Rally On plus A Trump Rehash and Bash

Hype School Reunion time!

While we await this weekend’s “Easter War” window – and having our fill of how the Great Schism of 1054 may still be feeding forward into daily news events now – we have plenty of time to consider ongoing monetization’s of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

As you will read in a fabulously hyped NY Post headline this morning, My fiery showdown with Donald Trump over his stolen election claims from one Piers Morgan has reinvented the American Divide.

It’s little more than the cyclical return of yellow journalism – quick to trade on the Trump brand – while trying to save a flailing career that saw Morgan bounced from CNN for low ratings.  Likely, a more even handling of events is found in  Deceptive Edits: Audio Contradicts Piers Morgan, Shows He Warped Trump Interview Ending in Promo (breitbart.com).

To us, it smacks of the old toothpaste sloganYou’ll wonder where the yellow went.  Turns out, it’s down at the pier.  (Looking for the irium, no doubt!)

I can tell you, as a journalist (with more than half a century experience), this is little more – in my view – than another example of how U.S. immigration laws have failed us miserably.  There were – and remain – far more competent American journos than Morgan.

Yet the American public still insists on playing the sub role of neo-kneelers, groveling before the throne. (And people who talk funny.)  British accents, however, test well in network galvanic’s.  Roughly, the second derivative of the mean reciprocal audience IQ score with eye of newt flambé, then cross-tabbed.  Adver-Hyping 101.

A glimmer of hope to the north as Canadian’s may be waking a bit: Canadians more open to cutting ties with monarchy, but still support Queen: poll – National. Yet even with this, the monetization’s and groveling continue as described in Britain’s Queen Elizabeth gets own Barbie doll for Platinum Jubilee..  See why the Ure clan moved to The Colonies in the 1700s?

The result of this historical bletch (from the Yiddish word “brechen”) is America’s Modern Colonists are rolling out red carpets for the UK’s dregs and dethroned. (Wish we could write checks to avoid trial, huh, duke?)

Incomprehensible!  Fortunately, Andy, Harry, Piers, and Meghan are not our cuppa news. The only Morgan we believe has the first name “Captain.”

American gullibility should have ended at Boston Harbor.  Or, more recently, at the inbound immigration desk.  (We know how that doesn’t work with the Drooler in Chief!  Title 42 idiot!)

Now that I’ve gone and “…got my Irish up…

Union Pacific? Useless Reply

We raised questions earlier this week of Union Pacific. Which, as you know, has decided to cut back rail operations citing everything in the PR playbook. Installing new tech, crew shortages, training, blah-blah, and whatever… Regardless of labeling, these will help to induce food shortages later this year.

When asked about this, a UP public relations (flackette) only told us:


We have taken steps to address congestion on our network.  One of those steps includes metering some traffic. There is no general embargo of regions, products or customers. I refer you to our latest customer update. UP: General Announcements

Which pissed me off – and it should you, too.  Fired back:

“That was not the question.  The question is (please respond to the question and not redirect):

Has UP restricted movement of CF Industries fertilizer shipments, or will your plans reduce spring fertilizer movement in any manner?

Thanks in advance

George Ure

Urbansurvival.com etc.”

Rather than admit that not only will their changes impact CF Industries fertilizer shipments, we’re now hearing from farm belt sources that this genius-level management crew will also reduce (meter) feed grains being delivered to meat and poultry producers. WTFG!  Don’t these people shop?  Eat?

When the food shortages arrive, remember this timeline:  We gave you the heads up in December.  The Drooler-in-Chief followed a couple of months on (blaming sanctions), and now we see how corporate America is doing its part to reduce food stocks.  Way to Go!!!  And let’s bash Vlad as Bad?  Who, we remind, remains the largest fertilizer (urea) exporter in the world?  Yeah, Joe.  Let’s sanction the fertilizer maker!

Again, the Buyed ‘Em administration has demonstrated an inability to engage second or third-level thinking.  Knock-on events ripple, kiddies.  Get off the laptops and back in rehab.

Attack on food building now as Agricultural Cooperatives Targeted by Cyberattackers.  Drivethroughs with odd and even license days – just like the Oil Embargo – gee, this’ll be fun, won’t it?

Meanwhile, it will be instructive this fall to see if hungry voters will retain the same appetite for BS vote manipulation and political blatherspeak as fuller people did in better times.

Speaking of High Crookery

We are always amused to to follow the ongoing failures of Hillary Clinton.  The latest?  Clinton senior campaign team leaves cohort Sussmann in tough spot ahead of Durham trial.

Which goes on my punch list to discuss with my consigliere:  If a lawyer is party to a possible crime, is attorney-client still in play?  And if a law firm engages in potentially illegal activity, can clients in unrelated cases demand refunds?

Meantime, older news hounds will remember the (suspicious) Uranium One deal featuring the Clintons circa 2013.  Irony? The democrats giveth (Vlad) and taketh away, eh?

Uncle’s Tech

Just in from out .mil whiz warhammer:

“Warfighting in the electro-magnetic spectrum gives an inherent advantage to the attacker.  The speed of response to such an attack is critical in limiting the degree of negative impact on defending forces.  SpaceX is giving Uncle Sam a lesson on how to conduct rapid counter-cyber warfare.

SpaceX shut down a Russian electromagnetic warfare attack in Ukraine last month — and the Pentagon is taking notes (c4isrnet.com)

A military unit traditionally trains and operates by established sets of rules called ‘doctrine.’  Some aspects of doctrine are good, such as identifying common tools, tactics and techniques for unit operations.  But with the ‘speed of light’ nature of cyber warfare, the response to an attack or probe must be as close to ‘immediate’ as possible to limit damage.  As with the WWII code breakers for the Nazi Enigma system, cyber warriors (aka coders and hackers) must also be able to quickly recognize a suspected probe or attack and successfully respond to it.

