Q-P Fields: A New Science?

Pardon the long report this morning – something on the order of 5,000 words woth.  But we have some intriguing new ideas about physics that may have some break-through level payoffs.

Q-P is Quality Potentiation and it turns out to be an under-studied part of three kinds of science:  Electrical, Mechanical, and Acoustical.  Perhaps, it’s been “hidden” by economics in the sense of interdisciplinary studies fly in the face of specialization of labor.

Regardless of convention, we’re off into that field today after a few headlines and our market analysis as we lookwith fresh eyes at the common ground between genius, UFO’;s, prayet, and pyramid-building.

OK, if you insist, then, religious experience, too…

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25 thoughts on “Q-P Fields: A New Science?”

  1. ??? its not really new just getting new press..the whole study is interesting but not new by any means..because of the ease of transforming it to such products as graphene is but One of the many reasons that marijuana should be legalized.not to mendion if there was a flash bang war you would want fields of this growing all around you along with sunflowers etc.another good reason especially around our nuclear power plants..then of course there is that fancy hat rack most have…In my opinion there is just way to many good aspects to that plant to disregard it as hazardous..even the negative aspects.( depending on who you are.. the recreational use of it..only because I hate to use recreational drugs of any sort.. alcohol ( the worst) etc.)isn’t really hazardous to you.. in fact it has many beneficial qualities.





  2. Why don’t (permanent) magnets ever “run out of power?”

    Now, place two magnets in a position where they are repelling each other. This is a force, actually, an “acceleration,” if you will. That means “work” in the physics sense, is being done. That implies a continuing energy INput to the system to maintain that force.

    Where does that continuing energy come from?


  3. Thanks
    Been unemployed for awhile could not afford to get “Dimensions Next Door”. Now I cannot afford not to.

    • X… That’s actually a very good book.. Sits next to my magic chair..( I can win football games tell moat anyone what they’re doing wrong while they actually do the work and are the ones in the game)
      There’s a really good school in India that has a free class on magnets..I have a couple that would easily remove a limb if you got them to close and wasn’t careful..
      For the kids I have the levitating ufo..its a top that when you spin it it will float on a magnetic wave..the kids love learning with that one.

  4. just a guess> doping media = gaseous plasma, an induced laser optics at a 90 degree angle to induce an avalanche current capable of producing a mini birkeland current? lol

  5. Yo George, I think there is another very interesting and useful stock to peruse and understand the current price performance. Is the stock in a uptrend (momemtum trade), down trend off resistance, bouncing off of support. The stock is AMZN, after a lil study,overlay AMZN overtop of S&P500 chart.
    This overlay of AMZN with S&P 500 looks to my ol tired eyes as “killer” leading indicator. AMZN looks like a breakdown in uptrend, and seems to be bumping into resistance, should these bumps fail and AMZN heads down a lil bit……hmmmm me thinks I smell a money MAKING opportunity.
    Anybody see what’s coming with FISA release, yes TRUMP can overrule/override ANY alphabet agencies requested redactions, The approval/ sign off was Rod Rosenstein, he will be forced out – physically w/LE assist, or will resign to try and save I don’t know ..face? 200 + days is up, Sessions will be at the TOP, above Everybody else,with the authority to have “them all”locked up…as PROMISED- Good thing the Commander and Chief of US Military is NOT a politician..he keeps his promises, unlike ALL politicians…now that is CRAZY.

    • “This overlay of AMZN with S&P 500 looks to my ol tired eyes as “killer” leading indicator.”

      I cannot see how AMZN relates to S&P 500 ‘-( but I wish you luck, because that’s what you need in this case, IMHO.

  6. Wait! What?! Did i miss something? Nothing is supposed to happen till next week. I think!

    Jimney Christmas! I met a Twin Turbo Lamborghini George! 2000 hp mind and body! Honest to God truth there! Just started dancing and she offered morality after she called me unevolved monkey and immature. Hahahahahaha!

    I am up to 11 count on NDE’s (not counting the .45 hollow point to the hand close call.) Sooooo, i whispered in her ear, “I got a million monkeys on a million treadmills. The 100th monkey aint got sh!t on me honey.” She is a sagittarius, born on 12/19 aka “Day of the hell raiser”. Ha ha ha!

    Duuuudde! I told her im just playing around. She said im very very fast and i stop on a dime. So if your gonna ride with me you better buckle up buttercup.

