Rally Here, Turkey Coma, Scream Box 101

Let’s begin with news and markets – to work up a good appetite, right?

As we told you in advance, expect a rally Wednesday and what shows up?  Yes, that’s right – the reason the Bearish Mister sits on his keester.

The BIG wave count is in yellow.  Next level is white.  Then Green. got it?

As of the close before Turkey, our outlook was still (for the small yellow letters):

As you can see, we just overshot the 50 percent retracement levels and the next higher level is now a (common) .618 Fibonacci retracement.  Which implies a 600-point continuation of rally in our market Aggregate work.

However, 50 percent bounces are common, too, so yes, we could turn hard down into Wave 3 (3)(i) any time.  Or we can see the “running of the Bears” continue.

No one knows for sure and certain how this will play out – which is what makes investing so similar to gambling in a poorly rigged casino.  Bonds keep more bid after less hawkish Fed minutes.  About 3-weeks out from an expected 1/2 percent increase but if that changes due to a left field event, then we’re poised to collapse in III 3 (3)(i) down.  Which is often the most damaging wave.

Early Survey of Headlines

The Associated Press takes action on UKR reporting:  AP fires journalist behind ‘Russian missile’ story.  Meantime, the war goes on with the Biden War Partyh sending in more materiel: Russia Launches 78 Missiles, Ukraine Hits 4 Russian Positions In East, US Sends More HIMARS Missiles.

So, run on peace and prosperity and deliver war and Hunter?  And you wonder why people don’t trust corporate propaganda media?  CBS verifies Hunter Biden laptop, becoming latest news outlet to pivot after dismissing scandal in 2020.  Why so late?

So sorry we beat you, now get back to work Department:  Foxconn Apologizes After Workers Revolt At World’s Largest iPhone Factory.

Pharma gouge?  FDA Approves World’s Most Expensive Drug at $3.5 Million Per Dose to Treat Hemophilia.

Never before seen Dept:

The hell it does dept: Best Thanksgiving side dishes: Mashed potatoes beats out stuffing on list of Americans’ favorites – Study Finds

Flock of Seagulls Turkeys

(Flock of Seagulls is here)

Cooking: It is all about caring and careful menu credit card preparation.

You see, Elaine is smiling because she didn’t have to lift a finger to make Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Just turn Mr. Ure loose on the Internet where I eventually landed on the Kroger’s website.

There (*and at many other stores with delis) you can order a pre-cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Order, show up on “game day” (Wednesday when half of humanity was in checkout lines) and you’ll pay about $80 for a 10-pound fully pre-cooked Butterball with all the fixins.

This is handed over by the deli staff with instructions to carry it by the bottom and then walked through the self-checkout line at the store.  Whole thing took about five minutes.

Although everything but the turkey could be done in the microwave, we opted to preheat the oven to 350 and (leaving the pizza stone in) there was plenty of thermal mass to hold the temp when I dropped it to 325 and let everything sit for just under an hour.

I spent the ensuing hour overdoing the red wine a bit.  Elaine had her Wicked Orchard hard cider.  We watched our consigliere consume coffee throughout.

Truth is, Elaine didn’t get off quite Scott-free.  It fell to Princess Nimblefingers  to debone the turkey cadaver which will comprise tomorrow’s gastronomical adventure.  Yes, that’s right – the annual S.S.T. sandwich edition.

ATR (Around the Ranch)

Pouring down rain today.  Which leaves us pondering “The Hobby Shop” workstation, the electronics bench, or playing with 3D printing projects, there are two really enjoyable other projects on the guest projects list.

Our Choice is “Scream Box 101.”

I’ve told you about this before.  You employ a soundtrack and “sound sweeten” otherwise normal events.  See https://youtu.be/mgAf71Ilgbg for the famous SeaTac Airport gurgling fountain.

Now, see the Amazon Black Friday deal on scream boxes. $19-each.

We are focused on the (fake) parrot who hangs out in the rafters of the Trader Vic’s (tiki) themed dining room here.  We’ll likely load a series of different “room mood” tracks into the scream box for this:  Maybe a Martin Denny clip from Quiet Village, along with a 20 to 30 second snag of the Gilligan’s Island theme. 