Industry based SpaceX coders working with the DoD rapidly and successfully turned away a Russian cyber attack due to their elite training and experience, attributes not easily instilled during military basic training.  The way forward, in the near term at least, is for military cyber forces to team with industry experts in order to provide the best possible defense-in-depth across key cyber-intensive systems and infrastructures.  Over time, AI will likely play an increasing role in counter-cyber ops.

The advantage for the time being seems to go to the West, where a more innovative teaming of industry, academia and military minds should provide the adaptability and flexibility necessary to counter insidious and persistent cyber attacks. But Russia and China are climbing the learning curve, to the point that whoever develops the best AI algorithms for cyber and counter-cyber warfare will hold a decided and possibly devastating advantage in future engagements.”

From SourceSafe forward, eh?  Having invented computers, America’s now reduced to running on momentum.  Way to Go Political Hacks!  (Always confusing luck with brains!)

Reading the Fed

Next Tuesday, Jerome’s partly hidden Fed monetary agenda will be ghostly seen in the new monthly H.6 Money Stocks report.  While waiting, we thumbed through the Wednesday Beige Book (you know, the one with the blue cover?):

  • Overall Economic Activity
    Economic activity expanded at a moderate pace since mid-February.
  • Labor Markets
    Employment increased at a moderate pace.
  • Labor Markets
    Employment increased at a moderate pace.

Close down CalTech and MIT – we got us a fresh load of rocket scientists right here.

Data and Cheerio’s

Powell speaks at 10 AM.  In the meantime, two scrambled with the Philly Fed report which we distilled down to:

“The diffusion index for current general activity decreased 10 points to 17.6 in April, mostly offsetting its increase from last month. More than 34 percent of the firms reported increases in current activity this month, while 17 percent reported decreases. The index for new orders declined 8 points to 17.8, and the current shipments index fell 11 points to 19.1.”

And Labor’s New Unemployment Filings continue to drop, since people don’t want to work, especially if you can get government checks and phones if youj border jump in.


A couple of hours to the open, Dow futures were up +211.  No drug testing on Wall Street, apparently.

This is the C wave blowoff of our complex four if you do Elliot wave counting.  Up into the weekend is possible…

Random Citing’s

Light up fort breakfast?  New Jersey launches recreational marijuana sales following voter approval.

Brookings is on the same path as we are:  Age of cheap energy has run its course.  Or, like Oilman2 tells us:  Depletion never sleeps: Politicians need to square with the American people on gasoline prices.  We continue to have high confidence politicians can’t handle the truth.

New in our military dictionary?  SARMAT  Russia test-fires new intercontinental ballistic missile.

We’ve told you this before, but as soon as China reunifies with Taiwan (this summer?) they will be eyeing Australia next:  Explainer: What’s the China-Solomon Islands pact and why does it matter?

There’s No Freedom of Speech in Canada:  ‘Freedom Convoy’ Leader Pat King Charged with Perjury, Obstruction of Justice for Protesting COVID Mandates.  Another reason to leave the “crown royals.” 

Re-Poke:  Does anyone care?  Meghan Markle News – Prince Charles FURIOUS At ‘loose Cannon’ Prince Harry’s Latest Reckless Swipe At Royal Family.

This is catchy: Dos And Don’ts After Being In A Head-on Collision.  How about we just skip to the “don’t” part?

ATR:  Adult Learning

Oops!  Did someone forget the SFRA rules!  Parachute demo at Nats Park causes brief Capitol evacuation.  I know, you’re thinking “AYFKM?  You don’t really know the SFRA rules, do you, Ure?”  Well, uh… yeah…actually, I do. Want me to list the gateways?

My point:  When you get to be 70-something it’s downright amazing how much knowledge you can acquire.  All the certs and such.

Must be a genetic thing. Son George II just picked up his ICS-400 cert a week back.

Certs may be more accurately cast as “meal tickets.”  Tell you a short story:

I started off at age 16 with a First Class Commercial Radiotelephone license (now GROL) from the FCC.  Read transmitter meters at KOL and KYAC in Seattle. While everyone else in high school was pulling min wage at first Jobs, mine was an easy $10 an hour in 1967.  Read meters, drink coffee.  Which today is like being in high school and making $81.19 per hour.  Horrific example of  what inflation has done to us, isn’t it?

Here’s another scary example:  Following year, working for a defense contractor (as an O4 equiv.) at a remote site in Alaska, it was $800 a week.  Today?  That would be $6,231.68 a week!

A well experienced nurse (RN) I know – masters and 10-years as a trauma rockstar lead – makes even more than that because travel nurses (staff on demand) make serious bank these days, too.

Point is?  Never stop learning.  Get Certs – they are meal tickets.

Try to get a new cert in something every few years.  I did a commercial UAS (drone) pilot license in 2021.  Looking for some cert to pick off this year.  Might have a go at master gardener, or something like that.

The more certs you have, the more creds.  Anyone can get a degree these days.  But the meaningful and related collection of certs and awards?  That’s a different level of play.  A clean LinkedIn page and lots of certs.  Even  preference and political correctness, the smart people can still rise to the top.

Before thinking “Chase the bag (o money)” chase the certs. Lifetime of paybacks will be along soonly thereafter.

