Rally Ho! Bar talk: A Good 5-Cent Joint & Crump or Crumm?

You DID Pay Attention, Right?

It  seems to happen every month, but on which day is only semi-predictable.  And the amount of month-end sell-off is uneven, as well…

Still, as we have advised  Peoplenomics.com subscribers, there is usually a day toward the end of the month when Big Money squares up with Banks (and whoever).  Seems to be based on an almost  mechanistic requirement, but we get a Big Drop.  That was yesterday.

This morning, we get the “after-drop rally.”  The Futures are showing +310 so a blow off of 400 or more is  possible today, or this week.  We continue sitting on the sidelines.  Cash in a bank trumps trash in a tank.  Helps us sleep better knowing we’re three clicks from parking in USTreasuries in the event the final high comes in early.

We don’t expect that:  In fact, a couple of months into the New Year, seems more likely.

Sound economic reasoning?  Sure – goes like this:

We know that May 29, 1929, the market put in its trading low prior to the final run up to the Sep. 3, 1929 high.  We ran out the number of trading days on the  Peoplenomics side.  Because they had things like Saturday sessions back then.

At any rate, we have a target for an all-time high next year predicated on this flimsiest of logic.

Interventions Muck Shit Up, Though

Truth be told, though, there are really two aspects of the 1929 Replay rolling out, right now.  Not sure which one will hold. Here’s Case #1:

  1. The first argues that the legit all-time high was back in February of this year.  While the market may kiss 30,000 on the Dow this week, it’s a “phony rally” in the sense that it’s all based on huge amounts of “made-up money” (MUM).  The effect of this has been to press the “after legit high” bounce to an even higher level and extend it to what would now be May of 1930.

The question here is:  “How much different would be Great Depression have been if the Fed had thrown (variously reported as) $4-trillion to $7-trillion in both direct printing of M1 &M2 (call that $3.8-trillion).

But then (thanks Covid!) tossing in uncountable trillions in “such a deals” attempting to lure hedge funds, banks, and whoever else could roll some spendable jack, into the marketplace.

Congress had a strong hand in the (so far, one-time) Covid stimulus.  So, all of this would merely be a matter of “waiting for shoes to drop” except there is a competing scenario that we’re also diligently tracking…  We call this?

Case #2

This scenario posits we are going higher – a lot higher – because when we line up the 2009 major market bottom and the 1920-2921 lows, the resulting chart offers an alignment where we have just been through the “red arrow” area in the chart below.  From here, we could rally up to the “green arrow area” and then collapse from there.

There is also a third scenario.  In this case, we get a bastardized hybrid of the events of both 1929 athan where rational markets and price discovery sans intervention would otherwise drive.

Bar talk: A Good 5? Joint

Since trying to scam a living – ahead of 7.7-billion other irrational upright apes who can also press apps – is enough to drive us all to drink, let’s consider the problem of “Where to get buzzed?”

We can knock one whole country off pub-crawl planning: UK bars, cinemas may require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to visit.  And those are where?  Carry what risk?  And cost how much?

We had the good sense to stock the cellar in advance in the East Texas Outback, figuring trouble would be along.  Sure enough, North Texas bars face closures as COVID-19 hospitalizations exceed Gov. Abbott’s limit.  We’re too old for bar-hopping.  Besides, drinking and driving is stupid (unless you own both an insurance company and a law firm).

We’ve been waiting for this to climb into “news rotations” ever since Slate chanted three weeks ago “Shut Down and Bail Out the Bars. Shut Down and Bail Out the Bars.

The problem with money for the “liquid part” of the Hospitality Industry, is how would you feel – say after rehab and 10-years of meetings, higher insurance payments due to a DUI – to find government even considering paying to keep bars open?  Not like it couldn’t happen, either: Long Beach City Council to consider $5 million ‘resiliency fund’ for restaurants, bars.  BARS? WTF?  With tax money?