Now imagine sitting down on the throne for the (ahem) morning’s business.  In process, you reach behind and flush.  Now, what manner of creative sound could you install in a scream box for that moment?  Explosions?  Large belch? A wholly out of context Biden remark?  Jack Sparrow line?

You see, it’s the presence of multiple sensory inputs that transforms a simple visual into an experience.  Can anyone even imagine a Disney Haunted House without the soundtrack?  All readily done at home.

Provided that:

  1. You have a scream box (motion triggered MP3 player)
  2. You read our article on snagging YT sound using Audacity.  Go back and read UrbanSurvival ShopTalk Sunday: Pirate Radio and Audio Workflows
  3. You have a *(preferably sick) sense of humor.

There are all kinds of things you can do with one of these.  You’re limited only by your creative muse and the sensibilities of your partner/parole officer.

Who needs Meta or Hollywood?  You have every right to create and live in your own serious alternate reality – right at home!

Ever see on Youtube the people who have recreated their homes like the interior of the Star Trek setting?

Z’at cool, or what?

UrbanSurvival readers are cut of this “different cloth.”  All the money in the world can’t by “cool factor” or just an absurd amount of FUN!!!!

Here… Go get some landscaping ideas, while Ure at it:

Or you can work on a serious home Tiki Bar for the interior:

Coming Attractions

Moron the morrow; write when you get rich,


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32 thoughts on “Rally Here, Turkey Coma, Scream Box 101”

  1. First off……. HAPPY THANKSGIVING ….. from the vast depths of the wastelands of the USA….. besides valentines day.. my favorite second holiday is Thanksgiving..

    “don’t trust corporate propaganda media? CBS verifies Hunter Biden laptop, becoming latest news outlet to pivot after dismissing scandal in 2020. Why so late?”
    considering that.. what would a magician mix up to change the subject and deflect the peoples attention to the magic trick he is performing……

    “the war goes on with the Biden War Party sending in more materiel:”

    Hmmm..maybe to get more advanced weapons in.. and change the MSM subject from the Perv and the corrupt allegations.. that all seem to be leaning towards not only true but much worse than previously thought..then change the global narrative to what.. ..

    (“In a move with incalculable consequences, both NATO and the European Parliament and the 30 members of the Atlantic Alliance adopted a resolution recognizing Russia as a “terrorist state. The moves not only escalate the conflict but lay the foundations for NATO and EU military engagement in Ukraine.”)


    We may be looking at a….GLOWING …..Christmas season.. and a frosty cold winter..

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and here is a cartoon of one of the my “Thank You”

    healing is a process, replacing crap that makes you ill, to replacing that crap with healthier choices. It took me a couple of years to go from a fat 230lbs to 170,, Quit eating the unhealthy shit they put in our food and in our earholes,,, do I really need to mention the shit they tell US is medicine. All the world is a stage and most of the bi-pedals are hypnotized to believe “they are chickens” walking around flapping their arms , clucking, and scratching the floor for bugs to eat, obeying the news media.
    The tide has turned and critical mass awaking is unstoppable. Laptop from Hell, the smell is hitting the big boys, eh.
    Just look at the awareness level of the readers here.
    5×5, loud and clear, my dad did say when talking about his days as a radioman/navigator in a torpedo bomber missioned from the Big E

    • Mr Ure says
      “So, run on peace and prosperity and deliver war and Hunter? And you wonder why people don’t trust corporate propaganda media? CBS verifies Hunter Biden laptop, becoming latest news outlet to pivot after dismissing scandal in 2020. Why so late?”