Write when you get rich, and remember:  Everything you don’t know is secret…


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60 thoughts on “Rally On plus A Trump Rehash and Bash”

  1. George, The “crime/fraud” exception to privilege defeats privilege where a lawyer is a party/participant to a crime with a client. Privilege only applies to legal work/consultation performed by a lawyer for a client in any case. When a lawyer is doing non-legal or extra legal work for a client (like committing a “1001” crime by lying to further a criminal conspiracy to commit fraud, for example), then privilege does not exist. The Hildabeast’s attempts to shield her actions by hiding behind privilege will fail…*if* (important caveat) a Judge who follows the law presides over that question.

    • “The Hildabeast’s attempts to shield her actions by hiding behind privilege will fail…”

      Hmmm.. No Suicides or Muggings yet…Strange… really strange.. OH Wait..I forgot there is a Democratic lead Congress.. No one will even need to even appear and all the evidence will be buried and vanished.. the dual standards of laws privilege’s..

  2. I keep hearing about how the mid terms will be a blood bath for the Dems. I have to say Bulls#!t and election manipulation be damned. I don’t doubt for one minute that there was some kind of malarkey involved in 2020 with the economy and overall health of the country being what it was and then these 2 numbskulls get elected? GMAFB. I will not be a bit surprised to see a repeat this fall.

    • Monkey’s been talking about how the severe shortages due to the Shanghai port shut down and others will hit just about August to October. Apparently the Dims are shooting for major social upheaval due to shortages of everything by then. I wouldn’t put it past them to call something resembling Black Friday a nation-wide riot and shut the whole country down – including elections.

      • Let’s review the history of who moved American industry offshore. It was the:
        A. Democrats
        B. Republicans
        C. Libertarians
        D. Green Party
        E. Communists
        F. Brown Shirts
        G. All of the above and more.

        The correct answer is G.
        Any partisan gang trying to claim moral superiority and wave the flag is misrepresenting.

      • Yes, and we all enjoyed the lower prices and dividends as they were doing it. Now the other shoe has fallen and we find ourselves in a situation where the trap has been sprung. This is the only way this kind of situation could have ever evolved when we do business with an avowed enemy. By that I mean Dims and RINOs. It’s one thing to keep your enemies closest but you have to DO something about it when they show their real faces.

    • Personally, I *believe* (but can in no way prove) that the Democrats introduced nearly 30mln fake votes nationwide, for the 2020 Election.

      I think they believe they can repeat this fraud.

      I anticipate Zeke’s billions will buy him a suite at the Feds’ Terre Haute hotel, this time around.

      Hundreds of millions of Americans are going to be hungry and pissed, by the time November rolls around…

    • Comments that do not contribute ideas to the general discussion topics here are regularly shitcanned. I’m not singling you out, but you were kinda asking…We also block spam, racism, social violence and supporting or condoning illegal activities too.
      The term illegal alien is a legal term and permissible, of course. General woke bullshit though is fair game.

      • Good on you, George. BTW my biggest regret from my Radio career days is NOT sitting for the 1st ticket test. I can’t tell you how many opportunities I missed out on by not having one.

  3. Something else to ponder.
    What if Republicans Rigged the 2020 Election?

    “how the presidential election results could have been altered successfully and without consequence in Republican states, and why Republicans performed well in other races on the ballots”


    • They didn’t.

      Neocons certainly contributed to the fraud, however neocons neither support republican principles nor ideals, and are generally not big fans of our Constitution…

  4. The media gets away with their honest election narrative because most living voters are not conversant with arithmetic and logic,even less so with election procedure.Had my fellow Hudson Countier still been around in late 2020,he’d be warbling:
    “It’s a quarter to three.
    “There’s no one in the polling place”
    “Just you and me”
    “So send them in Joe”
    “We got a little story………..”

  5. Ah that’s alright guru I have handled tougher . Wow I am in awe . We will never see this evil in markets or the world ever again . Unbelievable evil . And I will be short when it crashes. Yeh you have a good one george

    • We’ll likely be short at the crash, as well. But our Aggregate could b eat 40,000 topping a Wave 2 before it’s down. Nice to run ahead of things, but in studio recording, there’s this thing called “the groove”
      if you can’t play funk, either side of a groove, no band worth a lick will jam with you.
      Same is true in markets. The world is crooked, but even crooks have runs. Why, Len, we elect them to office all the time, buddy!
      So markets are the same. Honestly money should collapse (it is but in slow motion) hard goods (oil, grain, precious metals_) should be the market basket. But it’s not because of how many corporate crooks are involved at the board room level.
      Yes, Len, a real conspiracy. But because they own a lot of everything, but little of exactly ONE thing, they skirt the intent of anti-trust and monopolistic practices.
      The Fed wet nurses them on behalf of politicians and the wheels keep going round, round, round.
      The trick of the wise bear is not to allow personal bias (toward reality in this case) to throw ourselves under the bus.

      • I’d suggest the wise bear just stays short and listens to no lies and fades the news. Everybody knows my target indicators for removing shorts . Gold I am long forever . The commercials better cover shorts whoever they are I care not. My work tells me triple buy gold . I’ll back myself anyday. Don’t need anyone to tell me or feed me

  6. George,

    Way off topic for today’s column, but here goes anyway.

    My educational background is Mechanical Engineer, but my life experience is one of having to improvise a solution to unique problems. In other words, having been raised a “farm boy”; I learned early on that do whatever it takes to get the job done. I believe in repairing things properly, but sometimes the situation warrants a “quick fix”; until parts and time allow for proper repairs.