In Idaho, drinks at home loom large: Central District Health warns four Treasure Valley bars of violations against public health .  Out West (and south a bit) San Diego Parents Debate Fauci’s Guidance to Close Bars but Keep Schools Open.

None of this is making much sense.

The core issue is America Loves to Buzz.  Caffeine for the morning upper and something for a late in the day chill pill.  With oxy’s costing an arm and leg now, and with Mexican dirt weed still overpriced, the “liver damage option” is still out there.

But, seriously:  If the Buy-em/Kamunist government wants to cheer up America, what about a good five-cent joint?  Or, as least some cheaper THC gummies?

“What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar” was popularized by Thomas Riley Marshall, vice under Woodrow Wilson.”

Yo!  Kamunist!  How’zabout it?  “What this country needs if a good five-cent joint”?  Come on baby!  Light up our lives a bit!

Asthma Suffering Pays!

Did you see the report, by the way, that asthma sufferers have a 30% lower chance of contracting the dreaded ‘rona?

With 72 fast-approaching, I really miss the good-old days.  When Contact still had some belladonna in it. Fabulous for what ails me.  Albuterol works, sure.  But, where’s the fun in that?

Why do we make things that work illegal?  That bothers me sometimes.

Is Regulation and Enforcement the real “Biggest Business in America?”

Funny How Big Data Works

Dug into another marvelous book on the Kindle last night.   “It’s Kind of a Cute Story” where Walt Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump lays out his history.  Hell of a fine ride, too.  From joining the Imagineers, says in Wikipedia, Crump…

“… became a designer of some of Disneyland‘s attractions and shops, including The Haunted Mansion, Enchanted Tiki Room and Adventureland Bazaar.[1][2] As well as his work at Disney, he designed innovative and satirical psychedelic posters in the early and mid 1960s,[3] including several for the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band as well as logos for the band’s singer Bob Markley. He also designed guitar string packaging for Ernie Ball.”

Yep, bot some of them Ball strings in the studio as spares.

Here’s what struck me:  I mean since we live in the world of Big Data now.

What are the odds that one R. Crump would do Haunted Mansion while one letter away there was this other genius America art/cartoonist fellow I also enjoy:  R. Crumb.

Robert Crumb was the guy behind those “stepping out” figures from the “Keep on Truckin”  slogans, cartoons, T-shirts and more.  Besides “Fritz the Cat” (which Zeus studies intently for human behavior clues) R. Crumb created Mr. Natural, Angelfood McSpade, and the Snoid.

Tough call:  Haunted Mansion or Snoid…hmm…

Thought we’d point it out as an odd cluster in the Dataverse  that I happened to be noticing last night.  R. Crump and R. Crumb.  (Hand me ‘nother one of them “five-cent gummies” would yah?)

Credit Card Burn

So – with the market rallying like mad this morning – how much did we collectively piss away on MUS (More Useless Shit) on Black Friday and Hyper’s Monday? Amazon says sellers racked up $4.8 billion in global sales over holiday weekend.

Elsewhere, noticed the  Forbes crews have been at the adding machines all night, too: Black Friday Online Sales Were $9 Billion, While In-Store Traffic Was Down.

Whether we meet expectations (which were high, in case you missed Cyber Monday will be the biggest online shopping day in US history and sales could reach $12.7 billion, analysts say) may not be known for another few days.

I find that a nice pure vanilla extract, poured liberally on burns (such as credit-card burned fingers) is just what the doctor ordered.

Next year, I’m getting me a liquid cooled mouse!  Yeah, baby!

Real News Tomorrow

ADP jobs, Fed boss Powell speaks.  We’ve been trying to sort of which nickname to pin on him.  Choices include Jerry, Romey, Jay, Jeronimo, jeje, Romeo, says “nicknamefinder.com.”

Beige Book tomorrow afternoon.  But they really gotta get some spray paint in their lives and kick it up a bit.   Beige?  (Blah!!!)