      Well the satirical Babylon Bee understands Ure Question, but lacks the answer,,,
      Merry Christmas , everyone,, ya ever get a face ache from smiling so much? I got one heck of a positive outcome, I AM just a time surfer, watching history,,, live action,,

      • c
        November 24, 2022 at 13:20
        The laptop battle could backfire on the attackers, FBI has had hard drive since 2019:

        “NO TAMPERING” so it was not Russian “misinformation”

        exactly correct, do you see a problem? can’t charge little Hunter till papa is out of office, due to pardons.
        2nd, why did they not charge him while Trump was president?, Gees, that would be a political weaponization of the FBI, they would have crucified Trump for that. [even though the dems/RINOs are guilty of this crime]
        Already the Garland gang has weaponized the DOJ, as soon Trump announced the 2024 run and Bam they attack Trump again, they FEAR him getting the power of the Office back.
        Light and Truth, have a Happy Thanksgiving, a truly American holiday.

        c. taxes got some other mobster a life in the iron bar, sometimes we have to prosecute the coverup, when we can’t legally get the criminal’s original crime on record. The thugs are busier then a cat on Exlax, covering up shit.

        “Arizona, take off your rainbow shades,,,”
        the depth of corruption in this government is bigger than you can imagine and goes far beyond our nation’s border.
        I wonder how you will react when your eyes see the light.
        I have hope for you, but you will cry when you see, a mix of shame and joy, will bring tears.
        I got to go, my pumpkin pie is done, and I got to make whip cream, no coolwhip or Redi/cream in a can.
        Real heavy cream, honey from local bee keepers and some good vanilla, Cheers ,,, c

    • “We are all time travelers. But it is a one-way trip.”

      So true @Hank in Hawaii… but if you wanna see next week.. pat the wrong lady on the tush in a store and watch.. she will turn and knock you into next week.. you just seen the future from the past LOL LOL
      as an example.. an ole and lena joke.. from the Bob and Tom show LOL.. I do love their mr. obvious skits
      Oly and Lena Got up one Sunday morning and were getting ready to go to church. Lena tole Oly she wasn’t feeling so good and told him to go ahead and go to church by himself.
      Oly did, and when he got home he had two big black eyes.
      Lena exclaimed, “Oly, How did you get those two big black eyes!’
      “Well,” Oly explained, “When I got to church, I found a seat behind Mr. and Mrs. Svenson. When we stood up to sing the hymn, I noticed Mrs. Svenson’s dress was kinda stuck up the crack of her butt, so I reached up and pulled it out. That’s when she turned around and smacked me!”
      “Well,” Lena said, that explains the one black eye, but what about the other?’
      “Well,” Oly said,”After that, I figured she liked her dress tucked up the crack of her butt, so I reached up and tucked it back in.”
      Happy thanksgiving.. Mr. Obvious show..

  3. I totally love the guy that made every room into a star trek room.. LOL him going to the garbage and grabbing the vacuum..
    when I worked as a garbage man.. there are about six high end vacuums tossed away a week.. I am talking about the high end big buck ones.. for a couple thousand a piece.. I would gather them.. twelve pounds of aluminum and five pounds of copper per unit.. a beast.. and a really nice vacuum to.. the reason they would toss them out.. LOL LOL
    they filled the bag with vacuuming with dust and dirt etc.. then it would quit sucking up .. so out it would go..
    the Rainbow vacuum is about the only one that doesn.. and the electrolux.. the reason.. when the bag gets full.. the door pops open and won’t close till you change the bag.. LOL LOL
    I would clean them out then give them away to anyone wanting a vacuum cleaner… the one he grabbed from the trash is another really nice middle of the road vacuum.. for under two hundred dollars.. it has a nice one horse motor in it.. and my guess is.. the filter is dirty LOL LOL instead of daddy maintenance.. just toss it out and buy another one LOL..
    some of them have a water dust filter in them to.. nice unit.. big price but you probably wouldn’t ever need to buy another vacuum cleaner again in your lifetime …
    the other high end vacuum cleaners are great.. just change bags and filters LOL and you to would probably never have to buy another one again in your lifetime.. the other one is really a heavy duty vacuum.. to.. the robo vacuums.. the boss loves them and it does a great job.. the big no no.. they don’t sell replacement batteries.. got her one for christmas one year.. she used that thing .. then one time the battery just died.. and after many attempts to get a replacement battery.. threw it out.. kind of reminds ya of an AED… LOL every four or five years you toss out a battery every four or five years they change the box just a tad and quit making the batteries.. you have to find a different vendor that will make them.. except for the Zoll ..
    great unit and .. hey you can run down to the battery store near you and get batteries.. anywhere even in the wastelands.. that is the one in the buggy.. and probably my favorite one.. if we all don’t start glowing by spring.. I have to buy new batteries.. for the other two heart starts.. instead of buying the batteries.. I might just replace it with zoll’s.. I have to recharge one of the fire extinguishers to.. I will probably do that before I forget about it..
    Not a big chore but it is a daddy maintenance chore..