    Now I have a serious, but rather simple question; “aren’t ICBMs hypersonic? In a sense, yes they are. ICBMs reach speeds of 15,000 to 17,000 miles per hour which qualifies as hypersonic. Granted they reach the boundary of space and then return and technically are not in the atmosphere for 100 per cent of flight time. In my opinion, all the hand wringing about the U.S. being behind is just more BS to increase government spending with Defense contractors.

    Now I have a “good ole boy” question regarding defense against the dreaded “hypersonic” missiles. Having done my share of skeet, trap, and winged animal hunting; it seems to me that an overly simple solution to the hypersonic missile would be a scaled up version of “birdshot”. You “lead” the clay pigeon in skeet, so why not “lead” the hypersonic missile and let it rip itself to shreds in a cloud of oversized shotgun pellets? A defensive missile burst deploying thousands of small projectiles in an incoming hyper’s path would tear it to pieces. Improved radar would be needed, but taking the missile out seems simple to me. Direct contact would not be required, just a large enough “shotgun pattern” to block its’ path. Defensive “pellets” would be small enough that as they fall to ground via gravity would present no more hazard than pea sized hail stones.

    Overly simplistic, but sometimes we overlook the obvious. Strange how my mind works at times, but it makes every day an adventure.

    • Lloyd, you pretty much nailed it! Pellet flak! Brilliant.

      Let’s just say whatever defenses America ‘currently’ has against hypersonic vehicles are very common sense ones VERY MUCH like what you suggest.

      Consider that, even if a hypersonic vehicle is stealthy to radar, the speed at which it travels at gives it a very significant thermal signature. Orbital, airborne and ground/sea based assets all can reliably track thermals and predict route of flight and potential impact areas.

      Also, hypersonic weapons travel so fast that they cannot (currently) turn on a dime. They turn big and wide, not only putting more stress on the airframe and control surfaces, but making them easier to target once they enter a turn despite their high velocity. Exploding pelletized ordinance directly in their computed route of flight (made easier by tracking their heat signature) is a common sense way to go. Airbursting small yield nukes would also prove quite effective (but admittedly messier) in the defense of highly populated areas and key strategic ops locations.

      Oh, and directed energy and laser weapons might also prove a viable defense, once they are more reliable and more widely deployed. But since the hypersonic vehicle is built to withstand high temperatures, pulsing or modulating blasts of energy at irregular intervals to confuse the vehicles heat sensors might conceivably degrade or even destroy the vehicle’s guidance system.

    • Lloyd, I concur with you and Warhammer. In Air Defense Artillery, if we had a tone-burst in the path of an aircraft, missile, etc., and the shrapnel brought down the approaching aircraft, missile, etc. it was a technical kill. We don’t have to directly hit the item to bring it down. Just get in it’s way enough to cause enough damage to take it out.

      As for Hypersonic and glide vehicles (faster than the speed of sound at whatever elevation a device is travelling), we have been working with hypersonics, ramjets, etc. since 1979. I was ADA in the U.S. Army when we brought the Patriots on-board. Other things we saw at White Sands proving grounds, were impressive. (With the exception of a Pershing II and an Improved Hawk III which both went chasing jackelopes off the launchers once, each. lol – for what it’s worth, the Improved Hawk III hit it’s target with a technical kill.)

      I have a relative who works for a defense contractor, has for quite some time, and he works on hypersonic devices.

      Personally, one of the initial attributes for a particle beam weapon/defense mechanism was one area I also worked on, although I didn’t know it was a military project at the time. It would not have mattered much at the time, except I could have been paid a lot better.

      The reason I mentioned the particle beam is, the power generated from this device is so great, it does have to lock on to a target for more than a split second for it to go through the steal of a nosecone or the frame of an aircraft and cause major damage. The rate of decay of the beam was the largest hurdle to overcome… and the size of the generators. (I personally liked the idea of harnessing the power from fused neutrons, and guiding the directed energy towards its target, but a couple of other contractors were afraid they would glow in the dark if something went wrong. No guts, no glory… only gory…)

      Seriously, though, shrapnel in the path of any target, will cause problems. Take from an old ADA vet.

    • I don’t even want to attempt to calculate the geometry or physics involved with this.
      I still hunt and a favorite is the fall Dove hunting. I can go to the field with just a few spare rounds for most all the other hunting I do but for Dove I will take at least 1 full box a shells. On the last hunt I dropped one dove for that full box of shells. I can’t imagine dropping a hypersonic missile with buckshot.

      • You don’t have to actually shoot it — just get in its way.

        This is the same rationale by which I theorized that a swarm of drones could take out an entire air-force wing, simply by clogging (and thus, killing) the engines.

        I’ve a brother who used to go squirrel hunting. His weapon of choice was a .220 Swift with a 40x scope. The big advantage to any varmint round is it has a really flat trajectory; the big disadvantage is the bullet goes so fast that it explodes on contact with ANYTHING. He would kill by shooting the branch near the tree rat.

        When the bright boys at the Pentagon decided we should shoot something smaller than .30cal, they thought the .223 was da poo, because of its trajectory. However in real world tests over in French Indochina, if’fn you shot somebody between their elbow and shoulder, you’d blow their arm off, which the folks in Geneva didn’t cotton to, and if yer round touched ANYTHING (leaf, butterfly, spider web, etc.), between muzzle and target, the bullet would explode harmlessly and you’d not even hit the “zero ring,” which didn’t really please the folks in D.C.