Scare the Herd!

Hmm… let’s see if anything in the morning news rotation is scary enough to hoax us into giving our  consent to be governed, and over-taxed, shall we?

Good reporting by ABC on MSN (no idea how that happens, computers, I ‘spose):  In the story Cold blast all the way to the Gulf Coast, snow continues for Eastern Lakes, there wasn’t a single use of the hackneyed phrase “climate change.”  Hell, I thought it was a  law in corporate-owned media that whenever  weather was mentioned, it had to be blamed on  climate change.  Well, isn’t  this refreshing?  Hype on vacation, fellers?

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad NorK? North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, family given experimental coronavirus vaccine from China, analyst says.

And speaking of China, which has a decent down payment on America going: Asia stocks rise as private survey shows China’s factory activity growth hit 10-year high.

Nope, not much there that compels me to throw 20% (OK, more then) of our income to the FedGov.

Ranch-Style Breakfast

Ham and scalloped potatoes with a couple of eggs over-easy.  Yum.

Which would be a waistline concern, except that it’s cold out here in the sticks:  24F outside and 29F in the shop this morning. 64 in the office…

Mornings like this I remind myself for next year not to give myself a late-fall buzz cut.  The old #2 guide on the clippers shortened the survivors a bit too much in early October.  A thicker mane of “grow-it-Ureself-insulation” would be useful today.

Zeus the Cat is curled up around the heater in the office.  

November is special for Zeus.  He gets a pass on rodent patrol on cold mornings like this.  Because all the rats have now been elected to office.  

Zeus politely waits for them to be seated.  Refuses to read  POTUS tweets now.

Has Joephoria jumped species now?

Everything’s a Business Model, right Hunter?  Inquiring minds want to know:  What channel is Sanity on?

Write when it warms up, thaws out, or offers a rebate,


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49 thoughts on “Rally Ho! Bar talk: A Good 5-Cent Joint & Crump or Crumm?”

  1. Do you still believe the US is going to repeat the Great Depression? History Rhymes it doesn’t exactly repeat. Hopefully sanity is restored and we follow the path of Brittany in this depression as opposed to Germany. Though we have the debts of Germany, China has the industrial capacity of the US of the 20s.

    The gubamint is throwing money around like Germany where we will see high inflation, you see Antifa and the left acting like the brown shirts. So who knows, my hope is for a shift in consciousness and we elevate humanity to a higher state of being and we stop seeing ourselves as individuals and as a oneness and the compilation that we are all a part of god.

    • It’s been my experience that most Deplorables have been existing in that shifted conscientiousness all along. It’s the elites of the Left that are sowing discontent and divisiveness in search of power that upset our society. If you want to get right down to it was it not Christ that convinced His disciples to think outside the box rather than the conventional “wisdom” of the time given His new information? Even the social arrangement talked about in The Acts said that what you have is yours and you are free to keep or share it. It is given from God, big “G”. The idea of not “seeing ourselves as individuals” smacks, greatly, of where the Leftists elites want us to go.

      • We are individuals and yet are connected to everything, everywhere and always. Quantum physics essentially shows this.

        Yes what you have is yours to share with whom and how you wish… and yet how you treat others is how you treat yourself and God.

      • Yep we are all individuals except some are better than others, as they say money talks and bullshit walks as they sell us the idea that it’s the name of the game to make it off the backs of others, or cook the markets to make those ohs so special ones ever more rich. Where its greed that runs a country rather than it’s greed destroying it, and yet there are always those who think that’s the way to go as we have become bankrupt both morally and financially, and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • Bluedog, none are better or worse than any others. All are a reflection of the self. We are all one is Gods being. It is our thoughts that create the reality which we perceive.

  2. Cmon Man! credit card debt.. credit card burn?

    Another one of those piss on the readers leg and tell em its raining kinda pieces, lovely.
    Prior to earning his current moniker – creepy joe bribem – he was known in these parts as creepy sloe MBNA – for He WAS the senator who drove thru the De- Regulation of the Credit Card Industry, at personal urging of car collector cawley. Billionaires make their own rules, Expendable Resources beg for Support.