    Woke up this morning alone with a smile on my face. Serendipity! As you know; multifaceted juxtaposition alignment gives birth to coincidence, repetitive coincidence becomes synchronicity and exponential waves of synchronicity create serendipity! Dynamically speaking, i have never witnessed this fast of progression at this velocity. 4 days! 4 fricken days. Like riding the loopdy loop over over on the “Big Bad Wolf” coaster at bush gardens after 12 pounders! Hahahahaha

    Anyway, heads up! big quake next week.

    Still grabbing gears. Lots of OT. All is well. ;)

    • Note to other readers: While some of the details of brother’s Andy’s er…”escapades” are not in keeping with the economics or future forecasting or prepping modalities, we have seen enough of his GREAT calls (when he gets through the Penthouse Forum article du jours) that the whole thing is worth a read.
      As you will read in Ure’s next book – October 1 – the “real deal” is that there’s a Big Universe thing that may be thought of as “ground water”. We dig down toward it in our dreams. And – if we’re lucky (as Andy is) we channel some of that up into waking world where we become conscious of it. (The young ladies find such people incredibly irresistible for reasons they can’t put into words. Which is part of Andy’s “adventure port” being open.)
      At any rate, it’s like people’s foliage / leaves – that is, when they are doing their highest/best work, also connect up and “channel” the Source/Universe/God groundwater of Spirit up and out into the waking-state nominal shared reality.
      Along the way, there are groups (governments, religions) that put in tool booths and such.
      But the key, when sizing up forecasts, is understand this alignment process that channels energy from the groundwater (dust to dust) region, on up through dreams, on into regular consciousness, and then to highest, best, and brightest we can deliver when we are “in the zone…”
      So if some of Andy’s comments seem incredibly un-PC…look for the gems – his predictions – because when his spirit is raised (whatever drives it, lol) his calls have been remarkable.
      You will find this among other forecasters you may come across as well, on sites like GLP and so forth.
      Look for the data – the six words from Andy are not ALWAYS, but often statistically useful when corellated to other indicators (like solar Presto Alerts) and so on.
      Just so’s you know…

  7. P.S. i aint never met anyone “faster” than me. Intuitively speaking, in the last 12 years. They always jump on their pedestal, when they are high society and upper class. Im just a poor, hard working roughneck cowboy. Always the under dag. They are always so cute when they step up on that pedestal, all ribbons and pearls. Hahahhahaha

    We shall see. Life is good!


    • Further to my earlier, this is Andy “being amazed by process” – any of us who get
      “down to “Ground WATER Direct” (SOURCE) are all in awe of how the process works, even if we can’t quite fathom it…We see through the toll booths and live 2 lives in other Realms…and yes, dangerous stuff for 2D, single-lived persons.

  8. Major corporation offering 43% dividend hike. Sounds as if liquidation into cash portends an anxiousness about the market’s future. lol

  9. Emerging markets are heavily invested in the dollar. Due to the dollar’s high price, they are limited in their purchase power. Banks are pushing investments in these same emerging markets. Due to a high debt leverage these emerging market represent a serious threat of default for the financial industry. In providing increased dividends, they are producing a means for reinvestment of capital to prop up these same emerging markets.

    The financial markets are essentially pouring money into emerging markets to prevent them from going into default. They are doing so by paying out high dividends, dividends provided by a two trillion dollar tax cut.

    Once again, bad investments by the financial markets will be paid for by the American taxpayer. lol

  10. Ah, the Western bull needs stoking and no Russians are about to blame this time? One hears the jester employment market is buoyant at the court of president-for-life in the land of red flags.

    Such a sense of deja-vu in the air as Mr. Trump’s Vegas Daddy Warbucks by way of Macau dropped $30 million chump change over the summer for Republican midterms. Sighting of the North Korean supreme leader at Mr. Warbuck’s casino while summitting in Singapore made for a wonderful chip dip opportunity. Room 39’s alleged pallets of hundreds may be able to see the light of day yet once the games get to Pyongyang. The markxs will be so looking forward to the joint Koreas ’32 Olympics.

  11. It’s not the middle one you’re looking for. its the top one frequency you’re looking for that’s associated with the others, the high-frequency penetrates the cracks ,the crack is the space between the object your lifting and the object it’s on top of and as the high frequency penetrate the crack slowly add another lower frequency and after that add another lower frequency so you have three different frequencies at that particular time it’s experimental manipulation that gradually raises the object

  12. Hi George & all,
    You may want to get a copy of JM Greer’s “The Secret of the Temple.” Here’s a link;


    Apparently, the orientation, geographic placement, and internal dimensions of temples and other ancient buildings were known in ancient times to increase the fertility of the surrounding lands. The book gives historical details of what is known, and not known, about this. Q-P field studies could be the missing bit of information to complete that engineering picture.

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