        The big difference between the .223 and the 5.56-NATO is muzzle velocity. The people rolling the rounds de-tuned .223s from ~3300fps to ~3000fps, thus making the 5.56 a “million dollar wound” round, instead of a lifetime crippler.

        Point is, them newfangled hypersonic missiles move about 2x as fast as a varmint round. If they touch something, anything, they will partially disintegrate from the sheer energy of the contact. We could probably launch down-filled pillows with 2″ salutes (M-80s) inside them, and kill hypersonic missiles with just the feathers. Leaving a bunch of BBs in the missile’s path would certainly work…

      • “it explodes on contact with ANYTHING. He would kill by shooting the branch near the tree rat.”

        Hmm most ordanances are made to be frangible to inflict the most damage to anyone in the area where they are detonated. ..I can’t find it now ..But a few years back there was a bullet for sale I think the name of it was razor back that would literally explode in a thousand pieces of glass shards and was available in all bullet sizes it was terrible that it would literally tear up all the surrounding area .. and it would penetrate kevlar.. they took it off the market because of how dangerous it was .. and I don’t blame them..
        I don’t hunt… my hunting and fishing adventures are all at the grocery store…. I know myself well enough to know that an animal walking by me is safe. I love the outdoors.. but I would rather carry a camera and get some photos.. I watch the hunting channels to.. and I would love to go on an expedition and get some photos..
        When I was young and my life dream was to be the next ansel adams.. I use to covet and wanted one of these.. I had the pleasure of using one in the military and fell in love with it.. my kind of hunting.. .
        it was the best.. long range .. filter ready.. dam you could take a photo of a bear two miles away and it would look like you were on top of it..
        but harm another living creature.. Its just not in my nature to do that.. . I know where my food comes from but I won’t be the one to ever do the dirty deed..

      • @LOOB

        Not a “dirty deed.”

        I share your sentiment, but only to the point I can’t fill my, or my kids’ and grandkids’ bellies. If I have to choose who lives, between Bambi and me, it’s no contest…

      • “Not a “dirty deed.”

        I share your sentiment, but only to the point”

        I do get that.. and if put in that position I to would go hunting or trapping to get what I needed to fill their bellies.. luckily for me.. I have a big family of hunters and one of the countries best trappers and trackers that loves to hunt all the time..they know I don’t have the hunter spirit though so they drop off meat for me to put away in the freezer.. I just told them that when they catch one .. I want a couple of big CARP filets.. to can.. can it and it tastes just like tuna..

        Carp.. or any fish..
        5 cloves of garlic (crushed)
        1 onion
        5 bay leaves
        2tbsp salt
        2 tbsp. olive oil
        1 tsp rosmary ground
        1tsp ginger ( optional_)
        1tsp red pepper
        1tsp black pepper
        Vegitable oil
        Put cut up carp fillets in pan fill with water add dry spices bring to a boil as the impurities rise skim off any foaming impurities.. take the carp out of the water.. let cool .. then place them in your jar or cans.. fill with olive or vegitable oil to one have inch from the top and half a tsp of salt
        Pressure can for one hour.. if you use cans… or retort pouches.. add one tbsp oil to the pouch one half tsp of salt.. for can’s fill the can then double boil it till it gets to one eighty degrees.. the put top on and pressure can as you would a jar.. for the retort pouches.. vacuum seal then place vertically in the canner and pressure can as you would jars.. it is better to put a round ring with a weight on it with the retort so that it will keep them from floating to the top of the canner and splitting the sides..

  7. Da vile queen of da nazi’s got her own Barbie ? Does it have reptilian eyes, white scales and eat little children for sport like the real “lizzy”? Not surprised at all – just another “battle-front” in the War on Females & the sacred Feminine..why Earth/Earthlings sooo damaged..as above, so below.
    “the modern concept of the Barbie Doll as perfected female form, contributes to hatred of the female body if it does not conform to that mold.”- PleiadianKeystolivinglibrary
    Women who aspire to this “perfected” body go thru all kinds of F-ed up mental scheisse trying to conform and maintain.

    Soo disconnected, as to not even Know – Who We Really Are and what we are capable of…Surpassing our creatorz. This is the REASON for religion, fear, war, terror, fedreserve..Keep Us EnSlAVEd & Under control.

    Now get down on Ure kness and BEG 4 forgiveness, stupid puny human Slaves.

    Taught to fear god ???? bwahahahahahaahahahah

    Calling ALL dogs, calling ALL dogs..

  8. Hi George – I notice your site seems to practice what most ‘news sites’ practice these days – some form of: US = Good Guys; Russia/China = Bad Guys.

    Your paragraphs on cyber security are very telling on the above paradigm. I for one don’t trust the US Military and our Cyber Commands any more than I do the Russians or Chinese. I see them all as a den of perverts and thieves!

    Speaking of this area, I am a subscriber to the Farsight Prime site. Farsight is an Institute that was started by Courtney Brown to promote the practice of Remote Viewing (RV) and to use RV to look into such historical events such as The JFK Assassination, 911, and very bizarre topics such as Aliens on Iapetus (a moon of Jupiter). Back just a few years ago, top remote viewers such as Dick Allguire aand Daz Smith left the Institute to do their own projects.

    Since then, Farsight has taken on a particularly bizarre mantle and now seems to support the current MSM paradigms, for example, US/NATO = Good; Russia = Bad. In fact, Farsight just released a remote viewing project that suggested that Putin started the war in Ukraine because he was MIND CONTROLLED BY ALIENS. I am not joking! The remote viewing project did not consider ANY standard geo-strategic considerations that one would expect ANY analysis to contain.