    Hypocrisy rules these days it seems as U bemoan tax dollar funded Pub bailouts, but are seemly a okay with Billions of Ure Tax going towards ROASTING Palestinian Women & Children Alive, day in- day out.. killlkillkillkilllkillkillkill
    -with US supplied White Phosphorous shells, fighter planes & missiles ??
    Merry F-ing Christmas Sheep!

    On a much lighter note -Deadly Nightshade grows in the Ungovernables’ yard/garden – comes back in 2 spots every year. Fresh sealed bags of leafs/flowers/seeds & roots. U just grind up a gram or so leafy material, mix with coconut oil and apply to broomstick handle – “wake up moderator” can tell U where to stick it up for max absorption. A similar procedure is practiced by Mrs Ungovernable – turning her into a “Glenda” from Oz..yabba dabba doo!
    * originally Witches were inherently GOOD, The source for info,protection, help Against the dark influences of this World. Those same dark influences/ers – flipped the whole Witch concept UPSIDE DOWN – now everbody thinks “WITCHES” are Bad..see how that works? Every F-ing thing “they touch”..

    • Indeed, ECU! Even the young Rabbi named Yeshua was labeled a ‘sorcerer’ by the materialistic, powerful Pharisees and Sadducees for His inexplicable healing acts. He called them out. They hung him up. Little has changed in 2000 years.

      • I KNOW RIGHT very well put…..I get such a chuckle out of that WH…. I find it hilarious when people that spout old testament law … not realizing that the cruicifiction was because the one they say they follow wasn’t being Christian enough or following biblical the proper biblical laws. his message of peace and forgiveness totally forgotten… LOL LOL
        Of course many of them haven’t really read the old books just a passage here and there.. and so many of the books that are left out yet referred to.. if they took time to read them it would be obvious that the laws they spout were made by man to allow the leaders of the day control over the people.. ( similarly.. one of the prophets of my church had made reference that any person of color getting married to a white man that they should be killed.. or if they had children or any child is born that is of two races that they should be killed.. Little known fact.. or that they owned brothels… but those things were written to gain control.. to direct the people in the direction that they are in and their community. ..)
        Yet you go way back and find out that what the creators wanted from man is pretty simple..direct and nothing like what is written and referred to as gods law.. when family comes over and they start spouting bible I head to another room because I am not suppose to talk religion or politics it is forbidden taboo…

  3. As long as they don’t start asking for inoculation proof at the grocery and other truly important stores we should be good. I can see a cottage industry of those that have had the shot making a living shopping for the “refuseniks”, though. That’ll break my wife’ heart for sure. She’s the one with the highly active shopping gene.

  4. George, I guess you have an obligation to entertain your right is wrong audience, but resorting to name calling like Kamunist is a bit Trumpish don’t you think? (Think of the image of that world traveling balloon of a crying Trump in a diaper)

    The Hunter Biden reference was unnecessary, especially given that Trump and sons is out there begging for online money to win the Presidency back. Over $150 million has been raised to witness nut job Rudy and other has been lawyers( his formal and more established legal firms have left in disgust) lose case after case…the likes we have never seen before. Nobody has lost like Trumps team. People have asked Donald..why do you lose so much? We have never seen losing like this before. It’s a beautiful losing streak.

    With every state now certified, Don Jr. Is frantically asking for more donations. For what? Since it’s the poor and downtrodden that support him, Is he fighting for a new campaign slogan. KAPA? Keep America Poor Always? The dumb get dumber. The con men get rich and the conned get duped and penniless. Is anyone watching where that $150 million is going? Me thinks into the hands of Trumps creditors prior to his Presidency. The POTUS job was his safe house from the creditors and in the words of Granny from Beverly Hillbillies..The Revenuers. IRS hounds are set to attack!