    • When the building got sold, neighbor taxi driver had to clean out his apartment. Girlfriend brought a vacuum and cleaned as they were moving out…. and tossed the full, new vacuum out. Resident manager chuckled and grabbed it immediately. One of the nice ‘bagless’ vortex models. The clear plastic chamber was packed full… and they didn’t know how to release the latch to empty it!

      • exactly… LOL I was amazed what is thrown away today is absolutely amazing the waste…. it was like at the store.. I was head of maintenance.. xmas sales.. everything that was returned was tossed out.. they get credit for it.. then out it goes..next time you go through a store look at the display models.. for the real ones.. they cut the cord off.. when the new model comes out.. that display one is tossed out to… LOL… I got my first snow blower that way.. one bolt was missing when they put it together.. instead.. they tossed it out the company sent them a new one.. I got the snow blower and put a dang bolt in it.. half of my tools came from the garbage..
        the waste is amazing. when I seen people paying two grand for a dumb vacuum cleaner only to throw it away.. I even showed one guy that was complaining abou it that his bag was so tight and so full empty it.. he said no toss it.. I just threw it away a couple of years ago.. we used it at home for years and years.. the price of the new roller was more than a new vacuum cleaner…. I got my favorite griddle that way as well.. I spent more on the storage bag LOL.. paid twenty bucks for it..the companies send an extra one for parts in the event that some are missing.. then they either dump it after the year.. or sell it as is.. I said what about twenty.. I wished I had said ten LOL.. but I love the thing it is awesome.. it was missing parts but I bought them.. clothing.. yup you buy a pair of jeans take it home and oh no honey you bought the wrong size.. take it back.. gladly get your money back but the jeans get credited then out the door.. at least here.. the down filled coat I had.. they sliced it with a razor.. then threw out the coats.. same way with shoes.. the reason .. what if you have a skin disease.. and you went commando.. the disease is on the clothing.. so they cannot sell it again..
        I was always shocked.. one year there was like a six hundred dollar jeap for kids.. battery powered.. it got returned.. they didn’t even take it out of the box.. the boss said squash it… but it is new.. no matter.. we will get credit for it squash it.. so we weren’t very good employees.. we put it together and rode the thing around the building during lunch break.. we did that for two weeks till the boss made us squash it up..
        trading cards.. same thing.. they print up tons of them.. then at the end of the year.. they toss out that years remaining cards.. they have someone film it to.. to make sure that they are buried.. you would be shocked at what is thrown out.. it is amazing.. I would pick up the aluminum the length of the truck.. and averaged sixty dollars a week for the grandkids fun time out.. and swimming lessons..
        we are a throw away society.. you name it.. it goes in.. OIL.. dam hundreds of gallons of oil.. free to whomever wants to go get it.. One year they switched from sixteen ounce bottles to twenty ounce bottles.. raised the price from what was it a quarter to fifty cents.. ( now two bucks) they hauled in something like two thousand cases of sixteen ounce bottles of soda.. every flavor.. LOL.. that is why the boss won’t let me take a load out to the dump.. she is afraid I will drag more crap home than I left with LOL LOL

  4. The Foxconn workers are in jamb. Nobody is coming to save them.

    Be thankful those jobs moved there.