    My point here is simple: the bias of US = Good; Russia = Bad seems to be written into the script – even in forums that should have nothing to do with the MSM! Oh well, looks like Orwell and Huxley and combined forces and sewed up the narrative for us!! Happy Remote Viewing!

    • Well, have to disagree here.

      The cybersecurity paragraphs are from an expert contributor – a retired lt. col. who went on to run a cyber dept at a major major university. Plus, don’t forget that I’ve been writing about the web since before it was.
      Here’s the key, though. While I am neither pro Putin or pro Biden, I am super pro America and a constitutionalist at heart. I do look at the data.
      The data says the EU is land grabbing and slow-motion subjugating to keep their business model alive. It’s a bunch of monarchists turned globalists; see the Davos invite list. You and I aren’t on it.
      In their expansion (bully) phase, the EU has backed Putin into a corner and the spineless traitors in Washington keep picking up the bills more than 70-years after we helped beat Hitler.
      While I support America and its traditional values, I don’t support idiocy and both sides are waving that shit aLL over the place.
      Cyber is being used on both sides.

      The US anti-Semitic right is being Fed that Zelensky is a billionaire – he’s not. Says Forbes But unlike his predecessor, Zelensky never was a billionaire. He’s currently worth roughly $20 million at most, based on reporting by Forbes Ukraine..

      The Putin haters hear numbers like 25,000 Russians killed? No where near right.
      This is a propaganda contest.

      We don’t play.

      • “While I am neither pro Putin or pro Biden, I am super pro America and a constitutionalist at heart. I do look at the data.”

        AMEN George AMEN…
        and good people on all sides get hurt in an event such as this..
        I do have to say that I don’t really trust the things Brandon has done.. and sure wouldn’t welcome him in our home.. But I am american all the way..

      • George;

        Okay, the people who dig a little deeper see the videos of Zelensky as an actor and a paid comedienne (sp) (Ha) using his private part to pay a violin….errr…piano….does that make us a leftie or a rightie or anti-semi or anti-transgender/gay, et al, or anti-commerical BS?

        Kinda getting confused who I am with regards to the world’s definitions!

        Last I checked 20 million was a pretty good sum for someone who worked his way up through the ranks of the inane to the insane.


        Stay Strong and Carry On

  9. You won’t be short george . No way . Assure you you will miss . Your not that good and neither is your aggregate .i actually hope you do miss

  10. Here is something that is interesting to ponder on.. every leader that tried to put a gold standard to the US Dollar or the euro.. has had really bad luck.. ( look at kadafi.. didn’t we go after his gold after his death ) or the big issue with giving Germany their gold reserves back that we had kept safe for them..
    Now with the outsourcing of industry.. a lot of places that I shop at.. are advertising in Juan and Rubles.they will convert it to dollars…. then a story like this..
    If your products are only manufactured by a country wanting its products to be sold in their currency.. and the conversion.. but now with them having gold backed currrency.. this gives the opportunity to limit the value of the Euro and Dollar or any currency that isn’t supported by precious metals..
    This makes me think that Israel is making the mad dash to convert from the Euro and dollar while the Euro and Dollar still hold some value before we are totally in the Democratic formed depression and war. it sure doesn’t take much to realize if you are printing up trillions and hustling millions of illegals to support while shipping out trillions for a war that we should not be involved in and giving away our resources.. ship our fuel reserves to another country. leaves the us without any fuel reserves if we should need them…. just how many trillions does it take to bankrupt a country and to expect those that the administration is trying to pick a fight with to borrow him the money to keep us moving is just stupid in my opinion…. we don’t have industry we have converted to being a consumption nation.. we consume and throw away.. you sure don’t have to have a lot of brains to realize that the donations that are given to the corrupt ones to allow passage across the border is not going to be worth anything if it takes millions to buy a happy meal at micky d’s I just hope they will still give them a toy..

    • LD – Because he is being nice to you. You probably don’t get that often & don’t know how to handle it.

  11. “the smart people can still rise to the top.”

    Anyone can rise to the top.. if they have the ability to take advantages of the opportunities that pass them by..
    Many many many college professors have worked beside me .. on the general labor line.. they don’t stay there because the image it gives.. If you walk into an employer and all you have is the jobs that you have held with a low income an employer will usually only offer you a tad bit more than that..
    The Engineer that lived in our spare bedroom was a great example..
    He had it all.. he had a wall filled with all the right diploma’s.. the papers of successful education.. a job history where he was the MAN.. he designed and overseen the construction of deep water drilling platforms etc.. smart man.. ( I use to love it when he would get the social workers and doctors to answer the cognitive awareness questions for him LOL kind of like trying to get siri and alexa to argue LOL LOL) he had the career to be envious of.. then the one two punch of fate..the spiral to oblivion . a hurricane took out his high scale home and all his economic assets.. and he was raped by the insurance industry.. reeling from that catastrophic event.. then there was a horrific fire and explosion on a deep water drilling rig.. he was called in to give testimony because he was honest in his testimony.. then blackballed by the industry he loved and dedicated his life to..
    It took him down the path that he never imagined existed. he could only get waged jobs like I was use to.. the degrees meant nothing to anyone…. he got sick his car broke down he was homeless and he came to stay with us in our spare bedroom.. Extremely Bitter because he had the successful career and it was gone in a moments notice…. After being blackballed all he could get was poor boy pay.. and nothing of value to use when opportunities passed him by and he couldn’t accept his new position in life..

  12. “We have taken steps to address congestion on our network.”