    Trump can’t hide from the creditors with knee striking baseball bats anymore. Trump is acting like a man so desperate, he will try anything to deflect his inevitable downfall from the fantasy world only he lived and others suffered from. He is losing his mind and other than the $150 million, has no money. Funny how a so called billionaire needs to raise money isn’t it? At least Bloomberg spent over $500 million of his own money in a failed campaign. Trump didn’t go that route because he isn’t that rich. I am pretty sure I am worth more than he is. And on January 20th, he will be poorer than all of you…and as a result, will lose his relevance, voice and Twitter access. He will go down in the history books as a loser and the worst POTUS in American history.

    • Mark you’re a smart guy…don’t you know the path to the Supreme Court is to lose in the lower courts? Duh!
      I think we’re safely at the point where it’s obvious if you still support the Biden/Harris ticket, then you’re a traitor just like them!
      Question is, will Biden have the courage to leave his basement to attend the Trump re-inauguration on Jan 20th, 2021? I’m guessing not.

      • Nah creepy aint going anywhere – at least outside of the country, not with that “ankletbracelet” covering soft cast/boot on.
        Got Ure popcorn ready for popping?

      • Hold on there Skippy! You obviously do not know how the courts work. They lower courts didn’t even let Ruh-roh Rudy in the door to appeal anything. Besides…Your buddy Bill Barr just threw an ocean’s worth of water on Trumpy’s little dumpster fire today by stating there is zero proof of election fraud.

        He will probably be fired today and the last man standing will be appointed AG. Rudy? He is the only person stupid enough to take that job at this point.

    • Posted this back on the 30th. Just wanted to make sure you saw it.

      Black is white and vice-versa with you Mark-o. Who cares as long as you stuff your pockets, right? With your involvement with the Lincoln log bunch you’ve enabled the corruption of our country to save your fortune which means you’ve pissed on every soldier that gave his life for this country to allow you to do that.

      • Bill. I don’t know what you are talking about??? This is a problem with you types. Jumping to conclusions based on zero supporting data.

        I have a huge amount of respect for our military and fully support them. I always have and always will.

        And lining my pockets? What does that even mean? I can’t make a living now? Are you a communist/ Socialist? I work my ass off and earn every dollar I have ever made. Dude…Adapt and conquer. That’s the American way. All you Trumpsters just don’t get it.

      • markie, back in the 1970s I read a book titled “Steal This Book” and in I read these words “don’t tell me what you believe, tell me what you do and I will tell you what you believe”
        as to respecting the uniform
        you encourage people to join the UNESCO migrant caravans to invade to US, this disrespected the Border Patrol men in uniform
        you help organize
        [redacted by Ure]
        The purpose of discussion is to talk about current events, not lamp post fellow readers. thanks

        The data matters – people? Not so much

      • The personal dissonance you justify yourself with is astounding, Marko. Even Warhammer has wondered out loud in the past why you hang around if the only thing you do is sling hate and vitriol at the majority of people here. George even seems to have given up on editing your voluminous tripe. The true tragedy of it all is that you could, very well, have valuable input to this, mostly, financial forum but instead you use it to stroke your massive ego at everyone else’s expense while continuing to parade exactly what down-to-Earth, common sense folks detest.

      • “back in the 1970s I read a book titled “Steal This Book”

        Lol that reminds me that . I bought one that said.. how to get rich being an author…
        I bought the book all sealed up in a plastic wrapper.. got it home opened the first page. It said. write and publish a book just like this. All of the rest of the pages were blank. Lol

    • Wow. This just has to be some sort of cruel hoax, right?


      I mean, a voting machine company would have to do careful psychological screening to weed out the possibility of partisan wackos getting on the payroll and trying to throw an election, eh? Gotta be a complete hoax, right? Antifa in boardroom, how crazy is that, eh? Thank heaven we have our voting machine guys protecting our heritage of one name, one vote. I wonder how many started out as realtors before becoming voting machine guys?