  5. A rather rare contrarian signal flashed Tuesday. The S&P500 close up 1.4% – pretty good move for the S&P – but at the same time the Put/Call Ration went from 0.64 – meaning there were a lot more Call buyers then Put buyers [ to be expected with a solid move higher.] to 1.35 – meaning a lot more Put buyers then Call buyers – but the market surged upwards. That’s kind of a headscratcher because the put-to-call ratio typically surges on down days in the stock market, not days when there are strong gains.
    This has happened only three times in the past 25 years.., and each time the market has rallied upward significantly for the following months. February 1997, November 2008, and March 2020. All three dates saw significant up moves in the stock market over the next few months and year. 3.7%, 17.5%, and 35.8% over the next three, six, and twelve months, respectively.
    “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.” ., but it is something to watch for in the coming days and weeks ahead. A 10 to 12 % upmove in the markets is very possible.

  6. Beautiful picture of Elaine.
    I think I will do that kind of box next year. A friend of mine uses Cracker Barrel. Probably cheaper than what I did.

    Just wanted to let you know I am grateful for your site and all your subscribers. it keeps me sane knowing there are others our there. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  7. Hi, George,

    Happy Thanksgiving to Elaine, your guests, to you, and all. My boyfriend and I will be in Albuquerque sharing an organized potluck dinner with friends, a culinary tradition I have been doing for several decades. Champagne is promptly poured at 4:00pm. It is snowing at my place.

    That SST sounds absolutely scrumptious.

  8. I am giving thanks to my loyal readers with a Black Weekend free download of my newest Kindle eBook.

    Dynasty in the East is an Alternate History Saga that begins in 1405, when a late departing element of the First Chinese Treasure Fleet is driven far to the north by a major typhoon. They sail due east in an attempt to catch up with the rest of the fleet and make landfall in the Americas. After trading for a hoard of Inca gold, they sail north and establish a colony in Northern California.
    Meriwether Lewis buys a Girandoni repeating air rifle with his own money at the Brown’s Ferry Arsenal, while purchasing guns and supplies for the Corps of Discovery Expedition.
    That rifle has a profound effect on the Expedition to the West Coast, the Empire, the Alamo, and in the Civil War.
    Historical figures, including William Clark, Davy Crockett, Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, Andy Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln and others will play roles in this saga which continues into the 1880s.
    Find it at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BN4QJRBM

    • Girandoni repeating air rifle, that is one cool gun,,, being an AIRGUN owner, that gun comes up in conversation from time to time in our airgun forums. I have six pcps (Pre-Charged Pnuematic) that have built in air tanks. My latest is a Huben K1 25 caliber, semi auto holds 17 rounds in the magazine, holds enough air for 3 mags @ my power level, it is adjustable to power up or down with a simple turn of a power valve knob, unique from my other pcps, they all put a smile ole’ Darrell’s face, these are not your childhood Daisy or Crosmans
      Back to A.G. s history lesson.

      • “Girandoni repeating air rifle, that is one cool gun,,, being an AIRGUN owner, that gun comes up in conversation from time to time in our airgun forums.”

        when I first read about the Girandoni rifle.. I called around to realities to see if any of them had the gun in their closet or mounted on a wall… or just to see what happened to it.. unfortunately it is in the NRA museum I believe in Missouri..So I didn’t get a chance to shoot it..