    The UP owns the track, the cars, and the locomobubbles. There can not be “congestion” unless they float more trains than they have, passing sidings.

    They didn’t just deflect and give you a straw man, they gave you a straw man who’s a ghost…

    • I read somewhere that the ‘issue’ that UP claims is non-railroad owned rolling stock. Long strings of shipper-owned hopper cars for fertilizer or grain are shipped frequently as a ‘unit-train’. It is not so much the passing sidings on the mainline that are the problem. The issue is with these long unit strings of cars clogging the sorting and routing yards… “congestion”. So UP has been ‘metering’ or restricting these types of shipments, regardless of WHAT they are carrying.

      • Hank in Hawaii,

        I like the track that you are on about unit trains. I wonder if the shipper-prepped unit trains are transported at some heavy discount from UP published tariffs? Maybe UP has figured out that they can earn more on their bottom line other ways than bulking out on cheap stuff. It reminds me somewhat of passenger rail service in Canada. On time performance is an issue because cargo trains always take right-of-way precedence. That’s what pays the freight for the rail companies. Passengers are left waiting a few hours extra? Oh, well…!!

        By the way, now that Mr. Biden is shutting down Russian and Russian-related ships from US interactions, perhaps the railroads simply won’t have so much of that Russian proportion of fertilizer raw materials to load in the first place?

      • I think basically it amounts to this: The railroad has an ‘upper bound’ of capacity. These en-mass shipments are finding that upper bound of capacity. I remember some years back the railroads out west got into a real logjam situation that snarled traffic for months. They literally gridlocked themselves. For the present situation, the food crops should definitely take a national security precedence. Yeah, Biden & Booty could order that… but won’t.

  13. Speaking of “meal tickets”… I got my First Class Radiotelephone ticket at age 18 (compared to George, I’m a slow learner!). I quit college and went into broadcasting also. Best life/career move ever. It took me to Hawaii, and I spent a lifetime building and maintaining TV stations. Never stop learning. I even had to learn the theoretical design of the new digital TV system… before the hardware had been invented. And a few years later had to be installing and testing this new hardware. Digital TV coding defies the laws of modulation physics we learned as young ones. It is freaking magic how they pack 40 pounds of data streaming into a 6-pound (bandwidth) channel.

  14. I still fail to see why any federal court could not order the railroad to carry time sensitive essential supplies. It’s in Biden’s(and Buttegig’s(sp)) hands legally and logically, and I see neither of them having the displayed competence to tie their own shoes. They have the power to order a railroad(regulated monopoly) to carry essential and time sensitive goods. The only logical conclusion is that they want the USA, if not the world to starve. Stalin did it by design, Mao did it with or without intending to, and this current moron presidential puppet seems to be doing the same, for as yet undisclosed reasons(“climate change” maybe?). The USA has been free from genocide for a very long time, and perhaps it’s our turn. Those countries with recent memories of genocide tend to be on guard against it. We are truly vulnerable, and our A**H*** in chief seems to be actively working toward that end while pretending incompetence.

      • LOL I thought they were all D.A.S…. and was able to convince the stupid ones to vote them in.. then once at the feed troughs.. it was over..

    • “The USA has been free from genocide for a very long time, ”

      Have We… or is it just in how it is presented to everyone. if you butter a side of bread then turn it over and set it down.. next to one that isn’t.. someone else comes in.. is it buttered or not
      We have one of the worst healthcare systems in the world but one of the best ones if you have means to pay for a while yet charge the hardworking through their taxes.. We work desperately to send weapons to other countries and charge the hardworking citizens for those very weapons meant to secure our borders and protect our citizens.. . I personally have seen how hard working americans have been turned away from the clinics and hospitals.. I have even been told.. ( Why did you seek out healthcare for your family member if you didn’t have the money to pay for the care up front.) Meidcations are thousands and thousands of percent more in the USA than in our neighboring countries or countries on other continents.. an example is an inhaler six hundred here.. twenty five in a neighboring country.. and less than twenty in another..
      Now you have the Covid shot mandates where more people are dying from the cure than the illness..
      BLM and Antifa notoriety as they marched across the USA causing destruction and violence in the name of equal treatments because of a couple of unfortunate crimes and accidents in our most vulnerable area’s. Then defund the protection and humiliates those trying to protect the innocent…
      An administration that openly escorts illegals across the borders without any vetting process and puts them in area’s of high crime and violence and charges the citizens for their care and assistance… even though it is already known how it has played out in other countries that have done the exact same thing.. and the open threats against our country by terrorist organizations in those countries.. then offer each of those illegals a half million while leaving our poorest hungry homeless and sick..
      Then the dual standards of Justice. is a shocker all in itself… its a crime if someone else but not if its someone Important enough to be associated with those at the DC feed trough..
      I believe it is here.. they just pile it up and put a tie on it …I believe that No matter how you pile it up it is the same Ole S@@T, Just presented differently

  15. It feels like the natives are increasingly restless of late. I’ve noticed an increase in angst amongst US readers of late; this makes me wonder if causality is frustration related to the irrational performance markets and personal financial losses or the woke insanity of everything? For me, getting out of the market and moving assets to tangibles provided a lot of psychic relief from obsessive market monitoring and flat out wrong calls from which I suffered. Hell, I still don’t believe my calls were wrong although empirically they were. I found myself checking the portfolio obsessively and my mood was dictated by the green or red arrows. As a kid, I followed the SF Giants avidly and at some point realized that my happiness outlook was dependent on the win/loss record of those players. If I can offer one word of wisdom, if you think this is happening to you, walk away from this crap and take the thirty thousand foot view for a year. You’ll probably be money ahead and even if you’re not, you’ll be happier.