    • “The Hunter Biden reference was unnecessary,”

      I can deal with the trump siblings asking for money everything is a business model… but
      IMHO…..HB is one seriously Sick mother Fuzcker.. then to post it on the Web for everyone to see his sick perverted acts and have it all justified by the big guy.. even though daddy is in office his account has been erased.. the millions of people that took time to view his sick activities previously will live on forever and the videos of what he has done will be seen and shared for decades demoralizing that poor little girl.. you can idolize him all you want and feel sad that someone else finds him disgusting sick example of human flesh.. I find him a disgusting deviate that makes me sick and I try not to think about his sick activities.. it is our job now to just accept it….
      doing photo’s of CS’s there was one where the little girl was but a year younger than the niece, that the guy who abducted her took his time with her getting all his sick jollies.. what he did to that little girl was horrendous to say the least and the images of what I seen haunt me to this day .. and what she had to suffer before he ended her life.. now what is worse.. HB’s niece had to deal with what someone she trusted did to her and then deal with the stigma that he posted it for everyone to see his disgusting acts against her..
      Maybe I am taking this to hard.. hell if grandpa don’t care .. and brags about the actions of his sick child.. what is this world coming to..

  5. Zooming in on the elected federal public sevice class, referenced as “Honorable” – and where pomp and circumstance should merit – even “Most Honorable”, matters of budgetary concern again are being tossed about the House floor or home office cubbyhole nestled beside the laundry room. Tide rising as news headlines bubble at mention of the federal goods and services consumption tax expanding to more fully encompass online transactions.

    Shoppers Meeting Groups: Amazon is Denial.

    • America was founded upon many ideas regarding freedom and dignity. One of them was no damn titles, such as “Honorable”. Today, those who claim such a title are among the most dishonorable idiots on the planet. I refuse to use such titles. If I write to such a person, I’ll call them by their name alone. That includes MD’s, JD’s, Esq’s, and other titles. Mr, Mrs, and Miss are proper prefixes. Ms belongs with other made up nonsense such as Zhe.

      If a person needs to be referenced by a title to feel good, they can pay people to use it.

      • http://www.let.rug.nl/usa/essays/general/the-missing-13th-amendment/index.php

        “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

        Excellent comments but you are 200 years late (better late than never).
        The above text was incorporated into our Constitution in 1819 as the original and, now ‘missing’, 13th amendment. It is ‘conveniently omitted from all references where it should be included, but it is still valid. The best I can tell it fell off the cliff right after the “War of Northern Aggression against the South” at it’s completion when we regained Colonial Status under Britain (I have commented on this before).

  6. “Why do we make things that work illegal?”. It’s all part of the “War on Joy”!

    120 years ago, ALL drugs were legal. Many people used them as they saw fit and never got addicted. Today anything that works is illegal and we monetize both enforcement of that and punishment of those poor souls who still indulge. The same thing is true for sex. In a former, better time, if you were single or wished to be, you could find a woman above your pay grade who would make you happy for the moment, even if you were ultimately poorer. That was legal. People worked out their own stuff.

    Today we need to pay for friends(the-rapists) just to talk to. Their “ethical” codes prevent any true intimacy or even real friendship. Even Craigslist personals have gone away, and with Covid, it’s near impossible to actually touch anyone unless they’re old friends or family. We are being isolated in relative misery unless we’re complete in ourselves. Perhaps this is a cosmic stressor designed to evolve us, but for me, that’s not acceptable. We’re surrounded with infinite toys yet can’t spend our money to buy real joy.

    For the moment, spirituality still beckons, yet I’ve read from several sources that the “vaccine” inoculations may damage that within us that connects us to our God!

    For those who care, organized gambling exists, but for what? More money to buy more trinkets? Big deal. At least I have productive work I can engage in without the bother of having an employer!

