiller unit for a large technical facility that led to the corporate ‘dumping’ of the facility to a notorious ‘strip & flip’ management company. I was downsized into early retirement. At the time it was the worst experience of my life, and I barely squeaked by. But it has turned out for the best, and I do not regret being early prepared for what is to come.

    Since you have to move anyway, my advice to you is move to your safe ground now, even if you must abandon the job. The facility is no longer worthy of your care. I had to go through that emotional struggle, too. Knowing I will lose my job in three months, while the new bosses are telling me how to destroy what I had built, so they could rebuild it THEIR way was…. Hell on my attitude. I am glad I had the time to settle into ‘retirement’ now. Better early than a day too late. You know well what is coming. Get ahead of it.

    And thanks for all the work you have done and the insight you gave for those of us with eyes to see.

    • H i H,

      Stu wrote…

      “I no longer offer opinions or advice, and as far as I am concerned, they can run everything into the ground all they want. At the end of my eight hours, I am down the road.”

      I did the same thing at my job as a service and parts manager. I finally stopped offering opinions and advice to my superiors, because they really didn’t want hear it, it was perceived as complaining.

      Put your heart and soul into your company job and for what?

      For nothing.

      Think about Gary Cooper in High Noon.
      That ending scene says it all.
      Here it is.

      • Thanks for the link JC!

        Unemployment numbers are low. The local hospital has 900 job openings. Sheriff’s office is shy about 30% of full officer staffing. Starbucks closes shop when employees don’t show up for work.

        Where did everyone go?

    • AMEN…
      Stu your to good of a man.. I to was forced into early retirement..but mine was from heth reasons..
      my wife was let go after decades of being loyal to them.. mostly I bieve was to get both of us off of the company health policy..
      then to be told by job service that being a loyal employee isn’t a positive marker when seeking employin.. I stead its a negative symbol..

  4. 7-20-23 – Constellation Draco -BoomshackalackaBOOM!

    comet 12P crossing thru the head of Draco constellation – explodes (known for this ) and forms “Horns” for a tail- will be naked eye visible soonly

    ..signs in da Heavens, where you been looking?

  5. Maintaining a modest rural primary residence has worked for me, but civilization encroaches, and the gravel road out front is now a paved suburban lane. I would like to be further from the metro areas, but I have decent internet service here, and I am telecommuting, which makes life easier. Still, I think change is in the air. You can always rent an apartment if you need to work in town. Good luck on the move Stu.

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