    • Very much so, sir. When talking to people on Disqus or ZH I no longer get comments back scoffing at things like prepping, precious metals, firearms and such. Many more people seem to be getting more comfortable with these subjects and react favorably to them wanting to know more. But as far as one’s “happiness outlook” goes this is going to be considerably more serious than a football game when whatever is coming our way settles on your front lawn and even closer than that. Unfortunately “closer than that” is the only thing that’s going to wake the last hold-outs in “Normie Land” when, of course, it’ll be too late.

      My wife just told me that the holding center on the block over from her office (we’ve never really been able to determine exactly WHAT kind of facility it is but, no doubt, has something to do with illegals) was chock FULL of LE vehicles which she saw on the way home just now. Normally there’s only one or two vehicles or a bus but they’re evidently getting ready for something big. In one ZH article they finally used the “M” word – militia – when talking about what powers border state governors have to stem the tide we’re facing:
      “As commander-in-chief for Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey has the power to “engage in defensive actions within its own territory at or near its border,” according to Brnovich. The governor has the authority to use the National Guard and militia forces.”

      • “When talking to people on Disqus or ZH I no longer get comments back scoffing at things like prepping, precious metals, firearms and such. Many more people seem to be getting more comfortable with these subjects”

        You would be surprised at how many more people ask my opinion on how to do things to.. Very few from my Ward.. ( I am still despicable in their sight because I worked seven days a week ) but from all other area’s.. how can I do this or that.. I believe the acceptance and the curiosity is because people are not stupid.. everyone realizes the serious situation that we are in … and they are afraid.. it is one thing to believe that your on the yellow brick road to fortune.. quite another to see what the wicked witch’s of our political leaders are dumping poison on their poppies to put the country down..


      • Thanks for that paper on the Wizard of Oz’ underlying meaning. I’ve seen reference to it before but I don’t have it in my computer so it goes into my library!

        Sorry it took this long to get around to it. I’ve been burning daylight and diesel running around the pasture like the Ice Cream Man honking up business to keep the livestock alive while putting more feed in the barn when I’m not. Thank God we’re getting a little moisture today!

  16. I am forming the opinion that the business opportunity for coming years will be mechanical fab and welding with facilities nowheres near or downwind of a major metropolitan area, including:
    -An RV park next door
    -Lots of commercial agricultural close by.
    -Nearby power generation and fuel sources.
    -Engineered surge protection and solar generation onsite.

    My employer seems to regard these sort of opinions as batsh!t crazy. I periodically have asked them what their plan is if gasoline goes to $10 / gallon. They don’t have contingency plans for anything. This is typical for small to medium size American businesses.
    Ray- To your hungry and pissed in November meme, I would suggest cold & SOL as follow-ons. Gov’t has no clue, industry has no sense of responsibility. None of them could tell which way the wind is blowing with a weathervane 5′ in front of them.

  17. There was a new sign posted beside the bank teller desk today. The branch is no longer maintaining an onhand stock of euro, pound, or peso currencies. Customers may order them through the branch and 5 business days will be required for delivery.

    One trusts the morning’s angst from the 2008 Celebrity Apprentice US winner, Mr. Piers Morgan, has dissipated. Since his repatriation to the UK, Mr. Morgan has unrelentingly reached for the stars and successfully ingratiated himself to everyone along the way from Hugh Grant to Madonna. The exchanges of backhanded warning shots between Mr. Morgan and the editor of the satirical magazine “Private Eye” would have run Wimbledon line judges dizzy. Regrettably Mr. Morgan jumped off the pier so to speak when he made disparaging remarks about Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex following her interview on “Oprah”. Apparently the Princess contacted the ITV network woman ceo, and some 41,000 television license holders also filed complaints with the national broadcast regulator, Ofcom. Mr. Morgan is the Ofcom record holder with a grand total of 57,000 complaints according to Wikipedia. He purged himself from his years-long tenure on the “Good Morning Britain” programme despite the fact it surpassed the BBC ratings in the timeslot for the first time ever.

    As has been the tradition over the centuries of empire in the national interest, the wayward are dispatched to new worlds in order to mend their ways. Therefore you will be delighted to hear that Mr. M. will be issuing his first episode of “Piers Morgan Uncensored” starting next week across American media platforms. Do enjoy in moderation.

  18. So UP slows down fertilizer shipments. Farmers can’t get their fertilizer. Farmers have lower yield, meaning less or no profit. Most farmers already live off loans year to year. Farmers can’t repay loans, or secure new loans. Farmers default, lose land. Who is there to buy it? Vanguard- top shareholder in UP.

    • This is the reason we own everything on the ranch lock, stock and hubcaps while people have been living off of revolving credit for decades. My daughter works for a Ag loan organization and has farmers, especially, come in to drop off six figure checks all the time. I do NOT know how people can live like this. Ranches around us have been bought and traded like poker chips by rich people who are looking for somewhere to park their millions but don’t really raise enough to make it a viable production operation. They’re, mainly, putting exotic game on their places that is tantamount to sticking pink flamingos in your front yard. Don’t know who they think they’re fooling because the money made from hunting leases doesn’t amount to that much in the big scheme of things.

  19. “Seems on the monitors I have a small “bunny ears” in my QRS complex. A co-pay later we were on our way…”

    DAM….. Texas must have great insurance… LOL
    My friend had a similar thing happen the other day.. unfortunately they had to admit him.. so far his bill is over a half mil… and that is with his insurance..

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