    I should probably stop by a liquor store the next time I’m in town. Not that I drink much at all, but others might wish to.

    • Locally, the liquor stores have the best full strength hand sanitizer, which I blend with lesser varieties to make my 151 Sanitizer. I’ve noticed that Winco now has 75.5% sanitizer. I should have trademarked my homebrew 151 Sanitizer.

      • Barcardi 151 – cottonballs – lighter/match – glass pipe – CRACK ! Now Ure talking – dont need no hand sanitizer when Ure high on CRACK – virus cant get past lil Crack Bugs skittering all over Ure skin.

    • To the Esteemed NM Mike,

      I was fortunate yesterday evening to be tripping about Wikipedia refreshing the mind on the World’s incoming climate czar. It would appear that the good fellow’s oceanfront Martha’s Vineyard spread, perhaps in respite from rising sea levels and recently having welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Obama to the neighborhood, has an unimpeded view across the channel to the tranquil and little-disturbed Elizabeth Island. This delightful piece of Xanadu has been held in trust since the 19th century on Mommy’s side providing soothing retreat to the Family. Limited beach access may be available to commoners, but don’t miss the last ferry. Such an absolute joy to see the fruits of the railroad tycoon keep on giving. Thank goodness for the Boston – China tea and opium trade, or there might never have been enough money for the train to have left the station.

      • yep, Kerry is part-n-parcel to the Forbes family fortune, with his cut estimated at $250M. His wife, the former Theresa Heinz, was married to the late Heinz empire owner and U.S. Senator, John Heinz, who tragically died in an airplane crash. Her net worth is north of $750M, but she wisely executed a prenup with Kerry. These folks know nothing about ‘we the sheeple,’ save how to oversee and manipulate us to their own ends. Sure, Kerry famously served in Vietnam. He volunteered to man a river patrol gun boat to mimic JFK’s PT-109 service, and then carried his own 8mm camera with him on deployments to document the dangers he would face and his anticipated reflexive acts of bravery. I served 22 years in the USAF with members of all services and that’s mentality is just plain and simple F’d up. Kerry’s middle name should be Ego.

    • “Even Craigslist personals have gone away, ”

      I think they targeted craigslist personals to draw the attention away from the disgusting acts of the privileged and powerful.

      • Interesting perspective! CL personals was always fun for me. No registration or other nonsense – just say what you mean and see what happens. I met one of my best friends there, even though she and I had no chemistry with each other and never hooked up.

    • http://antiquecannabisbook.com/chap8/CoughSyrup.htm

      My mother and father had a couple of these on the medicine chest for when we really got sick..
      The story i like was that it was made illegal so some billionaire could guarantee his sawdust could retain value for toilet paper…
      Theres someone areas of positive affects on the community I think it’s a no brainer that it should be legalized. Just the savings on those incarcerated for consuming it at home would be enough reason to legalize it.
      Those wishing to use it for recreation are already..my thoughts are legalize it regulate it tax it..

  7. OMG… Contac with Belladonna Alkaloids brings back flashbacks of my allergic youth in the midwest. It worked, but I learned to keep a full tumbler of water on my headboard as I would wake up choking on my bone dry throat in the middle of the night. Was a bit TOO powerful for a 12-year old. Later Allerest time pills got me thru high school. I figured out the time pills had a peak during my afternoon math class that I mostly zoned-out through. Those were awful years. I was never able to breathe through my nose in the warm weather until I moved to Hawaii in my adult years.

    • I distinctly remember Dristan and Contac being considerably more powerful when I was in school and suffering from allergies that pretty much shut me down. I’d be in a haze most of the day if I took a whole tablet. Now the active ingredient Chlorpheniramine Maleate you can get OTC at Wal-Mart does nothing like that but usually gets rid of the infernal nasal itching that allergies come with. It may have to do with body mass.

      • Lol.. that stuff is worthless.. around here they make you sign for the stuff that works..
        Quinine use to be a couple dollars over the counter for leg cramps. Now its ten bucks a tablet and controlled..