    • I am totally interested in reading what you heard or know about William Clark I got your book downloaded.. and see how it fits from the stories I heard as a little boy.. LOL LOL.I saved one of the hated berry baskets he made when I was a kid when they were burning anything and everything that was associated to him I was to young to salvage any of the photos or tin types or any of the papers.. they only let me take a basket….use to keep my stuffed animals in it then my comic books then books and now it sits in a shed a two hundred year old berry basket.. the handle broke off years ago.. but the basket is still in pretty good shape even though it sits in a shed I coated it with shellac once upon a time…….. from what they said he was an Azz…the older family members hated him and you thought that the hatfield and McCoy feud was long tough hate LOL LOL to hate someone for over a hundred years has to be pretty good sign he wasn’t the nicest guy…. up until my mothers generation her generation realized that he had some good that he did..now they all accept his achievements..
      No one even was curious years ago.. no one brought it up.. or anything.. until my grandpa passed on and later when my grandmother passed on.. when she passed on.. dam there were all these uniforms around.. well they were big in the lodges .. and all of that.. the masonic temple, the odd fellows, etc etc etc.. I still have my grandpas sword from his masonic days.. It wasn’t until everyone was going through the cards and stuff.. that they discovered flowers and an emissary from the white house.. generals etc etc.. as a little boy my great great uncle who was still living on the homestead was there and when he was showing me around the old homestead.. the lake they fished in would be nothing more than a stock pond the house a small one room place.. and he showed me what was still remaining of the shack or cottage.. ( a shelter) in the woods where Sacagawea lived in when he brought her back home… this past week a second cousin called and was asking what I knew from the stories I had heard.. I had heard a ton of family stories because I am nosey LOL.. they all loved Daniel he was friends with my great great uncles grandpa George Rogers Clark I am guessing they knew each other..the first settlers their families intertwined back and forth through early history and everyone knew everyone and was there to back and help them in need.. a tight knit community….and what I was told when he heard what William did was appalled and came to help them gather food for the long winter months.. took the family out and showed them hunting and trapping basics..

  9. The scream box looks like fun, but who needs a fake parrot? I have a real one, and ‘Pepe’ the Parrot is a real pistol. He talks and begs for chips and imitates the household sounds he hears. I cannot imagine him getting into a feedback loop with a scream box. LOL!

    And I see those ‘Kings Hawaiian’ sweet bread rolls in the box. Somebody has good taste. Enjoy! Being ‘island DX’ from the mainland, I opted for a HAM… smothered in pineapple, guava jam, and brown sugar, and presently entering the heat amplifier.

    • I can see security applications for the scream box, although a more generic and integrated threat detection/response system would be closer to ideal. The packaged “security systems” on sale have much to be desired regarding securing a house or other property against true threats when you’re away for any reason. Many interlopers don’t even care if they get seen or recorded.

      Happy Thanksgiving to all!

      Perhaps a group of trained killer parrots is called for, but I doubt they’d thrive in snow and freezing weather.

  10. Re: a gaggle of turkeys


    Happy Thanksgiving. It has now dawned on me what the White House means when the President’s schedule notes a media “gaggle” with the Press Secretary.

    Today Chinese broadcaster CGTN advised the appearance of Ambassador Qin Gang at a Chinese immersion public elementary school in Utah last week. The Ambassador reminded the children of the importance to their future in learning Chinese.


    Interestingly the Utah Chinese language immersion program surfaced 20 years ago at the behest of a republican Utah Senator.


    The then language learning platform Ednet appears to have morphed over the years into a UK entity holding a Royal Warrant to provide IT services to the British Royal Household.

    Speaking of Britain, hope you’re not already football exhausted, but tomorrow is England vs. USA at the World Cup. As a touch of dry humour in the desert, at least no one will be left crying in their suds.

  11. “Pharma gouge? FDA Approves World’s Most Expensive Drug at $3.5 Million Per Dose to Treat Hemophilia.”

    If all health insurance went away tomorrow, this’d be six bucks a dose before next year…

    • “If all health insurance went away tomorrow, this’d be six bucks a dose before next year…”

      less…I believe that if a 600.00 inhaler in the us is 20 and generic less than ten.. the price would drop drastically. so would the clinic costs.

      • It would.

        Insurance and “health” are a pyramid scheme.

        As long as somebody else is footing the bill there is no incentive to eliminate junk hospital visits (like going to the ER because you have a cough, or to have a splinter removed from your finger, both of which I’ve seen with me own eyes.) As long as somebody else is footing the bill, there’s no incentive to be competitive in the drug market. To be fair, it costs a pharmco hundreds of millions of dollars to get a drug approved, OR to get an existing drug approved for a different use (like getting Viagra, the hair loss pill, re-approved for treatment of impotence.) The pharmcos use the American marketplace to pay for their research and FDA certs, which is fine, except then they subsidize drug purchases everywhere else.

  12. “Now imagine sitting down on the throne… Now, what manner of creative sound could you install in a scream box for that moment?”

    Firing a forward tube from a diesel submarine…

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