      • My seizure medication.. 1250.00 a month in canada the same medication over a thousand cheaper and if you bought generic way under a hundred dollars. It’s all about the business model..
        What frustraits me is we give them money for research do they can manufacture it in another country and charge us thousands of percents more for the pharmaceuticals.

  8. Yo Jorge, Place Ure bets, place Ure bets. This is Foxtrot Romeo shall we dance? Welcome to America where we are so materialistic that we have to rent storage lockers for our excess crap (OUCH!). Welcome to America where even the poor people are obese (lack of nutritious food, OUCH!). 2020 has turned into a genuine goat rope or charlie foxtrot if you prefer. What has happened to this country? It’s time layback, relax and get back on the human tracks. Sometimes I feel like a stranger in a strange land…..Hit it Leon…


  9. We can’t lose sight of the generational shifts/waves coming to crash right now. The 4th turning is in full effect. But there are other larger waves or patterns converging that have not done so during the last couple 4th generations. These are so much bigger than he-said, she-said politics or 1 term presidents. Anyone fixated on next week is missing the next century view.

  10. Case #2, we are going higher – a lot higher… there is lots of cash sitting on the sidelines. Plus the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

    I suspect when the emotional investors pile in, momentum and euphoria will drive up the market, and when there’s no one left to buy, it’s bye bye trillions

    A surprise Supreme Court ruling on election recounts may help drive a spike higher (doubtful), but regardless a big drawdown and loss of wealth will occur… now we wait to see who gets the blame.

    But I think higher first, until there’s no buyers left to shear

  11. hey guru George . no signal on your gold scam . keep on pumping out the psyops mate . more converted to georges psyoptic economics everyday . good on yah mate . why stop at 30000? keep on spinning wu wu and vaccinate em all !!

    • Comrade mark I made the mistake of not voting for President Trump the first term. But if he did make money while being are leagel elected President I would prefer that over a senile petafile joey getting his money from china.

  12. In a recent post, Wake Up Moderator threatened to make false complaints to authorities against authors of two posts. After looking over the content, it appears that the LCN post was a bit tacky, as usual, but both posts attacked were satirical dark humor, and nothing more sinister. If either of those two posts were made by paying contributers, then the threat of a false co[mplaint to authorities is a serious breach of Ure rule. Freedom of speech includes freedom from wing-nut gang stalking by proxy, and threats thereof. The Wake up Moderator post appears to be a partisan retaliation threat masquerading as public service. This is how partisan gang stalkers mark their prey and call in reinforcements.
    Personally, I have been there more times than you would believe possible in a “civilized” society, and survived to date, but at times I have been made a virtual prisoner in my own home by tproxy action. In my case, forced land sale, or sale by next of kin was the partisan objective. It still goes on, but local cops leave me alone for the most part. But there’s nothing like walking out of an establishment to find a cop standing there doing a Mr. Magoo stare in your direction, rubbing the handle of their pistol, to make your day.
    I expect the wingnut hate squads to be ramping up their
    actions again in the immediate future. The D’s have always sponsored this sort of activity at a national level. The pillow cases with eye holes change colors, but the tradition continues. A lot of the objective of Home Guard and later Klan actions in Texas were really land and property thievery directed against the settlers who followed Sam Houston to his blue collar paradise. You won’t find that version of Texas history in the text books, just oral family history. And that tradition lives on.

    Note that I am not threatening to make complaints beyond your editorial review.

    • Yes – Mr Ure, I concur with N__ , even if he thinks the LCN is TAACKAAAY.

      Maybe Mr Narrator could throw lil barky some of those mini milk*bone biscuits – help keep the “traitor” busy from posting..

      • Prickly too. After reading your posts over a long period of time, I concluded that you are a lot better person than that original moniker you tagged yourself with would have suggested. Try not to lose your @ss in cryptos.

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